Events and happenings of Al Menah Shriners for April 2019. Includes currently scheduled activities for April and May 2019.

Events and happenings of Al Menah Shriners for April 2019. Includes currently scheduled activities for April and May 2019.


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Imperial Session<br />

Al Menah<br />

Easter Egg Hunt<br />

Al Menah Shrine Center<br />

1354 Brick Church Pike, Nashville, TN<br />

Saturday, April 20, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Starting at 9:30 am<br />

Please meet at the Vision Building<br />

for the FUN!<br />

Egg Hunt to Begin at 10 am<br />

Bring your Family!<br />

New this year for the Easter Egg Hunt there will be……<br />


2 Shows Noon and 3:30<br />

First show is open to all Al Menah Families and Shrine Patients at NO CHARGE<br />

(There will be concessions and toys available at an extra charge)

Al Menah Al Menah Temple Temple<br />

Oasis of Nashville<br />

Oasis<br />

Desert<br />

of Nashville<br />

of TennessEE<br />

Desert of TennessEE<br />

P.O.Box 78545 • Nashville, TN 37207<br />

P.O.Box 78545 Phones • Nashville, 1.615.226.7766 TN 37207<br />

Phones 1.615.226.7766<br />

1.877.505.7766<br />

1.877.505.7766<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />

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The Publication Committee<br />

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The Chief Divan/Board Rabban. .............. . of Directors Horace Scott Perkins Jones III<br />

otentate Assistant .................... Rabban .........Donny ..........Randy Frank Hester Williams Drayton<br />

hief Rabban High Priest ........... & Prophet Horace .......... .Vernon Perkins Scott Blackburn IIIJones<br />

ssistant Oriental Rabban Guide. ..........Randy ........... . Donnie Williams Frank Drayton Wilson<br />

igh Priest Treasurer & Prophet ....................Wes ........................ Scott Jones<br />

Frye<br />

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Daniel<br />

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PAST *W. *W. F. F. Hunt Hunt POTENTATES<br />

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*J. Pink Lawrence<br />

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J. Pink Lawrence *E. *Paul M. DeWitt Kelly *Albert Bennett<br />

*Donald *G. Cooper R. Holt Dunning<br />

Ed R. Burr *Joseph *E. M. Kelly Higgins *Clyde R. *J.<br />

*J. Watson P.<br />

Coleman<br />

Foster<br />

Hayes<br />

J. Harry Murphy *Ira *Joseph E. Parker Higgins *Marshall *Gale<br />

*Donald S. Whitley Robinson<br />

R. Dunning<br />

Charles N. *Martin<br />

*Ira Rolfe E. Parker<br />

S. Roberts *James J. *C.<br />

*J. White P.<br />

V.<br />

Foster<br />

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*Fred H.<br />

Hugh F. Smith, Jr. Templeton<br />

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Gay, Jr.<br />

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F. Scalf,<br />

Jenkins<br />

Jr.<br />

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Springfield James A.<br />

Springfield<br />

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Graham<br />

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erbela Temple<br />

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*James R. Cox<br />

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Jack Norman *Paul R. R. Jarratt<br />

James L. J. Charles<br />

Ham Franklin E. Cardwell “Jay” Scalf, III<br />

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Charles Conley H. J. Franklin Williams Dykes “Jay” Scalf, III<br />

