February 2019 Newsletter

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February 2019 Newsletter

We are excited to share with you our latest newsletter from our new

location in Wiang Chai, Chiang Rai.




e had such a wonderful time in Vietnam over the

Christmas holidays. After a few days in Ho Chi Minh City

renewing our Thailand Visas we met up with Liz’s Mum

and her sister Jenn and her family in Hoi An. If you

haven’t heard of Hoi An, then it can be described as a magical little

town, a fusion of Asia and Europe like nothing we’ve ever experienced

before. It was a real treat for us to enjoy the endless supply of fresh

bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The boys had an excellent time catching up and reconnecting with

their cousins and I (Liz) enjoyed many hours of roaming and shopping

the old streets of Vietnam with my Mum and sister.

A Family Christmas



n return from holidays we threw ourselves straight into

cleaning up the new house in Wiang Chai (Chiang Rai). It was

a big job and I lost count of the number of buckets of dirty

water that came from dusting and cleaning. Although

exhausting at times, the cleaning process was quite cathartic as it

felt like we were bringing the tired house back to life.

In early January we returned to Ban Luang to pick up all our furniture

Our farewell dinner

and to attend a farewell party hosted by the faith groups. It was a

special event for us as we reflected on that past year and the

relationships that we had been able to build in that time. One of the

members prayed for us and we shared a few words about how

leaving our family in friends in Australia was hard, but we had been

so blessed to have such a wonderful group of new family in Christ

there in Ban Luang.


Packing our moving truck—a corn truck!


Playing in our front yard

“Trust. To build trust others must know that you accept and value them as people. Acceptance. Before you

can communicate acceptance, people must experience your openness – your ability to welcome them into

your presence. Openness. Openness with people different from yourself requires that you are willing to step

out of your comfort zone to initiate and sustain relationships in a world of cultural differences.”

Duane Elmer—Cross Cultural Servanthood


iang Chai is the name of the district that we now live in

here in Chiang Rai. Within Wiang Chai we live in a small

community that is quite isolated by surrounding rice

fields on all sides. One of the biggest blessings about

joining a smaller community like this is that everyone knows

everyone! In fact, all our direct neighbours are related in some way

and it didn’t take long before the whole village knew we were here to

teach English at the local school.

some curry for our lunch and to chat with the sellers.

We live on a busy street, so we spent a lot of time sitting out the

front greeting people as they ride or walk pass curiously looking in to

see what the new “Farang” (Westerner) family are doing. When we

found out our neighbour had just had an operation, we took her

spaghetti (one of the few Farang dishes Thai’s seem to enjoy). A

week or so later the same neighbour returned our plastic container

with a local Thai dish in it for us to try. As we sat on our front step

she said to me “we used to have a Farang live just over

there” (pointing out towards some houses). “He never spoke to us,

he would just stare”. “I’m happy that you can talk with me.”

Surrounded by rice fields

Before we left Ban Luang Glenn and I decided that as soon as we

arrived in our new home, we would be very intentional to stop what

we were doing when we had people pop in to check us out, or if the

neighbours were willing to chat. Glenn made many trips to the local

hardware and paint shop which is conveniently only forty metres

down the road. He also goes to the morning market every day to buy

We pray for God to sustain us in our openness in this community as

we seek to become trusted and accepted. We pray for willingness to

step out of our comfort zone and perseverance to sustain

relationships even through cultural differences and challenges. We

ask God will use this time to shine His light and love into the hearts of

the people in our community.

Accept one another, then,

just as Christ accepted you,

in order to bring praise to God.

Romans 15:7


Local morning market





n the 4th of March Glenn will begin teaching English at our local primary

school. His teaching days are Monday and Tuesday afternoons and he teaches

grades 4, 5 and 6. His teaching schedule is only 6 hours a week, but he is

looking forward to getting to know the other teachers in the school. Thai

students are required to learn English as a part of their school curriculum. We have

offered to do some tutoring for a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon for those

students in our community who are keen to learn. Word got out and now every time

Glenn visits the morning market he has more and more people asking him about


We have limited the first class to 10 students, and it will begin on the 9th of March.

