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Our older residents speak out!

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Welcome to the first issue

of 2019 which is our

money-saving edition.

The new year is a time to reflect on the year that’s gone,

and what you might want to achieve during the next twelve

months. It’s also a time when finances can be tight, which

is why we have provided lots of useful information in our

money-saving issue.

If you find it difficult to save, or don’t know which bank

account will suit you, take a look at the helpful articles on

pages 14 to 18. Don’t forget, we also have lots of handy

information on the ‘Money help and tips’ section of our


Saving money can also mean you’re doing your bit to help

the environment, so read about the smart ways to be energyefficient

on page 16.

We hope you have a great start to 2019!

The Inspire team


If you have a story you’d like to share,

we’d love to hear it - and so would

everyone else!

Send us an email to: @onemcr




Revamped Fallowfield Community Grocers

And there’s more to come from this in-demand service .................................. 4

We’ve been awarded GOLD

We’re committed to providing the best staff for you ....................................... 5

Always thinking of the environment

How to make the best use of the blue, brown and grey bins ........................... 5

A day in the life of a One Manchester caretaker

Meet Des from our caretaking team ............................................................. 6

Supporting an end to homelessness

Find out how we’re involved in the aim to end rough sleeping ........................ 7

Top tips to beat the freeze during winter

As the temperature drops, make sure you don’t run into problems .................. 8

Simple repairs you can do yourself

There’s lots of help and advice to carry out repairs in your home ...................... 9

Keep your home gas-safe and win £100

Keep you, your family and your neighbours safe ............................................ 9

Would you like to find your perfect job?

Get free help at our weekly drop-in sessions ............................................... 10

Get a Level 2 qualification for free

Training courses available to One Manchester residents ................................ 11

Have you ever tried a work placement?

If you’re looking for a job, a work placement is the perfect start ...................... 11

Could you be a trustee for The Place at Platt Lane?

Can you provide business experience for a much-loved community asset? ..... 12

Make your business idea work better

Realise the dream of becoming your own boss............................................ 13

What’s on for young people

Find out about free activities for kids in your area .......................................... 13

Do you struggle to get a bank account?

Saving and borrowing money responsibly is easy with credit unions .............. 14

Save money, save the environment

Five easy ways to make a difference to your spending and the planet ............. 16

Struggling to pay your water bill?

Payment plans can help you during hard times ............................................ 18

Free energy and money-saving advice from LEAP

Save money and keep your home warm and cosy ........................................ 18

The latest on our new homes

An update on our latest developments ....................................................... 19

See how we did in 2017-18

Take a look at our annual report ................................................................. 24 73


Have you seen the revamped

Fallowfield Community Grocer?

As more Community Grocers open across the

city, it shows just how important the service has

become to the communities where they are based.

For £2.50, members can get groceries worth up to £12,

which is making a huge difference to the lives of many people.

Fallowfield Community Grocer, based at The Place at Platt Lane, has

recently seen some changes due to popularity. The grocers have now

moved downstairs to a bigger room in the library building, making it

easier to access for everybody.

With the help of ten volunteers, they hope to provide extra services to

members, including a cookery workshop using healthy food.

One member, Catherine, says she goes for more than just shopping;

“There are always really good bargains. It’s nice being able to have

a cup of tea, meet friends and have a chat as well.”

The volunteers have also seen fantastic benefits according to Gary;

“The Community Grocer has helped me get back into volunteering

and prepared me for returning to work. It’s helped to build my

confidence and given me access to other services on offer at the library

and in the local community.”

Fallowfield Community Grocer is accepting new members and is

open for anyone in the area to join. Head along on a Friday morning

between 9.30am-12pm to find out how to become a member.

Our One Money team offer money advice appointments at

some of the Community Grocers so contact the team to find

out more on 0330 355 1002.

Find your nearest

Community Grocer

Rusholme & Longsight

Anson Community Grocer

Anson Community House, 38 Meldon Road,

Longsight, M13 OTR. Call 07913 540680.

Open Tuesday & Thursday, 9:30am-12:30pm.


Coverdale & Newbank Community Grocer

Cornbrook House, 217 Stockport Road,

Ardwick, M12 4DY. Call 0161 274 2186.

Open Thursday, 11am-1pm.

Gorton Community Grocer

Gorton Community Centre, 543 Abbey Hey Lane,

Gorton, M18 8PF. Call 07913 540680.

Open Friday, 9:30am-12pm.

Fallowfield Community Grocer

The Place at Platt Lane, Platt Lane, Fallowfield,

M14 7FB. Call 07913 540680.

Open Friday, 9:30am-12pm.

Opening in February - Hulme

Aquarius Centre, 21 Eden Close, Hulme,

M15 6AX. Contact Lesley on 07984 493515 or


Will be opening Tuesdays.

