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with Les Mills


wait for

road repairs

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Adding beauty

to the banks

of the Avon River

Performing in spite of the odds

• By Georgia O’Connor-


EVER SINCE she was a

child, there is nothing else

Laurel Gregory has wanted

to do other than perform on


But it has been a “rocky”

road for the Richmond

22-year-old, who has been

battling an auto-immune

disease for about 14 years,

which has led to her being

diagnosed with arthritis.

Yet instead of feeling

sorry for herself, she has

refused to let anything

stop her from chasing

her dream of becoming a

professional musical theatre


Gregory is currently

training in New York City

at the Broadway Dance

Center as part of a threemonth


Founded in 1984, the dance

school is known as one of the

first drop-in studios to be

established in the world and

has more than 80 teachers

and choreographers taking


As part of her training,

Gregory is attending 12

classes a week, including

ballet, bodyArt and

contemporary dance. She

said she chose to attend the

school after needing a “fresh

perspective” on dancing.

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BIG DREAMS: Arthritis and an auto-immune disease has never stopped Laurel Gregory from

pursuing her passion of becoming a professional performer. (Above) Gregory performing in

Showbiz Christchurch’s production of Wicked.





Sunday 24 March 2019

with Les Mills


ramps up

to start

Oram Ave


• By Matt Slaughter

CALLS TO make funding for the

proposed Oram Ave extension

available sooner are being


The project is being overseen by

Development Christchurch Ltd

and is currently scheduled to be

completed in the 2018-2028.

DCL manager of communications

and engagement Cecilia

Densham said: “DCL supports

the Oram Ave project and would

certainly like to see it brought


Coastal Ward councillor David

East and the New Brighton Business

and Landowners Association

also said the $12 million budgeted

to go towards the completion of

the project should be made available


Cr East said given DCL’s support,

he would now seriously consider

making a formal proposal to

the city council to get the Oram

Ave extension under way.

He said DCL’s support of

the project would give him the

grounds he needed to take a

more formal approach to have the

funding brought forward.

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Tuesday March 5 2019

from the editor’s desk

SAME OLD, same old for road repairs in

the eastern suburbs.

Part of New Brighton Rd (page 3) is in

desperate need of an upgrade.

I lived on New Brighton Rd before, and

for about 18 months after the February 22, 2011, earthquake.

The road was severely damaged. Every time a truck or a vehicle

towing a trailer went by it felt like another quake had struck.

Sometimes it felt like the house might collapse.

So, I feel the frustration of the Coastal-Burwood Community

Board in their bid hasten repairs.

The city’s leaders have rarely – in my view anyway –

prioritised the east. New Brighton Rd is another example.

All power to the community board to make life better for

those in the east.

– Barry Clarke



Star Media, a division of Allied Press Ltd

PO box 1467, Christchurch

Latest Christchurch news at


Crashes prompt council to fix road

Children falling off bicycles has prompted repairs to

potholes on River Rd.

Page 4


Boosting New Brighton through business

Rebecca Tavete is giving back to the community she loves.

Page 6

community events


Trails through the library

The Christchurch Symphony Orchestra will be at the New

Brighton Library tomorrow from 10.30 to 11.15am


Matt Slaughter

Ph: 021 910 788


Elaine Moon

Ph: 364 7436

Page 15

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Tuesday March 5 2019 3


Two-year wait for road repairs

• By Matt Slaughter

ROAD USERS in the east will

have to wait another two years

for one of the area’s most badly

damaged roads to be repaired.

THe city council has confirmed

the repair to New Brighton Rd

between Bower Ave and the

Pages Rd roundabout will take

place in 2020-21 at a cost of

about $1.2 million.

Members of

the Coastal-



Board said this

is too long to

wait and they

Kim Money

would continue

to put pressure

on the city

council to start work now.

Deputy chairman Tim Sintes

said the community board’s

concerns about the state of the

stretch of road would continue

to be raised in its meetings until

the city council did something

about it.

“It won’t go away until it’s

fixed. The community board’s

members like myself and others

get it coming to us all the time,

so we’ll just keep bringing it up

all the time.”

Board chairwoman Kim

Money said: “We just need to

be seeing some action because

it is seriously affecting the wellbeing

of our residents. A lot of

these earthquake repairs that

we haven’t seen for the last eight

years are attached to the wellbeing

of the community.

“On a daily basis, we are

seeing these repairs that haven’t

been done and that’s really

hard, so for us to be able to move

these things forward would be


Ms Money said the stretch of

road was an “absolute disgrace.”

“THere’s plenty of potholes,

bumpy road dips and water

flooding on it . . . the pothole

people must be in there virtually

every week filling potholes.”

THe city council has also said

the project won’t include the

repair of the Cockayne Reserve

car park.

Ms Money said the car park

had been used as a dumping

ground by contractors and it was

common for shingle and metal

to be dumped there.


Road users

will have to

wait another

two years for

New Brighton

Rd between

Bower Ave and

the Pages Rd

roundabout to

be fixed.

“It really is an eyesore … it

really is just not fair for the

residents and the shops and

retailers in that area.”

Mr Sintes said the community

board had been calling for New

Brighton Rd to be repaired

since the February 22, 2011,

earthquake and another twoyear

delay would be a huge blow

for residents.

“New Brighton Rd has been

on the agenda for so long and

it’s just so disappointing to see it

taking this long.”




In Brief

Fire rages, homes at risk


A new car park will be

constructed at Thomson Park

on Marine Pde. Resource

consent has been approved and

the project will be completed

by June. The new car park is

part of a project to renew the

facilities in the park. A new

public toilet was installed in

December and the project will

also involve the installation

of a new basketball court and

the completion of landscaping

work. Meanwhile, a project to

repair earthquake damage in

Bexley Park will get under way

this month. The car park will

be replaced, upgrades will be

made to the track connecting

the car park and toilet, and a

damaged footbridge will be



The Pegasus Post reported

last week the Papanui-

Innes Community Board

had approved a proposal to

upgrade the bus stop and

shelter on Shirley Rd in

front of the Palms Shopping

Centre. The proposal was not

approved and actually only

considered and was discussed

at a meeting on February 22

rather than February 18, as

was first reported.


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Tuesday March 5 2019


Dead birds

not linked

to spraying


has reassured Southshore

residents dead birds in the area

are not related to the spraying of

the spartina pest plant.

ECan said the birds were quite

some distance from the spraying

of the chemical Haloxyfop

and recently died, so it was very

unlikely that they were affected

in any way by spray.

ECan principal of resource

management adviser of

biosecurity Laurence Smith

said spraying was “applied to

spartina at low tide to allow the

maximum amount of time for

the chemical to take effect. It

has been mixed and applied at

the lowest concentrations to still

be effective, and only to a very

limited number of plants . . . at

these levels, the chance of birds

or other animals dying from the

chemical is extremely low.”

The controlled application

of Haloxyfop was undertaken

jointly by the city council, the

Department of Conservation

and ECan at selected sites

around the Avon/Heathcote

Estuary, McCormacks Bay and

Brooklands Reserve.

This is to follow up on initial

control works that were undertaken

at a similar time last year.

•Any one with concerns

should phone ECan on 0800

324 636.

•From page 1

“I didn’t trust my abilities and

I couldn’t stop worrying about

what people were thinking to the

point it would not allow me to

show what I can actually do as I

have to in an audition.”

Gregory has been passionate

about the arts since a young age,

starting ballet at six.

