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ISBN: 978-1-9995999-5-9

Published by Smartass Publishers

All characters and events in this publication, other than those clearly in the public domain, are fictional

and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

Copyright © 2022 by Smartass Publishers

All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced

ed, stored on a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any firm or by any means, without the prior

permission in writing of the publisher.


Fooling Free - Smartass


A little, sad fairy

Lived in a tree

The little, sad fairy

Felt trapped and wished to be free


The little, sad fairy

Was blown away by the wind

This little, sad fairy

Was never seen again by its kin

The Humble Pie - Smartass


The Humble Pie

Is there to be eaten

The Humble Pie though

Is often a bit too sweetened


The Humble Pie

Takes time to cook

The Humble Pie

Can read you like a book


The Humble Pie

Sits there to cool

The Humble Pie

Will make you a bit of a fool


The Humble Pie

Is always just a bit too smug

The Humble Pie

Can rip you off like a mug


What have we learnt

From this Humble Pie?

We have learnt, with a sigh

That it already knows

That it’s got you

Types of Colour - Steve Jones

Petals coloured purple made out of red and


On a new fresh, green mown lawn

Will make you feel true


Cold calls from a stranger

Asking for your digital green paper

‘s often littered with lies


You’ve been warned by your friends and

family before

That if it sounds too good that really you

should have to be sure

That this is your really only cure


They will try again and again

Anger from their voice

Is completely from their choice


I might have been a fool

To trust them

And I do feel like a bit of a tool

But what can you do

Fourteen Years - Anonymous

Grasping at invisible branches

In an invisible tree

So, I don’t miss all those chances

That you never could see


This sky is bright and blue in the morning

Is difficult to ignore that day

But the effect is pretty, quickly cooling

I really have to say


Fourteen years ago

I’ve felt cursed, bruised and blue

You ask me why?

Well I tell you what, I will give you a clue


When we’re young we think we can do

Whatever we want to do

Unfortunately, at the end it turns out

That this is not really very true


In the real world

Nothing is soft and kind

No, it’s you that’s going to get cold

And sold to whatever they can find


They find you at your weakest

Or they find you when you’re strong

They find you when you least expect it

So, don’t stick around too long

Flip to the next Poem


North London Cares is a community network of young

professionals and older neighbours hanging out and

helping one another in our changing city

Creatures - Smartass Publishers

Creatures made out of red and green

Paint pictures of histories

That neither you or I

Have ever seen


They have aims and forces

In this forest of blowing dusty, cluttering


That they hide or hinder

As a purpose of life


They make up stats and numbers

Out of illusions in thin air

As if they think that we, as a whole

Really, really Don’t really care


They are magicians in law

Of everyone’s secret, folded up flaws

And they know, for the moment at least

That, without them, our society will fall


Fleecing - Smartass Publishers

Walking around in this city of mine

I see parks, roads and buildings

These were all made long before my time

But imagine what they look like,

What they might look right inside


Mansions, flats and houses

For those who have the means

Money goes with status

But often or not

This ain’t exactly from being clean


The human mind is a powerful thing

But power can come with greed

Something that some always find


Something that they just, unfortunately,

desperately need


Greed is a virus

A virus that makes you ill

Often a virus needs a vector

A vector that eventually kills


If greed is a virus

Then maybe this virus has a vector to

But how do we find this vector

Oh, oh I see it, there it is, I see it

it’s me and you


For me - Smartass Publishers

For me it’s a shame

That you can’t see it all the way through

Yeah, yeah,s it’s pretty lame

As you are the ones who messed up

Messed up and now your pretty much



For me we are the expected ones

For me we are one of a kind

With no gratification needed

It’s us who you need to find


Leave it to the rich or leave it to the poor

For me, without us

They are going to knock you out

Knock you out right off the floor


For me you’re running out of time

And you nearly at the end of the line

You feel guilty and scared

But never mind I’m sure you’ll be fine



Ranger-Tang-Tang - Smartass



What’s that noise on my door?

Ranger-Tang -Tang

Yeah, yeah, wait a second, just got to get my

shirt off the floor


I drag myself out of bed

And pick up the just mentioned top

I walk over to the door, which is red

Without tripping over that carelessly left out



I open the door and who do I see

Is a little girl who’s name I know is Molly

Molly is always jolly and recently became


But today Molly is crying

And I know something is wrong

But what could it be?


Molly says to me

“Mister my granny has just fallen, but my

mum is nowhere to be seen”

I assure Molly that I will come and see

And I take her hand to cross the road

So I can take an account

Of Molly’s just described scene


North London Cares is a community network of young

professionals and older neighbours hanging out and

helping one another in our changing city

This beautiful thing - Smartass


I stand here in the rain


It says it’ll be here in ten

But I know it’ll never to be here by then


I look at my phone

No more messages

No Surprise there


I look to my left

And then look to my right

A girl with long, blonde, fair hair

Is patiently, standing, just there


She has eyes which litter with glances of


And a perfectly shaped face

A body that could be mined from brightened


On the edges of heavens taste


As usual I say nothing

And fumble with thoughts of my own

Doesn’t time fly when you’re thinking of

something else

And all your life chances have long gone


A Swallow’s Tale - James


Down the dale and up the creek

While time goes by a swallow must fly

With a certain about what it must seek


Flowers bloom when the sun is bright

A mild breeze hastens its pace

Leaving no trace of its taken case


Forests, rivers, mountains, fields and streams

All below and left behind

To make sure it’ll be there on time


Storms, hails and gales are to be warned

No matter what though

It must go on


It’s nearly at the end

And things are looking fine

Hopefully it’ll be just as easy

Next Time


You - JagerPress

Changing is everything

Changing is new

Changing wakes you up in the morning

And makes you feel true


Every day the sky keeps changing

So maybe you should do to

Maybe that skyline through the window

Is waiting just for you


Every life is a journey

And the piper’s rhythm keeps it in tune

So don’t fall behind

Otherwise they might all forget about you

This Thing - Smartass Publishers

What a wonderful thing a thing can be

A wonderful, intangible, fantastical thing

This thing…just wow…trust me…you’ll see


It’ll be our greatest prize

An award from this great game

It’ll make us proud and wise

With acceptance that’ll never be the



We’ll hold it close and safe

And it’ll never break or fall

With all our un-withering faith

We’ll always be there

Waiting for its call

Up-Front Tiger - Smartass


Up-front tiger

It’s you who they want to see

Up-front tiger

Please come down from that tree


Up-front tiger

You’re stronger than this

Up-front tiger

You’re really, truly missed


Up-front tiger

All your fans are down here

Seriously up-front tiger

There’s nothing down here that you need to



Please come on up-front tiger

Do this for me?