Interested in


Call the One Future team

on 0330 355 1002

or email onefuture@



Could your community group

benefit from funding?

Applications are now open for our Community Soup funding;

where you could be awarded up to £5,000 for your project.

Don’t miss out!


Apply online at

and search

‘Funding & Support’.

We want to know how you can make a difference to your area. Whether your project helps

younger or older residents, environmental issues, or helps people get out and about.

Applications close Monday

11th February.

We’ve been awarded GOLD

for investing in our people

We’re proud to announce we’ve been awarded GOLD standard by

Investors in People, which only 7% of accredited organisations achieve!

What does this mean for you?

Because we’re investing in the development of our staff, their knowledge and

skills are always up to date. It means our staff have embraced One Manchester’s

values of being ambitious, connected and trustworthy, so the work we’re doing

for you is always the best it can be. The award also means we’re attracting

talented people - whether it’s the One Money team with debt and benefit

advice or the Repairs and Maintenance team.

We want to hire the very best staff and invest in the people who work

here. That creates a happy workforce and a high-quality service for you.

Always thinking of the environment

Together with Manchester City Council, we have been visiting

residents of our high-rise blocks to explain how to make best

use of the blue, brown and green waste bins.

During the two days visiting our 17 tower blocks, customers got the

chance to ask questions about waste and recycling. They received

helpful tips, advice and additional items to help with recycling.

If you would like to learn more, our website has some

useful information about local waste collections and

recycling at



A day in the life of… Caretaker Des

The refurbishment of a homeless hub to help people living on the streets had more relevance

to one member of the Mobile Cleaning and Caretaking teams.

After previously experiencing homelessness, Desmond Taylor

is now a One Manchester tenant and currently working as a

caretaker at Worsley Court on a temporary contract.

We spoke to Des about his experience of rough sleeping and

how his life has changed.

Can you tell us why the homelessness

campaign is important to you?

“I’ve experienced homelessness myself after a relationship

breakdown and I’d been living in a men’s hostel for two and a

half years. These things happen when you’re down on your luck,

and I’d been out on the streets before. In winter your feet and

hands go funny because of the chill.

“One day I got ill and the doctor told me that my feet were at

risk of getting permanently damaged because of the cold.

At my age things only get worse, they don’t get better.”

How has the past year changed for you?

“I’ve got accommodation with One Manchester now through

Manchester Move, and a temporary contract with the team

as a caretaker. Hopefully if I can turn the temporary contract

into a full-time role, then I’ve come from being homeless and

unemployed, to having a home and having a job. Fingers


What does a typical day in your new job involve?

“I come in at 7am and open the laundry and community

rooms, then I start my walk down checks. I start at the

top floor of the flats and walk down every floor checking

the landings, the bin chutes, and the lights.

“I make sure there is no litter or obstructions on the

landings, and then after I’ve done my checks I’ll work

my way through the list of cleaning duties. So, I’ll clean

the windows, mop the floors, tidy the leaves away

from the paths. It’s important to make the area look


What do you like about the role?

“I’m a people person and I’m always here for the

tenants if they need anything. I like to have friendly

conversations with the people in the blocks.”

How is life different for you now?

“Considering the last few years where I had

absolutely nothing, where I’m at now is

absolutely tremendous.”




One Manchester

supporting an end to homelessness

The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, has pledged to end rough sleeping in the

region by 2020. There are lots of projects happening which we’re leading on or supporting

other organisations with. Some of these include:

‘A bed every night’

This aims to offer a bed to anyone who is homeless in the

region from November until March.

All local authorities in Greater Manchester are involved with

the help of their staff and resources. Charities, the public

sector, and the faith sector have helped to find more places

to use as emergency night shelters, such as churches. This

campaign is more than just a bed, with the aim of finding

more accommodation options after March.

Our Mobile Cleaning and Caretaking teams went along to

two centres in Ardwick and Crumpsall to help clear furniture

and rubbish. Noel Byrne, Caretaker for Cundiff Court,

expressed his delight at being involved:

“We’ve had the Caretaking team and the Mobile Cleaning

team doing a grand job, and hopefully it’ll be a nice warm

night for those using the accommodation. I feel really proud

to be helping out.”

There are lots of ways you

can help and support including

donating items, money or

volunteering your time.


Large homes for homeless families

To help with the shortage of houses available for large families in

temporary accommodation, we have bought four properties in the area.

This includes a 6-bedroom house in Gorton, two 4-bedroom homes in

Openshaw, and a converted ex-social services house in Fallowfield.

We hope to continue to support larger homeless families and

aim to buy ten properties in total.

