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The 18th edition of SLOAN! features celebrity interviews with Joe Wicks, Ross Kemp and Anita Rani; Honda's Life MOT with celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams; the Ultimate Laundry Room with Whirlpool; SLOAN! Baby; Active Affluent; expert articles on travel, interiors, health and relationships; luxury hotel reviews, London restaurant reviews and product features on luxury interiors, luxury jewellery, American whiskey & bourbon plus lots more!




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Sloan Sheridan-Williams

We discover the woman behind the successful entrepreneur,

media personality and international speaker to find out what

makes Sloan Sheridan-Williams stand out from all the rest!

Sloan Sheridan-Williams is a uniquely talented celebrity life coach who has

worked with rock stars to royalty and politicians to CEOs. Her VIP clients

include Hollywood actors, professional athletes and reality TV stars. She

also works with brands from start ups to global leaders such as Unilever,

BMW, Honda, David Brown Automotive, eHarmony, Whirlpool, Hotels.

com and to name a few.


Sloan Sheridan-Williams is known for her work as one of the leading

“diagnosticians in the complementary therapy world” She is often

commended for having the fastest results in the shortest time often tackling

problems that have yet to be solved by others. Sloan achieves this using

over a decade of experience and is unique in the fact that she has trained in

so many different areas using their diversity to fix problems that a single

qualified practitioner may not be able to address. She talks about all these

area in the press on a regular basis both in the UK and globally.


Sloan was originally known in her capacity as an experienced therapist and

success coach, but she is impossible to pigeon hole. Over the last 15 years,

she has had the opportunity to work in many different arenas from legal to

political, medical to media, and corporate to academia. Educated at Oxford

University where she originally read Medicine,

Sloan then attended University College London

before converting to Law. Sloan has collaborated

with some of the finest institutions and brands in

the UK, if not the world, and has had the pleasure

to work with some very talented individuals.

Sloan’s latest work is her new book, “Slap Fear

In The Face” which is available in e-book and

paperback at

Visit to learn more

about Sloan and her extraordinary work.


Sloan has worked with rock

stars to royalty and politicians to

CEOs. Her VIP clients include

Hollywood actors, professional

athletes and reality TV stars


As a respected relationship

expert, Sloan has appeared in

the UK and international media

over 200 times. She is also a

charismatic media personality,

radio host and trained presenter.


Sloan is an engaging and

inspirational world class

international speaker and has

shared the stage with some

of the top business experts

and entrepreneurs in the UK

including John Lee, Vincent

Wong, Andy Harrington and

Shaa Wasmund MBE.


Sloan has a combined social

media following of over 450K on

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and

LinkedIn. She is also the founder

and editor-in-chief of SLOAN!

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18 th



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Travel & Hospitality







































Since our last issue I have had

the pleasure of collaborating with

some fabulous brands including

Honda and Whirlpool as well

as having the privilege of being

invited to some delightful places.

I always get a wonderful welcome

but the hospitality recently towards

myself and baby Sloan (who is

due before next issue) has been

remarkable. I would like to say a

special thank you to all those who

have gone that extra mile.

This year, in addition to working

with inspirational celebrities,

influencers, straight-talking

experts and forward-thinking

companies, I have also launched

my book “Slap Fear In The Face”

which teaches the reader how to

accomplish their goals without

being held back by fear. I will

be offering gifts and prizes to

SLOAN! followers so do look out

for those promotions.

As always I’d like to thank my

fantastic team who are such a

pleasure to work with and whom I

have confidence to bring you the

next issue while I am on part-time

maternity leave.

A big thank you also to you

our readers, for your continued

support online, on social media

and offline. I have listened

to your comments and in this

issue we have focused on more

features on luxury travel, home

& lifestyle and healthy eating

after the indulgences of the festive

period. You’ve also asked for more

articles from me so I’ve included

unabridged work published last

month in the UK press.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue

as much as we’ve had creating it

and I wish you all the best for the

coming season.

Continue to be inspired!


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Ask The Expert
































HRH Meghan Duchess of Sussex








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The Mini is ideal for storing snacks and biscuits. The Single is perfect

for bread rolls, cake or pastries. The Classic is a spacious breadbox

that keeps your bread and larger cakes fresh. Each Elly has ventilation

holes at the back allow optimal air circulation keeping bread and biscuits

fresh. Each have sturdy metal hinges which guarantee a sturdy and

strong opening mechanism. Mini Elly £54.95 – (H100 x W225 x D136);

Single Elly £74.95– (H140 x W320 x D140mm); Classic Elly £92.95 –

(H140 x W415 x D260). Available from

Lu x u r y Ho m e


From Persian rugs and dazzling chandeliers to stylish sofas and smart

kitchenware, here is our pick of the finest furniture, lighting, accessories

and homeware to style up your home this season.




1. Sofas by Saxon, Scroll 1.5 Seater, £1229 2. Lilla Rugs, AVA 63469 Persian Loribaft

273x212cm, £2,900 3. Arteriors, Stelling Lamp £1,070, 4. Arteriors,

Haskell Oval Chandelier, £4,555 5. Industville, 5 Wire Brass Pendant Cluster £349 6. Christopher Wray, Oldhurst chandelier, from £1,845

7. Original BTC, Cranton hexagonal pendant, £2695 8. MY Furniture, Cassia Side

6 SLOAN! | E-mail us at











14 15


Table, £119 9. The Albion Bath Company, Imperium Double Ended bath, £2136, www. 10. Lovely Sofas, Linda large sofa, £1695, 11. Artisanna London, Allegra

chair, £2,200 12. Castrads, Viscount 595mm in Old Penny POA

13. Lilla Rugs, DEMURE Antique Persian Hayat Davoudi 238x155cm, POA 14. Andrew Martin,

The Seventies Neon, £2,195, 15. Made To Last, 8” spun iron saucepan, £77.50 www. 16. Joanna Wood, Faux Porcupine Mirror, £897

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Luxury Interior Trends

Karen Howe reveals the eight key interior

trends shaping global interior design in SS19

Taylor Howes, award-winning and

internationally renowned design

house, has identified eight key

interior trends for spring/summer



The latest trend between the

correlation of the fashion design

sector and catwalk clothing,

crossing over into the home

environment is only set to grow

stronger and be more prevalent in

the first quarter of 2019.

Fashion houses including Dior,

Gucci and Tom Ford are using

exuberant bold colours teamed up

with lavish textiles.

In 2019 this will influence the

home environment further, where

almost a decade of subdued grey/

off-white interiors and sleek clean

lines will be replaced by lavish

interiors with bold colours such a

midnight blue, red and emerald.

Just as the fashion designers are

celebrating muses and beautiful

Oriental designs, home interiors

for 2019 will use antique pieces.


During 2019 there will be an

increasing demand in the luxury

interior design sector for elaborate

truly bespoke furniture pieces,

accessories and interior finishes.

The growing trend for nearidentical

reproduction copies is

diluting the luxury furnishings


We’ll see an increasing use

of hand-dyed timber veneers,

striking geometric patterns for

flooring and wall panelling and

semi-precious finishes and inlays.

There will also be a return to

the use of Verre eglomise, the

process of applying both a design

and gilding onto the rear face of

glass in order to produce a mirror

finish. Also hand embroidery will

be increasingly used in decorative




Rather than just relying on

conventional chandeliers, there

is an increasing appetite for the

commissioning or use of highly

sculptural lighting.

The inspiration is being taken

from a range of themes including

the natural world to create 18

carat gold and porcelain leaves

suspended from the ceiling,

waterfall like chandeliers that

cascade down stairwells, to aged

bronze marine life as up-lighting

for a subterranean swimming


The latest trend, likely to become

more prevalent in 2019, is for

sculptural lighting to throw

artistic shadows, quotes or poetry

onto adjoining walls, creating

lighting, which delivers highly

personal messages or images for

the user.


The fashion-interior relationship

is also being deepened by the

use of décor inspired collections

appearing on fashion runways.

An increasing number of fashion

designers have permanent or

seasonal home décor lines

including Ralph Lauren, Missoni,

Hermes, Bottega Veneta and Dior,

and the recently launched Gucci

and Loewe home décor lines.

This merging of the fashioninterior

sectors means that in

2019 there will be a growing

importance for the home to be as

well dressed as its inhabitants.


Semi-precious stones in an

array of glorious colours are

increasingly being used to

recalibrate the colour palette for

interiors, replacing the muted

tones of the past with warm and

joyful finishes.

Believed to have special powers

that can help enhance wellbeing

and moods, there are five key

stones which will become

increasingly used during 2019

these are, Selenite, a veined white

stone, Aventurine, a beautiful

light green stone, Blue Topaz, is

a glacier blue stone, Garnet is a

wonderful red stone and Citrine, a

honeyed yellow-gold stone.


The rise of the caring consumer

is customers increasingly want

to know what they are buying is

truly ethical at every stage of the

product journey.

This in turn influences how

people make their interior

selection and how they interact

with their homes in a more

meaningful and satisfying way

Pieces finished by hand also

satisfy a growing desire amongst

clients to understand the process,

not just the finished product.

Hand finished metallics are a key

part of this desire for authentic


Moon gold, platinum, moonstone

and pewter, when hand crafted

can be used to make a design

statement without excessive

show and sparkle. Silver or gold,

manipulated into threads, can be

weaved into fabrics.

Likewise, parchment, hand dyed

and hand rubbed with gold leaf,

8 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

and tobacco leaf applied with 20

layers of lacquer, produces a depth

of finish which can only originate

from handcrafted products.


At the very top of the luxury

interior design industry, there is

increasingly a merging between

the design and materials used in

ultra-prime residential property

and super yachts. This creates a

seamless living experience for the


Needing to overcome the

limitations of enclosed space,

super yacht interiors are by

necessity highly ergonomic,

utilising every inch of available


For safety, yacht interiors tend to

be highly sculptural, with smooth

lines, curved edges, organic

shapes, complimented by highly

stable furniture, lamps, artwork

and accessories. Like ultraprime

homes, super yachts use

magnificent materials including

mahogany, rosewood, onyx,

bronze and gold, with detailing

handcrafted by skills artisans.


Due to Africa’s rich cultural

heritage and distinctive clothing,

accessories and design work from

there will become increasingly

celebrated and used in 2019.

Elaborate African patch-work

techniques, bronze tribal designs

and woodwork carvings help

to bring character to textiles,

accessories and one-of-a-kind


Rich accent colours such as

terracotta, dense jungle green,

bronze and hammered gold will be

increasingly in vogue during 2019.

Textiles adorned with African

Hoopoe birds will also become


Karen Howes, Chief Executive

of Taylor Howes says: “Our

new Kaleidoscope trends report

shares our reflections on colours,

textures, detailing and mood

which Taylor Howes forecast will

influence interiors during Spring/

Summer 2019. We believe that in

2019 there will be a deepening

relationship between the fashioninterior

sectors, with the bold

colours and lavish finishes

currently seen on catwalks

being replicated in the home

environment. The preference for

ethically sourced and handcrafted

products will continue to grow and

rather than reproduction furniture,

there will be a desire for unique

interiors pieces created by haute


For more information about the

Kaledeiscope report, please visit

Taylor Howes is an award

winning international design

house with headquarters

in London’s Knightsbridge.

Founded in 1993 by Karen

Howes, the design house has

over two decades worth of


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Celebrity Life

Coach Sloan


recommends the

Whirlpool 6 TH SENSE

Live® Laundry Pair

Sloan Sheridan-Williams

The Ultimate Washing

Machine & Tumble Dryer

Save time. money & energy to create the Ultimate Laundry Room

“Whirlpool’s Supreme Care Live® washing

machine and matching tumble dryer help me

simplify doing the laundry using cutting edge

technology and a host of innovative features that

ensure my family’s clothes are clean and cared

for in the quickest possible time.”

Sloan Sheridan-Williams

Here at SLOAN! we received the

Whirlpool Supreme Care Live® washing

machine and matching tumble dryer which

we were excited to try out as we had been

told they communicate with each other

via the Whirlpool 6 TH SENSE Live®

app using cutting edge technology. As

our founder Sloan Sheridan-Williams is

known for her work with time poor people

that have high powered jobs, she is often

asked about time management tips to

help them balance both achievement and

significance they get from work with the

fulfilment and joy they get from family

life. When it comes to the more mundane

chores around the house, the obvious tip

would be to outsource, get a cleaner or

housekeeper. However, with technology

advancing, are we finally at a stage where

we can outsource via smart appliances.

Obviously one would still need to load

and unload the laundry but Whirlpool

has delivered an answer to begin bridging

the gap and give us our time back. The

6 TH SENSE Live® app communicates the

Brand Collaboration

washer’s current programme to

the dryer and synchronises the

correct drying cycle, to ensure

optimum garment care. You can

stay in touch with your progress

at home or remotely. A downside

that may or may not affect you is

that the economy setting can take

between 4 and 6 hours, but this

is negated by the fact you can set

your washing while on your daily

commute. For those who want to

be environmental friendly, it is

extremely efficient on electricity

and promotes the reduction

of your household’s carbon

footprint. Those who want to

keep their hard earned cash to

invest, will be pleased to note

that it can cost as little as a meal

out to wash and dry your laundry

for a whole year! Impressive, we

thought so, and we are not even

talking Michelin star meals!

The app is easy to use, very

intuitive and the devices are

advanced enough to learn and

adapt to you. The app allows you

to set or change the programme

settings, check the progress of

your wash and order accessories.

For those who work from

home whether you are making

important sales calls, running

coaching programmes, setting

up a YouTube channel or

interviewing thought leaders

on your podcast, the one thing

you won’t notice is noise. We

were amazed at how quiet the

spin cycle is and although we

wouldn’t suggest sitting next to

the washing machine to carry

out those tasks, this fabulous

machine will not interfere with

the peace and quiet needed to run

a successful business from home.

Some may think the price tag of

£899 per machine is a little on

the steep side, but what use is the

money you earn if you are not

spending it on the best machines

for your needs. For those with

designer threads, the dryer is

said to have the best wool drying

programme on the market,

drying up to four jumpers in just

one hour.

Sloan says “The less time you

spend doing trivial things, the

more time you can spend on

what’s important. With our busy

modern lives filled with decision

fatigue and time management

issues, it is so lovely to have an

intelligent washing machine and

tumble dryer that practically

does it all for you, giving you the

time to focus on the important

decisions in life such as how

to improve your business and

provide more value to your

clients while giving you the

freedom to spend your time with

family and loved ones.”

Visit for

more information.

Pristine Clean

The Ultimate Utility Room

From an innovative vacuum cleaner that mops floors to

everyday laundry essentials, we’ve got it all right here!

Kobold VK200

Compact, highly manoeuvrable

and extremely powerful, the

Kobold VK200 is the Ultimate

Homecare System combining

the latest innovative cleaning

technology with a host of easyto-use

cleaning attachments, this

machine can tackle almost every

surface in your home. Whether

you need to deep clean your

carpets, breathe life back in to

your hard floors, or simply want

one vacuum cleaner that can do

it all, the Kobold VK200 will

deliver the best clean on every

surface, every time.

This upright vacuum cleaner

stands out thanks to its innovative

technology, high quality and

timeless design. It also features

an expert cleaning attachment for

every surface. Expert cleaning

is made easier by highlights

including push force control and

automatic floor detection. What’s

more, the Kobold VK200 upright

vacuum cleaner is extremely

energy-efficient and has an

A-rated energy label.

What’s more, the world first

SP600 simultaneously mops

the floor and vacuums dust and

crumbs off all hard floors at the

same time, cutting in half the time

you spend cleaning hard floors

such as parquet, laminate, tiles

and stone. A groundbreaking

innovation with cutting edge

technology and stunning design,

the SP600 is easy to use, with

automatic cloth moistening there’s

no messing with wet cloths and it

can clean an entire floor with one

260ml tank - that’s 50 times less

water & washing product than

with a classic mop and bucket! It

is also possible to buff/clean your

floors with a dry cloth using the


The excellent ergonomic

design with its easily adjustable

telescopic handle, lightweight

construction and Swivel/Pivot

joint, make the Kobold VK200 an

extremely manoeuvrable upright

vacuum cleaner, and allows for

a back-friendly posture. Plus the

main power switch is conveniently

located on the handle grip right

where you need it to be.

Not forgetting the Kobold

FP200 3 in 1 Premium Filter

bag which not only unfolds itself

automatically for easy changing

but also improves air quality for

people with allergies, captruing

an impressive 99% of allergyinducing


The Kobold VK200 & SP600 hard

floor set is £849 available from

12 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Kärcher SC 5

Steam cleaning with Kärcher is

the ultimate way to clean hard

surfaces kill 99.99% of bacteria

without the need for harsh

chemicals using only tap water

giving you peace of mind whilst

achieving a sparkling clean finish.

The Kärcher SC 5 EasyFix

Premium is a top-of-the-range

steam cleaner which harnesses

the dirt-shifting power of pure,

continuous steam to remove

tough stains and grime delivering

amazing deep cleaning results. We

also liked the VapoHydro function

which adds hot water to steam for

even better cleaning results. The

SC 5 includes a refillable water

tank for uninterrupted cleaning,

and includes on-board storage for

tools and accessories, with all the

attachments and brushes you need

for cleaning every corner of your


The EasyFix floor tool features a

hook and loop cloth connection

system, meaning no more bending

down to change cloths and no

direct contact with the dirt. As

well as the floor tool, the SC 5

Premium also comes with hand

tool, microfibre floor and hand

cloths, detail nozzle, small brush

and a very handy new carpet

glider to sanitise carpets.

