Winter 2019 MMoCA Newsletter

Read about Mirror Image, Young at Art, Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Sonya Clark, and Hair Affair.

Read about Mirror Image, Young at Art, Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Sonya Clark, and Hair Affair.


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Main galleries • Feb 23–May 19, 2019

Drawn entirely from MMoCA’s permanent collection, Mirror Image examines the evolution of the portrait from the

early twentieth century to the present. While often depicting physical likeness, portraiture also unveils aspects of

an individual’s identity and disposition. With the introduction of photography and the art historical movement of

abstraction, the genre of portraiture expanded from an elite mode of documentation to a more conceptual approach

of representation.

Alex Katz, one of the most revered portrait painters in the contemporary art world, painted his constant muse and

wife Ada over 250 times. While a traditional portrait aims to document the sitter and reveal their character, Katz

seeks to supplant this narrative by combining the realistic with the artificial in order to generate an archetype of the

human form. Katz’s paintings emphasize the surface through strategic use of smooth, broad swaths of paint and

large, flat areas of color that result in bold and powerful compositions that visually dominate a gallery. He further

abstracts the individual he is painting in situ by devoting only minimal attention to detail. In Ada on Green Couch

(1971), Katz renders Ada’s likeness with such few brushstrokes that her presence is palpable, but unknowable. Katz

also manipulates the perspective of the painting by positioning Ada at a sharp angle and closely cropping around

her face as she rests on the dark green couch. This view generates a faux intimacy with the viewer—while she is close,

there are not enough painted characteristics to conjure her into existence. Stripped of any detail, meaning or context,

the painted Ada is all exterior, a representation, a symbol of the person he references.

The format of the portrait continues to be a major theme in modern and contemporary art—whether a direct likeness

or a conceptual rendering of selfhood. Today, with the ubiquitous social media phenomenon of the selfie, the

portrait remains a testament to the fundamental human need for engagement, understanding, and the quest for

memorialization of self and other. Mirror Image contains over 100 portraits—over half of which have not been seen

in more than two decades or have never been on view at the museum. The exhibition features work by artists Gertrude

Abercrombie, Ivan Albright, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Warrington Colescott, David Hockney, Alex Katz, Käthe Kollwitz,

Henri Matisse, Jim Nutt, and Karl Wirsum.


Generous support, to date, for Mirror Image has been provided by JoAnne Robbins and David Falk; the Theda

and Tamblin Clark Smith Family Foundation; Bell Laboratories; Chuck Bauer and Chuck Beckwith; a grant from

the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts; and

MMoCA Volunteers.


State Street Gallery • Mar 16–Apr 20, 2019

Opening Reception • Sunday, Mar 17 • 3–4:30 PM

Organized biennially, Young at Art presents works of art by Madison Metropolitan School District students ranging

from kindergarten through grade 12. The exhibition is the result of a long-standing collaboration between

MMoCA and the school district’s Arts Education Division. For the exhibition, each of Madison’s public school art

teachers was invited to submit up to three works of art for the exhibition, including individual works as well as

those made collaboratively. The resulting exhibition showcases a full range of subject matter, technique, and art

mediums—from drawing, painting, and collage to photography, jewelry, ceramic, fiber, and new media arts. Young

at Art calls attention to children’s creative potential and to the scope and variety of individual expression. The

exhibition also highlights the high caliber of art instruction in Madison’s public schools and the interdisciplinary

nature of art education.

Generous support, to date, for the 2019

presentation of Young at Art has been

provided by Nancy Mohs; National

Guardian Life Insurance Company; Great

Dane Pub & Brewing Company; Dane

Arts; Perkins Coie LLP; Associated Bank;

Total Administrative Services Corporation;

RSM; and MMoCA Volunteers.


Self-Portrait (detail), 1995. Oil on Masonite,

11 3/4 x 13 inches. Collection of the Madison

Museum of Contemporary Art. Museum

Purchase. PAGE 2: Alex Katz, Ada on

Green Couch, 1971. Oil on canvas, 32 x 48

inches. Collection of the Madison Museum

of Contemporary Art. Gift in memory of

Olive Hoyt Smith by her sister. © Alex Katz/

Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY PAGE 3: AJ

O., Untitled. Tempera paint. Thomas Jefferson

Middle School, grade 6, art teacher Michael

McDermott. • Photo by Erica Anderson.

