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Dear Readers,

Just a quick note from me for this edition, as I’m going to let the pictures do the talking from the

Big Info Day. What an event and a huge thank you goes out to Jenny Whitley who organised the

event, Cynthia and her team, who ran the cafe, and all of the people who donated the cakes, and

Ivan for entertaining people in the cafe with his music.

Please also look out for the article ‘Helping the Lonely ‘ on page 4, and then the marvellous

quotes from Befrienders & Befriendees throughout this magazine, showing what a difference this

service can make.

With best wishes, Jacqui

Editor: Jacqui Peacock

Next copy deadline: May 7th 2019

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Useful Numbers 61

Village Diary 66-67

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Helping the Lonely 4

Bringing History Home 6

Lymington’s Best Kept Exercise Secret 9

Our Cover Artist 13

Help, Where’s my Phone? 15

Notes from the Solent Cellar 17

Milford Music & Arts Festival 10

Travel Guide 21

Dogs take centre stage 19

Waste & Recycling 23

Tales from the Fireside 27

Wildlife Matters 41

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Loneliness is very much in the news at the

moment, we even have a Minister for

Loneliness that’s how serious the situation

has become. It’s not new of course, people

have felt loneliness in its many shapes and

forms since time immemorial so what has


This is a complex question but we can very

easily cite a number of things that have

actually made loneliness a bigger problem,

particularly among the elderly. A word

familiar to everyone is austerity. Now, this is

not a political article but the cold hard fact is

that the financial means available to our

councils have been cut significantly in recent

years and this has had it’s impact on what

services can be provided. This results in a

huge number of people who may have

qualified for help having to find this

elsewhere, if they can.

Inevitably the voluntary sector has to pick up

some of the slack and make sure that these

important services continue to be provided.

But here’s another problem, there are only

so many people able to give their help and

many small local charities report

considerable difficulties in recruiting the right

people in the numbers they need. Funding

can also be serious issue for charities, it is

interesting to note that a recent study

suggests that 1.2% of all charities get 70% of

the income donated. This is a staggering

number and illustrates how difficult it is for

some groups to continue. Add to this the fact

that austerity also impacts on what people

can give and you can see how serious the

situation has become.

But there is good news! Here in our area we

have a very robust service in the shape of the

Milford Befrienders. The service has been

running for over two years and we cover all

areas of the Parish. We have a wonderful

group of volunteers who are each matched

with a lonely person. They call on this person

once a week for a good chat and it makes a

real difference, especially where family and

friends are no longer able to offer support.

But we need more!

There is considerable demand for this service

and we need more volunteers to help meet

this demand. There’s no requirement to have

done a similar thing before, as long as you

like to have a good chat there will be room

for you!

I am very happy to have a chat on the phone

or by email if you would like to find out more

before deciding if it is for you. All of our

current team say how rewarding the work is

with some strong friendships being formed

as a result.

So please, if this strikes a chord get in touch.

Or, do you need help?

If what you have read here sounds familiar

and you find yourself feeling lonely and

isolated then please ask us to help. If you

make an enquiry there’s no obligation to

carry on if you feel it is not for you.

Experience has taught me that it is always

better to find out more about befriending

before deciding. We have helped lots of

people who were not sure in the beginning,

so make the call!

Steve Anderton, Milford Befrienders

Milford Befrienders

T: 01590 637088,

Do you sometimes feel lonely?

Milford Befrienders can help. We run a

team of local volunteers who call in

regularly for a chat and a cuppa.

Please carry on reading this magazine &

you will find recent comments from

volunteer Befrienders & the

Befriendees, that show what a huge

difference this service can make.

4 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

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Today the original Milford House consists of

three houses with another five properties in

the adjacent out-buildings. In front of it,

Milford Court has twenty-two houses.

In 1905 Milford House was one dwelling with

grounds covering 14.5 acres stretching almost

to Keyhaven Road. Milford Crescent did not

exist until 1929; the main road previously

went up Church Hill in front of the church to

join the Lymington Road.

In the 13 th c. this area was in the Manor of

Milford Baddesley owned by the Knights


By 1608 it was owned by Arthur Swaine who

sold the Manor to Robert Rickman but the

house they lived in was not in the same

position as the current Milford House.

William Rickman, a merchant and four times

mayor of Portsmouth between 1736 and 1756,

was born in Milford in 1701.Towards the end

of the 1730s William decided to build a new

house slightly to the north east of the old

building, and this house is the central part of

the current Milford House.

Rickman died in 1764 and the house was

bought in 1770 by William Reynolds, a London

businessman. Some of Reynolds’ wealth came

from the West Indian sugar trade with two

plantations in Montego Bay, Jamaica. William

and his son, Edmund, added the two circular

wings in the late 1700s, and the east wing

contains a beautiful circular staircase in the

style of Robert Adam.

With the sugar trade under threat from the

abolition of slavery in the British Empire,

William Reynolds’ son, William, was in financial

difficulties. He and his wife, Sophia (the sister

of Mrs Whitby of Newlands), left Milford to

live on their remaining Jamaican estate,

Catherine Mount in Montego Bay.

The house was bought by Mrs Whitby who

now owned all the Milford Manors -

Baddesley, Barnes and Montagu. Although she

owned Milford House for many years she

never lived there, selling it in 1867 to Mr. W.

Talbot Agar, the first owner to live in the house

for forty years.

Following his death in 1906, his will stipulated

that the house should go to whichever of his

children bid the most for it. It was Edward who

was successful, and he lived there until his

death in 1927. It was then sold for £6,300 to

Mr. Goodman of Camberley. Some of the land

was sold, and the house itself rented to Mr. &

Mrs. George Allan. Allan ran Milford House as

a hotel, eventually buying the freehold in 1936

for £5,400.

A company, Milford House Hotel Ltd., was

formed in 1945, selling the hotel in 1954 to Mr

& Mrs Wells and Miss Cutbill. Following the

death of Mr Wells in 1959 his daughter, Mrs

Herbert, and her husband returned from New

Zealand to help her mother run it as a popular

and successful business.

The hotel was sold in 1972 for £158,000 when

David Church [Surrey] Ltd., built the twenty

two houses that are now Milford Court.

Milford House itself and its adjacent buildings

were turned into eight houses with the original

house being 3, 4 and 5 Milford House.

MOSHRS website is

part of the Bringing History Home project

supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and

Milford-on-Sea Parish Council.

For further detail see - ‘Milford House, Diana K.

Coldicott, 1979’

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The New Forest’s leading, family run,

garden centre, offering you the quality

and choice from our own 25 acre


Whether you’re looking for bulbs & bedding or

trees & shrubs, we are sure to have something to

suit your needs. Our knowledgeable staff are

always on hand to help and advise.

If it’s a gift you are after, then why not come along

and browse our houseplants or gift area. There are

lots of lovely ideas.

And after all that shopping rest awhile in

Camellias with a slice of cake and a cuppa, or

even one of our home cooked lunches.

Everton, nr. Lymington, SO41 0JZ

Tel: 01590 642155

Do 07901 951034

Milford Befrienders

T: 01590 637088,

A Message from a Befriender

We have great conversations about

countryside, nature, food, politics, family

– just like real friends do.

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You may well be one of those people that

have made that all important decision to

take up some form of exercise, to get

fitter, perhaps lose some weight, improve

your mobility and balance? You may also

be one of those people that doesn’t relish

the thought of walking through the doors

of a huge leisure centre that can seem

quite intimidating and impersonal?

Here at Active Nation Boutique Fitness,

we have created a warm, friendly and

welcoming environment for people of all

ages and abilities to enjoy and benefit

from the gentle exercise provided by our

power-assisted machines.

There are no sessions and no need to

book. You don’t need to wear sports

attire, just something you are comfortable

in. The first visit is always free because we

love new supporters to get a real feel for

the facility before they take advantage of

our incredibly priced Monthly Unlimited

Use Subscription for only £40!

Kenna, the Club Manager, has over 25

years of

health and



and is there

to instruct,


and support


according to



needs and

Club Manager, Kenna Hockley [left]

and supporter Louisa Lever.

goals. She specializes in pre-hab

[preparing those awaiting surgery] and

rehabilitation after procedures such as hip

and knee replacement. She is also keen to

assist and support those with chronic

conditions. We have several participants

with MS, Parkinsons, post-stroke, autoimmune

disorders and cancer.

The power-assisted machines are easy to

use and are non-weight bearing so there is

no stress placed on joints. They move

symmetrically so are perfect for realigning

the body. Experience an increase

in muscle tone and strength [fundamental

for joint stability] and a significant

improvement in flexibility. See a

meaningful difference in mobility and

balance, crucial for fall prevention.

We also offer a body analysis service,

advice and support on weight loss

management and nutrition which is all

included in your monthly subscription

should you choose to access it.

Active Nation Boutique Fitness prides

itself on their all-inclusive approach –

everyone is welcomed and looked after.

You will make new friends, feel fitter and

healthier and always leave with a smile on

your face!

For more information or to book an

induction call Club Manager Kenna on

[01590] 677333 or pop in and see us at 3,

Angel Courtyard, Lymington.

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Milford Music and Arts Festival returns to the

gorgeous seaside town of Milford on Sea,

Hampshire, from the 8th –14th July 2019. With

this year’s theme The Summer of Love, pull out

your flares, dust off those glasses and join us for

a week of brilliant entertainment across several

village venues. With an all new bar, more food

stands, more toilets, and a brand-new stage,

this year’s event promises to be bigger and

better than ever before!