The Kärcher SC 5 EasyFix

Premium is £499.99 available



The go to Great British

housewares brand for quality,

great product design and great

value, ADDIS has a wide range

of nifty storage and organisation

solutions ideal of the ultimate

utility room.

Our favourite essentials for

laundry include the slimline faux

rattan hamper (£17.99) designed to

fit into the smallest of bathroom

spaces yet boasting a large 60L

capacity and the faux rattan

hipster basket (£18.99) with an

ergonomic design to make easy

work of carrying 40L of washing.

After washing, clothes can find

a home to dry on the Slimline X

Wing airer (£24.99) which can be

used in multiple positions around

the home for optimum drying.

We also liked the 6-arm iron tidy

(£34.99) which makes light work

of laundry and folds away when

not in use. Use as a landing place

to hang freshly laundered shirts or

clothes that need reshaping whilst


All items available from

Me Time at Thai Square Spa

After a busy day tidying the house, what better way to unwind than

with an authentic Thai day spa experience at Thai Square Spa near

Embankment. This established premium day spa, located at 25

Northumberland Avenue, occupies a historical, luxurious and spacious


Boasting a timeless classical elegance with an eclectic mix of Thai,

Roman and Turkish spa décor elements, the spa is housed within a

beautifully converted Victorian Turkish bath and is a true haven for

the senses. The facilities are first-class and extensive with five Thai

Massage treatment rooms, six Ritual Massage rooms, a VIP Suite

treatment room, a Vichy Shower Treatment Room, Jacuzzi, Steam

Room, Himalayan Salt House therapy room, Ice Fountain and a

gorgeous private relaxation zone.

Celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams experience the Pre Birth

Essential treatment at Thai Square Spa. To read her review, please visit


25 Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N 5AP | 020 7839 7990 |

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Five Trends for the

Dinner Party Table

Sonia Pash, founder of Temza Interior Design

and Build, shares her top tips on using latest

trends in styling and seasonal inspiration to

dress your dinner table as the seasons change

Sonia Pash

Sonia Pash is MD and co-founder

Temza. Sonia grew up in Russia

and moved to London in 2007

aged 19 where she worked in the

city’s property sector, specialising

in sourcing residential, commercial

and development opportunities,

and managing portfolios for high

net worth international clients.

In 2012, Sonia co-founded Temza

Interior Design Studio with Pawel

Sipta. Temza not only offers

first-rate interior design services,

the specialist team can also help

clients find their ideal home or

investment property, and project

manage, too. The company can

deliver a complete interior and

architectural design service, taking

care of the entire construction and

refurbishment process, for those

who require a stress-free turn-key


Only get pieces

that really bring

you & your

family joy!

With the cold weather outside,

it’s time to fall in love with our

homes once again! And what

better way to enjoy the great

indoors then throwing a dinner

party for your friends or family?

Now has never been a better

time for a table makeover so that

it’s not only your roast that will



Crockery is a great opportunity

to inject personality into your

home without breaking the bank.

A little goes a long way and we

find that there have never been

so many beautiful products on

the high street market before,

at prices that are affordable to

everyone. So there’s really no

excuses not to have some fun

dressing your table.

The time for white dinner sets

is quite simply over, and you

can and should be brave when it

comes to colour, either by being

real savvy and picking up on

some shades that are already

present in your décor, or even

by using tableware to bring new

colours into an otherwise neutral



You need to consider the whole

room when choosing the colour

scheme, and each item that makes

up your table. Mix and match is a

big trend and combining colours

and patterns are a great way to

bring playfulness onto the table,

however, it must be carefully

balanced. We like to choose

dinnerware that has elements

that connect back to the interior


For example, a traditional dining

room with a stunning silk bird

and flower pattern wallpaper

can only benefit from floral

pattern tableware. To keep the

balance and still adhere to the

traditional scheme we would go

14 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

for a mixture of more traditional

white items, only with a couple of

patterned and colourful pieces.


One of the key trends at the

moment is the ‘hand-made’ look,

with imperfect, slightly crooked

pieces that look like they are

fresh off the pottery wheel, with

speckles and uneven, gradient

glazing to make the surface more

playful and interesting. It’s easy

to associate with this style as food

is something that we all like to

understand as home-made and



Gold speckles and gold edging is

another thing that we see a lot, and

it’s a youthful, interesting idea,

however when it comes to trends

it’s always good to be thoughtful

and stick with the ones that you

are really in love with as opposed

something that’s just a novelty and

you will feel stuck with it after a

couple of years.


If you need to impress for less, the

best way is investing in a couple

of key pieces. Textile napkins

are one of those things that seem

extremely luxurious while in

fact, they don’t cost much at all.

Treating yourself to a nice display

tray or cake stand is also goes a

long way.

Growing your collection

organically can be a great idea,

which gives you time to consider

your options so you only get

pieces that really bring you and

your family joy!.

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We celebrate Living Coral - Pantone’s Colour of the Year -

symbolising the optimism & joyful pursuits of the months ahead

1. The Lighting Superstore - Wazowsky portable bluetooth LED light speaker, £91.20, www.thelightingsuperstore. 2. Coddies Fish Flops - Pink Salmon, £14.99, 3. butter LONDON - Patent Shine

10X Nail Lacquer in Trout Pout, £15, 4. e.l.f. Tinted Lip Oil in Coral Kiss, £7.50, 5. Fudge Professional Paintbox Coral Blush, £9.95, 6. Cult Furniture

Embroidered Geometric Velvet Cushion, £30, 7. Darlings of Chelsea Dalby Medium Sofa,

£1,754.35, 8. Bronte by Moon Merino Lambswool Prince of Wales Throw Blanket

- Coral, £40, 9. Hurn & Hurn Discoveries Jellyfish Hand-Blown Glass Ornament £23.95 10. Miffy Sitting Velvet Soft Toy in Coral Pink £17.50, 11. Mavala

- Funny Coral Nail Polish, £5.20, John Lewis 12. Soda Says - Power Tube 3000, £30, 13.

Grosvenor 3-seater sofa, from £2629, Sofas by Saxon 14. T-Zone Australian Pink Clay Mask, £8.95, Superdrug 15.

Divette Rose Wool Rug by Claire Gaudion, £359, 16. Britannia - Delphi Range Cooker,


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My mission

is to inspire one

new person every

day to exercise

and cook a

healthy meal


18 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

SLOAN! talks to Joe Wicks about how he became

The Body Coach, his tips for a healthy lifestyle and

the difference he wants to make through his work

Many people blame their busy

S lifestyles as the reason they don’t eat

healthily. What are your five top tips

to get someone back in the kitchen cooking

fresh food and not rely on ready meals?

1. Prep like a boss! Plan your meals

J out for the week before food shopping

and prep everything in advance.

Batch cooking things like chilli, bolognese

or curry is going to really set you up for


2. Cook together with your friends, family

or kids making meals a social event.

3. Follow influential people on social

media, read food blogs and get ideas from

cookbooks. If you cook the same things

over and over again, I recommend you get

some inspiration so you can try new stuff.

4. If you’re not sure what to cook or you

don’t want to go food shopping then getting

a recipe box like Gousto delivered to your

door is great.

5. Just get in the kitchen and have a go!




How can recipe boxes like Gousto help

people and how did you get into using

them yourself?

A friend of mine was doing it and he

J said you have to give it a try as it’s

made my life easier as I’m getting 3-4

recipes a week delivered. So I thought I will

give it a go. My brother, me and a few other

friends joined up and we got a WhatsApp

group going called The Gousto Gang where

you know what you are going to order and

you sit down and compare meals and talk

about it. Gousto takes that step away of

deciding what you are going to get when

you go out shopping and end up putting

the same thing in your basket every day.

It’s about variety but also it gets you trying

new things. The best part is that there is no

food waste, you use every ingredient that

comes in the box so that’s a real positive.

It’s so convenient - the box lands on your

doorstep, you pop it in the fridge and you

are away. There is no going back for me

now - it’s really fixed a problem in my life.

You must have lots of offers coming

through all the time from different

companies. What was it specifically

about Gousto that made you want to work

with them as a brand spokesman?

I listened to a podcast where the CEO

J Timo was being interviewed about

the company and their vision and I

just fell in love with him. I thought what a

nice guy! He has such a long term vision.

He really does want people to cook healthy

food and our missions are so aligned so

I said to him if l had my dream company

it wouldn’t be setting up a restaurant, it

wouldn’t be ready meals in a supermarket,

it would be Gousto because I really do

believe in this as a solution. People are so

busy with excuses all the time but with

Gousto you can’t get away from it. It comes

to your door, it’s only healthy food and

it’s the variety as well. I have created four

recipes a week for Gousto and I’m also an

investor in the company so I believe in it as

long term partnership, I’m not just doing a

quick little digital marketing campaign, I’m

really invested in the idea, the growth the

company and I do preach about it because

I’m so passionate about it. All my friends

and family are on it. I bloody love it, I

really do!

What first got you into healthy eating

S and exercise and when was the moment

that you decided you had to follow your

journey and become “The Body Coach”?

I never had a great diet when I was

J a kid. My mum didn’t cook a lot and

we relied on sandwiches, junk food

and fizzy drinks. It was only when I hit

university and studied Sport Science that I

got into nutrition and I started putting good

food into my body. I thought “Wow this is

really the answer to your fitness” because

I trained all the time and it didn’t make

much difference to my fitness then I had a

six week transformation where I only put

good food in my body and really thought

about what I was eating. I looked and felt

really good at the end of it so that was a

good wake up call for me because I realised

the power of good food. When you eat crap

food, you’re run down, lethargic, bloated

and knackered which is normal for so many

people but you really don’t have to live that

life because when you eat healthy food you

are so much more productive, you wake

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up in a better mood, you train

harder and sleep better. There are

so many benefits especially from

a mindset and productivity point

of view. I achieve so much more

when I’m eating well. I have loved

exercise all my life but I have

loved healthy food since I was like


That must be part of the

S reason that motivated you

to help others and see them

achieve their goals. What do you

hope to achieve through your work

as an advocate for living a healthy


I’m really proud that I have

J had such a big impact with

social media. I have a big

audience and I have published the

cookbooks and it’s all gone really

well. I just love that I have people

that have probably genuinely

never cooked before or people that

are a bit nervous in the kitchen

and have relied on ready meals.

I just want to be remembered as

someone who made a big impact

on the nation’s health and my

big campaign is to help children.

I’ve had a meeting with Channel

4 to get together and investigate

why fitness is getting dropped

and why PE is not compulsory in

certain schools. I really what to be

remembered like you remember

Jamie Oliver for school dinners. I

really want to be remembered for

school fitness where I really shake

things up, get kids active and get

them in a better place.

You said once that you don’t

S feel like a celebrity even

though you have over 2.5

million followers on Instagram

and have such a positive influence

on other people. How would you

describe yourself?

I describe myself as

J someone who is really

ambitious and passionate.

I feel like I am really good at

communicating with people and

making something that seems

quite scary like fitness & nutrition

and making it fun and accessible

and digestible. I appeal to kids

at school exercising with me and

50-year-old women doing my

workouts so yes I feel I’m good

at communicating and making

people feel good. When I get a

comment or a post, I get such

a high off it, It’s so addictive to

think I am doing something good

for people so that is without a

doubt my motivation and I have

been successful because of that.

I’m purpose driven rather than

business and profit driven and

that’s one of the reasons I think I

have had so much success.

How did it feel when you

S recently hit 3 million sales

of your book “Lean in 15”?

What was that like for you?

Hitting 3 million books is

J mad. I went out to celebrate

with my publisher and

brother to a good team effort.

When your publisher phones you

to say you have sold 3 million

books in the UK alone, that’s just

mad. When you think there are

maybe three people in the average

house so that’s 9 million people

eating better because of my one

silly idea of throwing food in a

pan on Instagram and saying Lean

in 15. So I am really glad I kept

doing it and I didn’t give up or

listen to those who said I should


What difference do you

S want to make in the lives of

your fans and how do you

ensure you always provide value

to the people following you on


That’s a great question. My

J mission is to inspire one new

person every day to exercise

and cook a healthy meal. I think is

this video or post or selfie going

to achieve that because my social

media is all about trying to make

you laugh, make you feel good

and trying to inspire you to do

something for yourself so you

will keep following me and liking

me. If you believe in my message,

you will get off your bum and

keep moving. That’s my main

motivation every day.


What scared you the most

when you first started as a

fitness coach and what challenges

did you have to overcome?

I set up a boot camp in

J Richmond and I really hoped

it was going to be a success,

having visions I was going to

turn up and have loads of people

there and all the stations set out

with kettle bells and ropes. Then

no-one would turn up and I would

get really disheartened. I always

thought I’m not going to give up

because if I don’t come back next

week, no one is going to know I

even exist. So I had this mentality

that I wasn’t scared of failure

and I was aware if I stopped it

would probably never happen.

So I thought do you know what

I’m going to do, I’m going to

go to Richmond station and I’m

going to flyer outside the station

every morning at rush hour rain

or shine and people will start to

recognise me and ask me for a

flyer. So I kept doing that. I kept

building it and building it and that

was the way I taught myself to

keep on going and I have applied

that to everything in my life now.

Don’t give up. Keep moving and

working towards your goals.

At SLOAN! we believe food

S is a great way to connect

with loved ones but often

diets make it harder to order when

eating out in restaurants. What are

your thoughts on this?

Well I’m a massive fan of

J socialising and eating out. It’s

nice to eat at home with your

family and friends but I also love

going to nice restaurants. If you’re

someone who works out and eats

well at home then you shouldn’t be

over-thinking it as long as you’re

not having takeaways and ordering

pizza every night. Enjoy the food

you love but be sensible. If you’re

on a rest day, have a starter and a

main or if you’re on a training day

have a treat that night and have a

dessert. It’s little choices like that


To read the rest of this insightful

interview with Joe Wicks, go to

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Leading recipe box company,

Gousto, has teamed up with

‘The Body Coach’ Joe Wicks to

develop a range of nutritious

and delicious meals. Visit to order Joe

Wicks’ recipes. Meals start at

£2.98, with four new delicious,

nutritious recipes each week.

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Healthy Eating Trends for 2019

Kajsa Ernestam, in-house dietitian at Lifesum, shares

insights into the hot new health & diet trends this year


According to a recent study

published in Nature, the

environmental effects of the food

system between 2010 and 2050

could reach levels that are beyond

the boundaries that define a safe

operating space for humanity.

The study found that greenhouse

gas emissions could be reduced

by more than half if the world’s

population adapted to a mainly

focused vegetarian diet, otherwise

known as a flexitarian diet.

The flexitarian diet encourages

mostly plant-based foods while

allowing meat and other animal

products in moderation, and is

the ideal alternative for meatlovers

that want to do well by the

planet and our health. According

to a recent study by Waitrose &

Partners, a fifth of consumers

now identify as flexitarian, with

38% of people doing so due to

environmental concerns. 2019

will see a continued rise in a

plant-based diet, but this time not

necessarily adapted by choice, but

due to world necessity. January

2018 saw 52,000 commit to a

vegan diet for January – up from

just 1,500 in 2014 – and it will be

interesting to see the increase this



There has been a growing

awareness on recycling and waste

reduction for some time now,

but the truth is that Britons are

still binning around 4.4m tonnes

of household food waste. To

help the environment, the new

challenge has become zero waste

eating; the practice of eating

without producing waste, avoiding

packaging, and minimising food

waste by eating all parts of the

food. What do you say, have you

found your new year resolution?


Meso-dosing is popular in the US

and Australia, but in 2019 we will

see this trend move over to the

UK. Meso literally means ‘inside’

in Greek, and mesonutrient refers

to the active compounds and

antioxidants within superfoods

that make them so good for your

immune system. In other words,

instead of drinking a tumeric

latte, which would provide you

with macronutrients of turmeric,

but only a small dose of curcumin,

the anti-inflammatory ingredient

we want to absorb, meso-dosing

recommends that you take a

natural curcumin supplement

per day to ensure you absorb the

perfect amount and get all the

benefits of turmeric.


Due to the increase of people

choosing a meat-free diet in the

last couple of years, the food

industry has naturally seen a rise

in demand for meat-free options.

The array of plant-based proteins

and ‘meat-free meats’ have

been introduced to the market,

including quorn and oat milk. A

recent study by Nielsen found the

sale of traditional options, such

as tofu and brown rice was down

1.3% in the last year, while the

sale of newly introduced plantbased

food alternatives in on a


If you are eating a meat-free

diet, ensure that you are eating

22 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

a balanced diet with the right

amount, and varied kinds, of

protein. Proteins are made up of

amino acids and is responsible

for promoting muscle, bone and

organ growth and repair.


There is a growing market for

edible insects in the Western

world. Research agency, Global

Market Insights, predicts this year

that by 2024 the edible insects

market will have increased by

over 43%. The benefits of eating

insects are both nutritional

and ecological. As well as a

highly cost-effective source of

protein, vitamins, minerals, and

healthy fats, insect consumption

is now linked with improving

gut bacteria health, which is

increasingly recognised as a

major influence on physical and

mental wellbeing. This year,

Lifesum became the first health

app to allow users to log and

track the consumption of insects

within their diets.