C. H. Smith *Hugh W. Robertson<br />

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Dudley<br />

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Conley Dykes<br />

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M. T. Gossett<br />

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N. Carl<br />

Smith<br />

David E. Vaughn Barnes<br />

*John E. Patton Stansell Mike Carl E. Van Barnes Sant<br />

Joe C. Carr<br />

Jim CainJeff Mike Head Van Sant<br />

James T. Hayes<br />

*Mike Martin Frank Jeff Head Hester<br />

E. Lee Bennett<br />

*Johnny Horace DudleyPerkins III<br />

Orris E. Davis<br />

David Wantland * Deceased<br />

* Deceased<br />

Raymond H. Leathers Melvin Meadows<br />

Hilry H. Shaffer<br />

2<br />

Dennis Belford<br />

*James N. David Vaughn<br />

Imperial Potentate Frank S Land’s Dream 100 years Later<br />

The year was 1919 when Frank S. Land was asked if he could<br />

find some odd jobs around the Scottish Rite Building in Kansas<br />

City, Missouri where he was employed. The young man, Louis<br />

Lower had lost his father and needed extra money. He met with<br />

Frank Land and a friendship began. As Louis worked around the<br />

building, he and Frank had discussions about he and other young<br />

men who were growing up without fathers in their lives. This was<br />

after World War I and many of them had lost their fathers in that<br />

conflict. Frank came up with an idea to start a boy’s club to help<br />

mold the character of and provide guidance during those teen<br />

years.<br />

Last Month, Demolay celebrated 100 years of building young<br />

men into the leaders of tomorrow. Since that day in the Kansas<br />

City Scottish Rite millions of young men have been taught love<br />

of parents, courtesy, reverence, fidelity, cleanliness, patriotism,<br />

comradeship-the virtues of a Demolay. “Because, when values are<br />

clear, decisions become easier”.<br />

Now meet some of the Hall of Fame Members that credited<br />

Demolay with helping them get their good start in life-Walt<br />

Disney, Buddy Ebsen, Paul Harvey, John Wayne, Fran Tarkenton,<br />

Pete Rose, Past Imperial Potentates Nicholas Thomas, Raoul<br />

Frevel, and Douglas Maxwell.<br />

Thank you, Frank S. Land for having a dream!<br />

Yours in the Faith,<br />

Randy Williams,<br />

<strong>2019</strong> Potentate

From the desk of...<br />


<br />

Spring is finally here! We had a great turnout for<br />

the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Erin, which is<br />

one of the best parades of the year. Apologies<br />

that I could not be there...I was attending the<br />

SESA Mid-winter meeting, but I heard that<br />

everyone had a great time. A Big thank<br />

you to the Erin Lodge for always preparing<br />

a delicious breakfast for everyone.<br />

SESA is planning a great convention<br />

on August 14-18 in Pigeon Forge and I<br />

hope everyone can attend. There will be<br />

competitions for the Clowns, Motor Corp,<br />

Hillbilly, Provost Guard and Legion of Honor and<br />

I hope all the units will make plans to attend. Yes, there will be a parade<br />

this year!!! Al Menah has been the foundation of SESA for so many<br />

years and we need to continue to show our support.<br />

Friendly reminder… the Circus Ad Sales have officially kicked off<br />

and remember that this is Al Menah’s main fundraiser for the year. The<br />

forms for the Circus Ad Sales are in the office or ask any one on the<br />

Divan.<br />

A big round of applause for the Potentate Ball Committee for<br />

working so hard on behalf of the entire Al Menah nobility. They<br />

always go the extra mile to make Al Menah look absolutely fabulous!!!<br />

Thank you.<br />

Fraternally yours,<br />

<br />

Chief Rabban<br />

Scott Jones<br />


Just back from Assistant Rabban school in Tampa<br />

where I learned the value of leadership,<br />

fundraising, and the woes of men wearing<br />

dresses. That was 4 days of my life I can’t get<br />

back but whatyougonnadoaboutit? It turns<br />

out there are no real secrets to becoming a<br />

good leader; you just need to remember that<br />

we are all volunteers and that this temple<br />


will be as good as we want it to be, end of<br />

story.<br />

While we were sunning on the beaches,<br />

a miracle happened here at home—Jingles<br />

grew a full head of hair—no kidding, he looked<br />

“normal.” It could only be the use of Scrotox that<br />

m a d e him fuzzy on top. In other earthshaking news this month<br />

it turns out that while on the cruise, Valerie was secretly negotiating with<br />

