NZPhotographer Issue 17, March 2019


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You'll notice an underlying

theme of Love in this edition

of NZ Photographer magazine

which stems from us publishing

the best submissions from our

'What is Love' competition – Turn

to page 31 to see who won.

We have interviewed tramping

and travel photographer Shaun

Barnett and in Behind the Shot

we discover Scott Cushman's

love of fishing, in both of these

articles we learn how it's possible

to turn your passion into a money

making career.

We touched on Brendon's love

story right back in issue 2 but now

go deeper, understanding how

ESP photography came to be

and how photography became his passion – It's an emotional story so you

may need tissues at the ready, but just goes to show we never know what

is around the next corner for us as humans or as photographers.

Ana writes about getting on the path to becoming a happy

photographer and how a love of photography can be used for a greater

good than just taking shots for yourself. We also have another photo

review and last but never least, Richard shares tips on taking panoramic



Brendon Gilchrist

Brendon is the man

behind ESB Photography.

He is an avid tramper

who treks from sea to

mountain, and back

again, capturing the

uniqueness of New

Zealand’s unforgiving


Ana Lyubich

Co-founder of Excio,

Ana's photography

journey started many

years ago with one of the

first Kodak film cameras.

She loves exploring the

unseen macro world and

capturing genuine people's


Richard Young

Richard is an awardwinning

landscape and

wildlife photographer who

teaches photography

workshops and runs

photography tours. He

is the founder of New

Zealand Photography


Emily Goodwin

Editor NZ Photographer

General Info:

NZPhotographer Issue 17

March 2019

Cover Photo

Shaun Barnett

Sunset over Sinclair Head

and Owhiro Bay


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