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March 2019<br />


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Wages Growth in Thailand Expected at Around 5.5 Percent<br />

Bangkok Resale Condo Market Continues to Grow<br />

Bangkok in the Top 20 of the City Momentum Index<br />


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Is your Digital Marketing agency<br />

ripping you off?<br />

PDS Consulting Solutions<br />

are an international Digital<br />

Solutions agency specialising<br />

in marketing and<br />

branding for small to<br />

medium enterprises.<br />

With office in<br />

Asia and Europe<br />

they serve a wide<br />

range of clients<br />

and a lot of their<br />

work entails<br />

helping<br />

compa-<br />

nies recover from<br />

bad experiences with Digital<br />

Marketing agencies.<br />

As with any other industry there are a<br />

lot of scammers, fraudsters and generally low<br />

skilled individuals offering their services as Digital<br />

Marketing ‘experts’.<br />

If you are unlucky enough to come across<br />

these people and trust them with your online endeavours<br />

then at best you may lose money but<br />

at worst you could lose your business.<br />

If you are unsure whether your digital marketing<br />

agency is ripping you off, read the tell tale<br />

signs below:<br />

<strong>BUS</strong>INESS <strong>SUP</strong>PLEMENT<br />

No Numbers To Support Digital Marketing<br />

Campaign’s Performance<br />

In view of all of its advantages over traditional<br />

marketing, there is one benefit of Digital Marketing<br />

that stands out above the rest. This is Digital Marketing’s<br />

ability to track the campaign’s performance and<br />

provide you with accurate numbers in real time.<br />

Having numbers allows you to monitor which<br />

strategies are working; which ones are contributing<br />

to your targeted goal and generating ROI. Real-time<br />

data also gives you a better idea of your audience<br />

demographics and their online behavioral patterns.<br />

Who are reading the blogs? Where do they<br />

come from? How do they access your content?<br />

Which time of day and night are they most<br />

active? How many of my targeted audience<br />

has pushed through with my Callto-Action?<br />

The Digital Marketing agency<br />

should provide you with numbers as<br />

the basis for assessing the performance<br />

of the campaign. A reputable<br />

agency is one that is willing to take you<br />

through the entire process. And part of<br />

the process is realizing that results take<br />

time to achieve.<br />

An honest Digital Marketing agency is<br />

not afraid to show you that every campaign<br />

goes through growth stages. That even<br />

the best agencies in the business make<br />

mistakes.<br />

However, the advantage of Digital<br />

Marketing is that the availability of<br />

analytics; these numbers being<br />

presented to you, makes it possible<br />

for the agency to implement<br />

changes in the campaign.<br />

Remember the old saying in business development,<br />

“Strategy follows numbers; not the<br />

other way around.”<br />

The Agency Pushes You To “Go Big”<br />

Right Off The Bat<br />

If a Digital Marketing agency tells you to “Go big<br />

or go home”, or passes this line by you, “Digital marketing<br />

is an investment; the larger the investment, the<br />

higher the return”, terminate the meeting right away<br />

and tell the ad agency to go home.<br />

Another great thing about Digital Marketing is that<br />

it is scalable. You can easily add new processes to<br />

its framework once analytics validate that<br />

results are becoming more consistent.<br />

Likewise, you can remove processes<br />

that are not generating significant ROI.<br />

A Digital Marketing agency that<br />

pushes you to do a massive, ambitious<br />

campaign right away with all<br />

the bells and whistles, is only thinking<br />

about their company’s interests.<br />

There is a direct relationship<br />

between the size of your<br />

campaign and the needed investment.<br />

Put simply, you will<br />

need a larger budget to pull<br />

off an ambitious campaign.<br />

Every process that is<br />

added unto the initial Digital<br />

Marketing framework only guarantees<br />

one party in the agreement of sure-fire<br />

earnings: The agency. You will be footing<br />

their bill while the fate of your campaign<br />

remains shrouded in uncertainty.<br />

The truth is you don’t have to go big with Digital<br />

Marketing right away.<br />

Social media marketing is one of the cornerstones<br />

of a sound Digital Marketing strategy. At Mountaintop,<br />

we advise our Digital Marketing to choose only 2 to<br />

3 social media marketing platforms to start out with.<br />

Having only 2 to 3 social media platforms to monitor<br />

makes it easier to track performance. We also<br />

lessen the client’s exposure to risk. With regular<br />

analytics and campaign benchmarking, we can<br />

determine with greater certainty if we should<br />

add or remove processes to the campaign.<br />

Your Approval Is Sought<br />

On Every Decision<br />

As the client, it<br />

is within reason for<br />

the agency to discuss any change in<br />

plans with you. That is, after all, professional<br />

courtesy. However, be wary if your Digital<br />

Marketing agency always seeks your stamp of<br />

approval in every decision.<br />

Isn’t the Digital Marketing agency the expert in<br />

this arrangement? Even if the client funds the campaign,<br />

he/she will not be in the best position to give<br />

the right call every time.<br />

When the agency seeks your go-signal before<br />

implementing a plan or course of action, it may only<br />

be doing so to pass accountability to you. If something<br />

goes wrong, the agency can just tell you, “Well,<br />

you approved it.” On the other hand, if the plan is a<br />

success, the agency will bask in the glory and take<br />

credit for it.<br />

The keyword in Digital Marketing is collaboration.<br />

The agency is the architect of the campaign.<br />

The client trusts that his/her best interests will be<br />

served by the agency.<br />

The agency should exhibit transparency even<br />

before the campaign gets rolling. While no one can<br />

predict the outcomes of a Digital Marketing strategy,<br />

the agency is responsible for setting expectations.<br />

This includes discussing scenarios that run adverse<br />

to the campaign and the alternative courses of action.<br />

If you would like an independent audit of the<br />

work your digital agency are carrying out we also<br />

offer this service and you can schedule an appointment<br />

by emailing<br />

sales@pdsconsultingsolutions.com<br />

High Tower Co., Ltd. Tel: 038 411 009<br />

For all your advertising enquiries - Tel: 0846 77 43 60

<strong>BUS</strong>INESS <strong>SUP</strong>PLEMENT<br />




Real salary growth and wage<br />

stagnation are a hot topic across<br />

the globe as wage and salary<br />

earners struggle to keep pace with<br />

the rising costs of living. Yet there’s<br />

relatively good news for Thailand’s<br />

workforce in the recent release of<br />

the Korn Ferry 2019 Global Salary<br />

Forecast.<br />

Korn Ferry has Thailand in fifth<br />

