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Winter 2019



Presidents Message ’

Sara Andrews, DDS, MS President

First, I'd like to express my deepest gratitude for welcoming me as your 2019 President. When I joined the San Mateo

County Dental Society (SMCDS) in 2014, the thought of serving you on the board seemed like a distant aspiration for which I

wasn't sure I had the time or the credentials. Today, alongside the rest of the Leadership Counsel, I am delighted to be

serving our ~700 member (~78% of dentists in San Mateo County).

I'd like to describe to you how joining the dental society and serving on the board has helped me grow both professionally and personally,

and to hopefully inspire you to get more out of your membership by getting involved. Four years ago, when I started the groundwork for my

brand-new practice, I felt I was a good clinician with good people skills and dreams of owning my own business. As my start-up practice

grew, so did my family; welcoming two baby girls in the past three years. I began to realize that I couldn't do it all by myself. I needed the help

and guidance of many professionals and experts. Now that I'm immersed into my business and family life, the more experience I gather, the

deeper my love for my profession grows. There aren't too many jobs where one can make a positive impact in the life of individuals daily. We

are unique in that we are leaders of our teams, models of our communities, entrepreneurs, parents, partners, healers, volunteers, and so

much more; yet we can be somewhat isolated in our offices; caught in the daily grind of our practices. Private practice can be somewhat of a

lonely world. Getting involved in our local dental society can change that.

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Nakia’s Notes

Nakia Brandt, Executive Director

Inside This Issue

I am privileged and thrilled to have the opportunity to follow in Etta Kinney's footsteps and serve as your new Executive

Director. The first time I visited the society's office I immediately knew it was a special place and I wanted to become a part

of the San Mateo County Dental Society community.

I would like to thank Etta for her integral role in publishing this newsletter and running the dental society, as she has been showing me “the

ropes” during publication of this volume. Her patience and mentoring are much appreciated. My hope is to continue the high standard that

has been set and to continue to evolve and adapt to the future needs of SMCDS.

As a career non- profit leader and program administrator, I passionately believe in the importance of providing high-quality programs for all

areas of dentistry. I consider it my privilege and honor to support you so that you are able to provide your patients, staff, and community

with excellence in the dental field.

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President s Message

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Serving on the Leadership Council of SMCDS has challenged me to get out of my comfort zone,

speak in public, discuss ideas as a team, and to make decisions collaboratively, all while working

toward a common vision. I have been challenged to take time away from my young family; thereby,

discovering that my personal growth helps me be a better partner to my spouse and parent to our

kids. Being a member of SMCDS has created a sense of belonging for me. Attending our social

events has helped me get to know my colleagues better, while the General Membership meetings

teach me the latest advances in dentistry. Learning more about the CDA, by attending the House of

Delegates (HOD) meetings has shown me that I'm supported by a powerful organization which

truly has my best interest in mind.

As I continue to mature personally and professionally, I realize that I can only succeed if I never stop

learning. Continued learning, and constant search for self-improvement is at the heart of who I

hope to be as a leader. I hope that my message inspires you to continue to venture out of the closed

quarters of your offices, network with your colleagues, continue to educate yourselves, give back

to the profession which has given us so much, have fun, and ultimately become better leaders of

your practices and your family lives.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." - John F. Kennedy

Nakia’s Notes

continued from Page 1

My goal is to collaborate closely with all members, the community, CDA and ADA to carry on the

mission and philosophy as intended by SMCDS, to “serve the needs of our members and

community by promoting and advancing excellence in the practice of dentistry.”

I would like to take a moment to share my first impressions and the reasons I accepted this position.

This society has several qualities that make the component exceptional:

Each member is known, valued and understood as an individual with unique strengths, talents,

and interests

A dedicated, creative, and nurturing Leadership Council and administrative staff

Stimulating and engaging CE programs to further the learning in this fast-paced field

A joyful community. Members are offered the opportunity and education to become leaders.

I'm looking forward to meeting and speaking with every member personally. Please join us at one

of our upcoming General Membership meetings for conversation and learning. If you are unable to

attend one of the meetings, I would like to invite you to set up an appointment with me personally

so that we can become acquainted. Feel free to email me at nakia@smcds.com

I anticipate a long and successful relationship with the San Mateo County Dental Society

community. We have an extraordinary group of individuals of which I am proud to become a part of.


Nakia Brandt

If You Shop

Supporting SMCDS DHF Outreach Activities is Free & Easy!

