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By Amanda Cummins

MariZayra’s Sanctuary is a

family-owned operation

on the south eastern

coast of the island in Harrismith

Road, St Philip.

Making efficient use of a relatively

small space to create a little haven for

their numerous animals, even the youngest

member of the family pitches in:

10 year old Aaron leads tours with the

same authority and confidence as the


Boasting many species of animals:

mammals, insects, amphibians, arthropods,

reptiles and birds, MariZayra’s

has been in operation since 2015, and

is both sanctuary and quasi-zoo. Visitors

are treated to a wealth of knowledge

GUEST BARBADOS GUIDE • April-June 2019 • Page 10

A hands-on experience. The special

sanctuary is a family-owned attraction

offering adults and children the chance to

get up-close and hands-on with animals.

Hands-on at MariZayra’s Sanctuary

about the various animals, are given the

opportunity to interact with, to name a few, a

rambunctious little monkey named Shara, see

a friendly and stately senior turkey, and their

several Iguanas and snakes.

MariZayra’s also has the distinction of being

made of 75% recycled materials, making it

environmentally friendly and conservationist.

They recycle water wherever possible, and

have used recycled wood and wire, among

other materials, for their enclosures and


Guided tours are about 50 minutes long,

though you are under no pressure to leave

when it’s done. Tours require reservations

during the week, but walk-ins are welcome

Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

Price of admission: Adults, Bds$15; kids,


Photos by Amanda Cummins and Jason Freeman.

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