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2006<br />




FROM THE<br />



Throughout the summer and fall, we can enjoy<br />

the blooms of the flowers and crops we planted<br />

in the spring. Before they could be planted, the<br />

earth had to be turned over and the proper<br />

nutrients added to ensure the seeds had the most<br />

fertile soil to grow in.<br />

The following African proverb provided the theme for our 2003<br />

Annual Report: “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The<br />

next best time is now.” Twenty years ago, local citizens began<br />

preparing the soil and on June 27, 1988, the incorporation papers<br />

were signed to establish the Marquette Community Foundation. I<br />

find it appropriate to use the theme of preparing the soil for the<br />

2006 <strong>annual</strong> <strong>report</strong>, because much work was done before the seed of<br />

the community foundation was actually planted.<br />

I also find it very appropriate that Mike and Emily Coyne provide<br />

our donor story for this year, as Dr. Coyne was one of the original<br />

“farmers” who helped prepare the soil and plant the seed for the<br />

Marquette Community Foundation. They share their desire to give<br />

back to the community that provided them a great place to work,<br />

play, and raise a family. They also want to provide an<br />

example for others by leaving a bequest in their will to<br />

the community foundation.<br />



IS 20 YEARS AGO.<br />

The Marquette Community Foundation now provides fertile<br />

soil in which you can plant a seed for the charity or cause you<br />

believe in. Your contribution, large or small, will grow and provide<br />

income for your favorite cause or to meet the emerging needs of the<br />

community. You can also leave your lasting legacy by becoming a<br />

member of the Legacy Society by simply naming the Marquette<br />

Community Foundation in your will.<br />

We are here For good. For ever.<br />

THE NEXT<br />



2006-07<br />



& STAFF<br />






Marilyn Andrew<br />

Stu Bradley<br />

Mark Canale<br />

Martha Conley<br />

Robert Cowell<br />

Maura Davenport<br />

John Maki<br />

John Marshall<br />

Al Nelson<br />

Mike Roy<br />

Brenda Salisbury<br />

Mike Smock<br />

Craig Stien<br />

Carole Touchinski<br />

Roger Zappa<br />


Bob Cowell - Chair<br />

Chris VanAbel<br />

Lynne Hammerstrom<br />

Roger Zappa<br />

GRANTS<br />

Martha Conley – Chair<br />

Bonnie Bradley<br />

Maura Davenport<br />

Kellie Holmstrom<br />

Mike Roy<br />

Kim Jamieson<br />


John Marshall – Chair<br />

Glenn Adams<br />

Robert Cowell<br />

Robert Glenn<br />

Tom Humphrey<br />

Jack Lenten<br />

John Maki<br />

Don Mourand<br />

Mike Smock<br />


John Marshall- Chair<br />

Robert Cowell<br />

Don Mourand<br />


Mike Smock – Chair<br />

Mark Canale<br />

Bob Glenn<br />

John Maki<br />

John Marshall<br />

Al Nelson<br />

STAFF<br />

Cathy Nardi – Executive Director<br />

Linda Vallier – Program and Finance Administrator



Mike & Emily Coyne<br />

Anyone who knows Mike & Emily Coyne<br />

knows they share a passion for the Marquette<br />

community. A fourth generation “Yooper”,<br />

Mike was more than enthused when Emily<br />

found an advertisement searching for doctors<br />

in the small community of Marquette while<br />

they were in Arizona. They were both excited<br />

about the prospect of returning to Mike’s roots.<br />

Marquette offered the quality of life that<br />

appealed to them; a small town with close<br />

neighbors and family ties.<br />

“That was 40 years ago,” exclaimed Mike. “We<br />

couldn’t have asked for a better place to live, work, and<br />

raise a family. We recognized how privileged we were.<br />

We had taken advantage of all the area had to offer and<br />

felt the desire and responsibility to give back to the<br />




Dr. Coyne, who is one of the founders of the Marquette<br />

Community Foundation, explained, “Twenty years ago, there wasn’t<br />

an appropriate vehicle through which to establish the tradition of<br />

giving back until the Marquette Community Foundation was<br />

incorporated on June 27, 1988. In fact, the first $1,500<br />

establishing the foundation’s assets came from memorial gifts when<br />

my mother passed away in 1988.”<br />

Emily and Mike were attracted to the concept of the community<br />

foundation because of its self-supporting nature. The community<br />

contributes and then decides how to use the money generated by<br />

their investment. Another reason they are still supporters is the<br />

many and various ways one can contribute to a community<br />

foundation. They chose to leave a bequest to the Foundation<br />

through a charitable remainder trust. “The trust supplies an <strong>annual</strong><br />

income during our retirement,” explained Emily. “The remainder<br />

will transfer to our three favorite organizations; the Marquette<br />

Community Foundation, Girl Scouts of Peninsula Water and Bay<br />

Cliff Health Camp.”<br />

Both Emily and Mike encourage others to consider the Foundation<br />

as a way to forever support the causes they care about through a<br />

bequest and the importance of informing the foundation about your<br />

plan. Mike stated, “Our bequest serves as a strong reminder to our<br />

family that they are part of the community forever and it sets an<br />

example for others. Besides,” he joked, “It’s easier to give when<br />

you’re dead. It doesn’t hurt so much.”









Your Enduring Legacy:<br />

For good. Forever.<br />

There are many ways to leave a lasting legacy in the Marquette<br />

County community. One of the most effective means of ensuring<br />

that the charitable organizations and causes you’ve loved during your<br />

lifetime will continue to be supported long after you’re gone is to<br />

name the Marquette Community Foundation or one of its affiliates,<br />

the Greater Ishpeming Area Community Fund, the Negaunee Area<br />

Community Fund, or the Gwinn Area Community Fund, in your<br />

will. The tax benefits are significant and gifts to the Community<br />

Foundation are completely exempt from estate taxes. Another<br />

effective method is to purchase a life insurance policy in the name of<br />

the Marquette Community Foundation or one of its affiliates. Your<br />

premium payment is tax deductible and when you pass, the<br />

Community Foundation receives the death benefit.<br />

Making a bequest to the Marquette Community Foundation is an<br />

easy way to transfer cash, appreciated stocks or bonds, real or<br />

personal property, or other assets. With assistance from your estate<br />

or financial advisor, we can recommend the most tax efficient types<br />

of assets to give through your will.<br />


Mark Canale<br />

Brad Canale<br />

Dr. Michael and Emily Coyne<br />

Barbara Hammerburg<br />

Carl & Lynne Hammerstrom<br />

John & Pauline Kiltinen<br />

John & Julianna Maki<br />

Al Nelson<br />

Bernadette Reider<br />

We are certain there are more of you that should be included on this<br />

list. Please contact us at (906) 226-7666 or e-mail at<br />

mcf@chartermi.net so that you can be listed in our <strong>annual</strong> <strong>report</strong> as<br />

well as invited to our donor event this fall.


