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Our aim is to be our customers first choice by providing them

with the best solutions and tailored service

provided by highly qualified personnel.

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Børre Lobekk


Proud to take part.

Nordic Steel is the name of Lie CNC, one of the

region’s market leaders within advanced sheet

metal fabrication and welding. The name change

marks a stronger commitment towards ensuring

that our company is well prepared for future

challenges. We have put extra efforts into acquiring

certifications, increasing our level of competence

and are updated with the latest technology and

machinery available. All of these initiatives leave us

well equipped for future challenges. Last but not

least we create secure and sustainable workplaces.

In keeping with local tradition.

Nordic Steel stands as a cornerstone of what the local

spirit is really about. Reliable and down to earth,

yet backed up with solid knowledge, resilience and a

willingness to invest. The ability to stay innovative

and to constantly be on the lookout for new

possibilities is embedded in our DNA.

What we have achieved so far is thought through

and has been built from the ground up over time.

We are hard working and move boundaries along the

way. We understand that we must deliver our best

every day and always be there for our customers.

That’s how it is, and that’s how it should be.

Part of great solutions

Nordic Steel is viewed as a valuable asset to

customers, both when it comes to problem solving

and production. More and more production

companies come to us for new solutions and to get

parts of their own production manufactured. We

are proud to take part in creating something new

every day and to be an important contributor to the

industry. Every day we are given praise for the work

we do, which makes us humble and inspired.

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We work with steel. In all facets of production.

At Nordic Steel anything is possible.

Steel is one of the most versatile and durable

materials available to build with. It has contributed

more to modern civilization than any other metal. It’s

monetary value is second only to oil. That’s its level

of importance. Those who master the art of working

with steel can achieve the most incredible results.

At Nordic Steel there are no limitations.

No assignment is too big or too small. Our aim is

to be challenged and to show that we can deliver.

There’s not a lot we would turn down.

We’ve been asked if we could build the eiffel tower,

albeit in a joking manner; we do build towers and

bridge spans, just not of that magnitude. That being

said, we like the thought.

In our world it’s important to be inspired and not

intimidated. Anything is possible with the right

machinery and qualified professionals. There aren’t

many tasks that we can’t solve, and we are always

up for a good challenge.

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Powerful machinery

combined with skilled


We are proud of our machines. They have revolutionized

our trade. Each of them powerful in their own way,

but most of all we are proud of each other. Without

each other the machines would be virtually worthless.

It’s what we can do together that really matters. It’s

when we combine powerful machinery with skilled

professionals that have knowledge of what these

machines can do, that we are able to move boundaries

along the way. Some of our machines are so rare

that there are only a couple of them available in all of

Norway. At Nordic Steel you can see them in action

and we are sure you’ll be as impressed as we are. Every

now and again we find ourselves thinking back on how

things used to be. To times when a hammer and an

ambolt were the only tools available to blacksmiths.

They managed well, considering their limited means,

but it was time consuming and hard work. If those

hardworking people were still among us they would

most likely be in awe of the machinery available today.



Sheet manufacturing


As the name suggests this is a technology where a laser

beam is used to cut the materials. It’s an incredibly fast and

precise technique with minimal requirements for alterations

to the end product. This gives us at Nordic Steel the opportunity

to produce parts with complex contours with exceptional

accuracy and precision at competitive rates.


TRUMPF TruLaser 3030

with TruFlow 5000


Maximum work area: 3000x1500 mm

Maximum thickness of Mild steel: 25 mm

Maximum thickness of stainless steel: 20 mm

Maximum thickness of aluminum: 12 mm


Punching is often the most cost efficient way to create

holes in sheets. Our combined machine punches, cuts, thread

taps and shapes. Speed, combined with user friendliness

significantly shortens the path from the drawing table to the

finished product.

The machine offers automatic feeding of sheets and sorts/

stacks finished parts.

Experienced operators and a wide selection of punching and

forming tools gives us the opportunity to solve the most

challenging tasks. If the job requires special tools we will

design it in collaboration with our customer.

Our punching machine:

TRUMPF TruMatic 6000 Large format


Maximum work area: 3000x1500 mm

Maximum sheet thickness mild steel sheet thickness 8 mm

Maximum punching speed: 900 punches/minute


Nordic Steel have several CNC-controlled press brakes ready

to solve the most challenging bending tasks

Bending is one of the most frequently used methods in the

sheet manufacturing industry. The method is recognized

by having a top part shaped like a “cone” and a bottom part

shaped like a “V”. The sheet is placed over the bottom part

and the top part is pressed down according to one of the

CNC-controlled set positions. The setting is preset by skilled

operators to ensure that the finished result achieves the

desired angle and quality.

