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Dear Readers,

I hope the front cover helps brighten up

winter a little. Please see page 13 to learn

more about the craft of wet felting from our

local cover artist, Pippa Crouch.

The Pavilion is becoming busier with more

events, meetings & classes. Please see page 4

& 5 for details on the new Taekwondo classes

that have just started running. Also page 23,

for the Music and Magic event.

One of my first tasks for this year is to

complete the update of this magazine’s

website. It’s nearly there

(, but I would

like some new images showcasing the local

area. If you’d like one of your photos

included, please forward to me at Please send as a JPEG

or PNG and minimum of 200px wide.

If you haven’t noticed already, there is a really

interesting shop that has opened in Quay

Street, Lymington. Adriaan and Linda proudly

invite you all to visit them. They have been

owners of Gift shops, a Photography studio

and Gallery, as well as Hair salons for the past

14 years, and are now very excited to open

their first ABOUT YOU personalised retail

shop in Lymington. Please see page 12 &

make sure you show the ad to qualify for your

10% discount.

All the best, Jacqui


New Taekwondo Club in Hordle 5

The Housing Market Vs Brexit 7

The Dog Walk Diet 11

Behind our Cover Page 13

Wildlife Matters 15

New Year Wine Resolutions for Wine

Lovers 17

Oakhaven expands it’s Services 18

What does the Parish Council do for

you? 19

Looking back: Hordle dresses up for

Christmas 20

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What’s on at The Pavilion 23

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Opening Times:

Mon– Fri 8.30am - 5pm

Mon– Fri 8.30am -5pm

Sat By appointment

Sat By appointment


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New Taekwondo Club in Hordle

At our New Forest Taekwondo clubs in

Hordle, Brockenhurst, New Milton and

Sway, we teach children as young as 4 years’

old. We have recently opened a new club in

Hordle at the Hordle Sports & Community

Pavilion on Monday evenings. We have

classes at 4.30pm and 5.15pm. Spaces are

filling up fast so we advise booking your free

trial soon to avoid disappointment.

Taekwondo is suitable for all ages from 4

upwards and we welcome total beginners

through to returning enthusiasts. Don’t just

take our word for it though, we’ve listed

below the most commonly stated reasons

why Taekwondo can really benefit your

child’s development.

4. Through the structured grading process,

your child will learn goal orientated

behaviour and will help them practice both

motor skills and mental learning.

5. Taekwondo for kids is about fun! Each

session is varied and focusses on different

areas to improve upon but without your

child realising they are learning as much as

they are!

6. Competitions – learning Taekwondo can

encourage your child to enter local and

national competitions and this is a great life


7. Social skills – teaching your child

Taekwondo is great for those wanting to

expand their social skills. Partnering with

new children on various activities will help

them make new friends and encourage

them to socialise with children of a different

age, gender and ability.

If your child is interested in a FREE TRIAL at

any of our locations, we hold weekly lessons

in Hordle, Brockenhurst, New Milton and

Sway. We also have an adults’ class in

Brockenhurst on Thursday evenings and

plan to open more soon.

7 reasons why your child should learn


1. Taekwondo helps develop self


2. Taekwondo and other martial arts

teaches respect for others and discipline.

3. Learning Taekwondo from a young age

helps develop flexibility and balance.

For full details on all class times and

locations or for more information on your

instructor visit Or

connect with us via Facebook

To book on to a class, please email Nic Reed

(4 th Dan Instructor) on or call

07974 397434.

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Tel: 01425 638656



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Everyday people ask “how is the

market, it must be tough for you

guys just now ….. Oh and by the

way, is my house value still going


Firstly we have to deal with the

fatigue that is the Brexit

conversation and the paralysis it

installs, whilst secondly matching

home owners expectation that their

own home value is constantly


There is no denying that whether

you voted “in or out”, we are all, at

best fed up with the ongoing saga

and the debilitating effect it is

having on our universal levels of self

-worth and confidence, but the

oxymoron is that the “housing

market is absolutely fine and that

values are as strong as ever”. It

further proves that just like during

the recent recession the housing

market does not stand still for

“boom or bust” and now add


There is always a core level of

business dictated by life changing or

life planning reasons and that is

what the market has seen in 2018,

with the daily squabbling of

politicians and the subsequent

media coverage of, only holding

back that proportion of the market

that can only operate in a market

where confidence is high due to a

stable political and economical

environment and whilst undeniably

activity levels have been reduced in

2018 this has not reduced the core

level of business.

Hordle is as we all know fortunate

to be situated in a desirable area for

so many reasons, the village shops

are thriving and it is a lifestyle

choice to be here but that comes at

a price and alongside the deeper

societal issues that drive property

prices forwards (a bigger discussion

for another day), no home owner is

seeing their value falter.

March 29 th will come and go and for

most people it will be a point in

time that means, if only

subconsciously that Brexit is over

and things will only get better, we

will all regain our bounce and the

question will go back to what it has

always been, “how is the market?

