Why You Should Consider Opting for Sliding Automatic Gates Over Swing Gates?


Planning to install an automatic gate in Melbourne but confused whether to opt for swing or sliding gate? This Guide is for you. Read to know about the several benefits of the automatic sliding gate and why you should consider installing it over swing gates. visit https://www.moderngatesmelbourne.com.au

Why You Should Consider

Opting for Sliding

Automatic Gates Over

Swing Gates?

Are you planning to install automatic sliding

gates on your Melbourne property? There are a

number of factors that you need to consider in

order to find the best solution for your client.

In addition, to enhance the aesthetics of your

property, Automatic Gates in Melbourne are also

known for providing better security than

compared to manually operated ones.

This influence the type of automatic gate you

choose to install, but so does the layout of the

landscape and other factors influence your

selection for either sliding or swing gate. Here,

we’ll discuss about the benefits of installing

sliding automatic gates and why it is a better

option when it comes to the security of your


Automatic gates in Melbourne provide better

security as compared to manual ones for a

number of reasons:

You don’t need to get out of your car while

entering the property

They have a smaller foot and require less

space to operate

Swing gates have to open outwards and thus

the immediate vicinity of the gate needs to be

kept clear in order to avoid any barrier. The

issue with this is that there may be restrictions

such as the landscape layout around the gate

area or how close the entrance is to the street.

This means that automated swing gates can’t be

installed in a sloped area. While on the other

hand, Automatic Sliding gates offer more flexibility

and take up less space.

Another advantage of sliding automatic gates

have over swing gates is that they are safer and

more efficient to use. In terms of safety, an

opening swing gate may be miscalculated by the

new visitors which results into causing damage to

the property or injury to a person, if a vehicle or

person standing too close while it opens. On the

other hand, sliding automatic gates makes a safer

entry and exit.

While many property owners may opt for swing

gates instead of sliding ones, there are cases

when that selection is not possible. As stated

earlier, the advantages of automatic sliding gates

make them the preferred choice for enhancing

the look and security of the property.

Modern Gates Melbourne is the leading

manufacturer of Automatic Gates in Melbourne .

We are equipped with the knowledge to help you

come up with the optimal solution. All our

products are highly durable and efficient. You can

select from a wide range of colours and finishes.

Automatic sliding gates can add value to your

property. To know more about our products and

services, get in touch with us at 0409 257 535.


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