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One-of-a-Kind Activities

by Marsha Hagney

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Payment must be made within 5 calendar days of reserving or your name will be moved to a waitlist.

Payment can be made in the Front Office by PIN, on the AWC website ( or by

bank transfer to the AWC account NL42ABNA0431421757.

large distance, so good walking shoes and

an interest in covering much ground are required.

Wednesday, April 17

10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

We will meet for coffee at the first

“gem” at 10 a.m.

De Haagsche Kluis, Plein 20, Den Haag

€ 15 Members / € 20 Non-Members

Max 15

Registration/Cancellation Deadline:

April 15

Sign Up at

Rembrandt: Bohemian or

Businessman, Romantic or


AWC Member Jane Choy graciously

opens her home and shares her knowledge

once again. Holland has designated 2019 as

“The Year of Rembrandt” commemorating

his legacy. This year marks 350 years since

his death. This special lecture provides an

opportunity to learn about Rembrandt, as

you experience the many tours and exhibits

in the Netherlands throughout 2019.

Rembrandt is considered by many to be

Holland’s greatest artist and the equal of

Mozart, Shakespeare and Michelangelo.

Unlike van Gogh, another great Dutch artist,

Rembrandt has not left much written

material explaining his views on art. But

what he has left is a unique visual autobiography

in his self-portraits, which he

did from the time he was 20 until he died

at the age of 63. This lecture will use the

self-portraits as a thread through his life

and with his other masterpieces explore the

man and what, why and how he painted.

Was he a businessman or bohemian? Rebel

or romantic?

Wednesday, April 3

Coffee at 7:30 p.m.

Lecture 8 – 9:30 p.m.

Private home in Voorburg

Registered attendees will receive address

in advance of the event

€ 15 Members / € 20 Non-Members

Includes refreshments

Maximum 20

Cancellation Deadline: March 25

Sign Up at

Hidden Gems City Walk

Monique Varma leads us on a special walking

tour of hidden gem including hofjes

(courtyards surrounded by almshouses that

have existed since the Middle Ages and

provided housing for women and the elderly),

statues, monuments, gardens, and religious

buildings. We start at De Haagsche

Kluis, at Plein 20. They will open earlier

than usual for our coffee at 10 a.m., and

we will depart there at 10:30 to begin the

walk. We will conclude at Pulchri Studio

with many gems in between. Many of the

places we will tour are now mostly closed

to the public for various reasons, mostly

the change in security standards the past

several years. More details will be available

before the tour. A unique tour with the

disclaimer that it involves covering a fairly

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