The nice princess and the unfriendly mermaid






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The nice princess and

the unfriendly mermaid

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom lived a nice princess in a

castle with her parents and sisters. She was really kind, friendly and

beautiful, her name was Luna, she had plenty of friends, and she

considered all of them as her true friends, that was the reason

because she used to tell them everything about herself and her

environment, but what she didn’t know is that was going to give her a

huge sadness.


Once her mother told her “My dear little Luna please be careful with

what you tell to your friends, and the princess answered “Don’t worry

mum, I´m sure all of them are my true friends and if I need them,

they will always be here with me”.


The princess Luna couldn’t swim and once on a meeting

with all her friends she said them “ I´m going to tell you

something about me, but first I need you to promise me that

you will never tell it to anyone”, and all answered her “ we

promise you” , and Luna said , “Ok , I can’t swim, I am very

afraid from the water , but I would like to know the sea”, so

that one of her friends told her “ Sweetie, all of us can swim

and we can go to sea with you , we are going to take care

you”, and Luna replied “ That is a fantastica idea, if I had told

you it before, I would have known the sea time ago ,

anyway, let´s go there tomorrow in the morning”.

In the same kingdom lived a mermaid who was very envious

and unfriendly, she lived alone and she didn’t have any

friends. She knew almost all about the princess Luna and

she wanted to shatter her, but she didn’t know that the

princess couldn’t swim.

All of Luna´s friends weren’t reliable, they were hypocritical

and feel envious of the princess, with an exception of two of

them Laura and Sofia.*


The mermaid knew this and she had the power to become

on a human being, and also, she could become on an animal

to any person that go into the sea. So, one day the mermaid

asked herself “What can I do in order to the princess go into

sea?”, and then she thought “I will go to talk with her

friends, I am sure they can help me”.

Immediately the mermaid became on a human being and

went to talk with Lunas´s friends except with Laura and

Sofia, she told them “ I know that you feel envious of the

princess as me, for that reason you can be my allied and

together we can become to the princess on an ugly animal,”

all of them said “ Yes, off course, we agree with you, and the

mermaid replied “I need you to tell me , what is Luna’s


One of them answered “ She can´t swim but she would like

to know the see, and tomorrow in the morning we are going

to go there with her”, the mermaid smiled and say “ That is

fantastic, it is our opportunity to shatter her,”. The mermaid

had been looking forward to this moment since the princess

born, and said to the friends “I am going to prepare

everything and I just need that you go to the sea with the

princess tomorrow, Do you agree with me? “Yes” with a

huge smile they answered.

The mermaid didn’t realize that Laura and Sofia had listened

all the conversation behind a door, and she went back to the

sea, so that Laura and Sofia were wondering themselves,

what to do to avoid that terrible plan, but the other friends

enclosed them on a dark room.


The next day Luna was very happy because she was

going to know the sea, she said to her friends “ I am

really excited , hurry up, let´s go to the sea”

When they got there, the mermaid was waiting for them

and told the princess “ Come on dear Luna , go into the

water”, but the princess felt nervous and so embarrassed

because she couldn’t swim and all the friends encouraged

her to go into sea until she did it , after that all her friends

left the water and Luna said “what happen , why aren’t you

here with me”.


Meanwhile Laura and Sofia were trying to get out from that

room, they shouted very loud and suddenly a unicorn

appeared to help them, and Laura said “The princess Luna is

in troubles, let´s go to help her”.


The mermaid said “ Princess Luna you

are very disgusting to me, and I had

been waiting for this moment a long

time ago , now you are going to be an

ugly rat forever”, and Luna felt too fear

more than to the water and started to

swim to flee from the mermaid but she

caught her and was about to become

her on a rat.


When Laura and Sofia shouted “ Stop ugly mermaid, we

aren’t going to let you do that”, the mermaid laughed and

said “ You are crazy stupid girls”,


In this moment the unicorn appeared and took to Luna and

got out her from the water, and then killed to the mermaid.


Luna thanked to the unicorn, Laura and Sofia, and said to

the other friends “Today I understood that you are not true

friends, and I had not realized about it, now you are going to

live enclosed for ever on a dark room”.



Finally, the princess organized a party to celebrated her friendship

with Laura and Sofia because they were true friends, and Luna learnt

the importance of having a true friend in the life, and about don’t tell

everything to everybody, and she lived happily ever after.

The end

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