position out of 110 countries when<br />

it comes to real salary growth for<br />

2019, the 5.5 percent expected<br />

increase placing it behind the<br />

Ukraine, Turkey, India and Vietnam<br />

and tied with<br />

Azerbaijan. Rising<br />

inflation, expected<br />

at 1.6 percent,<br />

will restrict real<br />

salary growth<br />

down<br />

to 3.9 percent.<br />

Thailand’s economy expanded<br />

at its fastest pace for six years in<br />

2018 with GDP growth estimated<br />

at around 4.5 percent. Unemployment<br />

sits at a low of 0.9 percent,<br />

although this figure is often<br />

skewed by the number of people<br />

who simply choose not to work for<br />

any length of time and rely on family<br />

and friends for financial support.<br />

GDP is expected to drop slightly<br />

this year to 4.3 percent.<br />

In global economic terms, it appears<br />

Thailand is well-placed in a<br />

general sense to ride out the looking<br />

signs of a worldwide economic<br />

slowdown and the impact of potential<br />

trade wars as well as inevitably<br />

rising interest rates.<br />

Korn<br />

Ferry’s<br />

forecasts<br />

uses a massive pay<br />

database which holds data<br />

on around 20 million employed<br />

people in 25,000 organisations in<br />

110 countries.<br />

With this information in mind,<br />

Korn Ferry notes that Asia will<br />

probably be the region which witnesses<br />

the highest real salary<br />

growth with an overall expected<br />

rise of around 2.6 percent for<br />

2019. Eastern Europe is looking at<br />

a two percent rise.<br />

The company makes it clear<br />

that while inflation indices are a<br />

strong benchmark for looking at<br />

market trends when it<br />

comes to wages<br />

and salaries, it<br />

suggests organisations<br />

need<br />

to take<br />

a broader perspective<br />

by setting<br />

their own benchmarks according<br />

to local trading conditions.<br />

So-called flat-lining<br />

in wages growth has<br />

been a feature<br />

of the overall<br />

global workplace<br />

ever<br />

since<br />

the Global<br />

Financial<br />

Crisis (GFC)<br />

which reared<br />

its ugly head just<br />

over a decade ago<br />

and whose effects<br />

are clearly still being<br />

felt.<br />

Read Online At<br />

www.thailand-business-supplement.com<br />

䘀 刀 伀 䴀 㐀 Ⰰ㈀ 㜀 Ⰰ<br />

吀 䠀 䈀 伀 一 䰀 夀 ℀<br />

∠ 㘀 ─ 最 甀 愀 爀 愀 渀 琀 攀 攀 搀 ⼀ 礀 攀 愀 爀<br />

∠ 䐀 甀 爀 椀 渀 最 アパート 礀 攀 愀 爀 猀<br />

∠ 䴀 愀 渀 愀 最 攀 搀 戀 礀 圀 礀 渀 搀 栀 愀 洀 䜀 爀 漀 甀 瀀<br />

∠ 䈀 甀 椀 氀 琀 戀 礀 愀 琀 爀 甀 猀 琀 攀 搀 搀 攀 瘀 攀 氀 漀 瀀 攀 爀<br />

∠ 䜀 爀 攀 愀 琀 氀 漀 挀 愀 琀 椀 漀 渀<br />

∠ 䘀 爀 攀 攀 栀 漀 氀 搀 漀 眀 渀 攀 爀 猀 栀 椀 瀀<br />

∠ 㔀 猀 琀 愀 爀 猀 猀 攀 爀 瘀 椀 挀 攀 猀 愀 渀 搀 昀 愀 挀 椀 氀 椀 琀 椀 攀 猀<br />

伀 䘀 䘀 䔀 刀 䔀 䐀 䈀 夀<br />

嘀 䄀 唀 䈀 䄀 一 刀 䔀 䄀 䰀 䔀 匀 吀 䄀 吀 䔀<br />

倀 䄀 吀 吀 䄀 夀 䄀 䀀 䌀 伀 䴀 倀 䄀 一 夀 嘀 䄀 唀 䈀 䄀 一 ⸀ 䌀 伀 䴀<br />

⬀ 㘀 㘀 ⠀ ⤀アパート 㠀 ㈀ 㔀 㜀 ㈀ 㤀<br />

Email: ben.hightowerltd@gmail.com<br />


<strong>BUS</strong>INESS <strong>SUP</strong>PLEMENT<br />


AREA<br />



<strong>BUS</strong>INESS <strong>SUP</strong>PLEMENT<br />



From Only<br />

500Baht<br />

per day (min 3 Day Rental)<br />

CALL NOW<br />


New Automatic Cars<br />

Free Sat Nav<br />

Free Kiddy Seat<br />

First Class Insurance<br />

Email:info@expatcarrent.com<br />

038 252 275 / 038 252 001 /038 346 461<br />

Expatcarrent Pattaya<br />

Absolutely no hidden costs/charges!<br />

First things first, let me introduce<br />

myself. My name is Gaetan and I<br />

am currently working in the Pattaya<br />

branch Vauban Real Estate.<br />

A company created in 2006 whom<br />

has grown among the years to become<br />

one of Thailand’s leading real<br />

estate companies with more than 50<br />

multicultural and multilingual collaborators<br />

with agencies in Thailand’s<br />

most touristic destinations including<br />

Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh<br />

Samui, Hua Hin and Chiang Mai,<br />

allowing us to become the only real<br />

estate agency with a global vision<br />

and presence over the Kingdom.<br />

very beginning of your real estate<br />

project until it is one hundred percent<br />

completed to your satisfaction.<br />

But enough talking about us.<br />

Now let’s talk about why we are right<br />

here talking to you! The objective of<br />

this monthly column is simple: while<br />

investing in a foreign country with<br />

a different legislation and a different<br />

language can be difficult, every<br />

month we will give you insights<br />

about Thailand’s real estate market<br />

in general and especially Pattaya’s<br />

market with its trends, tips, news,<br />

advices, legal information, and literally<br />

all you need to know in order<br />

Our strong commitment and<br />

expertise, combined with our aim<br />

of always going further for our customers,<br />

led us to be voted as the<br />

“Best 2018 Real Estate Agency” by<br />

the prestigious Southeast Asian real<br />

estate portal Dot Property, thereby<br />

highlighting the important role<br />

Vauban Real Estate is now playing<br />

in Thailand’s real estate market.<br />

Whether you are looking for a<br />

profitable investment or your dream<br />

property, Vauban’s close relationships<br />

with all the major developers<br />

in the country mean we are able to<br />

offer you the best deals in the best<br />

conditions. By choosing Vauban for<br />

your real estate project in The Land<br />

of Smile, you get much more than<br />

just another real estate agent. We<br />

will commit to assist you from the<br />

to get all cards in hands for a hassle<br />

free investment whether you wish to<br />

purchase a place for yourself or a<br />

profitable rental investment.<br />

Let us know what topics you<br />

would like us to discuss in the next<br />

months or simply get in touch with<br />

us for a free consultation about<br />

your real estate projects over a cup<br />

of coffee! Do not forget to mention<br />

you saw us in the Pattaya Business<br />

Supplement!<br />

E-mail: pattaya@companyvauban.com<br />

Phone: +66 (0)3 825 1729<br />

Chateau Dale, 306/71, Thappaya Road,<br />

Moo 12, Nongprue,<br />

Banglamung,Pattaya 20150<br />

Chonburi,Thailand<br />

High Tower Co., Ltd. Tel: 038 411 009 For all your advertising enquiries - Tel: 0846 77 43 60

<strong>BUS</strong>INESS <strong>SUP</strong>PLEMENT<br />


The best of Thailand’s real estate since 2006<br />





Bank Opening assistance &<br />

Chiang Mai<br />





Bangkok<br />

Hua Hin Pattaya<br />

Samui<br />

Phuket<br />

Pattaya Office:<br />

Chateau Dale, 306/71<br />

Thappaya Road, South Pattaya<br />

Tel: 038 251 729<br />

Email: pattaya@companyvauban.com<br />

Bangkok Office:<br />

Trendy Office Building, unit10/36 Soi Sukhumvit 13,<br />

Sukhumvit road. Klongtoey Noey, Wattana 10110 Bangkok<br />

Tel: 02 168 7047<br />

Email: bangkok@companyvauban.com<br />

Email: ben.hightowerltd@gmail.com<br />


<strong>BUS</strong>INESS <strong>SUP</strong>PLEMENT<br />

GREEN IS GO!<br />

at<br />

Collingbourne<br />

Auctioneers<br />


You can now buy items that have a<br />


on week days.<br />

To see the auction live and to book in online, visit<br />

every other Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Contact us for the next date<br />

Household and hotel clearances. Onsite Property & Charity Auction a specialty<br />

