SANTA RITA NEWS (Jan_Feb 2019)


Santa Rita NEWS!

Jan/Feb ´19

In with the new and out with the old!

- A saying which applies to every New Year, and

2019 is definitely not to be overlooked. -

Welcome to yet another edition of Santa Rita

NEWS! This is our first newspaper for the year,

and we are excited to share it with you.

The students have been working hard on this

edition and it shows! The writing styles have

improved over the past few months, and it is all

due to the dedication the class has shown. Well


I’ve taken the liberty to add some South

African slang in the titles in order to give you a

little taste of the rich culture South Africa holds.

Feel free to try pronouncing these words and

making them part of your vocabulary. They are

great fun.

Well; without further ado, herewith our latest

edition. Enjoy!

Marnitz van Deventer


HOWZIT* Santa Rita?

Written by: Irene De La Rosa, Lucía González and David Martínez.



After a few years without a scholar-trip; the

students of the 4 th of E.S.O. class will travel to

Malta at the end of the school year.

This island is located in the middle of the

Mediterranean Sea, near Italy.

There were more travel options to consider

like Dublin, London or Paris.

However; Malta was the most acceptable

considering the travelling costs and the

activities that were offered.

For many of the students, this will be their

first time travelling by plane.

* HOWZIT - A slang word used as an informal greeting. Similar to ‘hello’ or ‘how are you?’.

In fact; some of them have never been abroad.

As a support to raise money for the trip; the

students are selling raffle tickets which offers a

trip to a European capital city for two people.

➔ A visit to Revinach - a lovely fishers’ village.

➔ A barbeque with music and entertainment

at the pool.

Some of the activities already organised for


➔ A guided visit to Valletta, the capital city.

➔ A day at Golden Beach - which is one of the

most beautiful beaches on the island.

➔ A one-day visit to the most important

castles in Malta, such as the Templarian


Some views of




This past 28 th of January; a young man was


The young man was walking along the street

carrying a fresh pizza, when he realised that his

shoelaces were untied.

He then placed the pizza on a parked car and

started to tie his laces.

Suddenly, the car’s owner appeared and got

angry because of the pizza on his car.

The car owner lost his mind and took a knife

from his pocket and stormed towards the young


The final result was an injured man lying on the

ground. The victim isn’t badly injured, and he is

getting better at the hospital.

The attacker is now being prosecuted. There

will be a trial in a few months when a judge will

decide whether the attacker goes to prison or



La Casa de Campo

La Casa de Campo is an essential place if you

are visiting Madrid.

At this huge park; you can do many things,

from connecting with nature to having fun at the

theme park, Parque de Atracciones de Madrid. It

is located in the southwest of Madrid.

You can go there for sports too; as it has many

roads where you can run, ride a bike or even


There are also playgrounds for children where

they can play, run and enjoy themselves.

Another thing you can do there is to visit the

lake; where you can sail on a boat with your

friends or just see the beautiful views. You can

also ride on the cable car and see the park from


If you love animals; you should visit Zoo

Aquarium, where you can enjoy bird or dolphin

exhibitions. There are many species of animals.

You can have a picnic or celebrate your

birthday in the dining zone, where there are

wooden tables and chairs.

A few centuries ago, a Spanish king, Felipe II;

ordered to plant a forest in a field near the city of


Since then it was the summer place for the

royal family. It wasn’t until 1931 when all people

from Madrid could walk there.

La Casa de Campo




On the 8th of January, two

trains crashed in the

administrative capital of South

Africa, Pretoria.

In this crash, three people

died and two hundred were


A lot of emergency systems

have sent aid to the victims of

the crash.


out there

Written by: María Martín and

Paula Sánchez

* HEITA - A cheery slang used in urban and rural settings to say ‘hello’.

Rescue workers searching

for a trapped boy

President Donal Trump


The president of

The United States;

Donald Trump, will

visit the Mexican

border to meet with

the frontier´s


His idea is to

activate a national

emergency in order

to have the necessary

funds to build a wall

at the Mexico frontier.

The project will

cost more than 5,600

million dollars.

Trump said that the



wall will be made of

steel, but we don´t

know if this is true.

The negative

attitude of Trump

regarding the

building of the wall

has forced the

government to close

for seventeen days.

