Team Dynamics 2019 Season Guide


Your full guide to the 2019 BTCC with Team Dynamics and SBT Patron. Matt Neal. The team, the drivers, the car, the circuits, the whole thing.

BTCC 2019


Your Guide to the 2019 BTCC Season. The

Team, the Drivers, the Car and the Circuits

Team Dynamics Motorsport

Unit 22,

Berry Hill Industrial Estate,


Worcestershire WR9 9AS

T: +44 (0)1905 793800



Founder & Team Principal:

Steve Neal

Team Manager:

James Rodgers


Matt Neal

Dan Cammish

Marketing & Promotions Manager

Ben Durrell

Magazine Editor

Paul Snow

Produced By

SBT Media

All Magazine Photography

Jakob Ebrey


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About The Editor

Meet Paul (Pablo) Snow. Magazine editor,

British Army veteran, campaigner, musician,

snooker player, rugby lover and BTCC nut.

Pablo met Matt Neal after being introduced

through a mutual friend and very quickly

asked the three times BTCC champion to

become patron and ambassador to the

Sandbag Times Veterans Magazine. Of

course, Matt being a supporter of veterans

and having friends who have served,

accepted. Pablo was born and raised in the

New Forest, spending much of his youth

racing motocross and surfing along the South

Coast. He joined the army when he was 17,

seeing service in Northern Ireland, Bosnia,

Kenya, Berlin, Falkland Islands to name just a

few of his postings. Pablo had a passion to

fly helicopters but despite being mentally and

physically fit enough, a defect in his spine

stopped his dream coming true. This is when

he turned his abilities to driving. By the end

of 1988, just five years after joining, he had

achieved advanced and instructor licences in

car, lgv and pcv categories. He then turned

his attention to more advanced skills

developing cross country techniques, road

safety training skills and then towards antiterrorist

and evasive driving skills. He

specialised in teaching advanced manoeuvres

in Northern Ireland ensuring civilianised

military vehicles stayed safe in some very

hostile territories. This was a skill in which

many authorities and specialists would seek

out his advice and expertise. In 2005, he left

the Armed Forces but not before competing in

Roadmaster, the Armed Forces and

Emergency Services driving championship.

Paul and his navigator came sixth overall

being beaten only by professional rally teams.

After leaving the Army, he descended into

PTSD. But after successful treatment, he

decided to help other veterans. That has

included writing the Rock Opera ‘A Song for a

Hero’, developing the Sandbag Times

Veterans Magazine and SBT Media Company

and then the Tommy Atkins Veterans Centre.

His close work and friendships with Team

Dynamics and his love of BTCC has inspired

him to write this magazine to pay tribute to the

BTCC team he loves and the driver who has

inspired him and has followed for many years.

We hope you enjoy his magazine. 3 |

Welcome to Team Dynamics Motorsport

Hooked up, foot down. Dialled in, flat out. Short shifting, not lifting. Overtaking, under braking.

Kerb clipping, tyres gripping. Fastest laps, podium scraps. Tenths shaved, chequered flag waved.

Founded by ex BSCC star, Steve Neal, the team

has gone from strength to strength, winning

numerous championship titles, providing

unparalleled coverage for its sponsors.

From big dreams in a small garage in the midlands,

Steve Neal has motorsport in his blood - initially as a

mechanic and engineer before racing Minis in the

British Saloon Car Championship in the late sixties,

amassing 5 race wins and 25 podiums.

After establishing Rimstock/Team Dynamics as one of

the most successful alloy wheel manufacturers in the

world, Steve returned to motorsport in the nineties as

founder and team principle of Team Dynamics Racing.

A colourful figure in the paddock, his knowledge for

engineering and passion for winning drives our


When you look at Team Dynamics as a whole, you cannot fail to be impressed. They are simply the most

successful team out there and, in my opinion, the best. Yes, they consitantly have superb drivers but they are just

the pilots that operate the machinery. Succes for the team doesn’t just come from a fast driver getting into a fast

car and winning races, it comes from thousands of hours of painstaking team work from the guys in the garage,

the folk in the offices, the designers, the technical staff, the promoters, the pit staff, you name it, it happens. But

what is the secret of their success? Very simple, total teamwork. I know that may seem a little cliched but I speak

as someone outside of the team that witnesses it very often.

Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden have both claimed the Drivers Championship three times under the Honda

Halfords Yuasa teams. With Team Dynamics at the helm, there is so much more to come. Matt and Dan

Cammish, who replaced Gordon Shedden at the start of 2018, are heading into the 2019 season with a one-track

mind. To win, and with Team Dynamics in their corner, they have every chance of more championship titles.

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The Team



No other team in the BTCC commands the level

of TV and online exposure, in no part due to both

drivers’ and the team’s notoriety within the

motorsport community – and consistently being

in the hunt for the Championship Title.

Team Dynamics Key Facts:

• 385,000 ABC1 spectators over the season, allows for activation

strategies involving circuit promotion to have huge effect.

• 19.4 million UK TV audience, increasing to 1bn worldwide.

• £1.9m+ TV exposure value for primary sponsors.

• F1-level VIP Corporate Hospitality Suite.

• Purpose built 60 seater conference centre in captivating


Team Sponsorship

• Align your brand with the most

successful and longest-competing team

in the championship, showcase your

company nationally in a winning light.

Drivers win races, but ultimately it’s the

teams that win the championships.

There are many possibilities, including

but not limited to:

Individual Driver Sponsorship

• Driver sponsorship allows

for a somewhat more personal

approach to sports marketing,

allowing you to align your brand

with an individual driver and utilise

them in an ambassadorial role –

example: speaker at business


Team Promotional Material.


• Garage Boarding

• Race Transporters

• Website Exposure

• Social Media Leverage

Team Merchandise

Branding, Teamwear

Opportunities from £20,000

• Brand coverage at

Corporate events that drivers

attend and wear suit, track days,

pit lane walkabout, in-car

coverage, television interviews etc

plus fantastic photo coverage.

Helmet, Sleeve

Opportunities From £5,000

“A powerful opportunity to bring

brands to life in front of hundreds of

thousands trackside, with millions

more watching trackside.” 5 |


The real truth behind the Beast from the East

The new style Honda Civic Type R - FK8

was literally rolled out to the public for

the first time at the season launch at

Donnington at the end of March 2018,

I had been to Team Dynamics HQ in Droitwich

several times on the lead up to the new

season but there was one area we could not

go into. It was like having to avoid a paddock

in Jurrasic Park, hiding some dangerous

beast. It wasn’t far off the truth actually. OK,

the FK8 looks like the production car but

probably stops there in it’s likeness to what

you can buy in the shop.

It’s only when you get close to it you see it’s

pedigree as a thoroughbred racing car.

The 2-litre turbo-charged powerplant is set to

the standards laid out by NGTC regulations.

This keeps the playing fields on the level which

is probably why you may notice just how close

qualifying times can be.

Tyres are a standard type across the field with

the Prime, Option and of course the wets.

It was noticed during 2018 of difference in lap

times of up to a second and a half between the

prime and options. The great things about

these rules is that again, it levels the field

ensuring all teams have the same chance.

As you look into the car cockpit itself, you will

see the expected stuff, a fantastically

constructed cage which is generally

responsible for our lads walking away and

swearing from crashes rather them being

carted off in ambulances. The steering wheel,

is basically the mouse, keyboard and joystick

to the cars systems and controls. I shan’t go

too deep into it to ensure TD’s privacy.

The gearshift is a straight forward and back

selection as is typical across the board. There

is also a compartment set for success ballast

which can carry a range of weights from 75kg

for first place to 6kg for 10th.

Surprisingly, and much

to the credit of the

FK8 and the


| 6

The Car

setting the car up, at the final round

of the BTCC 2018, Dan and Matt

finished 1st and second

respectively, so success ballast was

loaded on to the cars for race two

where they went out and did it

again. The weight basically puts a

passenger into the car but despite

this. the team proved

races are still very winable despite

the extra weight.

Car Specifications



Model: Honda Civic Type R K20C tuned

by Neil Brown Engineering

Type: Inline Four Cylinder Turbocharged

Twin-Overhead Camshaft

(CM3): 2000

Valves: 16 (four per cylinder)

So how did the new car fair last

season? Well, not being an expert,

I can only give an opinion from my

own views and observations from

the season.

I think to expect success from the

word go in a brand new race car

was probably being a little

optimistic, however the gauntlet

was thrown down in qualifying at

Brands (Indy) when Dan physically

went around the track faster than

anyone else, ok it was taken from

him but he was still quickest.

Unfortunately, with the greasy

conditions, it was hard to get an

ideal set up. It wasn’t until round

three at Thruxton, until it all

dropped into place. The car was

ifnally allowed to open itself up in

decent conditions, the result? Matt

wins his first Race of the season.

The car continued to improve all the

way up to the half way point of the

season finally reaching the summer

break with Matt in 3rd and right in

with a shout for the championship.

Although the second half

started well with that

memorable win at the

Diamond Double,

Rockingham turned

into a bit of a

nightmare along

with Knockhill

with horrible


conditions. The

car showed what it

was really

capable of in the

last two


setting up a

great platform

for 2019.