Jackfruit is a tree-borne fruit,

which has become one of the

trendiest meat-alternatives over

the last year. The fruit weighs

between 40-50 kg and its meat is

a good source of fibre, protein,

and almost every vitamin and

nutrient you need. Meanwhile, the

seeds are packed with zinc, iron,

calcium, copper, potassium, and

magnesium, which makes them a

perfect afternoon snack to enjoy

on their own, or to be added as

a topping to your yoghurt. Most

supermarkets do not sell whole

jackfruit, but you should be able

to find it canned in Waitrose

and Morrisons, as well as sliced

in some specialised Asian food



Sea urchins are small, spikecovered

sea creatures that

typically live in shallow waters

on coral reefs or rocks that are

exposed to the waves. The edible

part of the animal is the sex

organs, which tastes salty and

fresh, like the waters they live

in. Similar to oysters, urchins

are considered to be a strong

aphrodisiac, as it contains the

chemical Anandamide. Demand

for ‘uni’, the Japanese name for

urchin, has risen in the last year,

available at Japanese and Italian

restaurants around the city. In

2019, we will see this delicacy

become more widely available in

supermarkets as well – possibly



Bergamot is a plant that produces

a type of citrus fruit, which tastes

like a cross between orange and

lemon. The fruit in itself is not

commonly consumed on its own,

but the peel is used to make an oil

that is used as a citrus flavouring

agent in cooking, or to make

medicine. One of the many ways

bergamot oil can be beneficial is

the disinfectant power it has, as it

suppresses pathogens in the body.

A recent study found that it can

also enhance autophagy, which

in other words, slows down the

aging process. Bergamot in itself

is not a trend, and you will find

the oil in authentic Earl Grey tea

all around the world, but as mesodosing

becomes more popular,

so will the concept of bergamot

oil supplements and to inhale the



Traditional kefir has been on the

market for some time and is made

from milk that is fermented,

which means that it contains

beneficial bacterial strains and

probiotics, which can help to

calm down your stomach and

kick-start your day. It works like a

drinkable yoghurt and is a perfect

finish to a big meal. It does

contain lactose, however, and

is therefore not appropriate for

vegans or those that are lactose

intolerant. Water kefir, on the

other hand, is a vegan alternative,

that is made from fermenting

water or coconut water with kefir

grains, a combination of lactic

acid, bacteria, and yeasts.

Find out more about the Lifesum

health app at



Kajsa Ernestam

Kajsa Ernestam is the in-house

dietitian at the global health app,

Lifesum. Before joining Lifesum,

she worked as a Clinical Dietitian

at the Department of Medicine

at Örebro University Hospital,

Sweden, educating and treating

patients with diabetes, blood,

kidney and heart diseases, as

well as gastrointestinal diseases.

During her time at the hospital,

Kajsa also developed dietary

treatments for both individuals and

groups, and held nutrition training

for other professionals within the


Kajsa holds a bachelor’s degree

Dietetics from Umeå University,

Sweden and is certified as a

nutritional adviser from the

Swedish Nutrition Academy with

a diploma from the ‘Nutrition

and Performance’ programme at

Örebro University.

Lifesum is a Stockholm-based

health app with over 30 million

users. Using tech and psychology,

it creates a tailored plan to help

you live a happier, more balanced

life. Whether your goal is to lose

weight, build muscle, or just be

healthier, Lifesum can help you

improve your daily habits.

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How To Lose The Baby Bulge


Author of The Placebo Diet

Janet Thomson is a best-selling author, TV expert,

Clinical Hypnotherapist and life coach with over 25 years’

experience firmly establishing her as a leader in the field of

Personal Development and Achievement.

Janet runs her unique Placebo Diet weight loss programme

as a luxury retreat at Champneys Spa and also offers it as

a complete online home package on the specialised The

Placebo Diet website at

When you first realise you are

pregnant there’s a huge temptation

to “eat for two”. The problem with

that mindset, although technically

true, is that for the first few

months, one of you is only a few

centimetres big and weighs in at

a mere few ounces. You need to

increase the quality of your diet

over and above the quantity. If you

didn’t do that and now have some

baby bulges you want to get rid

of, here is some of the science as

to how to achieve that along with

some great practical guidelines.

What is needed throughout

pregnancy and afterwards, is

a nutrient dense diet; one that

provides all the nutritional

goodies needed for your baby to

make healthy cells from which

to grow. Post pregnancy you still

need a higher than normal level

of nutrients to recover from the

physical trauma or demands of

pregnancy and also to produce

quality breast milk, not to mention

cope with the physical demands of

being a new mum.

Women wanting to lose weight

often say they want thinner thighs.

After pregnancy is the ONLY

time your body will preferentially

burn fat from here, but only to

turn it into breast milk. You might

be surprised to learn that breast

feeding is the most natural of all

weight loss regimes and the only

one where you can “spot reduce”.

It really is natures way of helping

your baby get what it needs at the

same time as helping you regain

your figure. The whole reason

women store fat on their thighs

is for exactly this purpose. That’s

why after menopause you will

find that you store less fat on your

thighs and more on your tummy.

This is not good as an increase in

fat around the waistline increases

your risk of heart disease and

other conditions.

So if you are choosing to and are

able to breastfeed, then the very

best way to lose pregnancy weight

is to eat a nutrient dense diet that

produces high quality breast milk.

Calories are part of that process,

but the nutrient density is crucial.

If you can’t breast feed for any

reason, then of course you can still

lose weight but it will just happen

in a slightly different way.

There are so many myths

surrounding weight loss, but

in recent years some exciting

research has taught us that the

single most important element

is our “microbiome”. This term

simply refers to all the microbes

in your body, most of which are in

your gut (gut flora). You actually

have more microbes that you have

human cells, so there’s more of

them than there is of you. This

collective has been named your

“microbiome” and it’s useful to

think of it more like an organ,

because it functions as a whole


It’s your microbes that determine

how many calories you extract

from your food. When you have a

wide diversity of microbes in your

gut (gut flora), they function really

well as a team to keep your body

healthy. Only a healthy body can

lose weight efficiently as many

different systems are involved.

Its not just a case of burning

calories. Your liver manages your

bloody sugar, your kidneys clean

your blood, and of course your

digestive system breaks down

the food itself. When all of your

internal machinery is working

well and together, you do not get

food cravings, there are no fake

hunger signals, and you find

it easy to stop eating naturally

when you have had enough. I am

going to give you some practical

guidelines to help make that


There is one nutrient that deserves

special mention post pregnancy

and that’s Zinc. At the end of

pregnancy the placenta literally

sucks down as much zinc as

possible from you to give to

baby. This must be immediately

replaced in your diet as low zinc

is associated with post-natal

depression, as well as hair loss and

24 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

As k The Ex p e r t

poor skin. If you have suffered

post-natal depression before it’s

worth taking specialist advice to

see if you may benefit from zinc

supplements, but in any event eat

plenty of zinc rich foods.


The Colour Code System (which

is the nutrition element of The

Placebo Diet programmes), is

a super simple way to ensure

the foods you eat keep you

satisfied, give you all the nutrients

you need, and enhance your

microbiome. I will share the key

principles here to give you some

practical guidelines to aid weight

loss and boost health.


PINK foods come from the soil

and are the starchy carbohydrates

that are most likely to raise your

blood sugar, increasing food

cravings and energy highs and

lows. When this happens the

excess glucose is converted into

fat. For most of the high starch

carbs in this group there are lower

alternatives that it’s OK to have in

moderation. Aim for a maximum

of 2 portions of PINKS per day

and definitely only 1 per meal. It’s

OK to have less than 2 and have

some days when you don’t have

any. Every cell in your body needs

glucose to function, but you can

get all the glucose you need from

a high fibre plant based diet. For

example easy swaps are courgetti

or other veggie spaghetti for wheat

based spaghetti.


GREEN foods also come from the

soil but do not raise blood sugar

levels too quickly. They are rich

in many different and valuable

nutrients and phytochemicals.

GREENS include ALL vegetables

and ALL fruits. There are a few

vegetables that raise blood sugar

slightly faster such as parsnips, but

generally if you eat a wide variety

with each meal then your blood

sugar will be stable. GREEN

foods also promote healthy gut

flora (microbes) especially the

more fibrous ones. Aim to have at

least 7 portions of GREEN foods

per day and some with every meal.


BLUE foods are the combined

macronutrients Protein and

Fats. These take the longest to

digest and help keep you satiated

(satisfied) as well as giving you

the building blocks for healthy

cells. Avoid the obvious processed

fats and lots of fried foods, but

other than that fats are not the bad

guys they were once purported

to be. Every cell in your body

is made up of fat so if you want

healthy cells, eat quality fats.

Protein is also a fundamental

building block and quality

proteins must also be consumed.

Many people make the mistake

of thinking you need meat to get

the best proteins, but vegetable

proteins are not only good

building blocks, but great for your

gut flora, so aim to have two or

more meat free days per week and

your microns will love you for it.

Aim to have 1-2 blues with each

meal and an average day would

be between 5-7 portions. Dairy is

also a BLUE but not listed as one

of the most beneficial although

providing you are not lactose

intolerant its fine in moderation.

Its worth noting that dark green

vegetables are a great source of

calcium so drinking milk or eating

cheese is not essential to get this

valuable nutrient and some people

do better on non-dairy alternatives

such as nut milks, or goats cheese,

which are also a BLUE.

If you follow these simple Colour

Code System guidelines you will

train your body to become more

efficient and managing hunger

and burning excess fats. You will

also have the much needed energy

you need to look after a baby or

toddler without depleting your

energy reserves.

Read the full article online at

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Plan the PERFECT

NURSERY with these

ultimate ideas you and

your baby will love







It’s no surprise that the Little

Babes Tobie Space Saver

Dropside Cot from Kiddies

Kingdom is their bestselling

cot. Made from solid pine, it has

a versatile 3 position mattress

base and comes complete with

open slatted sides and ends

for better visibility from

both parent and child. Not

forgetting the FREE foam

mattress that’s perfect as a

back-up for little and large


£99.95 available from


Lumie Bedbug is an award-winning

3-in-1 sleep aid for babies and

children that uses low-blue light

to create calm bedtimes and good

nights. As a combi product, it offers

a 15-minute sunset, reading and

nightlight. The sunset can fade to off

or to nightlight. Endorsed by baby

sleep expert and author of The Gentle

Sleep book, Sarah Ockwell-Smith.

£59.95 from, John Lewis,

Boots, Amazon, Selfridges


The Tranquillity Cot Mattress

is a luxury mattress with a

twin interior, which combines

foam and micro pocket springs

to provide tailored support for

your child throughout their

development. Complete with

allergy protection and heat

adaptive properties, as well as a

unique sealed waterproof core,

the Tranquillity Cot Mattress

protects your child from

allergens present in the

sleeping environment.

The outer cover can be

removed and machine

washed with no spare

cover needed as

the inner cover is

suitable for the baby

to sleep on too.

£230 from


This multi seat can be used as a

floor seat, strapped to an adult

chair for feeding in place of a

highchair or used as a booster

by removing the pad adapting

to the growing needs of your

child. It is designed for babies

and toddlers who can already

sit up unaided. £59.99 from

We also love their contoured

ergonomically shaped changing

pad made of soft easy-to-clean

foam for any unavoidable

accidents with a restraint belt to

gently keep your baby in place.

£65.99 from



ErgoCocoon is fully organic

and made from only the highest

quality natural fibres which

ensures babies have a fully

breathable, ultra-soft and secure

cover. It is the only swaddle

which allows for swaddling with

arms in or arms out, and can

transition into a sleeping bag.

Comes in 0.2, 1 and 2.5 tog and

sizes 0-3 & 3-12 mths. From



This cute Teddy Flannel Shirt

& Short Set comprises of a

cosy flannel shirt with adorable

teddy bear print and button-on

babycord turn-up shorts with an

elasticated back waist.

£79 from

This high chair has a unique safety

solution, with an adjustable tray that

locks into place keeping your child sitting

securely in an upright position during

mealtimes with a safety harness for extra

protection. The high chair folds flat and is

lightweight and easy to carry. It’s is easy to

clean and suitable for 6 months to 3 years.

£200 from


Piu Piu the Octopus is ideal from birth

onwards. The plaiting of the tentacles of this

Nattou cuddly toy is designed to resemble

the shape and feel of the umbilical cord so

would comfort premature babies.

£14.99 from


This cosy sleeping bag keeps baby

warm minus the danger of loose

blankets in the cot. The supremely

soft wearable warmth is thanks to

its premium jersey cotton weave.

Features easy-dress poppers at the

shoulders and a zip that opens along

the side and bottom, allowing for easy

night-time changes.

£55 from



Chosen by actress Jamie King,

the ingenious ZAAZ highchair

from Nuna grows with your child.

An anti-loop three or five-point

harness and the super-slick gliding lift

mechanism allows you to customize the ZAAZ to any

size, height or amount of wiggles. With its removable

tray and arm-bar, ZAAZ can slide right up to the table

and it’s dishwasher safe so you can also remove the parts

which need a wash and pop them in the dishwasher. Less

clean-up time equals more playtime.

£200 from


One of the biggest mats on the

market, this Star Change Mat is

an ideal solution for parents out

on quick trips. No need for bulky

changing bag as this folds into a

handy clutch-style bag with room for

nappy & wipes. Use from birth to potty

training. Machine washable.

£19.99 from

The copper I’m New gift

set is comes in a choice of

combinations made from

100% super-soft cotton with

the hand printed copper

metallic vinyl design. We love

the newborn hat & footed

sleepsuit From £4.50 at www.

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Take a Different Route

With Honda & Sloan

Car giant Honda teams up with

celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-

Williams to help you turbocharge your

year and stay on track for your dreams

In January, Honda partnered

with celebrity life coach Sloan

Sheridan-Williams to launch

the ‘Life MOT’ – a unique life

coaching session for those test

driving a Honda Civic at selected

Honda dealerships across the UK.

Speaking at the launch of the Life

MOT with Honda, Sloan Sheridan-

Williams said, “The Life MOT is

a one-to-one coaching session to

make sure you are still on track for

your dreams. We all need to check

in at least once a year, to ensure

a smooth journey and to clear

any emotional baggage, beliefs or

fears that hold us back. Whether

your resolutions for the new year

just need some fine tuning, or you

want a completely new goal, the

Life MOT enables you to drive

your life in whatever direction you

want in 2019.”

Phil Webb, Head of Car at Honda

UK, added: “We want to open

people up to the possibilities of

taking a different route in 2019.

Our research shows that for

nearly a quarter of us, being in

a car is an opportunity to think

about our lives and set important

goals. The Life MOT is all about

taking some time to reflect and

approaching 2019 with a positive

new perspective.”

Here are Sloan’s top tips for taking

a different route in 2019.


To stay motivated and achieve

your goals you need to make a

powerful commitment and hold

yourself accountable to that

commitment. Tell your closest

friends, partner or family, or

announce your goals on social

media and make sure that you log

in regularly to update everyone

as to your progress even on the

hardest days when you just don’t

feel like it. If everyone around you

wants you to succeed, commit to

paying money to charity if you do

not keep to your goal, but make

that figure high enough that you

would feel it’s impact.


If you do what you’ve always

done, then you will get what

you’ve always got. Work to

identify the limiting beliefs which

hold you back from being the best

version of yourself. When it comes

to making a fresh start, it’s vital

not to take your past into your

future – you wouldn’t drive a car

looking only in your rear-view

mirror. Keep moving forward

towards your goals and challenge

the beliefs that are no longer



Old habits really do die hard so the

most effective way to overcome

this is to practice new helpful

smaller habits every day. Take on

two new small habits then allow

yourself to drop one when you

aren’t feeling energised by it any

more. But only drop one! Make

sure you replace it with two more

until you find the perfect number

of small habits you wish to stick

to that pulls you further forward

28 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Brand Collaboration

The Life MOT enables

you to drive your life

in whatever direction you

want in 2019

Sloan Sheridan-Williams

towards your goal. Break things

down into manageable chunks

otherwise you will be setting

yourself up for failure if you try

and take on too much at once.


Developing a good sense of selfawareness

allows you to know

where your weaknesses lie and

what situations or circumstances

are more likely to see you fall

off the wagon. A trigger can be

anything from a place to a person

to a time of day, so it could be

useful to keep a trigger journal to

record all the external or internal

factors that are the precursors

of failure. Pair that with finding

something that means more to

you than any excuse to break the



Although New Year is a great

time to find where different can

take you, it is better to spread

out goals throughout the year

and work on them one at a time

for the best results. People often

feel that resolutions have to be

done at New Year. Remember

there are milestone dates in other

cultures such as Chinese New

Year that you can use to recommit.

This allows you to re-frame any

perception of failure as simply a

setback that helped you learn what

works for you and what doesn’t.

To find out how Sloan can help

you get the life you desire, visit

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Car S.O.S with

Ross Kemp

Ross is a brilliant

celebrity guest. He is

genuinely a really big


Fuzz Townshend


30 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

We chat to actor Ross Kemp and presenter Tim Shaw

from Car S.O.S - the car makeover show with heart


How do you feel about being a guest star on

“Car S.O.S Special: 7 Day Challenge”?

I’m really excited about it. Car S.O.S is

R a people show, and I like people. It’s not

just about driving a flash car and having

an opinion about it. Most people don’t have the

opportunity to drive the flash cars you see on

some car shows. But Car S.O.S is about the cars

real people drive.