With the help of modern machines, a wide selection of special

tools and experienced coworkers we are well prepared to

solve the most challenging tasks. The variation in our machine

park enables us to be just as competitive on prototypes

as in serial production.

It’s also worth mentioning that our largest press brake can

bend 22mm thick steel in 4 meters lengths!

Our press brakes:

Amada HD-100-3 ATC

Amada HFE 130-3

Amada HFE 320-4

Schröder IntelliBend 3200

Engraving and Milling

Our milling machine gives us the opportunity to deep engrave

on all types of materials. Plastic, natural rubber, wood,

aluminium and stainless steel to mention a few. Typical

examples are house signs and ID tags for the offshore and

electronics industry. The engraved areas are filled in with

paint by hand. This manual labour requires extreme precision.

In addition to milling we also offer laser engraving. This

method is less time consuming and more cost efficient, but

only offers black print.



Welding done


Nordic Steel has an experienced welding

department. We have two large welding halls

which gives us the opportunity to divide the

work with different types of material qualities

and makes for efficient production. Both

welding halls are equipped with 10T overhead

cranes. Our engineers and welders know their

trade well. They have extensive knowledge of

the different qualities of the materials in use,

and of the most suitable welding methods

available in order to achieve the desired result.

All our welders are certified. They are qualified

to weld on all types of materials, from small to

large constructions. Any work completed by

Nordic Steel should show that we take great

pride in our work.

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Our welding engineers are of

international quality.

Educated according to IIW (International Institute

of Welding) standards we have our own IWE-Senior

Project Manager, IWS-Welding Coordinator and IWI

- Welding Inspector that manages all welded constructions.

Our welders are certified to weld using

all known methods and for all purposes.

We have close to 4000m2 of production area available

with two 10T overhead cranes. Single products,

serial, small and large constructions are all familiar to

us. Rest assured, everything we do is compliant with

current standards and stringent quality control.

We offer outstanding craftsmanship.

Furthermore our welding procedures are comprehensive.

At Nordic Steel all production assessments

and welding seams are tested and documented. Our

welding coordinator (IWS) is responsible for ensuring

that all our routines are followed down to the very

last detail.

We regularly deliver to the offshore industry in

accordance to DNV 2.7-1 and current NORSOK -

standards. In addition we also deliver large loadbearing

constructions in accordance to NS-EN ISO

3834-2, NS-EN ISO 1090-1 EXC1-4 and process

code 2 - manual R762 from Statens Vegvesen

(State road authority) to buildings, facilities and


Nordic Steel has DNV-approved procedures for the

following materials in thicknesses up to 80mm:

- Carbon Steel

- Aluminum

- 304

- 316

- Duplex

- Super Duplex

If desired we’re more than happy to offer additional

custom procedures for our customers..



Special items (SI)

Nordic Steel specialize in the delivery of pre made, machined or pre-fabricated products

and parts. We offer an array of complimentary products compliant with our customers

specifications. Sourcing, buying, engineering, fabrication and documentation is carefully

assessed by one of our experienced project leaders to ensure quality in all links, and

that the delivery is compliant to current agreements and customer specifications.


• Spade, Spacers and Spect. Blinds

• Paddle blinds

• Prefabricated spools

• Filtration Units

• Special bolts and nuts

• Pipe, Fittings and Flanges

• Pipe support systems

• Bird screens

• Flexible hoses

• Hose assemblies and couplings

• Hose reels

• GRE & GRP items

• Manifolds



Doing what we do requires

correct certification.

Nordic Steel have put extra efforts into acquiring

certifications and approvals. It’s an ongoing process

in all parts of our organisation and it’s a requirement

to be able to stay doing what we do. Safety,

security, reliability and quality, it’s all connected.

There should be no doubts when using our services

that you will receive top quality. We can issue certificates

and documentation on anything we deliver.

We guarantee quality and traceability.

We regularly deliver in accordance to DNV 2.7-1

and current NORSOK - standards.

We are of course also certified in

accordance with:

- NS-EN ISO 9001:2008

- NS-EN ISO 3834-2

- EN 1090- 1: 2009 EXC4

- Achilles

- Sellihca

- TransQ

- Startbank

- Eco-Lighthouse



We can make

a good idea great.

