Where's the Giraffe? An African Adventure


Oh No? shrieked Joy as she watched two hungry lions pace towards their friend, Matilda the giraffe.

Will Joy's new amulet actually work to save Matilda?

Creep into the savannah and embark on a cultural adventure. Where’s the Giraffe? is an adventure story that teaches children how to care for giraffes and savannahs of the world. What will you discover when visit Africa?

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Where’s the Giraffe?

Written and Illustrated

by Natalie Clarke

For more information about the

accompanying materials for this book visit:

© 2018. Natalie Clarke

All rights reserved.

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PUBLISHED BY Life Learning Apps


I just love giraffes, their grace and beauty show

when you watch them. This story was created

with Issac Eremugo, a wonderful African work

colleague who wants to keep his culture

flourishing from generation to generation. To

learn more about giraffes visit:

Click Here!

Many people have helped make this book happen,

from inspiration to production. Thank you to all the

people who have united to create this book to teach

children how to care for these amazing animals.

Heartfelt thanks to Noela Lopatich for her brilliant

skills in editing.Thanks to Steven Farmer

(www.earthmagic.net) for his inspirational work on

animal spirit guides that motivated me to make this a

reality. Heartfelt gratitude to Mike Dooley

( www.tut.com) a n d R o b e r t H o l d e n

(www.robertholden.org) who have been an

incredible inspiration for this book.


Visit our website to learn all about giraffes and

how to care for the environment. Additional

materials such as activities and stickers are

available from our site to further educate

children about giraffes. Together we can make

a difference!

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Natalie Clarke has taught in Australian Schools as a Nutrition, IT, History, Learning

Support and Special Education teacher for over 25 years. In her spare time, she has

written numerous published children’s stories, educational resources for the

classroom and various Apps.

Through her series of children’s stories, she would like to bring light, positive energy

and consciousness to the world. By educating children at a young age through these

stories, it will deepen their understanding of themselves, people, various cultures,

animals and the environment. This will make our world a richer and more loving place.

Together we can make a difference.

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