Medway & Millis February 2019


Medway & Millis February 2019








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Vol. 10 No. 2 Free to Every Home and Business Every Month February 2019

The Voice of Your Community

Medway Community Book

Read Looks at Impact of

Technology on Wellness

By J.D. O’Gara

Medway T.H.R.I.V.E.

(Tools: Health, Resiliency, Inclusiveness,

Vitality, Empowerment)

has come up with a new

way to address and promote

wellness not only among parents,

but among all community


“Up until this point,

what our group was

really focused

on was applied

through events or

speakers and presentations.


done films and that

sort of thing,” says

Ryan Sherman, Medway

Schools’ Health and Wellness

Director, but the T.H.R.I.V.E.

committee wanted to engage

those parents and others who

prefer not to necessarily participate

in live events.

The result? A community

book read. Members of the

Medway and surrounding

communities are encouraged

to read the first four chapters

and conclusion of IGen:

Why Today’s Super-Connected

Kids are Growing Up Less Rebellious,

More Tolerant, Less Happy

– and Completely Unprepared

for Adulthood,

by Jean M.

Twenge, Ph.D.,

sometime from

February 1st to

March 31st. At

the time of Local

Town Pages’ deadline,

two facilitated

community in April were


• April 2, 2019 at TC Scoops

6:30 start

• April 3, 2019 at Medway

Public Library at 6:30

As parents and educators,

we see large shifts in the rise

of adolescent anxiety and depression.

Screen time and rise

of social media have left kids


continued on page 4

Millis Fund to Launch

Annual Fund Drive

By J.D. O’Gara

What does it mean to help

your neighbor?

Organizers of the Millis Fund

know it as being there to help your

neighbors in their time of need.

In fact, that’s just why the Millis

Fund was created. The small nonprofit

has helped over 400 families

out of critical financial crises, due

to such issues as illness, accidents,

and family issues, since it was

begun 25 years ago, says Brooks

Corl, who is entering his 19th year

as treasurer for the organization.

Established in 1994, the Millis

Fund was created by volunteers

from four houses of worship in

Millis –St. Thomas the Apostle

Parish, Ael Chunon Congregation,

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

(which is now closed) and the

Church of Christ, Congregational.

The fund is supported through

private donations to provide

emergency financial aid to Millis

residents, for such items as rent,

utilities, medical costs, fuel, clothing

and other emergency needs.

“The Millis Fund helps Millis

families with financial emergencies

- usually arising from

something unexpected and shortterm,”

says Corl.” It’s everything;

it’s rent, it’s medical, it’s utilities –

when utilities become futilities.”

Corl adds that many events can

contribute to a sudden emergency


“It’s not hard for an illness,

an accident, or some other sort

of financial emergency or family

problem, things that are generally

very much unforeseeable, to tip

the scales,” he says.

Corl points out that some

founding principles of the Millis

Fund are complete confidentiality

for the family needing help,

that the fund pays the creditor

owed, that it does not help any

family more than once per year,

(and rarely would it support any

one family more than three times


continued on page 3

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Page 2 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages February 2019

Saturday Morning Children’s

Music Series Launches in Millis

Elijah T. Grasshopper & Friends to Greet

Friends Aged 2-7 at Jasper Hill each Week

Hoppin’, dancin’, singin’ fun

will take place every Saturday

morning at Jasper Hill Restaurant

& Live Music Venue in Millis.

Like a Saturday morning live

kids’ TV show, Elijah T. Grasshopper

& Friends will mix super

cool, interactive kids’ music with

special guests, Emma the Go-Go

Green Bean, The Orange

Farmer and their puppet pals,

Willa the Worm and Weatherbee

Frog. Recommended for ages


A special brunch menu is

available that includes children’s

favorites. Seating starts at 10

a.m., Show time is 10:30 a.m.

Admission is $8 for parents, $6

for kids. Reservations recommended.

For more information on the

band, visit

For more information on Jasper

Hill Restaurant, at 270 Exchange

Street (Route 115), Millis,


Medway Community Education

Winter Programs

The winter months inspire us

to keep busy and active to ensure

our minds remain stimulated

and renewed. We have an array

of exciting programs for all ages

to make this happen. Youth can

enjoy swim lessons, first aid &

home alone safety, and a February

vacation sports program. Join

our adult programs for fitness, an

evening out, business or technology.

We have several new offerings

this winter that include step

aerobics, cardio boxing, marbled

note cards, floral design and an

organizational skills program.

Don’t forget to sign up to see

School of Rock in Providence,

a play to enjoy with the whole

family. Our programs are open

to residents from all surrounding

communities at no additional

charge. We offer a 15% discount

to senior citizens and active military

families for our classes. To

register or get more information,

please visit

or contact our office at (508) 533-

3222 option 4.

Our Ad & Editorial Deadline is the 15th of each month,

for the following month’s issue.

Listen to the big game from Atlanta on My FM 101.3




Local Live & Lovin It

My FM in the Morning 6AM to 9AM

February 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 3

New Tuition-Free Full-Day

Kindergarten Program a

Success at Medway Schools

Superintendent Armand

Pires is pleased to announce

that the Medway Public School

District’s newly implemented

tuition-free full-day kindergarten

program has been a success

so far this school year.

Prior to offering full-day kindergarten

tuition-free - which

began in the fall - parents who

wanted their children to attend

classes for the full-day had to

pay a tuition of $2,500. Halfday

kindergarten was offered at

no cost under the old system.

All students now attend the

full-day program and the halfday

program has been dissolved.

There are currently 147 students

enrolled in kindergarten this

school year.

“We wanted to remove that

barrier to make sure that all students

receive the same education

and class time as their peers,”

Superintendent Pires said. “Historically,

we’ve had about 85 percent

of the students enrolled in

the full-day K program. Meaning

that all but a small amount

of parents were electing to pay

to have their child in kindergarten

for the whole day. We believe

that all students should have

the ability to attend the full-day

program while taking away the

financial burden from parents.”

In March last year, the Medway

Board of Selectmen approved

allocating an additional

$500,000 into the school district’s

budget to pay for the cost

of offering tuition-free kindergarten.

The funds were made

available by an increase in the

Exelon power plant’s paymentin-lieu-of-taxes

(PILOT) agreement

with the town.

Superintendent Pires said that

the new program is here to stay

and the cost will be built into the

district’s operating budget in future


“We’ve gotten tremendous

feedback from parents and

teachers who are happy about

the change in the program,”

Superintendent Pires said. “For

the district, this was about more

than just dollars and cents. This

was about building equity in our

education system. We as educators

truly want all of our students

to be on even footing with their

classmates from the get go. Now,

all of our kindergartners are

starting in the same place and

learning at the same pace.”

A portion of the $500,000

added to the district budget went

toward ensuring that staffing and

material levels were adequate to

meet the needs of all kindergarten

students throughout the day.

Church of Christ to Hold

Free Community Dinner and

Game Night

The Church of Christ at 142

Exchange St., Millis will offer a

Free Community Dinner and

Game Night on Friday, February

8. Dinner is served at 6:30

p.m. Following the dinner, we

will have a fun night playing

board games and sharing conversation

and fellowship. All are

invited—there will be games for

all ages. Feel free to bring family,

friends and a favorite game! The

event is sponsored by the Men’s

Fellowship group and is held in

Fellowship Hall at the church.

For more information, please call

376-5034 or visit the website at


continued from page 1

overall,) and that The Millis

Fund is designed to relieve temporary

financial emergencies

only, not chronic needs.

The nine members of the

Board of Directors meet about

four or five times a year to plan

the fund drive, create the materials

and review the applications.

The annual mailing is

also donated, so just about all of

the funds donated to The Millis

Fund benefit Millis residents.

Board members take care to personally

contact each applicant.

”The average need has continued

to rise a bit year to year.

Living in general has gotten

more expensive, even for a small

town like Millis,” says Corl.

This month, the Millis Fund

holds its annual drive throughout

Millis, traditionally centering


family owned and operated for 45 years

around the NFL’s Super Bowl

Sunday – this year on February

3rd. Contributions are welcomed

at any time, however.

(Originally, a soup bowl was literally

passed through places of

worship to gather contributions

for the fund.)

Millis residents can apply for

assistance with a simple, onepage

application, up to once

a year. These are available at

the Millis Senior Center or the

Church of Christ (Congregational)

at 142 Exchange St., says

Corl, neither of which is affiliated

with the organization.

If you would like to help your

fellow residents in need, you can

send your donation to:

The Millis Fund, 142 Exchange

Street, Millis, MA 02054.

The fund is a 501 (c3) organization

and will provide a letter

of thanks, which could serve as

a receipt.

Marine Corps League

“Once a Marine, Always a Marine”

Norfolk County Detachment

Meetings held 3rd Tuesday of each month (except July and August)

7PM Norwood V.F.W., 193 Dean Street, Norwood, MA 02062

For Membership Info contact Bill Maguire



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Page 4 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages February 2019


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Local Business Partners for

Medway T.H.R.I.V.E. Community Read

You can borrow a copy of IGen: Why Today’s Super-Connected

Kids are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy –

and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood, by Jean M. Twenge,

Ph.D at the following locations in Medway.*

T.C. Scoops

104 Main St., Medway

Muffin House Café

116 Main St., #1, Medway


67A Main St., Unit 10, Medway

Tumble Beans

114d Main St., Medway

feeling anxious or isolated in a

way that no other generation

has been exposed to,” says Sherman,

who points to the fact that

Medway has seen a rise in adolescent

mental health concerns

over the last ten years, including

a 48% increase in high school

students who felt “very” stressed

over the past 30 days. This rise in

student stress has correlated with

a steady increase in the percentage

of Medway middle and high

school students who spend three

or more hours online during an

average school day. Despite this

increase in childhood mental

health concerns a lack of understanding

regarding the connection

between screen time and

adolescent mental health issues

still exists as 63% of parents of

Medway High School students

do not have household rules

around social media use.

The book discussions will be

facilitated by parent volunteers.

Kirsten DeSorbo, a parent in

Medway, is one of those volunteers.

“I feel so lucky to live in a

community that is addressing

these issues of parenting, how to

connect more with your children

how to really be a better parent.

For me personally, I’m always

striving to be good at this job of

parenting - I’m constantly learning

and questioning myself am I

doing right by my children,” says

DeSorbo, who is listening to the

book on Audible right now. “I

have heard of the concern that

all of this technology is having

an effect on the way our children

operate in this world. You walk

into any restaurant now and they

have 20 TV’s gong. How do we

work well in this framework of

constantly digitized culture?”

The book chosen addresses

this very topic.

IGen, says Sherman, “puts a

frame around the kind of issues

we’re dealing with in ways many

of us haven’t thought of. When

you look at generations, Baby

Boomers, Gen X, Millennials –

there’s a sub-category of millennials

people born from 1994 on

(the author) labels ‘IGen.’

Basically, they’ve lived their

whole lives with Internet access,

grew up with cell phones more

than any other generation. She

looked at how this has affected

this sub generation, how they interact

socially, their mental health

and how technology has affected

both of those things.”

Ryan says the book is backed

up with data and shows how

some teen issues, such as drinking

and teen pregnancy, have

gone down.

“(The author) does a good

job illustrating how these kinds

of shifts not only relate to technology,

but things that have happened

in this generation, 9/11

and a shift in parenting that led

them to grow up much slower

and more protected. They’re

staying home more, not learning

to drive as early, are more likely

to stay home and watch Netflix

with their parents than interact

socially. We have much more

fears for our children than our

parents did for us,” says Sherman.