High Tower Co., Ltd. Tel: 038 411 009<br />

Our Auction Wine Bar is<br />

open from 11 a.m. till 8 p.m.<br />

Collingbourne Auctioneers<br />

Soi Chaiyapruk 2, Nongprue, Pattaya, Chonburi, ailand.<br />

Mob: 086-838-7841 ( Mr.John )<br />

Tel: (+66) 038-076 234 Fax: (+66) 038-076 235<br />

email: johncollingbourne@hotmail.com<br />

www.collingbourne-auctioneers.com<br />

Delivery/Pick-up Service Available<br />

“Bits n Bytes”<br />


WHAT IS WI-FI?<br />



Wi-Fi helps connect all of our devices<br />

at high-speed, but what exactly is it?<br />

Wi-Fi is one of the most important<br />

technological developments of the<br />

modern age. It’s the wireless networking<br />

standard that helps us enjoy all the<br />

conveniences of modern media and connectivity<br />

at the tips of our fingers without<br />

astronomical cellular data charges. But<br />

what is Wi-Fi, really?<br />

The term “Wi-Fi” is a marketing<br />

name, but it stands for “wireless fidelity.”<br />

Similar to other wireless connection<br />

types, like Bluetooth, it’s a radio transmission<br />

technology that’s built upon a<br />

set of standards to allow high-speed and<br />

secure communications between a wide<br />

variety of digital devices, access points,<br />

and hardware. It makes it possible for Wi-<br />

Fi capable devices to access the internet<br />

without the need for restrictive wires.<br />


Although Wi-Fi is typically used to<br />

access the internet on portable devices<br />

like smartphones, tablets, or laptops, in<br />

actuality, Wi-Fi itself is used to connect<br />

to a router or other access point which in<br />

turn provides the internet access. Wi-Fi is<br />

a wireless connection to that device, not<br />

the internet itself. It also provides access<br />

to a local network of connected devices,<br />

which is why you can print pictures wirelessly<br />

or look at a video feed from Wi-Fi<br />

connected cameras with no need to be<br />

physically connected to them.<br />

Instead of using wired connections<br />

like Ethernet, Wi-Fi uses radio waves to<br />

transmit information at specific frequencies,<br />

most typically at 2.4GHz and 5GHz,<br />

although there are many others used in<br />

more niche settings. Each frequency<br />

range has a number of channels which<br />

wireless devices can operate on, helping<br />

to spread the load so that individual<br />

devices don’t see their signals crowded<br />

or interrupted by other traffic — although<br />

that does happen on busy networks.<br />

The typical range of a standard Wi-Fi<br />

network can reach up to 100 meters in<br />

the open air. Buildings and other materials<br />

reflect the signal however, making<br />

most Wi-Fi networks far narrower than<br />

that. Typically 10-35 metres is more common.<br />

The strength of the antenna and<br />

the frequency broadcast can also impact<br />

the effective range of the network. Higher<br />

frequencies like 5GHz and 60GHz have<br />

far shorter effective ranges than 2.4GHz.<br />


USE WI-FI?<br />

In 2019, Wi-Fi devices are everywhere.<br />

Most routers offer Wi-Fi connectivity<br />

and almost any product with smart<br />

functions relies on it for a steady and<br />

strong connection to the internet. Almost<br />

all modern smartphones support it, as do<br />

tablets, laptops, and some desktops. It<br />

can be added to computers using USB<br />

dongles too.<br />

Smart TVs almost always come with<br />

support for Wi-Fi connectivity and many<br />

internet of things devices like smart fridges<br />

and cameras do too. There are also<br />

Wi-Fi printers, scanners, clocks, games<br />

consoles, digital radios and even cars.<br />

The use cases for Wi-Fi are near infinite<br />

when you consider the wide array of<br />

connected services that any device can<br />

take advantage of it they gain wireless<br />

access to the internet.<br />



The very first wireless network<br />

was created in 1971. Known as<br />

ALOHAnet, it was the precursor to<br />

modern standards like 802.11 and<br />

acted as a proof of concept for the<br />

decades of wireless networking to<br />

come.<br />

It wasn’t until 1997, though, that<br />

the very first version of the 802.11<br />

protocol was released, offering<br />

speeds up to 2Mbit per second.<br />

That was improved two years later<br />

to 11Mbit per second and ratified as<br />

802.11b. That same year the Wi-Fi<br />

Alliance was formed as a non-profit<br />

to hold the Wi-Fi trademark, oversee<br />

the technology’s development,<br />

and provide a certification process<br />

for companies wishing to sell products<br />

with Wi-Fi compatibility. Today<br />

it includes hundreds of companies,<br />

including industry giants like Apple,<br />

Dell, and Facebook.<br />

Many generations of Wi-Fi connectivity<br />

have been released over<br />

the past two decades.. The fastest<br />

ones today offer as much as 15Gbit<br />

per second, although slower speeds<br />

are more common.<br />

At the end of 2018, the Wi-Fi<br />

Alliance announced its intention to<br />

use a new naming convention for<br />

Wi-Fi generations. Starting with Wi-<br />

Fi 6 (was 802.11ax) it would begin<br />

referring to them with that simple<br />

naming scheme to make it easier for<br />

the public to understand the capabilities<br />

of new standards as they were<br />

released.<br />


The specialists for bar, restaurant and entertainment systems<br />

from B31,000 New Pc’s, PC repairs, CCTV and security systems<br />

Tel: 038 360 400 or email steve@libertycomputers.asia<br />

www.libertycomputers.asia<br />

For all your advertising enquiries - Tel: 0846 77 43 60

<strong>BUS</strong>INESS <strong>SUP</strong>PLEMENT<br />

Email: ben.hightowerltd@gmail.com<br />


<strong>BUS</strong>INESS <strong>SUP</strong>PLEMENT<br />




<strong>SUP</strong>ERMARKET<br />

On Thappraya Road, Jomtien<br />

316/3 Moo 12, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150<br />


Offers a wide selection of the best foods and beverages<br />

from around the world at reasonable prices.<br />


Is located directly on Thappraya Road north of Thepprasit Road,<br />

opposite Pan Pan Restaurant.<br />

Tel: 038-303 467<br />

The Commerce Ministry is expected<br />

to move forward with a plan<br />

that will require private hospitals<br />

to display their prices for medical<br />

services, medical supplies and<br />

medicines in order to ensure that<br />

patients can be aware of the costs<br />

of any procedure or consultation<br />

before going ahead and using the<br />

services.<br />

The aim is to ensure customers<br />

don’t get any nasty shocks in<br />

regard to the amount they have to<br />

pay after having already received<br />

treatment.<br />

This is good news for expats<br />

and tourists visiting Thailand, however<br />

all foreigners in particular<br />

should ensure they have adequate<br />

medical insurance cover whilst in<br />

Thailand so that they can be covered<br />

for medical expenses if anything<br />

unforeseen happens.<br />

Some expats, for example,<br />

those who come from the UK could<br />

easily find themselves lulled into<br />

a false sense of security owing to<br />

the fact that their home country has<br />

free National Health Service (NHS)<br />

treatment. Although some may<br />

criticize the UK system for being<br />

overstretched, overall the service<br />

enables UK citizens free access to<br />

virtually all health services, even if<br />

a wait is required in many cases.<br />

In Thailand private healthcare<br />

can be cheaper than some other<br />

countries, but it still needs to be<br />

paid for. Even with medical insurance<br />

there is often a limit to the<br />

payout. Thus the new system of<br />

having private hospitals display<br />

their prices will mean that those in<br />

need of hospital services can shop<br />

around before seeking treatment.<br />

Another way to limit risk is to<br />

ensure that a full annual health<br />

check up is completed so that early<br />

warning signs can be detected for<br />

any serious medical conditions.<br />

Then there will be enough time to<br />

shop around in Thailand or even go<br />

back to your home country for treatment.<br />

Some insurance companies<br />

require a check-up anyway, others<br />

may limit your cover if something is<br />

uncovered, but either way you will<br />

avoid the shock of an emergency<br />

hospital visit in the event that you<br />

collapse or feel sudden pain.<br />

Of course accidents can happen<br />

that can land you in hospital<br />

so it is worth looking to secure accident<br />

insurance as well as medical<br />

insurance. Accident insurance can<br />

take many forms of coverage but<br />

you should try to secure coverage<br />

in case of accident as a passenger<br />

in a taxi or on a motorbike or even<br />

simply as a pedestrian walking the<br />

streets. After all anything can happen<br />

in the blink of an eye.<br />

Commerce permanent secretary<br />

Boonyarit Kalayanamit, was<br />

quoted as saying about the price<br />

lists, “The price tags must be easily<br />

visible and understandable,”<br />

adding “They may start with 1,000<br />

items in the initial period.”<br />

Mr. Boonyarit will also set up<br />

a study group to determine the<br />

production costs of medicines<br />

and services in private hospitals.<br />

The study will be complete by late<br />

March 2019 .<br />

Private hospitals will be required<br />

to itemize charges and<br />

separate medical costs from other<br />

charges such as private room<br />

rates as well as additional charges<br />

that may be payable, for example,<br />

if doctors detect other diseases or<br />

conditions during a hospital visit<br />

that they plan to treat.<br />

The cabinet already approved<br />

the Commerce Ministry’s proposal<br />

to include healthcare and medical<br />

charges on the state price control<br />

list in Jan 2019 in order to reign in<br />

prices and deal with the concerns<br />

of the rising costs of private health<br />

care.<br />

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www.thailand-business-supplement.com<br />

