February 13, 2019



Cover Art by Ricardo Mercadé (11)

VOLUME 4 - 2018-2019

Academia del Perpetuo Socorro

704 Jose Martí Street

Miramar, Puerto Rico 00907


February 13, 2019



As Assistant Editor, I am incredibly proud of our creativity and

disposition. All the members of Zeitgeist never seize to contribute their

imaginative writings and ideas. Let’s continue writing in this space, and

creating our art!

- Claudia Figueroa, Assistant Editor

Your amazing response to our last edition has motivated us to publish

a mini-issue for Valentine's Day. Love is in the air these days, and we want

to celebrate that with the collection of poems presented in this publication.

All the poems have something to do with love. Some deal with the beauty

and deepness of the sentiment of love, while others tell stories about the

hopelessness of love.

I urge you to not be fooled by the size of this issue. Though it is our

shortest publication to date, these pages possess incredible meaning.

Poetry requires us to think deeply and analyze every word we read. The

artists behind all these amazing pieces have poured their hearts onto their

art, and you can learn invaluable lessons from their work. I hope you take

the time to read these compositions and see love from another person's


To wrap up this letter, I would like to thank the school for their

support, our moderator, Mrs. Mari Vega, my assistant editor, Claudia

Figueroa, and every other member and contributor of Zeitgeist for their

compromise and dedication to the magazine. Most importantly though,

thank you all for your support, your positive comments, and for taking the

time to appreciate what we create.

- Harold Peón, Editor-In-Chief

Printed copies of this second edition will be distributed on February 13, 2019!

Zeitgeist encourages students from any grade that are passionate about cultural and artistic endeavors to join the club

or contribute to the magazine!

Academia del Perpetuo Socorro is not affiliated with any of the opinions expressed in this publication.

Visit the website for more information:



February 13, 2019

Cravings of the Heart p. 4

Eyes p. 4

chaos in harmony p. 5

Love’s Truth p. 6

Heart p. 8

Surrendered Heart p. 8

Three Words p. 9

white roses. p. 10

Divine p. 11


February 13, 2019

Cravings of the Heart

I crave your love

I crave your hands tenderly caressing my heart

I crave your hands brushing my hair

As if you were reaching for the sky and touching the clouds

I crave for security

The security that your embrace gives me

The security that your kisses bring to me

The security that you will be forever mine

Hold my heart carefully in your hands

As if it were made of glass

As if it were your own

As if it were the key to my soul

And as Beethoven wrote:

Forever mine

Forever thine

Forever ours

- Your flower (anonymous)


Eyes, blue like the summer sky

Golden threads adorn your head

Your deep blue eyes seem close

Yet they are so distant

Eyes that sparkle like the ocean

In which I see myself reflected

Fulfill all of my desires

- Anonymous


February 13, 2019

chaos in harmony

tell me what to do

when the mind surrenders its control

tell me what to do

when my heart speaks its language

do you know how it feels in the soul

when you’re present

a flame sparked by your gaze

when you’re present

the passion i long for

it exists in you

the passion i search for

my heart only wants you

you’re the map’s destination

you’re my treasure

you’re the fire i need to warm my cold

you’re my treasure

you’re the spring after my winter

you make me come alive

the nature of my emotions awakens

you make me come alive

only a part holds on to the mind

the rest is given to adventure

the silent chaos that governs

and the perfect harmony that engulfs me

the duality of these two natures

you cause within me

- Tempest (anonymous)


February 13, 2019

Love’s Truth

An illustrious wordsmith once said:

“The only mystery of man, is man.”

Yet that isn’t always the case, my dear friend

or in curiosity we try to feebly understand

the unsolved mystery of Love, ordained by God’s will

as supreme monarch of emotion, eager in mighty zeal

to spread its magnanimous and natural reign,

in all legitimate offspring, direct descendants from the vein

of a caring lover’s embrace;

with sentiments ever so full of grace,

amorous delight pierces hearts in bleeding affection,

intertwining souls in delicate selection.

With its gentle arrows drawn on Cupid’s bow,

shining in golden luster, ethereal glow.

One chosen only for the Other

in inconspicuous design

where no existing mortal mind

can fathom such fateful encounter

that ignites earnest embers of passion

when, beautiful indeed, two lone souls, in pleasant union,

enter peaceful, pure unconditional bliss

as they share their first nuptial kiss.

Gorgeously tempting, its own Narcissus

more alluring than any esteemed Elyssus,

Love surpasses the most delicious ambrosia

forging an unbreakable, everlasting utopia.