Sherman says the T.H.R.I.V.E.

committee hopes the community

book read might encourage “informal

discussions while you’re

standing at the sidelines of that

basketball or soccer game, or

outside your child’s musical. ‘Hey,

did you read this book?’ Maybe

discussion could take place outside

the event,” he says.

Medway Public Library

26 High St., Medway

*These locations were

confirmed at Local Town

Pages’ deadline. Check the

Medway T.H.R.I.V.E. Facebook

page for additional participating


Books will be available to borrow

at various locations around


“We have several businesses

in Medway that have agreed to

let us put up a description of the

book read and have the book at

their businesses,” says Sherman.

The books were purchased with

funding from a grant from the

Medway Foundation for Education.

People can borrow the

book and even highlight what

they find important for the next

readers when they bring the

book back. “Hopefully, each

copy gets read three or four

times,” says Sherman.

The event, he says, is not just

for parents and not just for Medway

residents, but for anyone interested.


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February 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 5

Are You from Millis?

Can You Help Solve a Mystery?

“In June 1993, my husband’s

grandmother went to her sister’s

burial in Millis. Sometime later I

was given a small photo album of

pictures taken at the burial and

of course, none of the pictures

were labeled …

I would like to know who the

woman is in (the first picture).

She is also in a group in (the second

picture), sitting on the right

behind and beside a younger

woman. The only woman I

know in (the second picture) is

Edna Mae (Smith) Congdon who

is sitting in the center. She grew

up in Millis, and I am hoping

that the other women are from

Millis too.”


If you have any information to help

identify the woman in the photo, please


Thank you!



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night’s performance will be

presented as a straight concert

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Saturday’s concert will feature

live commentary from our guest


The Dean College production

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Page 6 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages February 2019

Revolutionary Life-Saving School Safety Technology

Now Live In Medway Public Schools!

Medway Public School officials

along with Medway law

enforcement officials recently

started working with Bostonbased,

In Force Technology,

LLC to install their life-saving

• No Appointments Necessary

• Open 7 Days a Week


school safety technology, IN

FORCE911, in all of Medway

Public School District. IN-

FORCE911 is a desktop and

mobile application which significantly

reduces police response

Millis Residents Look to Help

Sometimes we all need a hand

-- a ride, a cooked meal, a hand in

chores, something to help get us

through those pesky bumps in the

road. Following a recent conversation

about how we might help

furloughed government workers

in our town, begun by Danielle

Simoneau Wainwright, a number

of Millis residents have begun

exploring the possibility of beginning

a Millis Neighbor Brigade.

The group held meeting’s on

January 17th and 29th and are

planning another meeting in

February. Visit the “Millis Neighbor

Brigade” page on Facebook

to learn about upcoming events

and to join in the conversation

of neighbors banding together

to help other neighbors through

a crisis.

Say hello

to highlights

time to a critical event at a school

and addresses the communication

barrier which exists during

active shooting situations.

The software application

empowers school staff with

the means to launch an alert

in 12-seconds or less from their

desktop or mobile device, rather

than minutes, with the current

911 system. The alert will be sent

directly to the dispatch center,

police cruisers and cell phones of

officers with specific information,

including the room of origin.

Additionally, it opens a two-way

chat dialogue, in real-time, allowing

staff to communicate details

of the threat to first responders.

Moreover, first responders are

provided access to Floor Plans,

IP-based camera feeds and other

emergency detailed information

to help them plan the best course

of action.

The product’s presence spans

the Commonwealth, exceeding

60 communities and maintains a

presence nationally in 13 states,

including New Hampshire and,

most notably, the New Hampshire

State Police. Several communities

in the metro-Boston

area have also signed up, including

most recently Arlington. To

date, the city of Worcester has

deployed the technology in most

of its public schools, with the

intentions of adding more next

year. IN FORCE911 has already

been featured on news outlets

such as WBZ Boston, 7 News

Boston, Fox 25 Boston, Boston

Herald Radio, ABC Portland

Maine, Delmarva Now, Western

Mass News, South Coast Today,

as well as other local news outlets

in Maine and Virginia.

With Parkland and Santa

Fe’s events earlier this year and

22 school shootings so far, this


Tree Service





1060 Pulaski Blvd., Bellingham, MA 02019

one-of-a-kind technology works

to significantly aid in the school

shooting epidemic this country is

increasingly experiencing. There

is a need to be preemptive and

proactive in our approach to

school safety.

“We recognize the need to

reduce police response time to

mitigate the loss of lives during a

crisis. We also know that increasing

communication between

those experiencing the threat and

law enforcement can dramatically

shorten the duration of the

attack”, said In Force Technology

President & CEO, Brandon


Through implementing this

school safety software in their

public school district and police

department, the Town of Medway

hopes to empower its school

faculty and students while working

to save lives during an act of

violence. After all, time equals

lives, and every second counts

during an emergency situation.








MEDWAY COMMONS 508-533-6800

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February 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 7

Theatre Group of

Millis to Present Free

Play at Millis Public


64 Tri-County Students Receive

John and Abigail Adams


Sixty-four seniors at Tri-

County Regional Vocational

Technical High School qualified

to receive the John and Abigail

Adams Scholarship for their performance

on the Massachusetts

Comprehensive Assessment System


The John and Abigail Adams

Scholarship provides a tuition

waiver for up to eight semesters

of undergraduate education at

a Massachusetts state college or


The students were recognized

on Monday, January 7th, during

a celebratory reception in the

school’s library.

Recipients from the Class of

2019 from local towns are:


Perrin Aube, Michael Barba,

Emily Doherty, Morgan Dowd-

Allan, Rachel Gordon, Amy

Keigwin, and Antonio Mendonca


Alina Coffey, Haley Cummings,

Kyra Dolan, Avery Fiero, Steven

Linnell, Dominic Parrella, Douglas

Proctor, Katie Udell, and Alexander



Bethany Bruno, Joseph Capuzzo,

Jakob O’Gara, and Kasandra


The scholarship provides up

to eight semesters of free tuition

to full-time undergraduate students

who attend a Massachusetts

state college or university.

The scholarship covers tuition

only; fees and room and board

are not included. The scholarship

must be used within six years

of a student’s high school graduation.

To be eligible, students in the

Class of 2019 had to achieve an

Advanced score on one of the

three high school state assessment

tests in ELA, Mathematics

or STE, and score at the Proficient

level or higher on the two

remaining tests. Their combined

scores must also place them

among the top 25-percent of

students in the graduating class

within their district.

13 Things about Ed Carpolotti to Be

Presented Saturday, Feb. 23rd, 7:30 p.m.

The Theatre Group of Millis

will present their third free workshop

play, 13 Things about Ed Carpolotti,

by Barry Kleinbort, based

on a play by Jeffrey Hatcher, at

the Millis Public Library, 961

Main Street, Millis at 7:30 p.m.,

Saturday, February 23rd. Donations

are kindly accepted.

The one-woman play presents

Virginia Carpolotti, a recent

widow, who discovers that

her husband Ed’s business had

been failing for years. As president

of his company, she finds

herself on the hook for almost

$2 million borrowed from a loan

shark. The vultures surround

her, demanding repayment immediately,

when a blackmail

note arrives from an anonymous

villain, demanding an additional

$1 million or else 13 AWFUL

THINGS about her husband

would be revealed to the world.

The play features Christine

Glynn of Framingham and is

directed by Barbara Brashier

of Milford. Following the play,

a meet and greet will take place

with the actress, director and

Theatre Group of Millis staff.

The play is presented by special

arrangement with Dramatists

Play Service, Inc., New York.



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Page 8 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages February 2019

Medway Community Farm 2019

Vegetable Shares Now Open



Since 1976

Building • Remodeling • Additions

Kitchens • Baths • Replacement Windows • Decks • Garages

Licensed • Insured • Registered 508-376-5003







Sign up in time for

National CSA Sign-up


Medway Community

Farm is now selling

shares for the 2019

growing season. The

farm, located at 50 Winthrop

Street, sells shares as part

of its Community Supported

Agriculture, or CSA, program

in which members pay ahead of

time at a discount and pick up

vegetables weekly throughout

the spring, summer and fall. The

farm has opened up its membership

in time for February

22, which is National

CSA Sign-up Day.

Medway Community

Farm is a nonprofit

that provides locally

grown food to Medway

and the surrounding area, as

well as robust educational programs

through the school system

and summer offerings.

Despite the winter weather, it’s

important for community members

to sign up now, according to

Seth Terramane, Farm Manager

at MCF. “CSA is designed to

help both the farm and the folks

we feed,” Terramane says. “By

signing up now, our community

ensures that we’re able to have

an influx of cash when we need

it most, allowing us to buy seed

and hire workers. The people

who sign up get the vegetables

at a discount as a thank you for

helping us out.” Terramane took

over the farm in January 2018.

The growing season for the

farmers begins in February, although

food pickups don’t start

until May for the Spring shares

and June for the Summer shares.

Community members are encouraged

to sign up early to

guarantee their spot. Members

can sign up on the Medway

Community Farm website, www.

All Seasons Roofing and Carpentry


All Types Of Roofing • Framing • Siding


BBB A+ Rating • Bonded, Licensed & Insured

Call Maicon @ 508-613-5903

Ask For Your 5% Discounts




• Open Daily

• Bakery with Fresh Muffins/Pastries

• Breakfast and Lunch Sandwiches

• Best Blueberry Muffins Since Jordan Marsh


with a purchase of a muffin with this coupon



Expire 2-28-2019

Receive 10% off any cake

with this coupon

All our cakes are made from scratch on the premises

Expire 2-28-2019


116 Main Street, Medway

(508) 533-6655

32 Hasting Street, Rte 16. Mendon

(508) 381-0249

February 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 9

Dean College Receives Davis Educational Foundation Grant

Dean College has been

awarded $180,150 from the

Davis Educational Foundation.

The grant will support the proposal

titled The Bulldog Experience:

Curriculum and Career Integration,

which will create a robust, connective

four-year framework that

integrates career preparation

with the curriculum and co-curriculum.

This project recognizes the

need for formalized career preparation

to support every student’s

career exploration and achievement

of career-building accomplishments

before graduation.

“Dean College is thrilled to

receive funding from the Davis

Educational Foundation,” says

Project Co-Director Wendy

Adler, Associate Vice President,

Student Success and Career

Planning. “We are committed

to providing our students with

a quality education that will last

beyond their time here,” adds

Melissa Read, Assistant Vice

President, Academic Affairs and

Project Co-Director.

For more information about

the Davis Educational Foundation,

visit www.davisfoundations.


About Dean College

Dean College is a private,

residential New England college

grounded in a culture and tradition

that all students deserve the

opportunity for academic and

personal success. A uniquely

supportive community for more

than 150 years, Dean has woven

together extensive student support

and engagement with exceptional

teaching and innovative

campus activities. Our graduates

are lifetime learners who thrive

in their careers, embrace social

responsibility and demonstrate

leadership. This is The Dean

Difference. To learn more, visit:

Registration Now Open

for 4th Annual MFE

Dodgeball Tournament,

March 23rd

Registration for the 4th annual

“Dodging 4 School” Dodgeball

sTournament is now open.

The popular event sponsored

by the Medway Foundation for

Education will be held on Saturday,

March 23rd, 2019 from

11 a.m. -7 p.m. at the Medway

Middle School, 45 Holliston St.

Medway, MA.

This is an all ages tournament.

Teams from outside of Medway

are welcome. For children, the

tournament will be broken down

into grade divisions; grades 1-2,

3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-12.

Adult teams are for participants

18 years and older.