the Keebler Elves to mine diamonds and rubies for the Daughters of<br />

the Nile. At Gwen’s installation, the tables were covered with them. (I<br />

don’t think Valerie knew they were plastic but who’s keeping score?)<br />

Well that’s all from here. Remember to be nice to your wife, she’s knows<br />

where you sleep at night....<br />

Assistant Rabban<br />

Donnie Drayton<br />


Finally!! Spring has arrived, and it brings countless<br />

opportunities for us to continue the great work<br />

we do for Shriners Hospitals for Children.<br />

The month of April has much to offer in your<br />

fight against boredom. On Saturday, April<br />

20th, I hope to see each of you and your<br />

families at the Annual Al Menah Easter Egg<br />

Hunt. As if that weren’t enough fun for one<br />

day, Al Menah proudly presents for your<br />

entertainment pleasure “Larry the Clown”.<br />

Grab your kids, grab the neighbor’s kids, go<br />

ahead and grab a few other kids on the way<br />

to Al Menah to see the Circus! You do not want<br />

to miss this exciting event!<br />

HIGH In a few PRIEST short AND weeks PROPHET our communities <br />

will be filled with men<br />

wearing a Fez and giving their time and energy in support of<br />

Shriners Hospitals for Children. Our purpose as Shriners is to assist<br />

those within our communities who can benefit from the world<br />

class healthcare provided by Shriners Hospitals for Children. Our<br />

obligation as an Al Menah Shriner is to help with the work required<br />

to provide the necessary support to our hospitals. This obligation<br />

doesn’t expire, it doesn’t fade away. In fact, it only becomes more<br />

important each passing day. We each made the decision to serve<br />

the day we became a Shriner. So, let us once again get out there and<br />

do what it is we do best!<br />

As always, Thank You for all that you do. Thank you for the time<br />

away from your families that you selflessly give to Al Menah, but<br />

most importantly for the commitment you choose to give each day<br />

to Shriners Hospitals for Children. After all, to serve others is why<br />

you became a Shriner.<br />

High Priest and Prophet<br />

Vernon Blackburn<br />


Well March was a great month for Lady Valerie<br />

and me as we attended Oriental Guide<br />

School in Tampa and met our counterparts<br />

from across the country. What a great<br />

bunch of men and women! I certainly<br />

don’t “know it all” now but we did learn<br />

a lot and hope to put some of our lessons<br />

into action.<br />

You may have heard by now that the<br />

Cincinnati hospital may be partnering<br />

with Dayton Ohio Pediatric Hospital. There<br />

will be, no doubt, those who see this as a<br />

closing of one of our cherished Shriners Hospitals<br />

for ORIENTAL Children. It’s GUIDE a partnership <br />

that allows the work of the Cincinnati<br />

hospital to continue and allows for the sustained health of our<br />

hospital system. I’ll share with you a conversation, as it was relayed<br />

to me, that took place between one of our doctors and the Imperial<br />

Hospital Board: The physician described the sad feeling she had as<br />

she amputated a stunted limb from a child and the quiet mood of the<br />

technicians in the room. But she realized that while saddened by the<br />

child’s loss of the limb, the child would receive a prosthetic limb<br />

that would enable that child to be otherwise healthy and participate<br />

in activities with other children. The loss of the limb while sad and<br />

tragic, enabled the health of the child’s body and spirit to thrive.<br />

So, it is with our hospital system. We may have to lose a building,<br />

but the hospital system will be allowed to thrive without the financial<br />

affliction of a facility whose patient census cannot be sustained at a<br />

level prescribed by the Joint Commission of Hospital Accreditation.<br />

Our Shriners Hospitals for Children system must be protected even<br />

if it means closing some doors to open others. Or you can think of it<br />

this way, if we remove that cigar stub from Donnie’s face, he’s still<br />

Donnie, he just looks a little different.<br />

Make sure you get tickets for the Potentate’s Ball on April 6th and<br />

watch for other opportunities to participate with our great fraternity.<br />

It’s Great to be a Shriner!!<br />

Oriental Guide<br />

Frank Wilson<br />

3<br />


2020 Al Menah Potentate Trip<br />

Cabo San Lucas<br />

February 23 – March 1, 2020<br />

Los Cabos is a magic land full of contrast, from breathtaking<br />

seas, to desert and mountains. Also known as “Land’s End”<br />

for being located at the tip of the southern Baja California<br />

Península. Step into the extraordinary world of Los Cabos<br />

where the unparalleled natural beauty, biodiversity and<br />

range of amenities will appeal to any personality.<br />

In a paradise where the Sea of Cortés meets the Pacific<br />

Ocean, there is something for everyone: fishing, golf, scuba<br />

diving, snorkeling, kayaking, ATV Adventures, camel riding,<br />

whale watching, wave runners, horseback riding, relaxing in<br />

luxury spas and resorts and dancing ’til dawn.<br />

Stay at the all-inclusive Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Resort and Spa<br />

