GUEST Barbados Guide April-June 2019


GUEST Barbados Guide is a directory of establishments which the editors of the magazine recommend, and which include regular advertisers. Our new quarterly magazine aims to keep visitors informed of what's on in Barbados.


Hidden Gems

GUEST BARBADOS GUIDE • April-June 2019 • Page 29

Shark Hole

Located at the easternmost end of the island, the

parish of St Philip has the largest land area of the 11

parishes of Barbados. But it’s not the land that attracts

locals and visitors alike, it’s the stunning view from Shark


The trek to Shark Hole is worth the reward of the sight

of the cool turquoise waters with golden sands. This

protected bay may be a well-kept secret, but it is an

exceptional geological feature unlike any other beach

on the island that must be visited. While quite small, its

unique layout offers visitors a chance at a secluded dip

in the water.

About a 35-minute drive heading east from Bridgetown,

you can find Shark Hole a short distance past the

Crane Resort. -Text and photos: Caroline Reid.

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