February 2019 Issue 55 features rapper Shay D's industry advice, new music from Leanne Louise and interviews with urban singers Karina Nistal and Danielle Bellas.

February 2019 Issue 55 features rapper Shay D's industry advice, new music from Leanne Louise and interviews with urban singers Karina Nistal and Danielle Bellas.


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It’s It’s not not about about the the destination, destination,

just just the the journey journey we’re we’re and and

this this present present moment. moment.

Believe Believe in in yourself. yourself.

- Danielle - Danielle Bellas Bellas O

A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e i s a g l o b a l m o n t h l y m u s i c p u b l i c a t i o n

w h i c h i s f r e e t o r e a d o n l i n e a n d a v a i l a b l e f o r o n d e m a n d

p r i n t p u r c h a s e s . W e f e a t u r e a l l s t y l e s o f m u s i c a n d v a r i o u s

l a n g u a g e s i n t h e m a g a z i n e , e a c h p i e c e i s a n e x p r e s s i o n o f

w h a t o u r w r i t e r s a n d f e a t u r e d a r t i s t s w i s h t o s h o w . W e d o

n o t h a v e s e t r u l e s a n d a l l o w t h e w o r d s t o c o m e n a t u r a l l y

w i t h f e w e d i t s . A r t i c l e s a r e n o t c o n s t r a i n e d t o s i m p l y m u s i c

- w e l i k e t o b e b r o a d i n t h e w a y w e e x p r e s s o u r p a s s i o n a n d

i n c l u d e a v a r i e t y o f t o p i c s i n c l u d i n g p o e t r y , f a s h i o n a n d

l i f e s t y l e . E a c h c h o s e n t o p i c w i l l r e fl e c t t h e t h o u g h t s o f t h e

w r i t e r a n d r e v o l v e a r o u n d m u s i c i n s o m e w a y . T h e

m a g a z i n e i s f r e e t o r e a d a s w e u n d e r s t a n d t h e d i ffi c u l t y i n

w h i c h c r e a t i v e i n d i v i d u a l s f a c e w h e n t r y i n g t o g o f a r , t h u s

w e w a n t t o h e l p t h e i r t a l e n t s r e a c h a s m u c h o f t h e w o r l d a s

p o s s i b l e . W e h a v e w o n d e r f u l p a r t n e r s , V i n y l F o r A C a u s e

b r i n g t o g e t h e r t h e i r f a v o u r i t e m u s i c i a n s w i t h a p e r c e n t a g e

o f p r o c e e d s g o i n g t o c h a r i t y , a n d , R i g h t C h o r d M u s i c w h o

h e l p t o p r o m o t e a n d d e v e l o p i n t e r e s t i n g i n d e p e n d e n t

m u s i c i a n s .

W e w i s h t o i n s p i r e m i n d s , e x p r e s s c r e a t i v i t y a n d r a d i a t e

o p t i m i s m t o t h e w o r l d t h r o u g h m u s i c .

w w w . A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e . c o m

"Music is much more than

sound. Music can be a

comforter, party maker,

career path or a way of


Ruby, Editor & Owner

"Music is much more than

sound. Music can be a

comforter, party maker,

career path or a way of


Rokuro, Associate Editor

"The birth of one's child is

the only feeling that

comes close to getting

lost in music."

Cessle, Associate Editor

"Music is a form of art

that reveals a truth in a

world full of mystery."

Sarah, Staff Writer

"No matter what's

happening in life, it's

usually great music will

keep you going."

Malachi, Staff Writer

"Music is life. It's a

universal language that

has no barriers. It unifies

people around the world.

It brings people joy."

Andy, Staff Writer

"Music & love are the

same things really. If kids

grew up with music in

their lives, then their lives

would always be filled

with love."

David, Associate Editor

"The moment you feel

happy about music, that is

the very essence of it.

Being in the vibes and

understanding what music

has for your soul."

Steve, Staff Writer

"Music is the way I see the


Mary, Brand Ambassador

"It's an escape, a relaase, a

chance to write how I feel

and allow other readers to

relate. Music has saved

me many times."

Jessie, Staff Writer

"Music is love, you can

feel it. Music binds people

together, ending war and

bringing peace to the


Ashna, Creative Assistant

"Music is a material

artwork of my dreams that

inspires me to overcome

difficulties of everyday

life. I admire people who

can make it!"

Tamara, Brand Ambassador

"You know you are a

music addict when you

get a natural high when

you hear a tune you love!"

Christina, Vice President

"Music is my Truth.

Techno is my Heart. Love

the mediator that led to a

connected, liberating,

beautiful, surrender to my

inner peace."

Sharm, Staff Writer

Thanks to:

Danielle Bellas


Grounded PR

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Kinesen Records

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Leanne Louise photography by

Nitin Lutch

Karina Nistal photography by

Ludmilla Muse

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12 Danielle Bellas

15 Industry Advice with Shay D

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18 You Will Never

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Hi Guys & Dolls...

A s o f t , e l e g a n t p h o t o o f D a n i e l l e B e l l a s a d o r n s t h e f r o n t c o v e r w i t h s i g n a t u r e -

s t y l e d t e x t p l a c e d a c r o s s h e r s h o u l d e r . T h e b a c k c o v e r e x t e n d s t h e c r e a m

b r i c k w o r k o f t h e b a c k g r o u n d . T h i s m o n t h I ’ m h o o k e d o n ‘ B a d d e s t ’ b y A m e l i a

M o n e t f e a t u r i n g E O , h e r s w e e t t o n e s a g a i n s t h i s s m o o t h h u s k i n e s s i s g o r g e o u s .

F l a v a D r e l e a s e s h e r d e b u t D n B t r a c k ‘ R e t u r n T o M e ’ w h i c h i s a c h a r m i n g

b l e n d o f h a r d b e a t s a n d g e n t l e b e a u t y . F i n a l l y , K e r r a n g ! R a d i o a n d D o w n l o a d

F e s t i v a l h a v e t e a m e d u p t o g i v e r o c k b a n d s t h e c h a n c e t o p e r f o r m a t t h e m a j o r

e v e n t w i t h t h e F i n d i n g F r e s h B l o o d c o m p e t i t i o n , c h e c k o u t t h e K e r r a n g ! R a d i o

w e b s i t e f o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n .

