The Vision Quest


He arched his back and looked up into the canopy of

green above, noticing the stillness of the leaves,

strength of the branches and the foundational solidity

of the trunk and heard a whisper – “I am just being a

tree, I need to be nothing more, nothing less.”

So Running Deer sat quietly still, just being aware, and

the restlessness and hunger dissipated.

Occasionally, he would sip a small amount of water

from his rawhide water container, swill it vigorously

around his mouth and spit it out beyond the circle,

sometimes playfully, as a spray of defiance!

Running Deer had never lost his childlike curiousity or


By sundown, after a day of relative inaction, his

stomach was rumbling and calling out for food. His

taste buds demanded more flavour, his conditioned

eating pattern protested, his emotions responded to

his thoughts of food or the lack thereof and he

demanded out aloud to the river –“How am I

supposed to last another twenty days without food

or water?”

The river remained silent, for it knew when to speak

and when to move on.

He called upon The Great Spirit, his Spirit Animals and

the benevolent spirits of his ancestors to help and 17

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