All teams are encouraged to

wear costumes and come up with

a team name.

Cost is $160 per team of 8

players. Deadline for registration

is March 10th.

First and second place winners

will be recognized in each

division. Prizes will be given in

each division for first place and

best team costume, so get creative

and sign your team up now

by going to!

For questions, email us at

or find

us on

Foundation for Education.

Radio station MyFM 101.3

will be broadcasting their Saturday

Morning sports show

MyFM Sports LIVE from the

tournament from 11 a.m. -1

p.m. Refreshments will be available

all day.

Come join the fun!

Special thanks to our tournament

sponsor Charles River



is now on


About Davis Educational


The Davis Educational Foundation,

established as a public

charitable foundation in 1985,

supports the undergraduate

programs of public and private,

regionally accredited, baccalaureate

degree granting colleges

and universities throughout the

six New England states. Elisabeth

K. Davis and Stanton W.

Davis co-founded the foundation

after Mr. Davis’s retirement as

chairman of Shaw’s Supermarkets,

Inc. The foundation is an

Gifts sponosored by: restaurant 45 & elizabeth Grady

ContaCt kylekoller@loCaltownpages.Com for more information


expression of the couple’s shared

support and value for higher education

and has provided more

than $114 million in grants to

more than 172 institutions. To

learn more, visit:

Give our page a LIKE

for a chance to

win a gift basket!



Launder 3

Dress Shirts

Get 1 FREE

Incoming Order Only.

Expires 2/23/19


508 376 9100

50% Off

First Delivery Order

New or Existing Customers

New Order Only. Incoming Order Only.

Cannot be combined.

Expires 2/23/19

Store Front

969 Main Street, Unit 1 • Millis, MA |

Page 10 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages February 2019

Millis MERIT Announces 2018 Grant Awards

During their last Board Meeting

of 2018, Millis Educational

Resources Initiative Team,

MERIT, reviewed grant applications

submitted by Millis

Public School teachers and staff

members. Each year, MERIT

welcomes applications from

teachers, administrators and

residents for proposals that address

curriculum-related learning

projects. These projects should

enhance and improve the educational

services of the Millis Public

School system.

M.E.R.I.T. has established the

following criteria when prioritizing

applications for awards:

• The proposal is a curriculum-enhancing


not typically funded by the

school budget.

• The proposal employs innovative

methods and

techniques to inform and


• The proposal has a direct

impact on the largest number

of current and future


• The proposal encourages

professional staff development.

• The proposal shows the most

promise for significantly

strengthening the educational


“Our December meeting is always

our favorite meeting of the

year,” said Theresa Mahoney,

President. “It is exciting to see

what innovative ideas our teachers,

staff, and administrators have

for the children of Millis. After a

year of fundraising, it is exciting

to see what the generosity of our

supporters and hard work of our

volunteers is able to provide for

the students and the schools in

the coming year.”

MERIT is a non-profit,

state-chartered, local education

fund founded in 1991 and run

by volunteers including Millis

parents and community members.

Nearly $300,000 has been

granted to enhance the Millis

School System curriculum since

its founding.

Grant awards recipients and

their grant titles for the 2018

grant cycle include:

• Dave Fallon, International

WWII Museum Field Trip

• Allie Sears, Vocational Office

Skills Project

• Patsy Divver, Read, Relax and


• Erin Sullivan, Project Safe


• David DiGiammerino,

STEM Integration

• Kelly Rao, Yoga and Wellness

for Girls

• Molly Saccardo & Michelle

Hurvitz, Creating a Multi-

Sensory, Multi-Movement Needs


• Lance Benham & Michelle

Shepardson, Project Claw

• Janet Shockley & Michelle

Panciocco, Biome & Resilient

House Building Project

• Sharon Monaghan, The

Walking Classroom

• Kristen Botelho, Q Ball

Classroom Microphone

MERIT would not be able to

provide these grant awards without

community support. MERIT

is always looking for donations,

volunteers, and corporate sponsors.

For more information on

how educators are progressing

with their grant awards and how

you can become involved, please

follow MERIT on Facebook®


and on Twitter® at MERITMillis.

You can also check out their

website and










TUES @ 5PM, SAT. @ 10 AM



TUES. 9:30 & 10 AM,

FRIDAYS 1:00 & 1:30




Dean College Presents: Our Town,

February 28- March 3, 2019

The School of the Arts at

Dean College will perform Our

Town, beginning Thursday, February

28 through Sunday, March

3, 2019.

Eighty years after the first performances

of Thornton Wilder’s

Our Town, the play remains one

of the most beloved and performed

theatrical works of the

last century. The well-known

story of life, love, and death still

appeals to audiences of all ages

and cultures. Wilder believed

that that our true lives are lived in

the imagination and the memory

and although today’s society is

radically different, his minimalist

play has remained relevant

through its ability to capture “the

universal experience of being


The Dean College production

of Our Town will take place in the

Main Stage in the Campus Center

at Dean College, 109 West

Central Street, Franklin at 7:30

p.m. Thursday – Saturday and

2:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

General admission is $22, Seniors

$12 and Children $7.

To learn more and purchase

tickets, visit



One Dean Street, Norfolk MA


Visit our website at

February 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 11

Living Healthy

Time for Cataract Surgery? Ask the Smart Questions

By: Roger M. Kaldawy, M.D.

Milford Franklin Eye Center

Cataract surgery is by far

the most common surgery performed

in the United States.

With advanced technology and

if you choose an experienced

and highly skilled surgeon, modern

cataract surgery should be

a rather quick outpatient and a

minimal risk procedure. If you

are considering cataract surgery,

your expectations should not

only be to improve your vision,

reduce glare at night, see brighter

and more vivid colors and improve

your day to day activities,

but you should also be given an

opportunity to reduce your dependence

on glasses or contacts

and in many cases eliminate this

need. Nowadays, many choices

exist on where to have the surgery

and by whom. Here are the

specific questions to ask when

you are trying to select the ideal

surgical centers, resources, experience,

skills and outcomes as

you make the critical decision of

who will perform your cataract


1. Why are you referring me

to this surgeon? Many eye

care providers and more specifically

optometrists will want

you to travel miles or hours

away from home to have

your surgery with a particular

surgeon of their choice. Of

course, they may claim that

the surgeon they are sending

you to is the best or the equipment

used is the best. You

may wonder why they are

doing this when you have an

experienced surgeon within

minutes from where you live

and when this top-notch surgeon

with excellent nationwide

reputation will perform

your surgery in a state-of-theart

surgery center in the same

area where you live. In fact,

this center has better equipment

that may not even exist

in the center your optometrist

wants you to go to. Beware referral

bias: Ask this provider

if there is a business relationship

linking him/ her as an

optometrist with the surgeon

and more specifically if that

provider will benefit from a

financial agreement linked to

his referral to that far away

surgeon he/ she wants you to

go to.

2. What type of anesthesia am

I going to get? With modern

cataract surgery, most surgeries

should be completed

under topical anesthesia and

local sedation. Local sedation

means that the anesthesiologist

will give you minimal

sedation, allowing you to

recover your activities after

surgery almost immediately

with little or no health risk.

Topical anesthesia means

that the surgery eye becomes

numb with drops. No need

for injections or shots around

or behind your eye. No shots

will reduce the risk of bleeding

and serious complications

from the shots. Also, shots require

deeper anesthesia, and

this can leave you at risk from

the same. Ask your referring

optometrist about the techniques

of the surgeon he/ she

wants to send you to and how

your procedure will be performed.

If or not a shot will

be done around or behind

your eye and who will do it

should be discussed with you

before the procedure and you

should be able to consent to

it, and not just assume that is

part of the surgery.

3. What are the risks? One of

the most dreaded risks of

cataract surgery is accidental

damage to the posterior

capsule, which is the back

wall of the bag holding your

lens. The best practices have

a rupture rate of 2 to 4 per

thousand cases. The source

of this information should

be credible, and ideally made

available by an independent

review committee in a surgery

center. Ask your referring

optometrist about his/

her surgeon of choice complication

rate and how this is

monitored. Does the surgeon

have an independent review

committee in his/ her center

to validate this rate?

4. What is the rate of infections

in your center? Another

potentially devastating

risk of cataract surgery is an

infection inside the eye called

“endophthalmitis”. Ask your

referring optometrist about

his/her surgeon of choice

percentage of patients getting

this infection in the center

they send you to for your

operation. The source of this

information, again, should

be credible, and ideally made

available by an independent

Life Needs Flexibility

review committee inside the

surgery center.



Life Life Needs Needs Flexibility

Life Needs Flexibility

School is out,

Life Camp Needs Flipside is in! Flexibility

February Vacation

Gymnastics Flipside

Ninja Camp: Flipside




School th - 21

is out,


School Camp is out, is in!

9am-3pm. Camp February is in! Vacation School is out,

You February pick School Ninja the Vacation Camp: days, is out, Camp is in!

Ninja Kids Feb Camp: 19


th - is 21 st


February 19


th - 21Vacation

st Ninja Camp:


Feb 19

You pick the days,

th - 21 st

9am-3pm. 9am-3pm.

games, Ninja obstacles, Kids Camp: 3+;

You pick the days,

climbing Kids Feb ropes, 3+; 19 th You

- 21 &


pick the days,

Gymnastics, Kids 3+;

games, obstacles, Gymnastics,

Gymnastics, climbing crafts! 9am-3pm. ropes, & games, obstacles,

games, You obstacles, pick crafts! climbing ropes, &

the days,


climbing ropes, &

Kids 3+;

Offered Tuesday’s Offered Tuesday’s & Thursday’s & Thursday’s crafts!

Offered Tuesday’s

5pm 5pm

Gymnastics, & Thursday’s 5pm

& Saturday’s

& Saturday’s


12:15pm & Saturday’s 12:15pm

games, obstacles,

Offered Tuesday’s For more information: & Thursday’s Call For more visit information: 5pm our location Call or visit our location

For more information: & 508-533-2353 Saturday’s Call Located 12:15pm or visit at 508-533-2353 2 Franklin our climbing location

Located St., Medway

ropes, 2 Franklin St., & Medway

Find us online

Find us online


508-533-2353 Located at 2 Franklin St., Medway

Find For us more online information:

Call or visit our location

508-533-2353 Located at 2 Franklin St., Medway

Find us online

Offered Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 5pm

& Saturday’s 12:15pm

Happy Valentine’s Day!

For more information: Call or visit our location

508-533-2353 Located at 2 Franklin St., Medway

Find us online



continued on page 13

February Vacation






Roger M. Kaldawy, M.D. John F. Hatch, M.D.

Kameran A. Lashkari, M.D. Shazia S. Ahmed, M.D.

Michael R. Adams, O.D. Caroline Perriello Consigli, O.D.

Welcoming Dr Ahmed and Dr Perriello Consigli to our staff!

Saturday &

After Hours



508-528-3344 YOUR EYES

391 East Central Street DESERVE

Franklin, MA 02038 THE BEST


160 South Main St (Rt 140)

Milford, MA 01757


130 Franklin Village Dr.

Franklin, MA 02038


Page 12 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages February 2019

Living Healthy

Millis Senior Center Programs and Events for February

The Millis Senior Center is

located at 900 Main Street on

the ground floor of the Veterans

Memorial building. The telephone

number is (508) 376-7051.

The Center is open Monday-

Wednesday, 8:30- 2 p.m. Thursday,

8:30-1 p.m. and Fridays,

8:30-12:30 p.m.

Valentine’s Day Breakfast

with Phil Burr and Geoff


Phil and Geoff will be doing

Fall in Love with

Your Yoga Practice

First Class Free!