I also really like the fact that it’s about helping

people. It’s doing some good. In this episode,

Brian has had cancer. Tim and Fizz are restoring

his beloved Land Rover, and now Brian knows

his children and grandchildren will inherit it.

That’s a wonderful thing.


Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend present the

show. Are you a fan of them, too?

Definitely. I really like them. They’re down

R to earth and real. They’re not fake. They’re

genuine and accessible and are not trying

to score points. They’re also honest. There’s a

strong element of humour in Car S.O.S, but Tim

and Fuzz are not trying to be funny. The worst

thing you can do as a presenter is try to force the



Tim, the first episode of Car S.O.S is rather

different. Tell us about the series opener and

what’s special about the ethos of the show.

It’s a seven-day challenge. We have just

T seven days to completely restore an old 1959

Series 2 Land Rover which belongs to Brian,

who’s had cancer. It’s one hell of a challenge.

If you went to any garage and asked, “Can you

restore this in seven days?”, they’d burst out

laughing. The ticking clock is nerve-wracking,

but it’s also very exciting. If we manage to pull

it off, it’s something we’ll be very proud of. This

episode fits with the Car S.O.S ethos. This show

is never about money. It’s about how cars bring

families together. It’s a genuine feel-good show.


Your guest star in the first episode is Ross

Kemp. Is he a genuine petrol head?

Absolutely. He loves cars. He owns a Ferrari

T California and a Q7 Audi. He loves the show

and is very keen to join in. He’s a lovely guy

and astonishingly brave in the documentaries

he makes. His excitement level is set very high!

Sadly, he doesn’t get the chance to drive his

Ferrari very often because he’s too busy being

shot at!


Ross, how did you find it driving a vintage

Jaguar on the show?

It was amazing! You won’t see a car like

R that again. It was the last one to come off

the conveyor belt in 1995. It had a cassette

player! There was no CD player. There was a lot

of play on the steering wheel and I had to press

the brake extra hard to make the car stop! But the

power was incredible. The V12 engine suddenly

just went “Whoosh!” It was like being in a lift

in a department store. You wait for a second

and then just fly! When I was a kid, the C&A in

Romford had a lift just like that. The effect of the

Jag was the same - just a lot more luxurious!


Do you have a long history with cars and

when did you get your first car?

Yes, I’ve always loved cars and now have a

R Ferrari and an Audi. Cars have played a very

important role in my life, but when I was

growing up in Essex and waiting to go to drama

school, I had no money and no car. I couldn’t get

a girlfriend because, no matter how good your

recital of Hamlet was, if you didn’t have a car, no

girl was going to look at you!

I got my first car when I was 20. When I got a job

on Emmerdale, I bought my first car, and when I

got a job on EastEnders, I bought my first house.

You can live in a car, but there is more room in

a house and the sanitary conditions are better!

That first car was a midnight blue Capri. It’s

registration number was JZT 194W - you don’t

forget a thing like that!


Did things go smoothly the first time you

drove it?

No! I was driving up to Emmerdale in the

R days before mobiles. I stopped at a service

station and put 10p in a phone box to call

my mum. She told me, “Your insurance company

have rung and said they won’t insure you to drive.

They won’t insure actors.” That’s still the case! I

waited in the service station, and eventually my

mum managed to get me insurance. I was three

hours late getting to the Railway Hotel in Leeds.

But as soon as I parked the car there, girls started

saying hello to me. See, I was making up for all

those years without a car!

Car S.O.S Special: 7 Day Challenge’ airs on

National Geographic on 14th February at


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Five Luxury Travel

Trends for 2019

Stay One Degree, the world’s first

luxury travel social marketplace,

has conducted in-depth research to

give insights into what the top 1% is

looking for when planning next year’s

travel. Working with travel expert

Simon Calder and strategic foresight

network The Future Laboratory;

the world’s first luxury travel social

marketplace has identified seven

luxury consumer shifts and reveal the

key luxury travel trends for 2019.

Stay One Degree, the world’s first

luxury travel social marketplace,

connects luxury global travellers

and passionate homeowners to their

awe-inspiring holiday homes. By only

allowing those in the network to book

a home within the platform, members

can feel confident with their holiday

home choices. Stay One Degree also

provides an ideal forum for local

knowledge, recommendations and

insider tips to be shared.


The modern lives of the rich and

famous are busier than ever so

it’s no wonder 10% of luxury

high-earning travellers will be

swapping their summer minibreak

hotels for indulgent long

stay rentals for a minimum of one

month and often extending this

beyond three months. This sees a

trend of business men and women

relocating their family to a central

holiday home to where they are

commuting to and from work

commitments, whilst their family

can stay and enjoy the sun.


As many of us opt for ever

more localised experiences,

millennials and new luxury

consumers are swapping holidays

in popular destinations for trips

to unexpected, unexplored and

difficult to get to locations.

30% of the high earning travellers

have admitted that they are

travelling alone to be alone,

so there is no surprise that the

requests for helipads have been on

the rise by 86% in the last year.

32% of travellers are now stating

private beaches are a must for

their holiday next year.


30% of luxury travellers have said

that mindfulness and wellbeing

activities are their main priority

when booking their next holiday.

The obvious yoga retreat option

remains popular however in-depth

spiritual guidance and selfdiscovery

treatments are also in


Figures from The Global

Health and Wellness Tourism

2018 report show that wellness

tourism is growing at 12% a year

and wellness tourists spend on

When it comes to

luxury travellers,

location is


32 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

average 130% more than ordinary

travellers placing equal emphasis

on the mind, and spirit as well as

the body.


The research conducted by Stay

One Degree shows that not only

are the top 1% looking to be more

charitable this year, 16% of high

net worth travellers said that the

environment is a top concern

for them. Bookings for ethical

and eco-friendly escapes are

predicted to rise by 70% within

the network that have an emphasis

on properties with natural energy

and locally sourced produce. The

conscious traveller is always on

the look-out for new ways to

save energy, invest time, build

friendships and spend money on

projects that have a demonstrable

and long-term impact on their

communities and the people that

live in them.


Those surveyed are also on a

mission to expand their palate,

with a third of them actively

seeking out food specific

destinations with access to well

respected Michelin Starred

restaurants, local produce markets

and nearby culinary courses. 65%

of the high-earners said that it will

be necessary to have a personal

chef to stay at their holiday homes

for the duration of their stay with

many of these wanting to receive

lessons during their stay.

The rise in culinary travel also

sees a vast number of people

travelling for beverage-based

experiences unavailable back



1. Spain

2. Indonesia

3. Sri Lanka

4. France

5. Thailand

6. Canada

7. Barbados

8. Bahamas

9. Philippines

10. Scotland

For more information please


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Maui Jim Ebb & Flow


Vitruvian Man - Care Bundle


Me My Suit and Tie

From £35



Here are a few sporty & stylish

suggestions to take on your adventures

as you journey from A to B

Ted Baker Cu Travel Tonic


Hemley silk pocket square


Walker Slater Edgar Jacket


Loake William belt


Stetson Hatteras herringbone cap


RiutBag 15.3


MARTIN linen shirt


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As k The Ex p e r t

Holidays for the Active Affluent

Katherine Ritchie is travel expert and Corporate Development

Manager at London Stansted Airport

From heli-skiing and base jumping

to desert safaris and hiking

phenomenal peaks, high-budget

holidays open up a wealth of

possibilities – especially for those

with an appetite for excitement

looking for the perfect active

holiday destination.


Dubai is a playground for the

young and wealthy. The bustling

city is known for its towering

skyscrapers, iconic architecture

and opulent dining options. Being

surrounded by desert means that

Dubai has started to offer various

tours that involve a wealth of sandfocused

activities to amaze and

enthrall tourists. Sand boarding,

dune buggying and desert safaris

are some of the most popular


If you are looking for something

even more heart-racing, why

not take the leap and go base

jumping from one of Dubai’s

tallest buildings? This option is

for the fearless and tends to be

quite expensive – ideal for those

with larger budgets and stronger

stomachs. Dubai’s upmarket hotel

offerings are unparalleled; seek

out stylish options such as the

Armani Hotel Dubai for sublime

service and top creature comforts.


Iceland is dotted with national

parks, spouting geysers and

active volcanoes. While Iceland

can be done at a budget, it is best

experienced in luxury. Take the

opportunity to traverse the grand

fjords in the west, just a stone’s

throw away from Reykjavik.

Tours offer the chance to explore

the wondrous caves and hollows

of the shoreline from a kayak or

shared raft. More experienced

climbers can opt for a specialised

climbing tour where tourists are

given picks and crampons to

climb the ice. When you’ve had

your fill of astounding scenery,

take a moment to relax in one

of Iceland’s famous geothermal

pools. These are a great way to

socialise with the locals. Swanky

ccommodation and dining options

are plentiful in Reykjavik with

Michelin-starred Grillið and Dill

eing two notable restaurants.


Tel Aviv is a dynamic city

brimming with rich culture and

thrilling activities. Israel is made

up of a mixture of landscapes –

from vast deserts and cityscapes to

windswept coasts – which makes

it the perfect destination for weird

and wonderful sports. Tel Aviv’s

Begin Park draws in hordes of

adventurers willing to splash some

cash; it plays host for water sports

throughout the year such as cable

waterskiing and kitesurfing with

seven advanced obstacle courses

for more confident professionals.

Annual tournaments held for

athletes in October and May make

for great spectating. If you are

willing to venture out on a day

trip, pop over to Eilat and try your

hand at surfing and scuba diving.

This part of the Mediterranean

coastline has great weather and an

unbeatable vibe.


Geneva lies just south of Lac

Léman; surrounded by the

Alps and Jura Mountain range

– its synonymous as a top-rate

destination for experienced

skiers. Hit the slopes and watch in

wonder at the powered peaks of

the surrounding mountains. There

is the opportunity for heliskiing in

Geneva for those with experience

and money to spend. This involves

taking a helicopter ride to the

untouched portions of the Alps to

reach the untouched peaks. From

there skiers must navigate their

way down the mountainside – this

experience is not to be missed.

Hikers can venture up the famed

Saleve mountain for the most

magical views – take an early

trip up and catch the sun rise

over the hills around you. In

the evenings, venture out to the

artisanal chocolate shops and fill

up on their delectable offerings.

For fantastically curated fashion

collections stop by the clothing

boutique L’Arsenal for some

much-needed retail therapy.


The rugged wilderness of

Norway is a wonder to behold;

it’s a perfect destination for

adventure seekers. The fjords of

western Norway were granted

World Heritage status in 2005 by

UNESCO – a true testament to

their grandeur. The 20 kilometre

stretch along the Geirangerfjord

has been ranked as one of the

world’s most picturesque ferry

rides. Meanwhile, keen hikers

will rejoice at the lush peaks that

make up the majority of Norway’s

landscape. Norway is also home to

some of the world’s most magical

species, making it the ideal trip

for wildlife enthusiasts. Arctic

foxes, reindeer and even polar

bears (only in Svalbard) can all

be spotted in different parts of the

country. Embark on a wild nature

safari led by a local expert; you

might catch a glimpse of a musk

ox or an elk.


London Stansted Airport runs

frequent flights to all of the

destinations mentioned. For more

information on the best flight

deals visit

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The Active Affluent


Built without compromise, the Ragnarök is the ultimate waterproof,

goose down insulated jacket for resort orientated big mountain

riding and skiing when the temperature plummets. Filled with 900

Fill Power hydrophobic goose down that’s wrapped inside Jottnar’s

new proprietary waterproof breathable, fully taped shell fabric,

SKJOLDR and further zoned with THERMOLITE® synthetic

insulation in potential wet-out areas, and includes a RECCO®

Rescue System reflector for improved safety. Created by ex-marine’s

and tested by Jöttnar’s team of professional base jumpers, skiers and

climbers – the Ragnarök offers the next level in expert clothing

£845 available from


Haglof’s popular and high-performance

Couloir jacket (£480) is now made with

GORE-TEX® Softshell with a flannel backer

throughout the whole thing. This makes

it durable, comfortable, and great on the

mountain. It’s an ideal garment for skiing but

also suitable for trekking and mountaineering.

It even works for colder days in the city.

We also love the men’s Couloir Pant (£360)

which brings warmth, durability and comfort

to a wide range of mountain activities thanks

to smart, minimalistic design and outstanding


Both available from


The Oberon is an -18C lightweight sleeping bag, built with Nikwax

Hydrophobic down to protect you in damp, freezing conditions. It

weighs in at 1.1 kilos. They placed 800-fill down in the Oberon to

maximize the bag’s thermal efficiency and minimize the packed size.

To build a Fast & Light sleeping bag, the Oberon was designed to pack

down small and does not weigh you down during cold-weather pursuits.

The bag is made with fill certified by the Responsible Down Standard.

The zoned insulation makes the Oberon one of the lightest and most

compact bags in its class. A60/40 distribution is used on this bag,

placing more down on the top, where your mattress provides warmth

and less on the bottom where the down gets compressed. By pairing the

bag with an insulated mattress, you get a warmer bag for less weight.

£465 for the regular size available from Freeze Pro Shop

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The F10 Erebus 3 is lightweight and fast to assemble thanks to its

simple 2 pole tunnel construction which not only keeps its trek

weight one of the lowest on the market, but also provides a super

simple to pitch tent. Designed and tested by the F10 technical

team in Scotland, there are lots of useful features aimed at

providing in field comforts including a gear loft, side storage and

efficient ventilation making this an ideal home from home for the

thrill seekers looking to make the most out of the mountains!

£400 available from



The Transporter is designed to withstand the

rigours of adventure with premium, highly

durable materials, a water-resistant design

and an extremely comfortable carrying

system which can be stowed away while not

in use. The Transporter also offers versatility

with multiple attachment points and the

organisation of multiple pockets.

Whether it’s carry-on luggage for a beach

holiday, strapping to the side of a donkey

on a Himalayan trek, hauling gear on a

multipitch face or storing bulky outdoor

gear, the Transporter is the adventure proof

solution for an active outdoor lifestyle.

The Transporter 95L is £130 available from

Developed by Snugpak® with input from

professional navigators, mountain leaders, climbing

instructors, meteorological staff, and military

personnel. The new functional Snugpak® Search

and Rescue Smock has been created to support

the individual when exposed to cold weather,

including Lowland and Hill Walking, mountain

walking, scrambling, rock climbing or completing

that Scottish Winter Ascent. The Snugpak®

Search and Rescue Smock will protect you from a

diverse range of environments, terrain and weather.

£189.95 available from


An international bestseller,

the Leatherman Wave Plus is

a multi-tool that has earned

its trust and love in the gadget

world. Whether you are out

and about in the great outdoors

or working on a new DIY

project around the house, an

impressive 18 tools pack into

one handy multi-tool. They

include pliers, a screwdriver,

wire cutters, scissors and a can

opener - and all the tools can

be opened with one hand.

£139.95 available from


The AfterShokz Trekz Air is the ultimate bone conduction sport headphones

in a functional, flexible and featherweight design. Designed to withstand the

rigorous training of elite athletes, Trekz Air are 20% lighter than the previous

model, weighing in at just 1.04oz with its full titanium wraparound providing

infinite flexibility, a secure fit and the ultimate level of comfort. An OpenFit

design promises uncompromised situational awareness and extended comfort,

meaning users can tune in to music or a call without tuning out the world around

them. The PremiumPitch+ technology ensures improved audio from the bone

conduction whilst six hours of music and calls finally provides enough boost

to get users through a long workout or even marathon.

£149.99 available from

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Prof. Marcos Sforza

Any kind of exercise, particularly

high-impact fitness like HIIT,

running or tennis, places tension

on the supporting muscles of your

breasts, so it’s important to take the

time to have a professional fitting

when investing in a sports bra.

Fit is doubly important for new

mothers and women who are

breastfeeding should avoid tightfitting

sports bras. One that’s

too tight can lead to milk ducts

becoming pinched or blocked,

which could lead to an infection

further down the line.

If you have breast implants, it’s in

your best interest to wear a sports

bra during workouts to prevent scar

tissue from tearing.


No matter what size you are, a

sports bra that fits incorrectly can

totally ruin your workout and affect

your health. Here are some tell-tale

signs your sports bra is the wrong


The band rides up in the back, or

you’re using the tightest hook – This

shows the bra is either too large or

stretched out, which means it won’t

provide proper support, even if the

straps are intact.

The straps dig into your skin –

While strap style is a personal

preference, straps shouldn’t hurt. If

they do cause pain, it’s because the

band isn’t offering enough support.

It’s made of cotton – Special

technical fabrics are designed to

support the breast and wick away

moisture, while cotton just stretches

out and sops up sweat (ick!). Seek

out sweat-wicking fabric with air

holes, ideally under the breast and

across the back.

There’s spillage when you bend over

38 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Sports Bra Guide

Professor Marcos Sforza, Expert Aesthetic Surgeon

& Scientific Director of MyAesthetics, shares the

things to think about when buying a sports bra

– Do a downward facing dog in the

dressing room. If it ends in a nip

slip, the bra isn’t for you.

You’re stuck in it – A sports bra

should come off as easily as it goes

on. If you struggle to remove it

when you’re clean and dry, think

about how uncomfortable you’ll be

when in a sweat after a workout.


To find out your correct sports bra

size, remove your top but keep your

bra on. Have a professional fitter

measure you around the smallest

part of your lower bust, where the

band sits and round up or down to

the nearest even number.