Acts topping the bill include Toffees, Misha and

His Merry Men, Rembrandt, and Pioneers.

Milford Music and Arts Festival prides itself on

encouraging local acts to get involved with all

that the festival offers. Previous years’

performances have come from the likes of

Daughters of Davis, Saints of Sin, and local indierockers

The Manatees, with a host of other

brilliant upcoming artists also taking to the


Speaking on the festival, Saints of Sin said; “We

had always heard great things about Milford

Festival and it hasn't disappointed us. The last

two times we played were amazing - It's crazy

how much of a buzz a small sea-side town like

Milford can create! The stage is brilliant - the

perfect size to accommodate our Rock n Roll

antics. The sound is bang on and the audience

are simply epic! Both of our previous

performances at Milford Festival were

absolutely packed and the audience was really

up for the party.”

But as always, the Festival is a celebration of our

Village, the local area and our Community, so

we’ve made some changes that we think you’re

going to love. We will continue to run the

Festival in local venues on Monday through to

Wednesday, but the Village Green site will run

Thursday to Sunday. However, this year, The

Green will close from 9pm on Thursday night,

with entertainment moving and continuing in

other local venues.

Milford Festival is run by a small group of

dedicated volunteers. As a not-for-profit

organisation we raise our funds through

advertising, sponsorship, donations and

different fund-raising events throughout the

year. A way to support the continuation of the

festival is by getting involved with the Friends of

The Festival scheme. Registering with the

scheme provides loads of exclusive perks,

including discounts at bars, restaurants and

activities across the village. On top of that,

there’s also discount on tickets to our Milford

Festival Presents events throughout the year -

all of which promise a good night of

entertainment and laughter! Coming up is the

Casino Night on May 18 th , with DJ Jack Dyson

providing Chicago Funk mixes throughout the

evening. With the theme being the year of 1969,

what will you come dressed as? Tickets are

available from Milford Community Centre Box

Office for £17.50.

10 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

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Our cover page Artist

You may have wondered why the herrings

on the front cover are vertical. Not an

error on my part, the title of the painting

explains all - ’Hauling Herring’, depicting

the fish being pulled up in a net.

Adrian is a local artist and has built up a

strong reputation. He has a wonderfully

distinct and vibrant style. You may have

seen a selection of his work in Milford:

La Perla, The Marine boutique B&B , or in

Lymington down at the quay in BluBambu.

And , if you venture down to St Ives in

Cornwall, there is a B&B that’s taken its

name from one of Adrian's pictures.

Adrian is a keen birder & enjoys fishing, so

it’s no surprise that his inspiration is

clearly from the sea and our local wildlife,

with fish and birds the main themes of his


For more information, please see:

For more information, please see:

or contact Adrian directly:

or contact Adrian directly:

Milford Befrienders

T: 01590 637088,

A Message from a Befriendee

I was recently widowed when I met my

befriender and she played a major role in

getting me out of my grief and wanting

to live again.

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Hopefully you have never been in the

situation of having lost your mobile phone,

or worse, had it stolen. Of course you know

what to do if that should happen, right? On

the off-chance you don’t have a disaster

recovery plan already, here’s some things

you should consider.

You will need to track and maybe then

wipe your phone. You have of course got

suitable services activated such as Find my

Phone for iPhone

y552f7vw (takes you to Apple Support) or

Android (takes

you to the online device manager).

There are other services you can use, such

as the Prey Project https:// which allows you to also

add other sorts of devices from other

manufacturers including computers, so you

can keep track of all of them in one place.


answers to any security questions you may

have set up with your mobile service


You may also be asked for further

information, such as the name and number

of someone you have dialled recently. If

that is the case, and you don’t have

complete recall, you may want to look out

the information before calling them, so you

don’t have to ring off and get back to them.

It would be a good idea to find out from

your service provider what their procedure

is to get a new sim from them. Much better

to know what your particular provider will

want from you beforehand, than find out

that you don’t have the information when

you need it.

So go on, get started sorting it out now!

The one thing they all have in common is

that you need to install or activate them

before anything happens to your devices.

So don’t put it off, do something now, it

may be too late after the event!

You’ve got your phone sorted, worst case

you can delete all the data, what else?

Recover your mobile number. Unless you

want to tell all your contacts and the

businesses that use texts for security that

they need to record a new number, you’ll

want to keep your old number. And for

that you need your provider to cancel the

old sim and issue you a new sim with your

old number on it.

To do so, you will undoubtedly have to

jump through a number of hoops to prove

who you are. So make sure you know the

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Milford’s Florist for all Occasions

Contemporary & Traditionally

Designed Arrangements

01590 641001

33 High Street, Milford-on-Sea

Fri 12th April 7pm: ‘Natural’ Wine Tasting

with Doug Wregg

Friday 3rd May from 6pm: Pop Up Spanish

Tapas & Wine Night

Fri 7th June 7pm: Grower Champagne

Tasting, Veuve Fourny et Fils

Downton Holiday Park Ltd

Quality range of holiday homes to rent, close to sea and forest.

Stay in an Exbury, Forest, Sway or Oak holiday home, sleeps from 4 to 8 people.

Pet friendly holiday homes also available.

Open 1 st March to 30 th November for long or short breaks.

Shorefield Road, Milford-on-Sea SO41 0LH T: 01590 642515/01425 476131

E: W:

16 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail


Seasons Change……..

Spring is one of our favourite times of

year, with the lighter evenings and new

exciting locally grown produce becoming

more available. Easter is on the horizon

and we look forward to catching up with

friends and family, and this turns our

minds towards what wines we will be

drinking and sharing over the next few

months. Most of our wine choices are

influenced by what we will be cooking or

eating, below is just a snap shot of what

we will be enjoying –

Spring Salads – Gruner Veltliner is a great

alternative to Sauvignon Blanc and

becoming increasingly popular with its

easy drinking style and versatile nature in

terms of food matching. It is a wine that

pairs to Asian flavours and also asparagus

which is notoriously hard to find a wine

match for. The white and pink grapefruit

notes in the wine mix with citrus running

through and it finishes with its signature

touch of white pepper.

with its lemon and lime notes plus its

trade mark acidity make for an enjoyable

match, particularly if there is any spice in

the dish. The citrus notes in the wine also

act like a squeeze of lemon or lime on the


Rhubarb – The relatively tart flavour of

rhubarb is often off-set by a nice sweet,

nutty crumble topping. We like to pair this

to a sweet Chenin such as a Coteau du

Layon or Sauternes. The sweetness of the

wine calms the acidity of the fruit and

pairs to the crumbly topping nicely!

New wines for spring arriving in the shop

include the latest 2018 rosé vintages,

sparkling Petillant Naturels and some

fantastic Hampshire sparkling wines from


Lamb – It’s always a treat to have new

season lamb and it’s nice to pair up the

delicate, sweet, gamey flavours with a nice

red wine. We tend to choose a classic such

as Rioja. When the wine is delicately

oaked the juicy, fresh flavours along with a

touch of vanilla from the barrel ageing

make it an ideal match.

Squid – Dan from Coral Bay seafood on

Lymington market often has squid for sale

at this time of year. It is quick and easy to

cook and is delicious! Young, dry Riesling

If you need any help with your food and

wine matching this spring, pop into the

shop or send us an email for more

bespoke advice!

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Pollyanna Salon

Expert hairstyling &

service guaranteed


Tuesday to Saturday

104 High Street, Milford on Sea

Tel 01590 642101

Milford Befrienders

T: 01590 637088,

A Message from a Befriendee

We meet every Sunday morning for

breakfast as my befriender works full

time. These meetings are an absolute

joy. She even popped in on Christmas

Day because I was on my own.

If you have any of these concerns, please contact us to

arrange your free consultation

We also use electrolysis for hair removal and offer thread vein removal

using Sclerotheraphy

T: 01590 719329 E:

Tu Sei Bella: Offering a wide range of Beauty Treatments

and Massage for Men & Women

47 High Street, Milford On Sea, SO41 0QG

18 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Dogs take centre stage at Dogstival

Did you know that, in The New Forest, 39%

of residents own a dog? This is way ahead

of the national average of 26% and equates

to about 69,000 forest dogs…. And it's quite

likely that a large percentage of them will

be descending with their owners, on the

2000-acre Pylewell Park Estate near

Lymington on the weekend of the 18th and

19th of May for a huge festival devoted

exclusively to them.

It's called "Dogstival" and it's being hosted

by wildlife enthusiast, proud dog owner and

local resident Chris Packam. There are

arena displays, expert talks and

demonstrations, a behavioural stage and

plenty of activities for your dog to actually

take part in too. Added to that we're being

promised live music and children's

entertainment plus 250 stands and

exhibitors. All in all, it's shaping up to be a

major event in the canine calendar.

About hosting the event, Chris said "The

festival appealed to me because it

combines my favourite things; dogs,

walking in nature, raising funds for causes

that I'm passionate about and spending

time in the New Forest. I'm looking forward

to a great couple of days with fellow doglovers

and their dogs at Dogstival.”

Here at Sophie's Pet Care, we like the

concept of this festival too, because it's not

just the usual commercial gathering of

people selling dog-related products, but

rather it involves and actively encourages

visitor's dog participation throughout both

days. Managing Director Sophie Gates said

"It's rare to be able to gain professional

advice and see demonstrations about how

to solve the typical mental and behavioural

problems that dogs increasingly have at

home — and on a lighter note, I love the

idea of the 'Come and Try Zone' with agility

and recall games and the promised K9 aqua

sports too, but the big one for me is that, at

the very heart of Dogstival, it's all about

animal welfare and responsible dog

ownership in The New Forest."

