NZPhotographer Issue 16, Feb 2019


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For the sake of aesthetics, a

shot always looks better and

more appealing to the eye if

it’s symmetrical. What does

that mean here? It means

that the second leaf should

have been in the frame.

That does not mean that the

main focused leaf should

not, by any means, be less in

the focus, it just means that

we should never crop out

the elements of the base of

our shot (in this photo, the



Last but not least - the

background. While the

shallow DOF does a pretty

good job of masking out

the distracting objects in

our scene, there are still

some objects that are not

far enough away from

our main focused object

to be completely blurred

out, but yet they’re not

close enough (or important

enough) to be focused

crisply and to be the main

part of our scenery. These

objects almost always are a

distraction and interfere with

the harmony of the scene.

In this particular photo.

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