Then, measure the fullest part of

your bust. Go through a letter for

each inch of difference and you’ve

found your cup size. Beware of the

stores who are just after the sale;

they’ll tell you you’re whatever

size they go up to, thus doing you a

major disservice.


Research has shown breast tissue

can move up to 15 cm while

running, tracing a figure-eight

pattern. So, when it comes to a

sports bra, you need to find one

that offers good support in every


Roughly 80 percent of women wear

incorrect sizes, which is probably

due to bras being adjusted to fit the

cup and ignoring the band size. The

band of your sports bra should sit

where the band of your everyday

bra does, firmly around your chest

at an even level.

Cup sizes are not scientific

measures, so it’s important to follow

these rules to make sure you are

getting them right.

Your shoulder straps should

provide support without digging

in or leaving marks. You should

be able to set the hooks on the

loosest setting when you first

begin wearing your bra, so you can

tighten it as it begins to naturally

lose elasticity.


Most sports bras are designed to

provide three general levels of

support, namely low, medium and


Low-support bras are best for lowimpact

activities like walking, yoga

and strength training; mediumsupport

is suitable for brisk

walking, rollerblading and cycling;

high-support is designed for sports

like running and aerobics.

Compression style bras do not

have cups and are usually worn

by pulling them over your head.

The structure of it compresses the

breasts against the body to limit


This type is usually more suitable

for smaller breasts, or for low to

moderate impact workouts. If you

have augmented breasts, avoid this

style, which may squeeze implants


Encapsulation designs have

individual cups surrounding each

breast and providing shape. Women

with larger breasts or those doing

high impact sports should go for

encapsulation because it offers

maximum support.


Just like all bras, sports bras stretch

out over time and it’s recommended

they’re replaced after four to six

months, depending on the frequency

of wear and quality of care.

Have a bounce up and down in the

mirror every month to check if the

fabric has lost some of its elasticity,

if the cups are rippling (a sign

they’re too big) or whether the band

shifts as you move.


On Cloudventure

Born and tested in the Swiss Alps, the Cloudventure is the ultimate

trail running shoe for women, with maximum grip and stability. Key

features include the Missiongrip outsole with multiple grip patterns

so you keep control in changeable conditions on your mountain

mission whilst the technical engineered mesh upper delivers targeted

ventilation for cooling comfort, as tested on tough Alpine climbs.

The “sticky” grip of the specially developed Missiongrip rubber

is further enhanced by an improved traction pattern whilst zig-zag

channels prevent slipping on smoother surfaces.

The Cloudventure is £135 available from


The first Mach boasted the HOKA ONE ONE trio of benefits:

maximum cushion and super responsiveness in a surprisingly

lightweight package. The Mach 2 goes a step further with its

PROFLY midsole. That’s a PROFLY midsole made with rubberised

foam, which makes for an even lighter and more resilient ride.

The Mach 2 uses engineered, breathable mesh upper atop to the

response, stable package. This shoe is as fast as lightning and ready

to run.

The Mach 2 is £125 from



This Intensive Hyaluronic Cream (£49.50) is a rich day cream to combat dehydrated

skin, wrinkles and fine lines using three forms of highly purified hyaluronic acid

to leave skin looking younger, perfectly hydrated, smoothed and protected from

environmental stresses. We recommend using it after the Intensive Hyaluronic Serum

(£49.50) every morning and evening in conjunction with the Intensive Hyaluronic Mask

(£31) twice a week. All three products are available from


Dr Nima, renowned aesthetic practitioner known for creating the perfect pair

of lips has just launched Revive - The Rose Edition (£45). This lip plumping

lip gloss provides your lips with a lustrous appearance, increasing volume

and enhancing visual contour. Revive Gloss is ideal for those who prefer a

more natural look in a nude coloured shine with fast-acting results lasting four

hours - perfect for a night out. Available from

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I love working

in television

because it’s a

medium that can

really impact

people and show

them what’s

happening outside

their living rooms


40 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to Anita Rani

about Bollywood, Strictly Come Dancing,

Countryfile and Blue Planet II Live in Concert


What would you say to people that

S have enjoyed watching Blue Planet II

on the TV who are thinking of going

to the Live in Concert?

I don’t think there’s a person who

A watched it that didn’t fall in love with

it. It was more than a TV show, it was

a moment, and it’s a moment that’s gone

down in television history already. So, if

you watched it then you cannot miss this

live tour because it’s a fully immersive

experience. You’ll be able to see those

iconic moments – surfing dolphins on a

huge screen with an 80 piece live orchestra

playing that incredible soundtrack by Hans

Zimmer. It’s not to be missed, you’d just be

bonkers if you didn’t come!


Are there any parts of the event that

you’re personally looking forward to?

I can’t wait to be part of it! I will

A be standing there in front of 12,000

people at The O2 and all the various

arenas that we’re going to, and holding the

show together… which will be interesting!

It’s such an honour to be asked to do this

show and to be part of the Blue Planet

brand, which is so well loved and is some

of the greatest telly on earth.


What inspired you to join Blue Planet

II Live in Concert?

It was a no-brainer for me. I love

A everything the NHU produce.

Growing up, David Attenborough was

a huge part of my life and Blue Planet II

is an overwhelming television programme

that just stayed with me, so to be asked to

host the tour is such an honour.

Blue Planet II has highlighted the

S damage plastic does to marine life. Do

you have any tips for people wanting

to make changes to their own lives where

plastics are concerned?

I think Blue Planet shows the power

A of television and it really did change

the attitude of the nation towards

single-use plastic and made us aware

about the damage we are doing to our

beautiful planet and our oceans. I’m doing

as much as I can at the moment. The first

thing people can do is stop using plastic

straws, Carrier bags has really sunk into

people’s brains so just have a canvas sack

with you when you go to the supermarket.

There’s lots you can do and there’s lots I’m

discovering as well.

Our planet, and especially our oceans,

S are often misunderstood due to how

vast they are. How do you think the

event will ignite more people’s curiosity?

I think it’s very easy to live in

A our little concrete bubbles and

programmes like Blue Planet and all

those natural history programmes open

our eyes to the world – that’s television

at it’s best. That’s why I love working in

television because it’s a medium that can

really impact people and show them what’s

happening elsewhere outside of their living

rooms. Two thirds of our planet’s surface

is ocean and we know so little about it.

The alien kingdom isn’t over there in the

stars somewhere, it’s right here, and this

programme has taken us deeper than we’ve

ever been and shown us all those bizarre

creatures that have been there for way

longer than we have. The one that sticks in

my mind is the Bobbit Worm. The weird

alien creature that’s about a metre long.

The fact it’s been on Earth for 400 million

years really stuck with me. So, it puts us

into perspective really, doesn’t it? We’ll be

long gone but the Bobbit Worm will still be


You’ve done many fascinating

S documentaries in the past, is this event

similar to what you’ve done previously

or will it be a new experience for you?

I have made lots of documentaries,

A I’m very lucky that I get to do a

variety of programmes that cross all

sorts of different topics - from Bollywood,

to the partition of India, to big history

programmes, to Countryfile of course, but

this is very different. To do a live tour and

host it in front of thousands of people, the

closest I’ve come is I did the Strictly tour.

After I danced on Strictly, I danced on

the tour and then the following year, I had

the honour of hosting the tour. That’s the

closest I’ve come to it but even then I don’t

think this compares to that, I just think this

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 41

is an entity within itself.

During the filming of

S Blue Planet II, film crews

embarked on over 125

expeditions, travelled to 39

countries and spent over 6000

hours of deep sea diving. Could

you see yourself taking part in a

similar expedition?

Oh my god, yeah! I am

A an adventurer, so any

opportunity to go on an

adventure. But that is dedication,

isn’t it? 4 years of your life to

make a TV show, I mean, I don’t

know if I have that much patience,

but if the product you’re producing

is of the quality of Blue Planet,

then it’s worth the investment,

isn’t it? It would be amazing to be

a part of a programme like that.

What were your thoughts

S when you first watched Blue

Planet on the TV? Did you

get as hooked as the rest of the


Absolutely. I think I was part

A of the movement, I think the

nation was just drawn to it.

It was the talking point and they

do what they did with the first

one, they just opened our eyes to

an alien world. It was the talking

point for everybody the next day

at work, wasn’t it? “Did you see

that scene? Did you see that?”

It’s so much bigger than a TV

show, it tells you something about

humanity, it tells you something

about our planet. It’s something

that is embedded, it’s not like

watching an entertainment show

that is fun and entertaining,

watching Blue Planet II hasn’t

left me. Those scenes are with us


Talking of scenes, have you

S got a particular favourite

scene from the series that

stands out and sticks in your


The Bobbit Worm really

A does stick in my memory as

it really was so weird. Oh

goodness me, what else? Who

doesn’t love seeing dolphins?

Spinning dolphins, or even surfing

dolphins. The fact that dolphins

surf the waves and they don’t

really know why they do it, they

think they do it for fun, and that is

just beautiful.

Being involved with

S Countryfile, are you made

more aware of environmental

issues and have you had much

experience of seeing the effects of

the issues first hand?

I think working on

A Countryfile and the

important role that

Countryfile has to play is that it

connects rural Britain to urban

Britain. It’s a rural affair show,

but half of the audience are living

in urban areas. I live in a city, and

I love living in London, I think

it’s just important to connect the

dots to know where your food

comes from, to know that you

wanting to pay not very much

for your milk has an impact in

what is happening in our rural

communities. In that sense,

absolutely Countryfile does draw

our attention to the impact we

have on the environment.


Have you been on tour before

around arenas?

Yes, Strictly. So I danced on

A it, then I hosted it one year,

so back on the road again!

In my head obviously I’m a rock

star that’s been on tour around the

world and back so in my mind,

many times!

What was the difference

S between being a participant

on an arena show to then the

following year to being the host,

which is a lot closer to what you’re

going to be doing this time?

When I danced on the show,

A I was dancing and still part

of the Strictly tour, but when

you’re hosting, I’m in presenter

mode. It’s like being the conductor

of an orchestra in many ways, you

kind of have to keep the attention

of the audience, you have to take

them on the journey with you

and make sure that they are all

experiencing something, the same

thing. I want people to have a

really joyful, all encompassing,

magical experience, and of course

the orchestra and the visuals are

going to provide that, but my little

delicate job of connecting the dots,

will hopefully add to the whole


Does an arena audience differ

S from studio audiences that

you’ve perhaps had in the


Oh my god, yeah, totally

A different. It’s weird because

live TV is terrifying and I

think this will be also terrifying,

but it’s good nerves. I’ll be

prepared hopefully before I step

out there.

If you’re saying it’s good

S nerves, are you looking

forward to being in front of

thousands every night?

I really can’t wait. Rather

A than being in front of

thousands, just being part of

the experience of the Blue Planet

II tour. To be part of that is going

to be something I’ll never forget.

Have you got any pre-show

S rituals that you do before TV

that you’ll continue doing

whilst you’re backstage before you

go on for the arena tour?

Preparation is key, just

A making sure I’m ready to

go out there. I do have a

little mini Ganesh actually. I’m

not religious but I love religious

Hindu iconography and he is the

elephant god, and he’s the remover

of obstacles. I bought him when I

went backpacking round India and

he’s really cool, so he might come

on tour with me.


Are you excited to be heading

to London on the tour?

London’s unique to

A everywhere else because

it’s people from all over

the world so the audience that

we’ll get at The O2 will be from

here, there, and everywhere! I’ll

probably have quite a lot of family

and friends down so that’s gonna

be a big one.

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Sloan Sheridan-Williams

Life coach to the stars, Sloan

Sheridan-Williams comments on the

six celebrities whose traits you should

adopt for a successful 2019.

To take a different route this year

you need to identify your core values

and either embrace them or upgrade

them. The habits that you perform

consistently carve out your reality.

There is always a price to pay in

life, but you can choose your own

currency. That currency can be selfdiscipline,

persistence, determination,

fearlessness and an unshakeable belief

in yourself. The price should not

be your health, fear of failure, peer

pressure or beliefs that hold you back.

There are many different traits you

can embody to become successful be

that optimism, creativity, authenticity,

advocating for and serving others,

accountability, resilience, emotional

awareness, a passion for personal

growth, the capacity to let go and the

most important to not only learn from

your failures but to refuse to let others

define you by them.

If you are looking to model the

behaviour of those who have already

mastered these traits and more, the

following seven celebrities are perfect

inspiration that your past doesn’t

have to dictate your future. These

celebrities have focused on their end

goal and not dwelled on their past

showing that going after your dreams

regardless of short-term pain is

always worth the long-term gain.

Celebs Who Dare

To Be Different

Celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams

reveals the six celebrities we can learn from

when it comes to character traits for success


On the scale of daring to be

different, Bruce Jenner - now

Caitlyn Jenner - definitely tops

the scale for the most public and

authentic transformation. Once an

Olympic athlete who won the 1976

Olympics Decathlon even after

suffering a knee injury ending

any dreams of being a college

football player, Jenner already

had the traits of self-discipline

and emotional fitness to get the

results desired. Jenner was able to

take on such competition without

letting any knee injury or anyone’s

perception deter the end result due

to remarkable optimism, resilience

and self-discipline in the form of

intense training for the Olympics

that not only resulted in a win but

also a World record.

These traits stood Caitlyn in good


stead for her transformation to

her most authentic self, which not

only cost 4 million dollars but was

one of much public scrutiny. It

has been stated that Caitlyn was

never sure what transgender life

would look like for her, clearly

remaining open to all possibilities

for growth, optimism, and the

embracement of opportunities that

would come before her.

Successful people who dare to be

different understand that being

attached to something at a base

level prevents one freely moving

on to the next and instead one

must be aligned with their goals

rather than micromanaging how

they get there. Alignment with

your purpose allows you to glide

freely towards your goal keeping

open to the next phase of your


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Robert Downey Jr is the perfect

example of how you do not have

to be defined by your past failures.

At the beginning of 2001, he left

the successful TV series Ally

McBeal and was rumoured to

be finished in the industry after

checking in to rehab and further

arrests since his first time in an

LA Jail in 1997. Public opinion

was such that even with jail time

and a 1-year stint in rehab his

career was over as although he had

made a comeback from his first

stint at rock-bottom, not many

were able to pull that off twice.

It may have taken 10 years,

but Robert Downey Jr showed

great resilience, persistance and

strength of character resulting in

becoming the highest paid actor

in the world, no easy feat. He did

this by a passion for improvement,

emotional awareness, creativity of

reinvention and the refusal to let

others define him. He strived to be

different, he knew he would be a

success story and he demonstrated

an unshakeable belief that he

would do what he was born to do

and provide much enjoyment to

his audience.

Robert Downey Jr’s talent shone

through, and his now success was


cemented when he landed the role

of Tony Stark in Iron Man, not

to mention fell in love, became a

father and has a far more balanced

life now having tackled his past

head on, and then left it firmly

behind him. No matter what

your beliefs about what has come

before, a different path is awaiting

you ahead.


Ellen has transformed herself

more than once, she partook in

many different professions before

finding where her true passion

lay. Ellen was an oyster shucker,

painter, waitress and even a

paralegal but her passion was

always with comedy. Possibly

most famous for her breakthrough

writing and staring in her own

sitcom Ellen, all was seemingly

rosy for her, until she decided to

come out. This was something

Ellen did for herself to be more

authentic and give her the space

to be creative and take her life

to the next level without having

to hide part of herself from her

fans. Before she knew it, she had

lost her agent, lost her job, had

her show cancelled and had the

LGBT community turn on her as

they felt her story was saturating

the airwaves and column inches.

Unsurprisingly, Ellen ended up at

an all time low.


Successful people are extremely

emotionally aware and when they

are not able to continue to be, they

seek outside help. Ellen did just

this, she had dared to be different

and it had momentarily thrown

her a curve ball, she sought out

help of a therapist and took antidepressants

until she felt able to

climb out of the mental space she

was understandably in and work

on her resilience and creativity to

serve her audience as she had once


Cut to today where not only does

Ellen have an amazing talk show

that strikes a chord with millions,

she has a beautifully happy home

life with the delightful Portia De

Rossi and is estimated to be worth

around 400 Million dollars putting

her in the top 12 highest paid

celebrities in the world.

Daring to be different may not

go as smoothly as one would

like in the first instance, but it

is important to be persistent and

relentless in your pursuit of the

end result. Had Ellen given up

half way through it would be a

disservice to her many adoring

fans now. Ellen shows us to go the

distance and it is OK to ask for

help along the way.

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 45


Not all celebrities that dare

to be different have hit rock

bottom, some have just been

typecast and want to explore their

creativity a little further. Matthew

McConaughey is a great example

of that, he was original known for

his part in “Dazed and Confused”

but then became typecast in

romantic comedies which limited

his breadth and scope of what he

could do as an actor.

Matthew is a very inspirational

person, not only was his Oscar

acceptance speech one that

inspired many, he is well known

in the motivational industry.

Matthew dared to be different,

he started pushing for roles that

stretched him and took him out

of his comfort zone so he could

grow and develop and ultimately

offer more to his audience. As

seen with all successful people,

the optimism that no matter

what, being different was going

to produce results because they

would not accept average, they

would be relentless in the pursuit

of their dreams to the successful


Matthew proved daring to be

different was worth it and was

nominated for an Emmy for

“True Detective,” won an Oscar,

a Screen Actor’s Guild award for

outstanding performance and a

Golden Globe for “Dallas Buyers

Club,” and he also starred in the

highly successful “The Wolf of

Wall Street.