But it was when she was accepted

into the National Academy of

Singing and Dramatic Art in 2015

that she began to train heavily in

• By Matt Slaughter

IT HAS TAKEN two bike

crashes in 2min to convince the

city council to fill potholes near

Banks Avenue School.

On February 22, two pupils

were left scraped and bruised

after hitting rough patches on

River Rd, Shirley, in separate


Neighbouring resident Patrick

Boland found both pupils after

they had fallen off their bikes.

Mr Boland and principal Toni

Burnside then got in touch with

the city council and asked it to

fix the street.

Mr Boland said he has been

asking the city council for five

years to make the road safe, but

very little had been done.

City council road maintenance

manager Mark Pinner said a

“small number of potholes” have

now been fixed.

Mrs Burnside said injuries

were almost a daily occurrence

for pupils who walked and biked

to school along River Rd.

A parent of one of the pupils

who fell of their bike, Cathy

Allden, said although her son

Jack wasn’t seriously injured, he

was shaken by the accident.

“It could have been worse if a

car had been close . . . he literally

fell right into the middle of the


Mrs Burnside said the two

crashes were “just the tip of the

iceberg as far as children who are

hurting themselves goes.”

Banks Avenue School is due to

move to a new site in 2021.

Mr Pinner said since 2015, the

city council has serviced River

Rd and other roads in the red

zone less regularly.

Mrs Burnside said repairing

the road completely may not be

the best option because it is in

the red zone, but work needs

to be done to ensure it remains


Mr Pinner said people should




Crashes prompt council to fix River Rd

ballet, jazz and tap.

“In terms of my love of musical

theatre, it was never a choice.

There’s nothing else I want

to do and I need to do it,” she


When Gregory was eight, the

skin on her hands and feet began

to break and she recalls having

to walk on her toes because her

heels hurt so much.

But it wasn’t until she began to

get arthritis in her hands at the

age of 14 that she was officially

Latest Christchurch news at

OUCH: Banks Avenue School principal Toni Burnside with Jack Allden who was one of two pupils

to fall off their bike after hitting potholes on River Rd.

diagnosed with rheumatoid and

psoriatic arthritis.

Gregory said both conditions

are caused by the auto-immune

disease, psoriasis, which causes a

rapid build-up of skin cells.

Before she was diagnosed, she

was told her skin condition was a

result of dermatitis. But now she

is taking an oral immune system

suppressant, methotrexate, which

has kept her condition under

control. The only time she ever

stopped dancing was when she

attempted to take a break from

her medication in 2015 to find a

more natural way to control her

condition. When she stopped

taking it her psoriasis came back

“horribly” and she had to spend

three months away from dance.

“This time (away from dance)

allowed me to realise how much

I actually enjoyed dancing rather

than just doing it,” she said.

Gregory said she is grateful the

medication gives her the ability

to do what she wants with her life.


Fire rages, homes at risk

get in touch with the city council

if potholes on River Rd and other

roads in the red zone continue to

cause issues.

“In these instances, our

contractor would be asked to fill

these in,” he said.

Arthritis doesn’t hinder passion for performing arts


Gregory on her way to New

York City to attend the

Broadway Dance Center.


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PEGASUS POST Latest Christchurch news at

Tuesday March 5 2019 5




Fire rages, homes at risk

Bid to inform New Brighton voters

• By Matt Slaughter

NOT MANY suburbs have as

much at stake in this year’s local

body elections as New Brighton.

With the construction of

the New Brighton hot pools

set to be completed this year,

the continued push from the

New Brighton Business and


Association to

get the Oram

Ave extension

under way and

opportunities to

grow business

in the area, New

Nikki Griffin Brighton has a

lot to gain.

For many residents, ensuring

•From page 1

He said completing the

construction of the Oram Ave

extension at the same time as big

projects like the New Brighton

hot pools made total sense.

“If they’re starting to advance

some projects that are going to

see the business core move ahead

. . . the two have got to be linked

in some fashion.”

New Brighton Business

and Landowners Association

charwoman Rebecca Tavete said

it would continue to put pressure

on the city council to start work

on the extension and will discuss

how to do this at its meeting on

Thursday next week.

“We’re at a point now where

we’ve done all the consultation

that needs to be done and it’s just

time to get stuff happening.”

The proposal would see Oram

the right people are in power

to drive this growth would be a


However, too many people are

out of the loop with the political

decision-making process in the


To address this, community

members are planning to start a

campaign to educate residents in

New Brighton and its surrounding

suburbs on all aspects of

October’s local body elections.

Bin Inn New Brighton owner

Nikki Griffin is helping to organise

the campaign and said

it will aim to provide residents

information about who will be

running, their policies and how

they could affect New Brighton.

Mrs Griffin hopes this will also

help educate people who are not

aware of the difference between

the city council and Environment

Canterbury and the roles

the organisations play.

“As a community, we need to

ask these questions. What are

you going to do for us? What is

our vote going to get us? Rather

than leaving it two to three

Ave extended from Brighton mall

to Hawke St to increase access

to New Brighton’s commercial

centre and create a sheltered retail

and hospitality area.

Former New Brighton Business

and Landowners Association

manager Paul Lonsdale said the

project was proposed to the city

council in 2012 and was eventually

included in the New Brighton

master plan in 2015.


A campaign

will be rolled

out to New


residents to

inform them

on all aspects

of October’s

local body


months out or a month out from

the election, it’s actually about

thinking about it now.”

Fellow campaign organiser

Patrick Boland said too many

residents in New Brighton

and other eastern suburbs felt

disconnected from the political

decision-making process.

“There’s certain lobby groups

Given funding for the project

was available, Mr Lonsdale said

it had taken the city council too

long to provide funding for it.

He said the city council had

been working on the master plan

since 2012.

“We’re now in 2019 and nothing

really in that particular commercial

area has been done to

actually activate capital reinvestment.”

Mr Lonsdale said the project

has the potential to bring huge

investment to New Brighton, but

delaying it any longer may put

investors off.

“The Oram Ave extension provides

lots of opportunities for not

only getting a better connection

to the foreshore along Marine Pde

. . . it provides a really great opportunity

for businesses to locate

in there, especially hospitality

or interest groups who, by virtue

of being more organised or being

more vocal, have had a huge say

in shaping the blueprint for the

[Ōtākaro Avon] river corridor

for example. But, we’re still

having residents’ associations or

other groups, which are speaking

on behalf of their community . . .

that have not engaged at all with

their local residents.”

Mrs Griffin said the amount

of on-going work and work still

to do in New Brighton meant it is

important residents are given the

knowledge they need to make

informed decisions that are best

for the area.

Mr Boland said discussions are

under way on the best ways to

provide election information to


He said the Peoples Republic

of New Brighton Facebook group

would be used, but he wants the

campaign to also reach residents

who are not on social media.

“It’s important for all of us to

actually get out there and door

knock and talk to your neighbours

as well. By doing both

things, I think we’ll get there.”

Project has potential to bring in investment

WAITING: Work on the Oram Ave extension has not started yet.


It was also important the city

council started work on the

extension this year, so it did not

clash with other big projects in

New Brighton, Mr Lonsdale said.

“The hot pools are about to

go in . . . those works are going

to take just over a year. We’ve

got between now and then to do

other work so we’re not interfering

with those projects.”