Add a vintage fun fair, views across to the

Isle of Wight, and a packed programme of

arena events, and it really sounds like

something not to be missed. For more

information and tickets, visit If you're a dog-lover,

then you'd be barking mad not to!

Sophie's Pet Care, The New Forest's leading

dog walking experts

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Your Local Independent Travel Agent

Come to us for our Personal Service and Experience

We aim to make your holiday planning as stress free as possible!

Tel: 01590 644 899

78, High Street, Milford on Sea

20 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

TRAVEL guide

Sydney is usually the first stop for travellers

visiting Australia. The country’s most populated

city is truly beautiful, with a stunning skyline,

captivating harbour, world class beaches and

top quality museums. It is also very multicultural,

giving it a vibrant and youthful


It can be very overwhelming for the first-time

visitor to get their head around what to do in

Sydney. With so many iconic and ‘must do’

attractions. Wwhere should one start? This is

where we can help! I was fortunate to have

lived in this beautiful city for just over 3 years

and hope that I may be able to whet your

appetite for the place I once called ‘home’.

With the flying time from London to Sydney

being close to 22 hours it is well worth

considering a stopover in places such as Dubai,

Singapore or Hong Kong. Not only will this

break up the journey but also gradually help

you climatise to the different time zone – all

whilst enjoying a taste of the Middle East or

Asia in the process!

Upon arrival ‘Down Under’, Circular Quay is the

central place to start your Sydney adventure

and get your bearings for the city. This

sensational harbourside location is constantly

buzzing with people who bask in the unrivalled

views of the Sydney Opera House and the

Harbour Bridge. It is also the spot to jump on a

ferry to Manly, North Sydney or Darling

Harbour. Enjoy a coffee, light snack or topnotch

meal in one of the cafes and restaurants

here, whilst enjoying the spectacular views and

Aboriginal music that the buskers play during

the day.

If you’d like to escape the hustle and bustle and

smell the flowers (literally!) The Royal Botanical

Gardens are located next to the Sydney Opera

House and accessed via Circular Quay. Here you

can soak up some of the best views of the city

and Sydney Harbour whilst taking a pleasant

walk through the gardens.

Sydney is well known for its stunning beaches

and there’s many, many to visit! The most

popular and well-known being Bondi Beach,

which on hot days (and weekends) can attract

thousands and thousands of visitors. Equally as

Discovering Sydney :

An Insiders Guide

impressive but less crowded is Manly. Just a

short ferry journey from Circular Quay, Manly

has an absolutely beautiful setting with clean

yellow sand, towering trees, a fun boardwalk

and amazing cafes and restaurants.

For those after a bit of culture, The Rocks

(located right on the harbour and near Circular

Quay) is a superb historic suburb of Sydney.

Once known to be the poor, dirty

neighbourhood for the working class it has

transformed itself to now feature some of the

best bars and restaurants in the country found

inside old, brickwork buildings. Visit The Rocks

Discovery Centre, which is housed in a restored

1850s sandstone warehouse and features

exhibits that are really well done making it feel

like you are back in time from pre-European

days right through to today.

Sydney has a wide variety of wonderful food

and restaurants to cater for all tastes from

superb seafood, sushi and dm sum (particularly

in China Town) to middle eastern and western

cuisine. It’s worth noting that Sydneysiders love

their coffee so cafes and bakeries are in

abundance and of exceptional quality.

Australia is a vast country and has an enormous

amount to offer outside the Sydney area, which

here at Milford Travel we would be extremely

happy to discuss with you, from visiting the

spectacular Blue Mountains just outside of

Sydney to the Great Ocean Road in the state of

Victoria, taking in sunset at the famous Uluru

(Ayres Rock) to the numerous wine regions

such as Margaret River in Western Australia

and not forgetting the Whitsunday Islands in

the Great Barrier Reef.

For more information please contact Milford

Travel on 01590 644899, email or visit our

website at

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cj skyvac is a gutter clearing business in the New Forest, that offers a

high quality service. We also offer an optional cleaning service.

An on-board camera is used, so nothing is left behind.

We use a powerful, free

standing, gutter clearing

machine, with a reach of

up to 12metres high.

Clearing is done safely from

the ground, so no need for

scaffolding and ladders.

Modern Terrace: £65

Town House: £65

Standard Detached: £80

Large Detached: £90+


Garages & Carports:

Attached: £15 each

Detached: £20 each

Contact Christopher

M: 07900 53 55 44



22 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Waste & Recycling

system cannot be improved. But to change

such a system is a multi-million-pound

Waste - and plastic waste in particular -

have been a big topic in the past year or so,

with David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and

other programmes highlighting the terrible

effect plastic has on the environment. I

often get asked ‘Why do we only recycle

certain kinds of plastic in the New

Forest?’ The answer is a matter of the

much bigger picture.

District Councils in Hampshire have

diversified their methods of collection over

the years, but fundamentally all Hampshire

waste is disposed of by the county in the

same way. General waste, including less

easily recycled plastics, is incinerated and

acts as fuel, generating energy and very

little going to landfill, compared to other

authorities. Glass, paper and more readily

recycled plastics are sent to recycling

plants in the UK where possible, sometimes

abroad if there is no UK capacity. Districts

offering food waste collection will have

found their own outlets for composting

collected food. You can find out what can

be recycled and the current rationale for

waste disposal and recycling in Hampshire

in greater detail here: https://

Collection and disposal of waste in a county

as large as Hampshire is an expensive

operation and much has been invested in

our incinerators, vehicles and systems over

many years. That’s not to say that the

project. The Government are currently

developing a Waste Strategy for the UK

and Hampshire is waiting to hear what the

final recommendations will be before

making any large-scale decisions about its

current collection and disposal

systems. But it is likely that we will see

bottle deposit schemes, more emphasis on

reusing than disposal, more pressure on

manufacturers to develop and use

biodegradable materials, and other

significant changes to the way our waste is

managed, in time. You can read about the

Government’s Waste Strategy here: https://


Cllr Fran Carpenter

Marchwood incinerator

Hampshire County Councillor

New Milton North, Milford &

Hordle (including Everton &


01425 614665 / 07867 502624

Milford Befrienders

T: 01590 637088,

A Message from a Befriendee

I have lost so many friends in recent

years due to age, this service has given

me a new friend and made such a

difference to my life.






07817 525008 (OFFICE HOURS)


01425 612885

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24 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

At No 19 can help to improve your property by putting forward

stylish, practical schemes, tailored to your individual taste and

pocket, with ideas that are ‘of the moment’ yet maintain appeal

as time progresses, never forgetting the ‘saleability factor’ in

the longer term.

As Interior Designers, we are happy to assist with everything from a

single pair of curtains to an individual room, or a complete home. We

will work with any preference and style, utilising your existing

furnishings, or start afresh with a complete redesign, in order to create

a stylish and personal interior space, tailored to suit your unique needs.

You do not have to be wealthy to utilise the services of an interior

designer, but you do have to be wise - professional guidance can avoid

costly mistakes and assist in, ‘getting it right first time.’

At No 19 ...

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


9 99 High Street, Milford-on-Sea, SO41 0QF






Tel: 01590 644933

26 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Tales from the Fireside

Over the last few weeks and months there’s been a

lot of negative press regarding wood burners and

open fires. So I’m going to give what really is

happening and what the government is trying to

do. Last summer DEFRA invited the Guild of Master

Sweeps, HETAS and other concerned organizations

to a meeting to discuss the Governments Clean Air


I have taken the relevant points and translated

them into normal English.

Is the government going to ban stoves?

No – there is nothing in the Clean Air Strategy that

makes reference to this. Any appliance already

fitted will be able to continue as normal.

Will the government ban future sales of stoves?

No, however the type of stove for sale may change.

Its most likely they will have to be DEFRA-exempt

appliances. This is good news because it means a

greater choice of fuels (both wood or smokeless) in

any area.

Is the government going to be banning coal?

It’s likely that the sale of bituminous house coal will

be prevented in the future but sales of smokeless

fuel will continue. No final decision has been made.

What about the sales of Logs in net bags?

Again the government has still not made up its

mind. It’s a problem of control. Here at the Guild

we advise NOT to buy logs in net bags as it

generally unseasoned wood and the net holds

water. You can’t burn wet wood.

If domestic stoves cause pollution why would I

want one?

Stoves themselves are not polluting , the way some

people use them is. The truth is very few people

are shown how to use the fire properly, so they

rarely burn efficiently until they are either shown

or ask or have the flue/chimney swept. I’m always

very happy to help and give a demonstration on

how best to use you appliance. Remember wood is

sustainable. Also the more trees we plant the

cleaner our air becomes.

My stove is more than 10 years old should I

change it?

If you can afford it then yes. New stoves are very

efficient even the very cheap and nasty ones are

65% efficient. A good one will be more than 80%


I have an open fire how efficient is it?

Depending on the fuel type, design of chimney etc.

A rule of thump would be 20% to 30% efficient.

Compared to wood burner/Multi-fuel stove are 9

times more efficient.

Last question - is air pollution getting better or

worse? It may surprise you that all sources of

pollution in the UK has been dropping year on year

for the last 30 years (Source UK/Gov.) , the

exception is nitrogen dioxide which comes mostly

from vehicles.

