2013 Annual Report


2013 annual report

in tribute

This year, the Children’s Trust lost a tremendous advocate,

supporter, and good friend: Governor A. Paul Cellucci.

Governor Cellucci understood the importance of parent

support programs that help create nurturing families and

communities where young children can grow up healthy and

ready to succeed. He was keenly aware of the importance of

fathers in their children’s lives and convened the “Governor’s

Commission on Responsible Fatherhood and Family Support,”

made up of individuals from state government and the private

sector to ensure that fathers are actively engaged in the lives

of their kids and to address the challenges dads face when

interacting with state government.

To Governor Cellucci, it was personal. Known around the world

as the U.S. Ambassador to Canada or Governor of Massachusetts,

his most cherished titles were “Dad” and “Grampy.”

The Children’s Trust is grateful for Governor Cellucci’s steadfast

support over the years and honored that Jan Garnett Cellucci,

the Governor’s widow, has been a long-standing and dedicated

member of the Board of Directors.

We extend our sympathies to the Cellucci family and our deep

appreciation for their unwavering commitment to improving the

world for children and families.

We must support parents and families to

ensure that Massachusetts children grow up

to be healthy, involved, educated, curious, and

contributing adults.”

– Governor A. Paul Cellucci, Children’s Trust champion

our work

The Children’s Trust is one of the

Commonwealth’s leading organizations to

invest in our children’s lives by proactively

building strong families and community

foundations for them.”

– Robert J. Travaglini, former President of the Massachusetts Senate

The Children’s Trust is Massachusetts’ leading

family support organization.

We strengthen the Commonwealth by funding

and managing parenting support programs

designed to help families raise physically and

emotionally healthy children.

Our programs help Massachusetts families with

young children get the help they need to give

children a healthy start from prenatal care to

school age and beyond.

With support from the Children’s Trust, young

children across Massachusetts can grow up

in nurturing families and communities, healthy

and ready to succeed.

children’s trust 2013 annual report



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Suzin Bartley, LICSW

Executive Director

Roger Donoghue, Esq.

Chairman of the Board



This year, the Children’s Trust is celebrating 25 years of strengthening

families across Massachusetts. In 1988, the organization was formed in

response to a blueprint for child abuse prevention developed by hundreds

of professionals from every corner of the state. The blueprint called

for a focus on strengthening families: “The family is the primary institution

shaping the development of children. Their lives and healthy development

are dependent on and affected by the quality of their family life.”

Driven by an evidence-based approach and the highest principles, the

Children’s Trust now sets the state’s standards for family support programs.

Over 25 years, through practice, research, and evaluation, the

Children’s Trust has learned a lot about the most effective ways to help

strengthen families and work with parents to give them the skills, tools,

and confidence they need. Our programs work and we have the evaluation

data to prove it.

Most of you have known us as the Children’s Trust Fund. This past September,

we were excited to launch a new name and brand. As we mark

our first 25 years and look toward the future, we are hopeful that this

new brand will help us increase public awareness of the importance and

community-wide benefits of strengthening families.

Our name and logos have changed, but our purpose has not. We have an

unwavering commitment to ensuring young children in Massachusetts grow

up in nurturing families and communities, healthy and ready to succeed.

We are deeply grateful to our partners from both the private and public

sectors for their continued investment and support over the years. Thank

you and please join us as we gear up for another successful 25 years!


children’s trust 2013 annual report


oard of directors


Roger Donoghue, Esq.

Donoghue, Barrett & Singal

vice chair

James E. Rooney,

Executive Director

MA Convention Center Authority


Samuel S. Mullin, Esq.

Robinson & Cole


Anne Bailey Berman,


Chadwick Martin Bailey, Inc.

John Auerbach,* Commissioner

Department of Public Health

Edward N. Bailey, M.D.

MassGeneral for Children at N. Shore

Medical Center

Cheryl Bartlett, Commissioner

Department of Public Health

Michael Bergan, Principal

Beacon Strategies Group

Greg Bialecki, Secretary

Executive Office of Housing and

Economic Development

JudyAnn Bigby, M.D.,* Secretary

Executive Office of Health and

Human Services

Maurice Boisvert, President &

CEO, Emeritus

YOU, Inc.

Sidney L. Boorstein

Restaurant Consultant

Betsy Busch, M.D.

Tufts University School of Medicine

Howard M. Cooper, Partner

Todd and Weld LLP

Daniel J. Curley,* Commissioner

Department of Transitional Assistance

Jay Curley, Esq.

Jay Curley & Associates

Paul Doherty, Vice President


Shawmut Design & Construction

Claudine A. Donikian, JD,

President & CEO

Pentera, Inc.

Herby Duverné, Managing


Taino Consulting Group

Peter J. Forbes, Commissioner

Department of Youth Services

Marcia Fowler, Commissioner

Department of Mental Health

The Honorable Gail Garinger,

Child Advocate

Office of the Child Advocate

Patrick Cahn

Somerville, MA

Joseph C. Carter

Oak Bluffs, MA

Jan Garnett Cellucci

Hudson, MA

Mitchell D. Chester,


Department of Elementary

and Secondary Education

Colleen Cook, Partner

Nystrom Beckman & Paris LLP

Susan M. Getman, Chief

Executive Officer

Walker School

Andrea Hayward, Sr.

Director of Finance

Year Up

Michelle Howard-Harrell,


Roxbury Community College

Ryan Hutchins, Sr. Vice President

Gilbane Co.

William Kennedy, Esq.

Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP

Dr. Sherri Killins,* Commissioner

Department of Early Education and Care

Hector Lopez-Camacho,

Vice President

State Street Global Services

Richard Lord, President & CEO

Associated Industries of Massachusetts

Angelo McClain,* Commissioner

Department of Children and Families

Stacey Monahan, Commissioner

Department of Transitional Assistance

Martin Nastasia, Director of

Government Law & Strategies

Brown Rudnick, LLP

Donna D. Norris, M.D.*

Wellesley, MA

John Polanowicz, Secretary

Executive Office of Health and

Human Services

Patricia Riemitis, Director of

Product Management


William F. Solfisburg,

President & CEO

Alliance Resource Group

Lauren Smith, M.D., M.P.H,*

Acting Commissioner

Department of Public Health

Peg Sprague, Senior Vice

President of Community Impact

United Way of MA Bay &

Merrimack Valley

Paula S. Stahl, Ed.D.,

Executive Director

Children’s Charter, a Division of Key, Inc.

David E. Sullivan, District Attorney

Northwestern District Attorney’s Office


Executive Office of Health

and Human Services

Marilyn Chase,* Assistant Secretary

Kathleen Betts, Assistant Secretary

Department of Elementary

and Secondary Education

Anne Gilligan, Safe and Drug-Free


Department of Mental Health

Ann Capoccia,* Coordinator of

Interagency Activities

Joan Mikula, Assistant Commissioner

Department of Public Health

Ron Benham, Director

Bureau of Family Health and Nutrition

Olga Roche,

Interim Commissioner

Department of Children & Families

Lucinda Ross, Executive Director

Beacon Hill Nursery School

Lori Pearlman Slavin

Waban, MA

Jane Tewksbury, Esq.,

Executive Director

Thrive in 5

Cheryl Vines, Vice President

of National Replication

The Family Center, Inc.

Tom Weber, Commissioner

Department of Early Education and Care

Department of Transitional


Stephanie Brown,* Assistant

Commissioner for Policy and

Program Management

* board transition

children’s trust 2013 annual report




Every child deserves to grow up in a nurturing and loving

family. A child’s family and home environment have a

deep impact on the rest of a child’s life, and Massachusetts’

future prosperity will ultimately be determined

by the success of today’s children.

We believe that all parents want what’s best for their

children, but we know that good parenting is learned as

much as it is innate or intuitive. Every parent faces challenges,

stress, and frustration at one time or another.

Raising happy, healthy, successful children is a tough

job and all parents can benefit from help and guidance

throughout the process.

Parents play a critical role in a child’s development. We

want to make sure they are prepared to play that role well.

The importance of a strong

family and caring parents in

a child’s life can’t be overstated.

Parents are a child’s first and

most influential teachers.”

– Final Report of the National Governors

Association Task Force on School Readiness

children’s trust 2013 annual report




The Children’s Trust helps parents with young children

get the support they need to build and sustain positive,

healthy families. This leads to safer children in stable

families, reducing long-term social, health, and early

education costs for the Commonwealth and its citizens.

There is solid evidence that

effective parenting education

and family support programs

promote the healthy development

of children, improve the

well-being of parents, and are


– Rima Shore, Rethinking the Brain:

New Insights into Early Development

Our focus is on elevating the quality of family support

programs across Massachusetts, ensuring programs

are informed by rigorous research in order to improve

outcomes in parenting education and support.

Our own evaluations and studies from across the country

have shown that high-quality parenting support programs

have a significant positive impact on the following:

• school readiness and achievement

• maternal and child health

• family self-sufficiency

• preventing child abuse and neglect

• father involvement



The framework of our programs is the Strengthening

Families Approach. Developed by the Center for the

Study of Social Policy, this research-based process identifies

five Protective Factors that all families should have

in place to increase the well-being of children and parents.

All Children’s Trust programs work to help parents build

and strengthen these factors.

The Protective Factors serve as buffers, helping families

to function effectively even when under stress. They

create nurturing environments where children can grow

up physically and mentally healthy.

children’s trust 2013 annual report





The ability to cope and bounce

back from all types of challenges.


knowledge of parenting

and child development

Accurate information about raising

young children and appropriate

expectations for their behavior.


social connections

Friends, family members, neighbors,

and others in the community

who provide emotional support

and assistance.


children’s social and

emotional development

A child’s ability to interact positively

with others and communicate his or

her emotions.


concrete support in

times of need

the five



Access to housing, food and other

life essentials during difficult times.

Support can range from having

friends on call to pick up groceries

to knowing where to find shelter in

a time of crisis.

a year of


and honors

Fiscal year 2013 was a year of strategic

growth and recognition of the

Children’s Trust as the leading family

support organization in Massachusetts.

a blueprint to grow statewide

evidence-based programs

The Children’s Trust filed legislation to establish

a statewide framework of standards for evidencebased

home visiting programs. The legislation

would ensure that all home visiting programs

across the state provide services of the highest

quality. The Pew Charitable Trusts, the March of

Dimes, the United Way of Massachusetts Bay,

the Massachusetts District Attorneys Association,

and others joined the Children’s Trust in that

effort. The Massachusetts Legislature is expected

to act on the bill this year.

nationally recognized

for evaluation work

A report from the Pew Charitable Trusts described

data collection and analysis by Healthy Families

Massachusetts, a program of the Children’s Trust,

as a model for home visiting programs nationwide.

The report states that our system of tracking

participant involvement offers “a number of salient

lessons to other jurisdictions to improve their data

and analytic capacity.”

honored for work with fathers

The first Massachusetts Fatherhood Leadership

Summit, convened by the Interagency Fatherhood

Working Group, presented the Children’s Trust’s

Fatherhood Initiative with its Pioneer Award in

recognition of our outstanding advocacy work in

father engagement.

children’s trust 2013 annual report


safe communities for children

For many years, the Children’s Trust has worked

with agencies, such as YMCAs and schools, to

train staff, parents, and children in the prevention of

child sexual assault. This year, that work expanded

to encompass whole municipalities. The Children’s

Trust partnered with local organizers, including the

police department and the Rotary Club, in Wakefield

and Salem to hold community-wide parent meetings

that trained dozens of parents, teachers, and other

community members on how to keep kids safe.

expansion of training

In addition to providing a wider range of training

topics to enhance the work of parenting support

professionals statewide, the Children’s Trust’s

Family Support Training Center celebrated 20

years of the “View from All Sides” conference.

