The Vision Quest


This time the tears running down his cheeks contained

no sadness, but the pure joy of realisation.

It was a good day!

Two more days into his vision quest, still with no food

or water, Running Deer’s body was resetting into a

pattern whereby he felt no hunger. He was actually

aware that his physical form was purging toxins by the

foul taste in his mouth, some minor skin lesions and a

few aches and pains.

“Surrender and Acceptance!” echoed his father’s

advice and so he did, despite the ego’s objection to

seeing him outside his comfort zone.

Chief White Cloud had been throughout his long life, a

wonderful example of someone who lived outside his

comfort zone. “This is where life begins and gets

interesting.” he told Running Deer when he reached

his teens.

They had entered a river nearby a small set of rapids

to watch the salmon leaping through the air, on their

homecoming journey to reach their spawning

grounds. As they sat in awe up to their waists in the

fast running water, a huge grizzly bear ambled out of

the woods and down to the river. Running Deer was

shocked and a wave of terror coursed through his

body as his fingernails dug deeply into his father’s



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