Up-front tiger

What do you mean you want a fee????

Browsing - Smartass Publishers

They say everyone is browsing

Foraging for their lives

Searching for something that might drive


Something that will make them shine


Browsing for places, browsing for books

Cruising for personal interests

Or just perusing for whatever they think

might cook


But if everyone is browsing

Then maybe you should be careful to

Someone else might also be browsing

All about you


Meta-data sources in metal dark rooms

Hold power that can cripple nations

So, what else do you think they might do


Writing elaborate code isn’t easy

For people like me and you

But some find it’s pretty simple

So maybe what their all saying is very much


Natural Hunger - Lily Smith

Trickling down rocky mountains

From their icy tops

Pooling into flowing streams

They’ll never stop


Faster and faster they go

Charging down they slide

Battling cliffs and drops

Which they must past by


From chemical bonds

They split, merge and grow

With no time for pauses

They march, plough on and go


In no time soon they’ll join into one

One that’ll be boulder and stronger

Growing with natural hunger

That it must pass on

A Fine Line - Smartass Publishers

Sand grains drain

As the sun burns, high up in the sky

Falling leaves decay

While seasons must fly by


New ideas are collected

Then torn apart into short pieces

Life-long dreams are deflected

And your number of shattered hopes



You can try to climb over

But you’re playing with nines

And you know you’ll never get off

This tight, fine line


Electrical Signals - Tracy Finch

Electrical pulses, race to your brain

From specific, environmental causations

Like love, fear, pain or blame


Chemical cocktails are the basis of this

They bind and react

Creating signals with a bit of a twist


These create a multiple of deeds

Such as thought, speech or whatever

they think you might need


With none of these you’ll never feel joy

or sadness

Excitation, dejection or madness

So, just don’t take them for granted

As trust me, they’ll be truly missed

Pixels - Smartass Publishers

Digital squares made out of three


Red, green and blue

Merged together to create images

For me, others and you


They migrate between devices

Swarming in thin air

Buzzing silently

Holding information that they cannot



Pixels might make you rich

But do you think that’s really fair?

When there are so many others who are

in such, real despair


Maybe you can fight this

And maybe you’ll win

But remember without them you’re


And your moral compass is becoming

pretty thin.

Follow inspiring, new, fresh music at


No Traffic - Smartass Publishers

Oh god, do I hate traffic!

Cars, vans and all the rest

With their poisonous, polluting, toxic


It’s simply, just not for the best!


The combustion engine bought an

amazing function to this world

But what came with it was something

that I personally, certainly, definitely

wasn’t sold


Metal boxes at careless, crazy speeds

Turns them into mobile death traps

There’s simply just no need


Traffic feeds impetuousness and anger,

emotions that are no good for your own


Often or not though it’s not you who’s

going to be in most danger

It’s going be that honest, careful,

innocent bystander who you just drove


I Ponder - Smartass Publishers

I’m waiting, just waiting

Waiting for the next to fold

Hoping that they will, eventually, learn

Lean that this burden is something they

also must hold


Fools are not to be trusted

So, we all have to muster a social

strength to stop them

To stop them failing us

To stop them ruining us in too much of a



I wonder who’s next

Hopefully someone in form

Someone who’s not split or torn

Someone who’s born to lead us

Someone who, more than anything else,

needs us

I ponder

Overdue - Smartass Publishers

What is luck?