Fuel Delivery















Dry Weight


Fuel Tank




Direct Fuel Injection - One Injector Per

Cylinder. Induction: Induction Technology

Group filter and housing

Cosworth SQ6M ECU

Power (bhp): 350+

Torque (Nm): 400+

Est. Top Speed (mph): 160

Wet Sump

Castrol Edge 5w/30 Fully Synthetic

Engine Oil

2019 Honda Civic Type R FK8

Double-wishbone configuration with

Penske dampers and Eibach springs

Double-wishbone configuration with

Penske dampers and Eibach springs


Cobra with Schroth harnesses

Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.3

Xtrac 1046 Six-Speed Sequential

AP Racing Carbon


(KG): 1280 (Including driver)

(MM): 2699

ATL 80 litre Kevlar cell

MAKE: AP Racing

Front: Twin four-piston, two pad callipers

working on 362mm disc

Rear: Single two-piston, two-pad callipers

working on 304mm disc

Castrol React SRF Racing

Make: Dunlop

Front (inches): 18 x 10

Rear (inches): 18 x 10 7 |


Three Times BTCC Champion &

British Motor Racing Legend

There are BTCC Drivers and then

there’s Matt Neal. Son of Team

Dynamics founder, Steve Neal, Matt

has established himself as one of the

most iconic names in British motor

racing history.

Matt’s BTCC career started way back in

1991 driving a BMW for Pyramid

Motorsport. Twenty seven years later,

Matt is still very hungry for a fourth title

and is still very much a potent threat to

the entire field. We only have to look at

his performance during the 2018 season

walking away with his fair share of

silverware including the Diamond Double

60th Anniversary race. Yes, there is a lot

of new blood, talent and experience on

the grid of the current BTCC line-up but

for pure racemanship, trackcraft and pigheaded

grit and determination, there are

non better.

His vast experience also makes him a

very valuable asset for testing. I do

believe that the success of the Honda

Civic Type R FK8 during the season was

in no small part down to Matt. Of course,

the team is the magic that makes the car

but what a test driver to have.

Matt is a true family man, married to

Karen and father to Matilda and twins,

Will and Henry, both the boys being very

competitive in the Mini Challenge. In fact

in the 2018 season, Henry finished in a

very respectable 5th and brother Will

finished his season in 16th. Both very

commendable and both with very big

futures in motorsport. You never know,

they may even fill dad’s shoes in the big

arena of BTCC one day.

We also have to mention another great

side to Matt, and that is of his work with

Armed Forces Veterans. Matt is the

patron of the local veteran hub, The

Tommy Atkins Centre and the veterans

magazine, The Sandbag Times which

follows him around the season reporting

on his races and season goings-on.

So Matt is about to embark on his 28th

season in 2019, His last Championship

title was back in 2011 but his passion

and determination has not faltered for

one moment. One staggering fact is that

Matt has not finished outside of the top

10 since 2001. Any driver on the track

knocking on his rear bumper would do

well to bear that fact in mind. His track

battles have been the topic of many

| 8

The Drivers

conversation, not least with rival, Jason


He attacks every season with the same

mindset. To win the title. There is no

doubt that there is a fourth title in there

somewhere and God willing and with a

good tail wind, he has every chance of

making it happen. He is not, by any

means, past his prime, in fact, I believe his

finest moment is still yet to come.

Will he do it this year? who knows, but I

think he has a good chance to challenge

after having a year to iron out the kinks of

the new style Honda Civic Type R.

I do sometimes think back to last season

with a whole bag of ‘what if’s’, After all, at

the mid season point in 2018, he was in

3rd place.

Profile - Matt Neal



Date of Birth 20th December 1966

Place of Birth Birmingham, England

Marital Status Married


BTCC Debut Silverstone 14 July 1991 (BMW)

Current Car Honda Civic Type R FK8

Driver Number 25

BTCC Races 633

BTCC Wins 61

It was always going to be a big ask to put

a serious challenge in during the car’s

debut season but that is not the case for

2019. Both drivers have established

themselves, the car has shown its

potential, especially on those tracks with

the longer straights. Its low drag and slick

profile is a definite advantage, however, I

would be interested to see how it does this

year on those circuits that favour the rear

wheel drives such as the BMW’s and

Suburu’s. As far as the circuits go, we will

be visiting Thruxton twice which was very

strong for the team last season but we also

lose Rockingham which wasn’t.

All I can say is “Let the

tyres see the tracks”

BTCC Podiums

BTCC Poles

BTCC Fastest Laps


BTCC Driver


BTCC Independant

Drivers Champion


Autosport Awards

National Driver of

the Year




2005, 2006, 2011

1993, 1995. 1999, 2000, 2005, 2006

2005, 2011 9 |


Two Time Porsche Carrera Cup

Champion takes BTCC by Storm

Many things happen in motorsport

and indeed BTCC that can leave

you astounded. It has to be said

that the deal to enlist Dan Cammish was

certainly one of them for some very good


The parting of Gordon Shedden from

Team Dynamics for the international

scene was felt throughout the entire

team. Although he was given the utmost

best wishes and success in the World

BTCC, questions hung over the team

about who on earth could fill his shoes.

Like Matt, Gordon was a three times

BTCC champion and had a whole host of

experience which only brought success

and silver to the team.

But then, early in 2018, an

announcement was made that his

replacement would be two times Porche

Carrera Cup Champion, Dan Cammish.

Any visitor to a BTCC event will know

that the Porche races are just on another

wavelength. You know, we visited the

Oulton Park round and I could swear that

every driver on the circuit were actually

Lemmings with helmets on. They were

absolutely crazy but oh, so skillful.

But the big question still remained, could

Dan take on the challenge of BTCC.

That question was answered within the

first 30 minutes of qualifying in the 2018

season. Dan took pole with an absolute

corker of a lap with a big neon sign

above the car saying “Oi, BTCC world,

Dan’s here!!).

Unfortunately, he passed a red light on

the way in to the pits and the lap was

removed from him. Even so, he still

managed to get on the second row for

the start of the race. Not only that, he

took his first Silverware in the next

meeting by coming 2nd in the first race

at Donnington. Ok, he was a rookie

by BTCC track time but in a very

short space of time, he earnt a

bag of respect. He was fast,

very fast and was single

minded in what he

wanted. The title.

By the end of the

season, he had won

the Jack Sears Trophy,

won twice, had taken

pole, had qualified


| 10

The Drivers

throughout the season and finished 10th

overall. So I pose the question again, was

Dan the right man to replace Gordon

Sheddon. I think many now say “Gordon

who?” (No offence meant, Flash). The

boy had landed.

Profile - Dan Cammish



Date of Birth 10th April 1989

So who is Dan Cammish? The Yorkshireborn

driver graduated from karting in

2009, and straightaway showed his talent

by winning the Scholarship class in MSA

Formula Ford. Not resting on his laurels,

he also took part in the final three rounds

of that season’s ADAC Formel Masters

series in Germany, scoring two fifth-place

finishes. Back in the UK Dan followed up

with third in the championship standings

in MSA Formula Ford and finished on the

podium four times in Formula Renault after

flying to Malaysia to compete in a handful

of races in the JK Racing Asia Series.

Place of Birth

Marital Status


BTCC Debut

Current Car

Driver Number

BTCC Races


Leeds, West Yorkshire


Brands Hatch - April2018

Honda Civic Type R FK8




He moved to sportscar racing in 2014,

competing in British GT in a GT4 Porsche

997 and turned heads with a guest drive in

the final round of the Carrera Cup season,

taking two pole positions and winning one

race at Brands Hatch.

From that point on Dan hasn’t looked

back, narrowly missing out on a thirdstraight

Carrera Cup title in 2017 after

being unavailable for some races in order

to complete the full Porsche Supercup

season. Still, he finished second at Monte

Carlo in the latter and won the prestigious

race at Le Mans in July with an

exceptional overtake at high speed around

the outside of Indianapolis on the

final lap.

BTCC Podiums


Porsche Carrera

Cup Champion

Formula Ford

Eco Boost 200

MSA Formula Ford

Scholarship Class


2015, 2016

2013 (Won all 24 races)

2009 11 |

Will Neal


“The Mini Challenge is a 32 car grid in a 1 make series running the race spec 265 bhp Mini JCW Car

making it one of the most competitive series in the UK, making it the perfect proving ground for the BTCC”.

My year, as per usual in racing has had huge ups and

downs. A consistent start to the year working our way

through the grid was looking good to fair us well in

the overall standings. However 2 major incidents, one being

involved in a 5 car incident at Rockingham when oil was left

down and a huge 120 mph roll after contact at Snetterton,

with the 2 non-scoring weekends put us on the backfoot for

the year, trying to catch up on lost points for the rest of the

year and fighting back up to 16th in the overall standings.

After finishing my 3rd season of the Mini Challenge we have

been looking onwards to progress in to bigger, faster and

more competitive racing, which lead us on to the Creventic

Endurance Race series in a Audi RS3 TCE LMS. The car

starts out as a 365 bhp World Touring Car TCR car and is

adapted for 12 and 24 hour endurance racing.