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts



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Latest technology

Speech enhancement

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Affordable in the ear aids

Free home trial before you buy



Martyn Bowles RHAD MSHAA

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Nursing Home

A higher ratio of qualified nursing staff to

ensure the very best 24 hour nursing care


Excellent cuisine from our award winning chefs


Residents enjoy regular and stimulating

activities and outings provided

by our dedicated team


Warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere


Ambulance and wheelchair transport available

St. George’s

Home Care

01590 644258

Home Care

Personal Care (including bathing,

showering, toileting & dressing)


Cleaning, laundry & shopping


Meal preparation


Companionship and Support


Assistance with appointments,

outings and social events


Night visits, sleep-ins & live-in care

De La Warr Road, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire, SO41 0PS

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Food served 12 noon - 9.30pm

Large garden & play area

Families Welcome

Well kept real ales

Dogs welcome

Sunday roasts

Lots of character

Comfy sofas

Open fires

Great welcome

Home cooked food

Excellent selection of wine & beer

Part of The Hare & Hounds, Sway

88 High Street, Milford-on-Sea, Lymington SO41 0QE

Tel: 01590 644414

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Each year during the winter months the Parish

Council and MCV work in partnership to repair

and upgrade the footpaths throughout the


Users of the paths often stop and talk to

Graham and Jason (Parish Council) and our

band of happy MCV volunteers to express their

appreciation of the work being undertaken.

Many hundreds of metres of gravel boards first

have to be staked in place before tonnes of

footpath gravel can be added.


Wells –



Martin Gretton leading these projects we

manage to protect the footpaths from being


Martin Gretton and MCV Revetment Team








New revetment – helping save our footpaths

Unseasoned logs available


In some locations, the Danes Stream often

undercuts its banks and MCV install ‘deflectors’

to redirect the water towards the centre of the

stream. Some of these revetment works are

mammoth undertakings but with willing

volunteers and MCV retired civil engineer

Steve or Lorraine Mabbett

(01590) 381255 or

(07543) 901324


Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


To advertise please contact:



T: 01590 643969/07801 562358

Milford Befrienders

T: 01590 637088,

A Message from the Befriendee

My befriender has helped me to face

up to my difficulties and bring me out

of hiding.

Mark Jones: 07900 800050

01590 674532


• Misted & broken units replaced

• Broken hinges & handles

• Patio door rollers

• Locks for windows & doors

• Upgrade to energy efficient glass

• Fire escape hinges

• Perished window & door rubber

gaskets & seals

• Cat flaps & letter plates

• Supply & fit new windows, doors

& conservatories

• Fully insured

Please call Vinny for a free, no obligation quote

T: 023 8084 2288 M: 07802 657 771


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• Foggy, misted, broken double

glazed units replaced in UPVC

& aluminium

• Door & window locks

• Hinges & handles

• Patio rollers

• Upgrade to energy efficient glass

• Fire escape hinges

• Draughts & leaks

• Perished window & door rubber


• Cat flaps & letter plates

• Supply and install windows, doors

and conservatories

• Local family business

• Fully insured

• Established 35 years

07500 110 464




Established 1971







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Tel: 01590 642261

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Maureen & Paul Holland

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A Message from a Befriender

The pleasure of making a visit that is so

appreciated and rewarding for each

other. I now have a very dear elderly

friend who is amazing.

Reflexology can help alleviate a range

of symptoms including stress,

insomnia, migraines, arthritis, IBS,

back pain and ease pregnancy.

Deep tissue & therapeutic massage


07930 338819 01590 689420

Mobile Visits

Quality men’s


Traditional &

modern styles


Open Weekdays 9am - 5.30pm

Saturdays 8.30am - 1.30pm

Special rates for OAPs and Children

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friendly and



Lymington Branch: 01590 610000

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Weekdays 9.30am-5.30pm Sat: 9am-4pm

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The Old Clock House - 22 High Street - Milford-on-Sea - Hampshire - SO41 0QD

Parish Clerk: Graham Wells Asst. Parish Clerk: Sarah Pitt

Tel: 01590 644410

Website: Email:

April/May 2019

Parish Council Elections

Elections for new Parish Councillors are

scheduled to take place on 2 nd May 2019.

Nomination papers will be available from

the office or the website from 22nd March

until 3rd April. Being a Parish Councillor is

an unpaid but very rewarding role and

you can make a valuable contribution to

your community by becoming a Parish


There are four main considerations if you

are thinking about standing for election:

1. Eligibility: If you are over 18, are a

Commonwealth citizen, have lived or

worked in the Parish for more than a

year and are on the electoral roll, you

are likely to be eligible.

2. Time: Meetings are held twice a month

on a Monday evening and you may be

asked to contribute additional time to

attending working groups and for

background reading.

3. Teamwork: Will I be able to accept

democratically arrived at decisions

which may not always align with my

own thinking?

4. Expertise: Having experience in any of

the following areas will be useful:

finance, planning, working with young

people, affordable housing,

environment, conservations, education,

traffic management, previous

experience serving on committees.

Even if you have

no experience in

any of these

things but feel

you have

something to

give to your

community and

our village, this is

just as important

so please put

your name Your Parish Needs You!


Full information and application forms can

be found on the Parish Council website:

Grounds Person Appointed

The Parish Council would like to formally

welcome Jason Robbins to the role of

Ground Maintenance Operative for the

Parish Council from 1st April. Jason has

been undertaking contract work for the

Parish Council for the past nine years but

will now be formally employed by the

Council. To carry out a range of tasks

around the area.

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


MOS1—Land North of School Lane

Here is the Parish Council’s closing

statement to the Planning Inquiry:

The Parish Council represents the whole of

the village – as its elected members.

The rationale for the re-designation of this

green belt site has been lost in the mire of


The site is intended for 30 houses

providing 2/3 affordable dwellings and the

remainder low cost homes crucially to

meet local need.

The village, as I have said earlier, ‘took it

on the chin’ that it would lose a precious

and beautiful site to help 30 families from

its less privileged population to remain in

the village.

Now we are faced with 42 dwellings – it’s

components hardly touching the locality’s

housing needs.

Public satisfaction with the planning

process is at an all time low locally – we

feel deceived and conned – a developer

and landowner who profess to care about

the housing needs of the locality

apparently ‘needs’ to put 23 executive

houses on a site especially designated for

low cost housing – unbelievable and tragic

as far as the residents are concerned. We

find it extraordinary that our Local

Planning Authority gave no regard to the

planning inspector’s directives for this

site – if only it had then this unhappy

situation would not have arisen.

We are warned that if the 30 limit was to

be re-imposed or if more affordable

housing was imposed on the site

Pennyfarthing may walk away – the

landowner would get nothing and the

village would not get any affordable

housing at this time. It’s tempting to say so

what? Pennyfarthing is not offering to

build the sort of affordable units the

village needs and the Parish Council firmly

believes the village would prefer to wait

than to accept yet more executive houses

on a development which would enable so

few of the people on its Homesearch

register having a chance of a home here.

If the Inspector is minded to allow this

appeal the Parish council will be vigorous

in its pursuit of 70% truly affordable

dwellings on the development and will

push for those to be family rented

accommodation – not just ‘a unit’ which

could be a one bedroom flat – together

with some shared ownership and truly low

cost market houses. The provision on a

site of 42 houses of 70% truly affordable

dwellings which meets the local housing

need would help to ameliorate the sense

of betrayal that the village feels – having

let this green belt site go in good faith.

We encourage the Inspector to consider

other issues within policy MoS1, as

suggested by Mr Brown, in coming to his

decision. – NFDC councillors obviously

considered issues other than viability when

coming to their decision to unanimously

refuse the planning application. Please

consider the whole of policy MoS1 – for


The Parish Council opposes the location of

the car park. We acknowledge that

Pennyfarthing can win the argument that

they are providing parking for recreational

amenity – but let’s not kid ourselves – it’s

no good as a ‘drop off’. First, few children

are ‘dropped off’: our younger children

are handed to teachers and handed back

to a parent at the end of the day – that

means parking for those not able to walk

to school. The older ones who may be

dropped off will find the proposed ‘drop

off’ point too far away and too difficult to


36 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

into and out of. So – not really of any help

to Manor Road, Knowland Drive, School

Lane or the Lymington Road. This is not

just a local problem and I think the majority

of schools, certainly in this area and I am

sure further afield, have similar

problems. We do not have a solution – but

we cannot pretend that this car park in this

location with its entrance on a bend will do

very much to help the school parking.

The expectation was that the car park/drop

off point would be located at the southern

end of the site but of course where it has

been located does help to fit in 42 houses

rather than 30 as does the relocation of the

play park from the housing development

onto the land to be ‘given’ to the Parish

Council. We have been informed by the

school that it is not happy with the

proximity of the houses or the distance of

the ‘drop off’ point from the school.

The eastern exit from the site will take cars

logically into Lymore Valley and thence to

the Everton junction via narrow rural lanes

rather than driving through the estate and

then having to turn right onto the B3058.

Lymore Valley residents are very concerned

about this since many of these lanes are

very narrow.

This is not a case of the Parish Council

being against development per se – on the

contrary we would welcome an application

that addresses the needs of our local

people. This application does not address

those needs and we therefore request that

the decision to refuse permission be upheld.

No compromise should be considered on

this site until other options have been


The outcome of the appeal will be reported

in the next edition.

