GUEST Barbados Guide April-June 2019


GUEST Barbados Guide is a directory of establishments which the editors of the magazine recommend, and which include regular advertisers. Our new quarterly magazine aims to keep visitors informed of what's on in Barbados.



Our new magazine

will be published in

both print and digital


The digital edition will be compiled

every quarter and distributed to over

60,000 social media addresses with

connection or interest in Barbados.

The summer and winter editions

will be printed and distributed to the

concierge and activities desks of Barbados

major hotels, top restaurants,

car rental firms, conference centres

and shopping malls. Print run: 6,000

copies per issue.

We will also advertise each edition

through Google ads to people who

have visited Barbados before or who

may be thinking of visiting the Caribbean.

All of the listings and news articles

carried in the magazine will be stored

on the website

for easy reference. •

print & digital media

GUEST BARBADOS GUIDE • April-June 2019 • Page 33

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