Greater Ishpeming Area, Gwinn Area<br />

& Negaunee Area Served by Special Funds<br />

The Marquette Community Foundation<br />

and its affiliates, the Greater Ishpeming Area<br />

Community Fund and Negaunee Area Community<br />

Fund pitched in to support three<br />

Marquette County wide efforts.<br />

All three funds used part of their available<br />

grant money to provide financial support for<br />

the Iron Ore Heritage Trail sponsored by the<br />

Lake Superior Community Partnership, start<br />

up cost for a Marquette County Boy’s Choir<br />

and the Superior Pipes & Drums.<br />

“The Iron Ore Heritage Trail is in its Feasibility<br />

Stage”, explained Carol Fulsher, Director<br />

of Recreation for the LSCP. “With this<br />

grant money, we will hire a local artist to prepare<br />

sketches depicting what the trail will look<br />

like. Visuals are important as we seek further<br />

funding from the local, state, federal and private<br />

levels.”<br />

She further explained, “The Heritage Trail<br />

is part of the Partnership’s plan to use our natural,<br />

historical, and cultural resources as an economic<br />

development tool. A similar trail in<br />

Midland, MI attracted over 178,000 people<br />

in a six month time period, 20% of whom<br />

were from out of the area and came specifically<br />

because of the trail.”<br />

Fulsher expressed her gratitude to the community<br />

funds for their support. “The Partnership<br />

is thankful for the combined support<br />

of the three organizations as the trail will positively<br />

affect all three areas they represent.”<br />

The three community funds also thought<br />

it important to provide funding to help establish<br />

a Marquette County Boy’s Choir. Bob<br />

Marietti, Sheila Grazulis and Tony Beacco recently<br />

got together to begin plans for a youth<br />

male choir.<br />

“Young males in this county have a plethora<br />

of athletic activities to participate in. They<br />

may not have thought of music as an option,”<br />

commented Marietti. “We want to attract<br />

young men at an early stage to get them deeply<br />

involved in music. We feel it will add another<br />

dimension to their lives they might not otherwise<br />

have experienced. Everyone gets older<br />

and participation in sports becomes more difficult<br />

on our bodies but, we can sing until we<br />

die. We are grateful for the combined support<br />

of our efforts to bring this to fruition.”<br />

The Fall of 2005 brought about the formation<br />

of a new cultural music group to entertain<br />

the residents of Marquette County. Led<br />

by bagpipe instructor Gregg McGregor, drum<br />

instructors Pierre Ogea, Wayne Oien, and Ken<br />

Hietikko, and Highland dance instructor Deb<br />

Choszczyk. Superior Pipes & Drums will provide<br />

instruction, musical performances and<br />

lectures to groups and public gatherings about<br />

Scottish Highland Arts.<br />

Pierre Ogea, president of the group, expressed<br />

his thanks for the grants received from<br />

Ishpeming, Negaunee and Marquette. “The<br />

funds will provide for kilts and drum equipment<br />

so we can march in parades and perform<br />

at ceremonies such as funerals for fire<br />

fighters who die in the line of duty.”<br />

Glenn Adams<br />

Marilyn Andrews<br />

Patti Benstrom<br />

Shannon Edmark<br />

James Prophet<br />

Terri Smith<br />

James Steward<br />

Lyle Warner<br />

Betsy Burmeister<br />

Jeanette Maki<br />

John Maki<br />

Leland Nellist<br />

Nancy Olson<br />

Steve Peffers<br />

Mike Prokopowicz<br />

Brian Watson<br />

Judy Watson-Olson<br />

Joan Coduti<br />

Dave Dompierre<br />

Helen Grossman<br />

Jack Lenten<br />

Waino Juiha<br />

Don Mourand<br />

Al Nelson<br />

Sean O’Donnell<br />

Ruth Poutanen<br />

Leanette Pynnonen<br />

George Sedlacek<br />

Mike Smock<br />

Greg Toutant<br />

Linda Turri

2006 GRANTS<br />

When the Marquette Community Foundation provides<br />

grant monies to a deserving recipient, a wonderful thing<br />

happens. Those monies are returned to our community<br />

to help make it a better place than it was before a new<br />

social program was put into place, a special population<br />

was assisted, or a scholarship was given.<br />

Through its granting programs, the Community Foundation,<br />

in essence, provides the sunshine with which the<br />

branches of the community-at-large can grow. The pages<br />

that follow list those organizations that were grant recipients<br />

during 2006.<br />


Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council<br />

Gwinn Area Community Schools<br />

Marquette County Humane Society<br />


Superior Pipes and Drums<br />

Scholarship for Courtney Davis, attending Northern<br />

Distribution of 2006 spendable from Humane and Reider funds<br />

2,198.39<br />

400.00<br />

5,127.13<br />

————-<br />

7,725.52<br />


Girl Scouts of Peninsula Waters<br />

Values, Vision and Voice: Women’s Philanthropic Potential<br />

Great Lakes Center for Youth Development Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Service Initiative<br />

Great Lakes Center for Youth Development Copper level sponsorship of the 2006 Excellence in Education Banquet<br />

NICE Community Schools<br />

Patriot Promotions - School Store - Westwood High<br />

Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council<br />

Superior Pipes and Drums - Start up Grant<br />

NICE Westwood High School<br />

ACTion Troupe Improvement Grant<br />

Ishpeming School District No. One<br />

First Grade Butterfly Project<br />

Marquette Area Public Schools<br />

Partial Fund distribution per correspondence dated 4-11-06<br />

Marquette County Sheriff’s Department<br />

Let Each One Teach One “Leadership Program<br />

Negaunee Public Schools<br />

Track/Cross Country tent project<br />

Negaunee Public Schools<br />

Negaunee High School Renaissance Program<br />

Northern Area Health Education Center<br />

Teaching Early for Access to Careers in Health (TEACH)<br />

NICE Community Schools<br />

Marquette County Boy’s Choir<br />

NICE Community Schools<br />

Marquette County Boy’s Choir<br />

Central Lake Superior Watershed Partnership 2006 distribution of spendable portion of fund<br />

Lutheran Soc Serv of Wis & Upper Mich, Inc. Voices for Youth - Child Abuse and Neglect Council<br />

Lake Superior Village Youth and Family Center After School Program - Child Abuse and Neglect Council<br />

City of Mqt Office of Arts & Culture<br />

Seminar for Susan Colquit<br />

City of Mqt Office of Arts & Culture<br />

Weaving Class for Rosemary Michelin<br />

City of Mqt Office of Arts & Culture<br />

Workshop for Carol Henry<br />

Great Lakes Center for Youth Development Upper Peninsula Nonprofit Conference sponsorship<br />