….oh and by the way, is my house

value still going up”?

The Secret Agent

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We offer free no obligation quotations for any work including:

Extensions - Alterations - Plastering & Decorating - Kitchens - Bathrooms

Groundwork - Brickwork - Roofing - Electrics - Plumbing

Need help with plans? We can help with this as well

T: 01425 837950


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Professional and Affordable

Quality Assured

Free Estimates and Advice

Interior and External

Fully Insured

Reliable Team

No job too small

01590 643 516

07901 808 722

LLPD Local Lady Painter & Decorator

Catherine Perham

14 Kivernell Road Milford-on-Sea


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If you and your furry friend are feeling a bit

like chubsters after all the indulgences of

the Christmas period, and you fancy

walking off a bit of that weight together,

then read on because we’ve got exactly

what you need: bracing sea air, stunning

views and perfect cosy pub to end up in.

It’s a sort of dog walk diet.

Our Keyhaven route is one that we’ve

devised specially for our dog walking Pet

Rangers, who, with the rest of our team,

managed to complete over eight thousand

dog walks for local customers in 2018,

which means we’ve taken the lead in dog

walking (geddit?).

notice a red dog waste bin at the start of

your walk; this is the only bin on the walk.

This is a walk with outstanding views. At

several different parts, the main path

allows you to go right down to the water

and follow another path that runs

alongside it. Be wary of birds and wildlife

along this walk though and, if necessary,

your dog may need to go back on lead.

Even in January, you’ll probably see some

enthusiasts, wrapped up warm, with big

binoculars looking at the wide variety of

wildlife here.

After 20 minutes or so you will come to

two gates; one on the higher path and one

to the left on a lower grass track. Take this

lower path and walk along here until you

come to the end of the straight section.

The path will bend left; at this point you

can either turn around and go back the

way you came if that’s enough for you

both, or continue further until you feel

ready to turn around and return back the

way you came.

Anyway, to the route. Keyhaven Sea Wall

is a lovely walk all year round. Follow

Keyhaven Road and turn left just before

the main car park. You'll go along a little

track, over a bridge and there's free

parking in the small car park by the

entrance to the Solent Way footpath.

Begin the walk from the car park, go

through the small gate. Walk along here

and follow the footpath, you can let your

dog off lead when safe to do so. You'll

If all this frankly seems too much like hard

work for you, but you’d nevertheless like

to give your dog a unique New Year treat

of some lovely, bracing walks like this, and

help them fight their festive flab at the

same time, then call us up on the old dog

and bone on 01425 262 100, or click and we’ll come

and pick them up

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Choose 3 of the

following services to

the value of £70

& save yourself £10!

• 20 Mins Mini Facial

• Shellac Hands

• Shellac Toes

• Full Body Fake Tan

Offer valid for cover date of this magazine edition

Tel: 01425 612548




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We caught up with Pippa Crouch, our cover page artist to learn more about the craft of felting

What is wet felting? I hear there is lots of

rolling involved! Wet felting is an age-old

process which creates pieces of material using

predominantly natural fibres such as wool.

Blankets, coats, hats and even outer coverings

for traditional yurts have all been made from

felt. Fibres are laid out on a bamboo roll with

layers going in different directions. Soap and

water are added and then rolled up. This is

where the hard work starts! The action of

rolling the wool, the hot water and agitation

binds the wool fibres together and after a time

creates a piece of material which is ‘felt’.

What inspired you to start? I have always had

an interest in art and

craft hobbies. A very

good friend introduced

me to felting and taught

me how to felt a scarf

using Merino wool tops

and silk. The textures,

colours and the science

of creating felt fascinated me and I became

hooked instantly. So, I started making pictures

(painting with wool), quite basic and abstract in

the beginning. Over time with experimentation

and a need to add more texture and interest, I

have developed my own unique style. I still get

very excited about each new artwork as it’s

being created because there is always the

element of the way the fibres bind together and

create a wonderful blend of colours.

I’m loving looking through all your artwork, so

much colour and texture. Where do you get

your ideas from? Do you have a favourite

piece? My Inspiration mainly comes from

something I’ve seen whilst out and about.

Whether it be a sunset,

looking out over The

Solent or out walking

my dog in the New

Forest, something will

often catch my eye! I

have also done

commissions for

people who have a

photo of a particular place and want a felted

artwork. I really enjoy the challenge of these

but have to explain these pictures will be my

artistic interpretation of the photo! My

favourite works are usually the ones that are

most vibrant in colours and texture. The front

cover is definitely in my top three!

The end results look amazing with a lot of

attention to detail. How do you achieve that

and how long does it take to finish a piece?