Secure Homes for Long-Term Rough Sleepers

In response to the current rough sleeping crisis, One Manchester has invested in and

are leading the delivery of the “Greater Manchester Homes Partnership”. This is a partnership

with 20 other housing providers and charities across Greater Manchester to find secure and settled

homes for people who have spent most of their lives rough sleeping or living on the streets.

The Government enabled the programme by investing £1.8 million to work with 200 people. Due to so many early positive

outcomes and more participants asking to be involved, the Government invested a further £800,000 to allow us to work with

even more people. We’re currently working with 400 participants to help them begin a new life off the streets and have helped

220 people move into new homes.

The programme will also focus on health needs, accessing education or employment and reconnecting with families. There will

also be intensive emotional and practical support offered to help them to manage their new homes and thrive in their new lives.



Top tips to beat the

freeze during winter

As the temperature drops during the long dark nights,

your home needs a little bit of care to ensure you don’t

run into any problems.

There are many things you can do!

The most common problems can be a loss of water

supply, heating issues, leaking toilets and sinks not

draining - often because of frozen pipes.

Before reporting a repair - save time and money by

following these simple tips during cold weather:




If you know where your stop tap is, empty the cupboard and

allow some warm air to circulate around the pipe. Try blowing

warm air on the pipe using a hairdryer or place a small heater in

front of the cupboard.

After a few minutes you should find that the water starts to

defrost. You should not leave heated appliances unattended

whilst doing this.

You might find that the condensate pipe on your boiler has

frozen - the pipe from your boiler which leads to an outside

drain. Try these ways to thaw the frozen pipe:

• Use hot water (not boiling) and pour it over the end of the pipe

where it’s frozen, using a suitable container like a watering can.

• Hold a hot water bottle or heat wrap around the pipe.

• Once the pipe has thawed you should reset your boiler.

Hold the re-set button for 10 seconds and wait for it to re-fire.

If your toilet or sink is not draining, it probably isn’t a blockage

that can be fixed by a plumber. Before reporting this as a

repair, pour some hot water down as this may defrost the

frozen water in the pipes.


Leave your heating on a low setting during the night

to stop pipes freezing.



There’s lots of help and advice online, and we have created some

‘How To’ video guides to help with the more common repairs problems.

Follow the simple video guides at


Simple repairs you can do yourself

See how to:

• Realign a kitchen unit door

• Turn off a stop tap

• Bleed a radiator

• Change a plug fuse

• Reset a trip switch

• Unblock a gully

• Unblock a toilet

• Unblock a sink

• Change a kitchen light

• Change a bathroom light

Keep your home gas-safe and

you could win £100

It’s a legal requirement that you let us carry out a gas safety check at your home.

By making sure that your gas appliances are working properly, it will keep you,

your family and your neighbours safe. You could also save money on your gas bill

as your appliances will work better.

You will be sent an appointment for your gas safety check which you can rearrange if it’s not suitable.

If you let us in first time, you’ll be entered into our

monthly prize draw where one lucky customer will win £100.*

On the day of the appointment you must make sure:

• If you have a card meter there is credit on it

• Your appliance(s) and gas meter can be reached easily

• You have the manufacturer’s instructions available for

any of your own gas appliances e.g. gas fire, cooker

For full details of this promotion please visit

*Terms and conditions apply.



Would you like to find

your perfect job?

You can get free help at our weekly Work Shop drop-in sessions in Hulme, Gorton and Fallowfield.

Come along to our Work Shop sessions to:

• Create a CV and covering letter

• Improve your job search skills

• Complete application forms

• Understand how to use Universal Job Match

• Save your CV on a free USB stick

• Use computers, the printer and phone

• Find training, placement and volunteering opportunities

• Find out about ‘meet the employer’ events

One Manchester Gorton office

Unit 1 (side of Tesco), Hyde Road, Gorton, M18 8LD

Monday, Tuesday & Friday, 9.15am - 4pm

Aquarius Centre

21 Eden Close, Hulme, M15 6AX

Wednesday, 9.15am - 4pm

The Place at Platt Lane

Fallowfield, M14 7FB

Tuesday & Wednesday, 9.15am - 4pm

Need help with basic computer skills?

Come along to our free, friendly

classes. No appointment needed.

The Place at Platt Lane, Fallowfield, M14 7FB

Tuesday, 9.30am - 12.30pm

There’s a new

employment & skills centre

coming to Moss Side

We’re excited to announce that we will be taking over the

centre known as The Works in Moss Side early in the new

year. The venue will be refurbished and renamed The Work

Shop. It will offer advice on finding a job, skills training and

help with CVs. There will also be money advice available to

help with debts, benefits and opening an account.