It affected a lot of

g o v e r n m e n t

departments like

transport, the national

security, and 800,000

of the 2,1 million

federal workers.


2 0 1 9



Julen is a 2 year

old boy who was

trapped in a well

some days ago in

Totalán - a village of

Málaga, Spain.

Rescue teams

were working all day

to rescue him from

the well. They were

using special

machines for it, but

was unable to find


Many village

residents were also

part of the search.

The 2019 Oscar

Awards ceremony

announcement took

place on the 22nd of

January 2019.

On this day; the

Hollywood academy

announced the

nominees, and on the

24th of February, we

will meet the winners.

For the first time in

the history, there

They were offering

food and beds to

sleep in.

The parents of

Julen were so

nervous and

desperate. They

wanted the

authorities find the

boy as soon as


Unfortunately, on

the 26th of January

2019, the rescue

workers found Julen

lifeless at the 71m

mark inside the well.

won’t be any

presenters at the


We don't know

exactly the reason

why and how they will

achieve this; but we

are looking forward to

the surprise.

Here are some of

the nominated films:

★ ’Ha Nacido una Estrella’: This film is not the

favourite one, but the film with the most

possibilities to win. It has eleven nominations

among film, direction, protagonist actor,

actress, etc.

★ ‘La Favorita’: The film received ten

nominations among film, direction, actress,

photography, etc.

★ ‘Roma’: This is a Mexican film and probably

one of the favourites. It has nine nominations

for film, direction, protagonist actress, etc.

★ ‘Black Panther’: It is the first film nominated

about superheroes. But it probably won’t win.

It has nine nominations among original song,

make up, clothes, photography, etc.

★ ‘El regreso de Mary Poppins’: It only has six

nominations for original song, photography,

actress direction, etc.

★ ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’: It was very successful

at the cinema, but it only has two nominations

among film and actor.


LEKKER* food

Written by: Raúl, Alba, Jennifer and María Pérez

The most interesting

school menu consists

of a starter, main dish

and dessert.

The Saunalahti

School in Finland has

this type of menu and

chefs prepare this

special food once time

a month.


school menu

The rest of the

month the children eat

very elaborate food,

but not as special as

this menu.

This is a typical


STARTER: Caesar salad

and pasta with tomato

and cheese.

Ingredients: S a l a d

(tomatoes, chicken,

lettuce, cheese and a

Caesar dressing.) Pasta

(made with dough in a

spiral form, tomatoes

and grated cheese.)


Burger with little

v e g e t a b l e s .

Ingredients: Fish

Burger (buns, hake fish

and fried onions)

Vegetables (different

types of vegetables cut

in different forms.)

DESSERT: Pineapple

Cake (the fruits change

once a month).

Dishes with insects

Sometimes when you see

an insect in the kitchen, you

think that this food is rotten.

But this is not real because

in a lot of parts in the world,

professional chefs cook food

with insects to give the dish a

more exotic taste.

This type of food began in

the Amazon when a Brazilian

chef went to an island and

revolutionise gastronomy by

adding insects to his dishes.

Cockroaches in a pasta dish

* LEKKER - The most common (Afrikaans) word, used to describe something ‘tasty’ or ‘yummy’.

A lot of restaurants in the world make very elaborated

dishes with high quality products.

A broken dish

The most interesting

example of this type of

restaurants is in Peru.

This restaurant is called

Maido, a n d t h e m o s t

important chef of this

restaurant is Eleven

Madison Park.

His dishes are very

popular in Peru and only

wealthy people can afford


The chef has a very

peculiar form to present his

dishes; which consists of

cooking the dish in front of

the customers and then to

break it afterwards.

Restaurants all over the



In Italy the most important

foods are pizzas, pastas and


Piazza Duomo is the

biggest restaurant in Europe

and it has more than fifty

professionals chefs in the


They take care of making a

lot of pizzas in a shorter time

than to deliver them.

Their pizza also has a

surprise ingredient, which

makes customers want to

buy more pizza to discover

different flavours.

A lot of people think

that the most common

food in England is fast


According to the

experts, this is true,

because England is the

country where there are

a l o t o f f a s t f o o d

restaurants and that

people don't have time

to prepare the lunch or


In the last year the

number of fast food

restaurants have

increased because many

people prefer fast food.