MOS2—Local Plan Review

The parish council will represent the village

on the following dates at the planning

Inspector’s Examination of the District

Council’s proposals

• Friday 7 th June (The Green Belt)

• Wednesday 3 rd July (Protecting the


• Friday 5 th July (SS7 Land north of Manor

Road, Milford-on-Sea)

We will let you know the outcome but in

the meantime keep an eye on Parish

noticeboards and the website for more

details nearer the time.

Thank you to Keith and Dave

The Parish Council would like to say thank

you to long-standing contractor Keith

Mitchell for his hard work and dedication

to maintaining parish property over many


The Parish Council would also like to

acknowledge the efforts of Dave Golledge

in refurbishing the memorial benches to

such an excellent standard around the

village. Dave will continue to help the

Parish Council in the ongoing work in the

Pleasure Grounds.

How to report a pothole or fallen tree

There is a quick way of reporting potholes,

fallen trees and other issues to the County

Council – just visit their website: and click on the

“Report a road problem”. You can then

select from a variety of issues including

potholes, flooding or fallen trees.

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Commemorative Trees & Benches

If you would like to remember a loved one

or commemorate a significant life event,

then why not sponsor a fruit tree in the

• Milford Primary School—Microbit


• MoSHRs—Cornwallis Remembered


Village Library

• Keyhaven War memorial repairs


The Parish Council has now taken delivery

of the Speed Indicator Unit (SID) as

previously reported in earlier editions. The

Council has applied to the County Council

for a number of locations where it can be

placed. Watch out for it (and your speed) .

new Community Meadow? Alternatively,

there are a number of pre-sponsored

Memorial Benches at various locations

around Milford and Keyhaven which are

now available to new sponsors. For more

details contact the Parish Office (644410).

Grant Awards 2018-19

The Parish Council has awarded nearly

£4000 to a variety of local groups and

organisations this year. The grants can

make a huge difference to a small group

and if you know of any local organisation

whose work helps Milford/ Keyhaven

residents, download a copy of the criteria

and application form from the “grants”

page of our website. Here are some of the

recipients of this years’ funds:

• Milford Dementia Action Group

• Citizens'’ Advice Bureau

• New Forest Disability

Village Association

• Mos Charitable Trust

• Compass Counselling

• Community Care


Next meetings

Planning - Monday 8th April, 13th May

and 3rd June.

Parish Council - Monday 15th April, 7th

May and 17th June.

All meetings are in the Village Hall, Park

Lane at 6.30pm. Agendas will be available

from the website 5 working days in


Annual Parish Meeting

The next Annual Public Parish Meeting will

be held on Monday 20th May at 7.30pm at

All Saints Church Hall. Come along and ask

questions of your Parish Councillors and

find out more about your Parish Council

38 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

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•Security advice &


•Draught & leaks

•Local family business

•Fully insured

Technician: Iain Frampton


M: 0790 965 4025 T: 023 8073 1884


Milford Befrienders

T: 01590 637088,

A Message from a Befriender

We always have tea and cake. In the

nicer weather we go to a garden centre

or to the sea front which we both love


Double Glazing Repair UK UK are are proud proud members of of

Conservatory Erectors

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Perfect Plastering & Plumbing

Home Improvement Specialist

New walls/ceilings plastered

DIY disasters

Repairs for decorating

Plasterboard and partition walls

Plastering & Artex

Plumbing problems

New bathroom suites supplied/fitted

New en-suites & cloakrooms

Wall & floor tiling

Painting & decorating

Kitchens installed

Replacement taps, radiators

For a free estimate, from a local, friendly

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Call Mike 01590 643546

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LLPD Local Lady Painter & Decorator

Catherine Perham

14 Kivernell Road Milford-on-Sea

• Gas Boiler Servicing

• Same Day Repairs

• Central Heating System Upgrades

• Gas Appliance Installations & Repairs

• Bathroom/Shower Installations

• Tiling

• Landlord Safety Checks


• Solar & Renewable Heating Installations

Free estimates and advice



T: 01425 622138

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WILDLIFE MATTERS ……... to all of us

RSPB – ‘Hope Farm’ Project

This article is the first of two about ‘Re-wilding/

Farmland’ projects. Three-quarters of the UK is

farmland. Farmland birds have fallen between

1970 and the present day by 54%. Turtle Dove

numbers plummeted by 97%, Grey Partridge by

92% and Corn Bunting by 91%.

In 2000, I was privileged to be a founder

member of the RSPB Hope Farm project, a 450

acre arable farm in Knapwell, Cambridgeshire.

The project was designed to demonstrate that

farming for wildlife can work and yet still be

profitable. In part, wildlife has declined

because of the removal of hedgerows and

planting crops right up to boundary edges thus,

removing the last areas for wild flowers and

insects to flourish.

The RSPB purchased Hope Farm to research and

demonstrate management techniques which

could be followed by other farmers. Nearly

twenty years later the experimental farming

project has realised many key aspirations.

Skylark: 2010 - 10 territories. 2015 - 43.

The increase is put down to the use of Skylark

plots i.e. land left free of crops to create safe

areas where birds could breed.

Yellowhammer: 2010 - 14 territories, 2015 - 35

territories. 2000/01 - peak winter count - 2.

2015/16 - 723

Turtle Dove: Since 1995 numbers have dropped

by 94%.

Owing to

loss of

habitat e.g.


scrub and


crucial in



sites. Low


Turtle Dove


with an abundance of weed seeds is also

required as is fresh water to drink.

England’s ‘Farmland Bird Index’ (FBI) has

dropped by around 10% since 2000. Hope

Farm’s increased in 2015 by 174% from 2000


Winter Bird Counts: In 2000 the maximum

winter count was 308. In 2015, it had increased

to 2,542.

The three essential ingredients to increasing

farmland birds:

• Safe nesting places

• Food in spring/summer for growing chicks and

• Food and shelter over the winter.

Marbled White butterfly

Butterflies: 2015 - Numbers up by 223% from

2000 levels. The increase is put down to more

wild flowers along the edges of fields that

provide both food and plants that provide egglaying

niches for the butterflies.

Bumblebees: The farm has three times as many

bumblebees as a nearby farm which doesn’t

have so many wild flowers.

Conclusion: The RSPB farming experiment tells

us that not only can a lot be done for wildlife

but the farm can also remain viable.

There’s ‘Hope’ yet.

Further information from:

Keith Metcalf – MCV Conservation Officer

(01590) 645825 or (07771) 918449 or email

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Geoff Dunk DipPFS, Certs CII (MP & ER) Independent Financial Advisor

• Retirement Planning

• Savings & Investments

• Portfolio Design & Management

• Pensions Freedoms & Annuities

• Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning

• Long Term Care

• Equity Release

• Protection

Initial meeting without charge or obligation

We make the complex simple.

Clear, unbiased and independent advice for every stage of your life.

T: 01590 636472 | M: 07540 334688 | E:

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Number 457234. The value of investments may

go down as well as up. Investors may lose some or all of their money. The FCA does not regulate taxation and trust

advice or will writing. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.

42 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Kerry Richardson

There are more than 6 million cohabiting

couples in the UK and the number is rising.

According to Office for National Statistics (ONS)

figures, one in eight people aged 16 and over in

England and Wales are currently living together,

a number that's risen for the past 15 years in a


If you are co-habiting, you do not have the

same rights as a married couple; and contrary

to popular belief, there is no such thing as a

‘common-law marriage’.

However, despite how common an occurrence

it now is, problems can arise frequently for

these couples upon death or separation. These

can include:-

- If one cohabiting partner dies without

leaving a will, the surviving partner will not

automatically inherit anything owned

solely by their partner. Cohabiting partners

are not recognised under the Intestacy

rules which are statutory instrument that

governs the situation of someone dying

without a Will. Therefore although it may

have been the Deceased partners wish for

them to inherit, without a Will, it would

actually be inherited by the family of the


- Cohabiting partners cannot access their

partner's bank account if they die.

- Cohabiting partners receive none of the

tax reliefs and exemptions that spouses

and civil partners enjoy, including


- An unmarried mother is automatically the

sole guardian of a child born outside of

marriage and has sole custody, that is not

always the case with unmarried fathers

and problems may arise if there is no Will

dealing with the issue of guardianship.

Cohabiting Couples

- If you are the unmarried partner of a

tenant, you have no rights to stay in the

accommodation if you are asked to leave.

- If you jointly own a property registered at

the Land Registry you are entitled to your

share. However, if your partner is reluctant

to sell the property, you may be obliged to

obtain a court order to sell it.

- If you separate there is no obligation to

support each other financially. An

unmarried partner who stays at home to

care for children cannot make any claims in

their own right for property, maintenance

or pension-sharing

- If when you bought the property you put

in differing amounts of deposit this may

not be reflected in the ownership

registered with the Land Registry and a

Declaration of Trust should be considered.

A Declaration of Trust, also known as a

Deed of Trust, is a legally-binding

document that records the financial

arrangements between joint owners of a

property, and/or anyone else who has a

financial interest in the property.

What can Heppenstalls do to help?

- Will preparation settling the property and

also dealing with Guardianship issues

- Wills made in contemplation of Marriage

- Prenuptial agreements

- Cohabitation agreements

- Declarations of Trust

If you concerned about these issues,

Heppenstalls can help you explore the issues in

a friendly and informal way. If you would like to

make an appointment, or to talk to our team

about this article, please contact us on 01425

610078 or 01590 689500.

