Estetica Magazine WORLD Edition (3/2018)


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A Hair Activist that breaks away

from all the canons of coiffure...

and much more. Guy tAng, the

SOCIAL MEDIA GURU, is an example of

professional & personal success.

You say no to... smoking/drinking/drugs. You spend money on... gym memberships,

I have 5 gym membership at the moment. I love working out and taking care of

myself. You dream of... being a K-POP star. Before falling asleep, you... floss and

brush my teeth, remove my contact lenses. You fall in love with… Mariah Carey.

If you weren’t a hairdresser, you would be... a photographer. You laugh about...

slapstick. You couldn’t live without... music. As a kid you were... an outcast. You

believe in... angels. You regret having... moles. You’re happy if... I can workout. On

TV you watch... Supergirl. At the cinema you adore... heroines. You think a man/

woman is attractive if/when... they are confident. You are bored if... I can’t use my

cellphone. Today, you are free/you feel free to... burst into a song. You are nostalgic

about... my dog Mimi. You take care of yourself with... working out. Success

makes... me humble. For a friend you would... run naked. You could live on... plain

rice. You run away from… insects/spiders. In hair you look for... colors. You see the

future with... technology. You use irony to... make things interesting. You find sexy...

in confident people. When you’re sad you... eat sugary stuff. Good taste is... dressing

Guy Tang, interviewed on the only

Italian stop of his #myidentity tour,

tells Estetica about who he is...

90 interview

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