You shop. Amazon donates!

Details at www.smcds.com/menus/donation.html

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Etta L. Kinney


You may have noticed we missed a couple of issues. 2018 was a year of growth, disruption, and

transition …to which absence of the Summer and Fall issues of The Mouthpiece can be most readily

attributed. A paragraph invoking personal privilege illustrates my path to a major transition: sale of

our longtime 240A Twin Dolphin headquarters, loss of a full-time staff person, sorting and disposal of

20+ years of outdated materials / furnishings, adaptation to interim rental digs at 525 Veterans

Boulevard, followed shortly thereafter by passing of the beloved father of longtime staffers Mike and

Jim Aicardi, the unexpected hospitalization of my life partner and sweetheart, John, suffering ongoing

illness due to Agent Orange exposure in Viet Nam. Altogether, I was struck with the thought that time

was running out to thoughtfully care for the one I love, to nurture the life we've made together overthe-hill

[in Ben Lomond]. I share this intimacy with you to say I did not lightly make the decision last

June to retire after nearly 17 years as YOUR Executive Director by the end of 2018.

Luckily, we have a phenomenal Executive Board who quickly mounted an Executive Director Search

Task Force composed of 2018 President John Acosta, 2017 Past President Benson Wong, and wisely

headed by former board member and longtime Peer Review Chair, Mike Thomas. Not to selfaggrandize,

b u t finding my successor was no mean feat, nor was it a task for which any of us were well

prepared. Suffice it to say, Mike, Benson, and John went way above

and beyond the call of volunteer leadership duty to locate and

interview multiple candidates over the next five months. It took

that long for the right person to materialize.

Nakia W. Brandt was grilled and hired to become our new Executive

Director in early November, just in the nick of time to meet and join

SMCDS leaders at the 2018 House of Delegates in Santa Ana for a

jam-packed indoctrination in governance affairs and opportunity to

meet and interact with many statewide counterparts. I'm pleased

to say Nakia was a natural fit, interested

in our key issues, delightful

and interesting to those who met her.

Nakia and I returned to SMCDS HQ and spent the next six

weeks working side-by-side (in person and virtually) to

bring her up-to-speed on as many facets of the Exec

position as we could possibly squeeze in, acquainting her

with our knowledgeable and loyal staff members Mike

and Jim (and part-timer Shirley), and planning signatory

transitions once my retirement became effective

December 31. That day has come and gone. A few longer

term projects remain – and since I am “not dead, just overthe-hill

in Ben Lomond,” I'll remain available to Nakia

working remotely to finalize details and assist in

uncovering “mysteries” as they may appear. In the

meantime, I feel it's safe to say we've become - like so

many of MY members over the years - more than

acquaintances I hope to hear from as time goes by. Don't

be a stranger!

John and I tied the knot in August, my son

Laurin officiating in our Ben Lomond garden.

Mouthpiece | Winter 2019 | 3

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Thank You!

During your time as President, we have seen enormous growth in SMCDS. You have been

integral to the important advances we have made, particularly in the areas of technology. It is

your behind-the scenes work that we are thankful for and especially your million-dollar smile!

We want to give you and your beautiful family a HUGE thank you for all that you do at SMCDS!

John M. Acosta, DDS

Best wishes for a

happy and healthy

retirement to . . .

David M. Hayashi, DDS –

San Mateo General Dentist

and SMCDS member of 40

years who sold his practice

to SMCDS new dentist

Sheena Phan-Wu.

Mouthpiece | Winter 2019 | 5


Thank You! to 24 Advertisers Business Members Exhibitors Sponsors Study Clubs

who have generously supported our continuing education, professional success, practice

management, workshop/clinical programs this past quarter.

TDIC Insurance Solutions

SGC Financial - Tom O’Brien

AG Neovo Dental

C-Dental X-Ray, Inc.

Dental & Medical Counsel

Yaeger Dental Supply

Upward Credit Union

Ace Surgical Supply

Align Technology Study Club

California Dental Association

Carr Healthcare Realty

Computer Technology Group

Crest + Oral-B

Dental Power Placement Service


Fortune Practice Management

Garfield Refining Company

Heartland Payment Systems


Mass Mutual Pacific

Michael Lam, MD

Northern California Practice Sales

Supply Doc

West Coast Precious Metals



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Member News

Keep SMCDS Strong – Renew Now!