Is it that you’re not going to be struck by that


When you left home this morning


Or is it just that there’s still going to be some

coffee left

And you are not going to be charged with


Even though you’re always the one who’s



Is it that you smoke six a day

But you’re not the one who’s in dismay

When they got that scan last week


Are you the one who hasn’t been to the gym

for years

But can still fit into the tight, blue dress with

no fears

And you’re all fine with that


Some have it easy

Some have it not

But just remember

You might be overdue

Happy Too - JagerPress

Tulip said to Foo that she’s always


When Foo is too

Foo said Foo is always happy

So, Tulip must always be happy too


Foo and Tulip agreed

That if they’re both always happy

Then they must make sure that everyone

else Is always happy too

Sunshine - Smartass Publishers

Sunshine is beautiful

It makes your day full

After sunshine nothing is ever, truly,

properly dull


Sunshine warms you up inside

And everything else with pride

It’s our never-ending, gentle, honest guide


But sunshine is also powerful,

It’s brightful and thoughtful

With enough energy to make us all less



Sunshine will make us great

It’s our destined fate

Hurry up though before it’s too late

Don’t drop out too early -

Smartass Publishers

Concrete streets

Populated with plastic protected feet

Stretch miles and miles across landscapes

That never, ever, truly, properly meet


At one end you find cracked up, broken up,

cheeped up shops

Where the local drug dealers bop

With clientele that never have enough to


Until they eventually completely flop


And at the other, not that far away

Butterflies ponder in clear, clean, fresh air

Between gardens and parks

Imagine if you can only dare


Distances between the two

Is always because of money due

Some have it and some have it not

So, try not to drop out too early

Love in a Shallow Grave - Steve Jones

That blissful feeling that you have

Every time they look into your eyes like


Is not something that I’ve ever had

No, all I ever get, at best, is pretty flat


Life is confusing to me

There must be something that I just

cannot see

Bad people do bad things but still win

And when they muck up

We are the ones who have to deal with

their sins


Bad people have made us mad

Not at them but at ourselves

And this makes me so deeply sad

So sad it needs its own shelf

No Lie - Smartass Publishers

We’re loving it, we really are

Every step upon this path we really do

get that far

No lie


We make the sky a bit brighter blue

And what we’re telling you

is really true

No lie


Every spark in her eyes is because of us

We make her flush in such a rush

No lie


We embarked upon this journey a long

time ago

And make it all up as we grow

No lie

I wish I was a Pixie - Smartass


I wish I was a Pixie

They are the smallest ones in our band

They have no one who relies on them

And have everything they want in hand


I wish I was a Pixie

Everyone loves it when they appear

When a pixie makes a riot

There’s nothing you need to fear


I wish I was a Pixie

A Pixie can have it all

Everything they do is sweet and funny

Even when they fall


The only problem of being a Pixie

Is that they don’t appreciate it at all

They want to grow up too quickly`

Without knowing it’s actually quite good

being too small


I wish I was a Pixie

Trees - Benjamin Keele

One tree, two trees, three trees, more

But nothing here to climb

Nothing left fly from and nothing left to find


No food, companions or shelter left

Fresh air, green leaves and safety is simply,

nothing but bereft

We all need to shout out, there’s no doubt

To stop them draining us, to stop them blaming


For this drought


For all the creatures in these jungles

Who have been uprooted from their homes

Life is tough

But that’s ok cos you’ve got your cream

And your skin ain’t so rough

Keep it simple - Sarah Keeps

Their your best friends

Brothers in arms

They’ll take one for the team

Just as long it doesn’t cause them too

much harm


Their your mates, drink buddies and


It’ll be a good night out with them

Trust me

I’m the one who should know


Just keep it simple

Don’t complain too much as such

Ride the social wave as we all must

Without too much fuss

Happiness - Smartass Publishers

I remember that feeling

A notion of hope

That tendency on pending

When climbing that rope


I remember those tantalizing summer


And also, those fire pit jokes

I remember telling myself

That I will never end up being that type

of bloke


I remember being certain

Of goals and dreams

But never fooling myself

That this is was going to be a stream


I knew life can be hard

And sometimes there’s nothing you can

do about it

But I never thought it would get me this


And just hang me out in such dismay

A Little Bright Plan - Smartass


Forever, or never, there was a plan

It was knitted all together by you

And was then torn apart by them

As we grew


Formulate good things is good

But never forget

No matter what you do

You can still get screwed


Luck is a wonderful thing

But just remember

Sometimes it will be a stranger

To you

Stories - Faith Berry

A good story can be short or long

But it’s dialect and plot, more often than


Has to be strong


Some have pictures, and some don’t

Some talk about knight’s slaying


But generally, most won’t


Love is a favourite topic for most authors

It engages with the mind of the reader

And it really is a bit of a performer


Stories are as old as fire

Some make money, but generally most


In practice I would be careful to put your

hopes and dreams on stories

As trust me, you really have to be in dire

straits if so

Rabbits and Daisies - Smartass


Hello to sky and hello to the seas

Say hello to the rabbits and the daisies

As they’re the ones that make you feel



‘pish posh says uncle Charlie

There’s nothing else we need to do

All this climate change stuff is nonsense

Now, please go and get me another brew


Temperatures and sea levels are rising

And all the scientific data is true

We’ve all got to get our heads out of our


As they really haven’t got a clue


The collective human mind is a

wonderful thing

It must though once have had a massive

serious bump

How else do you think it could it have

made up decisions

Like fossil fuels, Brexit, Boris or Trump?

STAND TALL - James Agerholm

Others might hurt you

But try to stand tall

Do not return violence with violence

Even if you know they’ll fall


Forgiveness is hard

But life, regardless, ploughs on

Bitterness will consume you

If you don’t walk on.