From a young age James Corden

knew that having unshakeable

self-belief would get him ahead in

life. Since school, he was aware

he faced two choices in life and he

dared to be different rather than

let body image define him and

shake his confidence. Instead of

making himself smaller, he made

himself larger in personality.

He realised that instead of being

the target of negative attention

because of his weight, he could

use his larger-than-life confidence

to become an even bigger

target for the positive attention

that deflected negativity and

challenged people’s prejudices.

James embraced who he was and

created opportunities to showcase

his acting talent while happily

playing characters with larger

physiques, such as Smithy in the

hit show Gavin and Stacey. James

never agreed with the notion that

you need a six pack to attract

success. Although frustrated by

the narrow view of the movie

industry, James did not let that

deter him from forging a career

in the States. He focused on

where he wanted to be and did

not deviate off course ensuring

that his differences were also his


His confidence and honesty has

seen him succeed as the host of

The Late Late Show on Sky1 and

has been nominated for numerous

awards while forever being known

as the creator and star of Carpool

Karaoke. Even with the demands

of living a celebrity life, James has

stayed grounded and focused on

his family. He is happily married

to a gorgeous wife and has three

lovely children without any hint of

gossip or scandal in over 6 years

of marriage.

James has also demonstrated

his unshakeable confidence

in choosing to support The

Independent’s AIDSfree appeal

with the Elton John AIDS

Foundation to boost HIV

awareness and fund access to

testing and treatment. James has

shown he is not afraid to take a

stand against the stigma and fear

many people wrongly feel towards

HIV testing.

Although he works in Los

Angeles, James is proud to be

British and has not given up

on his London roots keeping

his distinctive accent and even

bringing The Late Late Show to

London twice.


The Duchess of Sussex has always

spoken up for what she believes in

with tenacity, resilience to public

opinion and a desire to serve the

greater purpose. At the start of her

relationship with Prince Harry,

one of the UK’s most eligible

bachelors, Megan followed her

heart above all else, not letting

any opinion on her being a person

of mixed race or alleged family

issues deter her.

Meghan attended Christmas

2017 with Harry’s family as his

fiancée, making her the first royal

fiancée to spend the holidays with

the Royals, a privilege normally

reserved for after marriage.

Once marrying into the Royal

family in May 2018, certain

Royal expectations were put upon

Meghan however, as with many

inspiring women, such conformity

went against the very beauty

of Meghan’s authenticity and

sociability and she chose her own

path. Some say making her and

Prince Harry the “coolest” of all

the Royals.

The balance of daring to be

different is to also know what you

can get away with, what battles

to pick and in the case of the

Duchess of Sussex, which Royal

protocols and expectations are

not worth the fight. The Duchess

of Sussex demonstrated early

on she knew to go forward as a

team with a joint goal and a joint

desire to pave the way for future

generations. Meghan clearly

understood the responsibility

afforded to her by marriage,

deleting her social media accounts

and retiring from acting.

Meghan embraces being different

even if it breaches conventional

Royal protocol, be it granting

autographs to fans, posing for

hugs, wearing her hair in a messy

bun, closing her own car door

or crossing her legs at public

occasions. She shows the world

that different gets you ahead

and does not prevent you from

achieving your dreams, no matter

how set in stone those rules appear

to be.

To learn more about celebrity

life coach Sloan Sheridan-

Williams and her work, please


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Matthew McConaughey in Serenity on Sky Cinema

The Late Late Show with James Corden on Sky1

Meghan Markle starring in Suits on Sky


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Royal Astrologers

Bestselling author Tobsha Learner

reveals how kings and queens have

used astrologers over the centuries

from Alfred the Great to Edward VII

Like all of us fascinated by the

possibility of knowing our fate,

Kings and Queens have used

astrologers over the centuries.

The court astrologer would

be consulted on all kinds of

questions – from the best time

to be crowned, to when to go

into battles to which direction to

escape imprisonment and whom to

trust and even marry.

This would have been a horary

astrologer – an astrologer who

predicts the answer to a question

by referring to both the querents

birth chart and to the exact

position of the stars at the time of

the question. These men were also

medics as astrology was linked to

health and one’s ‘humours’ were

ascribed to one’s sun sign.

Before the Enlightenment there

was such belief in the power of

astrology that it was actually

a criminal act to cast the birth

chart of a Royal as it was

considered inside information on

their personality and therefore

top secret. Some even gave

false birthdays to confuse their


As early as Roman Britain Caesar

was describing the Druids as

learned in astrology and there is

written evidence even they would

predict a child’s future from its

birthdate. Then we have Alfred

the great who went out of his way

to translate an astrological text by

Roman philosopher Boethius and

applied it to his rule.

Whilst later in the 8th century

apparently a York-educated

astrologer Alcuin was a close

advisor to Emperor Charlemagne,

who must have been good given

Charlemagne’s title of the ‘Father

of Europe’. Then with the Norman

conquest came an whole new

wave of astrological texts through

William the Conqueror’s court

which contained Jewish scholars,

bringing with them astrological

Intel from Arabic, Moorish and

Jewish sources. Quite an impact

on the status quo and William

himself used his astrologer to

set the date of his coronation,

the auspicious hour of midnight,

Xmas day 1066.

In the 12th century the future

King Henry II was tutored by

astrologer William of Conches

instilling in him enough belief for

Henry, once King, to patronise

Abenezra from Toledo who later

became an internationally famous

astrologer of his era. Even the

old Abbey of Glastonbury had

a zodiac set in its floor! And

surprisingly scientists like Sir

Isaac Newton were practising


However the standout astrologers/

magi linked to Royalty have to

be 16th century Dr John Dee

and 17th century William Lilly.

Dr John Dee was Elizabeth the

First’s spiritual and astrological

advisor. Cambridge educated and

of Welsh parents John Dee was an

astrologer, astronomer, alchemist,

magician and serious calculator of

navigation. He was in many ways

a scientist before the term was

invented. He came to Elizabeth’s

attention when he was charged

with calculating the birth charts

both for the then Queen Mary

and the then Princess Elizabeth in

1555 He is said to have calculated

the very auspicious date of her

Tobsha Learner

coronation (and what a reign it

turned out to be!) and to have cast

a spell upon the Spanish to defeat

the Armada.

Now to William Lilly, the most

famous horary astrologer of the

17th century. A political chancer

and real character Lilly was happy

to advise both King Charles

and Cromwell. He calculated a

favourable escape route for King

Charles the 1st at his request,

however the King, famously

wilful and stubborn then didn’t

take his advice! Lilly’s other

tasks included being hired by

Cromwell to stand on battlefields

to give his verdict before the

actual battle began to boost the

troops morale – luckily he was

never wrong! He was famous for

a number of startling predictions

including predicting the Great Fire

of London and the plague 13 years

before they happened – he was

then arrested for starting the fire

of London… such are the dangers

of horary astrology . His writing

and horary reports are still studied

today and he is considered the

father of contemporary Western


More recently Edward the Seventh

used celebrity astrologer Cheiro to

decide the date of his crowning –

unfortunately for Edward Cheiro

make a simplistic calculation

ignoring the more questionable

aspects of the date – the 9th of

August 1902 whether this affect

Edward’s short reign or not is for

others to argue.

The Magick of Master Lilly

by Tobsha Learner is out now

£8.99 published by Little Brown

Book Group

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How Do I Break The Toxic Cycle?

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A toxic relationship can take many forms, not all of

them visibly unhealthy on the surface. What makes a

relationship toxic is the unhealthy interaction between

two people which denies one or both of them happiness,

security, growth and the basic rights of an individual.

Anyone who is made to feel ‘less than’ by their partner

could be in a toxic relationship, as could a couple

who only function by lurching from one emotionally

charged drama to another.

However, partners who consistently enable their loved

ones by overcompensating and over-protecting them

out of a sense of misplaced love or concern, are just as

toxic as the more tangible domestically violent partner.

This is often seen in relationships where one partner

is an addict. Therefore, a good definition of a toxic

relationship would be where one partner’s actions and

behaviours negatively impact their loved one, thereby

supporting unhelpful limiting behaviours and creating

an unhealthy emotionally or physically damaging




Obvious signs would be any form of physical or mental

abuse. Less obvious signs would be if they insist on

choosing the clothes you wear, or make you feel guilty

for seeing friends without them being present. One

partner might take the role of caretaker, martyr, victim

or self-appointed hero in the relationship rather than

developing an environment where both partners are

respected equals. If your partner makes you feel bad or

belittles you, this is another sign of toxicity. Another

less obvious sign is if you find yourself joining your

partner in risky or dangerous behaviour to avoid an

argument, or avoid being labelled as boring. Enablers

can be a bit trickier to spot, so look out for signs such


• Avoiding conflict at all costs

• Denying there is an obvious problem or minimising

how bad things are

• Forcing their opinion or expectations on to you, or

displaying other controlling behaviour with strict

limiting expectations

• Assuming your responsibilities and not allowing you

to take ownership

• Protecting you from a perceived risk of pain that isn’t

really there

• Treating you like a child, or expecting you to be

submissive and not voice your opinions

• Telling you what you did and did not experience

contrary to your experience (gas lighting)



The biggest negative psychological effect is low selfesteem

and low self-worth. You may also start to

believe the warped view of the toxic partner, and allow

these negative opinions of yourself to become a selffulfilling

prophesy and affect your self-belief. Selfdoubt

and paranoia are also possible, depending on the

form of abuse or toxicity. Anxiety and depression are

also likely, as is an increased risk of suicidal thoughts or

actual attempts to take one’s life. These psychological

effects can last long after the relationship has ended,

impacting future relationships and the person’s ability

to form healthy attachments.

One of the debilitating side effects of being in a toxic

relationship is a fear of abandonment. This emotional

trigger is one of the greatest fears in the mind of

someone who feels they must be in a relationship to feel

fulfilled, and they will stay with the most unsuitable

partner to avoid feeling rejected.



Denial is a powerful factor in unhealthy relationships.

Living in denial perpetuates the unhealthy patterns

of behaviour and continues the cycle of emotional

dysfunction. It only takes one act of courage to decide

to walk away, then applying the self-discipline to not

only stay away but to also not repeat the pattern. In my

book Slap Fear In The Face, I talk in depth about the

importance of Self Discipline, Love, Alignment with

your purpose and Perception. These 4 concepts come

together to SLAP any toxicity away and provide you a

courageous community to surround yourself with. Also

in the book you can find 26

more ways to beat any fears

holding you back.

“Slap Fear In The Face” is

the new book by celebrity

life coach Sloan Sheridan-

Williams available now.

To find out more or

purchase a copy, please


Sloan Sheridan-Williams

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 53


The Balcon

Simon Woodrow has established

himself on the London culinary

scene as one of the most talented and

creative Head Chefs in the capital

so we’re delighted he is Restaurant

Head Chef at The Balcon, one of

our favourite restaurants located at

Sofitel London St James.

Simon’s career took off when he

joined Michelin-starred and awardwinning

chef Anthony Demetre’s

Arbutus Restaurant in 2010, where

he progressed from Demi Chef de

partie to Senior Sous Chef over three

and a half years. As the culinary team

embarks on this new and exciting

journey, Simon’s experience and

knowledge of London dining scene

is a key asset for the success of

The Balcon restaurant concept and

we were impressed with the new

direction of his menus.

The Balcon, a grade II listed 100

cover brasserie intricately designed

with double height ceilings and

majestic columns set with gilt and

marble, oak and ebony banded

wooden flooring, a bespoke finely

weaved wire chandelier, tan leather

and mahogany dining chairs with

resin-topped tables, foxed glass

mirrors and arched windows reaching

to the ceiling.

Highlights of the autumn menu

included starters such as the grilled

Scottish scallop with chorizo, sweet

corn, tarragon and hazelnut crumbs.

Must try mains were Yorkshire beef

fillet with foie gras & truffle sauce

and Welsh lamb Barnsley chop.

Read the online review at

Sofitel London St James

8 Pall Mall London SW1Y 5NG

+44 (0)207 968 2900


for the latest



London is known as

the Food Capital of

the World and these

are just some of our

favourite restaurants

as reviewed by the

SLOAN! team

54 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Gaucho at The O2

Gaucho at The O2 offers a haven

of luxury amid the excitement

at Greenwich Peninsula. All the

beef is exclusively sourced solely

from the Pampas so guests will

always experience the true taste of

Argentina. Every cut of beef can be

traced back to the farmer that reared

the cow. Gaucho’s commitment to

quality allows the restaurant to produce the finest Argentine steak.

Read the online review at

Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

020 8858 7711 |

Wright Brothers Battersea

One of our favourite London

restaurants for exceptionally fresh

and delicious oysters and seafood

is Wright Brothers Battersea with

its Josper charcoal oven in the

open theatre-style kitchen. General

Manager Jean-Michel Sourdrille and

his team deliver first-class service

with attention to detail showcasing

the exceptional freshness and quality of the seafood which makes

Wright Brothers Battersea stand out for all things fishy. Read the

online review at

Battersea Power Station, 26 Circus West Village SW8 4NN

020 7324 7734 |

Toomai Square

Toomai Square brings bold pan-Asian

cooking to Greenwich . The family-run

restaurant – which also offers takeaway

– combines much-loved Thai, Chinese,

Malaysian and Indonesian classics on

one menu, with healthy options and

bespoke cocktails to boot. Owned by

Executive Chef Bhola Prasad & his

brother Kumar, it’s fast becoming a

go-to dining destination for families

and city workers alike thanks to its

varied menu to please everyone. Read

the review at


5-6 Lambarde Square SE10 9GB

0208 066 1199

Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe

This modern British all-day dining

restaurant partnered with the iconic

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is split

over two floors with riverside views

to St Paul’s Cathedral.

Executive Chef Allan Pickett

champions British produce with a

particular passion for ingredients

originating from his home county of


The restaurant offers British locallysourced

produce which changes

with the seasons from their à la carte

menu. A traditional roast is served

on Sundays with all the trimmings

followed by expertly-crafted


Read the online review at

21 New Globe Walk SE1 9DT

020 7928 9444

The Brewers Inn

The Brewers Inn in Wandsworth

boasts a cellar bar, a rotisserie and

delicious food menu that has proved

popular with locals and visitors alike

at this Young’s hotel, pub and dining

room in southwest London.

Head Chef Piotr Michalski’s

seasonal menu serves British

classics with a contemporary twist

including an impressive breakfast

and brunch selection, as well as

a popular Sunday lunch offering.

The rotisserie grill boasts juicy,

slowly spit-roasted meats – seen and

smelled by peering into the open


Read the online review at

145-147 East Hill SW18 2QB

020 8874 4128

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Bocconcino opened in the heart of Mayfair in 2014 and

has since become renowned for serving both classic

and modern Italian dishes from Executive Chef Marco

Corsica. The Berkeley Street eatery from restaurateur

Mikhail Gokhner follows the best culinary principles

of Italy, focusing quality ingredients and traditional

cooking methods. Alongside the excellent food, guests

to Bocconcino experience first class service, a luxurious

setting, welcoming atmosphere, and a selection of the

finest wines from Italy and around the world.

From the menu, a tempting array of antipasti is followed

by primi including Linguine with Scottish lobster and

cherry tomatoes and Tagliatelle with wild boar ragu.

Meanwhile, a team of talented pizzaiolos prepare Pizza

Napoletana, Pizza Diavola and the signature Pizza

Bocconcino in the traditional wood-fired oven. For

secondi, Marco’s open firing cooking adds a beautiful

flavour to a selection of steaks, whilst guests can also

enjoy seafood dishes such as Roasted octopus with

caponata and Sardinian seafood fregola. To complete

the ultimate Italian feast at Bocconcino, guests can

indulge in traditional desserts including Tiramisu and

Semifreddo alla nocciola.

Read the online review at


19 Berkeley Street, W1J 8ED

0207 629 2000

Floral by LIMA

Peruvian hotspot Floral by LIMA in Covent Garden

launched a colourful ‘retox’ lunch menu for January

created in collaboration with the group’s Head Chefs

Robert Ortiz, Patricia Roig, and Instagram foodie

@LickyPlate, known for his love of indulgent and

satisfying dishes.

The collaborative menu offered traditional Venezuelan

‘arepa’ for main course and indulgent ‘picarones’

Peruvian doughnuts for dessert combining Floral by

LIMA’s South American vibrancy and flair with Licky

Plate’s penchant for over-the-top, visually striking


Read the online review of the main menu at

14 Garrick St, London WC2E 9BJ

020 7240 5778

56 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

St Pancras Brasserie

Sundays at St Pancras Brasserie by Searcys sees

a lavish new brunch menu created by Executive

Chef Colin Layfield. The special menu showcases

seasonal English fare at its finest with over 25

hearty dishes synonymous with a leisurely Sunday

morning. Highlights include Rainy Lane yoghurt,

spiced Williams pear, pomegranate, granola, and

for those feeling especially indulgent, Bavette steak

fried egg and chips. There are also five exquisite egg

dishes on offer, from Royale to Benedict, poached

and fried. The bottle of Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé

champagne brings the brunch to the next level,

perfect for those special moments.

Brunch for two at St Pancras Brasserie by Searcys

is priced at £165 for two guests and includes a three

course meal with a bottle of Laurent-Perrier Cuvée

Rosé champagne.

