What is Digital Supply Chain Management System


Digital supply chain management makes the movement of assets, people and resources easier and they can be transferred to the place where they are required. For more information visit at https://www.esspl.com

What is Digital Supply Chain Management


Have you ever wondered the tech behind the bag shipped to you which pleased your

eyes on Instagram? Be it ordering food or buying product, everything can be done

online. To improve the experience of customers, many organisations go for supply chain

management. A network created between all the individuals, organisations and

activities involved from manufacturer to the consumer in a business deal is termed as

Supply Chain Management. When this chain is managed digitally it is called Digital

Supply Chain Management. In today’s world, most of the tasks are tackled using

technology. Hence, the digital supply chain management is commonly used all over the


As suggested by the name, “Digital Supply Chain Management” it is a paperless process

and it more reliable. It is built on web-enabled capabilities. Digital Supply chain

management aims to provide insightful observation to the organisation which helps

them in increasing efficiency and garner profit. Under this management system, all the

tasks from coordinating, controlling, sending raw materials, goods and parts from

supplier to the consumer are supervised. During the complete process of supply chain

financial, material and data flow is supervised to make a productive and labour-saving

decision to tackle all the operations.

The Digital supply chain management makes the movement of assets, people and

resources easier and they can be transferred to the place where they are required. Such

beforehand planning of transportation and manufacturing makes the process costeffective

and reduces the risks. The organisations using the SCM system can conserve

resources like money, time and transportation.

Technologies used in Digital Supply Chain Management:

Various technologies are utilised by the organisation in this process to make it effective.

Radio frequency identification (RFID), Global positioning system (GPS) tracking, smart

labels, and barcodes are commonly used. The technologies like cloud computing with

web services collect the data altogether and make the process transparent. This

ultimately results in increased productivity and visibility. As this process is automatic, it

reduces the chances of errors as the dependency on humans is decreased.

ESSPL serves its customers for the same purpose. The organisation which are aiming to

kick-start digital supply chain management or wanting to upgrade their software

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