This growth, however,

produces more diseases

in the population.

The famous English

chef, Jamie Oliver, fights

against obesity. He wants

to reduce the number of

fast food restaurants in

England and increase

healthy food restaurants.

His job is very difficult

because today there are

more fast food facilities

than ever.

Fast Food



Taking care of your hair can be difficult sometimes, so

we bring you a few hairstyles and tips.

The Strong Bob:

In 2018, one of the most

famous haircuts was the

strong bob.

Famous, because of

celebrities like the singer

Dua Lipa.

It’s a practical and

comfortable haircut for

those lazy people who

don’t like or don’t have

enough time to take care

of their hair.

The Messy Bun:

This hairstyle is cozy and

easy to make even during a

busy day, you can make it

to go to work or to school.

Also; it can look so good

with a balayage, the new

trendy way to dye your

hair. (You can appreciate

both styles in the picture).

have different levels of hair.

So be sure you want this

before you go ahead and

cut your hair.

The Mushroom:



If you want to look like

some kind of mushroom

then go for it; but we don’t

recommend this haircut

because, for us, it’s


Also; don’t dye your hair

like this if you don’t want to

spend a lot of money

treating it.

KIEF* stuff

Written by: Lucía Cabrero, Carla

Casanova and Isabel Delgado

The Strong Bob

The Messy Bun

The Bangs:

This new trendy haircut

has gone viral again

because of the Spanish

singer, Aitana.

It can be a little

annoying but comfortable

at the same time.

If you want to let it grow,

be aware that it will be

difficult because you’ll

The Mushroom

The Bangs

* KIEF - A Johannesburg-slang word used to describe something as ‘cool,’ ‘nice’ or ‘great’.

Nike Air Max 97 OG:

Shoes and TIPS

The most trendy and weird shoes of the season.

Surwave Serraje Black

Nike Air Max 97 OG:

We recommend that you

match these trainers with

an informal outfit like

some high jeans and a

short hoodie.

Their price is around

150€ depending on the


Go Sexy with Surwave

Serraje Black:

These trendy shoes are

going viral in Spain.

The shoes with huge

platforms are in and this

is an appealing brand.

The price of these

ones are 65€.


These types of shoes are

so comfortable and you

can wear them with

almost everything.

They fit so well with

some trousers to make

your formal outfit more

informal and your feet

won’t hurt.

They aren’t cheap

(75€) but they’re worth it

and you’ll use them so


‘Please Cut My Feet’


These shoes will make

you beg to cut your feet.

We haven’t tested

them - and we don’t want

to - but they seem really


We don’t recommend

you to wear them

because we don’t want

you to suffer.


‘Please Cut My Feet’ Shoes


Let’s have a JOL*

Written by: Lucía Fernández, Diego Rojas and Vera Juárez

Puerta de Sol

In this instalment of the newspaper we will show

you a touristic guide of Madrid. Let´s get started!

Puerta del Sol:

It is one of the most

visited squares in


The 0km plaque has

been there since the


On New Year´s Eve,

the people of Madrid go

there to say goodbye to

the old year and

welcome the new year

by eating twelve grapes.

You can walk to Plaza

Mayor and eat a ‘Bocata

de Calamares’.

El Retiro Park:

This park is the lungs of

the city.

It offers a lot of

cultural activities like the

book fair or



You can go with your

family or your friends

and sail on the small


This is the perfect

place to go for a run or

to do yoga.

Palacio Real:

It is one of the points of

interest in Madrid.

At the moment the

palace isn´t the official

house of the kings.

If you go at Christmas

time you will see the

nativity scene but you

can´t take any photos.

It’s a very interesting

place if you want to

know more things about

the history of Spain.

Gran Vía:

It is a big commercial

avenue in the centre of


You can find a lot of

types of restaurants,

shops and theatres here.

Or you can go to the

cinema in Callao.

If you are a

shopaholic you will love

this street.

Museo del Prado:

This is one of the most

important places in the


It has one of the

largest collections of art.