When wet felting I use lots of different

materials, not just wool tops. Silk fibres, yarns

and pieces of material (often from scarves) are

added in. Once the felt has been created and

dried, I then embellish by needle felting extra

bits in. Needle felting uses a barbed needle and

by the action of stabbing you can fix materials

to your artwork. Very therapeutic! Depending

on the piece, I sometimes machine stitch to add

even more texture and definition. Occasionally I

will also use hand stitching to highlight certain

areas. Artworks can take from a couple of days

to a week, depending on how much detail is

added. Knowing when to stop can be a


I am a complete novice to felting/working with

wool but I see you run courses, can I come

along? The workshops I run are very popular

and are booked up quickly. I am currently

investigating new venues to run courses and

will be adding dates on my website, my Facebook page

Feltable@pippacrafts. Or come and find me at a

local craft fair. Another option is to get some

friends together and as long as you have a large

table to get round, I can come to you! I supply

all equipment and materials, and in a 3 hour

workshop, you will each create two wet felted

artworks. Cost £40 per person.

Where can I see you and your artworks? For

ideas on what I can create go to my website or

Facebook page. I attend a number of craft fairs,

Milford Artisans, Lyndhurst craft fair and Burley.

This year in June, Christchurch Priory will be

holding their week-long event along with

CadArts. Living crafts exhibition where I will be

demonstrating and have my work for sale. I will

be adding other events, exhibitions and shops

where I sell in as the year progresses.

Pippa’s contact details:

E:, T: 01425 617651

Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements


Nick Wells

Fencing & Gardening Services

Fencing, gates, repairs, turfing, raised flower

beds, sleeper walls, shed building & repair,

car ports, decking………& much more.

Units 8&9 Lea Green Farm

Christchurch Road

Downton, Lymington

SO41 0LA

Tel/Fax: 01590 645999

Family run business - Fully insured

Free, no obligation quotes

References available



T: 01425 837966 M: 07770 656072







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WILDLIFE MATTERS ……... to all of us


Whether you live in Lymington, Pennington,

Sway, Hordle, Everton, Milford-on-Sea or

Keyhaven, within a few minutes’ cycle ride or

walk, we have the most amazing coastal sites to

visit. The coastal walk from Lymington to

Milford is about 5 miles from end to end and is

just full of birds to watch.

Let’s have a look at what bird watching sites we

have just inland of the Solent. Walking in a

general westerly direction from Lymington you

will first encounter Normandy Marsh and

Lagoon. Next you have Eight Acre Pond and

Maiden Dock. Oxey Marsh and Lagoon are next,

followed by Pennington Marsh and Lagoon.

Further west you will encounter Butts Lagoon

and Fishtail Lagoon, the latter so-called because

the lagoon is said to be shaped like the tail of a

fish! Keyhaven Lagoon and Marsh are next with

Iley Point, Iley Pond and Avon Water the

furthest points west before reaching Keyhaven

hamlet and the infamous Gun Public House. All

these sites (excluding the Avon Water and the

pub!) are managed by Peter Durnell, who is the

Hampshire County Council’s land manager, or

Bob Chapman of the Hampshire and Isle of

Wight Wildlife Trust.

Still heading west you will come to Saltgrass

Lane Marsh. Next you will see Mount Lake

before you arrive at the Crabbing Bridge at the

south end of New Lane. You can either walk up

Hurst Spit and head south-east towards Hurst

Castle or continue to Sturt Pond nature reserve

and further on to Rook Cliff and Hordle Cliff

where inland birding sites run out.

Bird Observatory and Bird Hide: Along this


birding walk

you will come

across the



Volunteers’ (MCV) bird observatory at The Pans

(on the right just before you get to Keyhaven

hamlet). This is accessible via a key-fob available

from the MCV. See contact info at end.

The bird hide at Sturt Pond, situated between

The Marine

Café (white


and Hurst

Depot (big

black NFDC

storage shed) is open to the public (free access)

all year round from 9am till 5pm or dusk if

earlier during the winter.

Birding for Beginners: The hide and the

observatory are the designated sites for

sessions especially designed for youngsters

(accompanied by an adult or group leaders) and

beginners to birdwatching. These sessions are

free (though bird food donations are always

welcomed). They are held, between 10am and

noon, at the bird observatory on the first

Saturday in the month and at the bird hide on

the third Saturday of each month.

Telescopes and Binoculars: The MCV has

recently purchased seven pairs of excellent 8 x

40 binoculars for use

by anyone without a

pair during these

Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements

beginner sessions.

Telescopes are also

available to share to

help identify birds

further away. No

need to pre-book, just turn up and our expert

birders will be on hand to help.

Further information from:

Keith Metcalf – MCV Conservation Officer

(01590) 645825 or (07771) 918449 or email


To find out more about our events

planned for 2019

sign up to our newsletter:


For Home PC & Laptop users

Want to get more out of

your home computer?

Computer repair, upgrades

and tuition

T: 0784 103 1464




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New Year Wine Resolutions for Wine Lovers!