Mrs Tavete said the Oram Ave

extension would also improve

access to new developments like

the hot pools once they were


“If we have all these other

initiatives happening . . . we’re

going to need some better traffic

flow. So, the Oram Ave extension

is quite critical for those other

initiatives to be successful.”

•Giving back to community, p6



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6 Tuesday March 5 2019

Latest Christchurch news at






Fire rages, homes at risk

Business leader gives back to community

• By Matt Slaughter


with a decision two years ago.

She could either continue

running her co-working space

from its premises in the central

city, or take a risk and start a

new space in New Brighton.

The 44-year-old Aranui resident

chose New Brighton and

hasn’t looked back.

Mrs Tavete is the founder of

the ARGO Beach Co-Working

space on Marine Pde and the

chairwoman of the New Brighton

Business and Landowners


Mrs Tavete filled a number

of managerial roles all over

Christchurch and even worked

for 10 years in Portugal before

taking her work to New


In spite of loving the coastal

lifestyle in Portugal and bringing

her two children Diego, 21,

and Porzia, 17, up there, she said

“there’s no place like home.”

“We have everything there

is to offer I think here in New

Zealand and especially on a

coastal frontage like here in New

Brighton and it really took me to

be living overseas to really appreciate

what I had at my doorstep.”

She said New Brighton had just

as much to offer and had been

LOYAL: Rebecca Tavete started the ARGO Co-working space in New Brighton to give back to

the community that she and her family love so much.

a hub for her since first moving

out to the east as a 13-year-old.

She said her children were

“very staunch patriotic eastsiders”

and “they wouldn’t give

up living here for everything”

and her parents belonged to the

New Brighton Bowling Club.

Starting ARGO in New Brighton

“made total sense” and had

been her way of bringing some

life back into the area that her

and her family loved so much.

“I just started wandering

around Brighton and I came

down to Marine Pde and I

looked up and you could see that

this top floor was empty and it

had no life.”

“Taking the time to wander

around and just take it in, it just

felt really good.”

Argo had since become a

place where businesses, workers

and students from throughout

Christchurch came to experience

working by the seaside, she said.

“It’s creating a nice synergy of

work and community and bringing

a really nice sense of that

work-life balance.”

Mrs Tavete said her goal was

its clients would see New Brighton’s

potential, spend money in

the area and New Brighton’s appeal

would spread as a result.

She said she had always seen

New Brighton’s potential and

through her roles at ARGO and

the New Brighton Business and

Landowners Association she

wanted to give people the opportunity

to see this potential for


“You’ve got the beautiful ocean

right in front of you, you’ve got

these amazing palm trees that

line the parade here . . . we’ve got

amazing people that are working


“I guess we get into automatic

mode as human beings when

we’re in business and just think

the CBD is where we need to be,

but it’s absolutely not.”


Father with young son looking

for a place to call home.

As Is, Where is property.

Anything considered.

Please phone Carlos

0275 296 560


PEGASUS POST Latest Christchurch news at

Tuesday March 5 2019 7

8 Tuesday March 5 2019

Latest Christchurch news at


DIGGING IN: Volunteers Julie Crook, Jordan Hampson, Tilia Mehrabi and Lewis Crook plant

natives near a log round walking path along the side of the Avon River.


New walking path adds

to beauty of riverbank

• By Matt Slaughter

THE RICHMOND end of the

Avon River looks even more

beautiful this week.

Last week, Richmond

Community Garden volunteers

teamed up with Phillipstownbased

organisation Greening

the Rubble, the Avon-Otakaro

Network and residents to bring

life to the river’s surroundings.

Greening the Rubble

community activator Jane Ash

said a small group of volunteers

got together to install a 25m log

round walking path along the

side of the river and a viewing

platform, which extends around

a large tree.

Each of the 22 logs will contain

one word of a poem by Teoti


The poem would be about

“kaitiakitanga,” which Jardine

said translated to “taking care


“It is about connecting people

to the place as well as the

memories of the place,” Jardine


The words will be inscribed on

the log rounds next week.

Ms Ash said Jardine had been

very involved in the Richmond

area after the earthquakes

as kaumatua of the Avon-

Ōtākaro Network.

She said he also blessed the

site before the project to beautify

the Avon River edge began in

September last year.

Richmond Community

Garden co-founder Cathy Allden

said projects like this mean a lot

to the community.

“It is important for Richmond

because so many people enjoy

that walk that goes along the

river loop.”

“If we can improve this

section of the river where

everyone utilises it, and make it

a destination, it will be great for

Richmond, it will be great for the

residents and it will be great for

people’s mental health who are

using that specific space.”


been renamed Whītau School.

The school held a ceremony to

celebrate the renaming on Friday.

A traditional whaka noa to

welcome the guests was followed

by the gifting of the new name by

Ngai Tahu representative Lynne

Ti Aika.

A Principal’s Gold Award was

also handed out to a pupil from

each of the school’s 11 classes

during the ceremony.

The awards went to pupils who

showcased the school’s values.

Whītau School deputy

principal Amy Collins said the

ceremony was hugely significant

for the school and a great


“It was wonderful to see all

students, staff, whānau and our

local and wider community

together in our school hall

celebrating this special occasion.”





Fire rages, homes at risk

Ceremony held to

change Linwood North

to Whītau School

“The official opening and

gifting of our name from Ngāi

Tahu signifies the start of a new

identity for our school. It allows

us to be recognised in the wider

community and not confused

with other local schools.”

The Principal’s Gold

Award winners were:

•Room 1 – Addison Aitken-


•Room 2 – Wendy Nathan

•Room 3 – Maia Gregory

•Room 4 – Alex Walker-


•Room 5 – Ruby Wilton

•Room 6 – Tyler Williams

•Room 7 – Israel Searle

•Room 8 – Alick Hutt

•Room 9 – Larissa Maat

•Room 10 – Samiuela


•Room 11 – Atiria Tutaki-


CHANGE: Several pupils received Principal’s Gold Awards at

a ceremony on Friday which was held to change the name of

Linwood North School to Whītau School.

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Tuesday March 5 2019 9


Smirnoff Ice Red 5% 12pk

Cruiser bottles/KGB cans all 12pks Blackheart/Wild Moose 12pk bottles

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Available from 1st – 31st March. Specials while stocks last. Available at participating stores.

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Tuesday March 5 2019

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Outdoor prices have dropped even

further so you can enjoy the last

days of summer in style!






Corner Lounge/Dining Set

Includes Corner Sofa, Dining Table

+ 2 x Ottomans





now $ 1799

Ego Egg Chair REDUCED Bistro Dining Table Bistro Dining Chair













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Modular Lounge Set

Includes Corner Sofa

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Cnr Blenheim & Curletts Rds, Christchurch

Ph: 0800 TARGET (0800 827438)

Offers and product prices advertised here expire 18/03/19.

Sale excludes Manchester and Accessories.

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Tuesday March 5 2019 11

NORTH WAI boardrider

Ava Henderson was crowned

champion of the under-16 girls

division at the Billabong Grom


Ava, 13, won the final round

of the series at Piha.

She came into the round with

the series lead after winning the

second event in Whangamata

and finishing as the runner-up

in the opening round at Mt

Maunganui. With bad weather

marching up the North Island’s

west coast before the final

round, the event was completed

in one big day with solid 1m

waves and light cross-onshore

wind at the south end of Piha.

Ava advanced to the final with

a score of 8.9 in her heat, which

was good enough for second.