Read the online review at

Grand Terrace, Upper Concourse, St Pancras

International Station, London, N1C 4QL

+44 (0)207 870 9900

100 Wardour Street

100 Wardour St is the living room of cultural Soho;

somewhere to eat, relax and be entertained. Situated

on the ground floor, the stylish Bar & Lounge, is

open from lunch right through until late, serving

killer cocktails and delicious nibbles. Downstairs,

the glamorous basement Restaurant & Club hosts

live music five nights a week and serves spectacular

and sustainable dishes curated by talented Head Chef

Kim Woodward, alongside contemporary cocktails

and mocktails. Next door, you can find The Den, 100

Wardour St’s modern Soho meets old school drinking

den, with super-cool staff, laid back cocktails and live

music sessions.

Read the online review at

100 Wardour Street, London W1F 0TN

020 7314 4000


Plateau Restaurant, Bar & Grill in Canary Wharf has

appointed former National Chef of the Year, Frederick

Forster as Head Chef taking over the helm of the sky

high kitchen with a new European inspired menu that

reflects the seasonal changes from the winter chill to

warm summer days. With experience working with

the likes of Raymond Blanc, Gordon Ramsay, Thomas

Keller and Pierre Gagnaire, Frederick’s cooking draws

inspiration from modern European cuisine whilst

highlighting fresh and seasonal British produce cooked

simply and elegantly. Iconic furniture, from Eero

Saarinen’s tulip table and chairs to Castiglioni-style Arco

floor lamps, give the restaurant its stylish feel.

Read the online review at

4th Floor, Canada Place, London E14 5ER

020 7715 7100

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The UK’s first and only hotel to have exclusive access to the natural thermal waters of Bath

This luxurious five-star spa hotel was named the top hotel in

he UK by the AA in 2017 and has since been awarded 3 AA

Rosettes for Dan Moon at The Gainsborough Restaurant

58 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Having been ranked as the top

hotel in the UK at the 2017

AA Hospitality Awards, The

Gainsborough Bath Spa is

known for its exceptionally high

standards combining incredible

service, facilities and an allencompassing

guest experience.

From the impressive 1,300-square

meter Spa Village, which is the

first and only hotel spa in Bath to

have direct exclusive access to the

historic natural thermal waters,

to the stunning Spa Suites and

interiors designed by award-winning

Champalimaud Design from New

York, The Gainsborough epitomises

true British five-star hospitality.

The 99-room hotel is ideally located

along Beau Street, minutes away

from the city’s historical attractions,

shopping and restaurant districts,

and directly opposite the Thermae

Bath Spa. This historic property

is located just a five-minute walk

from the Bath Spa train station,

and a 90-minute train journey from


Tapping into the original thermal

springs, Spa Village Bath offers

a contemporary perspective on

the city’s thermal water heritage.

Coupled with the historic use of

aromatherapy in Great Britain, this

spa gently supports the brand’s

philosophy of honouring the

healing traditions of the region. In

recognition of its spa heritage, the

award-winning spa group with its

Malaysian origins also presents

select signature therapies from the

original spas in its collection.

Dan Moon at The Gainsborough

Restaurant has achieved three AA

rosettes, and features in Tatler’s

2018 Restaurant Guide’s top 100

restaurants in the UK. West Country

born and bred, Head Chef Dan

Moon has transformed the face of

fine dining in Bath, with his focus

on pioneering cooking techniques

and theatrical presentation. Dan’s

dishes are so much more than just

an experience for the taste buds and

reflect his position as a trailblazer

on the modern British culinary


Read the full hotel review at

The Gainsborough Bath Spa

Beau Street, Bath BA1 1QY

+44 (0) 1225 358 88

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 59

No 15 Great Pulteney

Said to be Bath’s quirkiest boutique hotel, No.15

Great Pulteney is formed of three Grade I listed

Georgian townhouses on Bath’s grandest street

Behind the honeyed Bath stone

façade, the hotel reveals 40

individually-designed bedrooms, a

supremely chic cocktail bar, restful

sitting rooms, a wonderfully

individual café and a brand new

spa – making it the perfect spot for

an indulgent break in Bath.

There is plenty of art, intriguing

collections and curiosities at

every turn; dolls houses are

home to tea and coffee making

facilities, a larder full of goodies,

and the fabulous Bar 15 cocktail

bar with a menu presented as a

deck of playing cards. Café 15 is

the hotel’s wonderful restaurant

space, open for delicious

meals throughout the week and

bottomless brunch on Sundays –

served amongst the hundreds of

apothecary bottles that line the


The Hideout Suite, has its own

‘spa experience’ bathroom with

hot tub, sitting room, dressing

room, and dedicated Sonos


Hidden beneath the pavements

is No.15 Great Pulteney’s quirky

new spa - inspired by the city’s

heritage as a spa city. Spa 15 has

four themed treatment rooms, a

large cedar wood hot tub within

exposed stone vaults, a barrelshaped

sauna, and separate

steam room. It’s a true haven

for relaxation with a unique


Read the full review on

Great Pulteney St, Bath BA2 4BR

+44 (0)1225 685293

60 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Visit Bath


Constructed in around 70AD as a grand

bathing and socialising complex, the

Roman Baths is one of the best-preserved

Roman remains in the world, where

1,170,000 litres of steaming spring water,

reaching 46°C, still fills the bathing site

every single day.


One of Bath’s most iconic architectural

landmarks built between 1767 and 1775

and designed by John Wood the Younger.


A historic, richly atmospheric place of

worship. There has been a place of Christian

worship on this site for over 1,200 years

and the Abbey remains a living church with

services taking place throughout the week.


Award-winning natural spa with a

roof-top pool to bathe in Britain’s only

naturally warm, mineral-rich waters as

the Romans did over 2,000 years ago.

Romantic City Breaks

Mark Souter is Head of Aviation Development at London

Stansted Airport. Here are his pick of the best cities to enjoy a

romantic holiday with your other half



Vienna is Austria’s capital and is one

of the most romantic destinations for

couples to venture in Europe. Its artistic legacy

proceeds it, with Imperial palaces and fascinating

architecture to amaze and excite couples who enjoy

sightseeing. Some of the most notable palaces to visit

include Schönbrunn and the Habsburgs’ summer

residence – both are stunning examples of Austrian

architecture. MuseumsQuartier is an area definitely

worth venturing to; this remarkable ensemble of

museums, cafés, bars and restaurants is lively and

full of interest for people that are new to the city.

The Belvedere Museum, which is housed within

the Belvedere Palace, is brimming with works by

Europe’s finest painters; catch a glimpse of The Kiss

by Gustav Klimt in all its glory. Spend your evenings

exploring Vienna’s colourful gastronomic landscape.

If you’re feeling like splashing out, book a table at

Restaurant Steirereck – a Michelin-star eatery that is

located in an intimate spot within the Stadtpark.

Vienna, Austria



While Paris is usually pegged as the ultimate

‘city of love’, why not ditch the baguettes

and Camembert for gelato and antipasti instead?

Florence is steeped in rich history: from the intricate

15th century architecture to the long-held culinary

traditions. Stroll down to Piazzale Michelangelo – the

area is bustling with sightseers and local street stalls

and the panoramic views of the city are unparalleled.

Take a look at the Renaissance art in the Uffizi

Gallery, there you’ll be able to gaze upon Botticelli’s

finest work including Birth of Venus. Couples can

treat themselves to an opulent meal at Borgo San

Jacopo – a superb Michelin-starred restaurant nestled

on the banks of the Arno River.



Iceland’s dramatic landscape presents the

perfect setting for couples to escape to.

With active volcanoes, lush planes and jutting cliffs,

it’s safe to say there aren’t many other places on

Reykjavik, Iceland

Florence, Italy

Lisbon, Portugal

Dubai, UAE

Earth quite like it. There is a wealth of activities

that are suited to couples in search of excitement.

Iceland’s rich bathing culture means that the Blue

Lagoon pools have become extremely popular with

tourists – take a dip together and wind down in the

natural thermal waters. Or if you’d prefer something

a little more private, seek out the geothermic pools

that are dotted around Iceland’s countryside. If

you and your partner are feeling daring, venture

into one of Iceland’s network of caves. Tours of the

Langjokull Glacier take visitors deep into its manmade

tunnels; this experience is not to be missed.

In the evening, snuggle under a blanket beneath

the starry sky and look out for the ethereal glow of

the Northern Lights. Other captivating pastimes in

Iceland include whale watching, scuba diving and

sampling Iceland’s brilliantly unique cuisine.



Couples in search of a city break with

character should set their sights on Portugal’s

capital, Lisbon – the city oozes with effortless

cool. Whether you are planning a whirlwind tour or

a longer break, couples will find that Lisbon runs to

its own laid-back rhythm. Small cafés and cultural

gems are often hidden amidst the city’s network of

lanes – for this reason it is best to explore the city

by foot. If you tire from climbing the notoriously

steep hills, simply hop on one of the old-fashioned

trams that glide along its cobbled streets. For sterling

examples of Portuguese cuisine, pop into Time Out

Market Lisboa – deliciously moreish pastéis de natas

(custard tarts) can be purchased there for as little

as one Euro. The Portuguese are famed the world

over for their sterling taste in wines. Visitors to this

exotic region can therefore indulge in a plethora of

authentic Portuguese varieties on a wine tasting for

two in many of the city’s trendy wine bars. Make

time for Lisbon’s São Jorge Castle, which is set atop

a commanding hilltop overlooking the city centre. It

makes for a fantastic viewpoint of the city and allows

visitors to gain some insight into Lisbon’s history;

the citadel dates back to the Medieval period and has

impressive battlements to peer out from.


Dubai may not be the first destination that

D springs to mind when booking a romantic

getaway, but this glimmering metropolis in

the desert has a huge amount to offer. From lavish

brunches, mind-blowing skyscraper lookouts and

heart-thumping activities, it poses as a stimulating

destination for a romantic getaway. Delve into

Dubai’s forgotten past via the Al Fahidi Historic

District, there you’ll find the Dubai Museum. You

and your partner can also immerse yourselves in one

of the city’s bustling markets, which are filled with

exotic spices, perfumes and textiles. Venture up the

Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building – at sunset

for the most spectacular views. This prestigious

area in downtown Dubai offers a plethora of opulent

dining experiences where couples can dine and toast

their years together.


London Stansted Airport runs frequent flights to all

of the destinations mentioned. For more information

on the best flight deals visit

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Seaham Hall

Dating back to 1791, Seaham

Hall is an immaculately restored

Georgian country house in a

striking location overlooking

County Durham’s heritage

coastline. Excellent transport links

(and only three hours by train from

London) make it a wonderfully

easy weekend escape.

This prestigious five-star boutique

hotel – the former home of

romantic poet Lord Byron – is an

exquisite combination of classical

architecture and contemporary

style, offering comfort and sheer

understated luxury throughout.

With its beautifully manicured

grounds, and opulent and stylish

interiors, it’s no wonder Seaham

Hall is one of the North East’s

leading hotels.

Seaham Hall has just 21 splendidly

chic suites (Junior, Executive,

Garden Hot Tub Suite and

Penthouse) and the hotel can also

be hired exclusively for private

parties. Dining at Seaham Hall is

a memorable experience. Guests

have a choice of imaginatively,

locally sourced dishes served in

The Dining Room, or delicious

Pan-Asian cuisine at Ozone, in the

Serenity Spa.

The dining room, led by head chef

Damian Broom, has become a

destination venue for diners keen

to sample contemporary British

cuisine, created, cooked and served

with supreme skill and imagination.

Our commitment to seasonal and

locally sourced produce is evident

in everything from Sunday lunches

to sharing plates and canapés to

afternoon tea. The Dining Room

is recognised as one of the North

East’s finest - and friendliest -


Voted one of the world’s top 100

spas, the Serenity Spa at Seaham

Hall blends together 44,000sq.

ft. of unadulterated enchantment,

designed to deliver the ultimate in

terms of tranquillity and wellbeing.

This is a world of extraordinary

relaxation, rejuvenation and

comfort. With a 20-metre pool,

outdoor balcony hot tubs, a

hydrotherapy pool, manicure and

pedicure stations, and skilled

therapists trained to deliver a

variety of therapies and treatments,

everything has been designed

to help you relax and escape the

complications of the modern world,

leaving you with a remarkable

sense of well-being and feeling


Business leaders and corporate

delegates find privacy and

inspiration in Seaham Hall’s

elegant and spacious function

rooms. Our 37-acre of grounds are

an ideal and exciting environment

for team building activities. Plus,

The Vortex is a brand new events

space offering corporate clients an

inventive, contemporary, multiuse

zone to encourage creative


Seaham Hall is a member of Pride

of Britain Hotels – a collection

limited to just 50 luxury UK

hotels, to guarantee quality and


Lord Byron’s Walk, Seaham, Co.

Durham SR7 7AG

+44 (0)191 516 1400

64 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

The luxurious

suites offer an


of space and


The Serenity

Spa at Seaham

Hall was

voted one of

the top 100

spas in the


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Ti p p l e s

Pommery Brut Rosé


Pommery Brut Rosé Champagne won

Gold at the 2017 IESC awards. Its

easy to see why with the champagne’s

delicate pink coral hue with salmon

tones and fine bubbles. The nose has

small red berries suggesting roundness

and softness. The strawberry aromas

are enhanced by the vivacious

freshness. Pommery Brut Rosé has a

subtle rosé character with a perfectly

rounded, long finish.

Pommery is based and produced in

Reims, one of the key regions for the

production of wine and where many

of the famous and original names

in Champagne are established. The

original Pommery Domaine is still

used in the production of all their wines

including 18km of chalk galleries

located 30 metres below ground where

maturation takes place.

£47.99 from Ocado

Spytail Ginger Rum

is a blend of aged

Caribbean rums,

blended and bottled

at a small distillery

in Cognac, France.

Owned by spirits

merchants, Biggar &

Leith and distributed

in the UK by When

We Are Giants,

Spytail is based on a 19th Century French

recipe of infusing fresh ginger and spices in

Cognac barrels which gives great depth and

flavour to the rum. The eye-catching bottle

celebrates the intrigue and mystery of French

underwater exploration and Jules Verne’s classic

- 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

£28 from Amazon


Ginger Rum

Amaro di


The latest innovation from the

House of Angostura. Amaro

di ANGOSTURA® is derived

from the bespoke process used in

creating the House of Angostura’s

iconic aromatic bitters. It is a deep

amber colour, offering aromas

of cinnamon, dark chocolate and

unmistakeable ANGOSTURA®

aromatic bitters. The finish is

perfectly balanced, exotic, lush

and reminiscent of the essence of

Trinidad and Tobago’s pulsating

rhythms, tropical climate and

beauty. This beautiful liqueur can

be enjoyed over ice, is splendid

on its own and offers delicious

harmony in a cocktail.

£26.60 from Amazon

66 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

anCnoc 18 Year Old

With notes of gentle spices, sweet dried fruits,

chocolate and ripe oranges, anCnoc’s 18-year-old

make a delicious dram for any whisky connoisseur.

An IWSC 2018 Gold award-winner, the whisky is

full-bodied and bold, allowing the spices to shine

through followed by flavours of fruit loaves and

candied lemon. anCnoc’s characteristic vanilla is

complemented by honey and caramel twists. To

finish, the 18-year-old transforms from peppery and

hot to deliciously sweet and smooth - perfect enjoyed

on its own or on the rocks.

£73.99 from

Glen Moray

Fired Oak

Glen Moray Fired Oak is a

Single Malt Whisky matured

for 10 years in ex-Bourbon

casks and finished in heavily

charred American Oak

casks, resulting in a whisky

which is sublimely smooth

with intense spice and

toasted vanilla flavour with

smokiness from the oak. Only

when it reaches its peak, is it

ready to be bottled.

£39.99 from The Whisky


Grander Rum

Grander is an award-winning

bourbon-barrel-aged rum that

is meticulously crafted with

quality ingredients, patience

and authenticity aged at least

8 years in ex-bourbon barrels.

Grander delivers a robust

toasted oak sweetness on the

nose and notes of dried berries,

cinnamon and vanilla-laced

oak on the palate. An earthy

essence that calls to mind the

freshly harvested sugar cane

shines through on the intense,

lingering finish.

£38.95 from Amazon

The Balvenie

The Balvenie DoubleWood single

malt whisky gains its distinctive

character from maturation in

two wood types - first in whisky

oak for 12 years then finished in

sherry oak for 9 months. Malt

Master David Stewart MBE

pioneered ‘cask finishing’ which

has had a profound impact on

whisky-making. Discover the

future of whisky with Balvenie’s

apprentice malt master, Kelsey

McKechnie on the next page.

£36.95 from

Roe & Co

Roe & Co is made from finest

hand-selected stocks of Irish

malt and grain whiskies, aged in

bourbon casks. Master Blender

Caroline Martin has created a

versatile, premium whiskey that’s

a luxuriously smooth blend with

a perfect harmony between the

intense fruitiness of the malt and

the mellow creaminess of the

grain whiskies. It is non-chill

filtered and bottled at 45% ABV.

£30 from


When you want all the flavour, but

not all the alcohol, try Prudence

rose-flavoured spirit drink from

Steampunk as it is only 20% ABV,

so cannot be classified as a gin.

This would undoubtedly make for

some clever cocktails called “The

Bouquet of Roses” or something

equally sharp-witted. Try a shot

of Prudence in your glass of


£23 from

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The Future of Whisky

Malt Mastery

68 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Kelsey McKechnie is the World’s youngest female apprentice malt master

and part of a growing group of women changing the perception of who

the average whisky drinker is. Here, she reveals the trends and tastes of

the future from cask finishing to cocktail culture.