Ishpeming Little League<br />

Ishpeming Little League Field Improvement Project<br />

NICE Community Schools<br />

NICE Families<br />

Ishpeming School District No. One<br />

Weekly Reader<br />

Negaunee Public Schools<br />

Negaunee High School Science Enrichment Project<br />

Negaunee Public Schools<br />

Negaunee Middle School - School and Community Gard<br />

Ishpeming Ski Club<br />

Youth Ski Jumping<br />


500.00<br />

350.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

300.00<br />

350.00<br />

170.00<br />

1,800.00<br />

1,500.00<br />

2,000.00<br />

1,500.00<br />

1,500.00<br />

750.00<br />

300.00<br />

2,483.93<br />

2,404.00<br />

3,648.04<br />

300.00<br />

360.00<br />

275.00<br />

1,000.00<br />

750.00<br />

300.00<br />

225.00<br />

1,500.00<br />

1,305.00<br />

1,580.00<br />

————-<br />

27,150.97<br />


Planned Parenthood of Northern Michigan<br />

Great Lakes Center for Youth Development<br />

Roman Catholic Diocese of Marquette<br />

Ishpeming School District No. One<br />

Marquette Symphony Orchestra Association<br />

Marquette County Humane Society<br />


Disbursement of 2005 Spendable Reserve<br />

Disbursement of 2006 spendable amount per agency letter<br />

Disbursement of 2006 spendable amount per agency request<br />

Ishpeming High School Alumni Association disbursem<br />

Disbursement from spendable to underwrite the rent<br />

Distribution of 2006 spendable from Humane and Rei<br />

2,225.98<br />

6,106.70<br />

1,582.44<br />

3,039.46<br />

1,000.00<br />

4,154.91<br />

————-<br />


Members of the Marquette County Youth Male Chorus<br />


Marquette-Alger Regional Educational Service<br />

NICE Community Schools<br />

Lake Superior Community Partnership Foundation<br />

United Evangelical Covenant Church<br />

Ishpeming High School<br />

City of Ishpeming<br />

Lake Superior Community Partnership Foundatio<br />

Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council<br />

Marquette Range Iron Mining Heritage Theme Park<br />

Lake Superior Community Partnership<br />

Negaunee Public Schools<br />

Negaunee All-Sports Booster Club<br />

Republic-Michigamme Schools<br />

NICE Community Schools<br />

Salvation Army - Ishpeming<br />

Negaunee Public Schools<br />



Youth Can Council Acting on Needs<br />

Marquette County Boy’s Choir<br />

Iron Ore Heritage Area<br />

U.P.T.P Ministries<br />

Ishpeming High School Archives Room Project<br />

Beautifying Ishpeming<br />

Iron Ore Heritage Area<br />

To purchase snare drums, cases, tenor drums and a<br />

Audio Video Project<br />

Iron Ore Heritage Trail<br />

Alumni Association<br />

Athletic Complex Upgrade<br />

Library Improvement<br />

The Teen Aid Program in HIV/AIDS education in the<br />

Operation: New Stove<br />

Negaunee High School Science Enrichment Project<br />

750.00<br />

700.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

750.00<br />

500.00<br />

1,000.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

1,500.00<br />

2,000.00<br />

750.00<br />

750.00<br />

750.00<br />

500.00<br />

12,182.44<br />

—————<br />

65,168.42<br />


Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition<br />

Escanaba River Association<br />

Trout Unlimited<br />

Moosewood Nature Center, Inc.<br />

Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve Inc.<br />

Sierra Club, Mackinac Chapter<br />

North Woods Conservancy<br />

Sawyer Community Association<br />

Powell Township Ambulance Service<br />

Bay Cliff Health Camp<br />

Peter White Public Library<br />

Peter White Public Library<br />

Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve Inc.<br />

Powell Township School District<br />

WNMU-TV Northern Michigan University<br />

Central Lake Superior Watershed Partnership<br />


Granted funds per Emerick recommendation<br />

Granted funds per Emerick’s<br />

Granted funds per Emerick’s<br />

Granted funds per Emerick’s<br />

Granted funds per Emerick’s<br />

Granted funds per Emerick’s<br />

Granted funds per Emerick’s<br />

Support of the First Annual Sawyer Stampede Rodeo<br />

Granted per the Huron Mountain Club Charitable Giving Committee<br />

Granted per the Huron Mountain Club Charitable Giving Committee<br />

Granted per the Huron Mountain Club Charitable Giving Committee<br />

Granted per the Huron Mountain Club Charitable Giving Committee<br />

Granted per the Huron Mountain Club Charitable Giving Committee<br />

Granted per the Huron Mountain Club Charitable Giving Committee<br />

Granted per the Huron Mountain Club Charitable Giving Committee<br />

Granted per the Huron Mountain Club Charitable Giving Committee<br />

825.00<br />

825.00<br />

825.00<br />

825.00<br />

825.00<br />

825.00<br />

825.00<br />

100.00<br />

9,000.00<br />

22,000.00<br />

1,000.00<br />

12,525.00<br />

2,000.00<br />

8,000.00<br />

500.00<br />

1,000.00<br />

————<br />


2006 GRANTS<br />


Harper College<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Gwinn Area Community Schools<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Michigan Technological University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

University of Michigan<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Central Michigan University<br />

Finlandia University<br />

Michigan Technological University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Michigan Technological University<br />

Western Michigan University<br />

Michigan Technological University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Milwaukee School of Engineering<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Michigan State University<br />

Ferris State<br />

Dunwoody College of Technology<br />

University of Wisconsin - Green Bay<br />

Marquette Area Public Schools<br />

Western Michigan University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Finlandia University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Michigan Technological University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Lake Superior State University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

University of Michigan<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Michigan State University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Michigan Technological University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Lake Superior State University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Northern Michigan University<br />

Albion College<br />



Scholarship for Teresa-Jo Barabe<br />

Renewal Scholarship for Kurt J. Corcoran<br />

Disbursement of 2006 spendable amount per agency<br />

Fellowship Grant for Nicole M. White<br />

Scholarship for Brandon Carey<br />

Scholarship for Nethan Kero<br />

Scholarship for Shelly A. Malay<br />

Scholarship for Kelsey Kennedy<br />

Scholarship for Ryan Ayotte<br />

Scholarship for Crystal M. Manninen<br />

Scholarship for Jennifer N. Rauch<br />

Scholarship for Allyson M. Tincknell<br />

Scholarship for Lauren K. Hayrynen<br />

Scholarship for David J. LaChapelle<br />

Scholarship for Alex J. Sedlacek<br />

Music camp scholarships<br />

Scholarship for Steven Kulju<br />

Scholarship for Abby Cittadino<br />

Scholarship for Sarah McIntyre<br />

Scholarship for Stacy Sibley<br />

Scholarship for Stacy Sibley<br />

Scholarship for Jill Honkala<br />

Scholarship for Robert Frisk<br />

Scholarship for Janelle Turino<br />

Scholarship for Jared Lakanen<br />

Scholarship for Larissa Larson<br />

Reimbursement for initial payment of music camp scholarship<br />

Nicole Carlson and Christiana Kreis music camp scholarship<br />

Scholarship for Lindsey Stahlmann<br />

Scholarship for Elizabeth Kurian<br />

Scholarship for Courtney Rudness<br />

Scholarship for Danielle Chartier<br />

Scholarship for Jennifer Ogea<br />

Scholarship for Brian Skauge<br />

Scholarship for Beth Roberts<br />

Scholarship for Taylor Bietila<br />

Scholarship for Rebecca Partanen<br />

Scholarship for Andrea Reynolds<br />

Scholarship for Chelsey Hyry<br />

Scholarship for Brandi Barens<br />

Scholarship for David Lehmann<br />

Scholarship for Jeannie Lewis<br />

Scholarship for Anna Laksonen<br />

Scholarship for Matte Laurila<br />

Scholarship for Mark Korpi and Mandy Tarvainen<br />

Scholarship for Stephanie Pepin<br />

Scholarship reimbursement for John P. Oros<br />

Scholarship renewal for Jamie Kestila<br />

Return of scholarship funds for Andrea Reynolds<br />

Refund of scholarship funds for Jill Honkala<br />

Return of second semester grant for Bruce Alan Laurila<br />

Return of grant 20050075, scholarship for Mary Jeanne Rajala<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

462.26<br />

750.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

1,000.00<br />

1,000.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

900.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

200.00<br />

950.00<br />

500.00<br />

2,000.00<br />

1,000.00<br />

1,000.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

1,000.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

1,000.00<br />

1,000.00<br />

1,000.00<br />

500.00<br />

500.00<br />

-500.00<br />

-500.00<br />

-250.00<br />

-250.00<br />

-———-<br />

28,762.26<br />



The Marquette Community Foundation offers named<br />

endowment funds as a flexible and user-friendly gifting<br />

tool that can help accomplish personal philanthropic and<br />

estate planning objectives. It is literally impossible to<br />

predict the good that will eventually flow from this<br />

thoughtful philanthropy.<br />

The foresight and generosity of donors who create named<br />

endowment funds will be recognized for generations to<br />

come. We offer our sincerest thanks to every donor who<br />

has helped create a named endowment fund.<br />


The Charles and Lois Smith IHS Sports Endowment Fund<br />

Established by Charles Smith to provide supplemental funding for<br />

Ishpeming High School Athletic Programs.<br />

The Martha Konster Christensen Youth Ministry Endowment Fund<br />

Established by David and Donna Dompierre, in memory of Martha<br />

Konster, to benefit the Youth Ministry Program at Bethel Lutheran<br />

Church in Ishpeming.<br />

Greater Lakes Center for Youth Development Technical Assistance Fund<br />

Established by the GLCYD to support services, training, or special<br />

projects for youth serving and non-profit organizations.<br />

The Bernhardt L. Pederson Scholarship Fund – Established by<br />

Suzanne Pederson, in memory of her husband, to provide financial<br />

assistance to a graduate of Marquette Senior High School enrolled at<br />

the University of Michigan.<br />

Big Brothers/Big Sisters<br />

Provides financial support for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Organization.<br />