The East High School Black Music Ensemble will perform during the Young at

Art reception.





State Street Gallery • On view through Mar 3, 2019

Taking an unconventional approach to portraiture, Nathaniel Mary Quinn prioritizes emotional resonance over

accurate renderings of physical appearance. His portraits offer a composite vision of personhood, where gender,

ethnicity, age, race, and other markers of identity are scrambled together like a Surrealist exquisite corpse or a

Dadaist collage. At once haunting and beautiful, Quinn’s disjointed figures suggest that we are each a rich compilation

of histories and experiences—a mélange of past, present, and future—always in process.

In many ways, Quinn’s art is informed by his own life story. When he was fifteen, he faced the dual traumas of family

death and abandonment. During the process of piecing together his own sense of self, he developed a deeply intuited

awareness of the human condition and the multifaceted nature of identity—what we alternatively reveal to, and

conceal from, others and ourselves. In his portraits, he expresses this idea through formal means. Predominantly

using black charcoal and soft pastel over gouache, with careful interjections of oil paint, paint stick, and oil pastel,

Quinn combines mediums and artistic techniques on a single sheet of paper. In this way, he generates varied textures,

surface elevations, and fractured fields of imagery. Simultaneously layered and flat, unified and splintered,

the surfaces of his works slip in and out of focus, reflecting the complexity of the human psyche.

Quinn holds up a mirror to each of us, asking us to confront our own jagged edges. He suggests that self-reflection

can offer a path toward cultivating a deeper understanding of, and empathy for, one another. Speaking to our

shared humanity, he observes, “We are all broken in some way, and in the midst of being broken we find ways to

embrace our brokenness and carry on life. But we are all like this. We all experience happiness, grief, joy. This is life.”

Generous funding for Nathaniel Mary Quinn: This is Life has been provided by Holly Cremer Berkenstadt; Mary

Ellyn and Joe Sensenbrenner; Sara Guyer and Scott Straus; Art & Sons; Betty Harris Custer and J. Corkey Custer;

Dynee and Barney Sheafor; Deirdre Garton; a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of

Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts; and MMoCA Volunteers.

PAGE 4: Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Choir Rehearsal, 2017. Black charcoal, gouache, soft pastel, oil pastel on Coventry vellum paper. 31

1/4 x 31 1/4 inches. Pizzuti Collection, Columbus, OH. Image courtesy of the artist and Rhona Hoffman Gallery. Photography by Alex

Yuzdon. PAGE 5: Jim Nutt, Rosy Comon (detail), 1967-68. Acrylic on reverse Plexiglas, 37 3/4 x 27 inches. Collection of the Madison

Museum of Contemporary Art. The Bill McClain Collection of Chicago Imagism.




Design Thinking for Exhibitions

Imprint Gallery • Apr 20–Sep 29, 2019

The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art is partnering with the University of Wisconsin on an Art History course

called Design Thinking for Exhibitions. Taught by professor Anna Campbell, the class develops an exhibition over

the course of the academic spring semester, using MMoCA as a critical training ground for hands-on application.

Stemming from a shared interest among both organizations to leverage the space of the museum for direct learning,

this cross-institutional venture seeks to cultivate the next generation of museum professionals by introducing

participants to the practical and theoretical matters of curation. The resulting exhibition opens in the museum’s

Imprint Gallery on April 20, and will be on view through September 29, 2019.

For this course, classroom-based learning with Professor Campbell employs the strategies of design thinking—a

human-centered approach to understanding and solving real world problems. Discussions focus on the politics

and ethics associated with exhibitions as social engagement and on the curator’s role in articulating conversations

between art objects and the public. Students will engage in extensive dialogue and collaboration with key museum

staff on practical concerns such as exhibition timelines; installation logistics, design, and oversight; internal and

external didactic materials (exhibition texts and brochure, press release, etc.); and on scheduling educational talks,

tours, and other related programming.

As the nature of this project is based on the University’s academic calendar, information about specific exhibition

details—including the selected artist, artworks, related context, and educational programming—will unfold as the

semester progresses.