In her final ride she took things

to another level, scoring a


12.0 to take the win ahead of

Taranaki’s Natasha Gouldsbury

(9.27), Piha’s Liv Haysom (8.76)

and Raglan’s Brie Bennett (8.4).

The teenager has been in a

rich vein of form this year. The

previous weekend she won both

the under-16 and under-18 girls

divisions in the third round of

the South Island Grom Series at

Curio Bay in the Catlins.

In the Billabong Grom Series


CHAMP: Ava Henderson

(left) continued her rich vein

of form this year, winning

the under-16 girls title at the

Billabong Grom Series.


Estella Hungerford finished

fourth in the under-18 girls

division final.

Ava rides to grom series title

under-18 girls division, North

Wai’s Tegan Bishop was unable

to keep her chances of winning

the series title alive but still

finished third in her heat.

Fellow North Wai boardrider

Estella Hungerford had a strong

showing at Piha. The 16-yearold

finished fourth in the final

of the under-18 girls division.

Earlier she won her semi-final

with a score of 11.5.

New seats

installed at

Linfield Park

• By Gordon Findlater

THE GRASS embankment at

Linfield Park is sporting a new

look ahead of the rugby season.

It is now home to 100 seats from

Lancaster Park which is currently

being demolished.

The seats have been constructed

near the halfway line underneath

the scoreboard on the main

ground at Linfield, opposite the

rugby clubrooms.

“As long as you don’t get that

easterly it’ll be a damn good spot

to watch the footy,” said Linwood

Rugby Club manager Aaron


The seats were purchased more

than 12 months ago by Flynn.

However, the placing of the seats

was put on the back burner until

this summer.

The installation of the seats

was carried out by former

Linwood player Shaun Lyons

and John Norton from Taurus


“They had to get some brackets

made up and have concreted them

in – they did it really well,” said


The seats will be in action this

weekend when Linwood’s premier

side play Methven for the Tane

Norton Cup. Linwood will host

Sydenham in their first match of

the premier metro competition on

March 30.

Restoring your confidence through your smile

Café lease

at Parklands Library

Full service Denture Clinic

and Laboratory

Caldent Denture Cleaner

Free Consultation

No Obligation

Ph: 385 5517 + 396 Innes Road, St Albans



It’s our


Anniversary Year!

Exciting opportunity for a passionate foodie to lease the

café space in the newly refurbished Parklands Library.

Café opportunity

Prime location next to

Parklands Shopping


Applications close midday 10 April.

42m 2 café space, use of

sunlit outdoor area

Library expected to

attract over 10,000

people per month

Register your interest on (reference 20710232)

Sunday 24th March

12 [Edition Tuesday datE] March 5 2019

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New Brighton


What’s on...

Every Saturday

New Brighton Seaside Market

10am to 2pm, Pedestrian Mall

Sunday 11 March

The Duke New Brighton Festival

Launch, 7.30 to 9.30pm, 115 Seaview Rd

Tuesday 13 March

The Duke Festival Art Gallery opening.

Fiksate Gallery, Brighton Mall 6pm

through to Sunday 18th 4pm

Friday 16 March

The Duke Surfing Competition,

NB Pier, 7am to Sunday 18th 2pm

The Duke Movie Night. Amphiteatre,

Marine Parade, 6pm to 9.30pm, (two

movies, Moana and Fish People).

Saturday 17 March

The Duke Dinner and Dance,

The New Brighton Club, Marine Pde

7.30pm to 12am

Sunday 18 March

The Duke Festival closing ceremony

and prize giving , The New Brighton

Club, Marine Pde, 6.30pm onwards

New Brighton gears up

for surf-themed festival

The New Brighton community and its

surfers are keenly anticipating the annual

Duke Festival of Surfing taking place in

New Brighton from March 11-17.

The event was instigated in 2016 to

honour Hawaain surfing legend Duke

Kahanamoku, who had arrived in New

Zealand in 1915 and went surfing at

New Brighton. A replica of his surfboard

was placed on the foreshore by the

Pier & Foreshore Society in 2015 to

commemorate that, with the annual

Duke Festival being launched the

following year.

Society member and event co-founder

Esther Perriam is playing a key role in

organising the 2019 Ray White New

Brighton Duke Festival of Surfing,

which aims to not only raise the profile

of surfing in New Brighton, but also to

lift community spirits and participation

in the eastern suburbs, benefit local

businesses from visitors coming for the

event and raise funds for indoor facilities

at the new hot salt water pool being

developed in New Brighton.

The festival is being launched on March

11 with a function for invited guests,

then on March 14 an art exhibtion,

titled Stoked 2019 – The Art of Surfing

and featuring works by artists and

photographers from Christchurch

and elsewhere, is being held at the

Level 1 Bar.

Several other events throughout the

week will add to the fun and excitement

of the festival. These include free

surfing lessons for 100 primary school

students from four local schools, an art

competition for local school children,

with the theme ‘My perfect Brighton

day’, and a free open air movie night on

Friday, March 15, with Finding Nemo

screening at 6pm and The Endless

Summer at 8pm.

Surf competitions will of course be be

a key feature of the festival, with short

board events for under 12s and under

20s and age group and open long board

events for men and women. These will

be held from March 15-17.

Competitors in the short board

events, which are sanctioned by

Surfing New Zealand and SISA, can

gain calendar points and potential

selection for the New Zealand surfing


For further information on this

exciting surf-themed community

event, visit

Estella Hungerford rides the waves

Crowds enjoying the free movie

at last year’s festival

• Key Cutting

• Trophies

• 21st Keys

• Zippo Lighters

The best

in the




• Shoe Repairs

• Engraving

• Watch Services

• Bag Repairs

Plus we stock a full range of

polishes, dyes and laces

121 New Brighton Mall Ph: 03 382 0399



TradeMe: 1249562/mothersuperior

0800 ITSTUFFED (0800 487 883)

Looking for a new computer?

Everything running slow?

Problems with Wi-Fi?

Need a website?

huge selection

of second hand


Barnabas Books

121 New Brighton Mall (next to Happy Feet)

Tues-Fri 10am-4pm Sat 10am-3pm


Mon - Fri:

8 am - 8 pm


10 am - 3 pm


Computer support for Home users and

Small to Medium Businesses.

Based in New Brighton - we're local!

What can New Brighton’s own

TV & HiFi store do for you?

Everyday solutions

We can supply

and or install;

• TV Aerials & cabling

• Phone & Data cabling

• Sound Systems &


• WiFi Solutions

• Computer Cables

Premium solutions

We can supply

and or install;

• Integrated Audio


• Full Custom Home


• Electrical Works

• Security Systems

We will price match where possible

61 New Brighton Mall, New Brighton

Call your local: 021 977 595 or 0508 AV SHOP


Brain fog, forgetful, feeling old, low energy, mood swings,

difficulty sleeping, pins & needles, numbness in legs

Up to 1 in 2 people may have a shrinking brain due to a lack of vitamin B12.

Supplementation of methylcobalamin B12 has been shown to reduce the rate of brain

shrinkage & support memory & brain function. B12 is also known to protect against

homocysteine a serious cardiovascular risk factor that can also damage the hearing,

eyesight & affect the mood. B12 is essential for energy, cell health & nerve function.


• Memory & Brain Performance

• Helps protect brain

from shrinking

• Energy & Recovery

• Nerve Function

• Vegetarian’s Diet

• Helps protect blood

vessels from damage

• Sleep

• Cellular Health & Repair

• Good Health

• Cardiovascular Health

See a


in as little as

48 hours!