Unrestricted funds meet emerging needs and opportunities. Donors<br />

place no restrictions on how the funds are used, leaving discretion to<br />

The Marquette Community Foundation Board of Trustees. The<br />

Grants Committee evaluates all aspects of community well-being—<br />

arts and culture, economic development, education, environment,<br />

health and human services and awards grants to meet the communities<br />

changing needs.<br />

C. John Peterson Family Fund. Est. 1993 – Established by the<br />

Peterson Family with a youth focus.<br />

Robert & Lottie Clark Fund. Est. 2002<br />

Fund For Marquette. Est. 1989<br />

Raymond J. Jason Memorial Fund. Est. 1997 – Established in<br />

memory of Judge Jason by his wife Judy.<br />

Robert Eric Daniel Soderberg Fund. Est. 1994 – Established in<br />

memory of Robert by his parents Dr. & Mrs. Milton D. Soderberg.<br />


Donor specifies a purpose or an area of interest, such as the arts or<br />

aging or at-risk youth for which the funds are distributed. The<br />

Foundation awards grants from these funds to address identified<br />

needs within those areas.<br />

Arts Fund. Est. 1990 – Provides funds to support art education<br />

and appreciation.<br />

Elderly Fund. Est. 1990 – Provides funds to support programs<br />

for the elderly.<br />

Exchange Club of Marquette Fund. Est. 1995 – Provides<br />

financial support for youth-related projects and programs in the<br />

Marquette area.<br />

Health and Wellness Fund. 1992 – Supports programs for<br />

children or seniors relating to health, fitness or education.<br />

Helen Campbell Schillinger Youth Music Fund. Est. 1994 – In<br />

memory of Helen by Alan and Mary Hunter to support music<br />

education and appreciation for youth.<br />

Marquette Area Public Schools Education. Est. 1993 –<br />

Provides for educational needs of the people of the Marquette area.<br />

The Johanna Pohjala Fund for Weavers. Est. 2003 – Provides<br />

financial assistance to persons pursuing post-secondary education in<br />

textile arts or for programs of instruction in textile arts that serve<br />

Marquette County.<br />

Fred & June Schaefer Legacy Fund for Persons with Special<br />

Needs. Est. 2001 – Provides funds for persons with special needs.<br />

Wiseman Library Legacy Fund. Est. 2005 – Established by<br />

Nancy (Wiseman) Seminoff to promote life-long literacy development<br />

by supporting small rural and school libraries in Marquette<br />

County.<br />

Youth Fund for Marquette. Est. 1990 – Provides funds for the<br />

Youth Advisory Committee to award grants for youth projects in the<br />

Marquette Area.<br />

Zonta Club Fund. Est. 1996 – To support programs or projects,<br />

which benefit women’s issues.






Donors identify specific charities or special projects to receive grants<br />

from designated funds. The foundation staff manages the <strong>annual</strong><br />

distribution of funds<br />

Adult Amateur Arts, Music & Culture Fund. Est. 1995 -<br />

Encourages adult amateur participation in Arts, Music and Culture<br />

in the Marquette County Area.<br />

Education Enhancement Fund For Marquette Area Public<br />

Schools Elementary Students. Est. 1995 – Provide elementary<br />

school children in Marquette public Schools with opportunities for<br />

field trips, activities and programs.<br />

Excellence in Education Week Fund. Est. 1997 – Funds<br />

scholarships through the Excellence in Education Program.<br />

Homelessness Prevention Endowment. Est. 2002 – Provides<br />

support to charitable organizations for projects or programs that<br />

prevent homelessness.<br />

Bernadette Reider Marquette County Humane Society Fund.<br />

Est. 2001 – Established by Bernadette Reider to provide support for<br />

the operation of the Marquette County Humane Society.<br />

Bernadette Reider’s St. Christopher’s Catholic Church Designated<br />

Fund. Est. 2001 – Established by Bernadette Reider to<br />

provide support for the operations of St. Christopher’s Catholic<br />

Church.<br />

Seavoy Family Fund. Est. 1995 – Established by Kenneth and<br />

Tami Seavoy to assist in supporting the operations of the Marquette<br />

Community Foundation.<br />

Snyder Drug Fund for the Benefit of Bay Cliff. Est. 2004 –<br />

Established by Ron Katers to provide financial support for the<br />

operation of Bay Cliff.<br />


Non-profit organizations establish agency endowment funds to<br />

provide for future funding of the organization.<br />

Central Lake Superior Land Conservancy Stewardship Agency<br />

Fund. Est. 2001<br />

Kids Cove Endowment Fund (a community playground). Est.<br />

1997<br />

Great Lakes Center for Youth Development. Est. 2001<br />

Marquette Area Public Schools Education Foundation. Est.<br />

1993<br />

Marquette Choral Society. Est. 1997<br />

Marquette County Health Department Fund. Est. 1994<br />

Marquette County Humane Society Agency Fund. Est. 2005<br />

Marquette Symphony Orchestra Fund. Est. 1999<br />

Medical Care Access Coalition. Inc. Fund, Est. 2002<br />

Minde Glenn Browning Endowment Fund (Support Marquette<br />

Symphony Orchestra Fund) Est. 1999<br />

Peter White Public Library Development Fund. Est. 2002<br />

Planned Parenthood Northern Michigan Fund. Est. 1998<br />

Powell Township Education Fund. Est. 2000<br />

Roman Catholic Diocese of Marquette Endowment Fund. Est.<br />

2001<br />

Rotary Club of Marquette Agency Fund. Est. 2001<br />

George W. Romney Fund Volunteer Fund. Est. 1997<br />

Spouse Abuse Shelter Project, Inc. Endowment. Est. 1996<br />

Stephen Blondeau Memorial Fund (U.P. Partnerships for<br />

Safety). Est. 1997<br />

Superior String Alliance Endowment Fund. Est. 2003<br />

Superior Watershed Partnership Fund. Est. 1997<br />

United Way of Marquette County Endowment Fund. Est.<br />

2004<br />

The Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum. Est. 1997<br />

Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition. Est. 1994<br />

YMCA Agency Fund. Est. 2002



Donors establish these funds to help students achieve their educational<br />

goals through scholarship awards.<br />

Barbara Hammerberg Memorial Scholarship. Est. 1998 -<br />

Provides scholarships to students in Marquette and Delta Counties<br />

for post-secondary education.<br />

Evergreen Scholarship Fund. Est. 1998 – Provides a $1,000<br />

Life Long Learning award to a non-traditional student wishing to<br />

pursue further education.<br />

Francine L. Malindzak Memorial Scholarship. Est. 2004 –<br />

Provides scholarships to graduating seniors who are members of<br />

either the Marquette Mountain Racing Team or a high school ski<br />

team.<br />

Leah Andrews Choral Scholarship Fund. Est. 1990 - Provides<br />

financial assistance to students of the Marquette Area Public School<br />

System who wish to attend a choral summer music camp during the<br />

summer following completion of the 6 th , 7 th , 8 th or 9 th grades.<br />

Selection is based upon enthusiasm for choral singing and financial<br />

need.<br />

Marquette Senior High School Class of 1977 Scholarship. Est.<br />

1997 – Provides financial assistance to a graduating senior of MSHS<br />

entering a post secondary degree institution or a non-degree<br />

vocational training program. Recipients will best represent the<br />

character, ideals, and accomplishments of the Class of 1977.<br />

Meggan Eiben Memorial Scholarship. Est. 1996 - Provides<br />

financial assistance to a graduate of Marquette Area Public Schools<br />

who is entering into a college educational program in the field of<br />

teaching. Selection is based on financial need, academic performance<br />

and extracurricular activities.<br />

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 25 Memorial Scholarship<br />