Generous funding for Imprint Gallery programming has been provided by Willy Haeberli in memory of Gabriele



Abstract Bodies of the

Chicago Imagists

On view in the Henry Street

Gallery through June 9

Exhbitions in the Henry Street Gallery are generously funded

through an endowment established by the Pleasant T. Rowland





THURSDAY, FEB 7 • 1–1:45 PM




T.L. Solien will discuss Nathaniel Mary Quinn’s

graphic structure and imagery, and address his

innovative approach to the figure within the history

of portraiture from the Baroque period to the present.

T.L. Solien is professor of art at the UW-Madison

whose work embodies an idiosyncratic visual language

to explore personal narratives, visual art, and

literature, including Melville’s Moby-Dick and Sena

Jeter Naslund’s, Ahab’s Wife: Or, The Star Gazer.

FRIDAY, FEB 8 • 6:30–7:30 PM


Ali Muldrow will lead a discussion about racism and

rape in contemporary American society. With consideration

given to the work of Nathaniel Mary Quinn, the

talk will examine our history and explore new ways

of treating one another with compassion and respect.

Ali Muldrow is co-director of GSAFE, where she

is currently director of youth programming and


THURSDAY, MAR 7, 1–1:30 PM


The portrait in Western art has been the traditional

format for the exploration of human personality. The

Mirror Image exhibition, with its varied portrayals of

human emotion and attributes, will offer a context to

discuss pathways to living a meaningful life.

Robert McGrath is a distinguished psychologist

who provides mind/body wellness services at the



6:30–7:30 PM



Inspired by Nathaniel Mary Quinn’s painting, Big

Bertha, a panel organized by Dawn Crim will be joined

by Melanie Herzog, Sandra Adell, and Linda Mathis-

Rose in a discussion on femininity and strength as

celebrated in the African American community.

Dawn Crim is the Secretary for the Department of

Safety and Professional Services for the State of

Wisconsin, Melanie Herzog is professor of art and

dean of the School of Arts & Sciences at Edgewood

College, Sandra Adell is professor of Afro-American

Studies at the UW-Madison, and Linda Mathis-Rose

is an educator and freelance visual artist.

FRIDAY, MAR 29, 6:30–7 PM



Faisal Abdu’Allah will explore how contemporary

portraiture challenges assumptions about racial,

ethnic, and gender identities.

Faisal Abdu’Allah is a multidisciplinary artist and

associate professor in the UW-Madison art department

whose work explores identity in relation to cultural

diversity and multiculturalism.

PAGE 6: Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Big Bertha, 2015. Black

charcoal, soft pastel, oil pastel, oil paint, paint stick, acrylic,

silver leaf, gouache on Coventry vellum paper. 38 x 41

inches. Collection of the Sheldon Museum of Art, University

of Nebraska-Lincoln, Olga N. Sheldon Acquisition Trust,

U-6501.2015. Image courtesy of the artist and Rhona Hoffman

Gallery. Photography by RCH. • John R. Coplans, Bhupendra,

1980. Gelatin silver print, 17 x 14 inches. Collection of the

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Gift of Mr. Roger



THURSDAY, APR 4, 1–1:45 PM




Contemporary portraits probe below the surface to

suggest narratives that go beyond superficial likenesses.

Fred Stonehouse will discuss a selection of

portraits in Mirror Image that express potential storylines,

including two of his works from the late 1980s.

Fred Stonehouse is an artist and professor in the

UW-Madison Art Department where he teaches

advanced drawing and painting.

Generous funding for MMoCA

gallery talks is provided by Bell


FRIDAY, APR 12 • 7–8 PM




“Many of my family members taught me the value of

a well-told story, and so it is that I value the stories

held in objects.”

Sonya Clark will discuss the body of work she created

over the past two decades. Among those are Unum,

Spider, Fingers, Hemi, and Triad, sculptures by the

artist included in MMoCA’s permanent collection.

These works reimagine the Fibonacci mathematical

series through the rituals and traditions of Black

hairstyling and embody Clark’s exploration of race

and identity through a wide variety of materials and


Sonya Clark is Professor of Art at Amherst College

in Amherst, Massachusetts. Previously, she was a

Distinguished Research Fellow in the School of the

Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University where

from 2006 until 2017 she served as chair for the

Craft/Material Studies Department. She earned

an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and was

honored with their Distinguished Alumni Award in

2011. Clark is the recipient of a United States Artist

Fellowship, a Pollock Krasner award, an 1858 Prize,

and an Anonymous Was a Woman Award, among

other awards and distinctions.