368 Village St, Millis, MA


guitar and clarinet/trumpet

duets on Thursday, February

14th at 9:30. Our cooks will be

serving a variety of homemade

quiches. There will also be gluten

free, lactose free and vegetarian

options available. Please make

your reservation with payment

of $3 before Monday, February

11th so we may plan accordingly.

Gut Microbiome

80% of your immune system

is in your microbiome, your

body’s bacteria, which help your






body with just about every process,

including metabolism, nutrition,

physiology, and immune

function. Sonal Patel from HES-

SCO will be covering the gut

microbiome and how this intestinal

environment impacts many

important processes in our body.

She will discuss what factors adversely

impact this gut flora as

well as the factors which help

it flourish, namely the foods we

eat. She will also cover prebiotic

and probiotics that help improve

our gut health. Please join us on

Thursday, February 7th at 10

a.m. Reservations not necessary,

but appreciated.

Volunteer needed!

We are looking for a volunteer

who would be willing to work

with Millis cable to learn how to

shoot a quarterly cable show of

the daily activities at the Council

on Aging. Please call Madeline at

376-7057 or Patty at 376-7051 if


Tasty Tuesday

We will be serving pizza and

salad every Tuesday for month

of February. Please call the

Center to make reservations the

Monday before the luncheon

with payment of $3.

Podiatrist, Dr. Cooper

Wednesday, February 6th

from 9-11. Appointments are

first come first served. If you

would like a home visit please call

Maureen and she will put you on

his list. $30 at the Center and $50

for a home visit.

Blood Pressure Clinic

Volunteer Nurses provide

blood pressure checks every

Thursday from 11-12.

Computer Tutoring

Bob Bryant is here every

Thursday from 10-12 for your

one on one computer tutoring.

Appointments are required.

Please call Maureen and make

an appointment with him.


Foxwoods~ March 7th~ Lobster

Clambake & Casino~ $79,

Call Medfield COA for reservations

(508) 359-3665

Newport Playhouse~ April

18th~ Clothes Encounter ~ $89

Fosters Clambake~ June Date

TBA~ $89

Show your Valentine some love…

Give them Sunglasses!

One-on-One treatment


Milliston Common | Millis MA

Open: Tue 9-6, Wed 9-7, Thur 9-6, Fri 9-5, Sat 9-4

February 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 13

Living Healthy


continued from page 11

5. Where will the surgery be

performed? Different centers

have different equipment

and resources. For instance,

Massachusetts has only few

centers offering bladeless cataract

surgery. Bladeless laser

assisted surgery should be an

option if you want to reduce

dependence on glasses and

treat low grades of astigmatism

at the same time as your

cataract surgery. This technology

can also soften the cataract

if it is dense and thick,

allowing a safer and better

outcome as it is the case in

a specific eye disease called

Fuch’s dystrophy. Ask your referring

optometrist about his/

her surgeon of choice ability

to offer this technology.

6. What type of advanced technology

is available at the

center? A state-of-the-art surgery

center should offer better

technology. For instance, a

technology called ORA can

allow the surgeon to adjust

the power of the lens implant

placed in the eye while you

are having the surgery. This is

critical if you had LASIK before.

This technology has the

added benefit to reduce errors

in the implant power calculations

and improve chances of

reducing your need for glasses

after surgery. Ask your referring

optometrist about his/

her surgeon of choice ability

to offer this technology and if

it is available in his/ her center.

7. What type of implant am I

going to get? Different lens

implants can be used during

cataract surgery with different

materials, quality and ability

to reduce your need for

glasses. A lower cost does not

always translate into savings

as cost depends not only on

the implant used, but also the

technology used to measure

your eye before the surgery.

Ask your referring optometrist

about his/her surgeon choice

of implants he/ she uses and

what technology is used to accurately

measure your eye.

8. Will my need to wear glasses

be reduced? Cataract surgery

is a wonderful opportunity

to limit or eliminate

your need for glasses. As the

surgeon removes the cataract,

there is an opportunity to replace

the cloudy lens with a

special high tech implant able

to achieve this goal. The new

bladeless laser assisted surgery

offers the opportunity to correct

astigmatism at the same

time as the surgery, allowing

the lens implants to correct

for distance, near and everything

in between. This is now

even easier to achieve with the

new state-of-the-art Symfony

Toric implants. Ask your referring

optometrist about his/

her surgeon of choice ability

to access those implants,

achieve this goal and how

often is this achieved.

9. Will I have stitches? It is

• Preventive and

restorative treatment

• Conscious Sedation/Laughing

Gas for children and adults

• Orthodontics – Braces and


• Laser Dentistry (gum therapy,

tongue ties, & Frenctomies)

• Cosmetic Dentistry

(veneers, crowns, whitening)

• Emergency Appointments

(including dental trauma)

• Wisdom Teeth

• Root Canals

• Implants

• Dentures



ideal to eliminate the need of

stitches such as the surgery is

a no-stitch surgery. Placing a

stitch can be complicated by

stitch induced astigmatism, a

foreign body sensation and a

broken and irritating stitch.

Ask your referring optometrist

if his/her surgeon of choice is

still using stitches.



Cataract Bellingham

surgery is all about






36 Rakeville Circle • Bellingham,

P U B L I S H E D B Y T E C H P R O P U B MA L I 02019 C A T I O N S

P U B Tel/Fax: 36



S H 508-883-3253 E D




Bellingham, • C








36 Rakeville


• Bellingham, MA 02019

Tel/Fax: 508-883-3253 •




among the first





to confirm offer receipt Tel/Fax: bladeless of this 508-883-3253 proof. laser Carefully as-


review the ad and respond ASAP with

Circle • Bellingham, MA 02019

Please respond

any changes/corrections, such as address, tel. number, etc. While we make every effort to insure

Please respond Please the accuracy respond

sisted to confirm of to your cataract

confirm receipt ad, the receipt of Bellingham this surgery.

of proof. this Bulletin proof. Carefully We

Carefully will review not are be review held the ad responsible the and ad and respond respond for errors ASAP ASAP in with an with

any changes/corrections, any that changes/corrections, has been reviewed such by the as customer. address, tel. Changes number, in ad etc. concept While (not we make corrections) every effort after to proof insure


happy such

the accuracy


to as bring address, this tel. number,

of your ad, the cycle Bellingham may P

technology etc. While we make every effort to insure

the accuracy of your ad, the Bellingham Bulletin be subject Bulletin will not to will

R additional be not held be held responsible charges. O

responsible for errors for


errors in an in an ad Fad

that has that been EMAIL has reviewed to

been changes the

reviewed by area the to by customer. the


customer. Changes are


available in ad in concept ad concept or; (not (not corrections) corrections) after after proof or proof

Please respond

for second



confirm cycle the may Bulletin cycle opinions.

receipt be may subject of

at be 508-883-3252,



proof. to The additional to


additional or top Cyndy charges. review

charges. at 508-529-4437.

the ad and respond ASAP with

any changes/corrections, such as address, tel. number, etc. While we make every effort to insure

EMAIL changes EMAIL changes to or or

the accuracy 5 teaching


of your ad, the hospitals Bellingham Bulletin the will Nation

offer bladeless laser cata-

or; or

not be held responsible for errors in an ad

that has CALL been the reviewed

CALL Bulletin the


Bulletin at the 508-883-3252, customer.

at Changes or Cyndy in



Cyndy at concept 508-529-4437.

at (not corrections) after proof

cycle may be subject to additional charges.

EMAIL ract changes surgery. to We offer the same. or; or

CALL the Bulletin at 508-883-3252, or Cyndy at 508-529-4437.

Shabtai Sapir, DMD - Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

Minda Sapir DMD - General Dentistry

High quality dentistry for the whole family in an

affordable caring manner at a state of the art office.



includes exam, 2 bitewings, cleaning and fluoride

(with coupon for uninsured only ($250 value)

EXPIRES 2/28/19

10. What will be my vision on

day 1 after the surgery?

One of the measurements

defining quality of outcomes

after cataract surgery is the

quality of vision on day 1

after the surgery. Surgeons

should strive to make the vision

correct to as close to best

as possible on day 1. Ask

your referring optometrist

about his/her surgeon of

choice ability to achieve this

better precision, more safety

and excellent outcomes. At Milford

Franklin Eye Center, Dr.

Kaldawy is proud to have been

the first surgeon in the area and

We perform the procedure in a

Finally a pediatric dentist that your children will be excited

to see. Our pediatric team accepts all children and adolescents

with the simplest to the most complex treatment including special

needs patients.

Our general dentistry team can help you achieve the smile of

your dreams. Ask about our non surgical laser procedure for the

treatment of gum disease.

Start the year with a healthy smile

65 Holbrook St., Suite 210 • Norfolk, MA 02056


state-of-the-art center here in

Milford, in your backyard, and

with no middle man referring

optometrist needed. Is your optometrist

still sending you miles

away from home to see another

surgeon and have your surgery in

a different center? We are available

for a second opinion! Your

relationship from A to Z will

be directly with your surgeon.

This is also one of few centers

in Massachusetts offering bladeless

cataract surgery. We implant

high quality premium lenses only,

with correction for distance, near

and everything in between. With

those implants astigmatism is no

longer a problem. Our percentage

of posterior capsule complications

and infections is one

of the lowest in the Nation and

is measured by independent

sources. We have performed tens

of thousands of procedures and

have been proudly helping the

community for almost 2 decades.

100% of the surgeries are performed

as “No Shot, No Stitch

Cataract Surgery”, so only drops,

no need for shots and their risks

Free Orthodontic/

Invisalign Consultation

EXPIRES 2/28/19

and no need for stitches. Ask

your referring provider the correct

questions: We are available,

in your backyard and proud to

offer world class cataract surgery

closer to home.

For more details, see our ad on page




Presented by

Deborah Freeman MacDonald

and Brittany Kessel

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s D U E T Day S

D Valentine’s for U Both E of T Day You


for Y Facials

D Both U E of T You S




for Facials Both of You



Y Massages


Body Pedicures Tuning

Y Pedicures

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Page 14 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages February 2019

Tri-County Regional Awarded

$123,115 in Mass. Skills Capital Grant

Tri-County Regional Vocational

Technical High School is

pleased to announce it has been

awarded $123,115 from the

2019 Massachusetts Skills Capital

Grant to expand its Metal

Fabrication program. The grant

will allow integration opportunities

between the Engineering and

Metal Fabrication career programs.

The Skills Capital Grant Program

awards grants to support

vocational/technical training, upgrades

and expansion of career

technical education, and training

of high-quality career pathway

programs that are aligned with

regional economic and workforce

development priorities for

in-demand industries.

Tri-County was among 31

educational institutions in Massachusetts

that were recently

awarded workforce skills capital

grants enabling the schools to

acquire the newest technologies

to educate students and expand

programs. Skills Capital Grants,

which are administered through

Gov. Baker and Lt. Gov. Karyn

Polito’s office, are designed to

help high schools, colleges and

other educational institutions

invest in the most up-to-date

training equipment to give their

students an advantage when they

continue in their chosen field

or particular area of study. The

awards cover a broad range of

fields, from construction and engineering

to healthcare and hospitality.

Tri-County will boost enrollment

capacity in its Metal Fabrication

program and enhance

hands-on technical instruction to

provide students with the knowledge

needed for manufacturing

jobs in the region. Funding will

upgrade the training facilities

with industry-standard equipment

and give students access to

a power roll, an ironworker, an

industrial sanding belt, and two

virtual welders. The program will

support adult students enrolled in

evening training courses, offered

in collaboration with the region’s

MassHire board.