I n t h i s i s s u e : S t a y W a r m w i t h S t e v e , h e s h a r e s t h i s p o s i t i v e s o n g f r o m G e o r g e

T a y l o r i n s p i r i n g u s t o k e e p g o i n g w h a t e v e r c o m e s o u r w a y . “ I j u s t k n e w i t w a s

n o w o r n e v e r t o g i v e t h i s d r e a m a g o . “ W e c h a t w i t h R n B s i n g e r D a n i e l l e B e l l a s

a s s h e p u r s u e s h e r d r e a m s a n d s h a r e s p o s i t i v e a ffi r m a t i o n s i n h e r m u s i c . K e e p

y o u r i n t e g r i t y , s a y s H i p H o p a r t i s t S h a y D a s s h e s h a r e s l e s s o n s s h e h a s l e a r n e d

t h r o u g h h e r c a r e e r . L e a n n e L o u i s e t a k e s u s b e h i n d t h e s c e n e s a s s h e r e l e a s e s

h e r n e w s o u l f u l s i n g l e , d e s c r i b i n g t h e o v e r a l l p r o c e s s a s w e l l a s t h e p i c t u r e s q u e

m u s i c v i d e o fi l m e d i n Z a n t e , G r e e c e . F i n d o u t a b o u t t h e e v e n t w h i c h b r i n g s

t o g e t h e r g o o d m u s i c a n d g o o d b e e r w i t h C r a f t B e e r R i s i n g i n S h o r e d i t c h ,

L o n d o n . “ I w a s b e t w e e n 5 a n d 6 y e a r s o l d … I r e m e m b e r s i t t i n g i n t h e b a c k o f

m y m o m ' s B u i c k s i n g i n g t o e v e r y s o n g t h a t c a m e o n t h e r a d i o . “ A s u r b a n

s o u l s t r e s s K a r i n a N i s t a l r e l e a s e s a n e w a l b u m , b l e n d i n g L a t i n a n d m o d e r n

i n fl u e n c e s , s h e t a l k s t o u s a b o u t h e r j o u r n e y . B r i n g i n g f o r t h m a n y o f t h e I b i z a

f a i t h f u l , C e s s l e s h a r e s t h e e x c i t i n g l i n e - u p f o r M u s i c O n F e s t i v a l A m s t e r d a m .

W e ' v e g o t y o u r e v e n t s g u i d e , s h o w l i s t i n g s a n d m u s i c f r o m D e a n G r a n t , J S

O n d a r a , E n i g m a , W e s T h o m a s a n d J e n n y T e a t o r .

R u b y x

C o n n e c t w i t h u s :

F a c e b o o k / A u d i a t i o n M a g a z i n e

T w i t t e r @ A u d i a t i o n M a g

6 www.AudationMagazine.com



S u b s c r i b e f o r f r e e t o g a i n p r i o r i t y

a c c e s s t o n e w m a g a z i n e e d i t i o n s

b e f o r e t h e g e n e r a l p u b l i c . W e a i m t o

p r o v i d e u n i q u e m i n d s w i t h t h e b e s t

p o s s i b l e e x p o s u r e , t h i s i s w h y o u r

m a g a z i n e s a r e a v a i l a b l e t o r e a d a t n o

c o s t .

O u r e x c l u s i v e f e a t u r e s h a v e i n c l u d e d

N e e v , B r e a c h , T o m o r r o w l a n d f e s t i v a l ,

E s k u c h e & N u S k y , M a t v e y E m e r s o n ,

J u s t H e r , F r e e m a s o n s a n d M i n i s t r y o f

S o u n d M a u r i t i u s .

W e a r e a p r o u d v o i c e f o r t h e c r e a t i v e

s e c t o r a n d s u p p o r t I n d e p e n d e n t t a l e n t .

w w w . a u d i a t i o n m a g a z i n e . c o m / s u b s c r i b e


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Stay Warm

Alo! Ki maniyer?

Just want to share a song for this issue, which soothed my #fridaymood

with its nice vocals. Stay Warm from George Taylor, a random and warm


The song starts with Taylor's nice voice, and all throughout the song the

main focus remains on the vocals; while in the background the piano is

sustaining the chords and supported by low drumming throughout the

verses. The chorus gets a changing note with the bass line, which adds an

interesting groove.

My insights when listening to Taylor's Stay Warm, is really get to the basics;

choosing to embrace life and keeping oneself ready to live another life

experience. Besides changing seasons, moods, lives or experiences, keep

your heart beating. Keep going whatever comes your way.

A warm encounter on a busy Friday, reminding myself of moving forward

and smiling while sharing happiness around.

Be blessed and showered with positive vibes people!




T h e r e ' s s o m u c h u n c e r t a i n t y i n

o u r l i v e s , w e c a n o f t e n q u e s t i o n

w h y w e a r e g o i n g t h r o u g h t h e s e

c h a l l e n g e s a n d s o m e t i m e s w e

c a n f e e l s o a l o n e .

J u s t r e m e m b e r y o u a r e n e v e r

a l o n e a n d n o t h i n g c a n k e e p y o u

f r o m e x p e r i e n c i n g w h a t i s

m e a n t f o r y o u .

W h e n y o u fi n a l l y g e t t h r o u g h i t ,

y o u r e a l i z e w h y y o u h a d t o g o

t h r o u g h i t a n d h o w y o u a r e s o

m u c h b e t t e r b e c a u s e o f i t a l l .

N o t h i n g i s i n v a i n .

I t ' s a l l a p a r t o f o u r h u m a n

e x p e r i e n c e . # j o u r n e y

- K a r i n a N i s t a l

Danielle Bellas

Her delightfully sweet voice and

warm husky tones swirl around your

ears. We first discovered Danielle

Bellas at the beginning of 2018 with

her sultry RnB song ‘Starship’. This is

officially her debut single released

for the public, although it is

interesting to check out her

unreleased work - one most notable

is ‘Be That Somebody Else’ which

shares a different side of her,

assertive and seductive. 2018 was a

big year for the singer as she

delivered three successful singles.

The latest being ‘I Got This’, a

statement piece, with a strong theme

of positivity and self-love. It is a song

which holds your hand through dark

times, telling you to breathe and have

faith in yourself. We were able to chat

with Danielle Bellas about her


Tell us about yourself and how you

got into music.