The talk is held as the fourth Stephen Fleischman

Lectureship, which was established to honor the

25th anniversary of Stephen Fleischman’s tenure

as the director of MMoCA. The Stephen Fleischman

Lectureship is free and open to the public.

Advance reservations are required and available at




FEB 9, MAR 9, & APR 13

Drop by MMoCA for lively and informal discussions of

current exhibitions. Expertly led by MMoCA’s docents,

these free, 30-minute guided tours consider artists’

creative decisions and provide insight into their methods,

ideas, and influences. Meet in the museum lobby.

February 9:

March 9:

April 13:

Nathaniel Mary Quinn

This is Life

Mirror Image

Mirror Image

PAGE 7: Fred Stonehouse, Untitled, 1987. Mixed media on

paper, 10 7/8 x 8 1/2 inches. Collection of the Madison Museum

of Contemporary Art. Purchase, through Arts Midwest with

matching funds from the Rudolph and Louise Langer Fund.

• Sonya Y.S. Clark, Spider, from the Wig Series, 1998. Cloth

and crochet thread. Collection of the Madison Museum of

Contemporary Art. Purchase, through the Rudolph and Louise

Langer Fund. PAGE 8: Nathaniel Mary Quinn, First and

Fifteenth, 2016. Black charcoal, gouache, soft pastel, oil pastel

on Coventry vellum paper. 50 x 38 inches. Collection of

Doreen Chambers and Philippe Monrougie. Image courtesy of

the artist and Rhona Hoffman Gallery. Photography by Alex

Yuzdon. • Art Velo photo by Beth Stiner. PAGE 9: Alan Koa’s

Her Timeless Majesty from Hair Affair, 2013. Photo by Robert

Stebler. • Photo by Miriam Bulcher Photography.




FRIDAY, FEB 15 • 6:30–7:30 PM



MMoCA will present a poetry reading for Nathaniel Mary

Quinn: This is Life in partnership with Madison Poet

Laureate Oscar Mireles and poet Dana Maya. Quinn’s

extraordinary portraits will be the inspiration for original

poetry by Isha Camara, Fabu, Derek Johnson, Cherene

Sherrard, Cooper Talbot, Angie Trudell Vasquez, and Rob

Franklin, as well as Maya and Mireles.

SATURDAY, APR 27 • 2–3:30 PM


The Madison Symphony Orchestra’s Rhapsodie Quartet

will perform musical compositions that explore inner life

and the notion of selfhood. The performance is inspired

by portraiture on view in Mirror Image and takes place

within the exhibition galleries.

The Rhapsodie Quartet features the Symphony’s co-concertmaster

Suzanne Beia, principal violist Christopher

Dozoryst, principal cellist Karl Lavine, and violinist Laura

Burns. The Quartet’s primary purpose is to serve within

HeartStrings, the MSO’s arts in healthcare program.




People living with Alzheimer’s disease or other

dementias have a new opportunity to connect with

the power of visual art. MMoCA is partnering with

the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin

(ADAW) on the Arts Memory Café, which will take

place at the museum.

Starting on January 17, and taking place monthly

through June, this free program combats loneliness

and fosters engagement by creating opportunities

to connect with others on the dementia

journey. The Arts Memory Café is offered from

1-3 pm on the third Thursday of each month on a

drop-in basis.

A Memory Café is a monthly gathering place for

people with memory loss, early Alzheimer’s or

other dementias, and their family and friends. The

Arts Memory Café will include creative activities

each month, with occasional talks by featured artists.

Anyone who requires assistance to participate

must be accompanied by someone who can provide

that support.

MMoCA adds this new effort to Meeting of Minds

at MMoCA, a program that involves participants

in the ADAW’s Meeting of Minds program in guided

exhibition tours. Detailed information about

ADAW programs, including the Arts Memory Café,

is available at www.alzwisc.org

Funding for Meeting of the Minds at MMoCA has

been provided by Qual Line Fence Corporation.


On the evening of Thursday, February 7, MMoCA

will present the fifth annual Art Velo event, a

unique fundraiser for the museum. Developed in

partnership with Cyc Fitness spin studio, Art Velo

brings together individuals and teams of riders for

a one-of-a-kind cycling experience in the MMoCA

lobby. The event is open to anyone interested in

sponsoring a bike in support of the museum. This

year, bike sponsors will have the opportunity to

network, get creative, and enjoy energizing drinks

and fare between two high-energy, music-infused

riding sessions.

