The Vision Quest


at heart.

Nonetheless, these first seven days had proved to be

a mixture of pain and challenge in each of his body’s

fields, with some temporary respite into joy.

On the morning of the eighth sunrise, he took his first

sip and swallow of water, mixed with the juice of a few

crushed wild berries for flavour.

It felt and tasted like heaven!

He was estatic at the pure joy of tasting and ingesting

the flavoured water and burst into song and dance,

leaping and punching the air, while giving thanks to

The Great Spirit.

For seven days and nights he had radically

surrendered and had been fed only on Life Force

Energy, the same energy that lies at the heart of all

living, sentient beings. Some call it Prana and some

refer to it as Chi, but it is all the same life-giving



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