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nine years running

Generations of thoughtful families have shared their lives with us since we

opened in 1973. Right now we boast the best team of creatives, assistants

and printers we've had in 45 years as a studio.

Recently, we lost our founder, father and grandfather Don Busath. Every

day our team pursues the same goals he did, to create honest, beautiful

portraits that stand the test of time.

We take immense pride in knowing and serving you. Please accept our

sincere thanks for the loyalty you've shown us throughout the years.

From our "studio family" to yours,

Drake, Bromley and Richard


801.364.6645 • 701 E South Temple, SLC UT • www.busath.com




Needs text.... will add individual family session portraits

garden family session $145

We have just created three new outdoor settings for families and children.

The private gardens around our South Temple mansion just keep getting


window light


Our studios glow with soft window light

in any weather and all year long.

Illumination comes from the entire wall

of each studio, bathing our subjects with

a flattering and dynamic light, just like the

studios of master painters.

A warm fireplace, natural window light,

and a myriad of backdrop choices, from

modern to classic, make our studios

truly unique.

Carriage House Studio

Studio family session $145

Warm, glowing light in any weather. Keep the style of your portrait simple and

timeless in one of our comfortable window light studios.

Shown 40x60 canvas print ($2360)

Library Studio

what to wear? busath color palettes

When you book a session, we’ll send you our Fresh Classics Color Palettes with samples of

over 20 families dressed in different color palettes. Each has three or four color swatches

and simple instructions to follow. Choose a palette you like and email it to your family.

This makes what used to be challenging, well... pretty easy.


wall portraits

Very few portrait photographers print their own

work these days. We continue to make each wall

print by hand, on the longest-lasting canvas and

fine-art papers known to man.

Our canvas portraits can be mounted to acid-free

art board, or stretched onto a frame, like painters

have done for ages. You can then choose to add a

palette knife or brushed glaze for a painterly texture

and a lifetime of protection.

nearby location session $245

Have a location in mind for your portrait? We’d love to see it. If not, let us help you choose from

our favorite mountain, canyon, or lakeside locations.

There is no reason to go anywhere else for your

framing needs. We carry dozens of frame mouldings,

carefully curated to suit our portraiture.

Shown 30x45 wrapped canvas print ($1900)

seamless familycomposites

The Busath Seamless Portrait is built for large families, even when you are not all in

town at the same time. We photograph families one at a time, and later,

artfully arrange them into a single grouping.

The framed and finished portrait (at least 60 inches long) makes a stunning

conversation piece and shows your family how important they are to you.

• Missing persons can be added later

• Calm, short sessions for best expressions

• Each person can be posed in a flattering way

• Closer view provides a more intimate feeling

• Superior lighting and depth

Composite Portrait Session Fee $295 (added sessions on a different day, just $95)

aby session $75

In our comfortable, window light studios or private gardens.

newborn session $175

Best taken at 8-10 days old, our newborn specialists create portraits in a

warm, clean environment. They allow extra time for the unexpected.



Celebrate your baby’s miraculous changes with a short

portrait session every few months.

• Maternity session at 7-8 months

• Newborn art session at 8-10 days old

• 6-8 month-old session - sitting up and very expressive

• One year birthday session - a playful celebration

(right) A Busath coffee table book collects the best

images from each session and will become an instant

heirloom. (left) Let our artist design a custom baby

announcement for you. Sweet and simple.

children’s day


These fun, themed sessions include a 5x7 Classic Print.

Go to busath.com for dates of upcoming specials.

Sessions from $89

white sale

b&w close-ups

barefoot in the garden

autumn light


tuscan sun

individual child session $75

Playful and relaxed one-hour in the studio or gardens.

group (2+) child session $125

A little extra time is allowed to illustrate not only expressions, but relationships.




We recommend a portrait every two years

of a child’s young life, alternating between

casual garden and formal portraits created in

the studio.

• 18 months (sweetness session)

• 2 years (active session)

• 4 years (before teeth go missing)

• 6-7 years (school age)

Trio Print (above) available in multiple sizes,

from $200

the eight-year-old tradition

The long-standing family tradition of eight-yearold

baptism portraits is perhaps best

appreciated by future generations.

As portrait makers, we find the age of eight

a time when children can express their

individualism, when their future personalities

really begin to show in portraits.

Announcement and invitation cards

available from $148

coming of age session $75

From four-year-olds to pre-teens, you can expect expressive heirloom images from

this playful one-hour session in the studio or gardens.

graduate portfolio session $95

Three outfits, outdoors and in, for a variety of looks and





Graduation announcements are

custom designed to showcase your

senior. Prices start at $148

High School senior portraits are a time-honored tradition.

The Busath Graduate Portfolio session includes three or

more outfits for garden, indoor, and urban settings.

Bring uniforms, instruments, cars... you name it.

P. S. A Sweet Sixteen session lets her know how special

she is, without waiting until graduation. Cute, fun

16-year-old sessions are just $95 and make exciting coffee

table books and albums.

Graduation album

(right) from $750



We love photographing weddings, and are skilled at

making brides look beautiful. We know the best angles to

lengthen your body, and light for flawless skin. We will never

make you feel awkward and will often disappear into the

background at the wedding, capturing precious moments you

may not have even known were happening.

Bridal or Engagement packages from $645

Wedding Day Coverage from $2450

(Yes! All the best images are included on disc.)

We offer a full line of albums, invitation cards,

and fine-art prints for weddings.



Many wise parents take the time to create an expressive

portrait for their posterity. These heirloom portraits are

cherished for generations.

couple session $95

Includes pre-session consultation about clothing and setting.

We’re experts at finding the best positioning and the best

light to flatter you both. And yes, we know Photoshop


One more thing… let's update individual headshots for your

online profiles while you’re here.

Gift prints available from $65 each

profile portraits& headshots

Update your profiles with a fresh new headshot and change the way people see you.

A great professional photo makes a strong, lasting impression.

Social gurus recommend annual updates, so call for an appointment soon!

headshot packages from $199

executive packages from $599

Packages include unlimited use of the images you choose, expert photoshop

retouching, and 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

701 E. South Temple

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102


Find ideas for your portraits at www.busath.com



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Nine Years Running

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