Malwarebytes Customer Support Number 1-800-983-8119

If you are facing security problems with your computer, then it is recommended that you should find a good system for blocking malware or virus or other malicious programs on your system. For this reason, you can easily choose Malwarebytes, which is one of the leading antivirus systems having exclusive ranges of benefits in offering. The only thing that you need to take care of is conducting the process of installation carefully. If installation is not done in the right way, there are chances of obtaining technical hiccups. These errors or hiccups can make the process of using Malwarebytes further complex. Call customer support center for Malwarebytes for troubleshooting errors.

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Malwarebytes TechniCal Support 1-800-983-8119

There are times when the antivirus software Malwarebytes does not allow the websites or any browser if they found

any threat in that. Many times an IP address could not be found by the computer due to malicious information. But if

the information user thinks that it’s worth taking the risk and needed by them, then they could do the following –

1.Click on the button start.

2.Then choose all programs

3.Click on Malwarebytes to open it.

4.Tab on protection.

5.Remove the check from box for “Show tooltip balloon when malicious website is blocked.”

6.Click on the Exit.

Now, the user could open the websites and browser, which earlier could not be opening due to blocking by

Malwarebytes. In case still there is some problem then contact Malwarebytes Technical Support Number.

Malwarebytes Customer Support 1-800-983-8119

When the antivirus scan is being run on the device for a software, then sometime it takes much time to load than

the normal. Then suddenly a popup message occurs with error 383. The user could resolve the error by following

some steps like –

1.Check the network connectivity as might it be slow and facing the problem.

2.Software cleanup could be run and then reboot of the computer needs to be done to resolve the problem.

3.Once again install the software of Malwarebytes through website, the version which needs to be installed.

If still the problem is there then user could contact helpline number for the resolution.

Malwarebytes Technical Support 1-800-983-8119

Not able to Update Malwarebytes antivirus

Sometimes the Malwarebytes does not get updated automatically then there are number of reasons due to

which it is not getting updated such as –

1.When the device is not updated then it will not support the further update of Malwarebytes. Once the

hardware is updated then it will update automatically.

2.Network problem is there and did not get the proper connectivity.

3.The software of Malwarebytes gets corrupted so reinstall the software again from the website. As the software

is reinstalled there will not be any issue.

In case still the problem persist then contact customer care number of Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes TechniCal Support 1-800-983-8119

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware NOT Responding

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is the best software and if the user is facing problem as the software is not

responding then this could be due to the following reason –

1.There is no secure connection and thus it was not able to run the functionalities which lead to crashing of


2.If while downloading or installing any error occur or not installed or download properly then the problem could


3.Either the software is too heavy for the device to carry it, then the device needs to be updated so as it could

run properly.

If still there is a problem with the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, then user should take the help of technical

helpline number and they will solve the problem quickly.

Malwarebytes TechniCal Support 1-800-983-8119

Malwarebytes is not working on Windows 8

There are times when some kind of technical issue occur and the user could not able to work on Malwarebytes.

Then the user should follow these steps such as –

1.Go the control panel

2.Uninstall the Malwarebytes

3.After restarting the computer download the MBAM Cleanup Utility and run it on desktop.

4.When it is finished, then reboot the computer.

5.Once the computer start, deactivate antivirus and reinstall the Malwarebytes again.

After this full process of installing it again then it will work fine but still if the user is facing any problem in

function of Malwarebytes then the user could contact helpline number.

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