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The February issue of Pets Magazine featuring the heart-warming tale of the St Lucian rescue dog Stanley; how your dog can help you find a new relationship; Pawternity - some new pet parents can now get paid leave; pet custody - who gets the dog?...and more inside the latest edition of the leading digital lifestyle magazine for pet owners

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Pets Magazine

Stanley: The St

Lucian Rescue Dog

Stanley was found as a puppy on waste ground near the East

Winds resort in St Lucia. The hotel rescued him and adopted him

as the resort dog. He now enjoys a wonderful life living with the

resort’s managing director, Judith Milne...


Pets Magazine

Happy endings: Stanley, the rescue dog


Stanley was found as a puppy

on waste ground near the

East Winds resort in St Lucia.

The hotel rescued him and

adopted him as the resort

dog. He now enjoys a

wonderful life living with the

resort’s managing director,

Judith Milne. Judith had never

had a dog before but says

now she couldn’t imagine life

without Stanley. Stanley

accompanies Judith to work,

spending time snoozing in her

office. He has acquired a

legion of fans among the

hotel guests who bring him

presents and take him for

walks. Now that Stanley is

past the puppy stage he is

getting involved in weddings

at the resort, acting as ring

bearer. He is also featured on

a mural that has just been

added to the entrance of the

hotel. Here. Kish Wilkinson,

tells Stanley’s heart-warming


Pets Magazine

As the rain lashed down during

a tropical downpour, two pairs

of terrified eyes peered out

from under a fallen tree. The

eyes belonged to two tiny

shivering puppies crying with


Luckily for them, despite the

thundering rain, their plaintive

cries were carried on the wind

to Judith and Andy Milne as

they worked at the luxury East

Winds resort in St Lucia.

Disturbed by the sound, the

couple ventured into the

torrential rain and traced the

Stanley with his owner Judith


wails to a piece of wasteland

next to the hotel where they

found the bedraggled puppies

in a ditch.

Judith and Andy

immediately took pity

on the two little scraps

and carried them safely

back to their office.

The puppies were in a

poor state: starving

with some nasty

injuries. A visit to the vet

confirmed that the four week

old brothers were

malnourished and unlikely to


For the next two weeks Judith

and Andy tenderly cared for the

puppies, now named Stanley

Stanley is even being trained

to become a ring bearer for

couples marrying at the


and Rover, tempting them with

nourishing food and giving

them much needed love and

affection. It was a further three

months before the brothers

were fully recovered.

Pets Magazine

And from this point their lives

were transformed forever.

A regular visitor to the

hotel, took a particular

shine to Rover and

adopted him, giving

him a new home

nearby. Stanley was

kept by the Milnes,

becoming the resort pet

and a vital member of

the East Winds team.

The brothers still see

each regularly having fun

playing together.

Today, Stanley is 18 months old

and accompanies Judith to


work every morning. His

‘duties’ include meeting and

greeting guests, playing and

taking walks with them. Many

guests have


that having

Stanley to

play with has

stopped them

missing their

own dogs.

And now

Stanley is

even being

trained to

become a ring

bearer for


marrying at

the resort.


couples had

already invited Stanley to

attend their nuptials, so Judith

decided to give him an official


Bond: Stanley & Judith

When not working, Stanley

relaxes in Judith’s office

chilling out on cool tiles, resting

his head on a pillow. He’s a big

cushion lover and always takes

one to relax on.

He loves the beach, swimming

in the sea every day. And

recently was featured, paddling

in the sea, in a new mural at the

entrance of the property.

Stanley’s loving nature has

attracted a fan club of guests

who bring him gifts of toys and

treats. Doggy treats are not

easy to find in St Lucia so he

really appreciates them. He

even has his own Instagram

account chronicling his


The resort staff love him too.

He’s very sociable and greets

everyone, especially anyone

he’s known since he was a

puppy. He has a particular soft

spot for executive chef,

Tomislav Cukman: the two play

together whenever they see

each other. All the chefs have

helped nurture Stanley to good

health. His diet features dried

food supplemented with

mackerel at breakfast time and

homemade chicken treats when

Pets Magazine

he’s doing a training session.

Judith and Andy use game

based training, rewarding him

when he does something right.

As Stanley and Rover

were abandoned, it’s hard

to determine their breed.

Their mother was

probably a stray, known

as banana hounds in St

Lucia and their father was

probably a Labrador. But

their breed is of no

consequence to Judith

who says, “When people

ask what sort of dog

Stanley is, we say he’s a


Cuddling Stanley, Judith

reflects: “I’ve never

owned a dog before, but

Stanley and Rover stole my

heart. As soon as we found the

puppies I know I would keep

one of them.