If you’re looking for help with employment or

money, you can speak to a friendly adviser

on 0330 355 1002 or email




One of these Level 2 qualifications

could be just what you need

You could be on your way to finding your perfect job by enrolling on

one of the free training courses available to One Manchester residents.

There are lots of subjects available and places are limited. The Level 2 qualifications are recognised

by employers across the country, so don’t miss this opportunity! Level 2 Certificates available include:

• Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties

• Understanding Excellence in Customer Service for Hospitality

• Improving Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition

• Understanding Children & Young People’s Mental Health

• Understanding Safeguarding & Prevent

• Understanding Behaviour that Challenges

• Understanding Autism

• Lean Organisational Management

• Customer Service for Health & Social Care Settings

• Information, Advice or Guidance

• Business Administration

• Warehousing and Storage

• Safe Handling of Medicines

• Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care

• Extended Certificate in Health & Social Care Professions

• Common Health Conditions

• Awareness of Mental Health Problems

For further information call the One Future team today on

0330 355 1002 or email

• Management of Diabetes

• Caring for Children and Young People

• Dignity and Safeguarding

• Falls Prevention Awareness

• Nutrition and Health

• Equality and Diversity

• End of Life Care

• Care Planning

• Dementia Care

• Learning Disabilities

• Cleaning Principles

• Infection Control

• Retail Operations

• Team Leading

• Customer Service

• Wine Services

We also offer

free training in

Maths and English

- contact us for


Have you ever tried a work placement?

They are a great way of getting essential

experience of a job with a local employer.

There are different types of placements we can

support you with such as:

• Admin

• Hospitality

• Health & Social Care

• Finance

• IT

Work placements can benefit you in lots of ways:

• Boost your skills and confidence

• On-the-job training

• Experience the workplace

• Improve your job prospects

• Get a reference and certificate

• Support to help you find work

• Links with local employers

• Construction

• Facilities

• Customer Service

• Project Assistant

• Warehouse and many more

If you’re interested, call Bree Adshead on 0330 355 1002

or email



Giving a voice to older residents

Making Manchester a great place to grow old is one of the city’s priorities. Valuing Older People

is a project made up of organisations, groups and individuals across the city - including us!

The project from Age-Friendly Manchester has now

caught the attention of the Government. We spoke to two

residents from our independent living schemes who have

been lucky enough to be invited to Westminster to share

their experiences.

Eddie Dukhie of Will Griffiths Court, and Paul Ryan who

lives at Patrick Roddy Court, first went to London in

October along with Independent Living Adviser, Tracy.

They discussed their life experiences, the current housing

market and money concerns for older people in the

country. The event also heard from younger people in the

country to understand the issues they face.

“It was really good to have this as a sounding board”, Paul

says. “Politicians don’t live in the real world so it’s important

we tell them how things really are for people our age.”

Eddie explained the message that they were able to deliver

during their time in London;

“We gave our input as to what we, as pensioners, are

feeling regarding the recent government cuts. There are

not enough resources for older people now which puts

a strain on ambulance services and the NHS, and the

resources for independent living are too stretched.”

Eddie and Paul will now find out what other people

in their communities think about these issues,

and will get to return to London to tell ministers.

Could you be a trustee

for The Place at Platt Lane?

Can you provide your business experience

for a much-loved community asset?

The Place at Platt Lane in Fallowfield is looking for trustees to

help with its development. The centre offers opportunities

to support learning, employment and wellbeing, as well as a

library service. The current Board are looking to build on this

and make The Place at Platt Lane sustainable.

If you can help

in the following areas,

The Place would love to hear from you:

• Business planning

• Networking and influencing

• Social media and marketing

• Legal and accounting

• Bid writing and fund procurement

• Fundraising

• Community engagement

To find out more about this fantastic opportunity and make a difference to the local community,

contact Rob Willis on 07875 009616 or email



Want to make your business idea

work better like Marlous?


Hulme resident Marlous had been running her own business as a proofreader for several years.

Her career meant she could work when and where she needed to, and she enjoyed the flexibility.

However, once she had children, Marlous found that it was much

more difficult to find the time to work. She wasn’t enjoying her job

anymore and wasn’t making enough money for her family.

Thankfully, her friend had attended the Women in Business

workshops and told her how useful she found them.

“I’d begun to feel as though I’d painted myself into a corner with my

freelancing, and that’s why I joined up with the Women in Business.

I’d seen the leaflets, and a friend of mine had previously done the

course. She was really enthusiastic about it and I thought ‘if they

can do it, why can’t I?’

“Everybody in the group struggled with the same things and so my

concerns quickly felt very normal. It was a comfortable environment

to ask questions because everyone was thinking the same way.”

Now, thanks to the course, Marlous’ editing and proofreading

business has created better opportunities for her.