75 75 75 High High High Street, Street, Lymington 01590 01590 689500

75 High Street, Lymington 01590689500

82 82 82 Station Station Rd, Rd, Rd, New New New Milton. Milton. 01425 01425 610078

82 Station Rd, New Milton. 01425610078

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


44 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Milford Befrienders

T: 01590 637088,

A Message from a Befriendee

Having a friend I can trust and rely on has

meant so much to me, especially with my

limited eyesight and hearing. I look

forward to the games we play each week

but I don’t like it when she wins!

0796 831177

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Ocean Cars & Milford Cars

Long Distance Specialist

Available in Milford-on-Sea

Airports | Docks | Stations | Hospitals

Saloons, Estates, MPVs and 7 - Seater

No Hidden Charges

Lady Driver available on request

Hampshire Travel Vouchers acceptable

Telephone - 01590 678 325

46 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail



1. Aromatic herb (5)

4. Vehicle framework


8. West Germanic

language (7)

9. Main artery of the

body (5)

10. Catapult (9)

13. US TV corporation

(inits) (3)

14. Smart frock

suitable for formal

social occasions


17. Unit of sound

intensity (3)

18. Study of the

physical properties

of sound (9)

22. Pandemonium (5)

23. Place of complete

bliss, delight and

peace (7)

25. Device that causes


something to be

removed or to drop

out (7)

26. Triangular part of a

wall (5)


1. Polishes, gives a

shine to (5)

2. Travel on the piste


3. Mendacious (5)

4. Brightly-coloured

seashell (5)

5. Made more fit for a

particular purpose


6. Vast plain and

National Park in

Tanzania (9)

7. Spiritualists'

meetings (7)

11. Put the blame on,

incriminate (9)

12. Style of popular

music originating in

Jamaica (3)

14. Booth (7)

15. Passage (7)

16. Moldovan

monetary unit (3)

19. Proprietor (5)

20. Gesture involving

the shoulders (5)

21. Dry white Italian

wine from Verona


24. Liturgical

vestment worn by

a priest (3)


Each letter in this puzzle is

represented by a number

between 1 and 26. The

codes for three letters are

shown. As you find the

letters enter them in the box

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Call on 07496 570387 or 01590 615566

48 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Mat Watson Property Services

For all your property needs

Fences - Sheds - Jet Washing

General DIY - Gutter Cleaning

Gardening & Hedge work

Interior & Exterior Painting

Flat pack Furniture

01425 620678 07712 641714

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts



Excellent Pay & Benefits

Do you want to be part of our highly skilled Palliative

Care and Social Care Team working in the


Do you want to benefit from the following?

• Guaranteed minimum

hourly rate of £8.95 with a

scale going up to £9.54

• Excellent enhancements

for weekends and unsociable

hours, with an

additional 30% for evenings

and Saturdays, and

60% on Sundays

• Travel time paid at your

hourly rate

• Guaranteed hours with an

option of a fixed shift pattern

or flexible hours

• Paid Training.

• Uniform provided.

• Paid DBS checks.

• Realistic Travel Time between


• Life Assurance/Employee

Assistance Programme

• Health Cash Plan

If you want to be part of our team, please contact

HR on;

or Tel: 01590 646443

You care for our patients and we care for you.

Oakhaven Care is a domiciliary care agency providing high

quality health & social care to clients within the New Forest area.

All profits from the agency will be re-invested into local charity,

Oakhaven Hospice Trust.

Successful candidates will be subject to an enhanced DBS


50 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

In the Garden

with Alan Edmondson of

Bowercot Garden Design


Gardening Tips

• Plant new containerised roses and keep well watered if the weather is dry.

• Dormant dahlia tubers can be planted out towards the end of the month.

• Beware of buying half-hardy annuals too early. We can still have frosty nights.

• Clean up marginal plants in the pond early in the month.

• Earth up early potatoes when stems are about eight inches tall and repeat about

three weeks later. Maincrop potatoes should be planted by the end of the month.

• If frost is forecast protect blossom on fruit trees and bushes with fleece.

• Alpines should be flowering well. After flowering trim plants such as aubretias and

mossy saxifrages to promote fresh, compact growth.

• After heavy rain apply a two inch mulch between shrubs and border plants to

conserve moisture.

• Remove dead leaves from plants of Cordyline australis. Pull them off starting with the

bottom ones.

• Erect a screen of fleece eighteen inches high, around rows of young carrots to protect

them from carrot root fly.

• Prepare well manured planting holes for marrows, pumpkins or courgettes. Buy in

young plants and plant out later in the month.

• Pot up and keep a few plants of African marigold in the greenhouse with tomatoes –

they will act as a deterrent to whitefly infestation.

Alan Edmondson of Bowercot Garden

Design, Lymington, is a regular

contributor to BBC Radio Solent’s ‘The

Kitchen Garden’ formerly ‘The Good Life’.

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


25 High Street, Milford-on-Sea,

Lymington, SO41 0QF

01590 644486

Open: Monday - Saturday

10am - 5pm

Follow us

The Village News

Traditional Newsagent

Mark Cummings & Family

National Lottery Outlet - Newsagent

Local Information Point

Open Mon - Sat: 6.30am - 5.00pm

Sunday: 6.30am - 1.00pm

74 High Street, Milford-on-Sea

01590 645595

52 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail


Milford’s 19th


Village Green

Saturday 18th May 8.30-1.30pm

20-30 Plant Stalls from local nurseries

and many other plant related items

Free Entry

Net proceeds to charity

For Information:

Jenny 01425 837763


Monday 6th May

SOUVENIR STALL, May Day Fayre, Village Green

Friday 17th May

BINGO with FISH & CHIP SUPPER (Ticket Event)

All Saints’ Church Hall—7pm



Tues April 2nd: ‘It’s

a Hard Life’, Life &

Ship Building at Bucklers

Hard. Eileen Spratt

Tues May 7th: ‘Artificial

Intelligence’, Ray Thompson

Milford-on-Sea Community

Centre, Sea Road, 2 p.m.

Visitors £3.

Super Sunday

Village Charity


Clearance with prices

from just £1

24th March

10am to 4.30 pm

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Milford Befrienders

T: 01590 637088,

Milford on Sea WI

Village Community Centre

7pm, 2nd Wednesday of the month

except August

10th April: Stunt Work

15th May: Annual meeting





Milford Community Centre

7.30pm,Doors open at 7pm

April 17th: Drought Plants, Janette Merillion

May 15th: All there is to know about orchid

production at the nursery, Malcolm Gregory

Double H Nursery, New Milton

Details of this and our programme for the

year can be found on our website


9th April: Mike Chaplin, Winter


14th May: AGM, followed by

Bring, Buy & Swap

Meetings held at

the Guide Hut,

Sea Road


A Message from a Befriender

We do lot’s of things together and have a

good laugh. I feel so good that I can

make a real difference to the life of

another person. It has been really

interesting to get to know someone who

I would not normally have come into

contact with. I thoroughly enjoy being a



For those on their own


booking is essential

Please call 01590 645800

before the previous Friday to book your place

Milford on Sea

Recorded Music Society

April 12th David Scourse AGM A Balanced


April 26th Pat Cuzner English Gems

May 10th Mike Ward Partners

May 24th Denis Rothwell

Further information please contact Andy

Clark: 01590 643249 or David Scourse 01590


Milford - on - Sea Whist Club

We meet every Thursday at the Village Hall,

Park Road.

Doors open: 1.45pm Play

starts: 2pm

It costs £2 for the


Why not come along and

join us for a game?

Linda Cooper

01590 644571

54 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

April 15th :Foreigners in

London 1520-1677

May 20th: The Pre-Raphaelites

For more information about

joining, call Adrian, our

Chairman, on 01590 645421

Life After Stroke or Brain Injury

Are you a stroke survivor or have you suffered a brain

injury? Would you like to try new activities? Ferndown

Leisure Centre have teamed up with The New Forest

Paddle Sport Company, to offer stand up paddle boarding

and kayaking to stroke survivors. Why not book in, to try

these sports, with fully qualified instructors? As long as

you are happy to be in the water and don’t mind falling in,

the rest is easy. If you would like to add your name to the

list for other trial activities, or to book onto this one,

please contact Jo or

call 01202 877468.

Milford Historical Record Society

May 30th : Calshot—a place in time

All Saints’ Church Hall 7.45pm (doors open 7.15pm)

For more information please contact:

Christopher Hobby 01590 645164

Tickets -

Booking office Tel 01202 485804

Milford on Sea

Youth Club


mosyouthclub T:01590 644861

Community Centre.

Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Mondays for Seniors aged 13 to 16

Tuesdays for Juniors aged 10 to 13

Activities include: table tennis,

football, badminton, games

console, cooking, craft, dance,

painting and more.

Do you have a bit of time to spare this summer? Do

you want to protect your local environment? Do you

like being outside in the fresh air?

If so, come and join our friendly group of volunteers

and help Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust control the non-native plant

called Himalayan balsam which is invading riverbanks in the New Forest area.

The plants are easy to pull up and it’s great fun but might be a bit muddy so bring

your wellies!

For details of volunteer work parties this summer in the New Forest area, please

contact Catherine Chatters the New Forest Non-Native Plants Officer at or call 07770 923315.

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts

Photo BY Ashley Basil


McLellan Hall, Lymington Community

Centre, 7pm for 7:30 start Visitors most

welcome. Contact 01425 613684

or visit:

April 26th AGM/The Severn Railway Bridge

Disaster 1960.