- Before the Late Fee

Good news! NO increase in SMCDS member dues for

2019. IF you haven't paid yet, act NOW to avoid the $100

reinstatement fee incurred after 3/31/19. You can still do

your part to keep your society's business running efficiently

by paying before the reinstatement process kicks in.

Discounted/waived dues are available for:

■ retirees ■ post-graduate students ■ dental school faculty members ■ federal employees ■ active military duty

■ serving full-time for a charitable organization ■temporary/permanent disability ■financial hardship ■medical illness

■ leave of absence from dentistry

If you're not sure about why you should renew and need reassurance of member benefits and the power of organized

dentistry, please e-mail mike@smcds.com or call his cell phone 650.245.4636 at any reasonable hour.

IF you run into any snags in the process, call CDA Membership at 800.232.7645 or Mike on the SMCDS member line


It's Easy & Spreads Dues Payment Over Time

With EDP, you can distribute annual tripartite dues payment equally over 12

months. Go to www.cda.org/member to pay dues, renew membership,

enroll in EDP. If you were enrolled in 2018 EDP, your 2019 membership will

automatically renew.

In Memorium

We are saddened by the loss of Mina Tennyson, wife of

SMCDS Member L. Roger Tennyson, San Mateo Pediatric

Dentist and SMCDS Member for

56 years, passed away on

Saturday, August 25. Mina was

our dear friend, very actively

involved in the Women's

Auxiliary, and most recently one

of the primary organizers of the

annual SMCDS Senior Society

Luncheon. A memorial service

was held at St. Matthews

Episcopal Church in San Mateo

on Wednesday, October 17 at


Mouthpiece | Winter 2019 | 7

New Members

Please join the Leadership Council in welcoming our newest members at an upcoming General Membership meeting. We

sweet-talk them into coming by making their first meeting FREE, plying them with dinner, CE, and a free drink. It's up to you to

charm them into coming back. Our personal new member interview gives you a sneak-peek into who they are…

Alison Fishman, DMD


Peninsula Prosthodontic Group

160 Bovet Rd., Ste.


San Mateo, CA 94402-3138

Home Base: San Francisco

Univ. of PA -DDS 2015

UCSF - Prostho 2018

What brought you to San Mateo County? I moved to the bay area for residency after years of my sister urging me to join her here.

I fell in love with the area during residency. San Mateo county is family-friendly, with lots to do and with close proximity to so many

great places. I'm excited to be here!

What is your favorite part of working in dentistry? Making people smile. Whether it is a small class IV filling or a full mouth

reconstruction, I enjoy the planning and problem solving that goes into restoring patients function and esthetics. I find helping

people in this way very gratifying.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I enjoy running, hiking and exploring new trails on the peninsula. I have a collection of

rare orchids that I love caring for and getting to rebloom. I also enjoy trying new restaurants and sour beer.

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New Members


Join us in celebrating 37 new members

contributing over the course of 2018

to the voice that is SMCDS - 664 strong …

Mouthpiece | Winter 2019 | 9

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Life Member Celebration

2018 & 2019 marked the anniversary of 20

very loyal SMCDS members having attained

the distinguished status of Life Member

across the ADA/CDA/SMCDS tripartite. So

what does Life mean? You must be age 65 and

have 30 consecutive years of membership in

the tripartite. If there is a break in

membership, you must have 35 total years of

membership with SMCDS and CDA and 40

with ADA. WHY celebrate? Reduced dues

… Life Active dues are reduced by ADA 25%, CDA 25%, and SMCDS 75%. Life Retired dues go to a big fat $0. As a token of our

gratitude and appreciation, we invite life members to join us as our guest at a general membership meeting – this past year the

November 15 meeting – where they are honored in the presence of their peers with a CDA Life Member certificate, ADA Life

Member pin, and our unique SMCDS notepad, multi-function pen, hugs & kisses, not to mention social hour, hot hors d'oeuvres,

dinner, lecture, and CE.

Mouthpiece | Winter 2019 | 11


patient referral services, we do not provide emergency referral services for your

practice in your absence. To ensure your patients get the best possible care

when your office is closed, please refer them to a colleague with whom you have

made prior arrangements. Failure to provide referral for emergency care can

place you in violation of ADA Principles of Ethics as well as SMCDS Code of Ethics.