“Skills Capital Grants impact

the education of thousands of

young people across the Commonwealth

and give them new

opportunities and skills for a successful

future,” Baker said. “We

are proud of the 10,000 new seats

that have been added to these

programs across Massachusetts

and we look forward to continuing

our work with schools and

teachers to give more students

the experience and knowledge

that employers demand.”

“The funding we have received

from this Skills Capital

Grant will be vital to expanding

our Metal Fabrication program

and will give more students the

experience and skill set that employers

demand,” said Superintendent

Stephen Dockray. “We

are grateful and honored to have

been awarded this grant by the

Baker-Polito administration and

are looking forward to seeing our

students graduate with the competitive

edge needed to compete

for exciting career opportunities.”

Pictured from left-right are: Secretary of Housing and Economic

Development Mike Kenneal, Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical

High School Metal Fabrication Instructor Robert Pierangeli, Tri-County

Regional Vocational Technical High School Vocational Director Cathy

Rebelo, Governor Charlie Baker.

MassBay Announces

Dean’s List for 2018

Fall Semester

Local Students Make the Grade

MassBay Community College is pleased to announce its 2018

Fall Semester Dean’s List. Full-time students who have earned a

3.50 or higher grade point average (GPA) are included and acknowledged

on the Dean’s List. This semester’s list includes 288

students. The local students on the 2018 Fall Semester’s Dean

List are:


Brandon William Greene, Danielle Sarno, Gina Nicole Coletti,

Nicholas Graham, and Thomas Joseph O’Sullivan


Brandon Ames Gallagher, Ethan David Ly Sam Lazare, Florence

Pamaran, Magdaline Xenidis, and Rachel Robichaud

For more information on MassBay Community College; www.


*Install cost not included

Free Granite on Kitchen Orders Over $3000*

Free Measurements • Free Delivery

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191 Mechanic St./Rte. 140 • Bellingham, MA

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Ballistic Services

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February 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 15

St. Joseph’s Youth

Group Celebrates

Project M Win

The Medway Cultural Council

raised $600 through Project

M, a community art project and

fundraiser designed to showcase

local businesses and organizations

and promote cultural engagement.

Shown here is the

winner of the TC Scoops prize

– the St. Joseph’s Youth Group.

Auction to Benefit

“Children Across America”

Coming to Lake Pearl

Boston...are you ready for an

event like you’ve never seen before?

The “2019 Best of Boston

Bash” is coming to Lake Pearl

on March 23rd, 2019 from 7 to

11 p.m. This event is benefiting

Children Across America, and

it is not going to be one to miss.

There will be many items up for

auction that will truly blow you

away. Would you want to miss

out on a worldwide vacation

package? An autographed item

from your favorite New England

athlete? What about an autographed


Best of all, this groundbreaking

event features a New England

“All you can Eat” buffet

which includes clam chowder,

corn chowder, penne pasta with

shrimp, hand carved roasted sirloin,

baked stuffed chicken and

much more.


AVAILABLE - Full Tables of

10 are already selling fast. Get

yours ASAP, it’s definitely going

to SELL OUT very early. Contact

Al Spittler at (774) 573-4715


Sponsorships are available.

Children Across America is a

nonprofit providing support to

underserved families. Children

Across America provides assistance

in preventative health care

as well as support for children’s

growing education. By providing

free educational programs, focusing

on everything from the arts

to math and science, and a free

lunch, students end the program

equipped with a motivated and

positive mindset, as the volunteers

acknowledge their success

and growth during their time at

the program. Children Across

America improves children’s

learning by providing an alternative

program that is unique, fun

and inspiring. For more information

visit childrenacrossamerica.

org or call (508) 473-4008.

New England Steak & Seafood Restaurant

Spend Valentine’s Day With Us!

Thursday, February 14

Route 16, Mendon • 508-473-5079

Medway Senior

Center to Host

TED Talk

Epigenetics: Is there a” Ghost” in

your Genes?

With Gary C Harris, professor Emeritus Wellesley


On Wednesday February 13th at 11 a.m. at the

Medway Senior Center, 76 Oakland St., Medway.

Please call to RSVP at (508) 533-3210

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based on $100,000 @ 80% LTV. 360 monthly payments of $5.07 per $1,000 not including taxes and insurance. Available

for 1 family and eligible condominiums, owner occupied primary residence. Other fees affecting APR may apply. Offer

subject to credit approval and subject to change without notice. NMLS# 465956.

Milford | Whitinsville | Woonsocket







Page 16 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages February 2019

February Library

Programs at the

Millis Public Library

The theme for Millis Reads

this year is Read about…the

Immigrant Experience. We are

kicking off the Millis Reads

programming with a visit from

the experts at the Immigrant

Learning Center who will be

presenting a program about Immigration

in Massachusetts on

Wednesday, February 13th at 6

p.m. in the Roche Bros. Room.

Silver Screen Matinees are

held on Fridays at 1 p.m. in the

Roche Bros. Community Room.

Great movies—new and classic!

Free popcorn and snacks!

February films are:

FEB 1: (NR); 107 MIN; 1961

Madison Ave ad execs snare clients

from each other and pull

out all the stops to come out the


FEB 8: (R); 96 MIN; 1997 A

senator’s aide finds love while on

a business trip to Ireland.

FEB 15: (PG); 100 MIN; 2010

A young woman decides to propose

to her boyfriend in Ireland

on leap day, where tradition

forces him to accept.



The Millis Public Library is

located at 961 Main St. Please

call (508) 376-8282 for more information

or visit millislibrary.


Franklin, MA



Enjoy an amazing experience at Dean College this summer while earning college credit.


• Earn college credit for successful completion of course/program.*

• Get advice on the college admissions process from a Dean College admissions counselor during a free

one-on-one consultation.

• Find unique experiences embedded in each program, including behind-the-scenes access to New England

Patriots training camp and visits to Gillette Stadium, WEEI Sports Radio, McCoy Stadium or other locations

appropriate to each program (activities subject to change).

• Get unmatched instruction by leaders in their respective fields.

• Commuter: $1,250** Overnight: $1,950**

Drones for Beginners — $350**

Pre-college programs available to high school students ages 14+. For those students looking to stay overnight, housing will be provided

by Dean College. *Drones for Beginners is a one-week course (multiple weeks in July and August, final dates TBD) intended for middle

school students and is not eligible for credit. **Does not include activity fee.

July 8–19, 2019, and July 22–August 2, 2019 • 508-541-1624

February 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 17

Calendar of Events

February 1

Silver Screen Matinee, 1 p.m.,

Millis Public Library, 961 Main

St., Millis, (NR); 107 MIN;

1961 Madison Ave ad execs

snare clients from each other

and pull out all the stops to

come out the winner. (508) 376-

8282 or

Chris McDermott Band, 8-11

p.m., Jasper Hill, 270 Exchange

St., Millis,,

Admission $10, all


February 2

Mick Lawless and the Reckless

Hearts, 8-11 p.m., Jasper

Hill, 270 Exchange St., Millis,,

Free show,

all ages welcome

February 4

Network of Enterprising

Women meeting, 8:30-10:30

a.m., Cheryl Cohen Mosaics,

360 Woodland St. 2nd floor,

Holliston, speaker is Daniele

Sarkisian of Relaxation Creation,

free for first time attendees

and members, $20 all

others, visit

or email

February 7

The State of Massachusetts

Wildlife, 7-8 p.m., Medway Public

Library, 26 High St., Medway,

for adults, teens and older

middle schoolers, features naturalist

from Mass Audubon’s

Blue Hills Trailside Museum &

Norman Smith Environmental

Education Center. Registration

preferred but walk-ins welcome.

(508)533-3217 or www.

February 8

Silver Screen Matinee, 1 p.m.,

Millis Public Library, 961 Main

St., Millis, (R); 96 MIN; 1997

A senator’s aide finds love while

on a business trip to Ireland.

(508) 376-8282 or millislibrary.


Dinner & Game Night, Millis

Church of Christ, 142 Exchange

St., Millis, dinner at 6:30 followed

by board games and


Dwayne Haggins Band,

8-11 p.m., Jasper Hill, 270

Exchange St., Millis, www., Free

show, all ages welcome

February 9

Roadhouse Strangers,

8-11 p.m., Jasper Hill, 270

Exchange St., Millis, www.,

Free show, all ages welcome

February 13

TED Talk: Epigenetics: Is

There a “Ghost” in Your Genes?

with Gary C. Harris, Professor

Emeritus, Wellesley College, 11

a.m. at Medway Senior Center,

76 Oakland St., Medway

Ralph Graham, 8-10 p.m.,

Jasper Hill, 270 Exchange St.,


Admission $10, all ages welcome

February 14

A Special Valentine’s Acoustic

Hoedown, hosted by Chris Fitz

& Steve Dineen, 8-11 p.m.,

Jasper Hill, 270 Exchange St.,

Millis, Free show, reservations

recommended--call (508)794-


February 15

Silver Screen Matinee, 1 p.m.,

Millis Public Library, 961 Main

St., Millis, (PG); 100 MIN;

2010 A young woman decides

to propose to her boyfriend

in Ireland on leap day, where

tradition forces him to accept.

(508) 376-8282 or millislibrary.


Willie J. Laws Band, 8-11 p.m.,

Jasper Hill, 270 Exchange St.,

Millis, www.williejlawsband.

com. Free show, all ages welcome

Clip and save this coupon


50 OFF

Your next plumbing

or heating repair*

February 16

Cindy Lou’s Blue Whiskey,

8-11 p.m., Jasper Hill, 270 Exchange

St., Millis,,


show, all ages welcome

February 17

Blood Drive, 11:30 a.m. – 5:30

p.m., DCH Toyota of Milford,

300 Fortune Blvd., Milford,

appointments at


February 19

Rolie Polie Guacamole concert,

2:30 p.m., kid- and adultfriendly

rock show, Medway

Public Library, 26 High St.,


Baxter Hall, 8-10 p.m., Jasper

Hill, 270 Exchange St., Millis,

free show, all ages

February 20

Gary Bernath, 8-10 p.m., Jasper

Hill, 270 Exchange St.,

Millis, free show, all ages

February 22

Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers,

8-11 p.m., Jasper Hill, 270

Exchange St., Millis, free show,

all ages

Visit our website for

more coupons and

special offers on heating

system installations.


*Not valid on trip or diagnostic fees. This offer expires February 28, 2019. Offer code OT-A-50

February 23

The Theatre Group of Millis

presents 13 Things about Ed

Carpolotti, by Barry Kleinbort,

one-woman play, at the Millis

Public Library, 961 Main

Street, Millis at 7:30 p.m. Free.

BJ Magoon & Driving Sideways,

8-11 p.m., Jasper Hill, 270

Exchange St., Millis, free show,

all ages

February 27

Dwayne Higgins, 8-10 p.m.,

Jasper Hill, 270 Exchange St.,

Millis, free show, all ages


Run Your Ads & Inserts With Us!

Call Lori Koller (508) 934-9608

Page 18 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages February 2019

Tri-County Metal Fabrication

Students Build Battering Rams for

the Massachusetts State Police

When a hostile situation occurs,

speed of entry may be

the most important aspect to

gain control and ensure optimal

safety. Tactical entry equipment,

also known as Battering Rams,

allow police to quickly gain access

to both criminals and to victims

during rescue operations.

Recently, the Massachusetts

State Police Special Operations

- STOP Team received thirteen

one-man Battering Rams

designed and fabricated by students

in the Metal Fabrication

career program at Tri-County

Regional Vocational Technical

High School.