I’ve always been obsessed with music

and grew up listening to, and imitating,

the likes of Janet Jackson, Brandy,

Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Aaliyah

and TLC. 90s R&B was my jam! My

musical journey started when my

cousin introduced me to his friend,

who was a local music manager, and

he took me into a studio where I cowrote

and recorded my first single at

the age of 16. That gave me a taste for

it and started the ball rolling, but my

parents definitely encouraged

education and a steady career over

music! I joined a girl group when I was

18, stayed in that for 2 years whilst I

was at university, then kept writing and

recording whilst working a 9-5 until I

decided to prioritise my music and

really back myself, and now here I am,

with my 3rd single out!

You ditched the corporate lifestyle

for creativity - how was that process

for you, and what would you tell

anyone who is in the same position

wanting to break free?

My whole department was made

redundant so I didn’t exactly leave my

job with any kind of plan or any

contacts to help, I just knew it was now

or never to give this dream a go. So

initially it was hard to know what to

focus on, it was tough at times to stay

positive and it was a huge learning

curve. It also took a while to adjust to

the new lifestyle and it means you have

to be so self-motivated and

disciplined, which I sometimes

struggle with! What’s been amazing,

however, is having the flexibility to

travel, write, record, and you can

prioritise what you want and not have

to answer to anyone. I would advise

anyone else thinking of quitting the

corporate life to make sure you have

a goal in mind and a rough plan, along

with the contacts you need to hit the

ground running and keep the

momentum up. Get yourself to a music

conference as soon as you can, to

educate yourself on the industry and

to network. The events can give you so

much insight and help you formulate

12 www.AudationMagazine.com


that plan and work out what to focus

on moving forward. Also, make sure

you have another source of income or

enough money saved to take the

pressure off of the music. That’s what

I’ve found recently - there is so much

pressure on the music to provide an

income that it can strip a lot of the joy

from it. There are definitely a lot of

things I would do differently if I could

do the last few years over!

Your latest song ‘I Got This’ is really

powerful, can you tell us the

inspiration and aims behind this


I’d been experimenting with positive

affirmations and loved the idea of

creating a song based around them,

that makes someone feel empowered

and uplifted when they listen to it. ‘I

Got This’ has a message of positivity,

promotes self-belief and explores the

idea of changing a negative thought

or emotion into ‘I Got This’. There’s so

much negativity in the world right now

and it’s so easy to get caught up in it.

Music has always been a healer for me,

so I’m hoping this song can remind

people that there’s always something

beautiful to focus on, something to be

grateful for and a different way of

looking at things, including ourselves.

Your music shares a lot of positive

messages, we would love you to share

some inspiring words on life with us.

listen to on YouTube most days (and

who I highly encourage you to seek out

if you’re looking for some inspiration).

However, I have learned over the last

couple of years to view life as a

journey. It’s really not about the

destination, there is no end point to

strive to get towards, just the journey

we’re on and this present moment, so

it’s important to enjoy it and not take

it too seriously. And finding your tribe

is hugely important too - the people

that you can be your authentic self

around and not feel judged by. Those

that inspire you, cheer you on, let you

shine and encourage you to be the best

version of yourself possible.

What’s your advice for aspiring


Network, network, network! Who you

know is so important. Don’t compare

yourself to others, everyone is on their

own journey and comparing the start

of yours to someone else who is 5 years

in is pointless and can be so damaging.

Hone your writing skills and find others

to co-write with. There are some great,

educational music seminars out there

which cover the business side of the

industry and are also great for

networking and finding others to write

with, so look for any near you and

invest in yourself and your education.

Well, I don’t profess to be any kind of

guru or have any answers to life

worked out, and I get a lot of my

inspiration from Abraham Hicks that I

14 www.AudationMagazine.com

Lastly, believe in yourself and become

your biggest cheerleader!

Determination and motivation is so

important, never give up and keep

yourself in the game - You Got This!

What’s your favourite memory of

your career and what are your future


Filming the ‘Starship’ music video was

such a fun experience and one of my

favourite memories for sure. Being

interviewed live on BBC London Radio

was also a huge moment for me,

especially because my family were

together in London listening in. Also

reaching No. 13 on the Music Week

Urban Club Chart with ‘Take a Minute’

was a MASSIVE achievement!

This year I’ll be releasing my album,

I’ve got some new remixes coming out

and I’m looking forward to writing and

recording some new material and

seeing what direction that goes in. So

watch this space!

Any last words?

Thanks so much for your support! Keep

an eye out for my album that will be

dropping in the next few months and

always remember, You Got This!






Industry Advice with

Shay D

1. Be yourself.

2. Say yes to opportunities before you say no. (You can

always change your mind, but not the other way.)

3. Keep creating.

4. Don’t be shy. (I’m still working on this.)

5. Don’t waste time building businesses that are not


6. Keep your integrity. (Personally to you.)

7. Surround yourself with positivity & pro-active

people. (But, genuine.)

8. Trust your gut. (I put it in a song for a reason!)

9. Do other things that keep you inspired. (Running

youth projects & an event kept me buzzing and I got to

meet other people.)

10. Be polite & respectful. (To everyone, you don’t know

who is going through what or if you’ll meet again later in

your journey.)

11. Don’t compare your path to others.

Shay D is a Hip Hop artist from North London who expresses a strong sense of

empowerment, thought-provoking ideas and positivity in her music. She is

openly honest, and is not afraid to challenge conventions, using a meld of rap

and poetry as her tools.


16 www.AudationMagazine.com

" M u s i c , s u n s h i n e , s i n g i n g ,

t h e b e a c h , h i k i n g , s e e i n g m y

l o v e d o n e s h a p p y , s i m p l e

t h i n g s " K a r i n a N i s t a l



You Will Never

A sturdy piano base, confident vocals and a deep enticing atmosphere. Leanne

Louise presents her new song, together with Subaholc, titled ‘You Will Never’.

The production drops down into a lovely, rhythmic and flavourful mood from

the soulful beats. She gives off a sassy vibe with her honest attitude and

lyrics. I thought that you would be the one. The theme of picking yourself up

after a break up, feeling the pain but knowing that it is for the best. Baby,

I’m drowning. The chorus is catchy and gets you singing along, this sits

alongside a hip-wiggling tune.

Ideas and inspiration...

So I wrote this song back in January 2018, at the time I really wanted to create

a song that was empowering for anyone going through a break up, everyone

loves a song you can cry to but i didn't want to do that this time, i wanted a

singalong chorus, lyrics that you can relate to, but also verses displaying real

emotions that everyone feels at some point in their life to balance it out... The

inspiration behind the song and most of my songs is how I'm feeling at the

time of writing it... Most of what i write is personal to me and this one definitely


Production process...