However, know that innocent desire, blind trust

are what endow it with translucent, glass-like beauty

and, if betrayed at the hands of lust,

a once blooming garden succumbs to infertility.


February 13, 2019

Two-faced, Gemini by excellence,

exposed frailty, empowering existence,

Love offers strength, remarkable wit,

steel determination, untamable grit,

but also dangerous vulnerability, an Achilles’ heel

making the righteous sin, the proud yield.

Still, when faced with free Choice,

our ears listen unabashedly to the Heart’s longing voice:

“Love conquers all.”

and despite the foolishness of risking unrequited downfall,

we tread on,

we lean on,

we fall hard,

we crash down,

we’re ripped apart,

we come around,

we build up,

from twenty failures we rise up twenty-one,

and we march on, moving on.

- Sebastián Redondo (12)


February 13, 2019


The mind gently caresses the heart,

with the rain falling deeply into it;

devoted to comfort or the sensation of being hit.

Emotions and feelings are nothing but art.

None wish to be utterly heartbroken

the lack of affection shifting into a husk.

Our lovely perceptions, aware from dawn till dusk.

Could they concede themselves with hurt unspoken?

Once reaching this desire long-awaited,

love and compassion, truly uncertain.

A restoring heart cannot take such a burden.

The joy of love comes with the risk of hatred.

- Lotus (anonymous)

Surrendered Heart

My frigid and unyielding heart

battles the siege led by your part.

My citadel-protected chamber refuses to cede,

feeling uncertain and fearful as you approach near.

Turmoil and unrest dominate my entrails

as your steadfast army breaks through my crumbling walls.

And, when your resplendent troops arrive at my innermost abode,

instead of death or shame, all you had to offer was love.

Thus, my hardened, stubborn heart surrendered to your love

- Shakespeare’s Foil (anonymous)


February 13, 2019

Three Words

Should I say it?

I don’t know.

Three words so powerful they can change our lives.

Do I know you?

I don’t know.

I still want to utter those three small words.

Is it real?

I don’t know.

The urge to say the words is ever so impulsive.

Would you feel the same way?

I don’t know.

The words pound against the walls of my brain, trying to escape.

Would you still accept me if you reject me?

I don’t know.

There is no turning back now, it’s too late.

The words escape my brain and travel swiftly, but quickly

Through my cells, my veins, every part of my body resonated by

those words.

They arrive at my tongue.

And we are there,




I love you.

- Ricardo Mercadé (11)


February 13, 2019

If you truly loved me,

why did you tell me lies?

If you truly loved me,

why did you say goodbye?

Since you truly loved me,

you took out a knife.

Since you truly loved me,

you hurt my soul,

well, at least, you tried.

You insisted you truly loved me,

There isn’t much to say.

white roses.

You insisted you truly loved me,

the sea never washed your pain away.

Your pain was my pain,

you did much to prove that wrong.

Then I decided

your true love was not true,

your roses were not red.

My heart became yours,

you gave me nothing,

your words were all dead.

Now I’ll say,

I truly loved you,

even after you went crazy.

I truly loved you,

even when your poison nearly killed me.

I had to leave you,

I couldn’t bear much more.

I had to leave you,

after I discovered you loved me no more.

- oblivion (anonymous)


February 13, 2019


Her beauty, divine and perfect, in all

A perfect combination of style and hair

Like the gilded leaves in the coming Fall

Only seen once in a blue moon, so rare

Her grace, full of natural majesty

Skin, glistening as a work of pure art

That which can inspire great vanity

But not as beguiling as your pure heart

That which can infatuate all who view

Your soul, bright as the resplendent Helios

Its true perfection seen by a small few

Which stands grandiose among the cosmos

I profoundly wish to find such lady

My own luck regards: ¨Not even maybe¨

- Juan Miguel Corujo (11)


February 13, 2019

A Playlist for Valentine’s Day

The following are carefully selected, top of the food chain love songs

listed in alphabetical order for the benefit of the reader.

Title: Forgotten Love

Artist: AURORA

Favorite lyric: “And my dreams become

sweeter when something

is missing.”

Title: J-Boy

Artist: Phoenix

Favorite lyric: “I was excited to be part

of your world”

Title: More than a Woman

Artist: Bee Gees

Favorite lyric: “More than a woman to me”

Title: Mystery of Love

Artist: Sufjan Stevens

Favorite lyric: “Oh, to see without my eyes”

Title: Only in my Dreams

Artist: The Marías

Favorite lyric: “The whispers in the trees

are getting near”

- Julía García (11)

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