“I think the most important part was sitting there with the other

women and having one day a week where I could take time for

myself. I actually began to think about myself as a business person.

The course gave me the confidence, the space and awareness to

do that.”

And her advice for anybody looking at making the most of their

business idea?

“I’d say to anybody who’s starting out with a new business to take

one day a week, sit down and make a plan. This course has shown

me that it really helps.”

If you have a business idea and would like some

advice or to attend a workshop for free, contact

Wayne Wilson on 07471 142875 or email


Activity Where Area Day Time Age

Arts & Crafts The Place at Platt Lane Fallowfield Monday 3.30 - 4.30pm 3 to 11

Water Polo East Manchester Leisure Centre Beswick Monday 6 - 7pm 7 to 1 1

Arts & Crafts Wells Centre, 101 North Road Clayton Tuesday 3.30 - 5.30pm 3 to 11

Homework Club The Place at Platt Lane Fallowfield Tuesday 4 - 5.30pm 7 to 11

Homework Club Aquarius Centre Hulme Tuesday 4 - 5.30pm 7 to 11

Boxing The Scout Hut, Seymour Road Clayton Tuesday 6 - 8pm 11 to 19

Pre-School Story Time The Place at Platt Lane Fallowfield Thursday 10 - 11am Under 5

Lego Club The Place at Platt Lane Fallowfield Saturday 1 - 2.30pm 6 to 11

If you would like to find out more about these activities or other youth projects,

you can contact Michelle on 07940 758168.



Struggling to get a bank account?

Saving and borrowing money the responsible way is easy with credit unions. They offer savings

accounts to people who might not have the option with banks. If you need some help with saving

and borrowing money responsibly, Manchester Credit Union or South Manchester Credit Union

might be able to help you.

Manchester Credit Union

You can take control of your savings online and on your mobile.

Save money:

• By setting up a standing order

• Directly from your wages

• With your membership card at any Paypoint or Post Office

• Directly from one of your benefits such as Child Benefit or Tax Credits

Do you need help?

If you need help getting a bank account or advice

on how to save, our One Money team can help.

This account comes with free life savings insurance, and if a member

dies, savings are doubled* and will be paid to a nominated beneficiary.

Savers will also be able to apply for an affordable loan.

*up to a maximum of £5,000 - conditions apply

Join online now to start saving with the ethical choice


South Manchester Credit Union

South Manchester’s Credit Union’s secure messaging app, Nivo,

can make getting a loan quicker and easier. It works like any other

messaging service, but with a high level of encryption - keeping

your information safe. Withdrawals are limited to one per month,

making your savings harder to spend and easier to build.

The team are not financial advisers so will not

recommend a particular account or provider.

What they will do is provide information on the

range of accounts from all banks and building

societies for you to make your own choice.

Call the One Money team on 0330 355 1002

or email

The Christmas Club is a great way to save, and last year their 230

members saved an impressive total of £71,405!

If you need a loan, this responsible community lender treats each

person’s needs individually to find the right repayments for you.

Find out more at

The Government offers a

Help to Save savings account

Our handy Spending Diary and

Budget Buster Guide is great for

keeping on top of your money.

Download it from our website

or contact us for a printed copy.

It allows certain people entitled to Working Tax Credit or receiving

Universal Credit to get a bonus of 50p for every £1 they save over

four years. You get bonuses at the end of the second and fourth

years based on how much you’ve saved. You can save up to £50

each calendar month, but you don’t have to.


Are you ready for

the challenge?




You can pay money into your Help to Save account by debit card,

standing order or bank transfer. You can only withdraw money

from your Help to Save account to your bank account.







After four years, your Help to Save account will be closed

and you’ll be able to keep the money from your account.



Your Spending Diary

& Budget Buster

It’s time to take control of your finances.

youth home life money place future


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Why not try the



Have you heard about the 52-week savings

challenge? It’s a great idea based on saving an

increasing amount of money each week.

So, in week one save £1, in week two save £2, in week 3 save £3,

until week 52 when you will save £52.

Or, if that seems like a stretch, saving a lower amount like 1p a day

is a good place to start.

You‘ll find a chart to print and tick off as you start saving at

Save today

for your child’s future

Savings accounts for children are a great way to help them for their

future. Many savings accounts can be opened from birth and have

interest rates up to 4.5%. You can compare the accounts available

to help you choose the right account for your child or grandchild.

Encourage kids

to start saving

Why not get your child

involved? You could set

small goals to get them

started and explain the

benefits of saving money.

You might want to choose

the account together if you

feel your child is ready for

this responsibility.

Your savings pledge

Think of one luxury that you spend

your money on each week

(takeaway, magazines, coffee etc.)

How much does this cost you each week?