Every night you try

And every night you lose

Every night your options get tighter

And so, does the noose

Forever - Smartass Publishers

Up there, there in the blue skies

Is happiness and good willingness

At the end it’s nothing but lies


Friends or strangers will hurt you

Forever they try

Forever they’ll burn you

Burn you until it dies


Your left with nothing

Forever nothing but pride

A pride that you need to find, trust me

A pride you need to mind

A Needless Faith - Smartass


My street is burning

A paradox of love

My hopes and dreams are turning

But I can’t let go, end of


My street is burning

Even when I’m asleep

It’s passed the tipping point

And I’m now in so deep


My street is burning

A prodigy of wishes

Bound to blur

Unlike all those other just misses


My street is burning

Due to a needless faith

That all drivers will stop

As they all want to be safe

Tempting Bad Luck - James


Do the right things right they say

And everything will be fine

Don’t take risks they say

Otherwise bad juju you might find

Rubbish I reply, take everything at


Take what you are given with good grace

This is my motto, use it as you need

A Smashing Time - Thomas


It’s a smashing time to be alive

Take a look back and you can see

Life’s been good to you, I’m sure you

must agree


A supportive family and a careless


Made you work hard

Ending with you doing quite well with

nothing to suspend


So what if a stranger messed up bad

Leaving you with disfigurement and


Others have had it much worse; I think

you’ve got it quite fair

A Properly Random Poem -


A puddle of blue

Is a puddle of few

Keep it real

It’s a good deal


Trust is a must

It’s a wonderful bond

It doesn’t cost you much

Break it though and you’re done


Time is plenty

Unless you’re cut short

Time is needy

When you have none


The octofly

Is a strange, but wonderful creature

It changes colour at whim

Wouldn’t that be a nice feature

Built - Tulip Holloway

This is anger

This is guilt

This is a notion, you’ve built


Spelling out the future

Is hard when you lose out

Something a lot of us, certainly, do not



A homeless soul

Tries to be bold

But feels nothing, but coldness

Ready to be sold

Trashed - JagerPress

Trashed up times

Of messed up fines

Merged into years

Of so many tears

That you cannot bare

Or even care

Because of you - James Agerholm

Because of you

I’m broken

Because of you

I will never understand


Because of you

I’ll never fit

Because of you

I’ve slipped


Because of you

I feel ashamed

Because of you

I’ve lost my aim


Because of you

I’m starting to see

Because of you

There’s no such thing as being free


Because of you

I’m locked up tight

Because of you

I’m ready for a fight

A Dangerous Hobby - Smartass


A most dangerous hobby

Is tearing us all apart

More lethal than smoking

And other things in these regards


It takes time off smiling

Even when you’re having fun

It winds you up like a spiral

And stops you finishing that run


Isolation ain’t no grounds for a skill

Often though it’s too heavy to hold

Being alone can kill you

So, take pride of being bold

Take a Breath - Tulip Holloway

Take a breath

And then one more

This won’t be your last one

This is something you are sure

Silence - Brandon Hells

Silence is heaven

When you are trying to sleep

Silence is beautiful

While you’re trying to think deep


Silence is not always tasty

When you’re trying to eat

But silence is certainly delightful

When you both first meet


Silence is hesitant

Before you speak

Silence tells a lot

And is really a bit of a treat

There was - Anonymous

Always you let me fall

Never do you catch me

Always you say you try

But you always just walk by


One mission planned

One mission foiled

A third mission canned

And a whole life damned


Twisted necks

Reflected in glass bottles

Ready to be broken by all those


That you’ve throttled


Coins of allot

Means nothing to do so much

Gains made slowly

By losses of no such luck

Remember - Sarah Keeps

Remember those days

Those days before

When thinking about you

Wasn’t so sore


I had it all planned out

And the future looked good

That taste of success

Tasted like it really should have should


Now I’m too sad,

Too sad to remember

Too sad to think

Too sad to be that pretender


Thermodynamics - James


The science of heat

Is a wonderful feat

Treat it like nothing

And I promise you

You’re going to be beat


Free power is everywhere

But there’s no money in that

They polluted our world

Telling us that this is the only way

And we all have to suck up this crap


Windmills and solar panels

And other inventions like that

Will save us all from their greed

As no longer are gas, coal, oil or even


Really in need



Breathe Easy? - Kirsteen


At sports day,

The kids couldn’t play.

For as they ran around,

Most hit the ground.

They gasped for air,

I knew it wasn’t fair.

There had been an air quality warning

Now a new age was dawning.


So when I was asked to run for council,

It was something that I pounced on.

My kids said mum u must not just talk,

You must do the walk.

Make them clean the air!

For we know it’s not fair.


Ok I said thinking I will just put down my


I won’t have to play the politics game.

To my surprise I got voted in by my


For they are feeling pillaged.

More building, green fields gone,

They miss the green lawns.


Now I try and make all on the council


We just want to make the invisible seen.

To walk our dogs without getting in a car,

We shouldn’t have to go far.

Please all join in,

Before we feel like we are living in a bin!

Everyday Damages - JagerPress

Every day I look in the mirror

And I see exactly what they’ve done to


Every day it hurts

It will just not let me be


Everyday these damages seem worse

Worse than before

Every day I try to turn the cheek

But every day it feels even more raw


Forgiveness is difficult

Especially if they’ve never personally

repented to you

And you’re the one that takes the blame

For their reckless, careless behaviour

It’s such a complete shame

Looking – Kirsteen Thomson

I look but I cannot see,

The guidance that will set me free.

The path that does not lie on the ground,

The meaning that will make my life



Faith, I keep it close to my heart,

But sometimes it pierces like a dart.

The black dog of depression drags

me down.

That’s when I feel lost not found.


Alone in a crowd that’s me,

Drowning in an oily sea.

Waiting eternally for the dawn.

As I lay still, frozen on the lawn.


The light seems to have gone away,

I pray for it to come back another day.

I know I am inwardly; a spoilt brat.

I feel ugly, useless, fat.


Please come back to me,

The faith that will set me free.

I’m tired and want to sleep,

For the water; is far to deep.


Waiting for the white light,

Sometimes; it’s so hard to fight.

Exhausted floating on the sea,

Waiting for god to save me.

Too sad – James Agerholm

Too sad to remember

Too sad to forget

Too sad to make up my mind

I don’t think this will ever make sense


Too tired to think

Too bewildered to be aware

Too scared to sleep a wink

This is just so not fair


Too old to be young

Too young to be old

I think it’s time for you to realise mate

That you’ve lost this game,

But it’s not too late to fold

My boy – Kirsteen Thomson

Dirty knees,

A smutty face.

Your my boy.

Full of grace!

I’ve watched you grow,

Up to my chin.

You like football,

And you want to win.


On the terraces,

your so loud.

I can hear you,

In any crowd.

Leicester city!

That’s our team.

A big win,

was our dream!


A one hit wonder,

That’s all you are!

They didn’t know,

Vardy is a star!

When you least expect it,

He is there.

In a game,

Of do and dare!


And that’s what your like,

My little Ben.

I look at you,

Like a mother hen.

You are feisty,

You are strong!

You give bear hugs,

And in my arm’s you belong.


When you were a baby,

I held you tight.

I looked at you,

And you were bright!

I didn’t know,

How good it would be.

To watch you grow,

And set you free.


So my son,

It’s been fun you see.

My little man,

When you sat on my knee.

You get taller,

Every day.

It’s been fun,

To watch you play.


Your voice is breaking,

At times your temper too!

Life can be tough,

It’s time you knew!

But please,

don’t be sad?

There is bad people,

But still be glad.


Rise above them,

Every day.

And be strong,

It is your way.

You see through them,

Into their heart.

If it’s black,

Laugh and fart!


You think that’s funny,

As you hit 13.

Now that bit wasn’t,

Part of my dream!

But I didn’t appreciate,

I didn’t know!

How a massive hug,

Can make me glow.


So as you grow taller,

And tower above me.

I know I will;

Have to set you free.

But I don’t mind,

It’s natures way.

For I have watched you all my days.


But as you go,

Don’t forget you mum!

For you once grew,

In my tum!

Just come back,

Every now and then.

My little boy,

My big man Ben.

Keep on Smiling – James


Be happy

It’s the only way to be

It’s the only way to live life

And it’s the only way to be free


Be happy if the sky is blue

Be happy if it’s raining

Be happy as this is something that

you’ve trained for all your life

And it shows that you’re not failing


Don’t torment yourself with nightmares

Of fears, angst or other anxieties

Keep on smiling like the sun does all

day long

Be happy

This is, exactly, what they’re going to see


Keep on smiling

A message to yous – Yvonne Gray

We send a message to yous from many

years ago .

We hope yous will listen it's time to

drive slow.

We send a message to yous and hope

yous take heed, from experience we

know it's time to drive slow.

I hear her cry, I hear her weeping.

I hear her cry while she is sleeping , I

hold her tight still sleeping and weeping

for the loss of our child because of

speeding .

We send a message to yous all you little

road racers , think not of yourselfs but

other road users .

From experience we know from along

time ago, we hope yous take heed ,

there's no need for speed.

We send a message to yous and this is

why, because along time ago our loving

child died , there's a knock at the door

that no parent needs , from experience

we know there's no need for speed .

“Respect” - Kirsteen Thomson

Don’t hate me for my views.

I won’t hate you, that much is true!

For I look at you: inside the person I


Our differences shouldn’t divide,

Don’t judge me so!


Brexit has become, like the war of the


This stance does not behove us!

