report on the potentials and unsustainability of rattan sector ... - WWF

report on the potentials and unsustainability of rattan sector ... - WWF

Typical problems of bamboo and rattan enterprises



Manufacture field



State support

Material quality

Product design


Market information

Source: Survey 2007

Figure 29. Concerning problems of enterprises

( Ratio of answerring enterprises )

3.2. Options to improve operation efficiency of rattan enterprises in Vietnam

Through the analysis of development status of rattan sector and its factors, especially small

and medium-sized enterprises, some following options are generated:

• Surface planning of rattan enterprises:

Firstly, land planning (if any) must be reviewed and adjusted; otherwise, new land plan must

be developed; methods to change land usage purposes must be approved by authority level.

Only by good planning adjustment can the land for rural industrial development in general

and for rattan sector in individual be defined. Basing on that, plan for using land and detail

methods of land clearance can be drawn out. Policy that supports for surface planning for

rattan sector must be equal to that for industrial zones. For the focal rattan zones that includes

many rattan enterprises, there needs to be the support from districts and provinces to build

some basic infrastructure such as traffic system; electricity, water supply system.

Construction and development of rural industrial zones must mobilize the community

strength and apply the joint stock model in investment and exploitation. Local government

and enterprises can discuss to find out methods of effective investment and usage, avoiding

losses of national and social resources. With the locals whose fund is limited, enterprises

must be supported to build a professional product treatment area that ensure the hygienic and

trade village environment.

• Improving vocational training and developing a craftsmen force for trade villages:

To avoid the labour competitiveness between rattan trade villages/enterprises and other

sectors, training for labour should be prioritized and improved. Enterprises must be aware


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