Best 40 Nursing Capstone Project Ideas Bsn in 2019


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Best 40 Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Bsn in 2019

If you have experience writing it, a nursing capstone project is not that

hard to complete. However, if you have none, the opposite applies. If you don’t

know where to begin, one of the most important aspects of your success is to

find a topic you’re passionate about. This should be more than enough to ensure

you stick with it to the very end.

Bsn capstone nursing project ideas act as a source of inspiration

By studying ​nursing capstone project ideas bsn​, it becomes what you

should be aiming for. In a way, it’s taking a concept that’s proven to work and

adding your own spin to it. By doing that, you won’t be shooting in the dark,

and yet have the opportunity to expand on a topic that’s relevant to your chosen

field of study at the same time.

Don’t forget to be original. It’s important to be creative with your bsn

capstone project ideas – come up with your own. Don’t just copy a title

someone else came up with. Going for something similar is entirely okay

though. With that in mind, let’s jump straight into the capstone project ideas

we’ve prepared for you:

1. What are the top nursing methods to take care of the elderly?

2. What is dementia and who does it affect the most?

3. What is ADHD and what is the best way to manage it?

4. What is occupational medicine and its main challenges?

5. The way probiotics help prevent diarrhea

6. How can we prevent obesity?

7. The evolution of healthcare – how was it in the years gone by?

8. What challenges do novice neurosurgeons often face?

9. Sleep disorder management – what’s the best way to go about it?

10. Patients with heart failure – what do they need to avoid doing?

11. Hospitals and best practices of nursing

12. Do diabetes patients need special care?

13. How does one contract Lyme disease?

14. Monitoring requirements for sleep apnea

15. Different types of nursing models: an overview

16. Different types of STDs

17. Can a young person develop cardiac problems?

18. What does it take to become a registered nurse?

19. Do asthma patients need special care?

20. Who is at risk of suffering a stroke and

21. What methods are best for reducing the risk of contracting an STD?

22. Different ways of regulating blood pressure

23. What is the effect of ammonia?

24. Can we differentiate between typical and atypical pneumonia?

25. Types of birth defects – can we avoid them?

26. What is the right way to treat brain injuries?

27. The essence of breast cancer prevention program

28. The most shocking statistics of cancer

29. How can environmental medicine benefit our society?

30. What is chronic wasting disease and its defining symptoms?

31. Everything you need to know about clean indoor air act

32. Do pregnant women have special needs?

33. What potentially dangerous chemicals can find their way into

drinking water?

34. BRCA mutations and everything you need to know about them

35. How can we disinfect water efficiently?

36. What are non-pharmacological methods?

37. Types of pain management

38. Losing weight – what types of diets are the best?

39. HPV vaccination – what to look out for?

40. Tips for managing irritable bowel syndrome


There are a lot of ideas for nursing capstone projects on the Internet or

you can choose one from the list above. Anyway, don’t be afraid to choose the

most interesting topic for you and make a fantastic capstone project!

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capstone project ideas:

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