report on the potentials and unsustainability of rattan sector ... - WWF

report on the potentials and unsustainability of rattan sector ... - WWF

In this stage, the main interests are training workers, normalizing processes, quality control,

5S, safety, ventilation, thermal isolation and lighting. Labor productivity and quality depend a

lot on skills of workers, working position, working conditions (lighting, temperature, air).

Using fixture, frame can improve considerably working efficiency and product quality. In

addition to improving working efficiency and product quality, other main potentials for CP in

this phase are improving working environment; avoiding occupational diseases; and

minimizing material, gas, glue damage and spillage… Its weak point is high transportation

cost, if the management is not good, the re-processing cost will increase.

Many enterprises apply the models of renting trade villages at home; suppliers for rattan

materials, frame (tables and chairs); quality control; design provision; and training support.

The advantages of this model are no need for big workshop, protective clothes; reducing

training cost, insurance cost (a serious pressure for industrial enterprises). Disadvantages are

much transportation, and high treatment cost due to bad quality control.

2.11. Surface finishing (painting, carbonization, dyeing)

Figure 22. Burning fabrics


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