After the busy festive period, January is a

quieter month in the shop, a time for planning

tastings and events for the year ahead. We

don’t take part in the craze that is ‘dry January’,

but we look for other new year resolutions to

expand our knowledge and experience of

different wines. Below are a few ideas for you

to explore this year.

English Wine - With the reviews and reputation

of English wine getting better and better, and

with last years fantastic growing season we are

very excited with new developments of this

homegrown industry! Our most popular selling

fizz is from the Dorset based Langham Estate,

who craft terroir driven sparkling wines using

grapes only grown in their own vineyards. They

have a low intervention approach to both grape

growing and wine

production. Even

closer to home,

‘Charlie Herring’ has

a vineyard in a small

walled garden just

outside Lymington.

Winemaker Tim

Phillips practices

organic viticulture

and natural

Charlie Herring winery

winemaking which result in some authentic

wines that are seriously impressive! Production

for his wine is small, but he is also making a

very interesting beer (made from wild hops)

and cider from the orchard adjacent to the


Explore Different Grape Varieties - Expand your

wine drinking horizons and try a new grape

variety, or even a familiar one from a different

wine growing region or Country. If you’ve tried

Albarino from Spain before, look for Alvarinho

from Portugal or even some great examples

from New Zealand or South Africa. At the

moment we are very excited about exploring

the wines from the Savoie and Jura region. Try a

delicious Chardonnay from the Jura blindfolded

and it could be mistaken for one from

Burgundy. Our most popular Savoie wine is

made from the grape Jacquere which is vibrant,

floral and refreshing! We are always receiving

small parcels of new wines so do pop in and we

can help your explore different options.

Visit a Vineyard - Our holidays tend to always

be based around a wine region. It is so

important for us to meet the growers and taste

the wines where they are produced. If you’re

heading to a region that produces wine, we

urge you to do the same! It can be such an eye

opener to see how much hard work goes into

each bottle that we so often just pop and pour

without much of a thought.

Attend a Wine Tasting - The best way to

expand your wine horizons is to come along to

one of our tastings or events that we plan

throughout the year.

We hope there is

something to appeal

to everyone, from

the more formal instore


tastings, a ‘pop-up’

restaurant in the

shop with wines to

match the food, to

the more informal

'Wine themed garden events

will start around Easter'

food and wine events we host in the shop and

garden during the Spring and Summer. The best

way to find out about these is to sign up to our

newsletters online or in store or follow us on

social media!

So here’s to a New Year and exploring the

exciting world of wine!

Heather & Simon, The Solent Cellar

Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements





Oakhaven is delighted to be able to

announce that they have not only

increased their services to the community

but also developed a proper career path

and enhanced salary packages for staff.

For many people, being able to stay at

home when living with illness or disability

is vital. It can make what is a difficult time

easier to deal with both for the patient

and their family.

To provide this expanded service

Oakhaven have now developed a

Community Palliative Care Team which

have the skills and resources to now look

after clients at home requiring everything

from basic domestic support to end of life

care and everything in between.

Combined with flexible hours, whether in

a guaranteed shift pattern or hourly work,

Oakhaven have also put in place a career

path for carers with higher salaries as a

carer progresses through the pathway, as

well as enhanced packages for weekends

and unsociable hours. Specialist palliative

care and End of Life training will be

provided to all Health care Assistant and

Home carers with ongoing support from

Oakhaven Hospice Nurse and Clinical

Nurse Specialists to ensure clients receive

the best possible care at all times.

This is brilliant news for clients and carers

For more information about the services

we offer, whether you are interested in

receiving care or joining our team, please

contact Neil Larner on 01590 646440 or

email Our

web site is or


Excellent Pay & Benefits

Do you want to be part of our highly skilled Palliative

Care and Social Care Team working in the


Do you want to benefit from the following?

• Guaranteed minimum

hourly rate of £8.95 with a

scale going up to £9.54

• Excellent enhancements

for weekends and unsociable

hours, with an

additional 30% for evenings

and Saturdays, and

60% on Sundays

• Travel time paid at your

hourly rate

• Guaranteed hours with an

option of a fixed shift pattern

or flexible hours

• Paid Training.

• Uniform provided.

• Paid DBS checks.

• Realistic Travel Time between


• Life Assurance/Employee

Assistance Programme

• Health Cash Plan

If you want to be part of our team, please contact

HR on;

or Tel: 01590 646443

You care for our patients and we care for you.

Oakhaven Care is a domiciliary care agency providing high

quality health & social care to clients within the New Forest area.

All profits from the agency will be re-invested into local charity,

Oakhaven Hospice Trust.

Successful candidates will be subject to an enhanced DBS


Unseasoned logs available

Steve or Lorraine Mabbett

(01590) 381255 or

(07543) 901324



To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

What do the Parish Council do for you??

I recently overheard a conversation on the

recreation ground between two people which

went something like this:

Member of the public ( MOP ) What do the

Parish Council do for us. We pay all this

money and get nothing in return.