Glenn is also currently putting together all the paperwork to update his Visa with the

new school. We hope to have our updated visa in early April.



ith the help of our team mates we have been able to find a new language

nurturer. Lah is in her 40’s and lives just a few streets away from our

place. She has recently opened a small shop selling drinks and snack

foods outside her home, however she will close her shop during the

morning when she comes to our house to teach us.

Although Lah has never had any training in teaching a language, she has been doing

really well. Glenn and I have been able to explain the activities that we’d like to do with

her and then she has been able to do them confidently. She seems to have a gift for

teaching, and although sometimes she can speak very fast, it has been a good

challenge for us!

It is such a blessing to have a language nurturer that is also a part of our community

as she is a great insider for us to know what is happening around our village. She also

said we are welcome to come and sit at her shop and she will introduce us to everyone

who comes to visit so we can practise our Thai!



e are very pleased to share with you that Seb has begun attending

Chiang Rai International Christian School. It is a huge answer to pray and

quite a miracle that the school has been able to accept Seb. We began

discussions with the school in December 2018 about admitting both Seb

and Levi however the school has a policy that they do not accept student’s mid-year

and only take enrolments in the new school year. As the school in on the American

system their new year wasn’t until August. There was also the problem that Levi’s

class was at full capacity. After lots of prayer asking for God’s guidance, the school felt

that they could accept Seb. He has been attending now for almost a month and is

loving school. We are praising God for this provision and the joy that it has brought to


We are currently looking at the best options for Levi and Oliver in the new school year.

There is another international school here in Chiang Rai, it’s likely that they will start

attending there and move over to the same school as Seb when positions become



Coming Up…..

1st – 3rd March is Family Camp.

The members from the Ban Luang, Ban Faa and Ban Sra faith

communities as well as believers from Chiang Mai will all come

together for a family camp over the weekend. This is an exciting time

for believers to have the opportunity to invite their families and

friends to join together in time of fellowship and bible teaching. We

are also looking forward to taking a day trip up to the “famous” caves

that the children were trapped in last October.

Language with Pee Lah

Seb’s new classmates

4th March is Glenn’s first day of teaching at BanWiangDerm School.

9th March is Liz’s first English tutoring class.

27th – 28th April is Leadership training.

The Thailand team host leadership training events two times a year.

It’s a very special time where leaders of the faith communities to

come together to discuss any challenges they are facing and to learn

more from the bible. As Glenn and I begin to understand more and

more of what is being said around us it is always very insightful to

hear the leaders talk about topics that the believers want to know

more about or struggle with. The next training will focus more on the

Holy Spirit and what the Bible teaches us about God’s Spirit.

Home School Teacher

While our situation has changed, and we no longer need a Home

School Teacher, our team mates Luke and Belle have a 5 year old boy

that will be home-schooled in their next term. If you are interested

and God has placed it on your heart, please contact the Global

Interaction state office for more details.

Playing with new friends

Prayer and Praise Points

Local morning market

g In thanks for the lovely community that Glenn and Liz are now in.

g Pray for Glenn and Liz as they make relationships and live their

lives with openness to the people around them. For God to use

them to be a light to their community.

g Pray for perseverance and willingness to be open even when they

reach cultural difference and challenges.

g In thanks for the wonderful holidays in Vietnam with family.

g In thanks for the Ban Luang fellowship and for the send-off. Also

please pray for these groups that God will protect them and

continue to grow them in number now as this is the first time

they haven’t had a cross cultural worker living in the area.

g Pray for Glenn as he builds new relationships in the local school

teaching English. Also that his visa will be renewed with no issues

in late March or early April.

g Pray for their relationship with their new language nurturer Lah

to grow and for Glenn and Liz to have perseverance and skill in

communicating in Thai.

g In thanks for Seb and his admission to the international school.

Praise for the joy that is has given him and the friendships he has


g Pray for an opportunity to arise for Levi and Oliver to be enrolled

in an English-speaking school ASAP.

g Pray for the family camp, for safe travels, open hearts and a great

time of fellowship.

g Pray for the leadership training in April, for it to be a valuable time

for leaders to share and gain greater wisdom from God.


Glenn’s new school


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