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Boosting your restaurant sales

Valentines aside, January and

February are typically quiet

months for most cafes and

restaurants, yet when used for

smart reflection and planning,

they can greatly influence

your reputation, footfall

and profit in the year ahead.

Promotional plans

Identify key dates that suit

footfall-boosting initiatives,

then creatively plug the gaps.

Keep promotions true to your

brand personality and values,

create a secret formula for

recycling events to maximise

efficiency, and stay focused

on the original purpose (new

audience, earlier footfall,

alternative menu, reduced

margins etc). Working

smarter, not harder, is key.

Menu reviews

Cleverly crafted menus

feature discreet upsells and

links, whilst using psychology

and design tricks, to guide the

Sara-Jane Williams of specialist hospitality advisers BrandLanterns

encourages smart planning and creativity during the quiet months

customer to your most efficient

and profitable choices.

Your menu puts a piece of

your brand in their hands,

so give thought to styling,

messages and engagement

opportunities too, and launch

a new menu ahead of Easter.

Experience factor

A popular BrandLanterns

workshop topic, this modernday

craving is set to continue.

Ask how your venue delivers

an experience, beyond the

food and service. What tactics

keep you memorable? What

stands you apart? There are

many ways to do this, so push

beyond the obvious.

Get social, be you

Love it or hate it, customers

are shaping your brand

without your permission,

primarily through reviews

and social media. Face the

fear, start engaging and keep

it down-to-earth: customers

are appreciating ‘the human

touch’ more than ever!

Be realistic

Beyond the excited buzz of

creative ideas and smart tips,

we hear you curse as you face

more on the to-do list. Even

superheroes need a wingman,

and with our specialist

experience, creativity and

affordability, we’re here to be

just that.

Book your free consultation

and let’s get planning for an

amazing year ahead.

■■Details 01271 372620 or

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