Let’s get on beyond what divides, you

and me.

For working together is what will set us


Emu - JagerPress

A flightless bird

Most quite populous when you go down


If I gave it a scale of funny’nous

It’s something near like a hundred

Always – James Agerholm

Always I think of you

Always I think of what could have been


Always I think of what we could have

done together

Always I think of us forever and ever


Always every night I lie on my bed

Always I day dream about what cannot

be said

Always your running through my head

Always though I have to remember

Because some stranger messed up

Now you are dead

A Social Harmony - JagerPress

Limerence is a word which is often used

When describing peoples’ sexual attractions

But please do not let it’s meanings be abused

By editors, just trying to reach their audience’s

primal satisfactions


Like love, eros, partner and must

Limerence is a word which has been poorly


It means far more than lust and other such fuss

It’s reasons are, in fact, far more needed


It adheres closer to a compelling, notion of hope

A link to your best friends, family and a social


It describes an intangible bond between people

Where, no matter what, they will not leave you in

the dust

Everyone’s Fate –James Agerholm

Choices are often, mostly not yours

Lives are torn apart by fate

It’s time for everyone to realise

That those who are poor or disabled

Should be given more of an escape

They certainly should not to be scorned

or sworn at

The “trickle-down effect” was really a

magnificent, glorious mistake

It’s time for everyone to have lives

which are much less thwarted

Lets make a world where we all feel less


Pieces – James Agerholm

We’re all built up from pieces

Pieces from the Earth

Pieces from the Sun

Pieces from shimmering start lights

And pieces from pitch black night skies

At the end that’s all we can really trust

Trust that before us

We were all just some other random


All My Sadness - James Agerholm

All my sadness

Revolves around two of you

Two states of carelessness

That always make me feel blue

The latter was much worse than the


That I know is very much true

But the former was caused by a friend

And the latter I’ve never met who

All my sadness

Is just something I’ve got to get used to

Get over their faults

This is just something I’ve got to do

Damages – Smartass Publishers

Words won’t hurt you

But a speeding block of metal

Definitely will go through

All that matters is that I can’t fix it

And there’s nothing left that anyone can



All the things I’ve feared for

When I was young

Have become even more apparent

And I don’t think they will ever make


Anymore strong


In two and a bit more years

It will be half of who I am

Half of something I’ve always feared for

Something that I don’t know if I really


Telling Tales - JagerPress

Telling tales of fraught and bravery

Means nothing to anyone

If it’s nothing but pure slavery


They knew many years before

That we were not prepared for this

This is something that they knew for



Raise up the barricades and treat the ill

Is what they should have done then

But now it’s too late, and all we can do

now is just hope we have some defence


People are dying, something that they

cannot deny

And they’re now building more


But what’s the point in that if those who

can help, are just too scared to try


All I Know - JagerPress

Maybe it’s because I was given a much

better chance

Maybe it’s because all good things will

eventually pass

Maybe it’s because I was just too scared

to ask

All I know is this

None of this would have happened if it

wasn’t for you in the past

A Viral Change – James Agerholm

At the start of this year - far, far away in

the Far East

Something new was growing; something

that we all needed to fear at least

It was something that we were not used

to, something that had not been tested

on before

Especially not something that the

western Beast had a cure for

That is something that was certain for



Then, and unfortunately still now, those

in power based everything on a financial


And the economics for this made no

sense to them, isn’t that a bit lame

They had the data from foreign nations

Along with the growing death tolls

But for them it seemed a bit silly

To suddenly shut down all the nonessential

paid roles


Then it hit us, and hit us it did dare

People are dying because of politician’s


Isn’t that a bit unfair?


Eventually we’re now in lockdown

But it’s now going to take us longer to

get us out of this

Simply because the important people at

the top

Weren’t properly dissed

Beware - Smartass Publishers

Beware of treacheries

Still ready to be left unfolded

Beware of pompous behaviours created

By those in power leaving those without

any frozen, cold and scolded


Beware of self-guilt and anger

Lost in this storm of blades

Beware of populate conclusions

As conscious intellect slowly fades


Beware of time increasing

Leaving us all behind

Beware of thoughts and reasons

Falling too soon inside

Block Upon Block – Smartass


Block upon block

Line upon line

It’s time for all of us to take stock

About how we all have mucked up


Nothing to declare

Is what you might say

But it’s time for everyone to realise

That we are all here to be blamed


Think about what you had for breakfast

Probably lunch and dinner too

Now think about those delicious sprouts

and potatoes you had this evening

But I bet you don’t think about the


Who really grew these all for you!