Superior Methylcobalamin B12

(High Absorption Sublingual Lozenges)

100 Lozenges 200 Lozenges

Only $ 32 .90 Only $ 59 .80


Bringing You the Best in Natural Health



101 SEAVIEW RD, NEW BRIGHTON • PH 03 388 5757 • Email:


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New Brighton

Freshly cooked takeaways

to meet customer demand

For almost a quarter of a century,

Gourmet Seafoods QE2 in Travis Road,

North New Brighton has been providing

delicious, freshly cooked takeaways for

local residents.

Over that time, the range of items has

grown and developed to satisfy changing

customer tastes, says owner Peter, who runs

the business with his wife Helen, and today

they serve much more than the basics they

started with.

In addition to the standard fish and chips,

Gourmet Seafoods offers a selection of

specialty fish, including gurnard, tarakihi,

sole and blue cod, which can be crumbed

or battered. The seafood selection includes

fresh and cooked Bluff oysters in season,

Pacific oysters, scallops and mussels.

Entrée items include mini spring rolls

and corn nuggets, while hamburgers

are another popular choice, with a good

selection on offer.

“People like variety, so we try to give

them that,” says Peter.

He also introduced souvlakis to the

menu, filled with beef, chicken or lamb and

tzatziki sauce. Crispy chicken fillets have

been added to the souvlaki choices, and

Peter says these have proved very popular

with customers.

In fact, their crispy, crunchy batter for

fish and chicken has become a signature

item at Gourmet Seafoods, and is favoured

by many happy customers.

Their chips are hand-made and freshly

cooked every day. Always seeking to

improve their products, Peter and Helen

have changed from frozen to fresh chips, as

they have found that’s what their customers

prefer. They have also introduced glutenfree

items in response to customer demand.

To accompany the delicious hot food,

a wide selection of soft drinks is available

from the chiller.

Dedicated to the business, Peter is

carrying on a family tradition at Gourmet

Seafoods – he is the third generation of

his family to own a fish and chip shop.

His grandfather had a shop in Petone, and

his parents ran one in Wellington, while

his son Ben is a chef and also works parttime

at Gourmet Seafoods, along with staff

member John.

Gourmet Seafoods is located in the

Travis Road shopping centre at 251 Travis

Rd. They are open seven days a week, so

try them next time you fancy some tasty

takeaways and personal service.

Cnr Keyes & Bowhill Rd

North New Brighton

Ph: 382 0867


Design & Print

Business Cards







up to A0 Plan Printing

T-Shirt Printing


Picture Framing

and so much more…….


Crispy Crunchy Batter

Serving the Community for over

23 years with passion and pride

Great selection of crunchy and

tasty burgers, try one today!

* Specialty fish cooked to order… Blue Cod, Gurnard, Sole, Hoki, and more!


Ph: 388 2531, QEII Shopping Centre, 251 Travis Rd

Mon - Wed 11.30am - 8.30pm (Tues from 4.30pm), Thurs - Sat 11.30am - 9.00pm

Sun 12noon - 8.30pm, Daily break 3.15 - 4.30pm


• All vehicle repairs

• Oil changes and services

• Brakes • Loan car available

• Tyres, punctures & batteries

• W.O.F • Tune up

Your LocaL GaraGe



Phone: 03 388 3630

40 Hawke St (behind Z Petrol Station)

Your local friendly Bar

200gm Steak, Salad & Fries

Just $15.50 or 2 for $25

With a drink purchase on Monday nights

Buy a main meal & get another

for $5 Sunday nights. Conditions Apply

Chats Bar

251 Travis Road,

QEII Shopping Centre

Ph: 388 1566

Tuesday quiz nights

Wednesday karaoke

Thursday live music

Sky Sports

Courtesy van


Tuesday March 5 2019

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with Les Mills

Sunday 24 March


14km, 6km Community

Fun Run Event

It’s our


Anniversary Year!

EntEr NOW!

Entry $25 (children 10 and under free)

Available online now from or at these outlets

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Tuesday March 5 2019 15

JP Clinic at Shirley Library

Tuesday, 10am-1pm

A justice of the peace will be

available to members of the community

to witness signatures and

documents, certify document

copies, hear oaths, declarations,

affidavits or affirmations as well

as sign citizenship, sponsorship

or rates rebates applications. No


Shirley Library, 36 Marshland


SAYGo Steady As You Go falls

prevention exercise Class

Tuesday, 10am

This is a specially-designed

class to help you not to fall. There

will be a $2 koha entry. There is

no booking fee required, those

interested are invited to just turn

up on the day and see what the

class can do for them.

Parklands Community

Centre (opposite the shops

in Queenspark Drive)

Reading to dogs

Tuesday, 3.30-4.30pm and

Thursday, 3.30-4.30pm

This programme is designed

to provide an atmosphere which

encourages children to develop

their reading skills and a love for

reading in front of some furry


Shirley Library, 36 Marshland


Email by

5pm each Wednesday

Ascot Sit and Be Fit

Wednesday, 1-2pm and on

Thursday, 9.30am-10.30am

Go along and complete a

class, which lets you complete a

number of exercises without even

leaving your chair. The cost of the

class is $4 and with this, you’ll

get a cup of tea or coffee.

Ascot Community Centre on

Ascot Ave in Parklands.

Wā Pēpi / Babytimes

Tuesday, 11.15-11.45am,

Wednesday and Thursday, 10.30-


Go along with your little one

for an interactive programme

including music, movement,

rhymes and a story.

Aranui Library Tuesday, New

Brighton Library Wednesday,

Shirley Library Thursday

Scrabble Club

Wednesday, 1.30-3.30pm

Go along to the Scrabble

Club. No obligation, just go

along when you can and join the

friendly group. All materials are

supplied. No fee.

Shirley Library, 36 Marshland


Technology help drop-in


Thursday, 3.30-4.30pm

Go along to a drop-in session

for help with email, searching

the internet, using the library

catalogue, eBooks, and general

computer queries.

Shirley Library, 36 Marshland


Cards Club

Friday, 1.30–3.30pm

This weekly club is on every

Friday, just go along and join the

fun. Free, no bookings required.

Shirley Library, 36 Marshland


Shirley Library’s Culture


Friday, 3.45-4.45pm

Go along and make new

friends, practice English and

learn about New Zealand and


Shirley Library, 36 Marshland


New Brighton Seaside Market

Saturday, 10am-2pm

Held at Brighton mall every

Saturday, just across the road

from the beach and the new children’s


New Brighton Pedestrian Mall

Super Saturday Storytimes

Saturday, 11am-11.30am

Go and enjoy Storytimes, an

interactive programme including

stories, songs, rhymes and play!

This is a free session.

Shirley Library, 36 Marshland


Mahjong Group

Saturday, 2-4pm

Learn to play Mahjong at

Shirley library. For beginners

and advanced players alike. If

you have your own set, please

take it along, otherwise go

along and join in a friendly


The Christchurch

Symphony Orchestra’s

Trails through the

library event will be

held at New Brighton

Library tomorrow

between 10.30 and

11.15am. This will be

a performance filled

with song, dance and

storytelling and caters

specifically to two to

six-year-olds. This

performance features

a harp, flute and violin

trio. This is a free

performance with no

bookings required.