The conference was expanded to two days and

welcomed nearly 600 attendees, as well as

nationally-renowned education reformer Geoffrey

Canada of Harlem Children’s Zone.

The Children’s Trust has expanded from an organization that

had three employees and a budget of $143,000 to one that’s now multifaceted

and a real innovator in child advocacy, education, research, and

service delivery. Without the Children’s Trust, I think we’d be spending

a lot more money on fixing problems rather than preventing them.”

– Edward M. Bailey, M.D., Children’s Trust Board Member and former President of the MA

Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

25 years of



In 1988, the Children’s Trust was formed

to strengthen Massachusetts families and

ensure young children grow up in nurturing

families, healthy and ready to succeed.

Over the past 25 years, we have had a

tremendous impact on families and children

across the Commonwealth.

we have:

• assembled a network of over 100 top-quality partner

agencies that have provided evidence-based

programs for over 350,000 Massachusetts families

• established a statewide system of effective home

visiting programs proven to help families create safe,

stable, loving homes for nearly 19,000 children

• envisioned and created family centers where well

over 150,000 parents from across Massachusetts

have come for help navigating the daily challenges

of parenting

• created the first-ever training conference for family

support professionals and elevated the field

of family support by providing trainings for over

45,000 professionals

• changed the paradigm by building a common understanding

that engaging fathers has a profound impact

on children and families

• shifted the norms on how to prevent child sexual

abuse and reached tens of thousands of children,

parents, and caregivers by designing and implementing

effective strategies to protect children

• educated public officials on the importance

of strong families, child abuse prevention, and

the need for consistent public policy on behalf

of children

children’s trust 2013 annual report


healthy families

The foundation of a child’s brain is built during

the first three years of life.

Healthy Families, a Children’s Trust program, is a newborn

home visiting program that supports young, first-time

parents and helps them create stable, nurturing environments

for their children.

The program matches parents with home visitors – trained

professionals who visit families’ homes to provide support

during pregnancy and the child’s first three years of life.

Home visitors teach parents about proper baby care, promote

nurturing and attachment, discuss and practice effective

parenting skills, and ensure they have a solid understanding

of healthy child development. They also counsel young moms

and dads on achieving personal goals such as going back to

school, securing a job, or even getting a driver’s license.

children’s trust 2013 annual report

In fiscal year 2013, the Children’s Trust partnered with 25

state-wide community-based agencies that provided Healthy

Families programs. (See page 26 for listing.)


program achievements

• recognized by the Pew Charitable

Trusts for effective use of

data and evaluation results in

program quality improvement

• partnered with nationallyrecognized

evaluators to

pilot a tool that will help

rate program quality

program numbers

• over 2,200 families received

home visits this year bringing

the total to nearly 28,000 since

the program began in 1998

• an additional 675 families

received services this year

through the Massachusetts

Home Visiting Initiative

Healthy Families helped me

become the nurturing mother

that I always wished I would be.

My home visitor taught me how

to care for my baby and how to set

and achieve my goals, so my life

did not go off track.”

– participant in a Children’s Trust Healthy

Families program

• received a $100,000 grant from

the Cummings Foundation to

launch an evidence-based intervention

to address depression

among young moms

• launched the Parents Together

program, an evidence-based

tool that brings together

parents to share insights and

support each other

• second straight year of increases

in the average

number of home visits that

parents receive each year

• 58 percent of mothers were

pregnant when they enrolled,

leading to better prenatal care

• 49 percent of families had a

father present at least one

visit and 19 percent of all visits

included a father

children’s trust 2013 annual report


family centers

Families need and deserve support through the

ups and downs of raising children.

Family Centers, launched by the Children’s Trust nearly twenty

years ago, are where parents and children go to meet other

families, tap into community resources, learn new parenting

skills, and participate in activities and support programs. Our

Family Center model is based on best practices and research

from across the country. We ensure these programs are effective

through training and evaluation.

children’s trust 2013 annual report

The Children’s Trust provides funding and support to seven

Family Centers statewide that offer programs to families in

nearly 40 communities. (See page 27 for listing.)

The name sounds trivial – ‘playgroup.’

Perhaps they should really be called ‘life

preservers’ because that’s what this playgroup

became for me.”

– participant in a Children’s Trust Family Center program


program achievements

program numbers

• developed new program

design and implementation

strategies to enhance playgroup

activities that promote

social and emotional development

of children, strengthen

parent-child relationships, and

build support between parents

• enhanced parent involvement

and leadership through opportunities

such as organizing

clothing exchanges, facilitating

playgroups, and providing

input on program development

• increased Parent Café workshops

to provide opportunities

for families to participate

in meaningful conversations

about the successes and

challenges of parenting, share

experiences, and feel empowered

as parents

• expanded the evaluation of

parent education and playgroups

to gauge program

goals and outcomes

• conducted an in-depth peer

review process providing

Family Centers an opportunity

to reflect on their work, share

best practices, and strengthen

program activities

• over 12,000 families participated

in Family Center activities,

including over 3,500

first-time attendees

• fulfilled nearly 14,700

requests from families for

information, referrals, or

concrete support regarding

basic needs, health related

services, and family support

• nearly 320,000 newsletters,

flyers, and e-communications

distributed to parents statewide

about Family Center

programs and activities

children’s trust 2013 annual report


parenting education

and support programs

Bringing parents together creates a support

system and helps parents to feel less alone.

Parenting Education and Support Programs, supported by

the Children’s Trust, help parents enhance the knowledge,

skills, and confidence they need to be the best parents they

can be.

Group-based series are led by trained family support professionals

and provide opportunities for parents to learn

new skills, connect with peers, and receive information and

resources. Topics cover a variety of issues that meet parents’

needs, including handling parental stress, positive discipline,

and parent-child communication.

children’s trust 2013 annual report

Groups are strategically located where parents and families

ordinarily gather, such as schools and childcare centers.

Meals and childcare are included in order to reduce barriers

and increase family participation.

