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Life April 2019 Dead and Buried? | The Golden Circle | Church Walks ... and more

Resurrection ! As Easter approaches we will move through the events of Palm Sunday and Good Friday to find ourselves peering into a hole in the groundthe tomb of Jesus is empty! This physical, historical fact in our world has changed everything. The nature of reality - death is not the end; the identity of Jesus - he is who he claimed to be, Lord and Saviour; the shape of the future - full of the possibilities of a new creation. We who annually celebrate our belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus, may fail to realise just how extraordinary is the statement “Jesus is alive!” For if He is, no one is his equal. Every religious faith, all political systems have been founded by those whose tombs we might visit. But not Jesus. He is not here, he is alive. Not simply in the memory of his followers or the gospel records that recount his life, but in the physical reality of God’s eternal Kingdom. A Kingdom that will break into our world finally and completely when Jesus the King returns. That is the hope that the Christian Church offers. There is no message like it because there is no Saviour like the Resurrected Christ . So let’s invite people to the events of our Easter programme and point them to the only hope of the world. Peter Baker | Senior Minister

The Golden Circle Apparently, according to organizational consultant Simon Sinek, people don’t buy what you do, but why you do it. So the primary task of a company, business or a local Church like Lansdowne, is to define clearly the why of their organization. The “why” is the bulls eyes in the middle of a communication process that moves though the circles of “how “ and “ what”. But we need to start with why. Human beings are inspired to invest in and commit to a cause in which they believe. We all need a vision to motivate us. Why does the company or Church exist? What’s its purpose? WHY HOW WHAT That’s the question we are exploring in our Vision and Values series on Sundays. The answer to the why question -why does Lansdowne exist- is, to glorify God, proclaim Christ, in the Spirit and through the Word. The why of Lansdowne is All for God. All for the Glory of God, all for the Gospel of God and all for the Mission of God. The greatness of God and the uniqueness of Jesus gives us our why; the necessity of the Spirit and the transforming power of the gospel give us our how. So whatever we seek to accomplish as a Church, whatever the priorities, the budget spend, the allocation of resources, the organization of our programmes, they must all be checked against the why. Why are we doing this? How does this commitment, this event, this ministry contribute to that vision? We came to one conclusion the other Sunday morning. The why of Lansdowne is All for God. All for the glory of God, all for the Gospel of God and all for the Mission of God. Peter Baker | Senior Minister

Resurrection - a sure and certain hope! Did you know that 43% of people in the UK believe that Jesus rose from the dead? (See To me that seems like a high percentage, but whatever we think about stats like those, it’s likely that the people we know who aren’t Christians would have something to say about the resurrection! This Easter we as a church will celebrate our living Saviour and King together, in front of a watching world. We do it 'in front of a watching world' not because we will be streaming live on Youtube to millions (although there will probably be a few watching online!), but because the very fact that we join together as an expression of the visible church in our town demonstrates to our friends, neighbours, families, work colleagues, children and everyone else we know, that we believe that Jesus rose from the dead and now lives to reign over all things here on earth and in the whole universe. Easter is one of the only times of year that some in our town who are apathetic to the gospel will still consider entering a church building. Why not take the chance to invite someone you know to join you at church on Easter day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with you?

Easter Sunday morning is a chance for us to bring the watching world in to see us celebrate;the worst they can say is ‘No thanks!’ On Easter Sunday evening we're giving you and your friends the chance to investigate the evidence for the resurrection together. We're getting a group of professionals in their fields for an evening examining the facts that surround Jesus' resurrection. We think this will be great to equip and encourage you as a Christian as you hear lawyers, historians and professors explain the facts. But to be honest, we really want you to bring your friends to hear and discuss it too! In today's culture, it's unlikely someone will come to church for the first time and come to faith that day. Yes, we know God can do this when he chooses, but we want you to be able to use this evening as part of the journey you travel with your friends as they wrestle with their big questions about the Christian faith. Who could you prayerfully invite to join you on that Easter Sunday evening at Lansdowne Church Central? We know the resurrection gives us sure and certain hope - let's share it this Easter! Tom Davenport | Community Worker