It was actually really random and really quick when it came to the writing

process, Subaholic's had heard some of my music online and reached out, he

very professionally slid into the dms with lots of musical magic haha... He sent

me over some tracks and I just started vibing.

'You Will Never' was the second song I created with him. He's based in Cyprus

so I wrote and recorded this one at home in my humble abode. I wish I had a

more glamourous story but really it's just me sitting in my bedroom, a cup of

coffee, pyjamas, messy hair and a microphone.

The music video is simply picturesque with soft shades of pinks, blues and

yellows. The well-chosen locations, around the Greek island of Zante, are

works of art in their own right. Leanne sings amidst these wonderful sceneries

of exotic plants, the calm ocean, sturdy natural rock faces and charming

summery buildings. There is also the odd cameo of an abandoned digger in

the bare, sun-drenched landscape… Perhaps this reflects some deep meaning

of standing strong, wearing those marks of hurt, after much

18 www.AudationMagazine.com


hardship. It is also worth noting that the dress sense of this girl is just ultra

trendy. From a rough street edge of ripped jeans showing off gorgeous hips

to feminine sheer lace against flirty coral ruffles, there is so much colour and

fun. Essentially it is a simple visual piece of a singer performing against

various backdrops, though it is done beautifully and reflects the warmth of

the song.

The video...

Oh wow. What an experience. The video was shot, directed and edited by a

good friend of mine Nitin Lutch (Lutch Media) and his lovely assistant Charlie.

I had been invited out to Zante in Greece to perform for 2 weeks at Plaza Pallas

and he mentioned the idea of shooting a music video out there so I jumped

at the chance as I knew I had this single lined up and it really complements

the song! Shooting the video was absolutely incredible but I can't lie... it was

also super challenging, it was 35 degrees plus, so after each take we'd stop,

wipe the sweat off my face (sexy lol) and continue but at the same time waking

up at 5am to watch the sunrise in Greece as part of your job is such an incredible

blessing and the trip itself had many highs and lows, I get very homesick when

I travel but I met some great people out there that really helped me so thanks

guys! We also had the opportunity to shoot some scenes at Shipwreck beach

which was really fun! I have a few funny stories but I don't think they're reader

friendly ;)



Photography by Nitin Lutch

“ O u r d e e p e s t f e a r i s n o t t h a t w e

a r e i n a d e q u a t e . O u r d e e p e s t f e a r

i s t h a t w e a r e p o w e r f u l b e y o n d

m e a s u r e . I t i s o u r l i g h t , n o t o u r

d a r k n e s s t h a t m o s t f r i g h t e n s u s .

W e a s k o u r s e l v e s , ‘ W h o a m I t o b e

b r i l l i a n t , g o r g e o u s , t a l e n t e d ,

f a b u l o u s ? ’ A c t u a l l y , w h o a r e y o u

n o t t o b e ? Y o u r p l a y i n g s m a l l

d o e s n o t s e r v e t h e w o r l d . T h e r e i s

n o t h i n g e n l i g h t e n e d a b o u t

s h r i n k i n g s o t h a t o t h e r p e o p l e

w o n ’ t f e e l i n s e c u r e a r o u n d y o u .

W e a r e a l l m e a n t t o s h i n e , a s

c h i l d r e n d o . I t ’ s n o t j u s t i n s o m e

o f u s ; i t ’ s i n e v e r y o n e . A n d a s w e

l e t o u r o w n l i g h t s h i n e , w e

u n c o n s c i o u s l y g i v e o t h e r p e o p l e

p e r m i s s i o n t o d o t h e s a m e . A s w e

a r e l i b e r a t e d f r o m o u r o w n f e a r ,

o u r p r e s e n c e a u t o m a t i c a l l y

l i b e r a t e s o t h e r s . ”

O n e o f m y f a v o u r i t e q u o t e s b y

M a r i a n n e W i l l i a m s o n t h a t h a s

h a d a h u g e i m p a c t o n m e a n d i s

f e a t u r e d a t t h e e n d o f m y v i d e o

f o r ‘ T a k e a M i n u t e ’ .

- D a n i e l l e B e l l a s


21 - 23 FEBRUARY


Artisanal brews and incredible music, the UKs biggest craft beer festival hits

London, UK for three fun-filled days. The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch

play hosts to Craft Beer Rising on 21 - 23 February. The brand aims to celebrate

and unite the country’s skilled craftsmen, and increase interest for local

brewers. The event includes music from Groove Armada’s Tom Findley, The

Cuban Brothers, BBC Introducing’s Jaguar and Boca 45. Along with great music,

the festival will showcase 155 breweries and a variety of tasty street food.

The carefully curated line-up covers a range of immersive sounds from house to

disco, downtempo to dub, world music, fusion and plenty more at Truman Brewery

on London’s iconic Brick Lane. It comes from giants of the scene including Tom

Findlay, who will be presenting the Loose Joints show he hosts on Soho Radio.

It finds one half of multi-million record selling Groove Armada play more world

music, disco and influences tracks as well as his usual trademark house sound.

22 www.AudationMagazine.com

Expect him to pump the party next to the always playful Cuban Brothers who

bring plenty of Caribbean funk to proceedings. Don Letts, meanwhile, is a pivotal

figure from the post punk and dub scene who will roll out the heavy rhythms,

Jaguar is a new music and pop culture aficionado who hosts an influential show

on Radio 1, and Pete Paphides is a life-long record obsessive, music journalist

and documentary maker for the likes of 6 Music and BBC Radio 4. For rich world

music sounds look no further than Norsicaa, the Soundway Records label manager

and globe trotting DJ who hosts on Soho Radio and NTS. Add in acid house, jazz

funk and afro dealing record label and DJ collective 45 live (who bring with them

Andy Smith, Boca 45 and Pete Isaac) and The London Disco Society who cover all

corners of the genre from old to new, plus Smirnoff’s Equalising Music talent and

funk infused, soulful house and disco selector Eva Crystaltips and you have a

colourful spread of sounds that will make the whole festival that bit more special.

This year's CBR boasts more beer, food and DJs than ever before. In all there will

be 178 stands and 155 of the finest breweries in the game at this world famous

and annual gathering. It is a place to whet your whistle with the world’s best

breweries newest brews. For that reason, CBR is the UK’s biggest and best loved

craft ale festival with more than 12,000 visitors expected in 2019.