Councillor (Cllr) Well, they manage this

recreation ground ensuring the grass is cut so

that it can be used by the football club and

walkers. They provide fitness equipment for

adults and young people and play equipment

for younger children. They provide bins and

pay for them to be emptied regularly, as well

as seats and benches for people to sit on.

MOP – Ok, so they manage the recreation

ground but that’s not much.

Cllr The Parish Council covers the whole Parish

which is (part of )Tiptoe, Hordle and Everton.

They manage three recreation grounds

Hordle, Tiptoe and Dudley Avenue (BMX track

and playpark), and support Tiptoe Green by

having representatives on their committee.

They have over 20 bins in the Parish and 25

seats and benches which they maintain. They

own the Parish War Memorial site in Hordle

as well as other open spaces (at Hordle- the

cycleway, Acacia Avenue and Everton -

Shepherds Way and Honeysuckle Gardens).

They give grants to community organisations

and have provided three defibrillators in the

Parish. They work actively to reduce speeding

in the Parish by supporting the Speedwatch

Project, contribute to the CANGO bus and

support the sports and community groups by

allowing them to use Parish Council buildings

and facilities at low or no cost.

MOP What about all the litter everywhere?

Cllr The Parish Council organise two litter

picks a year and encourage volunteers to help

tidy up the Parish.

MOP - But what about the potholes they

don’t do anything about them ?

Cllr – The Parish Council are only responsible

for very local things; Hampshire County

Council are responsible for roads and potholes

and the District Council for rubbish collection.

The Parish Council have an office which is

open to the public which you can contact for

further information and the Parish Clerk and

Deputy will always try to help you.

MOP – Well, all these things the Parish

Council do for us – costs us all a fortune and

increases every year.

Cllr - Actually the cost is £45.40 per year for a

band D property and there is only a planned

1p increase per property for next year.

MOP – I now realise the Parish Council do a

lot for the local community and are very good

value for money. How could I be involved?

Cllr – Why not come along to the Parish

Assembly on 19th March at Hordle Pavilion,

7.30pm to meet your councillors and Parish

Staff and find out more.

With apologies to Monty Python.

For any queries about the Parish Council

please contact

or 01425 – 611119

Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements



Hordle Community Association (HCA),

opened this year’s Christmas festivities by

hosting a Christmas Fair on Saturday 8 th

December 2018 for all the community, and

want to thank all who attended braving the

wind and rain showers. It became a magical

event for family and friends meeting up and

having a great time together.

The Pavilion and marquee were adorned

with stalls selling Christmas gifts of all kinds

and sweets and treats to tempt everyone to

try a sample and get into the Christmas

mood. Lucky ticket holders won over 30

Christmas Prize Draw prizes for entry to local

attractions and festive indulgences. Special

thanks to the Scouts for their tasty barbeque

and our regular Hordle Café volunteers

coordinated by Brenda, for putting on a

splendiferous selection of hot drinks and

cakes throughout the day.

Santa landed at 2pm together with Mother

Claus, creating expectation and excitement

from all who were waiting for his arrival.

Children prepared their own letter to Santa,

posted it in Santa’s Post Box and shared their

Christmas wishes with him, receiving a gift

and a sticker from his Christmas Pixie.

The highlight of the afternoon was ‘The

Village Voice Choir’ harmonising carols

brilliantly for everyone who joined in and

counted down to the joint Christmas Tree

light switch-on, with the Hordle WI that was

spectacular and enjoyed by all with

complimentary Mulled wine and mince pies.

The Christmas tree lights continued to shine

throughout the festivities, which included a

Wine and Cheese Party, fortnightly Film

Night and Bingo.

New Members: We welcome new members

who would like to get involved in supporting

HCA events throughout the year – Please

contact Membership Secretary at:

Look out for more events in your Village

Newsletter and on the HCA Website and Facebook Page

during the coming year.


To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358



This year is our centenary and we intend to have numerous exciting things

happening throughout the year. This is 100 years that the Hordle W.I. have

been in existence. The hall where we meet is spacious and it has been wonderful for the

women of Hordle to meet, to make friends, to help each other, and help others throughout our

community. On Monday afternoons we have a happy chatty craft group meeting. We have

exhibitions, parties, games, but most of all we are there for each other and for other women

everywhere. Come along as a guest on the 1 st Tuesday of every month at 2pm or pop in on a

Monday afternoon for a chat.

For details and any events, we are organising please contact: Secretary Ros Merriman

01425 616305 or to book the hall call Wendy Perkins on 01425 622458



If anyone is interested in joining the

thriving Hordle Gardening Club, or even

becoming a committee member and

giving your time to support this wonderful

club, please come along to the next

meeting, where you will be made to feel

very welcome.