Moving to endurance racing brings a whole new way of

thinking in to racing vs. the 20 minute sprint races I had been

used to. In sprint racing, as soon as the lights go out, it is all

down to the driver to push the car to its limit for 20 minutes,

meaning incidents are a regular occurrence.

Endurance racing brings in a tactical approach to the sport,

introducing team pitstops, fuelling strategies, tyre and brake

management, car preservation and driver endurance, or to

put it simply, completing the most amount of laps over the

given time period. Simply driving a car to the limit would

mean tyres would mean you waste valuable time in the pits

either fuelling, changing tyres and brakes or repairing

damage which would loose you valuable time on the

track. Pacing the car just as you would pace yourself

over a marathon become vital for both finishing and


and Porches, all the way down to race spec Renault Clio cup

cars, making overtaking and leaving space for faster car vital

for finishing the race, especially as night falls, reducing

visibility and testing driver awareness.

We have already taken part in the first race on the 11th and

12th January 2019 at the Dubai Autodrome which we were

running first until 8 hours in to the race when another of the 5

drivers had an incident which lead to the end of the race for

us. The series will further take us over Europe and give me a

chance to test my self at some of the worlds biggest circuits

in Belgium, Barcelona, Italy, Portugal and the Czech Republic,

so an exciting year ahead!

Profile: Will Neal

Nationality – English

Date of Birth – 22nd June 1995

Place of Birth – Birmingham, England


Racing Debut – Knockhill – 2015 (Legend)

Current Car – Audi RS3 TCE LMS

Driver Number – 22

Mini Challenge Races – 60

Mini Challenge Podiums – 3

Mini Challenge Fastest Laps – 1


Mini Challenge Retailer Champion – 2016

Over a 24hr race there will be

between 4 and 5 driver all running 2

hour stints at a time in up to 60 Degree

Celsius heat, so keeping hydrated and

alert is crucial for maintaining

consistent lap times, so drivers

will have water feeds, cool suits

and attempt to nap in between

stints to ensure they can

perform and work with the

mechanics and manage the

car at speed when on track.

To add in another element of

thought, the races run in class

systems, with everything in the

race from full spec GT3 cars

such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis

| 12

Henry Neal


“GS Battery Racing is delighted to unveil the Honda Civic FK2 Type R that Henry Neal will

race in the Dunlop Touring Car Trophy (TCT) for 2019. In a dramatic change of skin, the ex-Halfords Yuasa

Racing British Touring Championship Car, now features an eye-catching black and blue livery.”

Henry Neal is definitely a chip off the old block. After

competing in his fourth season in the Mini Challenge,

he has made the move to the Dunlop Touring Car

Trophy,in the FK2 with sights firmly set on following in his

fathers footsteps.

There is no doubt, that the challenge laid before him in the

coming year, has that great mix of excitement and


At the unveiling of the car Henry said:

‘It looked great in its old livery, but in my opinion, this blows it

out the water! I’m absolutely thrilled to be back racing with the

support of GS Battery for our second year, looking to build on

the great progress we made in the MINI Challenge. To be

driving a Type R is extra special given the success we’ve had

in the BTCC with it – I’m hoping I can keep the trend going in

the TCT!’

said, it wasn’t through driver fault or lack of trying.

I believe it is only a matter of time before Henry hits the big

league alongside his dad, hopefully he will be one of two

‘Neals’ to grace the BTCC scene. He has the motivation, the

passion, the confidence and certainly, a full pedigree.

Profile: Henry Neal

Nationality – English

Date of Birth – 22nd June 1995

Place of Birth – Birmingham, England


Racing Debut – 2015

Current Car – Honda Civic FK2 Type R

Driver Number – 42

Mini Challenge Races – 52

Mini Challenge Podiums – 6

Mini Challenge Fastest Laps – 2

Looking at his previous four seasons it is east to see the

natural progression of this young driver, In the 2015 Power

Maxed MINI Challenge Cooper Class, Henry had two

podiums, including a win and finished 5th in his series. Fast

forward to 2018, three podiums and finishing the season in

5th again.

So on to 2019. At the writing of this article, Henry has already

competed in two 24hr Endurance races. Both, with brother

Will, although race success has not shone on the Neal clan as

of yet. But after following

the team through

it has to be

13 |



The Season starts here: Welcome to the Jungle

Brands Hatch is probably the most

iconic and best loved track in the UK.

The Indy circuit is fast and can prove

to be a challenge for the entire field,

especially in the wet, as we saw during 2018.

Mind you, the big news of the weekend at

our first meeting last year was our rookie,

Dan Cammish, showing the field how to

drive by taking pole in qualifying, only to lose

it through an infraction while entering the pit

lane. Even so, he still started on the second

row in what was to be the first of many

outstanding qualifying results which

eventually would help him to winning the

Jack Sears Trophy.

2018 was a great outing for our new blood

but to our Matt, a little more frustrating. After

a DNF in Race 1 and a 29th finish in Race 2,

Matt did what Matt does best turned the FK8

into a hot knife and the rest of the field into

butter and carved his way to an impressive

12th finish.

Due to earlier rain, the track remained very

greasy and Matt took a chance in race 2 by

using slicks. It proved to be a risk that didn’t

pay off. Never mind, that’s BTCC for you.

Considering this was the first outing in the

new Honda Civic Type R FK8, the season

appeared to look promising. Yes, it wasn’t

quite right but very solid foundations to

mount a challenge for the silverware on offer.

Matt Neal on Brands Hatch

“My weekend obviously unravelled in race

one. I tried to do something a little off-piste in

race two but it was a struggle, which was

compounded by getting knocked around a

bit for good measure. We at least made up

17 places in race three, which demonstrated

the potential of the new Civic Type R, and

there are a lot of reasons for optimism

moving forward. The car seems to be quick

in the dry, the engine is working well and

Dan is clearly very fast – for us to both be

inside the top six in qualifying with a car that

has far from achieved its full potential yet is

very encouraging. We still have some work

to do in wet trim, but it’s a new car so that’s

only to be expected and one of the biggest

positives about the FK8 is its aerodynamics

and lack of drag; when we get to the longer

circuits where it can stretch its legs a bit, that

should really pay dividends. It’s extremely


days and there’s plenty more to come. Better

yet, we are going to be light at Donington, so

hopefully we can fight back on home turf.

”Dan Cammish on Brands Hatch

“It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but the car is

back in one piece, with all four wheels

pointing in the same direction and I’ve come

away with my first BTCC trophy, so I’d call

that a win. I was heartbroken after qualifying

because it was probably the best lap I’ve

ever driven, but to top the timesheets

showed what this car is capable of so I think

I laid down a bit of a marker there. Pulling a

time out over a single lap is something I’ve

always enjoyed, but I knew the races would

be more brutal than anything I’d experienced

before – at the end of the day, this is my

rookie season and this was my rookie

weekend and it’s a completely different

ballpark. You’ve also got to remember that

the FK8 is a brand new piece of it – I didn’t

drive my car for the first time until Season

Launch – and we’re perhaps not getting the

best out of the tyres yet but I’m with the best

possible team for my learning curve in

Halfords Yuasa Racing. It was nice to be on

the podium, and even though it wasn’t

outright, we’ll get there. These guys always


Ok, prediction time. I think firstly we need to

take a look at the potential of both drivers

and a now seasoned FK8. We also have to

| 14

06/07 April 2019

take other things into

consideration such as

the fact that they have just had a

thorough winter testing period,

they are now both familiar with

the car and they are both hungry

for wins and to start the season


Despite Matt’s seniority in the

field, make no bones about it he

is after a fourth title and has the

skills and determination to

achieve it. The fact that he is

more experienced than most of

the field just makes him more of

a potent threat.

Dan, on the other hand, scored

two wins on his last outing and

is itching for a green light. Quite

frankly, he scared the hell out of

the rest of the field at this event

last year and continued in the

same frame for the season. This

guy is a potential multichampion.

He is hungry, very

fast and doesn’t take prisoners.

Bring on Brands...

Team Dynamics Results 2018

Brands Hatch (Indy)

Drivers Championship

Matt Neal 22nd 4 points

Dan Cammish 13th 13 Points

Team Championship

Halfords Yuasa 13th 17 points

Constructors Championship

Honda 4th 58 points

Brands Hatch Circuit



Kent DA3 8NG

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Team Dynamics comes home

So we arrive in the East Midlands for

our first close-to-home meeting. Just

a stone throw from Birmingham and

East Midlands airport, we visit yet another

iconic track which is also the home circuit of

Honda and sponsors, Yuasa.

A good starting point for the FK8 to open up

a little. Fast sweeping corners and a hiaction

theatre means that this could

potentially be a silverware hotspot. Why do I

think this? Because Dan scored his first

podium here last year. Not only that he also

scored another 2nd row qualifying position.

If I remember rightly, this circuit was another

set-up nightmare as we still had less than

perfect track conditions but nevertheless, the

car still showed huge potential.