Shirley Library, 36 Marshland


The Monday Makers Club

Monday, 3.30-4.30pm

Go along to weekly after school

making sessions for kids! A range

of activities varying in theme,

week by week. Free of Charge, no

booking required.

New Brighton Library, 213

Marine Pde

Activity Zone

Monday, 3.45-4.45pm

Go and have fun at Activity

Zone after-school club. There

will be technology, games,

crafts and books. Suitable for

ages six to 10. Caregivers, please

remain in the library during

the session.​ Free, no bookings


Shirley Library, 36 Marshland


16 Tuesday March 5 2019

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Modern lifestyle living in Geraldine

Single Assisted

Care Unit

2019 has started with a bang! McKenzie Lifestyle Village in

Geraldine welcomes the start of stage 8. Offering Assisted Care

Units central to the leisure centre, Independent Living in either

Single or Double Units. This will allow those wishing to have

discreet help on hand whilst retain an independent lifestyle.

The handy location will allow full access to all the facilities and

activities the village calendar offers. We hope August will see us

welcome the first residents to this lovely facility.

Some 113 Independent villas make up our modern development

anything from 2 bedrooms with Single Garage to a larger 3

bedrooms, master ensuite and Double Garage. The hub of

village life in the Leisure Centre offers everything from Indoor

Swimming Pool / Spa, gymnasium, Hair Salon, Treatment Room

(Podiatrist / Massage Therapist), Craft Room, Lounge and a wellstocked

library of some 2,000 books and dvds. Outside take in

the generous seating surrounding the Bowling Green, Petanque,

Mini Golf, Table Bowls, Croquet and Putting Green. If that wasn’t

enough to fill your day the activities calendar boasts monthly

events from concerts, lunch outings, shopping Trips and Qigong

to name just a few.

Geraldine is a great little town with a big heart - welcoming all.

Nestled among the foothills of the Southern Alps where people

still greet one another by name and popping to the supermarket

for a pint of milk often becomes a social outing in its own right.

The town has a long proud diverse history and being along the gateway

to the southern lakes and Mt Cook/Aoraki, your friends and family will

be visiting regularly!

To see if McKenzie Lifestyle Village is right for you, pop in or call

Hayley Grant on 0800 845524 / 027 6938340

Double Assisted

Care Unit

Single Assisted Care Unit

with sunroom

Available villas Make 2019 your fresh start - call to view today!

WOODBURY - 143m 2

2 bedrooms + study, seperate second toilet, underfloor heating, double

garage, north facing, spacious open bright location.

BelfielD Villa - 108m 2

2 bedrooms, fully refurbished, spacious living, modern kitchen,

single car garage, north facing to soak up the sun.


FREEPHONE. 0800 845 524 LANDLINE. 03 693 8340



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Tuesday [Edition March 5 datE] 2019 17 3


How to support

healthy weight loss

One of the big reasons we

gain weight especially as we

get older is our metabolism

slows down. Metabolism is

the process by which our

bodies convert what we eat

and drink into energy. That

energy is what allows our

body to operate. With a slower

metabolism we often feel like

eating more leading to more

weight gain and less energy.

If we try to do more exercise

with a slower metabolism

often this has little benefit

as we feel hungrier and eat


GO HEALTHY NZ have recently released

an advanced new weight management

formula “CAPSI-SLIM” that contains

clinically researched ingredients. The first

new ingredient Capsimax ® has been shown

to support energy production, healthy

metabolism as well as Lipolysis the breakdown

of stored fat for energy. The formula

also contains Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA

from Garcinia cambogia. HCA has been

shown to help control the appetite so we feel

like eating less. HCA also helps manage your

stress levels preventing excessive emotional

eating. As well as this it also helps reduce the

amount of fat being stored in the body but

instead helps burn this stored fat for energy.

Green tea extract is another

nutrient in the formula that

can help activate the central

nervous system, which in

turn increases the body’s

metabolic rate, decreases fat

absorption and is a powerful

antioxidant. The next nutrient

is chromium a trace mineral

that is essential to stabilize the

body’s blood sugar levels but

is often lacking in our diet.

Chromium may help reduce

carbohydrate and sugar

cravings while increasing

lean body mass. It has been

shown to stimulate weight

loss in people with obesity. The last nutrient

iodine is lacking in the New Zealand

diet. Sufficient iodine is essential for the

production of thyroid hormones, which

regulate the metabolic energy of the body.

As well as weight gain iodine deficiency can

lead to diseases and reduced life-span.

The Natural Health Advisers at Marshall’s

Health & Natural Therapy are happy to help

you with your weight loss goals. Everyone

is different and we can help you choose the

most suitable supplements for best results.

Come and see us in our new larger

store at 101 Seaview Road, New Brighton

or phone us on 388-5757. We are always

happy to help!

Modern diet leads to illness!

It’s not what you eat but what you absorb

Two Australian Naturopaths Stephen

and Shane noticed at the end of the 20th

century more and more of their patients

were experiencing gut, bowel and digestive

issues that were often leading to more

serious chronic health conditions. Being

Naturopaths they wanted to find what was

going wrong and began extensive research.

What they found was although their clients

were generally eating good food they were

not obtaining all the nutrients required for

good health from this food. Further research

showed one of the main problems was the

digestive system, “it’s not what you eat but

what you absorb.” Another well-known

problem is the soils the crops are grown in

have been depleted of many trace elements

and other nutrients that are known to be

essential for good health and therefore the

crops and food are also depleted. If we do

not obtain all the nutrients we require the

body will compensate to some degree but

a lack of too many nutrients will eventually

lead to health issues.

Based on this they

developed VITAL

GREENS, now called


ONE, a nutrient dense

powdered formula

that provides superior

absorption as well

as comprehensive

nutrition. They

decided on a

powdered formula

that could be made

as a great tasting drink because liquid

nutrition is the easiest way for the body

to absorb nutrients especially if digestive

issues are present. The formula provides

78 vital ingredients that work together in

synergy optimising each other’s absorption

and benefits. Vital Greens contains a

carefully balanced blend of nutritionally

rich greens, vegetables, fruits, minerals,

vitamins, essential fatty acids, plant and

herbal extracts, superfoods, powerful

antioxidants, probiotics, essential amino

acids, digestive enzymes, fibre plus a

uniquely alkalising pea protein. It provides

superior nutrition to a multivitamin and

just about anyone will benefit from it. It is

designed to provide all the nutrients the

body requires for good health. It is also ideal

for those in poor health, those recovering

from injury or sickness, children, athletes,

poor eaters and the elderly. It is also suitable

for people with dietary restrictions and is

gluten, wheat and dairy free. VITAL ALL-

IN-ONE will help remove toxic waste from

the body while supporting all organs. You’ll

often notice more energy and endurance,

better sleep, a more positive mood,

skin problems improving, less sickness,

improved eyesight and overall better more

optimum health.

Further information and how to obtain

the maximum benefits from VITAL ALL-

IN-ONE as well as tastings is available

from the Natural Health Advisers at

Marshall’s Health & Natural Therapy,

101 Seaview Road, New Brighton, Phone:

388-5757. We are always happy to help!

you can stop him

snoring with a


Why put up with a broken

night’s sleep?

