Muslim News No 78 March 2019


News from the Lahore Ahmadiyya Jamaats from around the world.

The UK Help the Jamaat Remember you can help the jamaat by registering with Amazon and Giveasyoulive and nominating the jamaat as the charity you want to help. They will donate to the jamaat a percentage of what you spend. Donate to the jamaat as you shop by shopping through. Amazon 278963-0 Give as you live Give half an hour daily to the work of the jamaat. Please ring the President or the Secretary for an assignment. UK Press Releases In the last few days, two news items have hit the headlines. One was the appeal by Shamima Begum to the British ی م م ِ الرَّح ِ اہللِ‏ الرَّْحم ٰ ن سب م ِ ْ The Muslim News Next Mosque Open Day Day: Sunday, 3 March, 2019 15:00 Speakers: Mrs Fauqia Aziz & Dr Zahid Aziz 16:15 Jamaat Matters Broadcasts English Friday Sermon: 13:00 Monthly Lecture: First Sunday of each month at 15:00 & Radio Virtual Mosque on . French Every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. (UK time) Radio Virtual Mosque on Urdu Every Sunday at 9 a.m. (UK time) Radio Virtual Mosque on And live on Skype at: Lahori-Ahmadi Government to allow her to return to the UK because of her pregnancy. In response, the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Sajad Javid, announced that Shamima Begum was being deprived of British nationality because it was not “conducive to public good” that she is allowed to return. The UK Jamaat had a Friday Sermon on this topic to discuss the Secretary of State’s justification for his action and whether it violated Britain’s obligations under March 2019 Issue 78 International Law. In addition, we issued a press release. This press release is given here. ■ Bring back Shamima Begum and put her on trial. The Holy Quran (Chapter 5, verse 33) lays down punishments for those who commit murder or “create fasad on earth”, that is those who create wickedness, depravity, disorder, destruction. Among others, one punishment is to imprison them, which some also interpret as deporting such people to other countries. But earlier in the same chapter the Holy Quran also says: “let not hatred of a people — because they hindered you from Volunteers needed. The Promised Messiah said – In Islam I have found a gold nugget whose beauty has driven me wild with enthusiasm to show it to the world. I know many of you give up so much of your money and time for this work, but we still need more volunteers for many tasks. They are needed not just for short term tasks like the convention in 2019 but also daily, long term tasks. Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha‘at Islam Lahore (UK) 15 Stanley Avenue, Wembley, UK, HA0 4JQ

Appeal For Funds. Repairs at 17D The UK Jamaat has already contracted to spend around £14000 on completely gutting and renovating the flat at 17D. Repairs have uncovered more work that needs to be done. A builder’s quote is awaited but there will be substantial additional costs. the Sacred Mosque — incite you to transgress. And help one another in righteousness and piety, and help not one another in sin and aggression.” Accordingly, the accused, in this case, Shamima Begum, has the right to face his or her accuser and to defence. These principles are common to Islamic and British jurisprudence. The media reports tell us that she was groomed in the same way as the girls in Rochdale were groomed, and abused in the same way. By revoking her nationality, the Home Secretary has made her stateless in violation of the clear international conventions to which Britain is a signatory. From a legal and moral point of view, the just course of action to follow is to bring her back, to put her on trial for the evil that she has perpetrated and allow her to defend herself. Let her peers decide on her guilt and let a judge decide her punishment, as required by British Law. Remember, there is also the question of the life of a little baby who is a British national. Let us not fall to level of ISIS and Shamima Begum. Let us take the moral high ground and show the world how we are better than they are! ■ Convention Costs These involve hotel rooms, hiring transport, petrol, catering, printing etc and are likely to be around £25,000. The other news item related to a number of members of the parliamentary Labour Party resigning the whip and leaving the party because of the Labour leader’s failure to deal with anti- Semitism in the Labour Party, they allege. The UK Jamaat issued the following press release. ■ If antisemitism is unacceptable, why is Islamophobia OK? The Holy Quran teaches that all human beings are one nation. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) stated that a white person is not superior to a black person and the Arab is not superior to the non-Arab. The only superiority that Islam acknowledges is in people’s deeds and nothing else. The Holy Quran states that everyone who has done even an atom’s worth of good will be rewarded for it, while anyone who has done even an atom’s worth of evil shall be punished for that, and it does not, in these statements, mention such people’s religion, sect, caste, creed or nationality. That is why Muslims must condemn all discrimination. And this was why a sect of Christians asked Muslims to attack Spain and free them from the oppression of their co-religionists. This is the reason that, for as long Muslims ruled Spain, Jews were safe and equal partners in national matters. When Sulaiman the Magnificent heard of the plight of the Jews in Spain after the Muslims had been expelled, he sent ships to rescue them and take the Jews to Palestine. He also rebuilt a part of the wailing wall for them to pray at. The current Wailing Wall was built for the Jews by a Muslim king! In the present climate, what we find is that whereas antisemitism is condemned, and rightly so, Islamophobia has become respectable. Eleven members of the Labour Party have resigned the Labour whip because of antisemitism. If antisemitism is rife in the Labour Party then they were, of course, right to do so. The question we have, however, is this: where were these ladies and gentlemen when Messrs Bush and Blair attacked Iraq? Where were they when Tony Blair was lying to the British Parliament and Colin Powell was lying to the UN? Where were they when no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq? Where were they when Iraqi cities were mercilessly bombed, killing innocent women and children? Why have they not demanded that Bush and Blair be tried for genocide and hanged, just like the Nazi criminals at Nuremburg? The list of such questions is a long one and we eagerly wait to see if they will have the courage to answer us. This genocide of Muslims has plunged the Middle East into chaos. It has caused murderous terrorist attacks by criminalminded Muslims in our own country. The question that these terrorists ask, therefore, is: “Is Muslim blood so cheap that these venerable persons with such lofty ideals cannot even be bothered to condemn the spilling of it?” See link: The senior-most MP in 2014, Sir Peter Tapsell, calls for impeachment of Tony Blair.

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