Our website is now up and running

We meet on the 4th Friday in each

month at 7.30pm at the Pavilion

(excluding August & December) Guests


Contact: Paul Taylor 01425 619299 or

Kate Cornhill 01425 621305

New Forest Orchestra is a

friendly, amateur orchestra,

conducted by Ieuan Davies, that

meets for weekly rehearsals in

Hordle. We perform at 3-4

concerts a year at various

venues in the New Forest, including the Lymington

Arts Festival and Milford on Sea Arts Festival.

Rehearsals are every Wednesday, 7.30-9.30 pm at

Hordle Memorial Hall, Hordle Lane, Hordle.

New players can be sure of a friendly welcome, and

we are especially keen for more strings and brass

(minimum grade 5 standard is recommended).

For details of upcoming concerts, or to express

interest in joining, please contact via our

website or call Orchestra Chair Alan

Ford 01590 681741.


We meet on a Wednesday evening in Tiptoe St

Andrew’s Church Hall, From 7:15-9:pm

Anyone who enjoys a good laugh, and a sing, are

welcome to come along. Not necessary to read

music. For more details please call

Pat Hood 01425 615051


A friendly welcome awaits visitors and new members to our monthly meetings. We have

demonstrations where you can enjoy beautiful creations of contemporary and traditional

designs. Also workshops to learn new skills in arranging flowers.

The club meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Pavilion, Vaggs Lane. Hordle 7pm

for 7.30pm.

For more details contact Denise Gibb 01590 642804

Please see the Village diary: for planned club events & speakers

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Everton Rambling Club

Merv : 01590 642509

Contact Mervyn for walk details


Tues 5th 10.30am

Thurs 21st 10.30am


Tues 5th 10.30am

Thurs 21st 10.30am





1 st Hordle Brownies, girls aged 7-10,

meet MILFORD in the Hordle ON SEA W1 STAMP Hall on CLUB

Thursday 12th February: evenings from Jim 6.15-7.45. Rankin, In a

friendly and supportive Strike Mail atmosphere they

unwind after school, make new friends,

enjoy 12th games March: and practice Grace new Davies, skills.

They also More love Pages earning for badges Peace for

hobbies 23rd March: and interests Annual practiced Auction at home.

The varied programme of activities

Meetings held at

encourages them to develop

themselves, the as well Guide as developing Hut, an

awareness of ways Sea Road in which they can

help others in the unit, 2pm at home and in

the wider community. Recent events

include a trip to Pets at Home and a Tai

Chi workshop.

The main emphasis is on fun and

adventure, with outings, pack holidays

and activity days to choose from as well. Get involved!

After another busy year for the

volunteers of Hordle

Voluntary Care Group

We were able to meet at the South Lawn

Hotel, Milford on Sea on Friday 21 December

to enjoy a Christmas Dinner party together.

Our group consisted of volunteers and their

partners and guests. The 18 people enjoyed a

festive meal with all the trimmings.

Life After Stroke or Brain Injury

Are you a stroke survivor or have you suffered a

brain injury? Would you like to try new

activities? Ferndown Leisure Centre have teamed

up with The New Forest Paddle Sport Company,

to offer stand up paddle boarding and kayaking

to stroke survivors. Please contact Jo or call

01202 877468.

Do you need to get to a medical


Hordle Voluntary Care Group

would like to help you. We will

pick you up from home, take you to your

appointment and return you to your home

afterwards. The volunteer will stay with you

whilst waiting for your appointment and if you

wish, will accompany you to the consultation. We

also provide transport for relatives to visit inpatients

if they are unable to get to the hospital

using public transport and to the ‘bathing service’

at the St John Ambulance HQ on the Gordleton

Industrial Estate or Milford Hospital

T: 0845 388 9063

In previous years we had a Christmas lunch in

the afternoon but this year we decided to hold

it in the evening so that any drivers taking

clients to appointments during the day would

be able to attend. A number of volunteers

were unable to attend and our thoughts were

with Alan Baker, who due to illness had to

cancel attending together with his friend


During the year we have taken 198 clients

and made 844 trips to various appointments

including the hospitals in Southampton,

Christchurch, Bournemouth, Poole and

Salisbury travelling in excess of 19,091 miles.

We are always keen to hear from anyone

who could help with driving and if you would

like more information please contact us on

0845 388 9063 or email


Please see the Village diary: for planned club events & speakers

To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358


As the centre of our community, The

Pavilion in Vaggs Lane is becoming the

hub for events and parties.

There are regular dance classes,

fitness sessions, Tai Chi and

Taekwondo classes, and a regular

Friday film Night. Bingo is held

monthly on Saturdays.

There are also many special events,

the next being a Music and Magic

evening on Saturday 16th February

with our local ‘Star’ Jamie Adams.

Please see the Village diary on Page 28

1st Thursday of every month

Lymington Community Centre 2-4pm

Afternoon tea served at all meetings.

Tel: Tom Mclnulty 01264 321 963

Registered charity 1001198

Do you know someone who is blind or

partially sighted and would like to receive

the Talking Newspaper?