Fund. Est. 2002 – Provides financial assistance for the postsecondary<br />

education of children of members who have died while<br />

actively serving with NMCB 25.<br />

Bernadette Reider Scholarship Fund. Est. 2001 – Provides<br />

scholarships to students from Marquette Senior High School who<br />

are entering into a college educational program in the field of<br />

nursing.<br />

Rotary Club of Marquette Scholarship. Est. 1997 – Criteria has<br />

not yet been established.<br />

The Fred Waara Chapter of Trout Unlimited/Cynthia<br />

Kitzman-Fred Waara Scholarhsip Memorial Fund. Est. 2002 –<br />

Provides financial assistance to an Upper Peninsula Student(s)<br />

endeavoring in a cold-water fisheries curriculum at Northern<br />

Michigan University, Lake Superior State and Michigan Technological<br />

University as an undergraduate or graduate student.<br />


The donor actively participates in the grantmaking process by<br />

recommending to the Foundation Board the purpose and/or<br />

organization(s), which might receive the <strong>annual</strong> income.<br />

Martha and Michael Conley Family Fund, Est. 2002<br />

The DellAngelo Family Fund, Est. 2004<br />

Emerick Family Fund, Est. 2001<br />

The Janet Haynes and Erin Brooks Fund, Est. 2005<br />

Huron Mountain Club Fund, Est. 1999<br />

Reijo Aho Fund, Est. 1997<br />

The Karl Stien and Leah McCabe Fund, Est. 2005<br />

Stien Family Fund, Est. 1996<br />

TriMedia Foundation, Est. 2000<br />

This painting depicts a picture<br />

of the Jackson Mine Heritage Trail.




Provides funding for projects and programs for the people within<br />

the greater Ishpeming areas, which includes the City of Ishpeming,<br />

Republic, Champion and Michigamme and the townships of<br />

Ishpeming, Tilden, Ely, and Humboldt.<br />


Ishpeming Community Endowment Fund, Est. 1996<br />

Youth Fund for Greater Ishpeming Area, Est. 1996<br />


The Norman and Dolores Jacobson Family Music Endowment,<br />

Est. 2004 – Provides funding to support the music programs<br />

in the Ishpeming School District beyond what is provided for in the<br />

<strong>annual</strong> budget.<br />


Ishpeming School District Alumni Agency Fund, Est. 1999<br />

Ishpeming School District Educational Fund, Est. 1996 –<br />

Provides scholarships for Ishpeming High School graduates and to<br />

support other educational activities, programs and projects of the<br />

Ishpeming School District.<br />


Holman Family Fund, Est. 2002 – Provides financial support<br />

for charitable and governmental organizations, including, but not<br />

limited to scholarships and research grants for the purpose of<br />

studying the mining industry, lighthouses, biology, fishery, and<br />

environmental or research of Lake Superior.<br />


Gerald J. Anderson Scholarship Fund, Est. 2002 – Provides<br />

financial assistance to graduating seniors of Ishpeming High School<br />

who have been accepted into a program for teacher certification in<br />

special education at an institution of higher education.<br />

Edna Arsenault Memorial Scholarship, Est. 2001 – Provides<br />

financial assistance to graduates of Ishpeming High School pursuing<br />

a career in education.<br />

The Bob Hart/Bill Tuohimaa Memorial Scholarship Fund, Est.<br />

2001 – Provides financial assistance to graduates from Westwood<br />

High School pursuing studies in the field of science, engineering or<br />

forestry at Michigan Technological University.<br />

Gordon Chinn Scholarship Fund, Est. 1999 –Provides two new<br />

4-year scholarships <strong>annual</strong>ly, one to a male and one to a female, to<br />

graduating Westwood High School seniors who will be attending a<br />

college or university.<br />

Susan M. Chinn Memorial Scholarship, Est. 2001 – Provides<br />

financial assistance to graduates of Ishpeming High School pursuing<br />

a career in education.<br />

Walter J. Crimmins Scholarship Fund, Est. 1999 – Provides<br />

scholarships for graduating senior of Ishpeming High School or<br />

Westwood High School enrolled in a college or university.<br />

Patricia S. DeVold Scholarship Fund, Est. 1998 – Provides<br />

financial assistance to graduating seniors of Ishpeming High School<br />

who are pursuing a career in the field of education.<br />

The Paul W. and Pearl K. Goodman Music Scholarship Fund, Est.<br />

1998 – Provides instrumental and vocal music lessons for individuals<br />

attending the NICE School District in grades 3 to 10 based on<br />

financial need.<br />

The William and Jean Hocking Memorial Scholarship Fund,<br />

Est. 2003 – To provide a yearly scholarship to a graduating senior<br />

from Ishpeming High School.<br />

Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) Turn-Around<br />

Scholarship, Est. 1997 - For trade school or associate degree<br />

scholarships to students of the Ishpeming, Westwood, Republic<br />

High Schools or their Alternative High School. Selection is based<br />

on financial need, personal improvement shown by the student<br />

during the course of their high school career, and where the student<br />

shows promise of becoming a useful citizen.<br />

Ishpeming High School Student Citizenship Scholarship, Est.<br />

1998 – Provides an <strong>annual</strong> non-renewable scholarship to an<br />

Ishpeming High School graduate based on good character.<br />

Carolyn Lalas Music Scholarship Endowment Fund, Est. 1996<br />

– Provides music scholarships for students of Ishpeming High<br />

School. Awards to graduates are to be for music education at an<br />

institution of higher education. If no qualified candidate exists,<br />

awards may be made for attendance at a music camp conducted at<br />

Interlochen Music Camp.<br />

Douglas and Elizabeth Larson Scholarship Fund, Est. 1999 –<br />

Provides financial assistance scholarships for graduating seniors of<br />

Ishpeming High School.<br />

Andy Nault Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund, Est.<br />

1996 – Awarded to a graduating Ishpeming High School senior who<br />

will be attending a college or university. Applicants should have<br />

participated in athletics while attending Ishpeming High School. A<br />

2.5 GPA or better is required. Character and citizenship are<br />

important considerations.<br />

Fr. Vincent L. Ouellette Scholarship Endowment Fund, Est.<br />

1998 – Provides financial assistance for graduating high school<br />

students who are members of the St. Joseph’s Parish and will be<br />

pursuing a degree at a four-year college or university.<br />

Moss James Romeli Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund,<br />

Est. 2002 – Provides financial assistance for graduating seniors of<br />

Ishpeming High School enrolling in a college or university for the<br />

continuation of the student’s education.<br />

The Dr. William “Bee” Sivula Scholarship Fund, Est. 2001 –<br />

Provides financial assistance to graduates of Ishpeming High School<br />

pursuing a baccalaureate degree from any four-year university.<br />

Stuart L. Sundblad Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund,<br />