If you go there you

will see paintings of

Goya, Zurbarán or


El Retiro Park

Palacio Real

Gran Via

* JOL - An expression used in any context to express ‘having a good time’ or ‘having a party’.

Madrid’s Transport Map

Amusement Park

The normal ticket

cost 15€, but if you go

in the evening or on

Sundays, it’s free.

They have guided

tours if you want to

learn more about

Spanish art.

Amusement Park:

If you want to have an

enjoyable day, you

have to go here.

It has a lot of rides,

shows, restaurants

and shops.

We recommend

that you go on the

‘Abismo’ ride.

The ticket costs 25€

but if you have the

‘Bono Parque’ card,

you can go and you

don’t have to pay for


Transport Card:

A good way to move

around in Madrid is

the underground

(Metro) and the bus.

If you are going to

stay for a few days,

we recommend you

get the touristic card.

It cost around 8,40€.

But if you are going

to stay for a few days

in Madrid, we

recommend you get

the multi card.

You can reload it

with the travels that

you want.

The price for 10

travels is 12,20€.


Scare at the


Nerlens Noel, the centre

of the Oklahoma basketball

team, tried to block a

t e a m m a t e o f A n d r e w

Wiggins when he received

an involuntary nudge to his


The spectators of the

C h e s a p e a k e A r e n a o f

Oklahoma were scared by

the shock that this player

LADUMA* - he scores!

Written by: Lucía Ávarez, Álex Dusa and Eva Hidalgo

g a v e t h e m w h e n h e

remained unconscious on

the track.

This happen after hitting

his head with the ground

after a run-in with the rival.

Noel was immobilised

and moved on a stretcher to

be transferred to a nearby


Nerlens Noel

* LADUMA - An excited cheer usually screamed out when a soccer team scores a goal.

A plane disappears

in the English Channel

The plane in which

t h e A r g e n t i n i a n

forward Emiliano Sala

was travelling on

disappeared in the

English channel.

The small plane

had taken off from

t h e N a n t e s -

Atlantique airport for

departure to Cardiff.

H e l i c o p t e r s a n d

rescue boats of the

c o a s t g u a r d

immediately went to

look for him in the

waters which divides

the United Kingdom

from Europe.

H i s s e a rc h h a v e

good results because

the police found the

plane under the water.

Tw o d a y s a f t e r

finding the plane, the

police took the plane

out of the water.

Emaliano Sala

Inside the police

found the corpse of

one of the travellers

and they are furthering

their investigation.

A classic without damage

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid

FC Barcelona and

Real Madrid was tied

one by one.

T h e m a t c h w a s

disputed in the Camp

Nou stadium in the first

leg of the cup semifinals.

Valverde left Messi on

the bench, and Solari

instead took out his best


Real Madrid started

playing better, with an

early goal by Lucas


Malcom, in the second

half, scored a goal to

match the game; which

leaves everything to

d e c i d e a t S a n t i a g o

B e r n a b e u o n 2 7


Let’s play CHOMMIE*

Written by: Lucía Andrés, Lucía Cabrera and Adrián Fernando

He was accused because

he supposedly raped a girl

who was 16 years old.

She said that he did sexual

abuse and bullying.

The judge said that he will

be in prison for five years;


eleven without going out of

h i s h o u s e a n d n i n e o f

restraining order to the girl.

However in the end, the

judge said there weren’t


So he didn’t go to prison.

Dalas Review

Watch a clip here

Dalas Review

* CHOMMIE - A term South Africans commonly use to call a ‘friend,’ ‘pal’ or ‘buddy’.

Exponiendo Infieles

It’s a channel about a

girl who goes into the

streets asking couples if

they are unfaithful.

She checks out their

messenger, their gallery

and their WhatsApp.

Watch a clip here

I f t h e y ’ r e n o t

unfaithful the girl

rewards the couple by

giving them money

a n d d i n n e r s i n

expensive places.

This popular game

is about a royal battle.

You have to survive

and kill the other


It became famous in

2018 because it is a


Watch a clip here

free game.

M a n y s t u d e n t s

play this game in

their free time and

the name itself is a

topic on everyone’s


Exponiendo Infieles


Marina Joyce

Marina Joyce

Watch a clip here

Marina Joyce is a YouTuber.