These people make pennies

Just so you can be comfortable in your

dining rooms

Think about them at home starving

While you just sit there

Knowing that Love Island or whatever

Is going to be on soon

A Pollinated Breeze - JagerPress

Stop populating this rise of pollution

And stand up for the importance of

nature, life and rights

Pollinate ideas and conclusions

As there’s no need for any economic


This is something that you will all find


Drink almond milk without worries

Of being poisoned by insecticides

Think about the innocent worker bees


Sleeping quietly in their healthy,

industrious hives


Think about bees and the pollinated

breeze that they define

Think about, if we lost it, how much it

would hurt

And how much we will be all be fined

In this world of mine - JagerPress

In this world of mine

All I see is you

Telling me that goldfish

Are actually really, possibly, honestly


And that all this bad stuff that they’ve

put us all through

Is not really, exactly, completely true


In this world of mine

The sky is down and hell is up

Grass is purple

And all we’ve been waiting for is, really,

just for the reality to drop

The police are criminals

And drugs dealers are saints

Quick, catch me, I think I’m going to



In this world of mine

Things are never the same

People lie and cheat but still win

It’s not fake news, trust me

It’s the good people who get blamed for

other people’s sin

34 - JagerPress

This time next week

I’m going to be nearly thirty-four

However, I’ve got nothing to show for it

And this is something that is always

going to be

Just a bit too sore


I could blame others for this

But that ice has long gone thawed

It’s now only me who I can blame for it

And that is a wound which I’ve left open

Left open and now it’s very much torn


Many say time heals

But not for me I’m afraid

As I lost that deal quite some time ago

In a game where the rules were not

properly displayed

Twisted Twine – Smartass


Twisted twine

Along convoluted lines

Builds something that is much less


Than all these insidious lies


Lies that are furloughed

And then quickly laid off

Spells nothing but trouble

Before anyone can even cough


The rich will be fine

That it is very well defined

But the rest of us are screwed

Without them even causing a bruise


Words mean nothing

If you don’t know what to say

So please don’t let this buffoon trick us

Every bloody darn day

No War Zone – James Agerholm

Limping creatures, sleep by the side

Living in squalid circumstances

That every day I walk by

But this is no war zone

This is my city, this my home

It’s time for a change I think

I’m sure I’m not alone


Hurt By - JagerPress

I’ve been hurt by so many different


I don’t know what to say

I’ve never fought back

As that is just not my way

But maybe I really should

As then they might understand

Yeah right, like that will be the day

Follow the progress of Tyrannosaurus

Hex at http://kck.st/2NRJLoc

No More - James Agerholm

A satisfaction of no damage

Is often not enough

To be certain you have to take it

As if you’re the one who’s really that



Like a fish in the wrong pond

Who’s too scared to learn how to fly

You dream of dreams from long before

As life casually walks past you by


A broken heart will never heal

If you try to stop the pain

And at the end that really is

Just a real complete, absolute shame

Hand in Hand – Smartass


Every life stands hand in hand with


Holding tightly to make sure

What we eventually form

Can be never smothered


Broken truths and history books are

stacked up and properly framed

While the phantoms of anger, are all

here to be tamed

Kindness, hope and joy that manifest in

our hearts are all the same

Let’s let go of all this blame


Treat each other as well as we all should


Take note of small ailments that might

create any sort of anx or shame

As we all have to remember

At the end, we are all on the same side

in this game

Bonding - JagerPress

From the forming of the smallest


To meeting your best friend

Bonding is a process

Where in all these events, this takes



The power of bonding

Is not something that anyone can ignore

However even if it is the forming of an

atom or ending a war

Bonding always ends up with at least,

just a few flaws


A bond can be flaccid

Whimsical or just a bit too a stray

You always want it to stay strong and


But, unfortunately, life never works out

that way


Bonds are not equal

This is something you will learn one day

And you will find that there’s always a


But you were to busy to be there, well

that’s what they say

Sparkle – Smartass Publishers

Just a bit of a sparkle, is all you really


Think about your hopes and dreams


But remember there’s always some


That we all really should heed


Keep your feet on the ground

Before you learn how to fly

Take help when you need it

But don’t if it seems too sly


Read and research

On the topic you find most seeking

Work hard on your projects

Like a new child that needs continues



At the end though

The most important thing you must do

Is to have fun and love it

As this will, at the end, be the most

important thing to help you get through

A River of Wishes – Rosie Smith

A river of wishes

Might be turbulent some days

But take time and be patient

As you never know, at some point

everything might go exactly your way


Any life can be a thuggish one

But a thug can still dream

You never know what’s round the next


You never know what you might deem


Wishing for a lamp and a genie

To cure all your worries and shame

Is some proper wishful thinking but

wishing for a better future

Is certainly something that we all should

try to attain.


A Political Wording – Faith Berry

The complexity of a political sentence

Is nothing but absurd

The power of it’s meaning though

Is something that we all have herd


Traces of eloquence, that taste of a

summer breeze

Blow through our minds, at a supersonic


Speaking of wishes of those

unquestionable needs

Soon though they will start to unlock all

those nightmares

Nightmares that talk about hunger, thirst

and greed


Mob rule is always unlikely to result in

its final goal

But that’s OK as all they really want

Is to burn everything down, down to its

absolute soul

And then go back home so they can wait

for their reliable, monthly dole


It is frequently quoted, that money does

not grow on trees

But money is made out of paper

And paper is used to make all those

unscrupulous, unworthy banking fees

Let’s learn how to recycle so we can

make sure

Everyone can get, exactly, what they

have all worked for.

Another, Better Turning Point -


Argue me this

That energy is not the source

Of this modern international, simple,

brutal force

A force that suppresses us all for their


A cause that keeps us down

Simply because their too scared

Too scared to not just look around


Wind, tide and solar

Are ready to flower

With this new way of storage

By the use of local, frozen air


Ignore the haters

And the rest of the financial raters

Technology vanquished slavery

Now let’s use it again for another, better

turning point

A Creative Destruction- Smartass


Before you start to build anything new

You first have to remove what was made

in the past

But please don’t ignore it and please

don’t let it brew

As at the end what we all really need is

something that will stick around

Stick around for just more than a few


Foundations of civilisations have risen

from the sand

And then blown away by the storms of

pure discontent

Hands of a thousand sounds pretty

damn good

But not if it means nothing and nothing

makes no sense


Creative destruction does have its means

But what evidence do you have which


“Look, this is our future, can’t you just


Destruction means chaos and chaos has


These dreams are futile, especially if you

don’t know what they might be

The Power of Stillness – James


Stillness is joyful

While you lie there by the side

Reading stories of times long gone bye

And watching waves roll in one by one

By the power of the tide


Stillness has power

Which we try not to awake

As no one really knows yet

What or who

This kraken might break


Stillness is peaceful

Until that tremor causes everything to


Shaking bodies of power

Leaving nothing left

Nothing left except for their own souls

Their own souls to take

In the Eye of a Needle -


In the eye of a needle

Everything is focused

Focused to an extent

That nothing is missed


So what if you don’t know why

Why is your eventual goal

A goal that you’ll truly miss

If you don’t take that role


The game is now long over

But you’ve still got the ball

Just try to make sure that you don’t get

up again

As your certain you’re not ready for

another fall


In the eye of a needle

The thread has to be sewn pretty damn


A good analogy you think

About how your life’s been thrown in

Green Fields – Smartass


Green fields and blue skies

Mention nothing as time flies by

Hopes, dreams and happiness dwindle

As everything you’ve worked for; shortly



Numbness deepens, even when you try

Nightmares from long before

Frighten you surely while everything,

slowly, walks pasts you by

And all its stuff and nonsense is dragged

along, just right behind


You’ve now got to make a decision, as

there is nothing left to find

All those treasures that you held so


Let go as they are surely getting you into

a serious, proper bind

Wake up my friend, it’s time for you to

be a lot more than this, ridiculous,

needless, tiresome grind


A Stolen Youth – JagerPress

A Stolen Youth

Is one that someone else has broken

Broken to the extent that from now on

It’s nothing but a token.