7 nights $1,425 per person – Double occupancy ($2,475 – single)<br />

3 nights $795 per person – Double occupancy ($1,250 – single)<br />

*A Sunset Dinner Cruise with open bar is included<br />

Package includes: Round trip Cabo to resort transfers, Vacation protection insurance, Travel Agent escort,<br />

Complimentary Wifi, Restaurants (Los Cabos Resort - 3, Rose Resort - 5, Sunset Resort -15, alcohol beverages<br />

and 24-hour room service), Twice – daily housekeeping, Feather-top mattress and pillow menu, Premium bath<br />

amenities, Plush bathrobes, In-room safe, Complimentary shuttle service to Sunset Resort and<br />

Taxes and gratuities included.<br />

Sunday, March 31, <strong>2019</strong> there will be a meeting at AL Menah Dinning room at 1:00pm.<br />

A lunch will be served .<br />

For additional information – call Michelle Atchley @ (615)-792-7552<br />





CeNter<br />

NeWS<br />

Clowns<br />

March has gone by fast and the<br />

Clowns have been busy with the<br />

Jamboree in Gatlinburg then on to<br />

Erin, TN for the St. Patrick’s Day<br />

Parade. Next up is the Down Syndrome<br />

Awards at the Temple and then<br />

Clowns on the town for a great night<br />

of Bowling.<br />

As always, thank you for what<br />

you do to support the hospitals and<br />

please keep our sick brothers in your<br />

prayers.<br />

Clay “Flat Top “ Hedgepath<br />

Secretary<br />

Directors Staff<br />

Hard to believe we are a quarter the<br />

way through the year already.<br />

Are unit has grown by one new<br />

member each meeting, let’s keep up<br />

the trend.<br />

For those who have not been able to<br />

attend for whatever reason we have<br />

several new things going on this<br />

year. The Onion sales are back, we<br />

are participating in parades, although<br />

the Erin Parade was a little shy on<br />

Director Staff appearances there were<br />

several Director’s Staff attending in<br />

different capacities. Everything from<br />

Fuzzy being a driver, Barry, Mike,<br />

and Gerald as Parade Marshals to our<br />

Divan Member Donnie Drayton. Randy<br />

Byrum is forging ahead with some<br />

great ideas for the parades.<br />

8<br />

We have started ordering the crayons<br />

to hand out at the parades and circus.<br />

We need more sponsors.<br />

The Potentate’s Ball will be April<br />

6 and the Directorettes are planning a<br />

special movie theme unit room, one<br />

that I believe we will all be proud of.<br />

The paper sale caravan will be<br />

April 8-12 let’s get out and do our<br />

part.<br />

The Temple has a special Easter<br />

Egg Hunt that includes a One Ring<br />

Circus Act on April 20.<br />

Lt. Joe Anderson<br />

Horse Patrol<br />

Greetings from the Horse Patrol.<br />

We’ve been very active so far this<br />

year, we had 9 members participate<br />

in the Irish Day Parade in Erin last<br />

month. A big shout out to our newest<br />

member Shannon Parker. Shannon<br />

is our mule skinner and does a great<br />

job with them and he also painted our<br />

wagon and we bought new harness<br />

for our team.<br />

We had our mid-winter meeting<br />

with the International Shrine Horse<br />

Patrol in March. We went out to the<br />

state fair grounds and showed everyone<br />

the facilities. We anticipate 100<br />

horses coming to Nashville for the<br />

Imperial Session including a stagecoach<br />

with a 6-horse hitch pulling it.<br />

The Horse Patrol competition will be<br />

Monday July 1 starting at 9:00 am. It<br />

will be at the fairgrounds and is open<br />

to the public.<br />

By the time you read this the Potentate’s<br />

Ball will probably be history,<br />

but a great time was had by all! Let’s<br />

all continue to support Randy and the<br />

rest of the divan as they continue to<br />

lead us through this extremely busy<br />

year.<br />

See you down the trail.<br />

Cowboy Dale<br />

Legion of Honor<br />

The Legion of Honor has added an<br />

addition to their parade participation<br />

this year. LOH Noble Steward Long<br />

has offered the use of his vintage<br />

vehicles to beef up our participation<br />

in parades and anyone who attended<br />

the Erin Parade on 16 March saw<br />

his 1939 Cope. He also has a 1965<br />

Pontiac GTO that will be profiled in<br />

other parades this year to include; the<br />

Imperial Parade in Nashville this July.<br />

The 16th of March was a busy day<br />

for us. In addition to our members<br />

who participated in the Erin Parade,<br />

we also had members posting colors<br />

for the Hooligan’s event that took<br />

place in the Shrine Temple that day.<br />

We will decide at our next meeting<br />

concerning our participation in the<br />

Mule Day Parade, on the 6th of April,<br />

because it falls the same day as the<br />

Potentates Ball. We have several<br />

members attending the Ball and are<br />

posting Colors for that event. Those<br />

going to the Ball will not be able to<br />

participate in the Parade due to time<br />

restrains.<br />

This month we published our rewrite<br />

of our White Book, which houses<br />

our Constitution and By-Laws.<br />

We have also begun selling Circus<br />

Ads, Shrine plaques, and are gearing<br />

up to begin the Annual Paper Sale<br />

Drive.<br />

Members of the Legion of Honor<br />

have also made several runs to the<br />

Lexington and Cincinnati hospitals.<br />

It is a sheer pleasure for us to do so<br />

and look forward to additional trips in<br />

the future.<br />

W. R. Steele<br />

Commander<br />

Motor Corps<br />

March went out with a *BANG* and<br />

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Flowers<br />

are blooming and birds are chirping..<br />

all the while we are anticipating<br />

some great riding<br />

weather ahead!!