During fiscal year 2013, the Children’s Trust funded 16

community organizations to offer these parenting groups.

(See page 26 for listing.)


The program saved me a lot of unnecessary future heartache

by showing me how to break the cycle of bad parenting.”

– participant in a Children’s Trust Parenting Education and Support Program

program achievements

• focused on strengthening the parentchild

relationship and preparing kids for

success in school through programs with

an early literacy component that helps

parents read together with their children

• delivered a modified program designed

to meet the unique needs of military

families with young children at Otis Air

National Guard Base

• provided groups tailored to support deaf

and hard-of-hearing parents

• offered a program for young parents

to receive high school credits for learning

parenting skills and early childhood


program numbers

• 97 percent of participating parents said

they were satisfied with their group

experience and would recommend the

program to a friend

• 96 percent of participating parents said

they learned new parenting information

and skills

• nearly 400 parents with over 500 children

participated in 29 parenting groups that

ran from eight to ten weeks

• 50 parents joined longer-term groups

– the Nurturing Program and the Parenting

Journey – which run 15 weeks and

12 weeks respectively, offering more

in-depth discussions and providing

opportunities to practice skills and

share experiences

children’s trust 2013 annual report


fatherhood initiative

When fathers are actively involved in their

children’s lives, the whole family thrives.

The Children’s Trust’s Fatherhood Initiative encourages and

supports fathers to become involved, nurturing caregivers to

their children.

The goals are to advance activities that support fathers within

their families and to help professionals who work with fathers

do the same.

• The Fathers & Family Network is a state-wide networking and

training group for professionals who work with fathers. The

group helps professionals enhance skills, learn new strategies

for engaging fathers, and coordinate services across

the state.

• The Nurturing Fathers Program helps fathers change parenting

attitudes and behaviors. Topics include self-nurturing,

fathering without violence, positive discipline, co-parenting

teamwork skills, and reconciling negative experiences with

their own fathers. (See page 27 for listing.)

program achievements

program numbers

• received the inaugural Pioneer

Award in recognition of

outstanding advocacy work in

father engagement at the first

Massachusetts Fatherhood

Leadership Summit

• increased from one to five

Nurturing Fathers Programs

with funding from Mabel

Louise Riley Foundation and

Zell Family Foundation

• funded a monthly breakfast

to help graduates of the

Nurturing Fathers Program

maintain the lifestyle changes

they developed in the program

• the Children’s Trust provided 29

community trainings focused on

fathers that reached over 1,500


• the Fathers & Family Network

conducted 36 trainings that

reached over 500 participants

• 2,200 attendees learned about

the benefits of father involvement

at conferences and other

trainings supported by the

Fathers & Family Network

At the group, I heard other men saying the same thing, about their

problems with bedtimes, eating, discipline, and other parenting

issues. A weight came off my shoulders, knowing I wasn’t alone.”

– participant in a Children’s Trust fatherhood group

children’s trust 2013 annual report


family support

training center

One of the most effective ways to ensure highquality

family support programs is to educate

and empower the individuals working daily to

improve the lives of families.

The Children’s Trust’s Family Support Training Center offers a

variety of learning opportunities to help family support professionals

across Massachusetts stay on the cutting edge of

the field.

children’s trust 2013 annual report


program achievements

• partnered with the Pew Charitable Trusts to convene

the “Our CommonWealth” home visitation

forum that brought together about 200 leaders

from across Massachusetts to hear from local and

national home visiting experts

• hosted the 20th annual “A View from All Sides”

training conference attended by nearly 600 family

support professionals

• expanded “A View from All Sides” to two days and

welcomed nationally-renowned education reformer

Geoffrey Canada of Harlem Children’s Zone

program numbers

• provided 46 unique family support trainings on

topics ranging from Parent Cafes to prevention

of abusive head trauma

• nearly 2,500 family support and home visiting

professionals from across the Commonwealth

participated in specialized trainings as part

of the Children’s Trust’s comprehensive

training programs

• provided 140 hours of training for each new

Healthy Families home visiting staff person

One of the outstanding aspects of Children’s

Trust’s programs is the comprehensive training

provided for family support and parenting education

practitioners. These training efforts ensure

high standards of performance and accountability.”

– Fran Litman, Professor Emeritus, Wheelock College, Children’s

Trust champion and Board Member (1992–2012)

children’s trust 2013 annual report


children’s trust 2013 annual report


My friends and I email parenting tips to each

other and onetoughjob.org is a helpful tool. Thanks

for the great topics and well organized site!”

– onetoughjob.org visitor


Parenting is one tough job.

Our award-winning parenting website – onetoughjob.org – is

available 24/7, in both English and Spanish, so that parents

can get immediate access to current, reliable, and practical

information about parenting and child development.


• served as a popular resource to help parents

navigate difficult conversations, including how

to talk to children about the Sandy Hook Elementary

School shooting and other tragic events

• engaged our social media audience to visit

onetoughjob.org, significantly increasing visits

by mobile users


• over 550,000 visitors, an increase of 25 percent

over fiscal year 2012

• over 3,500 visits directly from Children’s Trust

social media tools, including Facebook, Twitter

and Pinterest, a significant increase over fiscal

year 2012

• increased traffic to popular articles on

topics including:

• child health and safety issues, gun safety,

child mental health, and parenting around

social media

• positive discipline

• activities to stimulate brain development

for infants and toddlers

our partners

children’s trust 2013 annual report


healthy families massachusetts


Healthy Families Taunton/Attleboro

Kennedy-Donovan Center



Boston Neighborhoods Healthy Families

Crittenton Women’s Union



Greater Brockton Healthy

Families Programs

Health Imperatives, Inc.



Harbor Area Healthy Families

ROCA, Inc.



Healthy Families Urban Neighborhoods

Catholic Charities


Fall River

Greater Fall River Healthy Families


People, Inc.



Cape Cod Healthy Families Early

Childbearing Program

Health Imperatives, Inc.



