report on the potentials and unsustainability of rattan sector ... - WWF

report on the potentials and unsustainability of rattan sector ... - WWF

� The framework of training program about encouraging forestry at provincial and

district level must be finished and used

e. Program on NTFP mechanism and policy

Target Priority actions

1. Forming advantageous legal lobby to

encourage organizations, individuals and

economic sectors to participate in the

sustainable development of NTFP

resources towards market economy and

international economy integration

2. Improving management capacity of


Developing encouragement policies for

conservation and development of NTFP that

are suitable for international economic


Modifying and adding some policies that

relate to NTFP

Consolidating State management of NTFP

Supporting the establishment of

associations of conservation and

development NTFP

Specific actions and actions:

� Developing support policy for forming sourcing area connecting with processing area

� Issuing new decision of MARD for explointing forest products; checking and

controlling forest products.

� Forming department or assigning staff responsible for controlling, supwrvising NTFP at

all levels

� Establishing NTFP association

1.2.7. Development strategy of Forestry in Vietnam in the period of 2006-2020

Has been approved by Prime Minister in the Decision no. 18/2007/QĐ-TTg on February

5 th 2007

Building and developing some timber and non timber sourcing areas that connect with

processing area to create forest product processing industrial zones in the locals that have

potentials and market. Improving processing of wood equipments and developing trade

villages in rural areas, paying attention to NTFP processing (pine resin, bamboo and rattan…)

Important policies relating to developing trade village, industry encouragement and

trade promotion.

(Including: Decree 66/66/2006/NĐ-CP on July 07 th 2006 of Government; Circular

116/2006/QĐ-BNN on December 18 th 2006 of MARD; Circular 113//2006/TT-BTC on

December 28 th 2006 of Ministry of Finance; Decree 134//2004/NĐ-CP of Government,

decision 136/2007/QĐ-TTg on August 20 th 2007 of Prime Minister, Decision 279/2005 QĐ-

TTg of Prime Minister and Decision 80/2009/QÐ-TTg on May 21 st 2009 of Government

about modifying and adding some articles in Decision 279/2005/QÐ-TTg). Some specific

support mechanisms are:

Manufacture: The State supports the investment on trade village infrastructure and rural

sectors. Rural sectors that are invested and have efficient outcome can be: (a) Support in

transferring or renting land; and issuing land usage license according to laws on land (b) the


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