Karina Nistal

The urban singer from Houston, US is

constantly developing her sound and

having fun with her passion. Karina

Nistal shares a beautiful fusion of her

Latin roots together with modern

influences in her music. Opening her

arms to embrace the world, delving

deep into her creative subconscious,

exploring life and its meaning - she is

inspirational. An overflowing

abundance of Love and Light is given

directly from her heart.

‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ is the new album

from this divine soulstress, which

was successfully crowdfunded and

released digitally, together with a

forthcoming vinyl pressing. We enter

with ‘Good Sound’, a sombre depth

and contemporary jazz production

swirl around her strong vocal tones.

Sometimes my own soul gets the best

of me. ’Sueno’ is a delightfully

traditional Spanish piece with a

relaxed atmosphere and hazy vocals.

There is a lovely, subtle elegance of

the twinkling piano and hum of brass.

‘Down 4U’ has a loving aura through

her reflections together with

glittering notes, almost with a

sensual air. It was always you, and

only you. ‘Pure Vida’ has a

wonderfully bright sensation with a

funky, soulful rhythm and

charismatic lyrics of love. Amor.

‘Gozar’ brings the fiesta with

flavourful tones, a trendy synth,

bouncy rhythm and a little sassy spark

of her vocals.

24 www.AudationMagazine.com

This album is a perfect representation

of everything Karina embodies. A

range of pop, hip hop and soul; both

English and Spanish lyrics;

spontaneous and chilled mood

phases; and words of optimism and

the heart. That special something. Her

unique Je Ne Sais Quoi. Magic. This

incredible album was the product of

a tremulous year for Karina as she

made the KaRAGEous decision of

leaving her job, to further pursue her

dreams. She really is Living Proof!

Karina Nistal kindly shares her

journey with us...

Tell us how you got into music, when

was the very first moment you

realised you wanted to sing?

I was between 5 and 6 years old when

I first got into music. My parents had

me in piano and ballet lessons. I

remember sitting in the back of my

mom's Buick singing to every song that

came on the radio - Miami Sound

Machine was my favorite! I think I was

about 7 when I realized I really wanted

to sing.

What were the ideas & inspiration

behind this new album?

I wanted to write an album that showed

all of my music influences. I wanted to

share the high points as well as the low

points. I took a trip to Paris with my

mom and I loved the term "Je Ne Sais

Quoi". It felt kinda like being a diamond

with it's own niche but, since a

diamond is multifaceted, it can reveal


eing a diamond with it's own niche

but, since a diamond is multifaceted,

it can reveal all its sides depending on

how the light shines on it. (I hope this

makes sense) But it was intended to

be a thoughtful and multifaceted

piece of work. Since I'd gone through

ankle surgery shortly after, there were

also some songs that were reflective

and hopeful. I found it to be

therapeutic to write these songs

during a super vulnerable time, and it

helped me find healing.

Can you describe the music industry

in Houston?

There isn't a big music industry in

Houston but there is an amazing music

scene. There are so many beautiful,

raw, and diverse talents! I am so

fortunate to have grown up here and

have been exposed to it all. It's a city

where you can work hard and get

yourself noticed. We call it "Hustle


Don't let anyone make you doubt

yourself. Keep practicing, keep

plugging, and keep singing!

Favourite moment in the music


My favorite moment was being

discovered at the Latin Billboards

Music Conference and getting sent on

tour with my band to perform for the

military in the Middle East!




Favourite singer? Or artists in music

who have influenced you?

I have to start with Ms. Lauryn Hill, The

Fugees, Erykah Badu, Selena, Celia

Cruz, Lisa Lisa, Prince, La India, Stevie

Wonder, Michael Jackson, the Doors,

Stevie Nicks, Sade, Gloria Estefan,

SWV, En Vogue, and even some new

school artists like Syd from The

Internet, Mac Miller (RIP), and

Anderson Paak

What is your advice to aspiring



Photography by Ludmilla Muse

" M y f r i e n d s , f a m i l y , l o v e ,

s w i m m i n g i n t h e o c e a n ,

d a n c i n g , m y f a v o u r i t e s o n g s ,

l i v e m u s i c , b e i n g i n n a t u r e ,

c u t e a n i m a l s . . . a n d s o m u c h

m o r e ! " D a n i e l l e B e l l a s




The weekend of May 11 & 12th sees Music On descend on the city of Amsterdam,

bringing forth many of the Ibiza faithful for another edition of this iconic music

affair. Underground music legend Marco Carola will be joined by acclaimed

industry heavyweights Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers, Loco Dice, Paco

Osuna, Nic Fanciulli, Danny Teneglia and many more for the 3rd edition of this

spectacular event. Amsterdam is only the 1st leg of a tour that sees the brand

take its story to London, New York, Miami, Detroit, & Las Vegas before returning

to Ibiza for their 8th annual residency on the white isles of Ibiza.

M U S I C O N F E S T I V A L 1 1 - 1 2 M A Y 2 0 1 9

H A V E N P A R K , A M S T E R D A M

Music On was founded by Marco Carola to let the music speak for the experience,

instead of deluding visitors to hollow phrases and overhyped artists. It meant

a landmark change for the nightlife in Ibiza. He will be joined by Hot Creations’

founder Jamie Jones who’s signature sound has influenced many new acts on

his label. The entertaining Martinez Brothers are among the most

recognizable Music On residents with their energetic blend of house and

techno. And, to finish off, the first row of label managing guests

is Desolat’s captain Loco Dice known to many across the globe for its memorable

nights in Ibiza. Music On premiered its 1st weekend festival back in 2017, with

tickets selling out in a matter of moments, it became almost an overnight

success managing to entice the purest of house & techno music fans.

L I N E - U P

A P O L L O N I A - J A M I E J O N E S - L O C O D I C E - M A R C O C A R O L A

N I C F A N C I U L L I - T H E M A R T I N E Z B R O T H E R S - P A C O O S U N A

A N T O N I O P I C A - D A N N Y T E N A G L I A - H E C T O R - J E S S E


J O E Y D A N I E L - M A R C O F A R A O N A - N E V E R D O G S - O X I A

P I G & D A N - S E C R E T C I N E M A B 2 B E G B E R T - S T E V E L A W L E R

Havenpark, the futuristic urban green area, lends its distinctive landscape to

this year’s festival again and with the month of May tending to be a month of

good Dutch weather, Music On Festival 2019 is gearing up to be a big one.