May 31st Shillingstone Station Project.


Tues 9th 10.30am

Thurs 25th 10.00am

Everton Rambling Club

Merv : 01590 642509

Contact Mervyn for walk details


Tues 7th 10.30am

Mon 24th 1.30pm

(Everton Art Festival Photographic Walk)



Health Walks Milford on Sea

Do join us for a free, led, group walk lasting

up to 90 minutes. Our walks are designed

to encourage wellbeing, whilst enjoying the

company of others. The group meet at the

Community Centre Café, Sea Road, Milford-

On-Sea SO41 0PH on Fridays at 10.15 am.


Marcella House Tel:02380 841341

Or just turn up on the day: Fridays 10.15am

Bridge Club

We meet twice a week at the Baptist

Church Hall, Wayside Close, Barnes Lane.

Mondays: 1.45pm to 5pm

Wednesdays: 6.45pm to 10pm.

Everyone welcome.

Terry Kirkpatrick at:-


Lunch Club Milford on Sea Methodist


lunch club

If you live on your own then you will be

most welcome

12.30pm: 2nd & 4th Thursday in each month

To book your place or for more details

please call Margaret on

01590 641189

Milford Green Club

is part of the Brendon Care group, a charity

which runs clubs for older people in

Hampshire and Dorset.. The Club has been

running for eleven years this month. We

meet twice a month on the 2nd and 4th

Tuesday afternoon at 2.00 pm at the

Community Centre.

It is run by the same group of volunteers as

when it started, plus one new volunteer. We

have speakers on a wide range of subjects,

interspersed with the occasional quiz

afternoon. The cost is £4.00 per session. We

always end with tea and cakes. Please contact

me for further information:

We meet to make lace & chat about what is

happening in the lacemaking world.

April 5th, May 3rd, 2– 4pm

£3 per session

Barton-on-Sea Methodist Church Lounge,

Parkinson’s UK New Forest

01590 672951

Meet at Boldre War Memorial Hall in Pilley

3rd Thurs of each month 2pm - 4.30pm

(except December)

Gentle Chair Based Exercise

For Parkinson’s sufferers Tuesday 10.30am

Contact Roni: 01590 688 887

56 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Milford Hospital League of Friends

every Tuesday 9am - 1pm

at Milford War Memorial Hospital

Friendly and discreet.

Donations gratefully received

Phone: Anna 01590 643376

or Wanda 07815 598950

Milford Community Library

Opening times:

Mon, Tues 2.30 – 5.00pm

Wed, Thurs, Fri 10.00 am – 12.30pm

Saturday opening has now been discontinued

apart from special events.


Mon 1 st : Pre-school reading 2.00 – 2.30 p.m.

Sat 6th: 10.00 – 12.30

On this Saturday in 2015 our Community Library

came into being. Come and help us

celebrate 0ur 4 th Birthday at this Special Coffee


School Hols: 8th – 22nd – no story time/preschool


Tues 16th: Milford Community Reading Group

1.30 – 3.30 p.m.

Tues 23rd: Storytime with Sheila, 3.30 – 4 p.m.

Wed 24th: Cards and Craft afternoon with Ruth,

£5 including materials and refreshments

Mon 29th: 2.00 – 2.30 p.m. Pre-school Reading


Monday 6 th – Early May Bank holiday

Support the Library by enjoying our small cakes

for sale on the Village Green!

Mon 13th: 2.00 – 2.30 Pre-school Reading

Tues 14th: Storytime with Sheila , 3.30 – 4 p.m.

Sat 18th: Visit the Library stall at the Plant Fair.

Mon 20th: Pre-school Reading, 2.00 – 2.30 pm.

Tues 21st: Milford Community Reading Group –

1.30 -3.30 p.m

Wed 22nd: Tea & Quiz, 2 – 4 p.m. £3 incl


Milford Floral Art Club

National Flower Arranging Day

3rd May, 2019

Once again this year we will be

celebrating by providing and leaving

"Lonely Bouquets" around the Village for

members of the public to pick up and take

home to enjoy. Each one will have a

label attached with our Club's details - we

would ask that you let us know where

these little bouquets end up.

So, don't forget - Friday 3rd May - look

out for our gifts to you!!!!!

Sheila Quinney 01590 641867

Contact for tickets and information:

tel. no. 01590 641296.


Village Hall, Park Road

on Thursdays 10.30am - 12 noon

Coffee, friendship & a warm welcome

Donations to Naomi House

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Milford-on-Sea Dementia Action Group

Everton & Milford

Activity Group

We provide entertainment & afternoon tea,

for people in the south of the New Forest.

Milford Community Centre 9 Sea Road, Next

meetings 2 nd Thurs of each month 2-4pm

We are a friendly group who welcome people

living with dementia, their carers, family &



Run entirely by


volunteers, so we

ask for

£2 per person


From Sandy

01425 610122

or Joan

01425 623263



Happy to help!

for transport to medical appointments

Call 01590 641700

Milford on Sea Community Panel News

The Big Info Day, organised by the Panel and

Charitable Trust was a huge success. Over 50

organisations had stands and well over 300

people came to see what Milford

has on offer. If you missed it,

you’ll find all the organisations

listed in the Village Directory. You

can ask for a copy in the Parish Office or see it

on their website.

The MOS Charitable Trust, which supports the

Panel and a number of voluntary groups, will

be holding their AGM on April 16th at 6pm in

the Community Centre Cafe. If you would like

to come along please contact Jenny Whitley

MoS Dementia Action Group are supporting a

new initiative run by Memory Works -

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

Service for people living with

dementia. The aim is to improve

quality of life by getting people’s

minds active and engaged, in a small, friendly

and enjoyable group setting. Partners/carers

are invited to stay and enjoy a coffee together.

There is a charge of £10.00 per session. If you

are interested in finding out more please

contact Elena: 02380 286342 or email

Date for your diary! We are holding a Tea

Dance to celebrate Dementia Awareness Week

on Sunday May 19th at 3pm in the Community

Centre. We welcome people living with

dementia and their partners, families and

carers. Let us know if you’d like to come.

Contact Lesley 01425 614981,

Milford Befrienders

T: 01590 637088,

A Message from the Befriender

I never expected to meet someone so

incredible, I have learned so much.

58 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Margaret Clarke

Chartered Certified


Personal Taxation

Pensioners a speciality

Home visits if required

Local resident

Tel: 01590 642689


Ellis & Co

Independent Broker

offering sound advice for

Commercial, Liability, Household,

Motor and Property insurance


Elgars Court, 17a High Street

Lymington, Hants, SO41 9AB

Authorised & regulated by the

Financial Conduct Authority

01590 673382

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


60 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail


Emergency Services

Emergency police, fire,

ambulance, coastguard,



Gas escapes

BT Fault Line

Southern Water


Rail Enquiries

Morebus (was Wilts & Dorset)

National Express

Council & Government

Milford Parish Council


NFDC Emergency Service

Hampshire CC

NF National Park


Police - Non Emergency, Anti -

Social & Neighbourhood issues


MP Desmond Swayne

Forest Animals

Forestry Commission

Traffic Accidents


All Saints’ Church Hall bookings

All Saints’ Church Office

Citizens Advice Bureau

Community Care Group

Community Centre

Community Centre Box Office


Milford Library

Milford Health Centre

(Out of Hours)

New Forest Advice Network

NHS Direct

NF Disability Info


Tourist Information

Trading Standards

Verderers’ Office

Village Agent

Village Hall

Youth Club



Oakhaven Hospice

Southampton General

Romsey Hospital

Royal Bournemouth

Royal South Hants

Princess Anne


105 (all suppliers)

0800 111 999

0800 800 151

0800 820 999

03457 48 49 50

01202 338 420

08717 81 81 81

01590 644 410

02380 285 000

02380 285 250

03005 551 375

01590 646 600


0800 555 111

01425 629 844

02380 283 141


07561 806 196

01590 644 992

03444 111 306

01590 641 700

01590 643 404

01590 644 861

01425 629 009

07950 941 818

01590 643 022


01425 628 750


01425 628 750

08457 90 90 90

01590 676 769

03454 04 05 06

02380 282 052

01590 645 404

01590 642 779

01590 643 786

01590 663 000

01590 670 346

02380 777 222

01794 834 700

01202 303 626

02380 634 288

02380 777 222

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts

Tel: 01590


19 Lymington

Enterprise Centre

Ampress Lane


SO41 8LZ



Milford Befrienders

T: 01590 637088,

A Message from a Befriender

When we first met I had only been on

my own a short while, my befriendee

had been alone for many years and

learning how she coped with this was an

amazing help to me.

62 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


64 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

















































Across: 1 Basil, 4 Chassis, 8 Frisian, 9

Aorta, 10 Slingshot, 13 NBC, 14

Cocktail dress, 17 Bel, 18 Acoustics,

22 Chaos, 23 Nirvana, 25 Ejector, 26


Down: 1 Buffs, 2 Ski, 3 Lying, 4 Conch,

5 Adapted, 6 Serengeti, 7 Seances, 11

Inculpate, 12 Ska, 14 Cubicle, 15

Transit, 16 Leu, 19 Owner, 20 Shrug,

21 Soave, 24 Alb.








For Home PC & Laptop users

Want to get more out of

your home computer?