Ph 377-4318 or 027 682 1752




Would you

like to profile

and grow your


For feature advertising

please phone

Jenny Wright

03 364 7446 or 021 220 3484

A Leader in Healthcare

Excellence for the

Older Person

Lady Wigram

Retirement Village

210 Kittyhawk Ave,


Phone 03 341 0543

Golden Age

Retirement Village

96 Harewood Road,


Phone 03 375 0720


Rest Home

137 Barrington Street,


Phone 03 332 5897

Hoon Hay House


16 Anvers Place,

Hoon Hay

Phone 03 335 0297


Retirement Village

29 Alport Place,


Phone 03 384 5046

Camellia Court

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Rest Home

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Hoon Hay

Rest Home

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Hoon Hay

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wanting to lose some weight?

GO CAPSI-SLIM contains clinically researched natural ingredients to support a healthy metabolism, help

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Tuesday March 5 2019

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PEGASUS [Edition POST datE]

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of air quality

Choosing the

right heat pump

for your home

The quality of the air we breathe

affects our health and ability to

perform. We breathe in and out

approximately 20,000 litres of

air every day. It is therefore very

important to ensure good air

quality indoors through adequate

ventilation. Ventilation is the

process of air exchange to provide

the necessary air quality that meets

the needs of the occupants for clean,

fresh air. Low oxygen with high

carbon dioxide causes stuffiness

in the room and occupants can

feel drowsy. Invisible harmful

substances like a high content of

dust and tobacco smoke are harmful

and can cause various diseases. Even

bad smells can cause discomfort

or irritate the nervous system. In

summer, it’s easy to open windows

for cross ventilation, however as

winter approaches, we start to shut

up out houses to trap in the heat and

as a result, air quality can decline.

Ventilation includes both the

exchange of air to the outside as

well as circulation of air within

the building. It is one of the

most important factors for maintaining

acceptable indoor air quality in buildings.

Filtered air supply for summer and filtered

and warmed air in winter creates a healthy

environment in which to live and work. In

case of poor or insufficient air intake from

outside, the oxygen content decreases,

humidity and dustiness levels increase. If

exhaust ventilation is not provided or it is

not effective, polluted air, smells, humidity

and harmful substances are not removed.

To ensure the quality of your air, contact

the experts. Smooth-Air Products can

calculate the required air exchange for

your building requirement.

Smooth-Air offers a wide range

of ventilation equipment, from

air vents to ducting for fans,

for both the commercial and

domestic markets. They have

an extensive range of fans and

ventilation components instore

but they can also provide

innovative solutions tailored to

differing requirements.

You can contact Smooth-Air on

0800 SMOOTH (0800 766684).

Are you struggling with the heat of

Summer or wanting to get organised for

Winter? With the ever changing weather

patterns, heat pumps have the flexibility

of being able to heat and cool which is an

advantage no other appliance can offer. This

represents great value for your investment

as you can use it all year round. The team

at Enviro Master Ltd can help keep you

cool this Summer either at home or work.

Enviro Master supplies, installs and services

all the leading brands including Panasonic,

Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Daikin. This means

our team can show you which system and

brand will best suit your needs.

With new regulations coming in for

Landlords to provide heating in rentals,

now is a great time to beat the 1st of

July deadline. Inadequate heating and

ventilation can lead to mould growth and

dampness in your property, leading to

costlier maintenance and an unhealthy

living environment. Providing a fixed

heater with a higher heat output and lower

running costs, like a heat pump, will enable

your tenants to heat the area effectively.

It will also discourage them from using

unflued gas heaters which can make a

house damp and mouldy.

It is important to remember, when

selecting an installer, the manufacturer’s

warranty does not cover the installation

and consumers could be responsible for

any repair or damage caused to the system

due to poor installation. Enviro Master’s

five-star installation guarantee ensures

correct installation, and a demonstration

so customers have an understanding on

how it will best meet their needs.

For a free in home consultation, call

Enviro Master on 366 0525 or visit our

showroom at 41A Shakespeare Rd,

Waltham, Christchurch.


Ventilation Equipment Suppliers










Amazin’ Autumn Specials!!


inline fans

Axial inline fans

Axial fans Axial fans Bathroom fans

Window fans

• We will offer you the best quality brands and

option of heat pump for your home/business

• Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 17 years to Cantabrians

• We personally guarantee all our products & installs for 5 years

(providing annual maintenance has been completed)

Phone us today for your free consultation & quote


PHONE 03 366 0525

“A local team for local people”


(0800 766 684)



264 Annex Rd



03 343 6184

for the



Monday - Friday

7.30am - 5pm


Tuesday March 5 2019

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Calling for exhibitors


Sunday 25th August, 2019 Air Force Museum, Christchurch

To exhibit at this fantastic show, please email for more info.

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An inspiring lifestyle retreat

869 Purau Port Levy Road, Port Levy

By negotiation – realistic vendor

5-6 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 2-3 living rooms | 4 outdoor sheds | 3 bay barn/garage (1.23 hectares approx. Title pending) | Listing Number; 8453

As they say there is no substitute for quality

and this home has that in spades.

North facing, sheltered, and nestled amongst

mature trees and gardens this superbly built

spacious light and airy home of about 337m2

enjoys lovely sea and rural views and is also

very private.

Comprising 5/6 very generous bedrooms,

3 bathrooms including an en suite, and 2/3

living areas. The kitchen and lounge are

enormous, the hallways wide and most of the

rooms open on to covered verandah giving

shelter in Winter and shade in Summer. The

main living area is octagonal in shape and is

huge with a large wood-burner and also opens

onto the verandah and lawn area giving great

indoor outdoor flow.

The farm house style kitchen features plenty

of storage, a Rayburn stove connected to a

wetback and the entire house is centrally

heated with a diesel burner supplying hot

water radiators. Fully insulated throughout

and with double glazed cedar joinery you can

see and feel no expense has been spared on

this build.

The land (1.23 hectares approx. Title pending)

is a mixture of lawns, native plantings a

paddock and 2 very well established orchards.

There are 4 outdoor sheds, a good sized 3 bay

barn/garage, lockable with concrete floor,

3 phase power and toilet and good water

supplies with a spring and deep water bore.

This property gives many options due to its

size, i.e. extended family or Airbnb etc. etc.

and only a 12 minute drive to the Diamond

Harbour ferry giving access to Lyttelton and

the city.

This is the perfect opportunity to have the

lifestyle without having too much to look

after, a chance to be semi self-sufficient and all

this only 45 minutes approx. drive from the


Only approx. 10 years old, to build this now

to this quality would cost well in excess of

the asking price so this is great buying in a

beautiful location.