North Worcester County Healthy Families

Gardner Visiting Nurses Association



Healthy Families Framingham/Milford

Criterion Child Enrichment, Inc.



Healthy Families Franklin County

Community Action! of Franklin, Hampshire

and North Quabbin Region, Inc.



Healthy Families Haverhill

Catholic Charities North



Healthy Families Holyoke

Massachusetts Society for the

Prevention of Cruelty to Children



Healthy Families Lawrence

Massachusetts Society for the

Prevention of Cruelty to Children



Healthy Family Lowell

Massachusetts Society for the

Prevention of Cruelty to Children



Healthy Families North Shore

Catholic Charities North



Healthy Families Melrose/Wakefield

Hallmark Health


New Bedford

Healthy Families New Bedford

Kennedy-Donovan Center


North Adams/Pittsfield

Healthy Families Berkshire County

Child Care of the Berkshires



Healthy Families Hampshire County

Community Action! of Franklin, Hampshire

and North Quabbin Region, Inc.



Healthy Families

Program Greater Plymouth

Kennedy-Donovan Center



Healthy Families of Southern

Worcester County

Worcester Community Action Council



Healthy Families Greater Springfield

Square One



Healthy Families Central Middlesex

Jewish Family and Children’s Service



Blue Hills Healthy Families

Health Imperatives, Inc.



Healthy Families of Greater Worcester

Massachusetts Society for the Prevention

of Cruelty to Children


parenting education

and support programs


The Nurturing Program

Valuing Our Children



Project Connect Family Network,

Parenting Toolbox

Attleboro Public Schools



Haitian Parenting Education Group

Haitian Multi-Service Center Catholic

Charitable Bureau of the Archdiocese

of Boston


East Falmouth

The Effective Parenting Series

The Effective Parenting Series for

Military Families

Coalition for Children



Growing Together: My Child, My Self

LUK Crisis Center, Inc.



Positive Parent-Child

Communication – The Family Game

United ARC of Franklin

and Hampshire Counties



The Parenting Journey

Family Services, Inc.



New Babies/New Parents

The Massachusetts School of Professional

Psychology (MSPP)’s Freedman Center



How to Talk So Kids Will Listen

Child Care of the Berkshires, Inc.



Plymouth Community Partnerships

for Children

Plymouth Public Schools


South Boston

South Boston Neighborhood

House Parents’ Group

South Boston Neighborhood House, Inc.



Deaf Parenting Group

Center for Living & Working, Inc.



The One, Two, Three Magic

Parent Education Series




Family Education and Support –

Nurturing Your Infant/Toddler

Hilltown Community Health Centers


massachusetts family centers


Valuing Our Children Family Center

Valuing Our Children



Center for Families

City of Cambridge Dept. of Human

Service Programs





Lower Cape Massachusetts Family

Center Project

Cape Cod Children’s Place


Greenfield and Montague

Franklin County Family Center

Community Action! of the Franklin,

Hampshire and North Quabbin

Regions, Inc.



Medford Family Center

Medford Public Schools


North Adams

Family Resource Center of Northern

Berkshire County

Child Care of the Berkshires, Inc.


Vineyard Haven

Martha’s Vineyard Family Center

Martha’s Vineyard Community

Services, Inc.


fatherhood initiative,

fathers & family network


The Children’s Trust

Northeastern Massachusetts


Catholic Charities North

Southeastern Massachusetts


Cape Cod Child Development

Central Massachusetts


Pernet Family Health Service

Western Massachusetts


Massachusetts Society for

Prevention of Cruelty to Children


Berkshire Children and Families

Berkshire County

Fatherhood Initiative,

Nurturing Fathers Program

fatherhood initiative,

nurturing fathers program


Catholic Charities/Haitian

Multi-Service Center in Dorchester


The Whittier Street Health Center

The Multi-Service Center

Haynes Early Education Center


Pernet Family Health Service

talking about touching

community partners

Acton School Department

Associated Early Care and

Education, Inc.

Athol Public Schools

Boston ABCD Head Start

Cape Cod YMCA

Community Action

Programs Inter-City, Inc.

Concord First Connections

Good Shepherd Preschool


Springfield Public Schools

Suffolk County District

Attorney’s office

YMCA of Greater Boston

the year in photos

step up for prevention events

1 Tom Weber, Commissioner of

the Dept. of Early Education

and Care, reads the Governor’s

Proclamation of April as

Child Abuse Prevention Month

at Step Up for Prevention. The

State House display included

66 pairs of children’s shoes representing

the average number

of children abused every day in


2 Senate President Therese Murray

sits with children from the Shattuck

Child Care Center during

Step Up for Prevention. The Shattuck

Child Care Center received

the “Valuing our Children Community

Award” for its long-time

work with the Children’s Trust on

child personal safety training.

3 Rep. Paul A. Brodeur, D-Melrose,

reads to children from

the Shattuck Child Care Center

during Step Up for Prevention

while Sen. Stanley Rosenberg,

D-Amherst (left) and Rep. Paul

Donato, D-Medford, look on.

Senator Rosenberg and Rep.

Rep. Brian Dempsey, Chair,

House Committee on Ways

and Means, both received the

“Valuing Our Children Award”

for their work to benefit children

and families of Massachusetts.


2 3

4 Kaitlyn Gingras of Dalton

speaks about her success

as a participant in Healthy

Families Berkshire County,

a home visiting program

funded by the Children’s Trust,

at the Step Up for Prevention

event at Pittsfield City Hall.


2012 gala & auction

5 Guests raise their glasses in a

toast during the Gala & Auction,

the Children’s Trust’s largest

fundraiser of the year.

6 Swing Roberson (left) and

Children’s Trust Board Chair

Roger Donoghue chat during

the Gala and Auction reception.


9 A guest reacts to placing the

winning bid during the live

auction portion of the evening.

20th annual “a view from

all sides” conference


The Children’s Trust honored


the late Frances Litman, a

founder of the “View” conference,

by introducing an annual award

in her name to recognize leaders

in the family-support profession.