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A consortium of Singapore investors<br />

acquired a majority stake<br />

in ABCC Exchange, a global crypto<br />

exchange based in the citystate,<br />

aiming to scale the company<br />

into a global crypto exchange platform.<br />

The consortium of investors,<br />

led by ABCC Exchange co-founder<br />

Calvin Cheng and Singaporean<br />

investor Eric Cheng, will continue<br />

building ABCC’s presence in Europe<br />

and Southeast Asia, the two<br />

primary markets of the platform,<br />

following the acquisition of controlling<br />

majority stake. With offices<br />

in Malta and Gibraltar, ABCC Exchange<br />

has a daily trading volume<br />

of $35 million with communities in<br />

12 different languages. It claims to<br />

be one of the top 10 exchanges in<br />

the world by volume for the most<br />

part of the second half of 2018.<br />

The acquisition comes at a time<br />

when Singapore regulators join<br />

others around the world in stepping<br />

up their scrutiny of digital-asset<br />

trading.<br />


Ho Chi Minh-based asset management<br />

VinaCapital sold nearly<br />

3.9 million shares of technology<br />

giant FPT Corporation to Australia’s<br />

Macquarie Bank and Florida<br />

Retirement for around US$7.34<br />

million. According to Vietnam Securities<br />

Depository, VOF Investment<br />

Limited has transferred 3.05<br />

million shares to Macquarie Bank<br />

and 500,000 shares to Florida Retirement.<br />

Macquarie Bank had earlier<br />

purchased over 1.572 million<br />

shares, equivalent to 5.74 per cent<br />

of entertainment group Yeah1’s<br />

charter capital, becoming a major<br />

shareholder in the Vietnamese entertainment<br />

group.<br />


Japan’s Taisho Pharmaceutical<br />

Holdings has proposed purchasing<br />

nearlyone million shares in Vietnam-listed<br />

DHG Pharma JSC, lifting its<br />

ownership to nearly 35 percent, according<br />

to a disclosure by the Ho Chi Minh<br />

City Stock Exchange. The Japanese<br />

pharma company would spend around<br />

US$3.7 million to buy the shares.<br />

<strong>BUS</strong>INESS <strong>SUP</strong>PLEMENT<br />



Go-Jek, Indonesia’s most valuable<br />

startup, is choosing an adviser<br />

to help with fundraising as it expands<br />

rapidly in the competitive Southeast<br />

Asian ride-hailing industry. The firm<br />

recently asked investment banks to<br />

pitch for a role working on its ongoing<br />

financing round. Go-Jek could<br />

seek to bring in as much as US<br />

$2 billion additional capital from<br />

new investors. The Jakarta-based<br />

startup is intensifying its push<br />

against larger rival Grab. The two<br />

most valuable startups in Southeast<br />

Asia are going head-to-head<br />

in everything from ride hailing to<br />

mobile payments and food delivery<br />

in Indonesia, Singapore and<br />

Thailand.<br />


Philippines-focused blockchain<br />

remittance startup Send-<br />

Friend has raised US$1.7 million<br />

from eight investors including MIT<br />

Media Lab, Barclays, the Mastercard<br />

Foundation, Ripple, Tech<br />

stars, Mahindra Finance, 2020<br />

Ventures, and 8 Decimal Capital.<br />

It aims to enable Overseas Filipino<br />

Workers (OFWs) to securely<br />

transfer USD to PHP at the lowest<br />

rate available. The funds raised<br />

will be used to build out the team,<br />

focus on community engagement,<br />

and marketing efforts. Founded in<br />

2017, SendFriend claims to offer a<br />

secure, intuitive, and low-fee solution<br />

that reduces the cost of remittance<br />

payments by 65 percent<br />

from the industry average. The<br />

blockchain-based startup reported<br />

that more than $45 billion in fees<br />

on remittance services, which often<br />

take 3-5 days, was spent last<br />

year by the millions of migrants<br />

in the US who send home more<br />

than $650 billion in remittances. It<br />

plans to launch in New Jersey in<br />

the US before expanding its presence<br />

to other states.<br />

Email: ben.hightowerltd@gmail.com<br />


<strong>BUS</strong>INESS <strong>SUP</strong>PLEMENT<br />


Although the U.S. Dollar fell<br />

in the wake of even more Federal<br />

Reserve statements that it will be<br />

“more patient” with interest rate rises,<br />

it has since risen quite strongly<br />

to retest its highs. The DXY U.S.<br />

Dollar index, (an index that measures<br />

the U.S. Dollar’svalue against<br />

six major currencies), fell to a low of<br />

95.34 before putting on a sharp rally<br />

that took it to 97.05. Against the<br />

Thai Baht,and even in spite of the<br />

DXY strengthening the Dollar<br />

lost ground to move from<br />

31.88 to 31.32, indicating<br />

that the Thai baht itself is<br />

seeing real strength of late,<br />

even in excess of the U.S.<br />

Dollar strength.<br />

The British Pound rose<br />

from 1.2903 to a high of<br />

1.3203 against the U.S.<br />

Dollar due to the initial<br />

Dollar weakness, but fell<br />

back to 1.2849 as the U.S. Dollar<br />

strengthened again. Interesting is<br />

that the moves have been mainly<br />

Dollar driven rather than Pound driven,<br />

meaning that although Brexit is<br />

still a driver of the British Pound’s<br />

fortunes it has had a muted effect<br />

of late. That could change as Brexit<br />

deadlines draw nearer. Against<br />

the Thai Baht, the pound rose from<br />

41.31 to 41.68, but quickly gave<br />

back those gains as the Thai Baht<br />

strengthened, to hit a low of 40.24,<br />

coming close to levels not seen for<br />

almost 20 years.<br />

The U.S. Dollar vs. Japanese<br />

Yen cross ratemirrored the move<br />

of the U.S. Dollar higher but also<br />

weakened when the Dollar moved<br />

lower. Overall, the Yen rose from<br />

108.51 to 110.48 to the U.S. Dollar.<br />

Of course when the Yen rises<br />

against the Dollar it is actually the<br />

U.S. Dollar getting stronger and<br />

the Yen that is getting weaker because<br />

a rise indicates that a U.S.<br />

Dollar can buy more Yen. Against<br />

the Thai Baht, the Yen moved down<br />

strongly from 0.2932 to 0.2812 indicating<br />

again that the Thai baht has<br />

strengthenedagainst almost all currencies<br />

by an amount that is close<br />

to three per cent.<br />

The Russian Ruble strengthenedagainst<br />

the U.S. Dollar moving<br />

from 67.23 to 65.59. This occurred<br />

even while the U.S. Dollar was gaining<br />

ground and so it can be seen<br />

that the Ruble has strengthened at<br />

an even faster rate than the Dollar.<br />

This is further evidenced by<br />

the fact that the Ruble has<br />

held up well against the Thai<br />

baht having been absolutely<br />

flat, trading in a tight range of<br />

0.4733 to 0.4776.<br />

The Euro vs. the U.S. Dollar<br />

cross rate has shown Dollar<br />

strength and Euro weakness<br />

with the Euro dropping from<br />

1.1467 to 1.1282. Against the<br />

Thai Baht the drop is almost<br />

double that magnitude, as it<br />

takes into account additional<br />

Thai baht strength. The Euro<br />

moved in a straight line without any<br />

retracement from 36.59 to 35.29<br />

to the Thai Baht, another three per<br />

cent drop on top of the three per<br />

cent drop seen last month, settling<br />

at a multi-year low.<br />

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www.thailand-business-supplement.com<br />