Matt’s qualifying session was a little hindered

which lead to a annoying 17th. But Matt

being Matt got that hot knife out again and

brought the FK8 home in 6th for race one. A

struggle in race 2 on the hard tyres kept him

just outside of the points in 16th but in race

3, the hot knife came out again to finish a

very respectable 7th.

Dan, on the other hand, had a dream of a

race in the opener to finish second and

snatch his first podium. With a front row

start in the second, he managed to continue

his points tally with a brilliant 4th.

Unfortunately, a puncture, following contact

stopped a trio of points finishes but yet

again, people around the BTCC world were

asking “Who is this kid?”

Matt Neal on Donnington Park

“Unfortunately, my weekend began on the

wrong foot in lining up 17th on the grid,

which left me with a lot of work to do in the

races. We are still learning with the new Civic

Type R and it’s not totally dialled-in yet in

those conditions, which meant qualifying

was almost akin to a test session for us. It

was tricky out there, and it didn’t play out in

my favour. We were quick in races one and

three and the car felt really good. There was

plenty of chaos kicking off, but we managed

to avoid it all to come through the field for a

couple of solid points-scoring results. In race

two, I made a good start but got a bit hung

out to dry around the opening laps as I tried

to steer clear of the carnage, and on the

hard-compound tyres, it was always going to

be difficult to fight back from that. Still, it was

a much more positive outcome than at

Brands Hatch and we remain light going next

to Thruxton, which has traditionally been a

happy hunting ground for us and will be an

important weekend as both Honda and

Yuasa’s home circuit.”

Dan Cammish on Donnington Park

“It’s been a good weekend – almost a very

good weekend. We showed our speed in

free practice and qualified well in what were

very difficult, greasy conditions. It was

obviously fantastic for both the team and

myself to achieve our first podium of the

season in race one, although I would say as

a performance, race two was arguably even

better, with 66kg of ballast on-board and the

harder tyres. I tried to get away as fast as I

could, but it was inevitable that the guys

behind would catch up eventually and we

were over-the-moon to lead for so long and

still finish as high as fourth – the car balance

felt really good and the Civic Type R handled

extremely well. What happened in race three

was just very unfortunate; it was only the

lightest of touches, but it caused my wheel

rim to shatter and that in-turn punctured the

tyre. We were on for at least another top five

result, but we can nonetheless go away

feeling happy. People were asking preseason

if I would get properly stuck in and

get my elbows out in the BTCC, and I think

I’ve proven here that I can do that as well as

anybody else.”

Donnington Park for 2019

On paper this should be a good circuit for

Team Dynamics. As we said, it is home to

Honda and Yuasa, not to mention being just

up the road from Team HQ in Droitwich but

in reality, we are on an even playing field.

Going by last years performance, I feel this

could be a good one for the FK8.

Remember it was less than favourable

conditions and the car was only on it’s

second outing and, as Matt said, the car still

wasn’t set up to it’s fullest potential. This

year will be different even if there is rain.

We have two superb drivers and probably

the best team on the grid. With a good wind

and with a little luck from the Gods we could

see a fair collection of silverware here.

| 16

27/28 April 2019

My only concern would be

qualifying. It can be messy

here as Matt found out to his

cost in 2018. As we all know,

in BTCC this is so important

as between pole and the back

door is normally separated by

little over a second. With a

field that tight, getting a clear

run for one good lap is a big

ask here but by no means

impossible. Fingers crossed,


On a positive note, there are

plenty of places to overtake,

the corners are long and fast

which makes for a track to

have plenty of scraps on. For

the spectators, this is brilliant,

for the drivers, it is what they

drive Touring Car for. Bumper

to bumper, paint scraping

action. But beware the

smallest of touches can see

our lads into the stoney, loose

stuff or a broken ride.

But many lessons came from

here last year so I still stand

by what I have said. This

could be a good one for us.

Team Dynamics Results 2018

Donnington Park

Drivers Championship

Matt Neal 17th 23 points

Dan Cammish 7th 44 points

Team Championship

Halfords Yuasa 4th 66 points

Constructors Championship

Honda 4th 136 points

Donington Park

Castle Donington


DE74 2RP

Ticket Hotline: 0843 453 9000 17 |

ROUND 3 & 7:


Tractors, tanks and fast cars, it’s Salisbury Plain

Now, BTCC aside, this is a land which I

am very familiar with but I won’t

indulge you all with that one. Not

when this circuit proved so successful for

Matt and Dan last year. and what’s more, we

are going there twice during 2019.

the right direction.

So what did our boys have to say about


Matt Neal:

Now, for those of us that drive to the circuit

will have a fair share of frustrations heading

to the Salisbury Plain Circuit but worry not,

the action and spectacle are so well worth it.

Take my word for it, I was there last year in

basking sunshine.

Let’s recap on last years action with Matt and

Dan. Firstly, Matt broke the lap record to

take his first pole of the season and then

went on to win the first race, a second

podium 3rd and then an eighth spot in the

last race. What a weekend.

Dan did his normal fourth in qualies, (getting

a bit of a habit, these 4ths) and then went on

to finish 3rd in the first race, 26th in the

second and then a very commendable 13th

in the final race.

In my unqualified opinion, I believe this was

the first opportunity for the FK8 to really

stretch it’s legs. It’s a fast circuit with those

long, sweeping corners. The track was

warm, the car was set up like a dream and

the points rolled in. For me, this was the one

race that turned the West Midlands team into

“It has been an incredibly special weekend

and I am delighted to have given the Civic

Type R (FK8) its first BTCC victory on ‘home

soil’ at Thruxton. That pole lap is one I am

especially proud of – I was hanging

everything out there – so I am really chuffed

to turn it into a win. I had a fantastic start to

grab the lead through the opening bends

and from there the Civic Type R’s strengths

through the quick corners meant no-one

could get close to me. To get another

podium in race two with that much ballast

demonstrates just how good the package is

and shows we are very much in the title

battle this year. I really think the tide is

changing for us and this is the start of good

things to come.”

Dan Cammish:

“Race one was a brilliant result for the entire

team. To get a double podium is a huge

reward for everybody’s efforts in making the

Honda Civic Type R such a competitive

machine. It was a great qualifying for me and

to turn that into my second podium finish of

the season is very satisfying. Race two didn’t

| 18

18/19 May 2019 + 17/18 August 2019

go entirely to plan for me. I had a

bad start and ran off-track which put

me down the order. I did the best in

race three and I’m happy to have

scored points. All in all, it’s been a

good weekend and our pace at

various points proves how much

potential there is from both myself

and the Civic Type R. Well done to

Matt for his brilliant pole position and

victory in race one – he has had an

absolutely mega weekend.”

What are we in for in 2019? Ideally,

we would love to see a repeat or

better especially as we have a

second meeting when the BTCC

comes back from it’s mid season

break. As we said before, this track

is brill for the FK8 but we also have

to consider 28 other cars. With two

meetings at Thruxton, every car on

the circuit is going to be out to

monopolise on the points.

For the spectators, I have to say

there are so many great places to

watch the action from. A couple of

tips to get the most out of your day,

for pure action, stick to the outside

of the circuit. There is a lot of space

on the inside but viewing can be


A great place is the chicane just

before the start/ finish stretch.

Always plenty of action here. In fact

if you start from here and work your

way clockwise, you will get some

excellent viewing.

Do remember to cross back through

the tunnel for the podiums and

paddock enclosures, also make sure

you check out the trade stalls for the

odd bargain. (Yes, there are one or

two if you look). You might even get

to see the odd Apache attack

helicopter from nearby Middle

Wallop if you are very lucky.

A bit of a public health warning

though. Salisbury Plain is very open

to the weather. Not only when it

rains and gets windy but also when

the sun shines.

Many people last year succumbed to

a nasty case of sunburn (my other

half included) so please watch the

weather the day before and go well


Have a great day at Thruxton!

Team Dynamics Results 2018


Drivers Championship

Matt Neal 6th 68 points

Dan Cammish 8th 62 points

Team Championship

Halfords Yuasa 2nd 127 points

Constructors Championship

Honda 3rd 219 points

Thruxton Motorsport Centre

Thruxton Circuit



SP11 8PW

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Up to Yorkshire for a bit of argie bargie

careful not to out-brake yourself. Although

entry to Clervaux is still pretty quick, in a

BTCC car it’s 4th gear, but try not to take too

much inside apex kerb as it’s quite

aggressive and can throw you out. The car

will drift from the apex and it’s easy to run out

of road very quickly, so it’s easy to drop a left

wheel in the gravel, especially if too much

entry speed is carried, so my suggestion is

build up here.

Ihave to say, right from the off, I only know

Croft from watching it on TV. And even

then, I am still not that up to speed with the

make up of the circuit. One thing you will

notice is that Croft and Oulton Park have

swapped places in the BTCC calendar this

year. But fear not, I know a man that knows

this circuit only too well. Yes, here’s our man

Matt Neal to take you around Croft in Detail.

Matt Neal on Croft

One of my favourite circuits on the BTCC

calendar. It’s our only trip to the North East

side of the country and when we get there the

circuit is a real challenge with the local fans

always giving terrific warm support.