Est. 1998 - Provides a scholarship to a person graduating from<br />

Ishpeming High School or Westwood High School who will be<br />

attending Northern Michigan University as a full time student and<br />

who has maintained a minimum GPA of 2.5 during high school.<br />

The recipient may not receive more than 50% of the tuition fees<br />

and costs from scholarships.<br />

Anna L. Tobin Scholarship Endowment Fund, Est. 1998 –<br />

Provides financial assistance for students of Ishpeming High School<br />

pursuing a career in the performing arts. Performing arts may<br />

include music, dance and singing.<br />

Westwood High School Scholarship Fund, Est. 1996 –<br />

Recognizes and honors graduates of Westwood High School and<br />

encourages said students to pursue post-secondary educational<br />




Provides funding for projects and programs to benefit the people of<br />

the City of Negaunee, as well as the associated townships within the<br />

area served by the Negaunee Public Schools.<br />


Negaunee Community Endowment Fund, Est. 1996<br />

Youth Fund for Negaunee Area, Est. 1996<br />

Friends and Family of Renee Thomas Endowment, Est. 2001<br />


Negaunee Lions Community Enrichment Fund, Est. 1996 – To<br />

enhance social, recreational, environmental, cultural or educational<br />

climate in the Negaunee Area.<br />

Negaunee Public Schools Enrichment Fund, Est. 1998 – For<br />

enrichment of Negaunee School Districts curriculum.<br />


The Betty Holman Memorial Scholarship Fund, Est. 2003 –<br />

Provides financial assistance to a graduating senior of Negaunee<br />

High School pursuing a college degree in the field of education and<br />

has financial need.<br />

Saimi Kuivila Education Scholarship, Est. 2004 – Provides<br />

financial assistance to a graduating senior of Negaunee High School<br />

pursuing a college or university degree in the field of education.<br />

Saimi Kuivila Salutatorian Scholarship, Est. 2004 – Provides<br />

financial assistance to the salutatorian of the graduating class of<br />

Negaunee High School.<br />

Dr. Jim Lehto Scholarship Fund, Est. 2001 – Provides financial<br />

assistance to a graduating high school student from Negaunee High<br />

School who will be pursuing certification or a degree at an institution<br />

of higher education.<br />

Levine Family Scholarship, Est. 1997 – Recognizes student<br />

achievement at Negaunee High School and award an <strong>annual</strong><br />

scholarship to assist a qualifying student in his/her pursuit of a<br />

college degree. Qualifying students demonstrate excellent citizenship<br />

and character, are in the upper 1/3 of class, and have financial<br />

need.<br />

Negaunee Public Schools Citizenship Scholarship, Est. 1996 -<br />

Provides a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior of Negaunee<br />

High School with financial need and who demonstrates outstanding<br />

citizenship and character, together with a desire to continue their<br />

education.<br />

Negaunee Environmental Scholarship, Est. 1998 – Provides<br />

financial assistance to students who attend Negaunee Public<br />

Schools. Student must be a graduate or graduating senior of the<br />

Negaunee Public Schools, have a GPA of 3.3 or better, and be<br />

planning a major in an environmentally related field.<br />

Sydney W. Northey Scholarship Fund, Est. 2000 – Provides<br />

financial assistance to graduating seniors of Negaunee High School<br />

who will be pursuing certification or a degree at an institution of<br />

higher education in the field of music.<br />

Ray Pajula Fund, Est. 2002 – Provides financial assistance to<br />

graduating seniors of Negaunee High School with at least a “C”<br />

average who will be pursuing a degree from a four-year university.<br />

The Dr. W. William & Dorothy A. Sivula Scholarship Fund,<br />

Est. 2003 – Provides financial assistance for a Negaunee high School<br />

graduate pursuing a baccalaureate degree at any four-year university.<br />

St. Paul’s School Commemorative Scholarship Fund, Est. 1998 –<br />

Provides financial assistance to graduating high school students who<br />

are members of St. Paul Parish and will be pursuing certification or<br />

a degree at an institution of higher education.<br />


Provides funding for projects and programs to benefit the people of<br />

the Gwinn-Sawyer Area.<br />


Gwinn Area Community Fund, Est. 2002 — Provides funding<br />

to charitable and governmental organizations for projects and<br />

programs that benefit the people of the Greater Gwinn Area.<br />


The William & Mildred Andrews Youth Fund, Est. 2003 –<br />

Provides funding for youth programs in the Greater Gwinn Area<br />

not associated with the schools.<br />

The Gwinn-Sawyer Area Chamber of Commerce Youth Fund,<br />

Est. 2004 - Provides funding for youth programs in the Greater<br />

Gwinn Area.<br />


The Gwinn Community Schools Alumni Fund, Est. 2005 –<br />

Provides financial assistance to a graduating senior with financial<br />

need to purchase books and/or supplies while attending an institution<br />

of higher education.<br />

The Gwinn Community Schools/Brian Watson Excellence in<br />

Education Day Endowment, Est. 2004 – Provides funding to<br />

support the Excellence in Education Day for the Gwinn Community<br />


$10,000 and above<br />

American Endowment Foundation<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David Dompierre<br />

Great Lakes Center for Youth<br />

Development<br />

Ms. Barbara Hammerberg<br />

Mr. Scott Holman<br />

Dr. Jed J. Jacobson<br />

Col. Bernadette L. Reider<br />

Mr. Charles P. Smith<br />

$5,000 to $9,999<br />

William Baubie<br />

Gail P. Brayden<br />

Helen D. Bronson<br />

Henry T. Chandler<br />

Lottie R. Clark<br />

Marquette Symphony Orchestra<br />

Range Bank<br />

Nancy Seminoff (Wiseman)<br />

John W. Watling III<br />

$1,000 to $4,999<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Arens<br />

Mr. and Mrs. John Argeropoulos<br />

Mr. and Mrs. T. Stanton Armour<br />

Ms. Phyllis A. Aurich<br />

Mr. Thomas Baldini<br />

Ms. Jayne Letts<br />

Dr. and Mrs. David B. Bingham<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Brown<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Conley<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Ken Davenport<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Robert DellAngelo<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Carl F. Eiben<br />

Mrs. Cameron W. Farwell<br />

Dr. Mary E. Farwell<br />

Mr. and Mrs. James Fegan<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gale<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Glenn<br />

Ms. Elizabeth Goodman and Mr. Herbert C.<br />

Gardner<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Haffner III<br />

Carl and Lynne Hammerstrom<br />

Ms. Janet A. Haynes<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hodges IV<br />

Dr. Kellie Holmstrom & Dr. Craig Coccia<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Joseph<br />

Lions Club of Negaunee<br />

Mary W. and William E. Lunt<br />

Marquette Mountain Racing Team<br />

Mr. James F. McClelland III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore A. McGraw<br />

Mrs. Elinor McLennan<br />

Mr. James T. McMillan II<br />

Medical X-Ray Consultants, Ltd.<br />

The Mining Journal<br />

Ms. Shirley L. Northey<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pajula<br />

Mr. John S. Perkins<br />

Dr. Ann and Dr. John F. Pillotte<br />

D O N O R S<br />

Mr. Philip Power<br />

Mr. Mike Prokopowicz and Dr. Catherine<br />

Kroll<br />

Dr. Thomas W. Schacht and Dr. Cynthia A.<br />

Prosen<br />

Dr. June Schaefer<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Simpson<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sise<br />

Snyder Drug M.K. Stores, Inc.<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Milton Soderberg<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Craig Stien<br />

Superior Iron Range Community Federal<br />

Credit Union<br />

Mr. and Mrs. David Thomson<br />

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Townsend, Jr.<br />

Mrs. Richard H. Turner<br />

WPS Resources Foundation, Inc.<br />

Ms. Martha Y. Youngquist<br />

$500 to $999<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Aldrich<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bell<br />

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Inc.<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Berry<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Brumm<br />

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Campbell<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Cook II<br />

Mr. and Ms. Richard H. Copley<br />

Mr. Cedar F. Cowles<br />

Ms. Natalie C. Culley<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Murray Dodge<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Pryse H. Duerfeldt<br />

Ms. Madeleine B. Dugan<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Edmark<br />

Mr. Fred Grandchamp & Ms. Robbie<br />

McBride<br />

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Harris<br />

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hodges<br />

Dr. Jasmine and Dr. Bobby Joseph<br />

Ms. Marian G. Laughlin<br />

Mr. Allen Ledyard<br />

Ms. Elizabeth S. Ledyard<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Lehto<br />

