NZPhotographer Issue 16, Feb 2019


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In this issue, we take to the air to

interview award-winning drone

photographer Petra Leary and

look down on her unique view of

New Zealand. Brendon takes us

on a Summer trip down memory

lane to photograph the iconic

Moeraki Boulders, and we go

to the Rodeo with Alan Blundell

in Behind The Shot. Meanwhile,

Richard shows us how to capture

the best long exposure shots,

get out there and give it a go

whilst the weather is good in the

Southern hemisphere!

On our quest to inspire 20,000

photographers by 2020, Ana

shares some inspiring words and

encourages you to always think

outside the box and be brave,

putting your work out there for critique in order to improve. This leads me

to mention the return of our revamped Expert Critique section, now called

the Photo Review Session which will be appearing periodically here in the

magazine but also over on the blog.

We know you're all out enjoying yourselves in the sunshine (camera in

hand, of course!) from how few readers' submissions we received this

month! Next month we'll be taking a look at the Love competition entries

(there's still time to enter!) but we look forward to seeing how and where

you all spent your Summer in future editions.

Emily Goodwin

Editor NZ Photographer

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NZPhotographer Issue 16

February 2019

Cover Photo

by Petra Leary


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