A Linksys WiFi router is a networking device which transfers data packets between various networks. It includes the sharing of folders, computer components, files etc. The importance and significance of this small device is that it makes our lives and work more convenient. We provide Netgear router customer support or Netgear router support, which is always open for your help

A Linksys wireless router is the most common choice for

most of the people living in big or small houses. The

equipment can easily be found, and without any hassle

installed onto one PC or various different PCs. You will

get complete information about the updates doing a live

chat with Linksys router support. For any query, you

can contact Linksys router support, they can resolve

your issues regarding the Linksys router password and

Linksys router login.

• Firstly, open a web browser.

• Type or in the

URL bar.

• Enter the default Username and the respective password.

• The default username is stated as admin and the default

password is password.

• Now finally the home screen page will be displayed.

• Firstly, press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds.

• Resetting your router to its default factory settings will

also reset your WiFi router.

• The router's default password is admin as for the

username, just leave the field blank.

• Your Linksys router may not be working due

to an invalid connection.

• It can be due to the mac address problem.

• There can be a problem of physical


• At last there may be a problem of DHCP


• Visit the IP address of the router in a new browser window. is the default Linksys router IP address.

• Enter the password of the Network. The "Enter Network

Password" window will appear on your screen.

• Type in OpenDNS addresses in Static DNS 2 and Static DNS

1 field.

• Click on the Save Settings button.

• If you still face any Issue, you can contact

Linksys router Technical helpline number or

Linksys Router Customer Assistance for help.

• If you can’t resolve your Issues you can contact

Help for Linksys router at

• Feel free to contact us or drop a mail at

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