AKESIS-<br />


Akesis Life Centre in Bangkok<br />

represents a new type of cancer clinic<br />

offering non-toxic cancer treatment<br />

for patients who are looking for efficient<br />

alternatives to intrusive methods<br />

such as high dose chemotherapy<br />

and radiation therapy.<br />

Since its opening last August in<br />

Phloen Chit, Akesis Life has already<br />

helped many patients from all over<br />

the world on their journey to recovery.<br />

As the demand for admissions is<br />

growing, Akesis Life took the decision<br />

to move to a new location in Asoke as<br />

from February 2019.<br />

Akesis Life provides personalised<br />

cancer treatment with a medical team<br />

dedicated to patients and headed by<br />

the world renowned integrative oncologist<br />

Dr. Thomas Lodi. The new centre<br />

has been carefully designed and<br />

is fitted out with the latest technologies<br />

and analytical equipment from<br />

Germany, Switzerland and the US.<br />

Patient Care Director, Sarah<br />

Watts explains that “This development<br />

for Akesis Life demonstrates<br />

our commitment to delivering excellent<br />

integrative healthcare and positions<br />

us as one of the leading cancer<br />

treatment centres in the world.”<br />

The new clinic offers to patients a<br />

splendid view all over the city as from<br />

one of the highest floor of the iconic<br />

253 Asoke Building in Sukhumvit 21.<br />

The Medical Team is conscious how<br />

stress can have direct effects on their<br />

patients’ recovery, which is one of the<br />

main reasons Akesis Life chose this<br />

specific location and clinic design.<br />

Asoke is the best connected area<br />

in all the capital, including a direct access<br />

to the Airport Rail Link making<br />

it easy for anyone visiting patients to<br />

commute easily whilst avoiding the<br />

heavy intercity traffic.<br />

The Lancaster Bangkok is the<br />

clinic’s partner hotel for accomodation.<br />

This is where all patients are<br />

able to stay, providing impeccable<br />

hospitality. This 5-star hotel is very<br />

close to the clinic where patients and<br />

their families are able to relax in spacious<br />

rooms and luxurious facilities<br />

after their daily treatments.<br />

Anyone who is interested in further<br />

information about Akesis Life and<br />

the treatments they offer can contact<br />

their Patient Care Team directly<br />

by emailing contact@akesisoncology.com<br />

or visiting their website<br />

https://akesisoncology.com/<br />

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<strong>BUS</strong>INESS <strong>SUP</strong>PLEMENT<br />

There are over 1 billion websites<br />

on the world wide web today, the<br />

majority of your competitors have<br />

websites, most have social media<br />

accounts too. So, how do you convince<br />

your potential customers that<br />

you are the best in the business before<br />

you have even spoken to them?<br />

I have always put a lot of emphasis<br />

into creating a truly personal<br />

online experience and really making<br />

your potential clients understand<br />

that you are real people doing a real<br />

job and not just a website that may<br />

be here today and gone tomorrow,<br />

this is more important to most consumers<br />

than you think. Trust is one<br />

of the biggest factors in online marketing<br />

and I’ve written a few tips on<br />

how you can use the tools available<br />

to develop trust within your target<br />

market.<br />

Create a professional and most<br />

importantly unique online experience,<br />

look at what your competitors<br />

are doing but also at what they are<br />

not doing and how you can present<br />

your product and services better<br />

than they do.<br />

Does your website answer the<br />

questions which users are asking?<br />

When someone arrives at your website<br />

primarily they want to know three<br />

things - ‘Do they do what I’m looking<br />

for?’ , ‘Can I afford it?’ & ‘Can I trust<br />

them?’ Make sure that you present<br />

your content clearly and it is obvious<br />

to users how they can take the next<br />

step - a website which doesn’t turn<br />

visitors into business is useless and<br />

a drain on your resources instead of<br />

an additional source of income.<br />

Ensure that everything works<br />

correctly, your website usability is<br />

the first impression of your company’s<br />

customer service levels. A<br />

broken website shows that you are<br />

not paying attention to your clients<br />

needs.<br />

Make your online space personal<br />

includes using real images of your<br />

team and your business, not stock<br />

images.<br />

Get testimonials from your customers,<br />

with photos and videos is<br />

best if possible. You can even sign<br />

up to a site like Tripadvisor or Trust<br />

Pilot which are independent review<br />

sites and can carry a lot of weight<br />

when people are preparing to make<br />

a purchase online.<br />

Introduce live chat into your site<br />

and helping your website visitors to<br />

move down the sales funnel by answering<br />

their questions and alleviating<br />

their concerns.<br />

Show personalised content to<br />

your users based on their previous<br />

visits to your website, location, device<br />

and much more.<br />

As online marketers we are no<br />

longer selling products or services,<br />

we are selling a customer experience.<br />

During these difficult economic<br />

times when less and less business<br />

is available we need to look at more<br />

ways to enrich the customer experience.<br />

Your potential customers could<br />

be comparing you to your competitors<br />

at any time and the worst thing<br />

is that you don’t even know it.<br />

By creating a professional and<br />

personalised website you can move<br />

one step ahead of the competition<br />

and keep more of the market share<br />

in your industry.<br />

If you would like to set up a<br />

remarketing campaign for your<br />

business and get 2019 off to a<br />

bang please contact sales@pdsconsultingsolutions.com<br />

Gemma Purnell<br />

+66 33 039 399<br />

gemmapurnell.com<br />

gemma@gemmapurnell.com<br />

Email: ben.hightowerltd@gmail.com<br />


An impressive array of Cold Cuts<br />

at Toscana<br />

Over the the course of time the Business Supplement has been featuring the many and varied menu<br />

offerings produced by the Toscana Italian restaurant on Beach Road, central Pattaya, run by Luca Marchetti,<br />

a native of the Tuscany region of Italy.<br />

..............................................................................................<br />

We have referred to Luca’s vegetable and animal farms, which provide<br />

much of the produce which appears on the Toscana menu, as well as that of<br />

its Thai twin, Moom Talay, run by Luca’s wife, as well as the great variety of<br />

cheeses and pastas for which Toscana is justifiably noted.<br />

........................................................<br />

The variety includes the impressive array of cold cuts<br />

which can be tasted in Toscana, all of which are prepared onsite.<br />

Luca states he has the capacity to produce 300 kilograms<br />

of salami every seven to eight days.<br />

........................................................<br />

There is a mind-boggling 22 different varieties available<br />

in Toscana, although, as Luca points out, “In Italy you<br />

could find 250 or more since each region has its own<br />

varieties and seasonings.”<br />

Trattoria Pizzeria Toscana<br />

Moom Talay Thai Restaurant

In Toscana the main ingredients of each cold cut vary from pork<br />

(which actually will be found in all of the cold cuts), to duck, geese,<br />

guinea fowl, goat and wild boar.<br />

........................................................<br />

While there is a great variety to be had, Luca says, “While I can<br />

make a 100 percent salami of goat or guinea fowl, the meat is actually<br />

too hard and dry, so all my salami will have some amount of pork included.<br />

In a goat or guinea fowl salami the amount of pork might be<br />

as much as 30 or 40 percent.”<br />

........................................................<br />

The preparation time for each variety of salami can vary quite markedly, some can take three weeks to prepare<br />

properly, while others may be as long as a year or more. Depending on the time of year, the time for curing and<br />

the seasonings (chili, bay leaves, wine, fennel, coriander and the like), each salami will have a distinctive taste.<br />

........................................................................................................<br />

“You are eating here what the animal eats,” says Luca. “If the animal eats good food, then you eat well also. I<br />

don’t need to sell what I produce outside, so I don’t have to put anywhere near the preservative you see outside.<br />

In fact, I only put in enough preservative to be on the safe side; I don’t want to take the chance of someone<br />

getting sick.”<br />

........................................................................................................<br />