We have our customers to thank for our strong

position in the market today. They keep us

motivated and request our input whether it’s on

construction or finished product. Sometimes the

challenge is to fabricate a large “once off” product

and other times smaller parts that will be mass

produced. The variation and diversity of what we

do helps further our development as a company.

We are grateful and humble for every

assignment that comes our way. Our workdays

are very exciting.

We share our customers ambitions and that’s why

we take great pride in our work in order to achieve

the best results possible. Our main focus is

functionality, sustainable production and of

course, quality. Through our technical department

we assist customers in optimizing products,

whether it be light sheet metal or larger and more

complex constructions.

If desired, we can also assist with the design of

a product as our employees have vast experience

and are highly qualified in this area. These integral

factors contribute to Nordic Steel being a market


We have our own departments within design, technical, sheet manufacturing,

welding and documentation.



We aim to


faster and

better than

any other


It’s not just a saying, it’s a promise. We’re always

there for our customers, any time. If it’s urgent we’re

right there when you need us. Using our services

should be cost effective. This is not just a livelihood,

it’s what we live for. Our customers are dependant

on our understanding of their requirements, they

rely on our ability to deliver and the fact that we

know our trade well. We have a great group of

employees that are all highly skilled within their

area. Each link just as important as the next. We take

great pride in our work and we all share the same

work ethic.



Thank you for letting us take part.

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We have our customers to thank for

our strong position in the market

Edvard Grieg plattformen - Her har vi levert arbeidsstasjoner til Lundin Norway.Se side 28.

Nordic Steel aims to be the strongest, most

reliable, efficient and solution orientated link in our

customers supply chain, regardless of their

specific business or geographical market. We would

like to be recognized as the most knowledgeable and

competent supplier to our target market, and we’re

prepared to work hard for that recognition.

We are grateful for our customer’s confidence in our

ability to deliver throughout the years. We’re proud

to have received praise and good reviews for the

work we have done, and we greatly appreciate our

loyal customers who act as our ambassadors in the


Parkeringshuset, Stavanger lufthavn, Avinor. - Fasadene har vi produsert.

«Always there when you need them»

Lauritz Haringstad Løvø, Øglænd System AS:

I look at Nordic Steel as a competitive, competent

and reliable subcontractor that we can count on

when we need them the most. Furthermore they

are located close to our factory, which makes it cost

efficient and easy to move parts and tools between

our facilities. They also have a well equipped and

modern machine park that offers flexibility and that

meets our requirements adequately . Nordic Steel

have great and highly qualified employees that you

can rely on.

«Reliable and adept at problem solving»

Kenneth Hovelsen, Bartec Technor AS:

We work closely with Nordic Steel and it’s very

reassuring to have such a reliable supplier. Nordic

Steel are always prepared to offer their assistance,

whether it be on small or large matters that require

custom solutions, or whether we require additional

help in meeting production demands. The fact that

they have a highly competent technical department

makes working with them especially useful when

solving new challenges.

«They know what we want»

Frode Botne, Proserv Norge AS:

Nordic Steel have delivered framework, HPU’s and

test panels to us for several years. Over time they

have grown very familiar with our routines and they

have developed new solutions for us that have made

our everyday simpler. For example, they took the

initiative themselves to learn engraving and acquired

the equipment for it. This has made it possible for us

to get a greater amount of our work done by a single

supplier. Our collaboration is influenced by good

routines, quick response and an informal, pleasant

tone. Just how like it.

«Quality you can be proud of»

Elin Sunnevåg, CRE8 Systems AS:

Just like us at CRE8, Nordic Steel focuses on

delivering quality and work one can be proud of.

Together we have created some smart solutions

that have directly contributed to further development

of our systems. We are very pleased to be

working with a local supplier that make our everyday

more effortless and efficient.



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We don’t just want you to know that we

are creating the best for you, we want

you to feel it. In your head, your heart and

your gut. Our commitment is genuine.

There should be no doubts about our

precision or quality or our ability to deliver.

We are a reliable supplier that through

careful follow up assessments, and

service of the highest standard, will leave

nothing to chance when it comes to

providing good solutions and increased

profitability for our customers. Our

experience and reliability enable us to

challenge the more standard and

traditional fabricators rolls within our

customers supply chain.

Welcome to Nordic Steel.

We will take good care of you.



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