Croft is very clean and picturesque, neatly cut

lawns and a neat compact pit lane with all

amenities close by. As a driver it requires a

high level of commitment, so racing and

finding an optimum balanced setup is key to

a fast lap.

To talk our way round, the start/finish straight

is faster than you think, preceded by a hairpin

that is probably the tightest corner of any

circuit in the UK. It’s a good drag down to

turn 1, Clervaux, where we are well into 6th

gear by the time we arrive. It’s a challenge

being accurate with your braking point, so be

Quick squirt through a kink to Hawthorn

Bend, which is a long, never-ending righthander,

which leads up to the Chicane, so

we’re down one gear and then get the front of

the car in tight and try and keep it there. If

you get on the gas too fast the car can run

wide through the corner, which will

compromise speed through and, more

importantly, exiting Chicane. So keep car tight

and line up Chicane. Be careful with cold

tyres through here on the first lap as it will be

first time you really need the right rear, so the

back end can step out on exit if you attack

too hard. You really need to be inch perfect

through this right-left Chicane, and carry as

much speed as possible as it’s a long run

down to Tower Bend after.

So you’ve made it through the Chicane. On

the run down to the 90-degree right Tower

Bend, this straight is quite bumpy and water

can collect in hollows when wet, so watch out

for aquaplaning down this section. In the

braking zone for Tower there are two crests in

the road and the target is to brake on the

second one, but beware if you hit the brakes

exactly on it or after it as the car can skip as

the road drops away, so you think you can

brake later but the circuit can catch you out.

Saying that, you can be quite brave into

Tower as it does have a bit more track to play

with. We brake all the way into the apex,

trying to get on the gas as hard and early as

possible because again exit is critical. Stay off

the exit kerb as it costs you time, then you’re

on the run down to the ultra-fast left-right Jim

Clark Esses, which are a big commitment flat

out in 6th gear. You do have run off, but still

need to be on your game using all of the flat

apex kerbs on both left and right sections.

This may be the fastest point of the circuit on

exit and again it’s a 6th gear corner next,

which is a right-hander called Barcroft. It’s

probably my favourite corner of the track.

Don’t be afraid to use a lot of apex kerb –

getting through the corner fast is not so much

the issue, but hanging on to and stopping the

| 20

15/16 June 2019

car after definitely is. Through the very fast

Barcroft and then hard on the anchors,

slamming it down two gears for a long double

right Sunny In and Sunny Out. Again, quicker

than you think, but very easy to overcook it on

the way in and way out, so you need to be

precise. In the wet sometimes you can find

more grip around the outside off the racing

line through Sunny Out. Also, be careful not

to drop your left wheels on to the left kerb at

mid-point of the two corners as it can drag

you on further and into trouble.

Sunny Out points you back towards home for

another blast up to the final complex. The first

90-degree left is pretty fast still and you need

to hold it tight, but you can carry more speed

than you think through here. Through the long

left in 4th then down two to 2nd for a tight

right-hander and a short blip down to the final

Hairpin. Watch not to drift too wide out of the

right as it costs time and can hurt tyres. The

final Hairpin is the last chance for that lastgasp

overtaking manoeuvre. If you’re leading,

stay tight and watch you don’t run wide on

the exit. If you’re following, see if they leave

the door open and an opportunity can open

up. If not, cut wide and see if you can sling

shot for a good run back up the start/finish


That’s my lap of Croft. A great circuit that I

only wish we could race at more often

Dan Cammish on Croft 2018

“It was certainly an uphill struggle! I arrived

here having never driven a front wheel-drive

car round Croft before and with not a lot of

time to adapt during free practice. We

definitely missed a trick this weekend. We

were nowhere in qualifying, so we changed

the set-up massively for race one but that only

made things worse. Fortunately, Matt went in

the other direction and it worked for him so

we copied that and from then on, things

picked up. I think I did the best job I could

over the weekend, but Matt’s greater

experience definitely told. Race two was solid,

but we didn’t really have the pace on the hard

tyre in race three. Although the results

perhaps don’t show it, I honestly don’t think

there’s a lot more I could have done. This

championship is tough, but as a driver, I’m

learning and improving all the time and that’s

the main goal.”

So there you have it Matt loves it, Dan had a

few issues with it. So as far as my limited

prediction goes, Matt established himself in to

3rd place on the standings so based on that

and the fact he loves Croft, I would say this

will be a strong one for Matt. Dan has now

been blooded here, last year was very much a

learning curve so again, I would expect to see

Dan perform strongly.

Team Dynamics Results 2018


Drivers Championship

Matt Neal 3rd 127 points

Dan Cammish 13th 80 points

Team Championship

Halfords Yuasa 2nd 204 points

Constructors Championship

Honda 2nd 367 points

Croft Circuit

West Lane

Dalton On Tees

North Yorkshire


Ticket Hotline: 01325 721815 21 |



Hills and high speed in beautiful Cheshire

Ihave to say, of all of the circuits on the

BTCC calendar, Oulton Park is not only a

very stunning setting but also one of

those circuits that spectators dream of.

Oulton, in recent years has been a favourite

with the Honda team. Just take a look at

the haul of points and trophy’s in 2017

between Matt and Flash.

Not the widest of circuits but certainly a real

driving challenge. Straight after the start

finish straight, you find yourself barrelling

down a hill to a tight left. along a straight to

a sweeping left before a pants-clinching

hairpin then back below the spectators on

the hill before turning right and charging

back up towards the home straight. So

much fun!

One thing I did realise about Oulton Park is

that she is very unforgiving. One wrong

move and she will spit you out in a vicious

way. This is one track where the

Marshalls really earn their money, not that

they don’t elsewhere. They certainly did

that last year, not only in the BTCC races

but also the support races including a rolled


I have to admit, I love this track. It’s highly

exciting, in a gorgeous setting and it’s very

spectator friendly. If fact, if you place

yourself on the bank above Hill Top straight

you will be able to see a good two thirds of

the circuit. Take it from me, we were there

last year and were certainly not

disappointed with the action.

So how did the lads fair here last year?

Matt Neal on Oulton Park

“Not a bad weekend for us. Maybe no cigar

this time. We weren’t too sure how we were

going to go. I think it was promising with

the car and I was just unlucky in the last

race, otherwise I think we could have had

three fairly solid top six finishes. We would

have been right up there in the

championship. It means we’re going to be a

bit lighter going into Croft and given how

close it is this year everything can change

in a meeting as Colin (Turkington) has

shown. Where you qualify really dictates

your weekend and your fortunes. Being

lighter will help us in qualifying because it is

so close. There’s a long way to go yet –

we’re not even half way.”

Dan Cammish on Oulton Park

“It was always going to be tough coming

here, the first time at a track where I’ve not

had chance to test. I did the best job I

thought I could in qualifying and it’s

highlighted a few little issues in myself and

my mentality, in the way I’m approaching it.

I think I need to follow Matt’s lead a little

more really and accept it’s too early on for

me in the BTCC and in front-wheel drive to

expect to have much of an input in terms of

setup. He has a habit of getting the car

where it needs to be for qualifying and he

| 22

29/30 June 2019

pips me at the post, whereas my car

tends to be the same from start to finish.

We’ll work on that and I’ll improve. It was

a tough weekend but that’s touring cars.

It’s so close. If you don’t qualify well,

you’re in real trouble. It’s exactly what I


Predictions for 2019? This could be a

tough call. On one hand, the car

looked very competitive here in 2018, it

loved the straights and hills but the

tightness of the circuit played it’s part on

both of our drivers. Race two saw Dan

being shoved off on the downhill section

and collecting a very unfortunate car

accidentally at the bottom of the hill.

Thankfully, he got smacked in to the

right direction and was able to finish the

race but on Race 3 Matt was rear ended

in a tight situation by Tom Ingram,

accidentally of course but it knocked

Matt out of contention for the race.

Looking ahead to 2019, I feel there will

be lots more of that. It is essential to

qualify well to avoid the M25 style

racing. There’s no reason why the guys

wont do well here. It is a good Honda

track if the wind is favourable but as we

all know, nothing is certain in BTCC and

this track probably carries the most risk,

I so can’t wait!

Spectator tips? Access to the track is no

problem, as with the escape at the end

of the day. It only took us about 15

minutes to get out.

As I said earlier, viewing is best from Hill

Top where you can see so much of the

circuit but do cross the bridge and visit

the paddock area. There is lots to see

and do and getting around the pits is

very cool too.

You will also need to be this side for the

pit walk and for the autograph session.

You can also access the inside circuit

viewing areas here. It does tend to get a

little crowded but still great viewing.

My last tip would be for the weather

warning, Again, this is peak summer

and it may be hot so ensure you are well

protected with sunscreen. On the other

hand, if it is raining, you will be very

exposed to the elements. In short, plan

ahead and be prepared.

In short, this has got to be a must for

your BTCC calendar. A wonderful

location, bags of action and completely

unpredictable. Would you really want

anything else from the British Touring

Car Championship?