“Stanley is a cheeky chappie,

very affectionate but with a

mind of his own. He’s bright

and quick to learn new skills,

loyal and playful. And of

course, we think he’s the best

dog ever!”

Follow Stanley’s adventures

on Instagram:

stanleyofeastwinds or visit



Who gets the


Retaining pet custody is high on newly-single Brits’ priority list, new

research has revealed.


Pets Magazine

Happier times: Dogs tend to bond with

one ‘pet parent’

Retaining pet custody is high

on newly-single Brits’ priority

list, new research has

revealed. The time between

Christmas and Valentine’s Day

is a break-up hotspot, with

people twice as likely to break

up in this time compared to

the rest of the year. The

research, conducted by

British equestrian and pet

specialist Harry Hall, found

that in the event of a

relationship break-up, 81% of

pet owners would make

keeping their pet a main


Most pet owners said getting

custody of their fur baby was

“very important” after a breakup,

and companionship (49%),

improving happiness (18%),

and exercise (12%) were found

to be the top three reasons for

getting (and wanting to keep) a

pet. The most common method

to decide included a frank

discussion around each

person’s financial situation and

living arrangements, followed

by negotiating and

compromising around other

shared assets.

One respondent shared her

own story about the custody

decision of the dog that she

owned with an ex-boyfriend:

“To be fair there wasn’t much

of a discussion… he kept the

dog and I was really sad!

“Rather than a conversation to

decide, it was more of a given

that she would stay there (he

was staying in the house which

had land and he could afford

at least £200 per month on

doggy day care, and I had to

move into a flat with no

garden and no pets allowed).

Also, we had such a horrible

breakup that I never wanted to

see him again”.

Some stated that they would

even consider shared custody,

as a last resort.


Pets Magazine

Conflict: Many couples forget the impact on

their pets...


The research also found that

seeing and spending time with

animals makes people feel

happier, particularly for

women. As sadness and

loneliness are some of the most

common negative feelings

during a break-up, having a pet

around can provide a level of

comfort, and be somewhat of a

coping mechanism.

When asked how animals make

us feel, 91% of respondents

used words that were

overwhelmingly positive,

including “affection”, “content”,

“loved” and “comforted”,

showing that animals can make

a real difference to how we feel.

Other findings suggested that,

aside from difficult life events,

our pets make us happier

people in general - over half

(51%) of pet owners would rank

their happiness levels at 8 or

above, compared with just 39%

of non-pet owners.

Dipti Tait, a hypnotherapist

and behaviour expert,

commented on the effect of

relationship break-ups on pets

themselves: “The primitive

brain that animals have like

routine, familiarity and

consistency... This part of the

brain is also very associative

and responds to triggers easily

(like tapping on the food bowl).

When there is a disruption to

this (such as during a

relationship breakdown,

where an owner’s familiar face

becomes an absent one) it can

Pets Magazine

cause anxiety and stress for

our pets”.

Liz Hopper, managing director

at Harry Hall, commented on

the findings: “Our research

showed that pets have a special

place in our lives, providing

love, loyalty, and

companionship, especially

during tough times such as a

relationship breakdown.

“Therefore, it’s no surprise that

many pet owners see keeping

custody of their fluffy friends

as a main priority when faced

in that situation.”


four legs!

A dog really is a man’s or woman’s best friend when

it comes to finding love, according to a new study...


Pets Magazine

Love match: your pets can help your

love life!





Research reveals that

dogs increase your

matches on Tinder by


Having a dog in a

Tinder or Bumble

profile photo leads to

69% more matches

for women.

Men can see their

inbound messages

rise by 75% by having

a dog in their photo.

Pet Wingman sees

how four-legged

friends help both men

and women find love.

A dog really is a man’s or

woman’s best friend when it

comes to finding love,

according to a new study.

Created by Webbox, Pet

Wingman reveals that

singletons can increase their

chances of finding their perfect

match by 117% this Valentine’s

Day by using their dog to help

them do it.

On average, men receive 38%

more swipes on Tinder and

Bumble if their profile picture

features a dog, whereas women

can see a whopping 69%

increase by adopting the same


The study followed a man and

woman as they used the two

dating apps for a period of two

weeks. The first week, they

used a single profile picture of

themselves on both platforms

and swiped right 100 times. For

the second week, they included

their four-legged friend in the

photo and used the exact same

tactic, then recorded the


Potential partners unanimously

favoured the dogs being in their

profile photo for both men and


Male candidate, Dan, 24, saw

an increase on Tinder in the

number of matches (30%) and

Super Likes (200%), with a

significant jump in messages

(75%) and even some messages

specifically about his dog Ted.