Most likely by the time of publication,<br />

the <strong>2019</strong> Al Menah Potentate’s<br />

Ball will have just come and gone and<br />

everyone will be gearing up for the<br />

Easter Egg Hunt and 1-Ring Circus<br />

activities. It’s always a lot of fun for our<br />

children and grandchildren. Make plans<br />

to join in the fun and fellowship!<br />

Thank you to everyone who helped<br />

and those that attended the Motor Corps<br />

Ladies Luncheon. We can’t thank you<br />

enough for what you do to help us and<br />

your constant love and support, not only<br />

for us and this Men’s organization, but<br />

for our patients and our hospitals. WE<br />

could not do what we so love doing<br />

without YOU!<br />

Please join me in congratulating the<br />

newly crowned Queen of Dynasty<br />

Amenna Temple No. 164 Daughters of<br />

the Nile, our very own Gwen Hayes!<br />

We stand behind you with love and<br />

support throughout your year.<br />

As we celebrate the Resurrection<br />

of Christ, Praise Him - for He allowed<br />

this glorious life. Please keep those less<br />

fortunate than we in your thoughts and<br />

prayers.<br />

Easter Facts - Did You Know? Approximately<br />

1.5 billion “Peeps” are sold for<br />

Easter.<br />

Happy Easter!<br />

Fat Rabbit<br />

<strong>2019</strong> Journalist<br />

Shrine Club News<br />

Hendersonville Shrine Club<br />

Our club meets on the 4th Monday<br />

of the month . The next meeting will be<br />

on Monday the 22nd of April. We meet<br />

at the Black Eyed Pea in Hendersonville.<br />

We eat at 6:00 and meet at 7:00.<br />

All members of Al Menah are welcome,<br />

members or not. So bring a friend and<br />

come visit us.<br />

Right now we are planning for the<br />

Paper Sale in May. If you would like to<br />

help with this please contact me (615-<br />

330-0210) or Boyd Parnell ( 615-598-<br />

1339 ) .<br />

A. W. (Pete ) Boswell<br />

615-330-0210<br />

Sumner County Shrine Club<br />

Finally the cold days are gone,<br />

spring has sprung. The Potentate’s<br />

Ball is April 6 and Easter is just around<br />

the corner. After that the Shrine Paper<br />

Sale I hope all Sumner County Shriners<br />

have this on your calendars and set<br />

aside a few hours to help. We have two<br />

Kroger’s and a Walmart to cover. We<br />

need all Shriners to participate as you<br />

took an oath to do when you became<br />

a Shriner. This is our main fundraiser<br />

for Children’s Hospitals. Please don’t<br />

let the kids down. It doesn’t cost you<br />

anything, it only takes a few hours of<br />

your time plus you get a great feeling<br />

of accomplishment knowing you are<br />

helping the kids. Also it’s easy and fun,<br />

you just stand there (or sit) and people<br />

walk by and drop money in your bucket.<br />

I’ve met a lot of nice people that way. If<br />

you want to help and don’t know where<br />

to go, you can call me or if you’re in<br />

Hendersonville area you can call Noble<br />

Boyd Parnell. We seriously need all<br />

Shriners to do your part this year.<br />

All Shriners and their ladies have an<br />

open invitation to attend our Sumner<br />

County Shrine Club meetings. We<br />

meet on the first Monday of the month<br />

at Logan’s Roadhouse in Gallatin. We<br />

begin socializing at 5:30, eat at 6:00 and<br />

the meeting starts at 7:00pm. Come and<br />

help us build our club back up. We welcome<br />