SMCDS MAILING LIST RENTAL POLICY Excluding general membership meeting exhibitors who receive a single-use mailing list of event

attendees as a benefit of sponsorship, we fill about seven or eight requests a year for the SMCDS member mailing list (practice mailing

addresses only). List “rental” is limited to a single-use mailing for materials or events deemed to be relevant to members and their practices.

Requests for list rental are submitted via signed single-use license agreements accompanied by a sample of the mailing, pre-paid at the

following rates:


[ ] SMCDS Member

$45 $65

[ ] CDA / ADA Member Non-SMCDS Member

$65 $85

[ ] SMCDS Business Membership

$100 $120

[ ] Dental/Medical - Non-SMCDS/CDA/ADA Member $200 $220

[ ] Non-Dental/Medical Field

$500 $520

To insure relevance to member interests and no inferred endorsement by SMCDS, we screen each sample mailing and include an embedded

test address in each mailing list rental. We do not release email addresses or fax numbers. We do occasionally broadcast email an approved

message on a member/vendor renter's behalf. If you suspect vendor abuse of our single-use rental agreement – receiving multiple practice

address mailings from the same vendor – please call the member line 650.637.1131 immediately so that we may investigate. If guilty, the

vendor will be confronted and denied any future rentals. You may opt out of mailing list rentals. To have your mailing address excluded, call

the member line 650.637.1131 or email your opt-out request to info@smcds.com

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Wall of Fame

SMCDS Business Member

Premier 2019 - 2015

SGC Financial &

Insurance Services


® ® ®

Tom O’Brien, CFP , CLU , CHFC



Platinum 2019-2016

Dental & Medical Counsel, PC


Ali Oromchian, Esq.



Platinum 2019 - 2015 | Silver 2014

C-Dental X-Ray


Julia Peck

Operations Manager



Platinum 2019-2018

AG Neovo Dental


Daniel Tsao

Sales Manager



Yaeger Dental Supply


Tim Yaeger, Jr.




Platinum 2019 - 2015 | Silver 2015 Silver 2019-2018

Upward Credit Union


Jason Mertz-Prickett

Business Development Officer

650.231.1300 ext. 2100


Endorsed 2019 - 2010

TDIC Insurance Solutions


Blair Tomlinson

Sales Manager



SMCDS Business Members acknowledged on this

contribute in meaningful ways* throughout

each year of their membership to our society’s fiscal health, industry intelligence, and community presence. *Event sponsorships,

educational seminars / workshops, table clinics with timely dental industry / small business information, special product offers /

pricing discounts, products and services relevant to your professional success and the oral health of our community. Business

Memberships are an important source of non-dues revenue that has helped SMCDS to increase and improve

member programs without raising SMCDS dues for more than a decade. We count on Business Members to engage professionally

with members - as consultants focused on identifying and fulfilling your needs. In exchange, we encourage you to consider

SMCDS Business Members as preferred providers when in the market for products and services.

Membership Levels: Premier $5,500 Platinum $4,000 Gold $2,900 Silver $2,100

Mondays & Fridays

are very short on help.






To volunteer, contact:

Rosie Coleridge, Volunteer Manager



Mouthpiece | Winter 2019 | 13

Being a service leader in the Bay Area since 1977, we strive to provide you with excellent equipment selecon and the best technicians you

can find for support. Offering compeve prices and a task-oriented team is always a daily improvement goal for us here at Yeager Dental,

which always means that our customers' well-being is constantly being watched over. We offer the personal care not always found in the

big corporaons of our field, but here we believe in being “Not the biggest, just the best.”

So, why choose Yaeger Dental?

We offer a full one year parts and labor warranty (compare to competors' 90-day warranty policy).

We also offer free installaon in most cases. On top of that, we can offer you free removal of your old equipment, with the purchase of

new equipment from us, at no extra charge.

Our prices are among some of the most compeve in the industry. Our knowledgeable and thoroughly trained technicians carry many

common, and uncommon, parts in the service vehicles, usually meaning we can get your equipment up and running in a single visit. In

the off chance that our techs don't have the parts you need, they can order them for you in a mely manner.

We carry a multude of different designer friendly and stylish equipment lines, which means we can tailor a new unique look for your

office renovaon or remodel.

Our first and foremost goal is to make our customers happy! Even in the current digital age, we understand that word-of- mouth

recommendaons are our most important and effecve endorsements so we strive to make sure we don't let our clients down.

14 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com

Yaeger Dental Supply

517 Marine View, Suite J • Belmont, CA 94002

Tel: 650.593.5100 • Fax: 650.593.1331

yaegerdental@gmail.com • www.yaegerdental.com

Just because you pay less, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice good service.