Peggy Kaufman of Jewish Family

and Children’s Service of Newton

(standing center), received the

inaugural award. She is shown

with members of her family, Ms.

Litman’s widower, Bert (center

sitting), members of their families,

and Suzin Bartley, Executive

Director of the Children’s Trust.

Also during the conference,

Channel Baez, Norland Martinez

and Aida Perez won the

Parent Recognition Award for

the great strides they have

made in enhancing the lives

of their families and communities

through participation in

a Children’s Trust program.

8 Nationally-recognized education

reformer Geoffrey Canada of




Harlem Children’s Zone speaks

at the 20th annual “A View from

All Sides” attended by nearly 600

family support professionals.

children’s trust 2013 annual report


nurturing fathers graduation

10 Participants in the Nurturing

Fathers Group, a program of the

Children’s Trust’s Fatherhood

Initiative, gather in a huddle

during the group’s graduation

ceremony at the Whittier Street

Health Center in Roxbury. The

Children’s Trust funded similar

programs at several sites in the

Boston and Worcester areas.

home visiting forum

15 The Children’s Trust brought

together a panel of national and

local experts at the “Our CommonWealth”

home visitation

forum. Over 200 professionals

attended the event, co-sponsored

by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

11 Angel Quintana, a father in

Healthy Families Massachusetts,

a home visiting program of the

Children’s Trust Fund, tells how

the program helped him find a

job and become a better father.


new legislators luncheon

12 Rep. Diana DiZoglio, D-Methuen,

stands with Executive Director

Suzin Bartley and Board Member

Herby Duverné during a Legislators’

Luncheon held to introduce

the Children’s Trust to new legislators.

Nearly a dozen freshman

members of the General Court

attended the event.





annual meeting


At the Children’s Trust’s fiscal

year 2012 Annual Meeting,

(left to right) Executive Director

Suzin Bartley stands with guest

Steve Eastman of Whitebridge

Solutions, keynote speaker

Libby Doggett and Tiffany Perrin

of the Pew Center on the

States. Also during the meeting,

Jeannie Davin, a home visitor

with Healthy Families Greater

Brockton, won the Stephen M.

Cahn Award, named for the late

Board member, which recognizes

an outstanding family-support

professional. The Community

Consulting Team, which guided

the Children’s Trust’s rebranding

work, won the Volunteer of

the Year Award. Gilbane Building

Company won the Corporate

Partner of the Year Award..

toy drive

14 Kathleen Hardy, Executive Director

of Valuing Our Children, a

Children’s Trust program, shares

the holiday spirit with two young

visitors to the Family Center.

The Children’s Trust organizes

gift drives among corporate

and individual donors to provide

much needed holiday joy to families

across the Commonwealth.


children’s trust 2013 annual report


our donors


circle of hope

$50,000 +

Cummings Foundation

children’s legacy circle

$25,000 – $49,000

Help for Children

children’s circle

of support

$15,000 – $24,999

AT&T New England

Blue Cross Blue Shield of


Boston Center for Blind



Convention Center


children’s angel

$10,000 – $14,999

Charles F. Bacon Trust,

Bank of America, N.A.,


Bertram Litman

Marigold Charitable


Stop & Shop

Supermarket Co., LLC

Verizon Foundation

children’s guardian

$5,000 – $9,999

ABM Industries

Amelia Peabody


Dr. Marjorie Cahn

CJE Foundation Fund at

the Boston Foundation

Howard Cooper

and Karol Jane

Friends for Children

Anna Markus

Massachusetts Port


The Matty Eappen


Pfizer, Inc.

Shawmut Design

and Construction

State Street Corporation

Sullivan & McLaughlin

Companies, Inc.

The TJX Foundation

Zell Family Foundation

children’s champion

$2,500 – $4,999

Robert and Helen Alkon

Elizabeth Armstrong and

Dirk Iglehart

Barletta Heavy

Division, Inc.

Anne Bailey Berman

and Roger Berman

Sidney and Beverly


Patrick Cahn

Paul and Rosann Doherty

Essex Newbury North

Contracting Corp.

Elizabeth-Ann Foley

Foley Hoag LLP

The Honorable Gail

Garinger and Henry


Gilbane Building


Anne Gilligan

Greater Boston Chamber

of Commerce

Harvard Pilgrim

Health Care

Harvard School of

Public Health

Ryan and Allison


Carrie Mowbray

Nystrom Beckman &

Paris LLP

Beverly and

Stephen Pazuk

Robinson & Cole LLP

Karole Rose and

Richard Kerr

Lori Slavin and

Dr. Peter Slavin

Robert White

children’s advocate

$1,000 – $2,499


Adelard A. Roy and

Valeda Lea Roy


Allan Construction

Arc Printing

Associated Industries

of Massachusetts

Dr. Edward Bailey and

Dena Bailey

Dr. Betty and Arthur


Suzin Bartley and

Christopher Navin

Boston Red Sox


Brown Rudnick, LLP

Joseph and Rae Carter

Curry College

Danversbank Charitable

Foundation Inc.

Donoghue, Barrett &

Singal, P.C.

Fiduciary Trust Company

Tim Fulham and

Lisa Olney

Katherine Gormley

Daniel and Craig


Andrea and

William Hayward

William and

Annmarie Kennedy

Mary Kay Leonard and

Dr. Richard Valachovic

Bruce and Donna Levin

Terry Ann Lunt and

Tom Sellers

David Lyskowski

Thomas Martin, Jr.

and Dr. Sherry Graham


Dental Society

James McGrath and

Melissa Gorman

Michael and Rebecca


MGM Electric

Company Inc.

Northeast Electrical &

Mechanical Services Inc.

O’Neill and

Associates, LLC

Anne Peretz

Frederick Schultz, III and

Kathleen Schultz

Select Demo Services

William and

Kathy Solfisburg

Margaret and

Stephen Sprague

Sprinkler Fitters

Standard Electric

Suffolk Construction

Company, Inc.