Tokens that perceive something

Something that should be better

Better than all these words

Words that create ignorance and hurt.


The problem with hurt

Is that the there is always someone

Someone who is hurt much, much more

Hurt to their absolute core

In the Darkness - JagerPress

In the darkness

There is nothing you need to find

As everything is given

Always just in kind.


In the darkness everything seems so


But certainly not if what we are talking


Is what we find in our minds.


Thoughts, dreams and imagination

Are exactly what we all need to mine

On My Own Volition – James


On my own volition

I lie here waiting

Waiting for my mind to go blank

And only leave it to think about



But breathing is an autonomic trait

Therefore, I’m not thinking.

Not thinking about breathing

Just waiting to start dreaming


Truth - JagerPress

Speaking the truth

Is not always the easiest thing to do

But stick with it as, at the end

It will help you get through


Pieces of the truth

Are nothing but lies

And whenever you say one of these

A small part of your soul dies


The trauma of the truth

Is that people don’t really know what it


It’s like a curse in a witch’s spell book

That silences you, even when you scream


Like a rolling boulder

Or a falling tree

Silencing the truth will squash you

And you know that’s not the right key

Perhaps I – James Agerholm

Perhaps I never understood.

Perhaps I never got a chance.

Perhaps you never could see.

All those unscrupulous things.

They did to me.


Perhaps life is more than living.

Perhaps time is short.

Perhaps all ways your mind is aging.

As this is something that cannot be



Mistakes, perhaps, might be taken.

But not by me.

This is something that makes me


More than you can, possibly, believe


For me the dawn rose a long time ago

And I'm now, nearly, half way through.

Perhaps though it's not yet time to give


Perhaps there is something that I can do.

Every Second – James Agerholm

Purple numbers.

Written in the most oblique way.

Counting every minute.

That I have left to say.


Times are changing.

Is what I hear every day.

But why then do I always feel.

That yesterday was a better time to play.


Every second vanished.

And every second since

Is just another second.

That makes me wince.

The Lost Legend – George Valler

There's a Collins English dictionary

It sits upon my desk

The fountain of printed knowledge

Should I need to put it to the test


The book is A to Z and heavy

with meaning on every page

But information looking up

Now lost to the modern age


For Google in its infinite

Is but a fingertip away

With everything you need to know

Everything you need to say


Google is in the airwaves

Printing for the modern age

With words just flashed before you

No need to turn another page


But should there come a time

When electronics shuts the door

Then my Collins English dictionary

Could then come to the fore

A Normal Doggy Tail - George


I suppose you want to go for a walk

That's what you think if you could talk

But take a look out of this window pane

at all that wind, at all that rain


Would you then give it another thought

If only you a dog could talk

So come to me, sit by my side

and thoughts of walking we will hide


Forget all those sniffs, those cats to stalk

If you a dog, if you could talk

Don't look at me with doleful eyes

as if this rain, I'm telling lies


No, you can sit with me and wait

Ignore the calling garden gate

Stop wagging of that doggy tail

I know that you would walk through



Just think of me, I'd be distraught

That's what I'd say in doggy talk

So what is that message, now upon the


I supposed I should have realised that

No I can't blame you, I should have


If only you, a dog, could talk

Phase In and Out - JagerPress

Phase into this world

Of mirrors and shadows

Phase out of these lies

For the sake of written scripts which you

know speak nothing but hollow


Phase into dragons and fairies

As mythical creatures are all they can use

to create this pure discontent

Phase out of historical and scientific


As otherwise their narrative will be

broken, leaving nothing,

Nothing but splintered pieces of a

much, much longer, stranger act


At the end they want to phase you in just

to distract you

To distract you so they can make another


A sequel that is also neither equal.

And much similar to the previous


Isolation - JagerPress

The isolation of this fear.

Is and was something that I've always

hoped, I would

never get near.

And this is something I have always

made clear.

But life has this ability to open this


Now I've got here.

Listen - James Agerholm

Listen, this is all I want you to do.

Listen properly this time.

As what you think is real is, actually, not

quite true.

So untrue it murders your reasons of


And all those cavalier, erroneous

thinkings of yours will run away.

Run away and never be caught.


Listen to your friends

Listen to the news

But certainly do not listen to yourself.

As you’re clearly very much confused


The problem I have with listening.

Is that, often, what you are being told.

Is not something that they have worked

out properly yet, not worked out all the

way through.

So, really, none of us knows

What we really should do!

The Negligence of Being Honest -


Being honest.

Is an extremely dangerous thing to do.

Being honest.

Can get you into some serious trouble

and nothing else will ever go through.


Being honest will test you, this is

something that I trust.

This is something I’ve had great

experience of.

And it’s not something that I would ever

do again, that’s more than a must.

Being honest.

Has messed up my sense of being and I

never, ever want it to be like then.


The thing is I like being honest

As it makes me feel good

Perhaps this makes me naïve

Perhaps though this is something that I

just should

For all our good?

I Am Aura – Smartass Publishers

I was here before the beginning.

And I will still be here after the end.

You may not be able to see me.

But I am much, much more than just the

current, modern trend.


I stretch across the universe.

And I farmed and grew all the stars.

You may not be able to touch me.

But my power really goes that far.


Time is essential.

For me too as well.

But mine is in the billions.

And this is something that you cannot

possibly understand or tell

A Thought Game - JagerPress

A thoughtful game which suppresses

your ways of thinking.

Is not always because,

Of the ways that your world is



They talk about echo chambers as if

they’re not caught in their own caged


Protesting about changes, without any

knowledge about what this will do


I myself have seen this in my own

selfish, microscopic way.

Through text books, lectures and from

what my doctors say.

The analogy of it all is really quite


Like those drugs that they said I will be

able to give up, one day.

Stickin’ - James Agerholm

Stick with your family.

Stick with your friends.

Try to stick with reality.

As any other dimension.

Is fraught with some proper winding,

unnecessary bends


Your family should stand with you.

Friends, for a bit at least, normally do the


But they won’t wait forever.

As the future is certainly not that tame.


Blame yourself if you want to

Or others that you know quite well

But the thing about luck is that it’s a bit


And that it is just far too easy to sell

A Purpose – James Agerholm

A purpose that means nothing.

Is honestly quite absurd.

They burnt down our ancient history.

Just to make our home worse.


Of course, these actions improved life

for a while.