For information about participating as a bike

sponsor, please visit mmoca.org/artvelo or contact

Annik Dupaty at annik@mmoca.org or

608.257.0158 x229.


The Art of Hair Aims for the Stars

Thursday, Apr 25 • 7–10:30 PM

This spring will bring a rotation of celestial bodies and a cluster of otherworldly creations, as the Zodiac comes

to earth at Hair Affair. This fantastical runway show is a fundraiser for MMoCA and will take place the evening

of Thursday, April 25, with hair and costume designs reflecting this year’s Zodiac theme.

This festive evening celebrates the intersection of art and hair design, showcasing extreme hair sculptures

conceived and executed by Wisconsin-based salons and stylists. These amazing hair sculptures will impress

attendees with height, width and creativity. During this one-night-only event, the hair sculptures will be displayed

on live models. The evening will also feature hors d’oeuvres from Fresco, cocktails, live DJ mixes from

Nick Nice, and other mystical moments.

Tickets to this event are sure to sell-out, so save the date, and look for invitations in March to secure your spot.

Select among Lobby Standing, Gallery Seats, and VIP Tier options to enjoy the show!



From intimate ceremonies to large-scale wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners to

anniversary parties, MMoCA is the perfect spot for a celebration of love.

Combining the rustic feel of an outdoor wedding with chic downtown sophistication,

MMoCA’s Rooftop Sculpture Garden serves as a one-of-a-kind backdrop for the big

day. Featuring spectacular views of State Street and the Capitol building, colorful

garden beds, and large-scale outdoor sculptures, the MMoCA Rooftop is stunning

under a blue sky or starry night accented by the lights of the iconic Orpheum sign.

Fresco, the museum’s rooftop restaurant, takes pride in serving creative small

bites, small-plate buffets, and plated meals that are delicious and artfully prepared.

MMoCA and Fresco’s event staff are specialists in all things wedding, and happy

to realize your vision of this special occasion.

There are only a few dates left in 2019 and 2020 is starting to fill up. Contact Bob

Sylvester at bob@mmoca.org for more information about holding your event at







At Kids’ Art Adventures, families are invited to make

art together in MMoCA’s classroom. First, enjoy a lively

discussion in the galleries, then roll up your sleeves

with your favorite young art explorers to experiment

with what you have learned.

Suitable for kids ages six to ten, with an adult; younger

siblings are welcome. Kids’ Art Adventures are free and

begin at 1 pm. Come 15 minutes early to sign up.

SUNDAY, FEB 10 • 1–2:30 PM

Delight in the colorful artwork on view in Eye Deal:

Abstract Bodies of the Chicago Imagists, then try

different techniques to make art inspired by Barbara

Rossi’s reverse painting process.

SUNDAY, MAR 10 • 1–2:30 PM

Consider the ways artists like Chuck Close approach

portraiture in Mirror Image and learn how to make a

unique portrait by painting with paper pulp.

SUNDAY, APR 7 • 1–2:30 PM

Create a fantastical multi-media creation based on the

imaginative work made by Madison students in the

Young at Art exhibition.

MMoCA’s free family resources

are generously funded by the

Nimick Forbesway Foundation.

ABOVE: Kids’ Art Adventures photo by MMoCA. OPPOSITE:

John Wilde, The Sons of Worse than Bitches Have Put A Hole in

My Head!! (detail), 1944. Graphite and ink on paper, 14 x 11 1/2

inches. Collection of the Madison Museum of Contemporary

Art. Gift of the artist.



Stop by the museum’s lobby welcome desk, and ask for

the MMoCAkids ArtPack, the museum’s hands-on discovery

kit for exploring art. Designed for use anywhere

in the museum, the ArtPack’s flexible set of activities

encourages kids to search for the building blocks of

art, make a drawing, design a composition, step into

a work of art, and define emotions felt through art.