Tony Casale Inc.

Travaglini Eisenberg

Kiley LLC

Travelers Insurance

& Safety

Betty Tufankjian

WANG Foundation

Waste Solutions Inc.

Katherine and

Paul Wernau

William and

Anne Wernau

Yankee Sprinkler Co., Inc.

children’s friend

$100 – $999

Jonathan Albano


Bordie Apreala and

Patricia Latimore

Bryant and Ericka Ayles

Nathan Barry

John Bartley

Geoff Beane

Michael Bergan and

Maeve Mullally

Betsy and Kirk Boggia

Stephanie Brown

Erin Bryant

Dr. Betsy Busch and

Dr. John Szlyk

Caroline Cahalane

Andy and Jane Cahn

Beverly Camerano

Christopher and

Courtney Cannata

Frank Capezzera

Sharon and Terry


Nicholas and

Maria Carter

Angela Carter Strickland

Marie Cassidy

and Sumner Jones

Central Ceilings, Inc

Tyler Chapman

Kristen and Chris


George and Pam


George Chrysiss

Adriana and

Michael Clancy

Clifford & Galvin


Jesse Cochin and

Dr. Alice Newton

Jim Coghlin

Samuel Cohen

Matthew Collier

Dr. Mary Colpoys

Kevin and Marie Conroy

Colleen and Beth Cook

Jay and Henrietta Curley

Daniel Curley

D.R. Howard Inc.

Susan Dechter and

Zvi Sesling

Peter DeFeo

Cecilia DiBella

Richard and Kristine


Andre and Molly


Claudine Donikian Blake

and Chris Blake

David and Kathleen


Governor Michael

Dukakis and Kitty


Dynamic Waste

Systems, Inc.

East Coast Fireproofing

Co., Inc.

Wesley and Virginia


Michelle Fallon

Deborah Farr

Maureen Ferris

Sean Ferris

Ilene Fischer

Richard and Liz Frank

Robert Furlong

G & R Tile Corporation

David and Karen


Susan Getman

Michael Glover

Alberto Godenzi and

Brigitt Keller

Roberta Golick and

Dan Leinweber

Celia Grant

Kristin Green

Robert Griffin and

Roseann Russell

Anitza Guadarrama-

Tiernan and Patrick


Amie Guerra

Donna Haig Friedman

and Steven Friedman

William Hanna and

Karen Friedman-Hanna

Kate and George Haranis

Winston and Sarah


Richard and Barbara


Hudec Woodworking Co.

Martina Hughes

Intercontinental Real

Estate Corporation

Ellen Keefe and

David Kenepp

Kathy Kingston

Daniel and Barbara Kirby

Alexandra Kline

Janice Krinsky

Arleen Kulin

Joseph and Marsha


Paul Leahy

Alicia Lenahan and

Ronald Ignotz

Daniel Lenahan

Margot LeStrange

Jeffrey and Shawna


Hector Lopez-Camacho

Richard Lord

Donald MacKenzie

John Magnani

Thomas and Mary Martin

Massachusetts Package

Stores Association, Inc.

Rob Mayotte

Robert McCarron

Adrienne and John


Robyn and Thomas


John Miller

Donald and Claire Moir

Sharon and

David Morrow

Danielle and Richard


Samuel and Jane Mullin

Senate President

Therese Murray

Martin and Amanda


Dr. Donna Norris and

Dr. Lonnie Norris

Michael and Janet


Louise O’Brien

Billy O’Donnell

Tara O’Donnell

Shaun O’Hearn

Kahlil Olmstead

Optima Worldwide


Gail and Richard O’Reilly

Sandra and Rocco


Edward and Katherine


Joan Pennace

Dennis and

Marilyn Peters

Pfizer Foundation

Matching Gifts Program

Andrew and Amy Porter

Merrill Press

R.G. Mearn

Company, Inc.

Andrew and

Suzanne Reed

Dr. Claudia Reynders and

Charlton Reynders, III

Robert H. Cook

Insurance Agency, Inc.

Swing Robertson

Lucinda Ross

Jamie Rothman

Seth and Debra Roy

Robert and Jane


Dr. Maya Sarkar

and Saurav Sarkar

John Sasso

Ralph and Anne Shaner

John and Mary Skelton

Kristina Skrehot

Dr. Lauren Smith and

James Boll

Eric Solfisburg

Sharyn Sooho

Pamela and Sarky


Anne Speakman

State Street Matching

Gift Program

Gary and Janet Stein

children’s trust 2013 annual report


children’s trust 2013 annual report

Blythe Sterling

Dr. John Straus and

Liza Ketchum

Rebecca Strimer and

Kyle Voorhees

Kelly and Terese Strong

Shannon Sullivan

Dave Sullivan


David Sullivan and

Catherine Hancock

Neil and Nicole Sullivan

Gregory and Carrie Szlyk

John and Mary Tarvin

Charles and Susan


Tevnan & Tevnan

Craig Tevolitz

Jane Tewksbury and

Daniel Albano

Ken Thayer

Gerry Thomas

Mark Tracy

Trimark United East, Inc.

Unitarian Universalist

Church of Greater Lynn

Unum Group

Theodor and Bonnie

van Stephoudt

Tina Walsh

WB Mason

Christopher and

Kathleen Weld

Peter and Thi

Linh Wernau

Paul White

Jodi Wolin

Maureen and

Daniel Woods

Thomas Yearick

Kristine Yu

in-kind supporters

American Repertory


Atlantic Fish &

Chop House

Jill Auxlier

The Honorable

Frederick E. Berry


Sidney Boorstein

Bose Corporation

Boston Beer Company

Boston Bruins


Boston Celtics

Boston Marriott

Copley Place

Boston Marriott

Long Wharf Hotel

Boston Tea Party

Ships & Museum

Boston University

Community Service


Care.com, Inc.