Her followers say that in some

videos she does strange things

and that the people pay more

attention to her.

She had bruises on her body

and in one video; a shotgun

appears at the bottom of the

screen. She usually whispers

‘Help me’.

People started thinking

about the place where she was.

There were two theories, the

first one was that she has a

boyfriend and he didn’t give

her permission to do anything.

And the second one, that

she wanted to be famous and

gain more followers.

The United States´ police

went to her house and saw that

she was fine and sane.

YouTube trends

1. La Resistencia

2. Rosalía in the Goya

3. Jugones

4. Doc Tops

5. Frozen 2 Trailer

6. Toy Story 4 Trailer

YouTube music trends

1. Daddy Yankee & Snow - Con Calma

2. C. Tangana, Alizzz - Pa' Llamar Tu Atención

3. Ozuna - Cama Vacía

4. Billie Eilish - Bury a Friend

5. Caro - Bad Bunny

6. Ariana Grande - Break Up with Your Girlfriend


Now that the new year has started

and Santa has brought many presents;

we are going to review some of the best

that you can enjoy during 2019.

The critic FUNDI*

Written by: Laia Adell, Laura Pascual and Javier Torres


This is the first DC

Universe series on Netflix.

It’s an adaptation of the

famous book ‘Teen Titans’

which talks about the

adventures of Robin and

his group of teammates.

T h e y a l l h a v e

superpowers which will

help them fight against

the enemy's conspiracy.

Opinion: Despite the

fact that many fans think

that it isn’t well adapted;

t h e fi r s t re l ease h a s

become viral.


The ‘Spanish Oscar’

Sánchez, both actors

of ‘Campeones’, gave.

In their speech,

Jesús Vidal made a

deep reflection about

t h e i n c l u s i o n o f

m e n t a l l y d i s a b l e

people in the current


Last weekend the

Goya Awards were

celebrated in Sevilla.

This is a kind of

‘ S p a n i s h O s c a r ’

which is very popular

in Spain.

This year, the film

‘Campeones’; which

This year’s Goya

is about a basketball

t e a m f o r m e d b y

people with mental

disabilities, has won

many prizes .

This film is about

the help a trainer (who

worked with a popular

team) gives to his new

basketball team.

It finally takes them

to the final round and

m a k e s t h e m


This gala event was

so emotional because

of the fantastic speech

Jesús Vidal and Susi

‘You have selected

an actor with a mental

disability as the best,

you don’t know what

you have done. Now I

only have three words

in mind: inclusion,

diversity and visibility. I

feel so proud!’ he said.

Talking to their

parents, he added: ‘I

would also like to have

a kid like me, just

because of having

parents like you’.

* FUNDI - A term derived from the Nguni tribe, used to describe someone who is an ‘expert’.

Anuel AA, Karol G - Secreto

Rosalía - De Aquí No Sales

Caro - Bad Bunny




Ariana Grande - 7 Rings

Huawei Mate X20

Huawei Mate X20

This is the newest smartphone

Huawei has invented.

It has four cameras: two of

them are front ones, with 40 MP

each. The selfie camera has also

got two cameras, both with a

high resolution.

I t ’ s g o t a n i n t e l l i g e n t

microchip which makes its work

faster and more effective.

Its screen, which is 6’3 inches

wide, is full HD+.

This mobile phone can store

about 128GB.

It’s an expensive phone

because of its high qualities, so

it costs 899€ nowadays.

El Bestiario de Axlin

Laura Gallego

This amazing book, written by

t h e S p a n i s h a u t h o r L a u ra

Gallego, talks about an imaginary

world that has been attacked by

monsters for a long time.

Axlin and a group of wise

people, came up with the idea of

writing a book in order to advise

other people of the monsters.

During the writing of the

book, Axlin learns about things

that he didn’t know before.

Editorial: Montena

Bookbinding: Hardcover

Pages: 512

El Bestiario de Axlin



Written by: Lucía Acha, Daniel

Cuéllar and Natalia González

Aries: 21/03 - 20/04

In this year, in every

problem you will have; you will

find the solution easily and with

success. You just have to follow

your thoughts. This is going to be

a good year for you.

Taurus: 21/04 - 20/05

Your doubts and

insecurities will burn

down part of your

energy which is needed to face

your professional life.