£ .......................

Now add that up for the year:

£ .............. x 52 = £ ..............

This is how much you could save!

Now think of something that you could

do with this money and write it here:

Find out more at


This is your pledge to yourself

Good luck!



Save money,

save the environment

Did you realise that saving the environment can also save you money too?

Here are five easy ways that you can make a difference to your spending and the planet.


Remember the 3 Rs

It costs around £160 a year per

household to collect and dispose of rubbish,

compared to around £28.50 a year for

recycling in the blue, brown and green bins.

Recycling saves money

which can be spent on improving things

in your area such as parks and roads.


Do you often buy items without thinking about what

happens when you have finished using them?

Why not look at

to learn more.


Upcycling or shopping at second-hand or charity shops

can find you some fantastic bargains. Or how about

starting a ‘swap shop’ with your family and friends?

The Love Your Clothes website has lots of clever and

creative ways of doing this. Get some ideas from

DON’T FORGET to re-use bags and

containers for food shopping and cooking


It’s really easy to recycle and reduce the amount of waste

on our planet. Remember, if you put the wrong items in

your recycling bins, then they may not be collected.

You’ll find more useful links on our website at



Give your home an

2 energy check 4

Are you on the best deal? The energy industry regulator,

Ofgem, say switching could save you around £300 a year!

Switching your gas or electricity supplier is very easy, simply

visit uSwitch’s website

We also have loads of handy energy-saving guides on our

website. Visit


Give more thought to

your food

There’s lots you can do to use leftover food and save

on your food shopping bill. To get some great tips visit

If you’re struggling to afford to buy food for yourself

or your family, your local Community Grocer can help

with discounted items. Find out where your nearest

Community Grocer is on page 4.

DON’T FORGET to look out for ‘green’ energy

tariffs which use renewable energies such as

solar panels and wind turbines.


Ask for a FREE

smart meter

A smart energy meter is free and gives you accurate bills,

as well as showing how much energy and money you are

using in your home. Smart meters are going to be offered to

all households across the UK by 2020. Ask your energy

supplier if they can fit a smart meter in your home.


The average

UK household

wastes £470

worth of food

every year!

Make changes to

travel habits

In our last issue we featured lots of ways to cut costs with

travel around the city with schemes from Travel for Greater

Manchester (TfGM). Find out more about these schemes

at or read the story on our website.

Are you wasting money?

Here are some things to think about

• If you leave your electric items on standby you’re spending

money unnecessarily.

• The recommended healthy room temperature is between

18 - 21 degrees. Anything higher or lower than this might

be risking your health and could lead to damp and mould

in your home. Try turning down your heating by 1 degree at

a time as this will save you money on your bills.

• Installing LED lightbulbs into your lamps will use 90% less

energy than other bulbs.

• You might be eligible for free draft-proofing and energy

advice in your home with LEAP. See page 18.



Struggling to pay your water bill?

United Utilities can help

Finding the money to pay all of your bills can be difficult. Thankfully, United Utilities have

payment plans that can help you during hard times.

The trained team at United Utilities work with local people

to get them back on track with their water bills, and they can

help you too. Here are some of the payment plans that

United Utilities can offer to you:

• Back on track

If you’re behind with your water bill payments and on

benefits, they can provide an affordable bill depending on

your circumstances.

• Help to pay

If you receive Pension Credit and are struggling to make

payments, you can apply to have your bills capped at an

affordable amount.

• Payment matching plus

If you’ve built up a lot of debt, for every £1 you pay they will

match it with £1. After six months, for every £1 you pay they’ll

pay £2. If you continue to make regular payments for two

years, they will clear any remaining debt.

To get help with your bills, call United Utilities on

0800 072 6765 or visit

• Restart grant

If you’re in real financial difficulty, you may qualify for a one-off

payment from their Trust Fund to help clear your debts.

• Water Sure

If you have a water meter, receive benefits or use a lot of

water due to ill health or having a large family, they can cap

your yearly bill.

• Universal Credit (UC)

If you’re about to apply for Universal Credit and are worried

about your water bill, they can delay your water bill payments

for up to eight weeks until your first UC payment arrives.

• Payment break

If you’re struggling with your bill due to losing your job or

paying out for an unexpected household emergency, their

Payment Break scheme can help

by delaying your payments for

an agreed length of time.

Don’t forget!

A water meter is one

of the easiest ways to

reduce your water bill

and United Utilities

will fit one for


Free energy & money-saving advice

Are your home’s energy bills higher than you’d like? There’s a free service

that could help called LEAP (Local Energy Advice Partnership), who have

helped lots of households save money and keep their homes warm.

If eligible, you will get a free home visit from a friendly, qualified LEAP energy adviser who can:

Help check if you are on the cheapest energy tariffs

this could save you over £280 a year.