01425 616 361


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New for 2019 Messy Café for

everyone: informal worship,

making friends, activities, a

thought for the day, and

fab-u-lous cake! Messy Church

will continue 4 times a year,

alternating with Messy Café: Be

sure to try it out!

At the Men’s Breakfast: Prof

Srokosz is talking about a

Christian Response to Global

Warming. We can all make a

difference. Reserve your place

with the Church Office.

24 Church To Office: advertise 01425 email: 626565, or email:

or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

A relaxed opportunity to Explore

the Christian faith; no questions

too simple; supper provided; runs

8 weeks. It’s not too late to join!


Sat. 16 th March

In Hordle Church Hall

Save the day; contact your

team and get swotting!

Details soon….

Church Office: 01425 Please 626565 mention or Your email: Village

when responding to advertisements


The Den at

Hordle CE (VA)

Primary School

We are very pleased to have our own Breakfast and After School Clubs at

Hordle Primary School, collectively known as The Den. At The Den we have an

amazing array of activities taking place every day and we thought we would

share some of these with our local community.

The Autumn has provided us with a wonderful assortment of natural treasures

which the children have turned into some beautiful homemade crafts,

including sun-catchers and mobiles. We also built a hedgehog house and

spoke about how to care for our wildlife and keep it safe.

The children were invited to take part in a colouring competition by our local

Co-Op and had lots of fun creating their masterpieces which were put on

display in the shop window for all to admire. We were lucky enough to win

prizes for our pictures and would like to say a huge thank you to the Co-Op

for their support.

Our baking skills have been on show this term with the

children creating flapjacks, cheesecake and bonfire


We have also been busy creating calendars for the year

ahead as well as an array of painting, construction and



To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

In July 2017, Hordle Primary was lucky enough to earn a donation from the

Tesco Bags of Help scheme and this money was used to develop our slightly

tired-looking wildlife area into something truly wonderful, complete with our

very own campfire area.

The wildlife area is used a great deal by all children across the school and

nursery, as well as by our after school Gardening Club along with regular visits

and activities brought to us by the wonderful Hordle Gardening Club.

The recent addition of the firepit has made the area even more exciting for the

children to visit and our Den children are no exception. The After School Club

recently hosted their own fire pit evening, toasting marshmallows and making

smores which they enjoyed sat by the firepit...a wonderful Monday evening


We look forward to sharing more of our activities with you in the future.

Team Den

Birthday Celebrations!

Hordle Primary School is looking forward to a wonderful year of celebration as

we enjoy our 160th birthday. We have lots of fantastic things planned and

would greatly appreciate making contact with anyone who attended our

school in the past, who would be willing to come in and talk to us about their

school experiences.

If this is something you feel you may be able to help with, please do give us a

call, on 01425 611657 or email us - we

would very much love to hear from you.

Many thanks,

Team Hordle

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Date When Event & Description Where

01-Feb 7.30pm Film Screening: Ab Fab - The Movie Pavilion

02-Feb 9.30-12.30 Café Pavilion

02-Feb 8.30am The Men's Breakfast Church Hall

04-Feb 4.30/5.15pm Taekwondo Pavilion

05-Feb 2pm WI: Life under the veil part 2 WI Hall

07-Feb 12.30 pm Lunch Club Church Hall

08-Feb 7.30pm Film Screening: Star Wars Pavilion

09-Feb 9.30-12.30 Café Pavilion

09-Feb 7.30pm Bingo Pavilion

10-Feb 4.30pm Messy Café Church Hall

11-Feb 4.30/5.15pm Taekwondo Pavilion

13-Feb 7.30pm Flower Club Pavilion

15-Feb 7.30pm Film Screening: Horse Whisperer Pavilion

16-Feb 9.30-12.30 Café Pavilion

16-Feb Music & Magic with Jamie Adams Pavilion

18-Feb 4.30/5.15pm Taekwondo Pavilion

21-Feb 3pm Tea at 3 Church Hall

22-Feb 7.30pm Gardening Club: Your Lawn, Wilf Simcox Pavilion

23-Feb 9.30-12.30 Café Pavilion

25-Feb 4.30/5.15pm Taekwondo Pavilion

01-Mar 7.30pm Film Screening: Out of Africa Pavilion

04-Mar 4.30/5.15pm Taekwondo Pavilion

05-Mar 2pm WI: Stewarts Garden Centre WI Hall

07-Mar 12.30pm Lunch Club Church Hall

09-Mar 9.30-12.30 Café Pavilion

09-Mar 7.30pm Bingo Pavilion

11-Mar 4.30/5.15pm Taekwondo Pavilion

13-Mar 7.30pm Flower Club Pavilion

15-Mar 7.30pm Film Screening: Bohemian Rhapsody Pavilion

16-Mar 9.30-12.30 Café Pavilion

16-Mar Quiz Night…. See posters in Village Church Hall

18-Mar 4.30/5.15pm Taekwondo Pavilion

21-Mar 3pm Tea at 3 Church Hall

22-Mar 7.30pm Gardening Club: Vegetable growing, Kelvin Mason Pavilion

23-Mar 9.30-12.30 Café Pavilion

24-Mar 4 to 6pm Messy Church Church Hall

25-Mar 4.30/5.15pm Taekwondo Pavilion

29-Mar 7.30pm Film Screening: The Lion King Pavilion

The Parish Council meets on the 1 st and 3 rd Tuesday of each month at 7.15 pre meeting public

forum. Meeting starts at 7.30pm Hordle Pavilion.