Prices will naturally vary depending<br />

on whether someone is<br />

looking to order just a pork salami<br />

or guinea fowl, for example.<br />

The latter would be more expensive<br />

simply because, as Luca<br />

notes, “After all, the guinea fowl<br />

is a bird. How much meat can<br />

you get from a bird?”<br />

Away from Toscana, Luca’s cold<br />

room at his animal farm in Huay<br />

Yai, gives him more room so produce<br />

salami that has taken a long<br />

..........................<br />

time, a natural time, to cure.<br />

................................<br />

For example, he may take a<br />

25-kilogram pig leg, prepare it<br />

in, say, April, and let it cure until<br />

around October or even later.<br />

For connoisseurs this would<br />

raise Toscana well and truly beyond<br />

what anyone<br />

else has to offer in<br />

Pattaya in terms<br />

of salami.<br />

The Moom Talay Thai Restaurant and<br />

Trattoria Pizzeria TOSCANA Restaurant<br />

are located on Beach Road, Pattaya<br />

(between Soi 6 and Soi 7)<br />

Telephone: 038 362 370<br />

Fax: 038 362 371;<br />

Email: tirreno@ptty2.loxinfo.co.th



SLRT Ltd., the operator of the famous Sizzler<br />

restaurants has started a delivery service. The<br />

move came as the company saw significant growth<br />

in takeaway orders in the last couple of years.<br />

The service will be available from 25 Sizzler<br />

restaurants in Bangkok and other cities. Customers<br />

can order from 10am to 9pm every day by calling<br />

1112 or by using the Sizzler website or App.<br />

The company’s assistant vice-president,<br />

Nongchanok Stananonth, was quoted as saying,<br />

“Sizzler delivery service is a Thai initiative,” adding,<br />

“We won approval to launch the service here<br />

because Thailand has the highest number of Sizzler<br />

restaurants and the highest growth in Asia.<br />

Thailand has a proper demographic and trade<br />

zone, and delivery service has become a trend.”<br />

To start with, a compact menu featuring ten of<br />

Sizzler’s favorite dishes will be on offer including<br />

Grilled Chicken, Pork Loin and BBQ Spare Ribs.<br />

Ms. Nongchanok was also quoted as saying,<br />

“We are riding the delivery wave to service our<br />

regular customers, who have many food choices<br />

in the market both in steaks and other kinds of<br />

food,” adding, “We also want to lure new customers<br />

who have never tried Sizzler.”<br />

The company expects delivery orders to represent<br />

15% of total sales with up to 30 orders per<br />

day per branch.<br />

<strong>BUS</strong>INESS <strong>SUP</strong>PLEMENT<br />

THAILAND <strong>BUS</strong>INESS NEWS<br />



According to a rteport by SAE International<br />

and Synopsys Inc., 84% of professionals in the<br />

automotive industry are anxious that their companies’<br />

cyber security policies are not addressing<br />

the swift pace of technological change.<br />

More worryingly is that 30% of companies reportedly<br />

don’t even have a dedicated cyber security<br />

team in place. It is not surprising then that<br />

cyber security in the auto industry is increasingly<br />

in focus.<br />

The director of ground vehicle standards with<br />

SAE International, Jack Pokrzywa, was quoted as<br />

saying, “SAE members have sought to address<br />

cyber security challenges in the automotive systems<br />

development life cycle for the last decade<br />

and worked together to publish SAE J3061, the<br />

world’s first automotive cyber security standard,”<br />

adding, “Armed with the findings of the study, SAE<br />

stands ready to convene the industry and lead development<br />

of targeted security controls, technical<br />

training, standards, and best practices to improve<br />

the security, and thus the safety, of modern vehicles.”<br />

Other statistics from the report showed that<br />

62% of participants said they didn’t have the cyber<br />

security skills needed during product development.<br />

Co-general manager of the Synopsys Software<br />

Integrity Group, Andreas Kuehlmann, was quoted<br />

as saying, “This study underscores the need for a<br />

fundamental shift -- one that addresses cyber security<br />

holistically across the systems development<br />

life cycle and throughout the automotive supply<br />

chain.”<br />




Well-known residential developer AP (Thailand)<br />

Plc. announced that it will launch 39 new<br />

projects this year. Most of the new developments<br />

will be low-rise comprising of town houses and detached<br />

houses. These are quicker to build and are<br />

more in demand, even though a significantly larger<br />

amount of land is required. The 39 projects in total<br />

are expected to be worth 56.8 billion baht.<br />

Chief executive Anuphong Assavabhokhin was<br />

quoted as saying, “The property market remains<br />

reliant on the domestic economy,” adding, “But<br />

with many risks such as local politics, the global<br />

economy and new lending curbs, we should be<br />

more cautious.”<br />

The low rise projects will make up around two<br />

thirds of the new offerings with the remainder coming<br />

from four strategically located condo projects<br />

including Aspire Asoke, Rhythm Ekamai Estate<br />

and Aspire Sukhumvit-On Nut.<br />

Read Online At<br />

www.thailand-business-supplement.com<br />

While bar charts, line graphs and<br />

simple numbers are hardly capable of<br />

providing the defining answer to many<br />

economic, social and political questions,<br />

they are certainly a good way<br />

of obtaining a general overview of any<br />

particular subject.<br />

Each month the Business Supplement<br />

will look into a brace of statistical<br />

information and provide readers with<br />

what we consider to be the central elements<br />

of these figures.<br />

Air pollution in Bangkok is bad, but<br />

far from the worst<br />

Bangkok came in with an AQI rating<br />

of 147 which is classified as being<br />

unhealthy for sensitive groups, which<br />

would include young children and the<br />

elderly.<br />

The only other city in Southeast<br />

Asia to register a top 20 spot was the<br />

Vietnamese capital Hanoi, rating 19th<br />

ies in the top 20, the worst being Shanghai,<br />

at seventh place overall with an AQI<br />

reading of 189, which earns it a classification<br />

of being generally unhealthy.<br />

India had only two cities in the top<br />

20, with Kolkata the worst with a reading<br />

of 209 and Mumbai on 177. South Korea’s<br />

cities of Seoul (AQI reading 171),<br />

Busan (167) and Incheon (156) ranked<br />

11th, 13th and 14th respectively.<br />

Thai Lion Air the fastest growing<br />

airline in the world<br />

According to a company called Air<br />

Visual, Thailand’s capital city ranked<br />

as the 17th most polluted in terms<br />

of the US Environmental Protection<br />

Agency (EPA) Air Quality Index (AQI).<br />

The air quality rankings were all taken<br />

on the same day (15 January 2019)<br />

and in cities with a population of one<br />

million people or more and have a<br />

range of zero to 500 points.<br />

with a score of 138.<br />

Perhaps surprisingly, the Mongolian<br />

capital Ulaanbaatar ranked the<br />

worst in the world with an AQI reading<br />

of 304, which is classified as hazardous<br />

to health. In second place was<br />

Lahore in Pakistan<br />

with a reading of 271, which rates as<br />

very unhealthy. Third on the worst list<br />

was Kabul, with Afghanistan’s capital<br />

AQI rating of 262, again in the very unhealthy<br />

range (apart from the obvious<br />

dangers of being blown up by suicide<br />

bombers).<br />

No surprises that China had four cit-<br />

Routesonline.com, a UK-based<br />

aviation network development company,<br />

released figures which showed<br />

that Thai Lion Air, the Thai affiliate of<br />

the Indonesian carrier, was the fastest<br />

growing airline in the world in 2018,<br />

expanding by a massive 40.7 percent<br />

over 2017 to transport 13,577,267<br />

people.<br />

VietJet Air ranked second with<br />

20,641,372 passengers in 2018, an<br />

increase of 27.1 percent on the previous<br />

year.<br />

Six of the 10 fastest growing airlines<br />

are Asian based and include<br />

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BCT will open its 2019 season with the<br />