Gemini: 21/05 - 21/06

You cannot always be kind and

sweet to those people you love,

because sometimes you will have

to seem more serious and strict

with them.

Cancer: 22/06 - 22/07

You are anxious of

doing some

necessary changes,

which will let you progress in

your love relationship.

Leo: 23/07 - 22/08

You have to think of yourself and

look at those little things that

make you feel happy, although

you abandon your routine.

Virgo: 23/08 - 22/09

You'll find relief

when you get enough

strength to face your days at

w o r k i n g w i t h o u t a n y

exhaustion or being sleepy.

Libra: 22/09 - 22/10

You should plan a

trip to have fun and relax for a

few days. If you get more

stressed, you might die.

Scorpio: 23/10 - 22/11

You can't trust

every loan

someone gives

you, if you do it you are going

to lose money; even your life.

Sagittarius: 23/11 - 22/12

You should start

keeping fit by doing

some workouts and cardio

exercises to prevent obesity

and heart problems.

Capricorn: 23/12 - 20/01

You have

to control your

annoyance and bad

words because they will

destroy your love relationship,

and you will be alone.

Aquarius: 21/01 - 20/02

You should give what

you want to receive,

specially love. If not,

you won't have anyone to

spend your life with and

your parents will chase

you out of their house.

Piscis: 20/02 - 21/03

Your good and

bad experiences

in your previous

relationships will be very

i m p o r t a n t f o r y o u r

confidence, trust and

happiness in your life.


Mother: ‘How was school

today, Patrick?’

Patrick: ‘It was really

great, mum! Today we

made explosives!’

Mother: ‘Ooh, they do

very fancy stuff with you

these days. And what will

you do at school


Patrick: ‘What school?’

What’s black, red, black,

red, black, red? A zebra

with sunburn.

According to my mirror I

am pregnant. The father

is Nutella.

My relationship is like an

iPad. I don't have an


- ‘I am a master of fast


- ‘OK, what is 758 times

642, divided by 5?’

- ’22!’

- ‘Ha ha, that’s wrong!’

- ‘Might be, but it was


* HAYIBO! - A term derived from the isiZulu language to express something that seems ‘unbelievable’.

You are going to

Stay with Me.


I know that it was my fault that this story ended

and it depends on my memory

I could see you in the midnight

Why couldn't I own up that I fell in love?

I always knew it, but didn't say anything

My heart wanted to hide itself

People will say I´m mad

If I am mad, it's because you spin round and

round in my head

I wanted to forget your mouth

and now, if you come back, my mouth will say…

You are going to stay with me

I swear this time I will take care of you

This story needs a second opportunity

Although people say it doesn't work

You are going to stay with me

I'll do whatever it takes to recover you

I’m afraid because I couldn't replace you

and if you try, I promise

You are going to stay with me

I used to feel repentant

still waiting for the day

in which you want to see me again

Why couldn't I own up that I fell in love?

I always knew it, but didn't say anything

Wanted to shouted it

but couldn't say anything

People will say I´m mad

If I am mad it's because you spin round and

round in my head

I wanted to forget your mouth

and now, if you come back, my mouth will say…

You are going to stay with me

I swear this time I will take care of you

This story needs a second opportunity

Although people say it doesn't work

You are going to stay with me

I'll do whatever it takes to recover you

I’m afraid because I couldn't replace you

and if you try, I promise

You are going to stay with me

Even if lost you, I´ll look for you

I won't sleep until I find you

I promised my heart to see you again

You are going to stay with me

I'll do whatever it takes to recover you

I am afraid because I couldn't replace you

and if you try, I promise

You are going to stay with me

You are going to stay with me


Groups were asked what their

New Year’s resolutions were.

• Pass all the ESO.

• Be nicer.

• Do more trips.

• Take less naps.

• Pass the school year.

• Stop biting my nails.

• Pass all the subjects at school.

• Go to at least two concerts.

• Learn something new.

• Travel around the world.

• Be more organised and pass all

the subjects.

• Stay in Spain.

• Pass maths.

• Get the High School Diploma.

• Travel to Malta.

• Travel to California this summer.

• Pass all the subjects.

• Pass the school year.


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