Mr. Waino Liuha<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Loacker<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Barrett C. Ludlow<br />

Mr. John E. Maki<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marietti<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Colin J. McNaughton<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Miller<br />

Ms. Barbara B. Myhrum<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Ray J. Neely<br />

Mr. and Mrs. William Nemacheck<br />

Mr. Marton A. Norman<br />

Mr. William B. O’Boyle<br />

Mr. and Mrs. William Olson<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Wallace Pearson Jr.<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Pesola<br />

Mr. Roman E. Politi and Ms. Jennifer<br />

Mazzuchi<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Pyott<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Roy<br />

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Steward<br />

Mr. James M. Turner<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Turner<br />

Mr. and Ms. Jeff L. VanAbel<br />

Mr. Brian Watson<br />

$100 to $499<br />

Dr. and Mrs. William G. Addison<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Aho<br />

Mr. and Mrs. David Allen<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Andary<br />

Judge & Mrs. Michael Anderegg<br />

Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Anderson Jr.<br />

Mr. Jesse D. Anderson<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Andrew<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Ryan M. Andrews<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Armour Jr.<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Gene R. Arntsen<br />

Ms. Debra S. Asano<br />

The Bells of the First Presbyterian Church<br />

Ms. Diana R. Bennett<br />

Mr. and Ms. Edward J. Bermingham<br />

Mr. George C. Bermingham<br />

Mr. John R. Bermingham<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Cary M. Bjork<br />

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Blanck<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Bradley<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Brebner<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse A. Brouhard<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Brown<br />

Ms. Rebecca A. Brown<br />

Ms. Betsy Burmeister<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Don Byykkonen<br />

Mrs. Elizabeth G. Calcutt<br />

Mr. James Campbell and Ms. Peggy Garties<br />

Canale Tonella Funeral Hone, Inc.<br />

Ms. Corlene H. Cathcart<br />

Doug & Karen Chandler<br />

Mr. Kent Chandler Jr.<br />

Ms. Laura E. Chandler<br />

Ms. Phoebe G. Chandler<br />

Ms. Jennifer M. Chen<br />

Mrs. Marie Chilman<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Christensen<br />

Dr. and Mrs. James L. Christiansen<br />

Clancey Electric<br />

Ms. Pamela K. Clark<br />

Mr. Kent S. Clow III<br />

Ms. Pamela Isham Clute<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Coduti Jr.<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver C. Colburn<br />

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Collins<br />

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Coluccio<br />

Dr. Richard Cooley<br />

Robert Cowell and Kathleen Oliver<br />

Dr. and Mrs. J. Michael Coyne<br />

Ms. Rachel L. Crary<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Davis

Mr. Patrick S. de Freitas<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Denn<br />

Ms. Joan DePree<br />

Mr. Frederick A. Dick<br />

Ms. Marjorie E. Dick<br />

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Dompierre<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Downs, CPA<br />

Mr. David C. Dunstan<br />

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dykema Jr.<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Dykema<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Eisele<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Elzinga Jr.<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Scott English<br />

Mrs. Edith F. Farwell<br />

Mr. Francis C. Farwell<br />

Mr. Francis C. Farwell III<br />

Ms. Marion F. Farwell<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Duane K. Fowler<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gadzinski<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Gagliardi<br />

Mr. Robert and Dr. Hilary Gagnon<br />

Dr. and Mrs. James W. Gallagher<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Tim G. Gardner<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Geissler<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gembolis<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goodney<br />

Ms. Glenda G. Gordon<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Greenlee<br />

Mr. William C. Haffner<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hakala<br />

Ms. Karen L. Hakala<br />

Mr. and Mrs. David Hallgren<br />

Mr. and Mrs Craig M. Hansen<br />

Mrs. Virginia M. Harvey<br />

Ms. Roberta Henderson<br />

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Hetrick<br />

Mr. Christopher Hewat<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hill<br />

Ms. Lorna Hiller<br />

Dr. J. Marc & Mrs. Rene Himes<br />

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hocking<br />

Mr. Ron Hocking<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Hocking<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Holcomb<br />

Ms. Ethel K. Holman<br />

Ms. Joy Holman<br />

Patti Holman<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Norm Honkala<br />

Mr. John M. Hopfner<br />

Ms. Marcella Houseman<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Huffman<br />

E.P. Hughes<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Humphrey<br />

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Isaacson<br />

Mr. Omar D. Isham<br />

Ishpeming Credit Union<br />

Ms. Dolores R. Jacobson<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Joe Jameson<br />

Ms. Rae Ann Janz-Cooper<br />

Dr. and Mrs. William Jean<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Johnson<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Jordan<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Joyal<br />

Ms. Dorothy S. Kahler<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Keefe<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Kepler<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kierzek<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Donn Kipka<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Knauss<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Kotila<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Nevin E. Kuhl<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Kulbieda<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kulisheck<br />

Mrs. Susan J. LaMere<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. LaPointe<br />

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Larson<br />

Ms. Virginia Lawrence<br />

Ms. Barbara A. Lehtonen<br />

Mr. Henri A. Luebbermann<br />

Mr. and Mrs. D. Greg MacGregor<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Maki<br />

Ms. Mary R. Maki<br />

Mr. William T. Manierre and Ms. Barbara J.<br />

Hall<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Marin<br />

Mr. Paul M. Marin and Ms. Betsy Little<br />

Ms. Jane Marlis<br />

Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall<br />

Ms. Ruth C. Matthews<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Maynard<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Mazzuchi<br />

Ms. Karen A. McClellan<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meers<br />

Ms. Lucille E. Method<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Meyer<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mileski<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Lynn E. Miller<br />

Ms. Joanna Mitchell<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mogush<br />

Mr. Jon C. Mommaerts<br />

Mr. Robert L. Morcom<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Morin<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Don Mourand<br />

Ms. Deborah Mulcahey<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Myers<br />

Ms. Cathy Nardi<br />

Mr. Alan Nelson<br />

Dr. G. Michael Nidiffer<br />

Ms. Harriet Nowell<br />

Mrs. Elinor K. Ogden<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Allan Olson<br />

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Ovink<br />

Ms. Patricia D. Pellett<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Pellinen<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Pirkola<br />

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Pontti<br />

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Prophet<br />

Mr. William Purves<br />

Ms. Christine G. Redman<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Reimelt<br />

Dr. and Dr. John W. Renfrew<br />

Ms. Mary Ries<br />

Mr. Samuel M. Rinaker III<br />

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Roberts<br />

Mrs. Helen Romeli<br />

Mr. Keith Romstad<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Rose<br />

Mr. Lawrence J. Ruffatto<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rutkowski<br />

Ms. Patricia Ryan O’Day<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Saari<br />

Mr. Jackson Scholl & Ms. Laura Anderson<br />

Dr. and Dr. Robert F. Schreiber<br />

Mrs. Irving Seaman Jr.<br />

Ms. Anne M. Sheret<br />

Dr. and Mrs. William Short<br />

Mrs. Dorothy Sivula<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Skendzel<br />

Mr. Paul H. Smith<br />

Mr. and Ms. Glenn W. Smith<br />

Dr. Donald E. Snowdon and Ms. Lynn Ann<br />

Moon<br />

Mrs. Marion Sonderegger<br />

Mr. Thomas W. Spheeris<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Suardini<br />

Mr. Brian B. Sullivan<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Clark N. Sullivan<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Symons<br />

Ms. Mary T. Tackett<br />

Mr. Wayne Thorpe<br />

Mr. and Mrs. B. Peter Treml<br />

Mr. Edward C. Turner<br />

Mr. Richard H. Turner Jr.<br />

Mr. Scott W. Turner<br />

Mr. Michael B. Twohey and Mrs. Clair<br />

Shefferly Twohey<br />

Mr. and Ms. Raul Valldejuli<br />

Mr. Bruce C. Ventura and Ms. Christine N.<br />

Hall<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Donn C. Walklet<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Hempstead Washburne<br />