For a private viewing, please contact Tim

Dunningham of Min Sarginson Real Estate

(Licensed Agent REAA 2008), phone 027

651 5474 or 329 4161

growing with you June 2018 | 100%

Plants For

winter wow

Cool Choices

For Colour

& Contrast

From swamp

to sea views

The journey

begins with sarah

the Gardener

$7.90 incl. GST

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Birdlife Photo

Competition to win

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clear the air

Why groWing

indoor PLAnTs is

so good for you

give it a grow

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To chinese


We hAve your

groWing TiPs


the latest releases

into the rose world

+ rose care

through winter

The magazine for

gardeners who like to get

their hands dirty


$43. 50*

*6 issues/6 months


0800 77 77 10


22 Tuesday March 5 2019

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If you want more information about an item or to contact a

seller, visit and search the ID#

Impala Jet Boat

Tasman 20 Trailer Sailer

Volkswagen Beetle

98 Suzuki DR 350

2006 Holden Commodore SV6

Oregon Bench Seat (oiled)


ID 27221


ID 27076


ID 26025


ID 27276


ID 27087


ID 22848

2009 Lunar Freelander Caravan 2005 Mazda Premacy 2.0L

Heron Dome Tent

Kuhn Power Harrows

2014 Willet Tandem Discs

2001 Mazda MPV


ID 27291


ID 26994


ID 27157


ID 27128

$20,000 ono

ID 27120


ID 27075

Tandem Trailer

Rabbit/Guinea Pig Hutches

Kune Kune Piglets

1962 Bedford J2 Tipper

Honda Fit

2005 Mitsubishi Colt


ID 27074


ID 26693


ID 26685


ID 22042


ID 26280


ID 26715

Mazda RX8

Oak Drawers With Brass Handles

Quad Trailer

Fish Tanks & Equipment

Mitsubishi Diamante 3.5 V6

Folding Mobility Scooter


ID 22809


ID 27155

See Seller

ID 27149


ID 27131


ID 17224


ID 27299

Drill Press

Compass Reflection Caravan 6m

Subaru Legacy TS-R (non turbo)

Land-Rover 4WD Camper

Ingersol Rand Rattle Gun

Nissan Serena People Mover


ID 27118


ID 25336


ID 27082


ID 27294


ID 26130


ID 27072

Samsung Fridge Freezer

Martin Acoustic Travel Guitar

Old Sailing Ship HMS Bounty

Ford Falcon S/W

Oregon Cabinet (Custom-built)

Honda TRX 300


ID 27070


ID 27038


ID 27033


ID 22603


ID 26906


ID 26895


2007 Kia Rio

Playpen Mat

Cow Magnets & China Cow

Zephyr 460 Plan A

Mitsubishi Grandis

$1,600 Offers Accepted

ID 21212


ID 26860


ID 26839


ID 26836


ID 24933


ID 26882


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Caravans, Motorhomes

& Traliers

CARAVAN Wanted to

buy. Up to $5000 cash

today 027 488-5284.

Collision Repairs

QEII Collision Repairs.

Free Courtesy Cars

(conditions apply),All

Insurance work,Rust

Repairs &Private work.


Free pickup & delivery.

Ph. 03 388 5187

Community Events



want to have a drink that’s

your business. If you want

to stop, we can help. Phone

0800 229-6757

Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Health & Beauty



Deluxe Package

Footpod offers a complete array of

footcare services to help you overcome

problems and maintain healthy feet.

. Athletes foot

. Fungus nails

. Ingrown toenails



Australia QLD





All Units Have Ocean Views.

Heated Pools, Spa & Sauna,

Free Wifi, Tennis

& Mini Golf.



0061 7 5443 5011

JUNE to AUG temps 20C

. Warts, corns,

calluses & bunions

. General foot care

021 900 977

27 Forfar St, CHCH |

Trades & Services


• New Builds

• Renovations, extensions

• Repairs and maintenance

• Plastering and painting

Ring Mark

027 229 7310

for a free quote


Locally owned & operated with

over 30 years experience.

• Extensions & repair • Roof coating

• Concrete & clay tiles • Butynol

• Malthoid • Asbestos Certified

• Coloursteel • Old iron • Guttering

Phone Dave 981 0278

or 021 223 4200



Trades & Services


★Garden Clean-ups


★Lawn Mowing

★Garden Maintenance

Call us today for a FREE quote

PH 0800 4 546 546

(0800 4 JIMJIM)



Are you

moving house

or trying to


Call All Clear

Canterbury. We work

with you to recycle,

sell and dispose of

unwanted items.

Ph: 03 260 0934

or 021 078 4553

Trades & Services


Decks, T & G Flooring,

Villa Restoring, New

Homes, Weatherboards.

Free Quotes. Bennet &

Sons Ltd Sam 027 496-

9362 or Tony 027 224-


Trades & Services


CARPET & Vinyl


Exp Repairs, uplifting,

relaying, restretching.


ph John on 0800 003 181

or 027 2407416


All styles and shapes,

gates, wooden, ph Mark

0273 313-223


Glass repairs - pet doors

- conservatory roofs. Exp

Tradesman. Call Bill on

022 413 3504 or 981-1903


You Grow I Mow. Free

quotes. Ph / text Chris 021

252 1801



All int /ext painting.

Comp rates. I stand by

Canterbury. Wayne 385-

4348, 027 274 3541



All int /ext painting.

Comp rates. I stand by

Canterbury. Wayne 385-

4348, 027 274 3541



PLUMBING Certifying

Plumber for all types of

plumbing, maintenance,

spouting, alterations etc.

Phone 352-7402 or 0274-


SPOUTing ClEAning

Spouting Unblocked,

Cleaned Out and Flushed

Out. Call Trevor 332 8949

or 021 043 2034

Trades & Services



Earthquake Repairs, Grind

Out & Repoint, River/

Oamaru stone, Schist,

Volcanic Rock, Paving,

all Alterations new & old,

Quality Workmanship,

visit www.featureworks. or ph 027 601-3145

STUMP gRinDing

Best price guarantee Tony

0275 588 895


35 years exp, no job

too small. Ph Ross 027




Repairs, tvs, microwaves,

audio amps, soundbars.

.Aerial & satellite

installations, kitsets, 480D

Moorhouse Ave, ph 03 379



& all camera tapes

converted to DVD, video

taping special occasions,

ph 03 338-1655



LESSONS $15 subsidy

per lesson for 1st 5 lessons.

Canterbury Accordion

Assoc welcomes new

players. All ages. Ph 359-

6615 / 027 323 5943


25 yrs experience. All

styles, all levels. Ph 0274

677 457

Wanted To Buy

AAA Buying goods

quality furniture, beds,

stoves, washing machines,

fridge freezers. Same day

service. Selwyn Dealers.

Phone 980 5812 or 027

313 8156

A+ Household effects,

fridges, freezers, washing

machines, ovens. Good

cash paid. Ph Paul 022

0891 671

TOOLS Garden,

garage, woodworking,

mechanical, engineering,

sawbenches, lathes, cash

buyer, ph 355-2045

It’s our





45th Anniversary

Retro T-shirt

available now

Sunday 24th March, 2019

24 Tuesday March 5 2019

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We have courses at

all levels: Where would you

like to start?

Level 1

the ultimate



FREE 19 week course! Earn credits towards NCEA,

gain your learner driver licence, complete a range

of practical taster courses like barista training, early

childhood, driving quad bikes and tractors.

For more info txt 'ULTIMATE' to 027 557 8839


and forces


FREE 19 week course! Earn credits towards NCEA and gain your

COA for free. Both theory and practical based. Learn conflict

management, door entry and exit control, security requirements,

industry knowledge, digital security and more...

For more info txt 'SECURE' to 027 557 8839

Level 2

Level 3

business admin & technology

Looking for an administration role? This FEES FREE 20 week course

will give you the skills to work in a modern office, covering advanced

use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and other computer based

business applications.

For more info txt 'OFFICE' to 027 557 8839

modern office


early childhood education

This is a full year course at University Level 5 for ages 17+.

Gain a NZ Diploma in Early Childhood! Following your year with us,

you can secure a role at an Early Childhood Centre, and study the

rest of the degree through Open Polytechnic.

UE not required to enrol in this programme!

For more info txt 'ECE' to 027 557 8839

start your CAREER


Level 5

50 Hazeldean Road, Addington

0800 834 834

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