Team Dynamics Results 2018

Oulton Park

Drivers Championship

Matt Neal 6th 98 points

Dan Cammish 10th 69 points

Team Championship

Halfords Yuasa 2nd 164 points

Constructors Championship

Honda 3rd 298 points

Oulton Park Circuit

Little Budworth,


Cheshire CW6 9BW

Ticket Hotline: 0843 453 9000 23 |

1. First BTCC winner. 2. Seven 3. Andy Rouse 4. 2003 5. Redline 6. 1992 7.

Nissan Primera 8. 6kg for 10th 9. Ashley Sutton and Tom Ingram 10. 2009 11.

1992 12. BSCC 13. 2014 14. 2000 15. 2012

Team Dynamics & BTCC Trivia Quiz

So you think you’re a petrolhead, but how well do you know

the BTCC world? Have a go at our trivia quiz just for fun.

1. During the 2018 season, Dan Cammish won the Jack Sears

Trophy, but who was Jack Sears?

2. Matt Neal has won the Drivers Championship three times.

How many other drivers have had a trio of championships?

3. Which driver has won the most Driver Championships

in the 60 year history?

4. In what year did Matt Neal first drive the Honda Civic Type R in

the BTCC?

5. In 2016. Dan Cammish has won the second of his two Porsche

Carrera Cup Championships but what team was he driving for?

6. ITV commentator Tim Harvey is an ex-BTCC champion. But in

what year did he win his title?

7. In 1999, Matt Neal caused a sensation by winning a round out

right in a privately entered car. What car was it that he took to this

historic win?

8. What is the lightest success ballast weight and for what finishing

position is it awarded?

9. During the 2018 season, two drivers were penalised on the same

race for a ride height discrepancy. Who were the two drivers?

10. Dan Cammish competed for the first time in BTCC during the

2018 season, but in what year did he make his racing debut in

MSA Formula Ford?

11, In what year did Team Dynamics join the BTCC?

12. Steve Neal, Team Dynamics founder and Team Principal was also

a successful racing driver in the 1960’s. What class did he com

pete in?

13. Colin Turkington is the current BTCC Drivers Champion. In what

year did he win his first Championship?

14. BTCC was blessed to have Murray Walker as a regular commen

tator, but in what year did he retire from motorsport commentary?

15. Like Matt Neal, ex-Team Dynamics driver, Gordon ‘Flash’

Shedden has won three championships. In what year did he win

his first?


| 24

Spot The Difference

Fun Time

How brilliant was it to see our lads on the top steps at Thruxton during the 2018 season. However, in all of the

confusion we made 10 errors in the bottom picture. Can you spot them? Answers at the bottom of the page.


1. D in the Dunlop logo 2. Text on Matt’s hat 3. text on front of Matt’s collar 4. Dan’s left shoulder pad logo 5. Plaque

on Matt’s trophy 6. Glass on left empty 7. Logo on Dan’s right hip 8. Missing leaf on logo between drivers hips 9. Text

by Matt’s left leg 10. Blue dot missing on Hi logo in botton right hand corner of picture. 25 |


Norfolk’s diamond of a circuit. ‘Bootiful’

Construction of the circuit began in 2010

and was completed in February 2011 with

the new corner names coming after

Snetterton fans proposed new names for

the new turns. Over 2,000 suggestions were

received with Palmer making the final

selection and as well as the owner himself,

motorsport luminaries including Giacomo

Agostini, Lewis Hamilton and Murray Walker

all have corners named in their honour.

The redevelopment saw all of the old circuit

retained but instead of heading onto the

back straight at the second corner, it

instead turned into the new infield section

where new corners Palmer, Agostini and

Hamilton were just some of those to be


Over to Norfolk for round six of the

MSA Dunlop BTCC 2019. This is a

sweet return in light of the success

of last year. Oh, come on, it wasn’t that

long ago, don’t tell me you can’t remember

that famous Diamond Double race?

Seriously though, it was a little mixed bag

but there was no shortage of points and

trophy’s between the two drivers. Dan

walked away with a podium 3rd and a very

admirable 4th. But the big news of the day

was the Diamond Double. As Snetterton

hosted the 60th Anniversary of the BTCC, it

was celebrated by a double distance final

race with it’s own qualifying and no success

ballast. This was Matt’s baby. Ok, the first

two races were a bit of a write off for Matt

but he qualified on the front row for the DD

and walked away with the top prize.

This really was the big race of the year, but

more importantly, it showed off the FK8’ as

everybody was playing on an even field.

So before we hear from the lads, let’s take a

look at the circuit. In September 2010,

Snetterton owners MSV announced the

biggest redevelopment in Snetterton’s 60-

year history, with the creation of a new 2.99-

mile multi-configuration circuit. The new

circuit, called Snetterton, was personally

designed by MSV Chief Executive Jonathan

Palmer, who drew inspiration from iconic

sections of the world’s foremost racetracks

including Monza’s Parabolica, the Montreal

Casino Hairpin and Imola’s Rivazza.

However, whilst the intention was to create

the best circuit for competitors and

spectators alike, the new infield section

hasn’t proved to be popular amongst the

current crop of racers. The old, high speed

circuit always saw fast, close racing but this

has since been replaced by races that have

been stretched out, largely due to the new

infield section failing to provide the

overtaking opportunities intended.

Instead, the races have become very much

‘follow-my-leader’ whereby if you don’t

make a good start, you’ll soon found

yourself mired in the pack and a long way

adrift of the leading bunch.

Yes, you’re right. I didn’t write that bit. It

comes courtesy of Devitt Insurance Track

guide. But you get the picture.

Ok, let’s catch up with Matt and Dan from

last year.

Matt Neal on Snetterton 2018

“It has been a truly magical day for the

entire Halfords Yuasa Racing team. To

produce a result like this on a level playing

field with no success ballast is testament to

the pure performance and the fundamental

competitiveness of the Civic Type R, as well

as demonstrate how hard the team has

worked to unlock its potential since the start

of the season. We had a tough race one

and two in tough conditions, but we were

always confident for the ‘big one’ from the

front row and while the car didn’t feel

settled initially it got better and better as the

race went on. Once I was in the lead I was

determined not to put a wheel wrong, which

| 26

03/04 August 2019

was tough because Jack and Tom

(Ingram) were all over me, but the Civic

Type R performed perfectly right to the

flag. I’m so very proud to be part of

another landmark BTCC moment, it is

one I certainly won’t forget."

Dan Cammish on Snetterton 2018

"It has been a positive weekend overall

and I am especially happy to be back

on the BTCC podium. They were very

difficult wet conditions in race one but

the Civic Type R felt composed

throughout and just served to make the

end third place result more satisfying. In

race two I couldn’t quite hold off Tom

(Ingram) in his much lighter car on the

run to the line but fourth place is still a

very valuable points haul. We had a very

fast car in race three, but I was caught

up in the tight pack and then made a

mistake on a greasy track which

dropped me back. Nevertheless, the

pace has been strong this weekend as a

whole, which gives me confidence for

the upcoming rounds where I will be

going all out for victory. Finally, huge

congratulations to Matt Neal and the

whole team for a brilliant victory in the

‘Diamond Double’ final race!”

Team Dynamics Results 2018

Snetterton - Diamond Double

Drivers Championship

Matt Neal 3rd 172 points

Dan Cammish 11th 112 points

Team Championship

Halfords Yuasa 1st 278 points

Constructors Championship

Honda 2nd 480 points

Snetterton Circuit


Norfolk NR16 2JU

Ticket Hotline: 0843 453 9000

So prediction time, This is one circuit

where Dan definitely looked strong. It

was only because of an unfortunate

touch that sent him off the circuit that he

didn’t retain a trio of strong finishes. I

think Matt’s heart was on the Diamond

Double following the very positive

second qualie. But when it came to the

even playing field, Matt dominated. So I

feel this could be a strong track for

Team Dynamics. I would expect the

team to be coming away with a good

points haul if last year is anything to go

by but that old statement still stands.

It’s unpredictable.

For us mere mortals, a great track of

action. Steeped in history, it cannot fail

to entertain. As for viewing, this is

another circuit I am not familiar with yet

so I cannot advise. But looking at the

track map, that twisty section after the

start straight definitely looks like it

should be investigated. I shall be

heading there this year to get a few

snaps of the action.

The next round heads back to Thruxton.

Details on the circuit can be found on

page 16.

See you all there. 27 |


Scotland the Brave but beware of the wet stuff

We all know that when we go north

of the border we’re going to get

wet. The proof, just take a look at

the Knockhill round of the BTCC last year. It

absolutely hoofed it down and caused all

kinds of carnage. Brilliant!

It is a short circuit but so much drama.

Three blind bends are certainly not for the

faint hearted and with the added rain, all

sorts can happen. There are short straight

dashes and bends which normally see

touring cars on two wheels. Ex- Team

Dynamics Driver Gordon ‘Flash’ Shedden

once referred to his home, and favourite,

circuit as a Roller Coaster ride. He is not


I think if there was a meeting that Matt

wanted to forget in 2018 it was this one with

a DNF and two mediocre midway finishes,

this one really killed his title challenge


Dan on the other hand had a wail of a day.

Just like the proverbial pig in the brown and

smelly stuff. He chalked up his first official

pole position here and then went on to

chalk up a double podium by scoring two

third positions. Considering this is meant to

be a track that favours the RWD cars, Dan

took the rule and form book, ripped it up

and rewrote his own.