Computer repair, upgrades

and tuition

T: 0784 103 1464



Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts



Date When Event & Description Where

2 2pm U3A: Life & Ship Building at Bucklers Hard Community Centre

3 Lonely Bouquets Around the Village

4 7pm Milford Movies: Peterloo Community Centre

5 1pm First Friday Lunch: F.O.R.C.A. Community Centre

5 7pm Lymington Choral Society - Quiz Night Community Centre




Milford Hospital League of Friends Spring Fair

Community Centre

6 From 9am Local Producers' Market Everton Nurseries

6 8pm Southern Union Chorus Concert Community Centre

7 10am Conservation Task Morning Meet Studland Common Scrub block 6

7 2pm Royal Opera House Live: La Forza Del Destino Community Centre

9 2pm Stamp Club Guide Hut

10 7pm WI: Stunt Work Community Centre

11 2pm Floral Art Club All Saints' Hall

11 2-4pm Carers' Café Community Centre

11 7.30pm Folk Club: The Bow Legged Skeeters Community Centre

12 2.15pm

Milford Community Care Group : AGM and Open


Community Centre

12 2.30pm Recorded Music Society Library

12 7.30pm 'For Good' Charity Concert Oakhaven Hospice Community Centre

13 2-4pm Lymington Town Band Concert Community Centre

13 7pm Milford Movies: Stan & Ollie Community Centre

15 10am Round & About Italy: Sardegna Community Centre

15 10.30am The Arts Society

All Saints' Hall

17 7.30pm Gardeners’ Club

Community Centre

17 7pm People's Poetry Community Centre

18 7pm Milford Movies: First Man Community Centre

21 6pm Ecumenical Church Service Community Centre

25 7pm Milford Movies: A Star is Born Community Centre

25 2.30pm Recorded Music Society Library

26 7.30pm Jazz/Swing: Karl Charity Community Centre

Milford Befrienders

T: 01590 637088,

A Message from a Befriendee

The visit gives me a great bright spot in the

week, something I really look forward to.

66 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail


Date When Event & Description Where

2 7pm NT Live: All about Eve Community Centre

3 1pm First Friday Lunch: Christian Aid Community Centre

3 7.30pm Comedy Classics - Tributes to the stars of yesteryear Community Centre

4 From 9am Local Producers' Market Everton Nurseries

5 10am Conservation Task Morning Meet Studland Common Scrub block 6

5 2pm Royal Opera House Live: Faust Community Centre

6 10am Milford May Fair Village Green

7 2pm U3A: Artificial Intelligence Community Centre

8 7pm RSC Live: As You Like It Community Centre

9 2pm Floral Art Club All Saints' Hall

9 2-4pm Carers' Café Community Centre

9 7.30pm Folk Club Community Centre

10 2.30pm Recorded Music Society Library

11 7.30pm Hyde Band Community Centre


3pm League of Hospital Friends : AGM Community Centre

14 2pm Stamp Club Guide Hut

15 2pm WI: AGM Community Centre

15 7pm Out of a Hat Community Centre

15 7pm Gardeners’ Club Community Centre

16 7.15pm Royal Ballet Live: Within the Golden Hour Community Centre

17 7pm RNLI: Bingo with fish supper All Saints' Hall

17 7pm Quiz Night Community Centre

18 From 8.30am Milford Annual Plant Fair Village Green

18 7.30pm Milford Festival - Casino Community Centre

20 10.30am The Arts Society All Saints' Hall





Around and About Italy

Annual Parish Meeting

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts

Community Centre

All Saints’ Hall

23 7pm Milford Movies: Bohemian Rhapsody Community Centre

24 2.30pm Recorded Music Society Library

24 8pm Jazz/Swing Community Centre

29 7pm NT Live: All My Sons Community Centre

30 7.45pm Historical Record Society All Saints' Hall

30 7.30pm Comedy Night Community Centre

31 10-3pm Open Sight Exhibition Community Centre

Milford Befrienders

T: 01590 637088,

A Message from a Befriender

We share the good and the not so good things –

talking always helps.



St Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church, Park Lane, Milford-on-Sea

Sunday Mass: 9am Weekday Mass: Wed 10am


All Saints’ Church, Church Hill, Milford-on-Sea

Fridays 10.30 am Holy Communion


7 th : 8am Holy Communion, 9.15am Tea & Toast,

10am A-Live, 6pm Holy Communion with Prayers

for Healing

14th: 9.15am Tea & Toast, 10am Holy

Communion, 6pm Evensong

18 th : 7.30pm Passover Meal

19 th : 10am Easter Craft Morning, 12 noon Good

Friday Celebration Village Green, 2pm Reflective

Service 7.30pm “The Witnesses”

21 st : 8am Holy Communion, 9.15am Tea & Toast,

10am Family Communion, 6pm Easter Praise (CC)

28 th : 10am Holy Communion, 6pm Evening



5 th : 8am Holy Communion, 9.15am Tea & Toast,

10am A-Live 6pm, Holy Communion with Prayers

for Healing

12 th : 9.15am Tea and Toast, 10am Holy

Communion, 6pmChoral Evensong

19 th : 8am Holy Communion, 9.15am Tea and

Toast, 10am Morning Worship, 5pm Explore!

26 th : 9.15am Tea & Toast, 10am Family

Communion, 6pm Evening Worship

Milford-on-Sea Methodist Church,

108 High St, Milford-on-Sea

Morning Worship every Sunday at 10.45 am

Minister – Revd Martin Keenan


7 th 10:45 am - Holy Communion

18 th 2:00 pm – Holy Communion

19 th 12:00 noon – United service on the

Village Green

21 st 10:45 am – Holy Communion – Rev

Valerie Chapman


5 th 10:45 am – Holy Communion

13 th 7:30 pm – Christians Together Week Of

Prayer service

WAYFARERS: Bible Study/Discussion Group –

first Monday of each month at 10.45 am

meeting at the church.

LUNCH CLUB: Second and fourth Thursday

each month at 12:30 pm

Milford-on-Sea Baptist Church,

Barnes Lane, Milford-on-Sea

(01590) 645469

St Mary’s Church, Branwood Close, Everton Minister – Revd David Hellsten

Sunday Services (Children Welcome)



7 th : 10am Holy Communion

7 th : 10.30am Mission Event

14 th : 8am Holy Communion, 10am Morning Service (with Communion)

with families in the hall

14 th : 10.30am

18 th :10.30am Holy Communion

19 th : 10am Prayer Walk from Everton Rec,

Maundy Thursday Communion 7pm

Recreation Ground, 10.30am Good Friday worship, Good Friday Service 10.30am

4pm Stainers Crucifixion

Easter Sunday Celebration 10.30am, United

21 st : 10am Holy Communion with family worship in Easter Service 6.30pm in the

the hall

Community centre

28 th : 8am Holy Communion, 10am Family Service


28 th : 10.30am, 6.00pm Communion


5th: 10am Holy Communion

5 th : 10.30am (with Communion)

12th:8am Holy Communion, 10am Morning Service 12 th : 10.30am Jamie Campbell (SASRA)

19th: 10am Holy Communion

19 th : 10.30am ,6.00pm Communion


26th: To advertise 8am Holy call Communion, 01590 643969/07801 10am Family Service 562358 or 26e-mail th : 10.30am

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts



Every Cloud 7

Margaret Clarke 59


Extension Design 45

Plan it Design 44


Sears 34


Flair Interiors 28

K&B Installations 5

Lentune Property Services 32


Ancient & Modern 62

Mat Watson 49

NF Home Improvements 61

Paul Belton Construction 2


Oakhaven Carers 50

St George's 29


Andrew Day 13


John Cooper Carpets 61

Lymington's Carpet Store 39


New Forest Carpet Clean 46


Buffet Belle 7


Mr Sweep 27


Alpha course 59


Oakhaven Carers 50


FI Computers 65

Paul Wood 15

Cyber Team 45


Calico 44

Catherine Perham 40

Décor Aid 45

Index of Advertisers

70 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

Payne & Sons 24


Dorset Denture Clinic 60

Highcliffe Dental Practice 71

Solent House 60


Double Glazing Specialist 33

Double Glazing Repair 39

Hampshire Window Service 32


First Choice Plumbing 72


B&R Electrical Ltd 44

Browning Electrical 39


Collins & Butler 24

Hayward Fox 26

New Forest Cottages 64


Tasha Mae 52


Affinity 42


New Seasons 16


Tapper Funeral Service 62


Christchurch Garage Doors 33


Harfield Motors 33


Bowercot Garden Design 50

Everton Nurseries 7

GardenWorks 49

Jeremy Arnold Gates 65

Timber Trade 48


All About You 7


Holland's 34



Ally Brown Reflexolgy 34

Active Nation 8

Home Hearing 29

Tu Sei Bella 18


Ellis & Co 59


At No 19 25


Time & Tide 52


New Milton Locksmith 23


MCV Logs 31


Pennington Mobility 29


The Village News 52


Hordle Explorers Nursery 14

Milford Pre-School Plus 11


OvenU 45


Kait's Canine Care 34

Sophie's Pet Care 18

Sophie's Dog Holidays 50


Picture Perfect 62


Mike Thomas 40


First Choice Plumbing 72

Mike Thomas 40

P.A. Blake 40

Stephen Harris 12


South Lawn Hotel 20

The Smugglers 30


Dagless & Whitlock 26

Heppenstalls 42


Ocean Cars 46


Downton Holiday Park 16

Milford Travel 20

CJ Skyvac 22

Pollyanna 18

The Solent Cellar

New Forest Drive Clean




Street & Parker




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72 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail

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