Her vivid,

passionate voice really

grabs you. Husky thoughts

against feverish high notes.

The story of anguish and a

distressed heart is told. The

gentle piano and steady

beat offering a little


Halsey - Without Me

Mark Ronson ft Miley Cyrus -

Nothing Breaks Like a Heart


Miley’s turn into country music recently.

This displays her rough, raspy vocal tones

and distinct southern US accent. The upbeat

pop track features nice rhythmic guitars.

The lyrics speak of the pretty lies and

broken silence of a tragic romance.


’Snowing’ by Enigma is a nice, modern love song. You used to be my angel.

The fresh production style is really on trend right now with that casual,

nonchalant house sound. The vocals are smooth in the chorus, yearning for

assurance of her love, if she’ll be there even through those cold and dark

times. I just wanna know if your loyalty’s real. The verses switch to a raw

tone in the voice, spilling his emotions and sharing his honesty.

After racking up impressive numbers on previous releases, Enigma enters

2019 with a whole bag of vibes on new record 'Snowing'. A name you may

not be familiar with yet, Enigma is an artist, director and overall creative

that has slowly been building his profile over the past year. Picking up over

130,000 streams on past singles 'Move Move' and 'Scoring', without any

major backing or playlist additions, Enigma's presence and fanbase is

growing organically with each release. Bringing smooth and melodic vocals

on the hook and a faultless flow over the bouncy afro bashment inspired

instrumental, 'Snowing' is his third single release, and his sixth self directed


After opening for the likes of Mo The Comedian, Young Adz, 23 Unofficial,

Kenny Allstar and more in 2018, this year Enigma vows to make his

presence in the UK music scene more official, with 'Snowing' already

climbing the Itunes Hip Hop Charts only a day after the release. With more

singles in the pipeline as well as an official project and headline show all in

the works for this year, Enigma is an artist to add to your 2019 playlists!


32 www.AudationMagazine.com


Smooth & sexy.




‘J’aimerais’ by Dean Grant holds a wonderful charming

presence. The gorgeous notes from the jazz orchestra flutter in

the air. The lively rhythm takes your hand, twirling you around

the room in a joyous dance. A suave serenade is delivered in

the beautiful French dialect, a voice reflecting the spontaneous

moment of gusto. T’es là dans le noir. You’re here in the dark.

The flirtatious theme of the lyrics speak of desires and

increasing romantic curiosity. Pris au dépourvu. Caught off


Producer and recording artist Dean Grant debuts with a strong,

vintage orientated, pop album, produced for the international

music scene. For this album, The French Recording

Sessions, Dean Grant surrounded himself with leading people

from within the French music industry, ensuring an authentic

approach and convincing final sound.

For more than two years in the making, the album has been

intentionally set up musically in relationship to the 1950s by

using equipments and know-how from within that area. By

producing this album, Dean Grant succeeded in bringing his

musical jazz roots together with his French trail.

Dean Grant bases his music – and the accompanying design –

on the 1950s. ‘Although every time sheet knows its pros and

cons, we currently seem to be temporarily living in a period

where little is looked at each other and in which little use is

made of decency standards and etiquettes. This is unfortunate,

because certainly the absence of the latter, creates a life

comparable to a life without music and art. Just by looking at

Cary or Sean, makes you wonder what went wrong in the years

after’, he says, continuing, ‘operating in a stylish fifties

entourage makes everyday life bearable and most importantly



34 www.AudationMagazine.com


The ‘Believe EP’ by Wes Thomas shares a lovely, light feelgood tone. The

chilled vibes ooze through warmly. Soulful beats get your body moving.

Soft, sweet and innocent vocals delight the ears. The break teases a darker,

playful side into the mix. The Tuff Culture edit gives a bumpy, choppy twist

to this track.

House and UK Garage orientated dance tracks are catered to those who like

their soulful grooves and incredible vocals with the added dance floor feel

that Wes Thomas & Tuff Culture perfected brillianlty.

The original track produced by Wes Thomas, a raising Producer / Dj from

Birmingham has been making some noise over the last 18 months with his

bubbly grooves and rolling bass lines. Wes has been releasing regularly with

various labels over the last 2 years and now see’s his work being recognised

by arguable one of Birmingham’s biggest underground label’s in Four40.

The remix has been crafted and delivered by the talents of Tuff Culture

another Birmingham prolific Producer. Tuff crafted this UK Garage version of

the track to compliment the original and did a profound job as he usual

does. With years of experience in the game and regular support from the

likes of Dj EZ, DJ Target and Groove Armada just to name a few it was only

right to get the talents of Tuff Culture to co-sign the release.


36 www.AudationMagazine.com

‘Caramel’ by Burnie has a lovely, warm feel

in each track. First track ‘Caramel Colour’

takes you back to pleasant summer

memories with its delightful tone, the blend

of vocals warm you further with a notion of

love. Second track ‘Cloudy Soul’ steps

things up a notch with a lively and fun little

beat. This track offers big drama. On one

side, it is beautifully paired with passionate

vocals and climactic rises in an atmospheric

air. Yet, on the flip side, there is playful use

of choppy cuts, a sneaky bass wobble and

powerful silence. A Kobe JT remix of this

track is also included with his moody and

minimal take.

Downplay is proud to present the new EP

from Macau-based producer Burnie.

‘Caramel Colour’ evokes the classic era of

UKG with a tough 2-step rhythm providing

the backbone for jazzy keys and saccharine

vocals against bubbling bass, a combination

that feels old and new at the same time.

‘Cloudy Soul’ ups the tempo but relaxes the

vibe with a truly blissful UK Garage roller,

complete with soothing keys and diva

vocals for a little ray of sunshine that makes

your heart yearn for summertime. Up and

coming Guildford-based producer Kobe JT

steps up for the remix, turning ‘Cloudy Soul’

into a thumping new UKG thriller.



‘Deep Freeze VIP’ by Toronto Is Broken ft Cianna Blaze is fierce! The tough,

hard bass throws dirty grit straight in your face. No remorse. The gnarly

shouts of voices further add thrilling excitement into the mix. Fast and

heavy beats, complete with dark wobbles. It ain’t pretty.

After the success of his sophomore album “You Are (Not) Alone” which

came out on Viper Recordings in the May of 2018, Toronto Is Broken is

back and eager to unveil some new music!