See what Yaeger Dental can do for you!



Community Outreach


SHOPS AT TANFORAN On the first Saturday of September, Assemblymember

Kevin Mullin provided patrons at The Shops at Tanforan in San Bruno the

opportunity to have their health screened, learn about family wellness,

precautionary and routine health care info, healthy habits, and safety protection.


For the 6 year in a row, we were invited to provide free dental check-ups and oral

health education to shoppers stopping by our exhibit table. SMCDS volunteers

screened ~ 30-35 individuals. Those needing treatment were referred to member

dentists, and/or local clinics - depending on their particular situation.

A huge to Drs. Nancy Loh, Leila Legaspi-Odulio (assisted by Cassandra

Odulio & Cristina Shadowens), and Brian Sheppard for donating precious hours

out of their weekend to help people in our community receive the care they need!


past fall we returned to the College of San Mateo for their

second of two annual health fairs. 25 attendees were

screened by SMCDS volunteer dentists. Referrals for

treatment were made to SMCDS member dentists, local

clinics, and dental schools.

As always, the success of these events wouldn't have been possible without the help of our generous volunteers: Drs. Stacey Bui,


Diaz, Brad Hart, Nancy Huynh, and Diane Pooler

Huge to Al Landucci for taking pictures!

If you or someone you know are aware of other health fairs that might benefit from our presence OR if you or someone you know

(dentist/dental staff member) is interested in volunteering for these and/or other health fairs, please contact. Mike Aicardi - SMCDS

Community Outreach Coordinator mike@smcds.com


CRISSY FIELD SAN FRANCISCO On April 28, 2019 the will be hosting an Oral

Cancer Awareness Walk in Crissy Field.

The SF Dental Hygiene Society is promoting the event (see flyer) and wants to

reach out to local colleagues to see if you have any interest in being a community

partner. This might take the form of establishing a team and walking with us, a

level of sponsorship (see attached), a donation, or simply helping us promote the

event. The beneficiary of the event is the Oral Cancer Foundation.

Mouthpiece | Winter 2019 | 15

Event Calendar

Go to www.smcds.com save precious resources –

register and pay online – Event Calendar

16 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com

Event Calendar

Event Evaluation

Mouthpiece | Winter 2019 | 17

Public Relations

For the better part of the last year, SMCDS and our sister society MPDS* – in conjunction with CDA in Sacramento at the state level –

have supported and promoted the Health Plan of San Mateo [HPSM] Dental Integration Pilot with the legislature and locally by

educating YOU about the HPSM Pilot, the benefits to be gained among practitioners YOU ( and Denti-Cal patients), and YOUR role as

a key player in the success / failure of the HPSM Pilot program. Our joint efforts paid off in Sacramento last June when the

Legislature authorized exploration of an integrated medical/dental pilot program in San Mateo County coordinated by HPSM.

*Together, we represent ~78% of the dentists in San Mateo County

To engage in the Community Stakeholder process, two dedicated SMCDS members

responded to our call for dental leaders to represent YOUR interests and needs in the

development of an HPSM Pilot program:

Thank You! to Drs. Kim Benton and Rob Rideau for raising their hands, making time in

their schedules, and showing up to the meetings with active voices that can't help but be


HPSM has conducted several community stakeholder sessions focused on developing general principles, measures of success,

program structure, and provider payment. Gauging YOUR interest and willingness to participate in the Pilot and its design soon

became a key issue. In response, we developed a 5-minute online survey accessible 24/7 to assess YOUR (anonymous) ▪ attitudes /

practices with regard to participating – or not – as a Denti-Cal provider to-date ▪ conditions under which you might participate in

the HPSM Pilot ▪ to what degree you'd participate under those conditions.

130 respondents completed the survey, with both dental societies fairly represented. 98% identified themselves as actively

practicing suggesting strong correlation of survey findings to 660 member dentists now in active practice (130 of 660 could be

interpreted as a very respectable 20% response rate). A majority worked full-time, 74% in private practice, 17% in group practice;

75% general dentistry, 25% specialists; 55% male, 45% female; ages ran the gamut 26-65+, with majority in the 35-64 age bracket.