Pets Magazine

The female candidate Gemma,

35, saw an astounding jump in

the number of matches

(117%) and Super Likes

(100%) on Tinder, with

another major increase in

messages (150%) and also

messages directly about

her dog, Ralph.

On Bumble, Dan saw an

increase in matches (42%)

and messages (40%), and

more than a third of his

matches commented on Ted.

Gemma also received more

matches (22%) and Super

Swipes (100%) on Bumble

when Ralph was in her profile

photo. As girls have to message

first on Bumble, that statistic

wasn't counted for Gemma.

Both singletons found their pet

dogs played a major role in

helping them to find potential

suitors, with Gemma even

going on a date with another

dog owner after striking up a

conversation about their canine


Both singletons found

their pet dogs played a

major role in helping

them to find potential


The Manchester-based actress

and presenter said: “Ralph

really is my pet wingman! Not

only did he help me secure

more matches, I couldn’t

believe how many times he

was mentioned in messages.

“I also found that it was a good

conversation starter,

particularly for men who had

dogs themselves, as it instantly

gives you some common

ground. I’ve already been on a

date with a fellow dog owner

so watch this space!”

Dan said one of the most

frequent comments he received

was how a dog makes a

man seem more

approachable and easier

to relate to.

The e-commerce manager

from West Yorkshire said:

“Ted has been the star of

the show - I think some

women actually swiped

right more for him than

me! It’s so much better to

start a conversation with ‘your

dog is so cute’ rather than a

standard ‘hey’ or ‘hello’.

“Although I’m still single, it’s

showed me that there are some

lovely people out there. Who

knows - the next time I go on a

first date we could swap a

drink in a bar for a dog walk!”

To view the full results of Pet

Wingman, visit: https://


Pets Magazine

Paw Leave!


DR DAVID CLIFF, Managing Director of Gedanken, a company

specialising in coaching-based support and personal development, on

why he supports paid leave for new pet parents.

Apparently, the Brewdog company are

allowing their staff a week's paid

‘Pawternity’ to leave to allow people to

integrate the new puppy into their

homes and families...

This very animal-centric policy, is

laudable in many ways. I suspect as a cat

lover, unless the same is extended to felines, it

may however create an equal opportunities

issue! I suspect rabbit owners will not be far


There is a serious note however in this, animals

are for most, part of our families and make a

Pets Magazine

major contribution to our quality of life

and our mental health. The touch is in

ways that activate unconditional love,

help us keep fit, offer unswerving

companionship and, in a world of

increasingly single households, are

often the emotional glue that holds

people together when human

relationships just don't cut it.

Let's face it, animals offer less complicated

relationships. Sure, they may be tying in terms of

if one wants to jet off to foreign climes, but

typically, we become the centre of their lives, and

that importance resonates with us and calls upon

us to be better people.

The very act of caring

for something other

than yourself as both

emotionally and

spiritually enhancing.

This makes it all the

more painful to see

households where

animals are used as

accessories in a

person's life rather

than living sentient

beings. Loved in the

moment, showcased

on Facebook but

conveniently left

waiting inordinate

amounts of time

through the day,


companionship or

stimulation, whilst

their human owners

pursue their own needs.

Animals call to us to be better

people and suffer significantly

when we do not rise to

that challenge. One just

needs to look at cat and

dog shelters, to see this

latter phenomenon

writ heartrendingly


Loved: Our pets should be the object of affection...

be their "Nanny State" blend

(0.5%), that is purely

coincidental, with no intended


“Let's face it, animals

offer less complicated


treatment and non-exploitation


Here is a shining example,



So, just to show this particular

active corporate social

responsibility is celebrated and

contributes to the bottom line, I

will buy a bottle or two of

Brewdog at my next visit to the

supermarket. It will probably

So, let's hear it for

organisations that care for and

understand animals are

important relationships in our

lives, for some more important

than relationships with homo

sapiens. They require

companionship love care, fair

Pets Magazine

LARS B. ANDERSEN, CEO of Arty Lobster

On 3D Pet Sculptures

Click this link to watch the video.

And here’s two examples of Arty Lobster’s fantastic 3D sculptures. Visit their website

at to order a 3D sculpture of YOUR pet!


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