Originally written as an exclusive for his Renegade Hardware residency

shows, Toronto Is Broken is storming into the new year with the VIP mix

of his 2016 track “Deep Freeze” which featured London rapper and

regular Maxim (The Prodigy) collaborator, Cianna Blaze.

A tale of the apocalypse, this Drum & Bass heater holds no prisoners with

its relentless Amen drums and catastrophic reese bassline. These

elements combined in the dance are destined to send the Richter scale

off the charts!


38 www.AudationMagazine.com

Sexy DnB.

Melancholy of the



‘American Dream’ by JS Ondara is a delightful and intriguing song. A

gentle, soulful country production lulls you. Stunning string

harmonies add beauty and charm, a steady pace keeping your feet on

the ground. The vocals shine brilliantly, with a unique and prominent

African accent together with an ending of a more spirited tone - this

American Dream is somewhat a contradiction. A dark tale is painted,

no running away, lover don’t make a sound, the ghost from the river is


Rising Nairobi-born and Minneapolis-based artist J.S.

Ondara announces the release of his debut album ‘Tales of America’,

out on 15 February 2019 on Verve.

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Ondara fell in love with Bob

Dylan and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota when he was 20 to

pursue a career as a singer-songwriter. He began making his way in the

local music scene, continually writing songs about what he saw, felt

and experienced in a place far different from home. His debut

album, ‘Tales of America’, is an examination of the American Dream

from an outsider’s perspective; an introspection on a universal matter.

The completely acoustic album was produced by Grammynominated

Mike Viola(Ryan Adams, Jenny Lewis) and recorded at

Boulevard Recording and East West Studios in Los Angeles. All lyrics

were written by Ondara and the album features collaborations with

artists including Andrew Bird, Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith of Dawes

and Joey Ryan of The Milk Carton Kids.

Of the album, Ondara explains, “When I came to America five years

ago, all I wanted to do was to make a record. I had no leads, no

knowledge of how to go about it, I couldn’t even play the guitar at the

time. But I loved records so much and I had this dream that someday

perhaps, I’d make one of my own. Many a times along the way, I was

dealt with challenges that made me doubt my path, but I was too far

from home to turn back, so I forged forward. The journey has been

long but also short, tumultuous but also exciting. This record is a

documentation of my time in America; a deliberation on the times and

a search for wisdom and the American Dream. I hope you will all enjoy

it as much as I do.”


40 www.AudationMagazine.com


‘Surrender’ by Jenny Teator is full of heat! Your love’s a sin. The theme of

surrendering to love ignites a fire inside, the passion and intensity rising.

Everything that I knew, I’m starting to doubt. Her wild, rebellious attitude

bursts through with bold and sexy vocal notes. The kickass rock bass and

lively beat raises the excitement.

Jenny Teator is a St. Louis native who’s made her move to Nashville sharing

her soul through her guitar and vocals. Performing for over a decade,

Teator’s music shows her strength and confidence both in solo shows,

collaborations, or when she performed with her long-term group Jenny

Teator and the Fevers – a sexy blues/rock band that rocked Columbia,

Missouri for years. Inspired by singers Grace Potter and Susan Tedeschi,

Teator has a very straight forward lyrical style and the music follows the

feelings of those words verbatim.

“Surrender is about lust and curiosity. It talks about the primal want you get

when someone comes into your life and they leave you wanting MORE. It’s

more than just “I’m attracted to you”. It was this powerful gut feeling that

took over my body, creating thoughts of what it could be like with this

person. I think we are quick to disregard those moments and immediately

feel “dirty” or “wrong” for thinking those thoughts. I’m saying, embrace it.

We are only human. The possibilities are endless y’all.” Jenny Teator


42 www.AudationMagazine.com

‘Born Again’ by AirLab7 & EAM is uplifting. The energetic main section gets

you up and dancing. The light break is atmospheric and whirls delightfully

in the air. There is a good feeling throughout this piece.

Continuing the huge success of their 2018 debut on Infrasonic

Pure, AirLab7 & EAM return with another slice of heavenly uplifting trance

in the form of 'Born Again'. After the runaway success of their debut single

'Voice of the Desert' picked up major support, 'Born Again' is set to continue

that momentum. Packed with another divine melody, bags of energy and

effortlessly oozing that lush, warm Infrasonic Pure sound throughout.



The ‘Kinesia Vol.2’ compilation by Kinesen Records is an enchanting display

of their work. Each track is beautifully crafted with such detail surrounded

by deep, emotive atmosphere. From the hard excitement of ‘Setkh’ to the

enthralling thoughtfulness of ‘Border or retro trip of ‘Blitz’, this is a really

diverse set of sounds.

Kinesen finally reaches release number 25 and we decided to celebrate it

with a V/A compilation including ten original tracks and also introducing

four new artists.

Between the new faces we present Mittens, UK producer currently based in

Melbourne who offers up 'Setkh', an incredible space trip followed thought

powerful techno drums creating a unique ambience. Fabio Caria is also

making his debut on Kinesen. Hailing from Sardinia, he's currently living in

Berlin and for this compilation Fabio shows up an electronic track with

several minimal techno and breaks & beats influences. Artiglio is a Swiss DJ

and producer, previously known as Raimond Ford. New on Kinesen, he's

making his strong launch closing the compilation with a wide progressive

techno track revealing introspective and dark textures. LVTECE is the new

duo name of Parsifal and Helas and we welcome them for their first

contribution on Kinesen. The two Parisians drop a fascinating track at times

ethnic and afro house called 'Konnichiwa'. Our Berlin based

boy Roboscope is back after his 'Intergalactic EP' showing up a tangled

glitched electro track. 'Blitz' reflects indeed how brilliant and versatile the

young Swiss producer is.