Based on survey findings, the following take-away messages were shared and discussed at the December 14 HPSM Dental

Integration Stakeholder meeting:

Negative perceptions of the Denti-Cal program and patient issues – anecdotal as they may be – are deeply embedded and

widely accepted as fact among non-providers with no experience of their own

Changing perceptions of Denti-Cal's ▪economic disparity ▪disrespect for clinical judgement ▪difficulty working with Denti-Cal

agents / patients is the major challenge to engaging more dentists

Economic enticement; i.e., doubling reimbursement rates may be one way to alter existing perceptions and begin “growing” a

more desirable personae for the Denti-Cal program

The Community Stakeholder meetings are extremely well run, moderated, and documented. I urge any one of YOU interested in

helping to shape an HPSM-operated DentiCal program to make it work for YOU, YOUR practice, and YOUR prospectively wellmanaged

DentiCal patients.

18 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com

Trustee’s Tidbits

Happy New Year! I continue to be honored and grateful that I am representing my San Mateo County

colleagues at the California Dental Association Board of Trustees.

Under the leadership of Dr. Natasha Lee, the Board embarked on a yearlong board development program

in 2018. The board took self-assessment exercises and engaged in-group discussions to ensure that all

board members have a shared understanding of the board's roles and responsibilities. We identified gaps

between expectations and performance, and identified opportunities to strengthen the board. The board

will continue to participate in these sessions in 2019 under our new CDA president, Dr. Del Brunner.

Our last in-person board of trustees meeting was held in October and the House of Delegates was held in

November. Below are the highlights of actions taken at both meetings:

Opioid Policy: The board approved forwarding a new opioid policy to the House of Delegates (house) for

consideration. This policy would help establish the organization's role and support for members in addressing the opioid epidemic in

the Unites States, further solidifying CDA as a proactive leader in healthcare policy in California. The House of Delegates approved the

policy in November.

Dental Office Staffing Task Force Recommendations: In fulfillment of the 2017 house directive that CDA develop “…actionable

statewide solutions in response to the dental office staffing shortage…”, the dental office staffing task force was established. The task

force reviewed a number of factors related to this shortage, and developed a comprehensive list of recommendations for further

evaluation by CDA. The board approved the task force's recommendations, and anticipates specific activities to be developed and

implemented next year. Any activities requiring extraordinary funding would come back to the board for approval. Dr. Robert Gandola,

the task force chair, presented the report and recommendations at the house during the pre-meeting sessions on Friday.

CDA Life Active Dues Discount: The council on membership put forward a recommendation to change the life active dues discount

from 100% to 25%. This recommendation was based upon the council's review of a gap analysis conducted on member benefit

utilization, which indicated that members receiving the life active discount ($0 dues for active practicing dentists who have 30

consecutive or 35 total years tenure in CDA membership) actually have a very high utilization of benefits and services. The council

recognized that members who are paying dues subsidize any discount, and it is important to have greater dues equity among members.

While there was ample discussion held during the meeting, the board approved the council's recommendation, which took effect

January 1, 2019.

2019 CDA Budget: The board approved the 2019 budget, which was presented to the house for informational purposes.

Use of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers: The board received a resolution from the Sacramento District Dental Society requesting

that CDA investigate the topic of administration of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers by certified dentists in the peri-oral regions, for

purposes of aesthetic treatment. During the discussion, the board amended the recommendation to read, “Resolved, that the

administration of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers in the peri-oral region, as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, by dentists who

have completed a dental board approved course in the administration thereof, be pursued as part of the scope of dentistry.” This

amended resolution was forwarded to the house, as the policy-setting body of the association, and approved.

Endorsed Program: The board ratified the approval of a new endorsed program, Common Bond, which was approved by the finance

committee in September. Common Bond has a student loan repayment option specifically discounted for CDA members. For additional

information about this new endorsed program, please refer to the frequently asked question at https://www.commonbond.co/faqs

The following items were discussed in closed session in order to protect confidential information and attorney client privilege:

· TDSC Update: The board received an update regarding the TDSC growth strategy. While this update was held in closed session,

I can report that TDSC is opening a distribution center in Reno, Nevada and will be beginning its out of state expansion the last

quarter of 2018.

· Delta Dental Litigation: The board received an update regarding the Delta Dental litigation. While this update was held in

closed session, I am pleased to report that settlement notices have been communicated and payments are being dispersed.

A list of frequently asked questions may be found at http://deltadentalofcaliforniasettlement.com/ .