Broadway musical Once on this Island. The<br />

show sets on a Caribbean island with a catchy<br />

Caribbean influenced score, and promises a<br />

joyful theatre experience.<br />

Once on this Island’ a one act, ninety-minute<br />

musical, opened on Broadway to great acclaim<br />

in 1990, and got its Tony Award for best<br />

revival of a musical in 2018, competing against<br />

revivals of My Fair Lady and Carousel.<br />

Based on the 1985 novel My Love, My<br />

Love; or, The Peasant Girl by Rosa Guy, ‘Once<br />

on this Is- land’ is set in<br />

the French Antilles archipelago<br />

in the Caribbean<br />

Sea. Once<br />

on this Island brings<br />

the story<br />

of a peasant<br />

girl on a<br />

tropical island,<br />

who is guided by the<br />

island<br />

gods of earth, water,<br />

love and death.<br />

With their<br />

guidance<br />

a n d<br />

together people of different social classes and<br />

backgrounds.<br />

The story begins as Ti Moune is orphaned<br />

by a storm. She is adopted by two loving peasants<br />

and she dreams of a life bigger than her<br />

own. She falls in love with a boy from the rich<br />

side of the Island and heals him after he suffers<br />

from a car crash. The power of love guides her<br />

to overcome death and to her final destiny; a bit<br />

similar to the story of Romeo and Juliet and the<br />

Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Little<br />

Mermaid, in a very different setting.<br />

Once on this Island’ is a joyful, life-life-affirming<br />

musical. It promises great fun, fascinating<br />

characters, touching moments, and a beautiful<br />

lineup of songs. Mama Will Provide - is a<br />

rousing number about Ti Moune’s journey with<br />

Asaka, mother earth, from her home near the<br />

sea to the big city where her love lives. The Human<br />

Heart is a soaring ballad about the power<br />

that binds us one to another. The show opens<br />

with the upbeat song We Dance and ends with<br />

the inspiring We Tell the Story.<br />

As all BCT’s production, also Once<br />

on this Island will be performed<br />

by a multinational cast: Ashley<br />

Moyles, Bonnie Zellerbach, Celia<br />

Barthman, Emilia Clarke, Jay<br />

Pangilinan, Kaylee Marie, Kristoffer<br />

Cabuyao, Naomi Bactol, Neil Anthony<br />

Castillo, Pearl Rapeeporn, Philip Luis,<br />

Zipporah Gene.<br />

Once on this Island<br />

A musical by: Lynn Ahrens<br />

(lyrics) and Stephen<br />

Flaherty (music).<br />

Directed by:<br />

Michael Allman;<br />

Produced by:<br />

Nimphiya Dhar<br />

When: 7:30pm, March<br />

22, 23, 29 and 30;<br />

Matinees 4pm,<br />

March 23 and 30<br />

Where: Creative I<br />

ndustries, M Theatre,<br />

New Petchburi Rd., Bangkok<br />

Tickets: 850THB at<br />

www.bangkokcommunitytheatre.com<br />

Further info:<br />

info@bangkokcommunitytheatre.com<br />

strength<br />

she uses<br />

the power of<br />

love to bring<br />

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As the prices of new condominiums<br />