44 www.AudationMagazine.com


CTM Festival

25 January - 3 February

Berlin, Germany


26 January - 2 February

Les Orres, France

Trondheim Calling

31 January - 2 February

Trondheim, Norway

Inuit Festival

1 - 2 February

Marseille, France


1 - 3 February

Helsinki, Finland

Iboga Winter Fest

2 February

Madrid, Spain


2 February

Wittenburg, Germany

Party In The Paddock

7 - 9 February

White Hills, Australia


8 February

Ingolstadt, Germany

UnKonscious Festival

8 - 9 February

Phuket, Thailand

Kolorz Festival Winter

8 - 9 February

Carpentras, France

Transmission Jakarta

9 February

Jakarta, Indonesia

Mardi Gras Festivale


9 February

London, Untied Kingdom


9 February

Roches Noires, Mauritius

On Snow Festival

9 - 16 February


FAME Florence

14 - 15 February

Florence, Italy

5 Senses Thailand


14 - 19 February

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Little Festival Friday

15 February

London, United Kingdom

Mountain Sounds


15 - 16 February

Karlong, Australia

KABOO Cayman

15 - 16 February

Grand Cayman, Cayman


Splore Festival

21 - 24 February

Auckland, New Zealand

Rampage Sound - Brixton

Winter Carnival

22 February

London, United Kingdom

In-Door Gijon

22 - 23 February

Gijon, Spain

Let It Roll Winter

22 - 23 February

Prague, Czech Republic

Lancaster Roots & Blues


22 - 24 February

Lancaster, United States

MORE Marrakech

22 - 24 February

Marrakech, Morocco

Waken Winter Nights

22 - 24 February

Wacken, Germany

Hidden Festival

22 February - 3 March

Australia & New Zealand

Overwinteren Festival

23 February

Amsterdam, Netherlands


A State Of Trance

Festival Utrecht

23 February

Utrecht, Netherlands

Gazpatxo Rock

23 February

Ayora, Spain

Roxy Festival

23 February

Guadalajara, Mexico

Impact Festival

23 February

Avignon, France

Ultra Australia

24 - 24 February

Parramatta, Australia

Sunburn Kasslique Goa

23 - 24 February

Goa, India

Supa Dupa Fly X Dubai

24 - 28 February

Dubai, United Arab


Noise Pop

25 February

San Francisco, United


Elevate Festival

27 February - 3 March

Graz, Austria

Abroad Fest Barcelona

28 February - 2 March

Barcelona, Spain

Shapes Festival

28 February - 6 March

Leysin, Switzerland

Ultra South Africa

1 - 2 March

South Africa

DLDK: Don’t Let Daddy

Know Amsterdam

1 - 2 March

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Farmer & The Owl


2 March

Wollongong, Australia

Elrow Lisboa -

Sambowdromo do Brasil

2 March

Lisbon, Portugal

Colour In The Park

2 March

Pathum Thani, Thailand

Festival Transfer

7 - 9 March

Lyon, France

Les Francofolies De La


8 - 10 March

Saint-Pierre, Reunion

SXSW: South By


8 - 17 March

Austin, United States

A State Of Trance 900 -


9 March

Madrid, Spain

Days Like This Festival

9 March

Camperdown, Australia

I Am Hardstyle

9 March

Manheim, Germany

Gasparilla Music Festival

9 - 10 March

Florida, United States

PURE at C Beach Club:

The Beach Party

9 - 10 March

Bel Ombre, Mauritius

Tomorrowland Winter

9 - 16 March

Alpe D’Huez, France

Fresh Mountain Festival

9 - 16 March

Les Orres, France

Circus Paradise Music


10 March

Queensland, Australia

Les Nuits De Fourviere

12 March

Lyon, March

Avec Le Temps Festival

12 - 17 March

Marseille, France

SXM Festival

13 - 17 March

Saint-Martin, France

Garasnow - Luchon


15 - 16 March


46 www.AudationMagazine.com

Transmission Australia

16 March

Sydney, Australia

Roadhouse Festival

16 March

Geiselwind, Germany

Pharaonic Festival

16 - 17 March

Chambery, France

Les Nuits De La Filature

16 - 17 March

Lille, France

Worldwide Festival


18 - 24 March

Leysin, Switzerland


22 March

Lisbon, Portugal

Trilogy Purim Chapter IV

- Digital Jungle

21 - 22 March


BUKU Music & Art


22 - 23 March

New Orleans, United


Wonderland Festival


23 March

Amsterdam, Netherlands


22 - 24 March

Chicago, United States

Circus X The Festival

23 March

Hook Of Holland,



23 - 30 March

Avoriaz, France

Les Paradis Artificiels

23 - 31 March

Lille, France

Internationale Jazz


26 - 31 March

Burghausen, Germany


28 March

Asuncion, Paraguay

Jazz A Megeve

28 - 30 March

Megeve, France

Beat Hotel Marrakech

28 - 31 March

Marrakech, Morocco


29 - 30 March

Antwerp, Belgium


29 - 30 March

Estoril, Portugal


29 - 31 March

Pas De La Casa, Andorra

Lollapalooza Chile

29 - 31 March

Santiago, Chile

Festival Estereo Picnic

5 - 7 April

Bogota, Colombia

Time Warp DE

6 April

Mannheim, Germany


8 - 13 April

Mayrhofen, Austria

Caprices Festival

11 - 14 April



Le Printemps De Bourges

Credit Mutuel

16 - 21 April

Bourges, France

Ibiza Spring Fest

18 - 23 April

Ibiza, Spain

DGTL Amsterdam

19 - 21 April

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sonar Reykjavik

25 - 27 April

Reykjavik, Iceland

Kingsland Festival


27 April

Amsterdam, Netherlands

MAYDAY Dortmund

30 April

Dortmund, Germany

Stand out from the crowd with Fieldcandy



George Taylor - Stay Warm






Danielle Bellas - I Got This







Shay D


Leanne Louise & Subaholic - You Will








Craft Beer Rising


Karina Nistal - Je Ne Sais Quoi





Music On Festival


Halsey - Without Me






Mark Ronson ft Miley Cyrus - Nothing

Breaks Like a Heart







Enigma - Snowing





Amelia Monet ft EO - Baddest







MKII - Over


Dean Grant - J’aimerais






Wes Thomas - Believe EP


Burnie - Caramel






48 www.AudationMagazine.com

Toronto Is Broken ft Cianna Blaze - Deep

Freeze VIP










V/A - Kinesia Vol.2


Flava D - Return To Me







Lauren Mason - Bad Love






JS Ondara - American Dream







Jenny Teator - Surrender







AirLab7 & EAM - Born Again





Audiation Magazine, Issue AM055

On The Cover:

Danielle Bellas


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With love

Ruby, Rokuro, Cessle, Sarah, Malachi, Andy, David,

Steve, Jessie, Mary, Ashna, Tamara, Christina & Sharm


Issue AM055, 1st February 2019

Copyright 2019 © Audiation Magazine Ltd

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