Dan’s approach so far to the championship

up to this point had been superb,

remember, he’s meant to be a rookie. I’ve

had quite a few conversations with the

team, most of them with my mate in the

Marketing, Ben Durrell and we have

constantly agreed not only is Dan scaring

the hell out of the rest of the field but he is

so looking like a future multiple champion.

I was interested to hear from the team last

year after the Knockhill round. So, here is

that excerpt with the boys comments.

A Honda driver has finished on the Dunlop

MSA British Touring Car Championship

podium at Knockhill every year since 2009,

and Dan Cammish kept that proud tradition

going this weekend (25/26 August) with a

head-turning performance for Halfords

Yuasa Racing north of the border.

Around an undulating, rollercoaster ride of a

circuit that historically favours rear wheeldrive

machinery, Cammish upset the

formbook in qualifying by speeding to his

maiden BTCC pole position behind the

wheel of the new Civic Type R (FK8) –

making him the best average qualifier of the

2018 campaign to-date.

The heavens opened on race day, soaking

the picturesque Fife racetrack, but the

inclement conditions did not deter Honda’s

standout rookie, who leapt off the line into

the lead at the start of the curtain-raiser and

confidently held sway at the front of the field

throughout the opening 11 laps.

Although ultimately powerless to resist the

rear wheel-drive onslaught, Cammish clung

on valiantly to take the chequered flag third

– and top front wheel-drive competitor –

before replicating that result in race two

following a hard-fought battle. The

Yorkshireman was denied the opportunity to

make it a points-scoring hat-trick in race

three by mechanical issues, but could

nonetheless reflect upon a thoroughly

impressive weekend.

Hamstrung by having to carry 39kg of

success ballast in both qualifying and race

one, team-mate Matt Neal lined up a

frustrated 21st on the closely-contested

grid, before being removed from contention

at mid-distance by an errant rival. From

thereon in, his weekend became an

exercise in damage limitation, and the

| 28

14/15 September 2019

three-time champion showcased his skill to

rise to 17th in race two and a points-scoring

15th in the finale.

The results leave Neal ninth in the Drivers’

standings and Cammish tenth, with Honda

and Halfords Yuasa Racing second in the

Manufacturers’ and Teams’ tables

respectively ahead of the remaining two

outings at Silverstone (15/16 September)

and Brands Hatch GP (29/30 September).

Dan Cammish on Knockill

“If you’d offered me two top three finishes

before the start of the weekend, I would

have snapped your hand off! I was over the

moon to secure my first BTCC pole position,

although I don’t think anybody really gave

me a prayer of getting to the first corner still

in front in race one – at the end of the day,

physics are physics and rear wheel-drive

cars launch better than front wheel-drive

cars do. I got away very well, though, and I

did arrive there first and then made hay for

the opening few laps while the RWD boys

brought their tyres up to temperature.

Eventually, that advantage was negated, but

to hold onto third I thought was a really

good effort – for me, that was effectively a

win. Race two was a pretty sensible job too

in very difficult conditions – it would have

been so easy to put the car in the barriers

trying to be a hero for just one more place.

It was obviously a shame to conclude the

weekend with the problem in race three, but

that doesn’t take the overall shine away.”

Matt Neal on Knockill 2018

“This weekend has just gone to emphasise

how important qualifying is in the BTCC,

and it’s always incredibly tight at Knockhill –

I was barely six tenths-of-a-second adrift of

Dan, and that equated to 20 places! Yes, I

was carrying a bit more weight, but that

didn’t explain the whole time loss – we tried

a different tyre strategy to Dan, which

evidently didn’t pay off. That was then

compounded by the rain, because the

problem with being down the order in those

conditions is visibility – you literally cannot

see a thing. It got pretty lively out there,

although my fun in race one ended when I

was helped off the track at the final hairpin.

Race two was another adventure – I almost

went into the end of the pit wall at one stage

– and we just lost the front tyres halfway

through race three, like a lot of the front

wheel-drive cars did. You need a bit of luck

in the BTCC, and that’s clearly been lacking

for us this weekend but on the positive side,

we’ll be lighter going to Silverstone and we

will bounce back.”

OK, prediction time. I don’t think weather

will be an issue just purely because

everyone has to deal with it. Matt has all

the experience in the world to do well here,

Dan has also proved that he can do well

here, very well. So there is every chance of

a good result. Our one concern would be

the X Factor, no, not Simon Cowell standing

in the middle of the track, although that

could sort out a few problems, it’s the

unknown. There are three areas that are

totally blind and with the possibility of rain

here and very poor visibility, well I won’t

curse it anymore but you get the picture.

For you spectators, I have one piece of

advice. Take an umbrella.

Team Dynamics Results 2018


Drivers Championship

Matt Neal 9th 177 points

Dan Cammish 10th 161 points

Team Championship

Halfords Yuasa 2nd 329 points

Constructors Championship

Honda 2nd 614 points

Knockhill Racing Circuit Ltd

by Dunfermline

Fife, KY12 9TF

Ticket Hotline: 01383 723337 29 |


The Buckingham Palace of Motor Racing

Ah, who doesn’t like visiting Silverstone?

It almost feels regal. So much of our

motor racing history has been written

on this Mecca for motorsport.

The BTCC runs on the shorter circuit to the

Formula 1 which is actually more suitable for

spectators. Plenty of stands to catch the

action plus lots of banks to park the botty on

with one’s picnic. It truly is a great circuit. In

fact, it was here that I blooded myself on the

British Touring Car Championship.

The track is fast, exciting and a great circuit

for Honda. Memories of the 2017 season

where Matt took his Honda Civic Type R from

9th to 1st in one of the most epic races I have

ever watched.

Last season was one of those ‘what if’s’

especially for Matt. After a great 6th in

qualifying, Matt’s weekend was scuttled after

being taken off in race 1, but here is where

you saw how quick the FK8 was, By the end

of race 2, he was 14th and at the end of race

3 he was 7th. If only he hadn’t been taken off

in race 1, eh.

Not the worst weekend in the world for Dan,

a mediocre qualie lead to a 10th, 15th and

8th which accumulated enough points for

Dan to secure the Jack Sears Trophy. Job

done and a great reward for a very hard

worked 1st season.

So let’s hear what the boys had to say about

their last Silverstone weekend.

Matt Neal on Silverstone 2018

“It has been a positive end to a weekend that

could have delivered a lot more.

Unfortunately, the incident in race one set the

scene for the remainder of the day and the

fact it was entirely out of our control just

makes it all the more frustrating. Nonetheless,

we worked hard as a team to get the car

ready for race two and it’s satisfying to race

back into the points from the back of the grid.

We carried that momentum into race three as

myself and Dan worked our way through the

traffic. If there were a few more laps available

I am confident we would have taken at least

three more places. On a positive note, the

Civic Type-R felt quick all weekend so I am

already looking ahead to the final round at

Brands Hatch where the Halfords Yuasa

Racing team will look to end the season on a


Dan Cammish on Silverstone 2018

“It’s terrific to seal the Jack Sears Trophy in

my rookie BTCC season. The drivers that

have won the title in previous years have

gone on to achieve great things so I hope

this will be the first of many big BTCC

trophies with my name on! As for the event

overall, it was a tough day at the office but

with plenty of positives to take away. I don’t

think we did very much wrong this weekend

but the small margins of the BTCC around a

circuit with only four corners worked against

us at the crucial moments. Nonetheless,

when we get the Civic Type-R into its sweet

| 30

28/29 September 2019

spot as we did in race three then it shows

how competitive we can be, which only

makes me more determined to prove it at

the final round.”

So, on to 2019. You know, I kind of feel

that the whole Team may have felt a little

cheated in 2018. We all know how good

Matt is around here and being banged off

in Race 1 just about destroyed silverware

chances for him. But I know this won’t be

playing on his mind in 2019.

Dan will be looking to expand his BTCC

experience here and make his mark. It

was certainly not a bad weekend for him in

2018, especially securing the Jack Sears

Trophy but I don’t think we’ve seen his real

potential here.

So as predictions go, I fully expect

silverware here. If Matt gets it hooked up

in qualifying, he’ll be there or there abouts.

He loves this circuit and the fast bends

along with those three fast straights make

is very suitable for the FK8.

Dan, on the other hand, I feel will also be

going for wins here. By the time we get to

Silverstone, his BTCC experience will be

flowing and he will be just about one of the

fastest guys out there. I say that purely on

watching him so closely in 2018. The guy

is lightning quick and I feel it is just his lack

of experience in BTCC has stopped him

from mounting a title winning assault. I

think that will be very different this season.

Team Dynamics Results 2018


Drivers Championship

Matt Neal 9th 188 points

Dan Cammish 11th 176 points

Team Championship

Halfords Yuasa 3rd 345 points

Constructors Championship

Honda 2nd 673 points

Silverstone Circuit



NN12 8TN

Ticket Hotline: 0844 3750 740*

So we are at the penultimate meeting, I am

hoping, if you are reading this at

Silverstone 2019, that Matt and Dan are

very much in the title fight. There is

nothing like going to the final round at

Brands with the scrap still on and our team

being in it.