Install free, simple, energy-saving measures

which can save the average household £30 on their energy bills a year.

Give you day-to-day energy efficiency hints and tips

to make sure your heating system is set-up to keep you warm and save money.

Arrange a free telephone advice service

to help with benefits, debt and other money problems.

You may be eligible for the LEAP service if one of the below apply. If you:

• have a low income • receive tax credits • receive Housing Benefit • receive Universal Credit

• receive an income or disability related benefit • have a long term illness or disability.

To book your

free home visit, call

0800 060 7567

or apply online at

If you’re a One Manchester

tenant, please state this.




The latest on our

new homes

We have lots of new build developments coming up over the next few

months and we wanted you to be the first to see what is going on.

Atlas Place, Levenshulme

This development has recently launched, and many

have already been snapped up. There are 2-bedroom

apartments, as well as 3- and 4-bedroom houses

available with Shared Ownership and Rent to Buy.

If you are interested in living here, you will need to

be quick.

Stoney Gate, Openshaw

These 3-bedroom houses will save you money on

your energy bills as they are all built to the low-energy

Passivhaus Standard. Plus, all of the homes are available

with Rent to Buy, so you can save on both your rent and

bills too, making saving for a deposit even easier.

South Gate, Openshaw

Overlooking Openshaw Park, there will be bungalows

available for Affordable Rent and 2 and 3-bedroom

houses for Shared Ownership. This development will be

a brilliant place to live for families and older people alike.

Stoney Gate


Spring Place

Whalley Range

Atlas Place


Spring Place, Whalley Range

These 1- and 2-bedroom apartments are in a beautiful

converted building next to Alexandra Park. These

homes are available with Rent to Buy and will be

ready from January. They are sure to be very popular,

so don’t miss out!

The developments listed are available with Rent to Buy

(you rent at 80% of normal levels so you can save for a

deposit) or Shared Ownership (you buy a percentage

of the home and pay a low rent on the rest).

These two schemes are fantastic ways to buy your own

home and are more affordable than you think.

For more information

take a look at the

‘Find a home’

section of our website and

don’t forget to register

your interest.


We will be spending


from funding to

build new homes






debts dealt






Changing lives


awarded by our




in our places

To date

we’ve achieved savings of


We want to save a further

£1.047m by 2020/21





spent on property


Take a look at where money has been

invested for the benefit of our communities

and the people who make them.

The full Value for Money report is online at

Equality & Diversity Report

As a member of the Housing Diversity Network, One Manchester recognises the importance of equality and diversity to its staff,

Board, customers and stakeholders. Staff will take part in equality and diversity training and changes will be made to some ways of

working. As part of this plan we are committed to sharing information on the diversity of One Manchester’s customers, employees

and Board members.

Age Customer Profile % Staff Profile % Board Profile %

16-24 1.99 5.54 -

25-34 14.43 17.88 6.25

35-44 20.27 24.18 18.75

45-54 24.25 33.25 25

55-64 18.14 18.14 37.5

65+ 20.70 1.01 12.5

Unknown 0.22 - -

Gender Customer Profile % Staff Profile % Board Profile %

Male 44.68 62.72 62.5

Female 55.16 37.28 37.5

Transgender 0.16 - -

Disability Customer Profile % Staff Profile % Board Profile %

Yes 47.4 9.07 18.75

No 49.15 85.64 81.25

Not disclosed 3.45 5.29 -

Ethnicity Customer Profile % Staff Profile % Board Profile %

White British 50.71 76.31 75

White other 5.97 3.49 18.75

Asian/Asian British 9.62 1.75 6.25

Black/Black British 25.24 8.48 -

Mixed/Multiple Ethnic Groups 5.76 3.74 -

Other 1.91 0.25 -

Prefer not to say 0.79 5.98 -

Religion/Belief Customer Profile % Staff Profile % Board Profile %

Christian 51.47 49.37 31.25

Muslim 16.99 1.76 6.25

Jewish 0.19 0.75 -

Buddhist 0.50 0.50 -

Hindu 0.13 0.25 -

Sikh 0.22 0.25 -

Jehovah’s Witness - 0.25 -

Other 4.56 4.03 -

None 23.15 36.53 43.75

Not disclosed 2.79 - 18.75

Prefer not to say - 6.31 -

Sexual Orientation Customer Profile % Staff Profile % Board Profile %

Heterosexual/Straight - 91.18 75

Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual - 3.53 6.25

Not disclosed - - 18.75

Other - 0.25 -

Prefer not to say - 5.04 -


Providing support and finding opportunities

We awarded


across 26 projects

by our

Community Fund

To help support members of the public who

pitched for funding for a project that will make

a big difference in their local community.