Beat the Winter Blues

at the Medway

Senior Center

“Oakland Café at the

Senior Center”

Breakfasts on Wednesday

from 7 – 9 a.m. $3 per meal

Walk in Welcomes

Lunch Served Tuesday and

Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. –

12:30 p.m.

Daily Specials, sandwiches,

soups, salads and desserts.

Transportation is available

Essential Strength

and Balance

Tuesdays 12:30 – 1:15 p.m.

for $5

If you want to do something

to stay healthy and maintain

your independence, regular

exercise is the answer! This

class will focus on increasing

balance and fall prevention.

Gently strengthening and

stretching all of our muscles.

The entire class can be done in

a chair, or part sitting and part

standing behind a chair

The Medway Senior Center is located at 76 Oakland Street,

Medway. You can reach them at (508) 533-3210.

“We’ll Make it a Pleasure

Whether it’s Vacation or

Business Travel!”

Business, Honeymooners,

Leisure Travel

and Group Planning

Satisfying Customers for Over 30 Years

24 Hr. Service Worldwide



Millis 709 Main St. (508) 376-2622


The State of Massachusetts Wildlife

Medway Public Library

Thursday, February 7th - 7-8 p.m.

Interested in learning more

about the coyotes and other wildlife

you have been hearing and

seeing? Come to The State of Massachusetts

Wildlife, presented by a

naturalist from Mass Audubon’s

Blue Hills Trailside Museum &

Norman Smith Environmental

Education Center. You will

learn about recent research on

changes in wildllife populations

and distribution, meet two live

representatives of species that are

experiencing dramatic changes,

and and have a chance to see and

touch interesting artifacts. Question

and answer session will follow.

Suitable for adults, teens and

older elementary aged children.

Registration preferred, but

walk-ins welcome.


Fine Cherry Furniture

Made in Massachusetts


10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Come visit our Made FACTORY in Massachusetts


131 Morse Street | Foxboro | 508-543-9417 |

Hours: Monday - Thursday: 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Friday: 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. CLOSED Sunday

February 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 19


Theresa M.

( M o r t o n )

Cousens 89,

of Millis, died

peacefully at her

home in the care

of her son and

daughter on Saturday December 1,

2018. She was the wife of the late

Allen V. Cousens.

A resident of Millis since 1955,

Theresa was born in Milton a

daughter of the late Windfield C.

and Philomena (Sampson) Morton.

Prior to her retirement, she

had been employed by the Town

of Millis Assessors Department for

30 years.

Theresa is survived by her

daughter, Janine C. Souza and her

husband Robert of Kennebunk

Maine; her son Michael Cousens of

Millis, five grandchildren and three

great grandchildren.

Dolores Dawson died peacefully

Wednesday, December 26,

2018, at her home surrounded

by her loving family. She was 97

years old. Born in Baltimore, Maryland,

she was the daughter of the

late Percy and Martha (Brozowski)


Dolores was an accomplished

cake decorator and did so professionally,

she sewed clothing and

home fashions, painted, and loved

entertaining family and friends.

She was generous with her time

and talents.

Dolores is survived by her children,

Quinton Dawson and his wife

Joanne of Whately, MA; Lynn Lein

and her husband Robert of Exeter,

NH; and Martha Linnell and her

husband Arthur of Millis, MA. She

is also survived by 3 grandchildren,

4 great grandchildren and many

nieces and nephews.

Peter Johnson,


ked in and realized this was residing in

we wanted and more. Palm Coast,

ou were walking into FL & Millis,

munity bank,

MA, was born

n bank. ”

in Amsterdam,

NY in 1936. An alumnus of Nott

y we are at

Terrace HS, class of 1954, he graduated

Magna Cum Laude from Bry-

iver Bank.

ant College (now University), in

Smithfield, RI, with his accounting

degree. He began his career at

Arthur Anderson accounting firm

and was subsequently hired by the

Sheraton Hotel Corp, travelling the

world & rising to the position of

Vice President of Taxes, before his

retirement, 22 years ago. A passionate

motorcyclist for most of his life,

in retirement, he also loved “Geocaching.”

He was pre-deceased by his first

wife, Sandra (Miller) but considered

himself blessed to find and

marry, the love of his life, Meredith

(MacAuley) in 1991. He was a remarkable

dad to Valerie LaCount

of Chelsea & her husband, Kevin

and Erick Johnson of Weymouth &

his fiancee, Liz Metcalf. He was way

more than a step-dad to Melissa

Conroy of Franklin & her husband,

Tom, Elin Newton of Holly Springs,

NC, and Brittany Hardiman of Medfield

& her husband Brian. He was

the loving “Grumpy” to Branigan

Reed, her husband Dewayne, and

his great grandson, Vaugn, Damien

Dakotah LaCount, Kelsey, Ashley,

Emily, & Lindsey Conroy, and Molly,

Charlie, & Willy Hardiman. He is also

survived by his extended family,

friends, & neighbors in Massachusetts

& Florida.

Should you choose, donations

may be made to the Ronald Mc-

Donald House Charities https://, or to a charity that

has meaning to you.

Edward F. Mc-

Bride was born

in Brockton, MA

on November 3,

1934 to the late

Walter and Rose

Alma (Lessard) McBride, he moved

to Millis as a young teen to live with

his aunt and uncle, the late William

and Irene Flynn, where he attended

Millis Public Schools. It was

there that he met his wife, the late

Marie (Sokoloski) McBride.

Edward served in the U.S. Marine

Corps from 1953 to 1956, and

then went on to be employed as a

Quality Inspector at Metal Bellows

Corp, a company specializing in

aerospace/medical devices and

military defense industries, Sharon,

MA, where he would spend his entire

work career.

An enthusiastic outdoorsman,

he enjoyed hiking, camping, and

canoeing, remaining active until

late in his life and was an avid lover

of animals. He enjoyed riding and

working on his many motorcycles.

He leaves behind his three sons:

Edward, and wife Diane, Mark and

wife Day, and Daniel, all of Millis,

along with his five grandchildren.

He also leaves behind his two

brothers, James McBride of Raynham,

MA and Richard McBride of

Atlanta, Georgia.

To honor Edward and his love of

the outdoors and animals, memorials

may be made in his memory to

either The Trustees of the Reservation,

Boston, MA or MSPCA-Angell,

Boston, MA.

Our Ad & Editorial Deadline is

the 15th of each month, for the

following month’s issue.

John David

Reilly, 84, of Millis,

MA, peacefully


away Saturday,

December 29,

2018 at home

surrounded by his family. Son

of the late Elwood and Margaret

Reilly, John was born and raised in

Auburndale, MA, and graduated

from Newton High School. He

met his wife, Gertrude Ruth Bussey

and the two were married in 1956.

John graduated with a BS in Marketing

from New Hampshire College.

John and Ruth raised their

four children in Newton before

moving to Millis in the early 1990s.

John pursued a career in marketing

and sales holding several executive

positions at GTE Sylvania,

Harris Corporation, and Digital

Equipment Corporation from the

1960s through the 1980s. For the

past 30 years, John ran a highly

successful consulting firm with



Roberts Mitchell Caruso Funeral

I tell everyone

“I love

Charles River Bank.”

“ I used to be with a small bank.

Then someone bought them,

and it became a big bank.

And I became a number

– I really don’t like to be just a

number, for a bank or anything. ”

That’s why I moved to

Charles River Bank.

Is it time for you to make a move?

Check out Charles River Bank –

where you are more than a number.

You are part of the family.

Member FDIC • Member SIF

numerous domestic and global clients.

Throughout his lifetime, he

was engaged in several volunteer

and philanthropic pursuits - notably

with the Boy Scouts and the

Catholic Church. In his free time,

he enjoyed playing golf, riding

snowmobiles, cross country skiing,

watching football, tinkering in

his woodshop, and spending time

with his family.

Besides his parents, John was

preceded in death by his sister,

Dorothy Farrell; he is survived by

his brother, Donald Reilly. John is

survived by his loving wife of 62

years, Ruth, and their four children:

Scott, Brian and his wife

Christina, Brenda and her husband

David Collins, and Kenneth.

Known as “Papa” to his three

grandchildren, he will be sorely

missed by Victoria Margaret,

Brian Cameron, and Reilly David.

John was a loving uncle to many

nieces and nephews.

Tony Khoury

Kenneth R

Tiernan died



December 12,

2018 at Norwood


surrounded by his loving family.

He was 79.

Formerly of Bellingham, he was

the son of the late Raymond and

Bernice (Sawatski) Tiernan.

Ken served with the United

States Air Force in 1957 and was

honorably discharged in 1965.

Ken was a talented musician,

gardener, fisherman and loved animals.

He was a member of the Millis

Am Vets and Millis VFW.

He was the beloved husband

of Joan (Geshel) Tiernan, father of

Theresa Tiernan of Medway, Stephen

Tiernan of Oceanside, CA, Patrick

Tiernan of Braintree and Mary

Tiernan of Framingham. Brother of

the late Ronald Tiernan. He is also

survived by 7 grand children.

70 Main Street • Medway • 508.533.8661

2 South Maple Street • Bellingham • 508.966.2857

1 Hastings Street • Mendon • 508.422.9792

NMLS# 743045



Equal Housing Lender

Page 20 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages February 2019


Millis’ Clark Aiming for State Crown in Girls’ Basketball


Staff Sports Writer

Abby Clark came close on two

occasions to being part of a State

championship basketball team.

Now, she’s eager to return to the

finals and finish the job.

The Millis High senior captain,

who led the Mohawks’ in

scoring and rebounding last year,

has set some lofty goals for her

final season and one of them is to

win the Division 3 State crown.

“First, we want to try to win

the Tri Valley League Small Division

title,’’ Clark said. “Then we

want to qualify for the tourney

and win the State playoffs. The

goals are realistic, even though

we’re a young team. We’ve got

talent, and if we play solid defense

and compete with a sense of

urgency, we can go all the way.’’

As a freshman, Clark was

called up to the varsity as the

Mohawks aimed for their third

straight State title. Unfortunately,

Cathedral won the

crown. A year later, in Clark’s

sophomore season, Millis bowed

out again, this time in the State

semifinals to Quaboag. And,

last season, the Mohawks were

eliminated in the first round of

the Sectional playoffs.

So, it’s not surprising that the

17-year-old power forward, who’s

been a TVL all-star in basketball

and volleyball, would like to turn

her past disappointments into a

more euphoric ending. Winning

two Sectional hoop championships

isn’t exactly chopped liver,

but when those two seasons concluded

with losses in the States, it

left Clark feeling empty.

“I wish we could have persevered

a bit harder in the State

Abby Clark (No. 25), who provides a commanding presence in

Millis’ frontcourt, blocks a shot against Hopedale. (Photo by STEVE


Your Vision;

Our Mission

Michael T. Damon

Financial Adviser*

Damon Financial, LLC**

45 Milford Street, Suite 3

Medway, MA 02053

(508) 321-2101

Registered Representative offering investments through

NYLIFE Securities LLC (member FINRA/SIPC),

A licensed Insurance Agency and wholly owned

subsidiary of New York Life Insurance and an agent

licensed to sell insurance through New York Life

Insurance Company and may be licensed to sell

insurance through various other independent

unaffiliated companies.

*Financial Adviser offering investment advisory Services

through Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment


** Damon Financial, LLC is not owned or operated by

NYLIFE Securities LLC or its affiliates.

semifinals my sophomore season,’’

she said. “We were a bit nervous,

but if we pushed ourselves

to the limit, maybe we could have

prevailed. But, this is a new season

and we can aim high.’’