Church Walks We haven't seen you on a church walk recently! As the 2019 programme is about to head down the trail, now is the time to make the resolution reality. The walks vary in location, length and timing, and somewhere en-route there is always a refreshment stop. No transport? Come along to Woodbury Avenue for a lift. Further details from John Phillips 01202 514708, or David Baverstock 01202 301377. 2019 programme: Tuesday 9 April, morning; Wednesday 12 June, evening; Thursday 15 August, all day; Saturday 19 October, early morning. The next walk is featured on the Church Hall noticeboard. David Baverstock After Work ... Retired Anglican clergyman Dave Fenton gave an informative and thought-provoking presentation at the Lansdowne Church/Baylink event ‘After Work ...Then What?’ on the 19 March. In a relaxed atmosphere Dave shared that retirement is a significant part and change in our lives which initially can challenge how we see our identity and self-worth. He encouraged us to remember that although the secular pressure is so great to define ourselves by our career, that in fact our true and unchanging identity is in Christ. Retirement brings new pressures (financial/relational/health), but also opens new opportunities and frees up time to serve. He felt that an important role for the actively retired was to mentor the next generation. Dave expounded the following principles that were essential for any ministry to the actively retired: It had to be biblical, participatory, intergenerational, face real issues, be part of a church strategy, culturally sensitive, not a club – have a missional context and involve hospitality. There was a lively discussion as to how we could actively engage intergenerationally and missionally, with ideas such as hospitality and golf events to name two. We are a community, we have God’s love and we can make a difference. If you have any ideas as to how we can make that difference please email your suggestions to me at laura.wood@ Laura Wood | Communication and Administration Controller

Something for Everyone (check website for latest information) Crèche (for pre-school children) Sunday mornings at WA. Children stay in for first 15 minutes of service. Jelly Tots (pre-school children) Woodbury Avenue at 9:30am on Wednesdays (term-time) St Augustin’s at 10:00am on Thursdays (term-time) Young Church (school years R-5) Sunday mornings at WA at 9.15am & 11.15am. Children stay in for first 15 mins of service. Hi5 (school years 2-5) Fridays at 6:30pm Youth Church (for school years 6-10 term-time) Sunday mornings at WA at 9.15am & 11.15am. Children stay in for first 15 mins of service. Lansdowne Youth (for school years 6-10) Fridays at 7:30pm term-time CYFA (school years 11-13) Wednesdays at 7:30pm term-time. ‘Life’ for Students and 18- 30s Mondays at 7:00pm at Coffee #1 , 401 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth Women of Lansdowne All meetings start at 10:00am with tea/coffee and brunch. Men of Lansdowne All meetings start at 8:00am with tea/coffee and breakfast. Alpha Course (check website for dates) Thursdays at 10:00am at Woodbury Avenue. All welcome. Mondays at 7:30pm at Woodbury Avenue. All welcome. Castle Coffee Thursdays between 10:00am-12:00pm at Woodbury Avenue. Join us for a coffee and a chat. Everyone welcome. In Touch Providing practical and spiritual help to the homeless. Every Tuesday and Friday at 11:45am at St Augustin’s Church, Bournemouth. International Cafe Fridays at 8:00pm at Naked Coffee (4 Christchurch Rd). Prime Time Daytime group that meets on a monthly basis at Woodbury Avenue Connect Groups – An informal introductory group for newcomers or those who don’t yet feel connected to Lansdowne Church.

Key Dates April 2019 2 April TUE Church Forum 7:30pm | WA 4 April THU Prayer Central 7:30pm | WA 6 April SAT Women of Lansdowne 10:00am | WA 7 April SUN AM Jeremiah 30: 1- 31:1 The Surprises of Grace Issac Shaw 7 April SUN PM 1 Peter 4:7-9 Compassion: A Loving People Mike Smailes 9 April TUE Elders’ Meeting 7:00pm 13 April SAT Men of Lansdowne 8:00am | WA 14 April SUN AM Jeremiah 31: 2-40 The Strength of Love Peter Baker (Communion) 14 April SUN PM Romans 12: 1-8 Service: A Sacrificial People Mike Smailes WA followed by an extended time of prayer and praise Continuous Prayer from 9:00pm Sunday – 7:00pm Wednesday. Please sign up to commit to pray for an hour. 17 April WED Building Prayer Meeting, 7:30pm | WA 19 April FRI Good Friday Communion service Isaiah 53 10:30am | WA 21 April SUN AM Matthew 28:1-10 Peter Baker Easter Sunday 21 April SUN PM The Case for Christ W/C 22 April Small Groups meet at various times and locations 28 April SUN AM Jeremiah 36 God’s Word: In The Fire But Not Consumed Mike Smailes 28 April SUN PM Song of Songs 1: 1-3:5 Pure Love Miles Tradewell (Communion) Lansdowne Church Woodbury Avenue Bournemouth BH8 0HH 01202 297977 Registered Charity No 1158579 Lansdowne Church is a name of Lansdowne Baptist Church Bournemouth. CIO. Charity No. 1158579.

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