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Below: Mitch Heavy Hitter Deep

Cleansing Shampoo and Clean Cut

Styling Hair Cream is a one-stop

grooming combo. Shaving Glide by

18.21 Man Made offers a precision

shave with complete transparency

for men who want to shape beards,

mustaches or sideburns.

Hair/Sam Villa ArTeam; Photo/Katie Parker

1922 by J.M. Keune

Collection (left)

features a complete

range of hair-care,

styling, color and

grooming essentials.

Gamma+ Italia

Absolute Zero Foil

Shaver (right) is

super compact for

greater precision.

quiff for a slightly more casual mood. For longer looks, casual is key, but not necessarily easy! The cut is always important

as is the styling, which means a good blow-out with the right products to set and define individual curls and waves and

banish frizz. Most men’s lines today offer waxes, gels, pomades, and pastes with varying holding power to add volume

and shine to those irresistibly tousled locks. The double whammy about styling products is that most of them also contain

some sort of protective and nourishing ingredients or complex to keep hair moisturized and healthy, as well as stimulating

scalp for improved circulation to prevent hair loss. When it comes to beards, the suggestion of a shadow is fine, but don’t

let things get out of hand or distract from a gorgeous coif!

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