For further exploration, use the take-home activity for

Mirror Image. Most of all, have fun!


and MMoCAkids


Designed for use anywhere in the museum, the

MMoCAteens and MMoCAkids art guides provide

young visitors with multiple ways to investigate

contemporary art. Find them in exhibition learning

centers and at the entrance to MMoCA’s State Street




MMoCA’s Learning Centers offer families a variety of

fun and engaging resources for exploring MMoCA’s

exhibitions. A range of kid-friendly activities promote

imaginative play inspired by works of art. Learning

Centers are available for Mirror Image and Eye Deal:

Abstract Bodies of the Chicago Imagists.



7 1–1:45 PM Gallery talk • Nathaniel Mary Quinn: This is Life

5–8:30 PM Art Velo

8 6:30–7:30 PM Discussion • Consent Culture

9 1–1:30 PM Drop-in tour • Nathaniel Mary Quinn: This is Life

10 1–2:30 PM Kids’ Art Adventures • Eye Deal

15 6:30–7:30 PM Poetry Speaks: A Response to Nathaniel Mary Quinn

21 1–3 PM Arts Memory Café

28 6:30–7:30 PM Discussion • African-American Women:

Femininity & Strength


7 1–1:30 PM Gallery talk • Mirror Image

9 1–1:30 PM Drop-in tour • Mirror Image

10 1–2:30 PM Kids’ Art Adventures • Mirror Image

17 3–4:30 PM Opening Reception • Young at Art

21 1–3 PM Arts Memory Café

29 6:30–7 PM Gallery talk • Mirror Image


4 1–1:45 PM Gallery Talk • Mirror Image

7 1–2:30 PM Kids’ Art Adventures • Young at Art

12 7–8 PM Stephen Fleischman Lectureship • Sonya Clark

13 1–1:30 PM Drop-in tour • Mirror Image

18 1–3 PM Arts Memory Café

25 7–10:30 PM Hair Affair

27 2–3:30 PM Songs in the Key of “I”






MMoCA gratefully acknowledges the businesses, foundations, and government agencies that support a vibrant community

through their contributions to museum exhibitions, education programs, events, and ongoing operations. Thanks to these

important contributions, MMoCA can offer compelling and thought-provoking programming. Through their gifts, these

organizations become known as generous and engaged community leaders. MMoCA thanks the following for their support:

BENEFACTORS ($10,000+)

Art & Sons

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Family Foundation

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Wisconsin Lottery

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A-1 Movers

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Artistic Insanity

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and Visitors Bureau

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South Central Wisconsin

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Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra


In addition to receiving special benefits at the museum for their employees, business

members gain visibility in the community as economic and cultural leaders, while

supporting free access to modern and contemporary art.

Membership benefits include:

• Free admission to MMoCA Openings, Spotlight Cinema, and Rooftop

Cinema for all employees.

• Invitations to exclusive Business Council events.

• 10% off purchases at all Food Fight restaurants, including Fresco (with card).

• 10% off purchases in the MMoCA Museum Store for all employees.

• Recognition in printed materials and on mmoca.org.

• Discounted rental rates for private events.

• Even more benefits!

For more information on business membership, contact Kaitlin Kropp at

kaitlin@mmoca.org or 608.257.0158 x249.




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John Brown, Jeffrey Carter and Marcus Wisniewski, Bonnie Chang, James Dundas,

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Bill Goodrich, Jui Ryu, Brittney Scharine, Nicole and Michael Sharon Schultz, Lisa

and Bruce Stein, Valerie Thrush and Christopher Goodrich, Robin Umber and McKiah

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Yuqing Xu, Zachary Zahos, Shuting Zheng and Cory Peterson, Chandler and Susan



Join the MMoCA Circle and leave a legacy for future audiences.

The MMoCA Circle recognizes and honors individuals who

have established a planned gift for the museum. Gifts can be

designated to support a favorite program or add funds to the

museum endowment, providing free admission to MMoCA

audiences for generations to come.

MMoCA Circle members are welcomed as special guests at

museum events and are recognized on the donor wall outside

the main galleries.

If you’d like more information about the MMoCA Circle, and making a legacy gift to

the museum, contact Elizabeth Tucker at elizabeth@mmoca.org or 608.257.0158 x245.




Nathan Allman and Nicole Rohde

Beau Larson and Zachary Rupert

Jerry and Barbara Packham

Kay Sakiya

Kevin Saliga

Jenny Saucerman and AJ Forst

QuHarrison Terry

RIGHT: MMoCA Opening for Nathaniel

Mary Quinn: This is Life. Photo by

Sharon Vanorny.