Carnegie Hall

Citi Funds

Clear Channel Outdoor

Coats For Kids


Colonnade Hotel

Columbus Hospitality


Cyprian Keyes Golf Club


Del Frisco Dougle Eagle

Steak House

Paul Doherty

Eck MacNeely Architects

Emerson College

Exercise Entreprise


Geneva USA

Gilbane Building


Goodwin Procter

Google AdWords

David Greblick

Green Harbor

Golf Course

Gunstock Mountain


Hessco Elder Services

Carl Horstmann

Hotel Commonwealth

House of Blues Boston

Huntington Theater



Intercontinental Real

Estate Corporation

Jillian’s Boston

Jordan’s Furniture

Kramer Portraits

Law Office of Henry Kara


Lyon-Waugh Auto Group

Julie Mallat

Marr Companies

Marriott Hotel at Copley



Convention Center


John McGlynn Jr.

Mint Julep

Mohegan Sun

New England Revolution

Charitable Foundation

New Repertory Theatre

Okemo Mountain Resort

Pentera, Inc.

People Serve

Billy Pisani

PUMA North

America, Inc.

R.G. Mearn

Company, Inc.


Shows & Events

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

S.A. Chrobak, LTD.

Salon Acote

Sel de la Terre

Shawmut Design

and Construction

Six Flags New England

Skinner’s Sugar House

William Solfisburg

Sports Club/LA

Stop & Shop

Supermarket Co., LLC

Stowe Mountain Lodge

Stowe Mountain Resort

TD Banknorth Garden

Neighborhood Charities

The International Golf


Todd English Enterprises

Toys For Tots Boston

Toys For Tots

Western MA

Travelers Insurance

& Safety

Dennis Treece

Verizon Wireless

Wachusett Mountain

WB Mason

Westport Rivers

Vineyard & Winery

Wheelock Family Theatre

Whole Foods

Sharon Wright

XV Beacon


oard committees


Roger Donoghue, Chair

Edward N. Bailey, M.D.

Anne Bailey Berman

Sidney L. Boorstein

Betsy Busch, M.D.

Joseph C. Carter

Jay Curley

Samuel S. Mullin

James E. Rooney

board governance

Joseph C. Carter, Chair

Sidney L. Boorstein

Herby Duverné

The Honorable

Gail Garinger

Anne Gilligan

Richard Lord

William Solfisburg


Jay Curley, Chair

Michael Bergan

Roger Donoghue

William Kennedy

Richard Lord

Martin Nastasia



and engagement


Michael Bergan

Sidney L. Boorstein

Colleen Cook

Howard Cooper

Paul Doherty

Roger Donoghue

Anne Gilligan

Ryan Hutchins

William Kennedy

Marty Nastasia

James E. Rooney


Samuel S. Mullin, Chair

Maurice Boisvert

Patrick Cahn

Andrea Hayward

Hector Lopez-Camacho

Robert White

Eric Solfisburg



Cheryl D. Vines, Chair

Betty Bardige

Sheldon H. Barr

Betsy Busch, M.D.

Donna Cabral

Marilyn Lasky

John Lippitt

Larisa Méndez-Peñate

Richard Muzzy

Anne Nemetz Carlson

Lori Pearlman Slavin

Aida Perez

Anthony P. Rizzuto, PhD

Faina Smith

Peg Sprague

Marney Toole

Kena Vescovi

Sandra Wixted

friends of the

Children’s Trust

Sidney L. Boorstein,


Ryan Hutchins,

Vice President

Anne Gilligan, Clerk

Samuel S. Mullin,


Betsy Boggia

Paula S. Stahl

Terry Vandewater

Robert White

gala planning


Anne Bailey Berman

Michael Bergan

Sidney L. Boorstein

Colleen Cook

Howard Cooper

Jay Curley

Paul Doherty

Roger Donoghue

Herby Duverne

Anne Gilligan

Ryan Hutchins

William Kennedy

Martin Nastasia

James E. Rooney

golf committee

Marty Nastasia,

Tournament Co-Chair

Shannon Sullivan,

Tournament Co-Chair

Colleen Cook

Paul Doherty

Anne Gilligan

Michael Harris

Ryan Hutchins

Susan Kelley

Richard Kerr

Peter Oggeri

Ashlee Robertson

Swing Robertson

Marie Cassidy

Gail DeRiggi

The Honorable

Gail Garinger

Kathleen Hardie

Peggy H. Kaufman

our numbers

children’s trust


revenue and other support

children’s trust fund account (state) $ 1,065,473

healthy families (state) 10,483,563

federal grant (multi-year) 557,287

interdepartmental agreements 2,030,411

TOTAL REVENUE $ 14,136,734


program services $ 12,489,002

management and general infrastructure 719,007

non-program personnel 747,771

Total Disbursements $ 13,955,780

friends of the children’s trust fund


revenue and other support

corporate & private contributions $ 270,967

special event (net of direct expenses) 92,159

conferences and other 78,640

in-kind contributions 75,250

investment (endowment) and interest income 110,800



program services $ 317,460

management and general infrastructure 129,979

non-program personnel 125,668

Total Disbursements $ 573,107

total income by source

71.0% healthy families (state) $ 10,483,563

13.8% interdepartmental





children’s trust fund

account (state)

friends of the children’s

trust fund (private)



3.8% federal grant (multi-year) 557,287

100% Total revenue $ 14,764,551

combined expenses by category

88.1% program services $ 12,806,462


management and

general infrastructure


5.1% non-program personnel 747,771


0.9% fundraising 129,979

100% Total spending $ 14,528,887

Unaudited figures.

Friends of the Children’s Trust Fund figures are on accrual basis.

Investment Gain /(Loss) remains designated to the endowment therefore it is not considered operating income.

children’s trust 2013 annual report


I became a better parent, spouse,

and individual. I wish every family

in Massachusetts could have access to

services that made such a difference

in my life.”

– Children’s Trust program participant

The Children’s Trust

55 Court Street, 4th Floor

Boston, MA 02108


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