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“Experience the iDad difference”

IDAD was established in 2002 and has grown to become a recognised

leader in structuring investments in the UK and around the World. We

can boast a phenomenal track record of successful products that are

transparent, easy to understand and most importantly, have delivered

excellent investment returns for investors.

Our philosophy is straightforward:

we make profits and grow as a business

by delivering positive returns for investors

within clearly defined risk parameters.

Investment professionals around the World

trust IDAD as their preferred provider for

Structured Products. We also deliver

a series of more traditional investment

strategies through 8AM Global, which

delivers the levels of consistency, clarity

and performance we demand.

We have a highly-experienced and

well-qualified team based in the UK

and internationally, with a wide-ranging

expertise across the banking, investment

and insurance sectors. While we make

full use of modern communications

technology, we firmly believe in the

value of face to face meetings and the

development of personal relationships,

and we work hard to deliver in-region


Structured Products

Structured Products come in many shapes and sizes, offering a flexibility of design that

is rarely found with other investments. This flexibility allows investments to be designed

for a specific target market and to provide opportunities to deliver bespoke solutions for

the high net worth and institutional investor.

Principal Protection

The opportunity to offer capital protection at a chosen level.

Enhanced Return

The chance to increase a portfolio’s return while controlling risk.

Market Access

The opportunity to gain exposure to new and sometimes hard to access asset classes

with pre-defined risk levels.

Income, Growth or a Combination of the two

Most of our investments are designed to deliver regular income payments, normally

at a higher level than those available from traditional bond investments. These returns

are often coupled with capital growth and growth-only investments can also be created.

As with all investments, Structured Products are not risk free. It must be noted that

returns are not guaranteed, some products will place your capital at risk and investors

may receive less than the amount originally invested.

Investment professionals

around the World trust IDAD

as their preferred provider

for Structured Products.

The Benefits of Investing with IDAD

Our knowledge and experience has been

built through involvement in the sector

over the last 25 years and we utilise all

of this in every product that we put our

name to. If we’re not certain about a

product’s suitability or value for the end

investor we won’t offer it, even if it means

sacrificing profit to maintain our integrity.

• We combine an in-depth knowledge

of product structuring with a wide

experience of the investment


• Bespoke solutions can be created

to perfectly match the needs of

individual clients

IDAD works with a wide range of

banking partners to ensure access

to competitive institutional pricing

and funding

• We deliver appropriate solutions

for different markets

- International pension investors

- Private client portfolio managers

- Bespoke and customised solutions

for wealthier investors

- Institutional investors

IDAD delivers training and education

to investment professionals around

the World to help them serve their

clients better.

Experience the iDAD Difference

• Proven success, integrity and


• Fairness for all parties over profitability

a priority – we will say no

• Investments we are proud to put our

reputation on the line for

• Excellent service pre-sale with local

sales teams and product specific


• Comprehensive service and support

including regular secondary market

information, maturity notifications

and dealing assistance.

The IDAD Team is arguably one of

the most experienced in the structured

product sector, with an in-depth

knowledge of not just the product

styles but also the global market in

which they operate.

8AM Global

8AM GLOBAL is a UK-based, independent

asset management company founded

in 2006. It delivers innovative, high quality

asset management solutions to meet

the evolving needs of investors and their

advisers. At the heart of the proposition

is an experienced and successful

investment team comprising Richard

Philbin, Alastair George and Tom McGrath

who manage a range of funds and

portfolios suitable for the more riskaverse

investor through to the more

adventurous. Each manager is passionate

about, and committed to, delivering the

performance that our investors expect.

8AM GLOBAL delivers innovative, high

quality asset management solutions

to meet the evolving needs of

investors and their advisers.

Portfolio Investment

Multi Strategy Portfolios I-IV

Four risk-rated multi-asset funds are

managed by Richard Philbin and are

designed to form the key building blocks

of a client’s portfolio. Run to strict volatility

targets they are designed to deliver the

commensurate returns for the level of risk

an investor is prepared to take. MSP I may

be considered suitable for the more riskaverse

and is Defensive in nature, MSP II

may be considered suitable for the

Cautious investor, MSP III may be

considered suitable for the Balanced

investor and MSP IV may be considered

suitable for the more Adventurous

investor who is prepared to accept more

risk in order to achieve higher returns.

Discretionary Portfolios

Branded as 8PM, the company runs a

number of discretionary portfolios for

clients. These are normally developed in

conjunction with private offices or other

advisory groups to meet the needs of

particular investor groups.

Specialist Funds

The Tactical Growth Fund

This Fund is managed by Alastair

George and has a single and simple

objective, which is to consistently

make money for clients by investing

in the best opportunities in global

markets and by looking for the best

risk/reward opportunities no matter

where they are.

The Fund is unconstrained by

benchmarks and adopts a dynamic

asset allocation delivered via wide

ranging assets, at a low cost, giving

access to a range of skills and asset

classes frequently reserved for Hedge

Fund investors. The Fund may be

considered as suitable for a cautious

investor who is able to tolerate half

the volatility of equity markets yet

requires returns comfortably above

that available from cash deposits.

The Focused Fund

This Fund is managed by Tom McGrath

and is an actively managed global

portfolio seeking to identify and invest

in long term growth trends including

rising Asian consumption, increasing

longevity, new technologies, frontier

markets, infrastructure development

and urbanisation.

The asset allocation of the fund is

dynamic, with tactical use of cash in

times of market stress to dampen down

volatility and short term investment in

recovery opportunities. The Fund may

be considered as suitable for the more

adventurous investor.

The Structured Product Fund

This Fund invests in Structured Products

that are already issued (the ‘Secondary’

market) and new products that are

designed and created specifically to

meet the objectives of the Fund (the

‘Primary’ market). The Fund is intended

to meet the needs of investors seeking

medium to long term capital growth

who are willing to accept a moderate

level of risk. It aims to achieve annualised

growth between 5% and 15%.

For more information about our investment products, please contact

+44 (0)1730 263943

IDAD Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA FRN 740499.

IDAD Limited

Bellamy House, Winton Road, Petersfield, GU32 3HA

+44 (0)1730 263943

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