In addition we supported

180 people into jobs 90 people into volunteering



into work




with skills and



Catalyst Fund set-up to

support growing local businesses

£40,000 in funding

awarded to 10 businesses

of between £500 and £5,000

We worked with over 200 residents from our multi-storey blocks through the On Top of the World project.

They learnt new skills which resulted in their performance of ‘Can You Hear Me from Up Here?’ which has given a voice

to residents following the Grenfell tragedy.

Place Plans have been developed to provide sustainable communities within each of our 12 areas

We know that each neighbourhood is different with the opportunities and facilities available. The plans look at where investment is

needed and how we will work with partner agencies to bring improvements to the local community. Local people who live and work

in each place area were consulted on the plans.

GM Homes Partnership

Leading on the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Social

Impact Bond which is aiming to provide accommodation to hundreds

of Manchester’s entrenched rough sleepers.

At the end of March there had been 227 referrals and 27 people had

moved into accommodation. The project aims to deliver systematic

change for people living on the street.

Managing debts and benefit claims

Total benefit gains


including £17,129

charity awards for 28 people

plus £170,197

in Personal Independence

Payments for 36 people

Total debt dealt with


including 16 debts written

off totaling £27,000

£153K written off from 14

debt relief orders completed

£124,497 rent arrears

£139,818 utility debts

£158,308 Council Tax arrears

Leaseholder debt fell by 243,000 this year

110 tenants have taken out home insurance through our arrangement with Royal and Sun Alliance



Servicing you and your home

On repairs we spent

£8.1 million

£4.9m was spent

on property improvements

including roofing programmes,

boiler replacements, car park

lighting and asbestos removal

We improved our

online services

Online services have been

improved so customers can pay

their rent online, book repairs

and update personal details.

Web chat and easy speech,

reading and translation tools

are now also available on our

updated website.


per property

for major repairs increased to


from £393 the

previous year

This is due to the recladding work

on our multi-storey blocks.

Maintenance cost

per property


down by £20

from previous



Our 3-year action

plan has a budget of

£8.2 million

to increase sustainability and help our

customers save energy.

We brought more repairs

in-house using our own teams saving


on subcontractors

Investing in affordable housing / growth programme

We continue

to work towards our goal of building over

1,000 new homes

by 2021 supported by the

£22.8m grant

from Homes England (HCA)

We completed

115 homes

by March 2018 and a further

412 were in contract

We aim to meet a variety of needs

by offering various tenure types: social rent; market rent;

affordable rent; shared ownership; and rent to buy

Another 187 new homes have been approved bringing the total to 714 new homes


Your quick guide to how well we did

during the financial year April 2017 to March 2018

Below are the top 9 performance indicators selected as the most important by members of

our Scrutiny Panel, a group of customers and members of the wider community whose role

is to challenge us to be the best we can and to help us to continuously improve.

Amount of rent we have collected

This includes payments made for rents as well as arrears, which

is why the result can sometimes be higher than 100%.

TARGET 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18

100.5% 99.7% 100.1% 100.4%

% of homes available to new tenants

A similar number of properties became vacant this year resulting

in 529 lets to new tenants compared to 518 in 2016-17.

TARGET 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18

5% N/A 4.20% 4.45%

Average number of bids for each property

advertised on Manchester Move

Demand for our properties continues to increase and reflects the

need for more housing in the city.

TARGET 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18

90 N/A 135 179

Time to re-let properties once tenancy has ended

It took us a little longer to get our properties ready to relet during

this period due in part to the number of major works and internal

refurbishments that were needed.

TARGET 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18

17days N/A 20.4 days 20.2 days

Calls answered within 20 seconds

Although targets were not all met, performance in the contact

centre has improved because of better rota planning, increased

resources and the introduction of new technology.

TARGET 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18

80% 67.3% 59.8% 66.5%

Number of formal stage 1 complaints received

The number of complaints received matches the equivalent point

last year. Each case is taken seriously and used to help us improve

our services.

TARGET 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18

No Target 37 39 37

Emergency repairs completed within 24 hours

Targets were missed narrowly for completing repairs within target

timescales. However, a steady improvement during the year has

seen performance increase.

TARGET 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18

100% N/A 93.95% 96.04%

Properties with a valid Gas Safety Certificate

All but five of our 10,884 properties had a valid gas safety certificate

at year end. Issues with gaining access to properties prevented us

from achieving the 100% target.

TARGET 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18

100% N/A 99.99% 99.95%

Properties sold through Right to Buy or Acquire

We have sold a similar number of properties to the same point last

year and aim to build 1,000 new properties by 2021 - double the

original target.

TARGET 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18

No Target 106 113 106

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