As usual, if you have any questions or topics that you would like me to present to CDA, please feel free contact me (650)593-9888 or


Mouthpiece | Winter 2019 | 19

14 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com

House of Delegates

The 2018 CDA House of Delegates (HOD) was held in Anaheim, CA from

Nov 9-11. CDA HOD meets to consider issues of critical importance to its

members, the dental profession, and the public. The house consists of

203 delegates representing 32 California component dental societies

and 6 delegates from California dental schools, for a total voting body of

209 members.

I had the privilege to attend the 2018 HOD. The SMCDS delegation was

comprised of five voting delegates: John Acosta, Sara Andrews, Ben

Yount, Desiree Liu, myself, and our beloved CDA Trustee Carliza Marcos.

Our dedicated Executive Director Etta Kinney joined us for her last HOD

before retiring. We were also very fortunate to have our new 2019

Executive Director Nakia Brandt attend with us.

During HOD, we bonded over dinner and participated in CDA policymaking.

As a first-time delegate, I was excited and intimidated. I am glad I

participated, as it was eye opening. I was amazed to see every member

was encouraged to voice their opinion, had the ability to ask questions,

and add or modify any resolutions brought forward. It was fantastic to

see how CDA functions and it made me realize that CDA is such a robust,

amazing organization.

The format for HOD was different this year. Friday's sessions were

especially informative and beneficial for me as a new delegate. It

included New Delegate Orientation and CDA 101. I was able to learn how

CDA is structured which will be helpful for me in the future.

Saturday was spent discussing important resolutions and installation of

2019 Officers. Also on Saturday, a runoff for the House Speaker position

was held. This runoff was very out of the ordinary. Everyone had the

opportunity to hear from candidates Dr. Debra Finney and Dr. Gary

Glasband. They discussed their views about the speaker position and

goals for the next term. Every delegate voted using an electronic device

and results were displayed instantly. Dr. Debra Finney won the runoff

and delivered a heartwarming acceptance speech. It was very exciting to

see democracy at work!

Also on Saturday, the SMCDS delegation proposed a resolution to grant

Honorary Membership to Etta Kinney in recognition of her leadership

and dedication to our dental society. The resolution was accepted

unanimously! Later that night, everyone attended a Rock n Roll themed

party and it was so much fun! During the party, Etta was presented with

her honorary membership award.

Even though I missed attending some Diwali dinners with my family, I am

glad I attended the 2018 HOD. It was an extraordinary experience and I

walked away feeling enriched and empowered. It was well worth the

extra time and effort. I highly suggest you attend in 2019!

Dr. Purvi Zavery, DDS, MS

Mouthpiece | Winter 2019 | 21

Risk Management

New Law for Prescription Forms

Effective January 1, 2019 Assembly Bill 1753 (Low, 2018) requires an additional improvement to

controlled substance security prescription forms: the addition of a unique serialized number to

each form in a format approved by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

As of January 1, 2019:

(1) Each controlled substance security prescription form used for prescribing on or

after that date must include a unique serialized number in an approved format (Health & Safety

Code, section 11162.1, subdivision (a)(15)); and

(2) No person shall prescribe a controlled substance on or after that date, nor fill,

compound, or dispense a prescription for a controlled substance written on or after that date,

without this security feature (Health & Safety Code, section 11164, subdivision (a)).

Under the new statutes, the new security forms will be the exclusive means to write papercontrolled

substance prescriptions as of January 1, 2019, and as of that date any prescription

written on a controlled substance security prescription form that does not bear all of the 15

security features will be presumptively invalid.

SMCDS encourages you to order new forms with the new serial number requirement and utilize

e-prescribing when applicable.

Visit DOJ's website noted below for more information.


Sedation and Anesthesia for the Dental Office


Board Certied Physician Anesthesiologist




22 | San Mateo County Dental Society | smcds.com


Fully functional dental office for lease in

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This is a full time position. Call at

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Full time general dentist position

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Mouthpiece | Winter 2019 | 23


525 Veterans Blvd., Suite 102 • Redwood City • CA • 94063

650.637.1121 • fax 650.649.2980 • info@smcds.com

2019 Executive Board

President: Sara A. Andrews, DDS, MS

President Elect: Benjamin A. Yount, DDS

Treasurer, Secretary: Purvi K. Zavery, DDS, MS

Immediate Past President: John M. Acosta, DDS

CDA Trustee: Carliza A. Marcos, DDS

Executive Director & Editor: Nakia W. Brandt

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