Coach Dave Fallon is bullish

on his 5-foot-11 star, who

averaged 11 points and nine rebounds

a game last year. This

season she’s averaging 13 points,

8 rebounds and 3 steals. “Abby

has a great work ethic, she’s athletic,

can shoot outside and also

handle the ball,’’ he emphasized.

“She’s a threat down low because

of her size, and she can shoot

outside. A tri-captain, she leads

by example.’’

Clark is relying on a variety of

strengths to elevate Millis, which

has a 9-0 record so far. She’s mentally

tough, has excellent court

awareness, communicates well,

can shoot threes and she plays

strong defense. “I can improve my

quickness,’’ she noted. “My footwork

and hands can be faster.’’

Aggressive under the basket

when she’s battling for position,

Clark is more deliberate when


Her best game was against

Douglas in the Sectional championship

game when she was a

sophomore. “I had a career high

of 21 points,’’ she recalled. “It

was an amazing experience and

playing at Worcester Polytech’s

arena made it all the more enjoyable.

My top thrill in basketball

was being named a captain. The

team has great chemistry, and

I’m excited to have the chance to

provide leadership and support

to a great group of talented players.

We had a difficult season last

year, particularly in the playoffs,

in our first season ever in Division

3. This year, we’re ready to

tackle Division 3.

Clark has high praise for Millis

other senior captains — shooting

guard Riley Donovan and

forward Meg Cullen. “Riley has

great court vision, and she’s strong

on offense,’’ Clark said. “A quality

leader, she’s very positive. Meg is

aggressive at the basket, and she’s

a strong rebounder. An effective

defensive player, she averages

close to four steals a game.’’

Clark’s style as a captain is “to

lead by example but be vocal in

a supportive way.’’ She’s often

vocal about her coach, lauding

his ability to motivate. “Coach

Fallon pushes us to our limit and

gets up prepared,’’ she said. “His

practices are intense, and he’s

very effective in challenging us.’’

An honor-roll student, Clark

is planning to major in nursing

or psychology in college. She’s

considering UMass-Amherst and

possibly Rhode Island College, a

Division 3 school. “If I choose

Rhode Island College, I’d consider

playing both volleyball and

basketball there.’’

Clark not only was a TVL

all-star in volleyball, but she also

was chosen as one of 16 players

for the Massachusetts All-State

Team last fall. That selection was

made by the Mass. Volleyball

Coaches Association.


continued on page 21

February 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 21


Millis Students at Home on Medway-

Ashland Girls’ Hockey Team

By Christopher Tremblay,

Staff Sports Writer

For the past ten years, the

Medway-Ashland coop has given

girls the chance to play ice hockey

for a high school. Some five years

ago, Millis joined under the Medway-Ashland

banner, so their girls

could also continue to play a sport

they had a passion for. This year,

two girls Emma Rice and Marina

Yasuna, are skating for the Medway-Ashland


Both athletes have shown

Coach Karl Infanger that they

belong on the team and can contribute

to the team’s success. Rice

is a junior third line center, while


continued from page 20

A superb middle hitter,

Clark’s best game was a fiveset

triumph over Holliston

last fall when she had 18 kills.

“My top thrill, however, was

when we beat Westwood and

Ashland back-to-back,’’ Clark

said. “The win over Westwood

was our first over them in 10

years, and the victory over

Ashland was our first against

them in seven years.’’

Whichever sport Clark’s

playing, her competitive philosophy

never changes. She

wants to win, improve daily

and enjoy the experiences that

athletics offer. “I’ve learned

some great life lessons in

sports,’’ she said. “Athletics

teach teamwork, time management,

how to overcome adversity,

how to be responsible, and

how to improve one’s leadership


A fan of Jason Tatum of the

Celtics because “he competes

hard and takes responsibility,’’

Clark is focusing intensely on

how the Mohawks finish the

season. She’s hoping they’re

at a high-compete mode and

peaking at the right time.

Those two elements could

make the difference and fulfill

Abby Clark’s ultimate goal

— to finally capture a State


Yasuna is a senior blue liner.

“Emma knows that she is on

the third line, but wants to move

up. She’s a hard working individual

and is making the adjustments

that we need her to make

as center and has a high hockey

IQ,” Infanger said. “Marina

plays a tenacious defense and has

drastically improved in her making

the right decisions while on

the ice. She knows what she has

to work on and has done so every

drill she takes part in.”

Both girls have been playing

the sport for some time; Yasuna

picked up the sport while at Dover-Sherborn

before transferring

to Millis, and Rice has been playing

for about seven years since

her friend got her interested.

“A friend of mine from elementary

school in Norfolk took

me to the ice rink to take part in

a ‘learn to play hockey’ program.

I fell in love with the sport,” Rice

Said. “Immediately joined the

KP/Walpole club team as a center,

because I wanted to play a

forward position so that I could

skate a lot and score.”

Yasuna also plays for a club

team, the Natick Comets, where

she has been one of the team’s

forwards for the past three years

before she was asked to help them

out on defense. She liked the position

so much that she continued

to play it in high school.

Prior to her playing hockey,

Yasuna didn’t have a sport to

participate in during the winter

season. She started looking for

something to keep busy during

the winter time frame and came

upon hockey. She borrowed

some equipment to try out for

the team and found it to her

liking and has been playing the

sport since. Although she had

Millis students Emma Rice and Marina Yasuna have found the Medway-

Ashland girls’ hockey team to be a welcoming group, despite the

challenge of traveling to practice in Marlboro.

played forward, she likes defense

much better.

“As a soccer defender you

get to see the entire field, it’s the

same with hockey,” Yasuna said.

“I get to watch everything from

the backline and see things developing,

it gives me more control

of the game.”

Both girls found that the welcoming

that they received from

their new teammates was great,

and that they had their backs,

Rice also noted that her new

teammates would give constructive

criticism to help them with

their game.

The only downfall to being

members on the Medway-Ashland

girl’s hockey team is the

practicing. The team has ice time

in Marlboro at the New England

Sports Club, usually later in the

evening, and with only a small

bus, Medway can only bring

their own athletes. The Millis

girls need to carpool.

“The ride situation is very

tough,” Rice said. “Living in

Norfolk and getting to Marlboro

late at night is too much.”

Yasuna agreed.

“The hard part about playing

for Medway-Ashland is getting

to and from practices,” she said.

“The other girls have the Mustang

mini bus or one another

to car pool with; we’ve only got

each other.”

Prior to this year, Rive had

been sitting on the bench for

most of the game seeing some ice

time near the end of the game.

This year, as the team’s third line

center she was able to notch her

first varsity goal against Norwood.

Trailing 2-1 late in the

game Rice tallied her first goal at

an opportune time giving Medway-Ashland

a tie.


Propane Open Sat & Sun

Gas Grill Tanks Filled

Neil Lazzaro

ASE Technician

1292 Washington Street,


Tires & Alignment

Suspension & Steering

Exhaust & Brake

Air Conditioning

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Mass. State Inspection Station

Page 22 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages February 2019

Medway Public Library February Youth Events


Every Tuesday and Wednesday, 11


Newborns – 3 year-olds are

invited to this drop-in program

of stories, fingerplay and songs

accompanied by mountain dulcimer.

Children must be accompanied

by parent/caregiver.


Every Thursday and Friday, 11 a.m.

Ages 10 months-5 years.* A

drop-in story time with songs,

stories, and craft. All children

must be accompanied by a caregiver.

* These ages are flexible! If

you think your children will enjoy

story time, please bring them.

Boston Bruins 12th

Annual PJ Drive

February 1st thru March 15th

Medway Public Library will

be a PJ drop-off location for the

whole month of February. Join

communities across the state of

Massachusetts in making sure

every child has a NEW pair of

warm PJs to snuggle up in at bedtime!

Pajamas will be distributed

locally to children in need by the

Department of Children and

Families and Cradles to Crayons.


Saturday, Feb. 2nd, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Stop by the library anytime

this Saturday to create a special

greeting for someone you love.

This craft is a fun way to send a

hug to a far-away friend!

All Ages. Drop in.

PAWS to Read

Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 6 to 7:15 p.m.

Interested in reading to a cuddly

friend? Sign up by calling

(508) 533-3217 or come in and

talk to our staff at the Circulation

desk to register.

Each child will get a 15 minute

one-on-one reading session

with our wonderful visiting

therapy dogs. Children must be

able to read independently as

this is not a tutoring session but

rather an opportunity to practice

reading skills with a good listener.

Grades 2-6.

Cursive Club

Every Tuesday, 4 p.m.

Join Miss Lucy to explore

the art of cursive handwriting.

Reading and writing in cursive

stretches our brains in ways that

print does not. We will practice

upper and lower case letters,

reading notes written by others,

as well as create some beautiful

and funky projects to take home!

Cursive Club provides a place for

new writers to explore the craft

and older hands to brush up on

this useful skill.

Ages 7 through Adult. Drop


Rolie Polie Guacamole


Tuesday, Feb. 19th, 2:30 PM

Join this award-winning

“kindie” band from Brooklyn,

NY for a high energy, interactive

show that’s a mix of funk, rock

and folk music mashed into original

tunes about natural living,

eating healthy and staying active!

This music is kid friendly but also

appealing to adults.

Rolie Polie Guacamole has

released six albums and played

well over 2,000 shows nationwide

since their first performance in

2007, receiving top picks from, Time Out NY Kids,

and Time Out Chicago.

All Ages. No need to register.

Lunch at the Library

Wednesday, Feb. 20, 11:45 a.m.

Children and caregivers, come

to the library for lunch! Free and

open to all. Lunch will be served

in the Cole Room. Drop in, no


Breakout Box for Kids-

Scaredy Squirrel

Thursday, Feb. 21, 2 p.m.

Scaredy Squirrel is a squirrel

who is afraid of everything! He is

so afraid that he has trapped you

in his “emergency kit” in case he

ever needs you. To get out you

must use the clues around the

room and solve the riddles before

the time runs out! Ages 6 and up.

Register in advance.

Breakout Box for Teens-

Muggle Mystery

Monday, Feb. 25, 6:30 p.m.

Lord Voldemort has broken

into the room and has left the

most revealing of secrets. Do the

lowly Muggles have what it takes

to decipher the clues and Break-

Out? Ages 12 and up. Register in



Wednesday, February 27th, 4


Lego fans, 1st grade and up,

are invited to have fun building

Lego Creations which will be displayed

in the library.

A photo of your creation will

be emailed to you. Registration


Sponsored by The Friends of

the Medway Library.

For more information and to

register for events and programs


Contact Children’s Librarian,

Lucy Anderson, with any questions

at or

(508) 533-3217

Buy local. It’s good

for you & Medway!

Local businesses invest locally, create jobs & keep Medway vibrant.

Show your support by patronizing these MBC members. Plus, our

#ShopMedway initiative gives you even more reasons to buy locally!

Visit and our Facebook page for discount opportunities.

ASK Real Estate Associates

Benchmark Advisory Group

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Page Realty

Bisinet Technologies

Charles River Bank

Classic Properties Realtors

CMIT Solutions of MA Metrowest

Damon Financial, LLC

Dennehy Public Relations

Direct Tire & Auto Service

Enchanted Memories Travel — Ellen Hillary

Exelon Generation

Hogan Tire & Auto Services

Jennifer Powell Art

Kenney & Kenney Attorneys at Law

Liscombe & Parrella, PC

Local Town Pages — Our Town Publishing

Medway Block Co.

Medway Oil & Propane

Medway Veterans Building Assoc.