in downtown Bangkok have continued<br />

to rise, many buyers have begun<br />

considering resale, or second-hand,<br />

condominiums as an alternative to<br />

brand-new projects. CBRE, an international<br />

property consultant, has seen<br />

an increase in demand for the existing<br />

second-hand market from Q4 2018. As<br />

the prices of second-hand condominium<br />

units are often cheaper than those<br />

at newly-launched projects, buyers<br />

benefit from bigger unit sizes at more<br />

affordable prices.<br />

There are two types of resale units;<br />

those in buildings under construction<br />

where investors want to resell before<br />

transfer of title and those in completed<br />

ready-to-move-in units where the title<br />

has already been transferred to the<br />

original buyer.<br />

According to the survey by CBRE<br />

Research, the total supply of completed<br />

condominiums as of Q3 2018 in<br />

downtown Bangkok was 145,350 units,<br />

with prices ranging from THB 55,000 –<br />

350,000 baht per sq.m., depending on<br />

the grade and age of the condominium,<br />

and how well the building has been<br />

maintained. The selling price of newly-launched<br />

condominiums in downtown<br />

Bangkok in the luxury grade now<br />

ranges from THB 300,000 - 600,000<br />

per sq.m., which generally have smaller<br />

unit sizes than older completed buildings.<br />

Ms. Pornpimol Phuengkhuankhan,<br />

Head of Advisory & Transaction – Residential<br />

Sales Ad Hoc, CBRE Thailand<br />

said the market for resale-before-completion<br />

units is more active right after<br />

launch if the project sells out and there<br />

are no units left for sale by the developer.<br />

During construction, uncompleted<br />

units’ resale activity tends to drop and<br />

picks up again as the project nears<br />

completion.<br />

In terms of payment, purchasers<br />

pay the seller the amount that has<br />

already been paid to the developer<br />

together plus the seller’s profit. The<br />

original sales and purchase contract<br />

is then assigned to the new buyer who<br />

takes all responsibility for any future<br />

payments to the developer. For most<br />

high-end properties in the central business<br />

district (CBD), the payment terms<br />

offered by developers are 10% on signing<br />

a sales and purchase contract, and<br />

10-20% during the construction period<br />

with the balance paid on transfer of title<br />

at the completion of construction. The<br />

amount that the new purchaser must<br />

still pay to the developer depends on<br />

how many monthly down payments remain<br />

before transfer of title. It is important<br />

to note that the developer must sign<br />

the assignment agreement as well as<br />

the seller and purchaser for the contract<br />

transfer to be valid.<br />

The key considerations for the purchaser<br />

are the reputation of the developer<br />

and the track record of their ability<br />

to deliver the quality described in the<br />

sales material.<br />

For a completed building, the sale<br />

process includes signing a standard<br />

sales and purchase contract, usually<br />

with a deposit equivalent to ten per<br />

cent of the price, and transfer of title at<br />

the Land Department 30-60 days after<br />

signing the sale and purchase agreement.<br />

The balance of the price is payable<br />

to the seller at the Land Department<br />

on transfer of title.<br />

The key considerations for purchasers<br />

of units in an older building<br />

are how good the original construction<br />

quality was, how well the building has<br />

been maintained, and the current financial<br />

status of the condominium juristic<br />

office, an entity jointly contracted by all<br />

co-owners that manages the common<br />

areas of the property as well as provides<br />

building maintenance.<br />

Since the passing of the original<br />

Condominium Act in 1979, most Thai<br />

buyers have preferred new buildings,<br />

buying units off plan from a developer<br />

or a resale unit from an investor just<br />

before completion, rather than buying<br />

second-hand completed properties.<br />

“However, since the price difference<br />

between new launches and older, completed<br />

properties is now becoming so<br />

great that buyers who want a unit to live<br />

in are looking increasingly at existing<br />

developments as new developments<br />

are priced beyond most Thai buyers’<br />

budgets. Buyers are increasingly willing<br />

to give up the prejudice against previously<br />

occupied condominium units in<br />

return for the ability to buy a larger unit<br />

for their money,” added Ms. Pornpimol.<br />

There is a wide range of quality<br />

among existing developments with<br />

some old projects being as good as<br />

new properties while others were poorly<br />

built originally and/or have been<br />

poorly maintained. Buyers looking at<br />

existing<br />

<strong>BUS</strong>INESS <strong>SUP</strong>PLEMENT<br />

buildings should do due diligence on<br />

the construction quality and condition<br />

of maintenance as well as gain understanding<br />

of the financial situation of the<br />

DON’T<br />

MISS OUT !<br />

juristic office of the building in order to<br />

gain an insight into the probability that<br />

the building will be well maintained and<br />

appreciate in value in the future.<br />

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in the<br />


TM<br />

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&<br />


TM<br />

<strong>BUS</strong>INESS<br />

<strong>SUP</strong>PLEMENT<br />

Contact Ben<br />

0846 77 43 60<br />

ben.hightowerltd@gmail.com<br />

Email: ben.hightowerltd@gmail.com<br />


<strong>BUS</strong>INESS <strong>SUP</strong>PLEMENT<br />

SUDOKU<br />

These Sudoku puzzles are pitched at a middle level: not too easy,<br />

and not too frustratingly hard, for the average person.<br />

7 6<br />

9<br />

2<br />

6<br />

1<br />

1<br />

9<br />

5<br />

1<br />

4<br />

7<br />

9<br />

3<br />

5<br />

5<br />

6<br />

1<br />

7<br />

8<br />

5<br />

4<br />

2 3<br />

2<br />

7<br />

9<br />

3<br />

8 2<br />

4<br />

3<br />

6<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

9<br />

3<br />

7<br />

5<br />

9<br />

6<br />

2 4<br />

1<br />

7<br />

8<br />

5<br />

7 6 8<br />

5 9 1<br />

2 3 4<br />

8 1 2<br />

6 7 3<br />

9 4 5<br />

3 8 9<br />

1 5 6<br />

4 2 7<br />

7 3 6<br />

9 8 4<br />

2 5 1<br />

3 6 2<br />

5 1 7<br />

8 4 9<br />

1 7 5<br />

6 9 8<br />

4 2 3<br />

4 1 3<br />

7 2 8<br />

5 6 9<br />

9 4 5<br />

2 8 1<br />

6 3 7<br />

1 7 4<br />

8 9 2<br />

3 5 6<br />

9 2 5<br />

1 7 6<br />

3 8 4<br />

8 5 1<br />

2 4 9<br />

7 6 3<br />

6 3 2<br />

4 1 7<br />

5 9 8<br />

5 9 2<br />

3 4 6<br />

1 7 8<br />

7 6 3<br />

9 5 4<br />

2 8 1<br />

6 2 5<br />

4 3 7<br />

8 1 9<br />

1 4 8<br />

5 3 2<br />

6 7 9<br />

4 9 7<br />

8 6 3<br />

2 5 1<br />

9 8 4<br />

3 2 5<br />

7 1 6<br />

We will publish the solutions in next month’s issue.<br />


Last months sudoku answers<br />

TRIVIA Quiz<br />

ACROSS<br />

3/ Pleasant (4)<br />

5/ Impartial (4)<br />

8/ Sharp pain (6)<br />

10/ Consume food (3)<br />

12/ Diffident (5)<br />

13/ Occupational Health & Safety init. (3)<br />

14/ Show purpose (6)<br />

DOWN<br />

1/ Innate (8)<br />

2/ Elizabeth Regina (2)<br />

4/ Domesticated feline (3)<br />

6/ Difference of opinion (8)<br />

7/ Presents (5)<br />

9/ Byword (5)<br />

11/ average-sized conurbation (4)<br />

1. The two battles of Manassas Junction in the US Civil War are better<br />

known by what name?<br />

2. In what year did East Pakistan become independent and change its<br />

name to Bangladesh?<br />

3. Two English kings have never been crowned in Westminster Abbey<br />

since William the Conqueror. Which two?<br />

4. Aristotle was the tutor to which famous ruler?<br />

1 2<br />

3 4<br />

5 6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

5. Which Greek city is often called the birthplace of democracy?<br />

6. The Peloponnesian War was fought from 431 to 404BC between which<br />

two Greek states?<br />

7. Who is generally accepted as the chief author of the American Declaration<br />

of Independence?<br />

8. Who was George W. Bush’s first Secretary of State?<br />

9. Which US Supreme Court justice headed the investigation into the<br />

assassination of president John Kennedy?<br />

10. To which country was General Douglas MacArthur referring to when<br />

he said “I shall return”?<br />

10 11<br />

12<br />

13<br />

1. Battles of Bull Run 2. 1971 3. Edward V & Edward VIII 4. Alexander the Great 5. Athens 6.<br />

Athens and Sparta 7. Thomas Jefferson 8. Colin Powell 9. Earl Warren 10. The Philippines<br />

Answers:<br />

14<br />


ACROSS 3/Nice 5/Fair 8/Twinge 10/Eat 12/Timid 13/OHS 14/Intent<br />

DOWN 1/Inherent 2/ER 4/Cat 6/Argument 7/Gifts 9/Adage 11/Town<br />

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Do you provide free WiFi<br />

to your guests?<br />

Do you need to comply with data collection laws?<br />

Connect2Social provides affordable legally compliant<br />

intelligent business software that captures valuable<br />

customer data.<br />


TOP 20 OF THE<br />


INDEX<br />

According to a report called the<br />

City Momentum Index, prepared and<br />

published by property consultancy<br />

JLL, Bangkok is still considered to<br />

be within the top 20 most dynamic<br />

cities.<br />

Thailand’s capital came in at<br />

18th place ahead of Shenzhen<br />

and Chengdu, but behind Beijing,<br />

Shanghai and Manila, the latter of<br />

which garnered 12th place.<br />

The top spot went to Bengaluru<br />

in India, and second place went<br />

to Hyderabad also in India. Cities<br />

in both India and China dominated<br />

the rankings. The Chinese cities<br />

of Hangzhou, Chongqing, Nanjing,<br />

Xian, and Guangzhou all made it<br />

into the top 20 with positions ranging<br />

from 9th to 17th place.<br />

The report takes into account<br />

a range of 20 indicators in the real<br />

estate sector and beyond to identify<br />

which places are undergoing the<br />

fastest urban expansion. 131 of<br />

the most commercially active cities<br />

worldwide participated in the index.<br />

The index drew on three years of<br />

activity. The recent release of the<br />

report marks the 6th release of the<br />

index to date.<br />

In the top 20 there were 19 cities<br />

in Asia showing a shift of urban<br />

growth to the APAC region. There<br />

were no European or American cities<br />

with the same level of notable<br />

urban expansion that allowed them<br />

appear in the top 20. The only non-<br />

APAC city in the top 20 was Nairobi<br />

in Africa.<br />

Bangkok benefitted from a number<br />

of new infrastructure projects<br />

that are evident in the city including<br />

four new mass transit rail lines<br />

already under construction. The<br />

Thailand 4.0 strategy, which was<br />

launched in 2016, is also spearheading<br />

economic development.<br />

Manila beat Thailand as it is in<br />

the midst of a significant urban renewal<br />

and expansion program that<br />

includes new roads and new power<br />

plants.<br />

The report comes as global economic<br />

growth appears to be in its<br />

later stages and may be slowing in<br />

some economies. Yet in Asia there<br />

are plenty of urban centers that are<br />

seeing significant expansion, well<br />

above the global average.<br />

Guests help promote your business through social media,<br />

and the customer data can be used to directly market<br />

special promotions, upcoming events and to reward loyalty.<br />

Perfect for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Retail outlets,<br />

Salons and Shopping Malls. In fact any business that<br />

interacts with customers.<br />

You can now enjoy the same<br />

data collected by online<br />

businesses to help you remain<br />

connected to your customers<br />

and drive repeat business.<br />

For more information, visit our website<br />

www.connect2social.com or contact us<br />

at sales@connect2social.com<br />

Email: ben.hightowerltd@gmail.com<br />

JLL was quoted as saying,<br />

“These cities also need to address<br />

the environmental and social impacts<br />

of rapid growth such as social<br />

inequality, congestion and environmental<br />

degradation. The provision of<br />

smart, efficient and productive real<br />

estate and increased transparency<br />

are key factors in driving long-term,<br />

sustainable urban growth.”<br />

Factors such as a reduction in<br />

traffic congestion and improvements<br />

in air quality were also taken into<br />

account in the index. Advancements<br />

in technology have played a part in<br />

some cities to ensure sustainable<br />

urban expansion without negative<br />

effects. Economic transparency in<br />

real estate markets was also taken<br />

into consideration with Indian and<br />

Chinese cities doing well in this regard.<br />

Read Online At<br />

www.thailand-business-supplement.com<br />

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company stays out in front. For custom-designed IT, Web &<br />

Marketing Solutions that present your best to a wider audience,<br />

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NEW YORK, Brooklyn<br />

Waterfront Apartment, 154 sqm<br />

$ 3.3M (109,700,000B)<br />

SYDNEY<br />

Partial Harbour View, 120 sqm<br />

$ 1.35M (44,880,000B)<br />

PARIS<br />

Waterfront Apartment, 160 sqm<br />

$ 3.5M (117,400,000B)<br />

LONDON<br />

Waterfront Apartment, 193 sqm<br />

$ 5.2M (172,855,000B)<br />


Sea View, 105 sqm<br />

$ 2.95M (98,070,000B)<br />


Riverside Condo, 145 sqm<br />

$ 1.3M (43,000,000B)<br />





TOP FLOOR APARTMENT - 141 sqm<br />






14.8 MB (430,000$)<br />

FOR DETAILS, CONTACT: 084 677 4360<br />

E-MAIL: Hightowerpattaya@gmail.com

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