Mr. Stephen H. Washburne<br />

Mr. Thomas D. Washburne Jr.<br />

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Weaver<br />

Hon. & Mrs. John R. Weber<br />

Dr. Eugene A. Whitehouse<br />

Ms. Margaret K. Whitman<br />

Mr. John M. Wills<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Neil R. Winkler<br />

Mr. Raymond A. Wood<br />

Dr. Irvin A. Zaenglein<br />

Ms. Nancy Zanetti<br />

$1 to $99<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Allbritten<br />

Reverend Nancy Amacher<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Anderson<br />

Mr. Randy Annala<br />

Mrs. A. Clare Annelin<br />

Dr. and Mrs. John Ashby<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Aslin<br />

Mr. David Bach<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Ballard<br />

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bednar<br />

Dr. and Mrs. George R. Belkowski<br />

Mrs. Donna Berryman

Mr. and Ms. George Blake<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Bredahl<br />

Mrs. Jean E. Carlson<br />

Ms. Vivian Carlson<br />

Ms. Catherine Carole<br />

Mr. Peter J. Christopherson<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coffey<br />

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Cohodas<br />

Mr. and Mrs. James B. DeVold<br />

Ms. Darla Dompierre<br />

Mr. David A. Dziadula and Ms. Margaret J.<br />

Cavallo-Dziadula<br />

Mr. Gary Ebrecht and Ms. Luanne Peterson<br />

Isabel Edgell<br />

Ms Joyce H. Emmons<br />

Mr. and Mrs. George S. Esber Jr.<br />

Ms. Cheryl Field<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Foster<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Mark T. Frank D.D.S.<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. “Gigs” Gagliardi<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Hardin<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Harnett<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Hassenger<br />

Mr. Philip M. Hill<br />

Ms. Katherine Honkala<br />

Mr. and Mrs. M. Cameron Howes<br />

Ms. Leetha E. Irish<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Jahnke<br />

Mr and Mrs. Clarence D. Johnson<br />

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Karnes<br />

DONORS<br />

Mr. and Mrs. William J. L. King<br />

Mr. Frederick L. Klinger<br />

Ms. Janet Koistenen and Mr. Glen Lerlie<br />

Ms. Courtney A. Kuehl<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Kulie<br />

Mrs. Lois F. LaBrecque<br />

Mr. Stuart Laitinen<br />

Mr. William C. Langlois<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leach<br />

Mr. Jay LeRoy<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Lindberg<br />

Ms. Lois B. Lindquist<br />

Mr. Russell Magnaghi<br />

Mr. and Mrs, Matthew G. McCabe<br />

Ms. Renee L. Michaud<br />

Mr. Harold W. Moilanen<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Murray<br />

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Nowell<br />

Ms. Barbara J. Nuorala<br />

Ms. Katherine C. Opat<br />

Organic Food Coop of Marquette<br />

David and Lynn Parker<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Peffers<br />

Chaplain and Mrs. John A. Piirto<br />

Mr. Stephen Pohlman<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Poirier<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Potvin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Leino W. Pynnonen<br />

Dr. C.B. Rao<br />

Rehab Services Department - Marquette<br />

General Hospital<br />

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Rumely<br />

Mr. William H. Rutter<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Scanlon, Jr.<br />

Mr. and Ms. Ken Schon<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Burns Severson<br />

Mr. Henry Sherry<br />

Ms. Diane A. Skewis and Ms. Cindra K.<br />

Quayle<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Smith II<br />

Mr. and Ms. Donald A. Snitgen<br />

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Soderberg<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Soldan<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Kalmer Stordahl<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Suardini<br />

Mr. Louis F. Taccolini<br />

Mr. Dennis R. Tasson<br />

Mr. and Mrs. John Trudeau<br />

University of Wisconsin - Green Bay<br />

Mr. Robert J. Vandyke<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Villa<br />

Dr. and Mrs. H. John Visser<br />

Ms. Helen Waisanen<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Dean L. Warlin<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weinrick<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis West<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Wiesner<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Ken A. Wills<br />

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Winslow<br />

Mr. and Ms. Jonathan Wise<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Zappa<br />

Mr. Jack Zatirka<br />



You can achieve your charitable goals through your Community<br />

Foundation, receive maximum federal and state charitable<br />

contribution tax incentives for gifts to a public charity, and<br />

receive the added Michigan Tax Credit. The State of Michigan<br />

has a tax credit to encourage gifts to permanent endowments of a<br />

community foundation. A 50% direct Michigan Income Tax<br />

Credit or Michigan Single Business Tax Credit applies to all<br />

endowment gifts to certified community foundations up to:<br />

rized recipients. Donations to community foundations are managed<br />

by the foundations’ governing boards according to the wishes of the<br />

donor and the established policies of the individual foundations.<br />

Most donations increase permanent endowments, whose income is<br />

used to support a wide variety of charitable, cultural, educational<br />

and community activities.<br />

$100 for an individual filing singly<br />

$200 for a married couple filing jointly<br />

$5,000 or 10% of the tax liability before credits<br />

(whichever is less for a resident estate or trust)<br />

$5,000 or 10% of the tax liability before credits<br />

(whichever is less on the Single Business Tax Return)<br />

The Community Foundation Tax Credit is separate from and not<br />

reduced by the existing credits for contributions to Michigan Public<br />

Broadcasting stations, Michigan colleges or universities, and instate<br />

public libraries, museums, municipalities, and other autho-<br />

Example<br />

Amount of Gift<br />

Michigan Tax Credit<br />

Marginal Tax Rate<br />

Federal Tax Savings<br />

Total Tax Savings<br />

Out-of-Pocket Cost<br />

Net Value to Fund<br />

Single<br />

$200<br />

$100<br />

28%<br />

$56<br />

$156<br />

$44<br />

$200<br />

Married<br />

$400<br />

$200<br />

28%<br />

$112<br />

$312<br />

$88<br />


F I N A N C I A L S<br />

Marquette Community Foundation<br />

Statement of Financial Position<br />

December 31, 2006 and 2005<br />

December 31<br />

2006<br />

2005<br />

ASSETS<br />


Cash and cash equivalents<br />

Investment Securities<br />

Cash Surrender value of life insurance<br />

Pledges receivable-current portion<br />

Prepaid Expense<br />

376,300<br />

8,321,475<br />

204,994<br />

12,360<br />

0<br />

321,682<br />

7,134,580<br />

173,834<br />

21,272<br />

0<br />

PLEDGES RECEIVABLE, less current portion<br />



8,975,129<br />

23,250<br />

8,938,379<br />

7,657,368<br />

43,325<br />

7,696,693<br />



Accounts payable<br />

Grants payable<br />


729<br />

3,041<br />

3,770<br />

2,792<br />

9,083<br />

11,875<br />


Unrestricted<br />

Temporarily restricted net assets<br />


6,716,291<br />

2,218,318<br />

8,934,609<br />

5,697,975<br />

1,986,843<br />

7,684,818<br />


8,938,379 7,696,693<br />

We are honored to serve as responsible stewards of the gifts entrusted to us by our donors. To ensure that our assets are prudently managed<br />

while still providing enough income to meet our area’s needs well into the future, our finance committee guides all aspects of our<br />

foundation’s financial activities - from investment policies, banking practices, and accounting methods.

This <strong>annual</strong> <strong>report</strong> is published by the Marquette Community Foundation.<br />


401 E. Fair Ave.<br />

Marquette MI 49855<br />

Office: (906)226-7666<br />

Fax: (906)226-2104<br />


Marquette<br />

DESIGN<br />

Patti Samar<br />

The Write Company

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