And they say that they were not aware.

But seriously all my life all I could do

was stare.


It was demonstrated in eighteen fortysix.

And then again by persons of their own.

But they persisted for quite some time.

And now their working very hard to turn

this into something that they can


A Dietary Shift – Smartass


A dietary shift,

Is something that is certainly needed,

And this piece of prose, I hope,

Will help this notion to be properly



For more than several millennia we ate

because we had to.

And when agriculture occurred.

It was still clear that this paradigm.

Could not be disturbed.


Nonetheless, in this current century this

is not so much the case.

We eat for nothing else but the taste.

And it seems to me, and many others.

That this is just such a damn waste.


Pushing so much through our guts,

Causes much more harm to our home,

But the thing is, the gross number is not

exactly the main source of this farce,

Mostly it is the lack of quality,

That is the reason for the negligence of

this task.

An Immortal State - JagerPress

We replicate, but never die,

Not like cancer though,

As we allow you to thrive.


We’ve been researched and written

about for a very long time,

From Greek mythologies to modern

scientific journals,

It is here that you can find us, if you

really try.


We are the elixir of life,

An enzyme that stops you dying,

But please don’t crash because if you do,

we’re all going to fry.

Blue Waters - JagerPress

Across these blue waters I make my


By growing plants under the waves and

above the sea bedding,

Here I demonstrate that there’s no need

for mass, industrial fishing.


My sea crop can feed us all if we take a

bit more care about what we really wish


Sure, for some this might be a bit of a


But if we don’t, it’s certain that there

won’t be much more.


At the end though it’s more than just

having a healthy diet,

It will create space on our land, improve

the atmosphere, as well as our own


And it will, of course, protect the

working environment,

Along with our living.


It's All a Bit – James Agerholm

It's all a bit sad really.

That it has all worked out this way.

It's all a bit funny.

Like a heart attack in the middle of the

starting act of your first appearance in a

Broadway play.


It's all a bit astonishing.

That time is never on your side.

It's all a bit frightening.

That life is very much similar to the

behaviour of that receding tide.


It's all a bit usual.

To see how this always ends up.

With groups labelling other groups with


When really, we are all drinking from

the same damn


A NexusInfectsUs – James


This nexus they created, is properly

messed up.

Something that they did and from now

on will, indeed, test us.

While we all stand here looking like

muppets, but all properly dressed up.

Waiting for our carriage without


That someone else has 'fessed up.

Before Everything Fell Apart –

James Agerholm

I remember those days.

Those days before.

Before this could start.

Before everything fell apart.


Times are changing.

And there’s nothing I can do about it


I can’t go back and try again.

I can’t go back as I don’t know how.


Never again.

Will it be like then.

When I could plan and think.

Without needing to know.

How this is all going to end.


Every night when I dream.

It’s like it never happened.

Like it never actually appeared.

And when I wake up, there’s nothing I

need to fear.

The Force that is Nature -


Plants, animals, fungi, protozoa et al…

Are all parts of nature.

Just like the falling leaves that we all

find on the ground.

At the end of the ‘fall.


It works like a circle.

Always, eventually, making the right


From a molecular level, to one that is


It’s better than anything else that we’ve

ever invented.

Much, much better than any bloody tool.


Only a bit more than a century ago we

told ourselves that we had it beaten.

But there was nothing, absolutely

nothing, that we had to be beat.

And it turns out, really, that it was just

more hurt that we were, at the end,

apparently and eventually seeking.


Now they are trying to wind it all back,

but completely in the wrong way.

Ignoring the obvious while creating

new, novel and even more intricate


That we will all, eventually, have to pay.

Plant Type – JagerPress

Plants allowed us to breath.

Plants allowed us to eat.

Plants have now been made illegal.

Because people are stupid and the shortterm

option is always what we,

eventually, seek.


It doesn’t matter that this type was

important not that long ago.

They blamed it just to distract us.

Just to allow their funds to grow.


They put their product into every part of

our world.

And in doing so they made a lot of us

very, very ill.

But eventually this plant type has got a


And hopefully we have time left before

the credits start to ‘spill.

Turn Into - JagerPress

The trees are turning gold.

And the leaves are about to fall.

Soon the branches are going to be bare.

Leaving them shivering in this new

crisp, freezing cold air.

Under the brisk winter sky, but I'm not



Much – Smartass Publishers

Much is built up,

And much is broken apart,

Much is often forgotten,

While not much is forgiven,

By those who made the first start.

Still – JagerPress

We’re all still here,

We’re all still making noise,

All with no fear,

Of what seems to be your choice.


Still you’re trying to tear us down,

Even in our own home,

This gives me much more than a frown,

Especially as it helps your own tomb to



Vengeance is often far too vague,

Particularly as yours was the damn same,

It’s an identical plague.

To the one that we all, together, worked

so hard to tame.

NeverThought – James Agerholm

I never thought,

That things would work out this way,

In fact I can actually, precisely


Not a date or day,

But an accurate reference,

Of how this would likely be framed.


Framed of where I was,

Framed of how I thought,

Framed of what I dreamed of,

And how I was taught.


But when you are young,

You so often don’t think of the dangers

of the real world,

Therefore, these events are never

properly filed,

And are so easily sealed.


For that reason,

I can now ignore what you then caught,

As I now have an armoury of


That I can use to build this fort.

A Touch of Lightness - JagerPress

A faint touch,

Or even a slight breeze,

Can change the world,

Even if we are all in a tight squeeze.


Violence is not needed,

‘cos I’ve got a bigger gun,

But I don’t want anything from you,

So let’s drop this façade and find some

time to have some fun.


At the end it will all make sense,

Your pride and bravado might get us all


Hence let’s get your foot off the pedal,

And do what the sensible people said.

WITH ME – Smartass Publishers

With me sometimes it feels that there’s

nothing to see,

Nothing to believe, nothing to grieve

and nothing to be,

It is like they want us to behave like this,

It just seems.


The names might change,

Which I feel is a bit lame,

But they’re still using the same tool,

And that is a great shame,

As it just shows that they haven’t learnt

anything and that they’re just using the

same damn game.


It’s older than fire,

And it is so much easier to hire,

Rather than creating something new,

Which will help much more, much more

than just a few.


Email info@jagerpress.com and

we will let you know when the

next poem will be available on the

JagerPress free, online, growing

Poem eBook.


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