Middlesex Savings Bank

Muffin House Café

Murphy Insurance Agency

Neighborhood Wrench

Paramount Industries

Proposals, Etc.

R. P. Marzilli & Co.

Reardon HVAC

Reardon Properties

Rodenhiser Plumbing & Heating

Russo Insurance Agency

Shear Magic and Co.


Smiles and More

Spencer Technologies

T. C. Scoops

The Balanced Path Wellness Center

Tim Rice Photo

Town of Medway

Trolley Computers

Tumble Beans Indoor Playground

Vigiboss Inc.

If you own a business and want to join #ShopMedway, contact us today!

February 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 23


Let Our Award Winning Team Help You!

Carl Kristen Ellie Adam

Showcasing our Luxury Listings on the

most visited Real Estate franchise





2 Hickory Drive, Medway 9 Iarussi Way, Medway 62 Adams Street, Medway



5 Kings Lane, Medway 58 Douglas Drive, Bellingham 20 Saddle Hill Road, Medway

73 Prospect Street, Sherborn



31 Ohlson Circle, Medway 305 Blackstone Street, Blackstone 26 Chestnut Street, Blackstone 16 Coral Street, Mansfield

Interested in what’s going on in today’s market?


Your resource for up to date information on the local real estate market from the real estate experts.

Experience Real Estate As It Should Be.

(508) 330 4535

Page 24 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages February 2019

Millis Fire Department Notice: Open Burning Season

January 15th- May 1st, between

the hours of 10 a.m.-4


For residents to be allowed to

burn you must obtain an open

Carolyn Chodat


burning permit from the Fire


• Residents must come to the

fire station and fill out a

burning permit application

Classic Properties Realtors®

Wouldn’t you Love to get into Your New Home?

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day

Patty Betro, Deb Costa, Donna Durrance

Olga Guerrero, Debbi Mosher, JoAn O’Rourke,

Beth Rossi, Cheryl Smith

& Kathy Querusio

74 Main Street, Medway, MA 02053

Direct: 508-533-6060 • Cell: 508-341-7652

and pay the $5 fee in cash

or by check, payable to the

Town of Millis.

• On the day you wish to burn

you must call the burning

permit registration line at

(508) 906-3310 and listen to

the message, if burning is allowed

you must leave your

name and permit # to be allowed

to burn.

• Residents are urged to call

after 9 a.m. to allow the

State and Fire Department

to determine if burning is allowed.

• All fires must be extinguished

by 4pm and no fires can be

started after 2pm.

• Burning of Stumps, leaves,

fields, rubbish or building

materials is not permitted.

• The use of Gasoline is prohibited!

• Burning must be 75 feet from

any building and piles should

be small and manageable.

• Someone must attend and

control the fire at all times.

• Any violations of the regulations

could result in your permit

being revoked.

• A burning permit does not

release a party from liability

for damage or extend any

right to create a nuisance

condition due to excess or

drifting smoke.

For questions please contact

the Fire Department at (508)






Run Your Ads & Inserts With Us!

Call Lori Koller (508) 934-9608

57 West Central St

Natick, Unit 2 - $699K


43 Rybury Hillway

Needham - $1.499 million

85 Indian Ridge

Sudbury - $890K



A 12 single family, New Construction

Development - starting at $429,900

50 Railroad Ave

Millis - $499K





Page Realty

12A Hawthorne Village

Franklin - $349,900


19 Lowell Mason Rd

Medfield - $375k




133 Woodland St

Sherborn - $949K


222 Curve Street

Millis - $409K


Congratulates our 2018 Agent of

the Year, Kim Bloom.

Kim has 30 years of experience

and her success is based on client

trust. She provides every client

the highest level of commitment

to ensure the process of buying or

selling your home is a smooth

one. Congratulations Kim.



for a free instant home


51 South Main St

Milford - $274,900

75 Norfolk Road

Millis - $440K

16 Kingsbury Drive

Hollistion - 1.2 mil

20 Heron Lane

Hopedale - $569,900

Let my 19 years experience of

selling homes help you with your next move.

15 Baltimore St, Millis & 10 Speen St, Framingham Offices

82 Holliston St., Medway

(508) 533-5122

February 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 25

when you list with Linda Dumouchel, Medway’s #1 Agent







For a free market analysis, visit


Thinking about selling? My custom marketing plan uses state

of the art technology to ensure every home I list is exposed to

every potential buyer & showcased at its finest.

Here’s just a few of the things I do for my clients to get their

home sold quickly and for top dollar!

Call me today for a custom analysis on your home.

Strategic Marketing Campaigns include:

Single property website

3D Matterport Virtual Tours

Professional photography

Facebook and Instagram ads

Syndication to 40+ real estate websites

Broker tours & open houses

Direct mail campaign

and much more!

Linda Dumouchel, REALTOR®

Luxury Marketing Specialist

call/text 508.254.7406


*#1 in sales individual agent in Sales Volume in Medway for 2016, 2017 & 2018 YTD per MLSpin

*Sold to Linda’s buyer client

Page 26 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages February 2019

Register O’Donnell Reports on 2018 Norfolk County

Real Estate Activity

While the eastern Massachusetts

economy remained strong

during 2018, the Norfolk County

real estate market continued to

experience mixed results when it

came to sales and mortgage lending


Register of Deeds William P.

O’Donnell noted, “A yearly review

of 2018 real estate activity

in Norfolk County showed a total

of 18,124 residential and commercial

real estate sales transactions.

This represented a 2%

decrease from 2017. However,

the volume of residential and

commercial total dollar sales increased

by 19% last year. The average

sales, again both residential

and commercial, was $841,414,

an increase of 22% from the previous


The Register noted that there

was an 8% reduction in the number

of land documents recorded

at the Registry in 2018 with a

total of 141,159 compared to

152,927 in 2017. “A key factor

Berkshire Hathaway


Page Realty

We have been a market leader in

the area since we opened in

1963. Call us to find out why we

were the #1 choice for repeat

customers in 2018.

in the overall decrease in land

documents recorded,” noted

O’Donnell, “stemmed from the

reduced number of mortgages

filed at the Registry. A total of

24,503 mortgages were recorded

in 2018, representing an 11%

decrease from 2017. Also, total

mortgage financing closed at

$17.7 billion, a 6% decrease from

the previous year.”

In 2018 on the consumer

front, Norfolk County residents

continued to avail themselves

of the protections provided by

the Homestead Act. A total

of 12,102 Homesteads were

recorded, resulting in a 4%

decrease from 2017. A Homestead

provides limited protection

against the forced sale of an

individual’s primary residence

to satisfy unsecured debt up to


Foreclosure activity saw some

improving signs. A total of 221

foreclosure deeds were filed in

Norfolk County during 2018

compared to 268 in the previous

year, an 18% decrease. Additionally,

Notice to Foreclose

Mortgage, the first step in the

foreclosure process, also decreased

by 10.9% during the

same time period.

To help those experiencing

challenges paying their mortgage,

the Registry continues to

work in partnership with Quincy

Community Action Programs,

(617) 479-8181 x376, and NeighborWorks

Southern Mass, (508)

587-0950. These organizations

are equipped to help homeowners

who have received a Notice to

Foreclose Mortgage document.

A third option is to contact the

Massachusetts Attorney General’s

Consumer Advocacy and

Response Division (CARD) at

(617) 727-8400.

To learn more about these

and other Registry of Deeds

events and initiatives, like us at or

follow us on


NorfolkDeeds. The Norfolk

County Registry of Deeds is located

at 649 High Street in Dedham.

It can be reached at (781)

461-6101, or at

Run Your Ads & Inserts With Us!

Call Lori Koller (508) 934-9608


to find out what your home is

worth today!

104 Orchard Street


7.23 Private Wooded Acres

82 Holliston St., Medway

(508) 533-5122

Joleen Rose, Realtor®


Cell: (508) 951-5909



February 2019 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages Page 27

Jodi Johnson

Real Estate Group

Associate Broker

Non-Intrusive Staging



34 Granite Street Medway


The Jodi Johnson Real Estate Group

has expanded to multiple states

including but not limited to FL, NC,

SC, TX & CA. We assist our clients in

selling their homes in New England

while coordinating their out-of-state

purchase. It doesn’t get any more

convenient than that!



5.897” x 10”

FIND US ON Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube




Junk Removal

& Light Demolition

- Great Service-

Reasonable Rates -



Here to brighten your day!


Welcome to Roscommon!

Roscommon in Walpole is conveniently located just two miles

from the town center and trains to Boston and Providence.

Featuring acres of open space, meadows, trails and woods, 17

of the 29 homes are already sold! Six home designs with 1st

and 2nd floor master bedroom from 2,100 to over 3,000+ s.f.

Homes developed and built by nationally acclaimed Whitman Homes,

celebrating our 25th Anniversary! For information or an appointment,

call Susan Bolgar at 508.668.0639 or email

GPS Location: 374 Fisher Street. New model home at 28 Emerald Way,

Walpole. View new homes under construction.

Model Open Sat - Wed, 10 AM - 4 PM or by Appt.

Prices starting from the $700s!


New Construction • Remodeling • Renewable Energy • Generators




Lisa Shestack


cell (617) 828-6466

26 Franklin Street, Wrentham, MA 02093

• Free Home Inspection*

• Free Home Warranty*

• Free Bank Appraisal*

You choose.

*To be reimbursed

at closing

(value up to $500)



O P E N !

More choice. More reason to call us.

Call 617-828-6466

Page 28 Medway & Millis Local Town Pages February 2019


(#1 in Total Homes Sold in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Source MLSpin)

Robin Spangenberg

Realtor ® , ABR, Prof. Stager, SRS

DIRECT: 508-277-4144

Jennifer Colella McMahon

Realtor®, Broker, ABR, CBR, LMC, CHS,


DIRECT: 774-210-0898

Laina Regan Kaplan

Realtor®, CBR

DIRECT: 508-577-3538



19 Oakland Street, Medway

Laina Kaplan

Beautiful Antique Colonial

Meticulously Maintained featuring

an Updated Kitchen. Showings

begin 2/24 at the

Open House 12-2 PM



7 Rose Road, Millis

Robin Spangenberg

Sophisticated, Custom Designed

Colonial with a Beautifully

Finished Basement.





5 Fairview Milford

Robin Spangenberg


12 Vernon Road, Medway

Laina Kaplan


21 Causeway Street, Millis

Robin Spangenberg


1 Bogastow Circle, Millis

Jennifer McMahon






107 Village St Millis

Robin Spangenberg


208 Orchard Street, Millis

Robin Spangenberg


3 Acorn Place, Franklin

Laina Kaplan


26 Oakview Circle Medway

Laina Kaplan


6 Hillview

2 Delmar

4 Hemlock

14 Sanford #41

159 Summer St

20 Stable Way

7 Legion Ave

The Early Spring Market is Upon Us!

Our Customized Services Help You Prepare Your Home

for Success on the Market.


58 Spencer St

419 Main St

4 Bayberry Cir

27 Crestview Dr

40 Auburn Rd

37 Lavender St

27 Bogastow Circle

Client Testimonial to Robin & Mark Spangenberg:

“Robin and Mark are truly the perfect team when it comes to buying an selling real estate in Millis! They helped us from start to

finish with selling our home and buying a new one (at the same time!). When we hit some bumps in the road they were there by

our side to help ease our nerves and get us through the process. They were available to talk night and day and really attended

to every detail. Their knowledge of the area and real estate in general combined with their dedication and incredible work ethic

make them an impossible team to beat.” – A. Stub itS, MilliS

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