GUEST Barbados Guide April-June 2019


GUEST Barbados Guide is a directory of establishments which the editors of the magazine recommend, and which include regular advertisers. Our new quarterly magazine aims to keep visitors informed of what's on in Barbados.



The key to a successful

social media campaign

is to have constant,

relevant information. To

this end, Guest Magazine has

recently launched on Facebook

and Instagram.

The social media plan will include

highlighting features and articles in

Guest Barbados, which will include

links to the full article on the Guest

Barbados online magazine.

In addition, we will have constant

updates and shares from interesting

events, activities, noteworthy news

items, festivals etc.

We will also have subscriber submission,

where visitors and locals can

submit their own reviews and photos

to be shared.

The advertiser will also get the

opportunity to share content on the

Guest Barbados social media pages.

This sharing of content can include

traditional ads, social media posts,

fliers, etc. and can also be tagged to

the client and include links to learn

more. •

social media

GUEST BARBADOS GUIDE • April-June 2019 • Page 34

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