HCA:, Pavilion 01425 517944, Film screenings £2.50 - no need to book

Café: Every Saturday 9am –12noon. The Pavilion, Vaggs Lane

Come and have a coffee and home made cake. Children and pets are welcome.

To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

Gas, Plumbing & Heating Engineers

All Aspects of Gas, Plumbing & Heating

Boilers – Bathrooms – Servicing - Repairs

Why Choose Us ?

• Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers

• NFBP Customer Service Winners

• WHICH? Trusted Traders

• Gas Safe Registered

• Fully Insured

• Family Run

Boiler Breakdown ?

Happy To Help, Drop us a Line on

01425 540950

Unit 8D, Kings Farm, Everton Road, Hordle SO41 0HD

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Hampshire County Council’s

‘Connect to Support’ service

As a councillor, my third most common resident

query, after roads and planning, is care. Queries

may be about support and care of the elderly or

children and adults with disabilities. All aspects

of non-medical care are primarily the

responsibility of Hampshire County Council,

although New Forest District Council have some

joint responsibilities with regards to adapting

buildings for disabled people. There are also

close links between the County Council and local

hospitals, particularly in relation to putting care

packages in place at home when a vulnerable

patient leaves hospital.

When someone’s health or mobility

deteriorates, families, or the person themselves,

often don’t know where to turn for advice - not

only about care options, but about managing

finances and accessing services such as Meals

on Wheels. Hampshire have recently put

together a comprehensive collection of care and

support advice for residents called ‘Connect to

Support’. The information comes in various

formats. You can phone the County Council on

0300-555 1386 for a copy of the

following two books i) ‘A Guide

to Better Care and Support’ and

its companion guide ii) ‘The

Guide to Residential Care’. The

same information can be found

on both the Connect to Support

website at

and on the Connect to Support app which is

available from the App Store for iPhone/iPad

and from the Google Play Store for Android


If you have further questions or concerns about

an aspect of care you or a member of your

family are receiving or may require, you are

welcome to contact me directly. But do have a

look at Connect to Support first - and please

pass on the information to anyone you know

who may find it useful.

Cllr Fran Carpenter

New Forest District Councillor &

Hampshire County Councillor for

Hordle, Everton & Tiptoe

01425 614665 / 07867 502624


Mon – Sat 7am to 7.30pm, Sun: 7.30am to 5pm

Credit:© OpenStreetMap contributor

The Post Office is open the same hours as the store

West Lane, Everton, SO41 0JR

TEL: 01590 643055


To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

Please mention Your Village when responding to advertisements





We have transformed this already beautiful

18th Century Coach House into a stunning

country pub and restaurant.

We are concentrating on providing friendly, first

class service alongside freshly made on the

premises, locally sourced dishes with a slight

twist on pub classics, ensuring the menu is

appealing to discerning diners. Our winter

menu has now been launched - so make sure

you come in and try something new.

Serving Food ALL DAY - EVERY DAY alongside

the menu will be fresh daily specials also locally

sourced. We are catering for the larger and

smaller appetite, and have a totally fresh menu

for junior diners. With mouth watering desserts

there is also the option of your own

personalised cheeseboard from our premium

cheese trolley.

Our other pubs are already famous in The New

Forest for their outstanding Roast dinners and

The Royal Oak Downton is now the same. We

have some lovely large tables for families and

friends and some cosy tables for 2!!

Whether you are popping in for a drink (check

out our varied wine list, our real ales, ciders and

lagers) or want an evening out dining make

sure you come and see us, meet the team and

let us know what you think. Oh..... and don't

forget to bring your four legged friend as we

also welcome dogs!

Debbie & Duane

Also of:

The New Forest Inn, Emery Down

The Trusty Servant, Minstead

The Mortimer Arms, Ower

The Royal Oak Hilltop, Beaulieu

he New Forest Inn, Emery Down

The Trusty


Enjoy up to 10% back on your card each time you spend with us.

Also collectable and redeemable at our other four pubs. Receive special offers only for Privilege Card Holders

The Royal Oak, Christchurch Road, Lymington, SO41 0LA

TEL: 01590 718104


To advertise email:, or call 01590 643969 / 07801 562358

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