Everyone talks about how to drink

whisky – on the rocks, neat or

diluted with water. There are as

many ways to drink whisky as

there are whisky lovers, but the

industry is constantly evolving,

and new trends and innovations

are emerging every day. Knowing

and studying these trends is key to

understand how the art of whiskydrinking

is evolving and what

whisky fans will want next from

their favourite drink.

It is my role as Apprentice Malt

Master to identify what will shape

the future of whisky drinking, and

work at developing expressions

that drinkers of The Balvenie will

love. I was officially appointed

Apprentice Malt Master in August

2018 and I work alongside Malt

Master David Stewart MBE, who

is the longest serving malt master

in the industry. My role with

David is to ensure the excellence

and consistency of the liquid that

goes into each bottle we make.

The other important part of the job

is looking at trends and developing

whisky innovations of the future.

Small differences in whisky

making, maturing and drinking

have huge impacts on the final

drink and there are a number of

trends we’ve seen recently which

are changing the way whisky is

made and drank. I’ve outlined five

of these below.


Cask finishing is a growing trend

that has now become common

practice. However, this process,

also called ‘secondary maturation’,

is a relatively new one that’s

really been around only the past

20 years. It consists of aging a

whisky in a different cask after it’s

fully reached maturation. David

Stewart was one of the pioneers of

this method and this ‘double cask’

technique gave life to one of the

most famous expressions in the

whisky world today; The Balvenie

Double Wood.

Today, distilleries are pushing

the limits of experimentation

trying to cask-finish whiskies

in a variety of different casks to

alter and improve the taste of the

liquid. For example, The Balvenie

21 Year Old Madeira Cask Finish

is a liquid that’s been finished in

Madeira casks, which gives it a

fruity finish with caramel hints.

Re-casking the whisky brings

roundness and flavour to the

final liquid and casks made from

different wood will add unique

touches to each whisky. The

chemical reaction behind this

process is still largely unknown,

this is why it’s a trend that’s far

from dying down, as it means

flavour possibilities are endless.


Today’s distilleries are working

hard to debunk the myth that

the older the whisky, the better.

The arrival of No Age Statement

whisky – whisky without an age

on the bottle – has caused some

controversy in the whisky world.

This trend emerged following an

increase in demand for specific

whisky age – with 20 years aged

whisky being one of the most

popular. This means stocks of

certain age statements are running

low, as producers 20 years ago

didn’t plan for such enthusiasm for

one specific age.

To combat this, and allow

more diversification and

experimentation, NAS has gained

popularity among distillers, who

are now able to blend liquids of

different ages and create more

interesting flavours. To be marked

as NAS, the whisky needs to have

matured for a minimum of three

years only.


Gone are the days when whisky

was confined to smoke-filled

rooms with Chesterfield sofas.

Today, it is consumed and

celebrated by a younger generation

of drinkers who are helping to

give it a modern image. With

this, comes new ways of drinking

whisky and one trend we’ve been

loving is the rise of the cocktail

culture in the whisky world.

A 2017 report by CGA shows

that 10% of the 50 best-selling

cocktails in the world are whiskybased

and whisky bars serving

whisky cocktails have been

opening all around the world,

notably in London with famous

whisky cocktail bar Black Rock.


As the whisky world is getting

more modern, it’s also getting

more accessible. We’ve noticed

this through the rise of Grain

whisky, set to be one of the

leading trends of 2019. Grain

whisky is a whisky that’s made

from any type of grain like

corn or wheat. This differs from

traditional ways of distilling

which usually use only one type of

grain, barley.

In the past, other types of grain

were only used to add body to a

liquid and because it was cheaper

than using malt barley. However,

there’s been a regained interest in

Grain Whisky because it makes

for great entry-level liquids.

Indeed, Grain whisky often offers

flexibility and an easier flavour

profile, which is perfect for new



Whilst adding water to whisky

was often considered a sign of

‘weakness’, rules have changed

and adding water to the drink has

become more popular. Adding

water to whisky helps bring out

the taste of the liquid and diluting

your drink with water will reveal

its aromas and give it a rounder,

smoother finish and mouthfeel.

Bars in Scotland actually provide

jugs of water for whisky drinkers

to add to their drinks. So pour it


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Whi s k e y Ame r i c a

MICHTER’S US*1 Bourbon

Michter’s US*1 Bourbon is a

nuanced, mellow, and earthy

American whiskey, characterized

by rich caramel with balanced

vanilla, stone fruit notes, smoky

depth, and an oak finish. Made

in small batches in Louisville,

Kentucky, this is top quality

smooth sipping, brimming with

rich, spicy, juicy fruit notes,

alongside a pleasing earthy core.

Michter’s whiskeys are

recognized internationally

for their exceptional quality.

Honoured as the “Best of the

Best” by Robb Report, “Distiller

of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast,

and “Best American Whiskey”

by Food & Wine, Michter’s is

a Proof-level member of the

Kentucky Distillers Association.

£53.95 from

TINCUP American


TINCUP® American

Whiskey is made from a

unique blend of corn, rye

and malt. Its high rye content

provides a bolder, spicier

flavour profile compared to

ordinary bourbons. Aged in

new charred American white

oak barrels, TINCUP® is

bottled in Colorado using

pure Rocky Mountain water.

£32.75 from

The Whisky Exchange


Delicious Kentucky Bourbon,

Rebel Yell have been making

their famous wheated whiskey

since 1849 - using pure Kentucky

limestone-filtered water and

new charred white oak barrels

for aging. Bottled in the

small batches to bring out the

bourbon’s best qualities - Rebel

Yell Small Batch Reserve is the

final evolution of the awardwinning

Rebel Reserve - with

hints caramel & brown sugar on

the nose and vanilla, wheat and

oak on the palate.

£29.95 from


Bulleit Frontier Whiskey has

launched a limited release

bottle design, the first time

the bottle has ever been

altered. Bringing a taste

of the US to the UK, the

Bulleit TM Bourbon Tattoo

Edition Bottle has been

created in collaboration with

Jess Mascetti, the renowned

tattoo artist from East Side

Ink, New York.

£27.40 from Amazon

JIM BEAM Bourbon

Made to the same formula

since 1795, Jim Beam White

Label is aged for four years in

oak barrels to create a smooth,

mellow taste with hints of

spice. Aged twice as long as

the law requires, Jim Beam is

proud to all itself the World’s #1


£18.75 from The Whisky


70 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


An intense, tropical blend of Makers

Mark, washed coconut, homemade

pineapple syrup, orange bitters and

cherry juice. £13 at Madison Rooftop Bar


A Scottish take on the Mai Tai using

Laphroaig 10YO, Scottish falernum, lemon

juice, orgeat, and a homemade apple/ginger

foam. £12.50 at Madison Rooftop Bar

Whi s k e y Se r v e s


Published by Mitchell Beazley


Kentucky Carrot Cake

Here’s a recipe for a

decadent fruity carrot

cake, with bourbon in

both the batter and the

icing. You have to go allin

and use full-fat cream

cheese here – low-fat

won’t work. This delicious

cake will be eaten in

no time, but if you do

have any leftovers, keep

them refrigerated so the

icing stays fresh. The

icing quantity here gives

enough to fill and top the

cake. If you want to cover

the sides as well, increase

the quantities by half


For the cake

• 100ml Jim Beam®


• 100g sultanas

• 225g self-raising flour

• 1 tsp baking powder

• 1 tsp ground cinnamon

• small pinch of salt

• 200g dark brown

muscovado sugar

• 250g carrots, coarsely


• 75g pecan nuts, roughly


• finely grated zest of 1

large orange

• 150ml sunflower oil

• 3 eggs, lightly beaten

For the icing

• 100g unsalted butter,


• 150g icing sugar

• 3 tbsp Jim Beam®


• 200g full-fat cream


• reserved orange zest (see


• 25g pecan nuts, to


For method, go to www.

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Vicky McClure

Nicola Roberts

Iain Glenn &

Charlotte Emmerson

Arlene Phillips, Tamara

Rojo & Angela Rippon




Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc

Claire Sweeney

Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc Ignim

ullacca ecatqui acid

esciam, sustius,

Andreas Kronthaler &

Dame Vivienne Westwood

Bertie Carvel

Arlene Phillips

Manon Opening Night VIP Reception

On Wednesday 16 January, VIP guests joined an evening reception at St Martins Lane

before attending the opening night performance of English National Ballet’s Manon

at the neighbouring London Coliseum. Guests included Nicola Roberts, Andy Serkis,

Dame Vivienne Westwood, Bertie Carvel, Iain Glenn, Vicky McClure, Tracey Ullman,

Arlene Phillips, Claire Sweeney and ENB’s Artistic Director Tamara Rojo CBE.

Following a tour to Manchester, Milton Keynes and Southampton, English National

Ballet’s production of Kenneth MacMillan’s ballet at the London Coliseum features

72 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Manon features some of

the most demanding and

fulfilling roles in ballet

Sheila Hancock

& Iain Glenn

Tamara Rojo &

Melvyn Bragg

Vicky McClure



Lorraine Ashbourne,

Ross Kemp & Andy Serkis

Dame Vivienne Westwood

& Tamara Rojo

Andy Serkis

Tracey Ullman

compelling characters, gasp-inducing love duets and larger than life scenes, all set to a haunting score by

Jules Massenet, played live by English National Ballet Philharmonic.

Famous for its expressive choreography and dramatic challenge, Manon features some of the most

demanding and fulfilling roles in ballet. Alina Cojocaru was thrilling in the role of Manon and Joseph Caley

brought new heights in his portrayl of Des Grieux. Manon was performed at the London Coliseum from

Wednesday 16 January until Sunday 20 January 2019.

(Photo credit: Piers Allardyce for English National Ballet)

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Kate Adie

Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc

Mary Berry




Jilly Cooper

Giles Brandreth

Lupis alitatur arumqui


Amanda Barrie

Sheila Hancock

The Oldie of the Year Awards 2019

On Tuesday 29th January, The Oldie Magazine’s annual awards - The Oldie of the Year (or ‘TOOTY’ for

short) - returned in a lunch time ceremony which celebrated the best of the older generation. Celebrity guests

including Mary Berry, Jilly Cooper, and Nicholas Parsons gathered for a three-course lunch at Simpson’s-inthe-Strand

followed by a tongue-in-cheek ceremony during which the nation’s favourite Oldies received an

eclectic array of awards ranging from reverent to ridiculous.

The awards are nominated by an eclectic panel of judges. Chaired by Gyles Brandreth for the fifth year in

a row, the 2019 judges include Sir Tim Rice, John Lloyd, Rachel Johnson, Roger Lewis, Craig Brown and

Maureen Lipman. The Oldie’s editor Harry Mount, and publisher James Pembroke, also join the judging panel.

74 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

saluting those who simply

brought joy into our lives

Margaret Calvert

Peter Bowles

Nicholas Parsons

Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc



Judith Kerr

Lionel Blair

Lady Colin Campbell

Nicky Haslam

The winners were: The Lionel d’Or Oldie of the Year! Lionel Blair (90); Oldie Tigress We’d Like

to Have to Tea! Judith Kerr (95); The Oldie Creative Ape of the Year! Desmond Morris (90); The

Keep Calm and Carry On Award! Amanda Barrie (83); Oldie Signwriter of the Times! Margaret

Calvert (82); Oldie Who Has Seen It All Before and Worse! Lady Avon (98); Oldie Silver Screen

Stars of the Year! Leading Lady - Sheila Hancock (85) & Leading Man - Peter Bowles (82).

Peter Bowles said, “What’s so wonderful about this is that it’s so quintessentially Oldie. As an actor,

you get a award not for your role, but for getting a job at all.”

(Photo credit: Neil Spence / Flint PR)

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E. Tautz

E. Tautz

Band of Outsiders

E. Tautz



Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc

E. Tautz

Lupis alitatur

arumqui dusc Ignim

ullacca ecatqui acid

esciam, sustius,

Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders

London Fashion Week Men’s AW19

Multi-award winning hairdressing brand, TONI&GUY is the official sponsors of

London Fashion Week and their Session Team travel in from all over the world to

style the hair at this leading fashion event and LFW Men’s AW19 was no different.

On Saturday 5th January 2019 at E. Tautz AW19, International Artistic Director

and Head of Team Charlie Cullen was inspired by the 80s to create relaxed hair that

complimented each models individual look and Patrick Grant’s Savile Row tailoring.

At the Band of Outsiders AW19 show, International Artistic Director Dexter Johnson

was inspired by the 60s and 70s to create an effortless soft textured look.

76 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Toni&guy look back to the

sixties, seventies & eighties

for hair at lfw men’s aw19

Private Policy

Private Policy

Private Policy

Paria Farzaneh

Paria Farzaneh

Private Policy

Paria Farzaneh






On Sunday 6th January at Private Policy AW19 presented by GQ China, where International Artistic

Director Daniele De Angelis created multiple looks to interpret the collections three characters: robbers,

workers and bankers. At Velsvoir AW19, International Artistic Director Louis Maharaj took inspiration from

the late 70s and early 80s to complement the collection’s bold tailored silhouettes.

Finally, at Paria Farzaneh AW19 show on Monday 7th January, International Artistic Director Luke Harris

took inspiration from American Psycho to create an iconic slicked back look complementing the glossy makeup

and Paria’s streamlined tailoring using both waterproof fabrics and traditional Iranian detailing.

(Photos courtesy of TONI&GUY Media)

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SLOAN! Book Club

Celebrity Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams recommends

her favourite books on topics from personal development and

Michelin star dining to American whiskey and seasonal suppers

RISE - Royston Guest

RISE: Start living the life you were meant to lead is a new book that

puts you firmly in the driving seat of your own life, as the architect

of your own destiny. RISE will help you to identify precisely where

you’re going in life, understand how you’re going to get to where

you want to be, and most importantly, help you to become who and

what you want to be along the journey. RISE is your blueprint to a

compelling future. I liked the structured coaching framework written

in an accessible style that feels like you’re having your own one-toone

sessions with Royston.

£14.99 published by John Murray

Unlock You - Andy Barker & Beth Wood

This book uses the latest scientific research to implement healthy

habits into your life – including mindfulness, emotional intelligence

and CBT techniques. It’s for anyone who thinks their stress, anxiety

or negative thoughts might be holding them back and is packed with

useful tips, advice and techniques to help you feel calm, kick your

bad habits and release your potential to be your best in just six weeks.

I particularly liked the bite-sized exercises to train the mind in just 10

minutes per day.

£12.99 published by Pearson Business

The Ritz - John Williams

The Ritz: The Quintessential Cookbook is the first cookbook from

Michelin-starred chef John Williams celebrating recipes of the dishes

served in the dining room at The Ritz and the acclaimed Palm Court

and Rivoli Bar. The book features 100 delicious recipes, such as

Roast scallops bergamot & avocado, Saddle of lamb belle époque and

Grand Marnier Soufflé, and is divided into the four seasons. There

are recipes that are simple and others for the more ambitious cook,

plus helpful tips to guide you at home. I enjoyed the entertaining tales

about the hotel which give a unique glimpse of life in one of London’s

finest kitchens.

£30 published by Mitchell Beazley

78 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

The Bourbon Bible - Eric Zandona

Bourbon is the UK’s fastest-growing drink, and this guide will teach you

all you need to know about this most fashionable of spirits. Eric Zandona

– spirits specialist at the American Distilling Institute – explores 140 of

the finest bourbons in the world, from the big-name classics to tiny craft

distilleries, with flavour profiles and recommendations for the best way

to drink each one. This is the perfect gift for American whiskey lovers or

those looking for a quick reference guide to bourbon.

£15 published by Mitchell Beazley

Claridge’s - Martyn Nail & Meredith Erickson

As one of the world’s best luxury hotels, Claridge’s has long been known

for inspiring menus and exceptional dining from breakfasts and elevenses,

through lunch and afternoon tea, and on to drinks, dinner and the dessert

cart. This debut cookbook celebrates that heritage in style, with a collection

of over 100 of the best-loved dishes and drinks from The Foyer and Reading

Room, the Bar and The Fumoir. If you want to find out how to host

dinner for 100, this book is for you! I loved how this cookbook brings the

extraordinary dining experience at Claridge’s to life within its pages.

£30 published by Mitchell Beazley

Whiskey America - Dominic Roskrow

This book showcases some of the most exciting new styles of whiskey

and why they are so special. With fascinating interviews with some of the

leading characters in the recent distilling revolution, this absorbing book

relates the stories of how successful lawyers, doctors and city slickers

made the life-changing decision to turn their backs on conventional careers

to pursue the ‘good life’ of making spirits in the most far-flung outreaches

of America. Mr Sloan loved this book and is looking forward to working

his way through Dominic’s recommendations of “100 Great American

Whiskeys You Should Try”!

£25 published by Mitchell Beazley

Clodagh’s Suppers - Clodagh McKenna

This wonderful book by culinary queen Clodagh McKenna is filled with

expert advice and experience to guide you through creating fabulous

seasonal suppers for friends and family. With information on the best ways

to prepare, what to serve and Clodagh’s handy tips for finishing your meal

in style, I loved how this book covers everything from shopping lists, table

settings, welcome nibbles and even edible gifts for your guests to take

home after supper!

£20 published by Kyle Books

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ith thanks

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and creatives. If you admire the work of any of the

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Pages 2-3 - Tracey Fung / Red35 Photography

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