Finally, a few spectators tips. Unless you

are very loaded or are planning on taking

out a second mortgage, take your own

food and drink. However, saying that, the

Cafe by the paddocks area is surprisingly

very reasonable and the food is good. We

popped in for Breakfast last year and was

very pleasantly surprised. The food bars

around the circuit are typically extortionate,

we only used them for coffee when we

were desperate and couldn’t be bothered

to walk back to the paddock.

Do explore all of the viewing areas, there

are plenty to take in the action. The

journey in and out are very well controlled

and shouldn’t cause too much of an issue

but do try to allow for queues just in case.

See you all there... 31 |

ROUND 10: Brands Hatch GP

And so we face the final curtain...

Could you really find a better venue

to end the BTCC season? Many a

title has been decided on this

circuit, including the 2018 Drivers

Championship which was eventually won

by Colin Turkington.

For Team Dynamics in 2018, they turned

up with not too much to lose. The title

was well out of reach, Dan had already

secured the Jack Sears Trophy but there

was still precious points to earn to ensure

top 10 finishes and to ensure the Team

and Manufacturers Championship stayed

at 2nd place.

Qualifying on the front row, Cammish

shadowed Brett Smith through the

opening lap before launching his attack

into Paddock Hill Bend, nosing ahead into

a lead he’d retain to the chequered flag

for the first win of his burgeoning BTCC

career. With Neal succeeding in working

his way into second place behind his

team-mate, Halfords Yuasa Racing

celebrated its first 1-2 of the season.

With a front-row lock-out their reward in

race two, Cammish and Neal shrugged off

their maximum success ballast to hold

position early on. From here, a tenacious

Cammish skilfully negated the limitations

of the weight to complete a lights-to-flag,

back-to-back victory as Neal doubled the

delight once more by completing another


While mid-field skirmishes contributed to

Neal and Cammish finishing down the

order in their final outing for 2018, it did

nothing to dampen spirits as Honda and

Halfords Yuasa Racing head into the offseason

carrying huge momentum.

Complementing his title-winning success

in the Jack Sears Trophy, Cammish’s

double victory multiplies Halfords Yuasa

Racing’s 2018 victory tally to four,

including Neal’s historic ‘Diamond

Double’ success at Snetterton in July, plus

two pole positions and 13 podiums.

In the final drivers’ classification, a closelymatched

Neal and Cammish end the

season ninth and tenth respectively, with

Honda sealing runners-up spot in the

manufacturers’ reckoning and Halfords

Yuasa Racing second in the teams’


Matt Neal on Brands Hatch (GP) 2018

“I cannot think of a better way to complete

our first season racing the Honda Civic

Type R [FK8] and I am especially

delighted to see Dan on top of the

podium, not once but twice! We really

wanted a good result to take into the offseason

and a double 1-2 result is exactly

that. It’s been another fantastic BTCC

season but today demonstrates exactly

what Honda and Halfords Yuasa Racing is

capable of with this new car, which gives

me a lot of encouragement for the future.

More than anything, we wanted to win it

for a key member of our team that we

have lost, so that one is for you Wainy

(Mark Wain – longstanding Team

Dynamics member, who sadly passed

away two weeks ago). Finally, a huge

congratulations to Colin and BMW for

clinching the BTCC title, what a brilliant

season he has had.”

Dan Cammish on Brands Hatch (GP)


“It’s been an incredible day for myself,

Honda and the entire Halfords Yuasa

Racing team. Standing on top of the

BTCC podium for the first time is a

moment I will never forget, so to do it all

over again with Matt alongside me in

another 1-2 just makes the achievement

all the sweeter. Everything came together

in race one and the Civic Type R

performed perfectly, but we thought it’d

be a tough ask to win race two with the

ballast on-board. However, I got my foot

down early to make hay and I was able to

hang on to the end. It’s a wonderful way

to conclude my first season in the BTCC,

one that gives me huge motivation

heading into the off-season.

Congratulations to Colin Turkington and

Team BMW for their title win today.”

So that was that and the 2018 season was

over. Well fought, ups and downs, loads

of lessons, a good tally of silverware and

the FK8 well broken in ready for the 2019

season and it all begins at Brands Hatch.

| 32

12 - 13 October 2019

So for all of you, at the Brands Hatch (GP)

circuit in 2019, what can we expect?

Dare I polish up the crystal ball and make

a prediction? Let’s look at what we know.

In 2018, both Matt and Dan were quick on

qualifying and race speed, including with

Ballast. We know the FK8 is well suited to

the circuit so if Team Dynamics is in

contention for the titles, they stand every

chance of closing the deal. IF!

The 2019 car will be so much better

prepared and set up after having such a

positive first year. They will also have

winter testing to iron out the last of the

flaws. The boys will be eager to get back

out on to the black stuff and the team will

be very, very prepared.

So on to the spectators tips. I think the

big one here is ensure you buy your

tickets as early as possible. This one, for

obvious reasons, is one of the most

difficult to get into. Expect traffic delays,

especially with it’s proximity to the M20.

As before, and every other circuit, be

careful of the high prices at the mobile

catering vans. They will be very pricey

here. It would definitely be a good idea to

take your own sarnies and a flask.

Prepare for every weather eventuality but

most of all, take a good camera because

you’re gonna need it.

Team Dynamics Results

Brands Hatch (GP)

Drivers Championship

Matt Neal 9th 223 points

Dan Cammish 10th 218 points

Team Championship

Halfords Yuasa 2nd 409 points

Constructors Championship

Honda 2nd 758 points

Brands Hatch Circuit



Kent DA3 8NG

Ticket Hotline: 0843 453 9000

Have a great time at Brands. 33 |

The Rest of the Field

The British Touring Car Championship is nothing short of a cut throat world. While we relish in the thought of

supporting the most successful team on the grid, we cannot ignore the fact that there are another 28 drivers on the

grid, all with the same intention... to win. So lets take a brief look at the rest of the field.

West Surrey Racing - BMW

Team BMR - Suburu

Speedworks Racing - Toyota

AmD Cobra Exhausts - Audi

AmD Trade Price - Audi

BTC Racing - Honda

Ciceley Motorsport - Mercedes

2018 Drivers Champion Colin

Turkington heads up the team

along with Andrew Jordan and Tom

Olliphant. This has got to be a top

contender for the 2019 titles.

Definitely a team to watch.

For me, during 2108, Ash Sutton was

the dark horse with plenty of threat.

Although he had a problem or two at

the season start, wins did come in.

Senna Proctor steps up alongside

Ash completing the BMR line-up.

Here’s another man you can never

right off. Fast, brave and very

clever. Tom Ingram is definitely a

title contender for 2019. He took

2018 to the wire just being pipped

by Colin Turkington.

Sam Tordoff and Rory Butcher pilot

the Audi for 2019. Both drivers

proved their talent furing the 2018

season and both will be hungry for

the silverware. Another pair not to

be taken lightly this yeat.

Now here is a threat if ever I saw one,

the old fox and Ex F1 star, Mark Blundell

enters the ring. This I am looking

forward to. Mark is teamed up with Jake

Hill who returns to BTCC after splitting

up with his team mid season 2018.

Chris Smiley takes to the Honda

Civic Type R again with BTC. 2018

was a solid season with a good

points haul. Chris teamed up with

two times race winner Josh Cook.

A very strong team for 2019.

This could be the team to watch this

year with Adam Morgan’s experience

and Daniel Rowbottom making his

BTCC debut but bringing a host of

racing experience with him. A great

combo, I think.

| 34

The Competition

Motorbase Performance -

Tom Chilton was always there or

thereabouts in 2018 and is

definitely a front runner this year.

We also see Ollie Jackson and F1’s

Lewis Hamiltons brother Nic in his

first year of BTCC. Great team.

Power Maxed Racing - Vauxhall

PMR is spearheaded this year by twice BTCC

champion and Matt’s old rival, Jason Plato. I

can see sparks flying this year if the Vauxhall

performs. Jason is joined by Rob Collard

returning to BTCC. Another of those old

experienced drivers. Could be interesting.

Laser Tools Racing - Mercedes

Aiden Moffat returns in the Merc with

Laser Tools racing in 2019. Aiden is

always a dark horse and never to be

underestimated. He is young but

plenty of BTCC experience. Needs

consistency though.

Excelr8 Racing - MG

Rob Smith fronts the Excelr8

team for 2019. A big ask for a

rookie season but time will tell.

Joining Rob will be Renault Clio

Sport star, Sam Osborne also a

first time out in the BTCC field.

Simpson Racing - Honda

Team Parker Racing - BMW

Team Hard - VW

Matt Simpson is back in the

Honda Civic Type R for 2019.

A hard driver with plenty of

courage. Youth, experience

and pure guts. A dangerous


Stephen Jelley returns for a

second season with Team

Parker Racing. To be honest,

I’m not expecting miracles from

Stephen but I have been

proved wrong before.

Last but not least

Team Hard line up

with Michael Crees,

Bobby Thompson,

Jack Goff and Carl

Boardley 35 |

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