NZPhotographer Issue 16, Feb 2019


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They may not be your pride and joy, never seeing the

light of day on your website or social media feeds but

they are good enough for you to base your opinion

on, enabling you to see what works and what doesn’t.

Remember, you are not building your personal brand,

you are building your portfolio – Your photography is

not about you as a person, it’s about your work. Your

images are your ambassadors. Trust and respect will

come. Listen to what people say, select the most

useful feedback from what you hear and focus on

improving next time. It applies to everything you

do and everything you hear about your work. The

exchange of controversial ideas is necessary for the

intellectual and spiritual development of not just

photographers, but pretty much everyone.


When you start taking photos without consciously

seeking the approval of others i.e not only taking

photos that will get you more likes on social media,

you will start seeing things through your viewfinder

differently. You will no longer be bound by certain

trends, tastes, or techniques. You won’t need to

oversaturate your photographs or only take photos

with bright colours because that is what people like

more on Instagram. The person who is not afraid of

public opinion and judgement has more chance

of becoming a leader in our modern overcrowded

photography space.

So let your mind wander. Our expectations and

beliefs filter the way we see the world, constricting our

awareness to the known and expected and that is a

killer when it comes to photography and creativity as

a whole.


Being a good photographer is not just about being

open to breaking the rules, but about the way you see

things. Use your imagination and let your eyes roam

over the shapes, colours, lines and textures. Break

the rules. Once you start making a habit of thinking

outside of the box, it will become your natural way of

seeing things. Remember that the best thing about

photography is that there are no bounds, anything is

possible and the unexpected is welcome.

February 2019


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