A major gift from Pleasant Rowland and W. Jerome Frautschi helps to fund capital improvements at MMoCA.

Design support is contributed by Hiebing, including for the development of MMoCA’s new website and the design for the

2019 Wisconsin Triennial.

The Chicago Imagists Online Study Center on mmoca.org was funded by a major gift from Mark and Judy Bednar and a grant

from the Madison Community Foundation.

A major gift from the Nimick Forbesway Foundation supports the museum’s school and family education programs.

ArtZone, MMoCA’s afterschool workshop program offered in partnership with Madison community centers, is supported by

by Zendesk Neighbor Foundation, U.S. Bank Foundation, the Green Bay Packers Foundation, the Capital Times Kids Fund,

and the Madison Arts Commission.

Internet service is provided by Supranet Communications. Design and technical guidance for MMoCA’s website is donated

by Ajenda Interactive Media.





Elegant dining

with a view.

MMoCA members

receive a 10%

discount at Fresco

and all Food Fight ​


Join today at


ABOUT THE MUSEUM The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

is an independent, nonprofit organization presenting exhibitions by local,

regional, national, and international artists. A permanent collection of more

than 5,500 works of art is maintained and enlarged through gifts and purchases.

The museum’s education department presents programs to increase public

understanding and appreciation of modern and contemporary art.


Support from members of

the Madison Museum of

Contemporary Art ensures

that outstanding exhibitions

and educational programs

remain free for all.


Galleries Store Fresco

Monday Closed 12–5 pm Closed

Tue–Thur 12–5 pm 11 am–5 pm 5–9 pm

Friday 12–8 pm 11 am–8 pm 5–10 pm

Saturday 10 am–8 pm 10 am–8 pm 5–10 pm

Sunday 12–5 pm 12–5 pm 5–9 pm

ACCESSIBILITY Exhibitions, lectures, tours, and special events

at MMoCA are accessible to people with disabilities. Please contact the

museum at 608.257.0158 regarding accommodations for persons with limited

mobility, sight, or hearing. Relay Service is available by dialing AT&T @ 711.

MEMBERSHIP MMoCA members enjoy many privileges, including free

admission to MMoCA Openings and films; discounts at the Museum Store, at

Fresco and other Food Fight restaurants; invitations to special member events

and previews; opportunities to meet artists; a subscription to MMoCA’s newsletter;

and tax deductions for contributions.

VOLUNTEERING Enthusiastic volunteers are vital to MMoCA’s success.

Visit mmoca.org/volunteer for current volunteer opportunities.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS Please notify us about address changes so

that your mailings are not interrupted. Contact Betsy Wyns at betsy@mmoca.

org or 608.257.0158 x224.

JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST MMoCA Notes, the museum’s email newsletter,

keeps you informed about upcoming events, exhibitions, and museum store

specials. Sign up online at mmoca.org.


sign up for weekly emails at



608.257.0158 • info@mmoca.org • www.mmoca.org

© Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Artworks © the artist unless otherwise noted.

Artworks may not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder.


ABOVE: MMoCA at night. Photography by Nicholas Sadowski.

BELOW: MMoCA Opening for Nathaniel Mary Quinn: This is Life.

Photo by Sharon Vanorny.





@ mckenzieglynn





227 State Street • Madison, WI 53703

Nonprofit Org.

U.S. Postage


Madison, Wisconsin

Permit No. 1143


Visit the Museum Store for artist-made items all year long. Every sale supports MMoCA’s exhibitions,

education programs, and local and regional artists. Free gift wrap. Shipping available.



Plan ahead for next year and shop for decorations, gift wrap, cards,

and more! All holiday items are 40% off.


FEB 1–14

Does your Valentine love sparkle, sleek geometry, or a little bit of an edge?

No matter their style, find a special gift with 15% off all regularly-priced

jewelry. Langer members receive 25% off.


MAR 1–15

From handy gadgets to elegant serveware, all kitchen items are 15% off.

Langer members may add an additional 5% to their 20% discount.


Purchase your copy of the Nathaniel Mary Quinn: This is Life catalog. This visually

stunning publication is available for $24.95 at the Museum Store.



Sunday & Monday 12–5

Tuesday–Thursday 11–5

Friday 11–8

Saturday 10–8


Bracelet by Patricia Locke

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