you to join or just come and visit.<br />

Have all-you-can-eat peanuts while you<br />

fellowship with your Shrine brothers,<br />

then enjoy a nice meal and stay for the<br />

meeting.<br />

Roy Lindsey<br />

President of SCSC<br />

615-397-1270<br />

Williamson County Shrine Club<br />

The Williamson County Shrine Club<br />

(WCSC) held its monthly meeting at the<br />

Sportsmens’ Lounge in Brentwood with<br />

25 members and wives in attendance.<br />

The meeting was called to order by President<br />

Dale Pewitt at 6 PM. The normal<br />

formalities of the Pledge of Allegiance<br />

and opening prayer were conducted by<br />

the President. Noble dignitaries and their<br />

ladies were recognized.<br />

The club was given a good presentation<br />

by Mr. Patrick Leahy of the<br />

Tennessee Star, and he received an internationally<br />

famous WCSC Coffee Mug<br />

for his efforts.<br />

The club began planning for the<br />

upcoming Franklin Rodeo Parade with<br />

Sam Isbell being the hospitality chairman.<br />

Plans were made to turn loose on<br />

the world the newly formed “WCSC<br />

force of Pontiacs” at the Erin Parade on<br />

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend. The Pontiac<br />

Soltices in multi colors will participate<br />

in the parade.<br />

The membership was advised of all<br />

upcoming Masonic and Shrine events so<br />

they could mark their calendars.<br />

As always, the Club honored Past<br />

Presidents and closed with a prayer.<br />

Fun and laughter were once again<br />

shared by all!!<br />

All are welcome at the next meeting<br />

on March 21st at the Sportsmens’<br />

Lounge in Brentwood - right off I65<br />

South.<br />

Art De Vooght<br />

(Secy.)<br />


NOTICe:<br />

ALL communications<br />

for the Shriner<br />

should be sent to<br />

editor.amsc@gmail.com<br />



Director Staff Divan Member Donnie Drayton joins members Barry, Mike,<br />

and Gerald to fill the role of Parade Marshals at a recent parade.<br />

Have you gotten your t-shirt?<br />

Make your monthly donation of $25 or more and receive this exclusive<br />

Show Them LOVE t-shirt as a “thank you” for your generosity and<br />

support. Get your t-shirt today!<br />

Donate Today - Press Here!<br />


Please see photos below. These cars will appear in various Shrine parades this year.<br />

Owner/Driver Stew Long - member of Al Menah's Legion of Honor<br />

Stew has agreed to make GTO available for Imperial Parade. This 1965 GTO was elected street<br />

muscle car of the year for 2018. Quite an honor.<br />



<strong>APRIL</strong><br />

1 100th DeMolay Degrees @ Shrine<br />

5 Potentate Ball Hospitality<br />

6 Potentate Ball<br />

8-12 Paper Sale Caravan<br />

20 Temple Easter Egg Hunt<br />

One Ring Circus @ Temple<br />

MAY<br />

1-5 Paper Sale<br />

9-12 43rd Smoky Mt. Funfest<br />

6-18 Dixie Shrine Association<br />

19 Lexington Hospital Days<br />

25 Ice Cream Social & Gospel Singing<br />

5th Hot Rod Boogie Car Show<br />

Music Valley Dr – for Shrine Hospitals<br />


Paper Sale Donation from Kroger<br />

On Monday, 7/18 Potentate Jeff Head and members of the Williamson<br />

County Shrine Club were with Kroger Management at their Belle<br />

Meade store where they presented a $1,000.00 to us for the Shrine<br />

Hospitals for Children. The Kroger Manager was an acquaintance of<br />

Scotty and Teresa Travis who put this together for the Al Menah Shrine<br />

Hospitals for Children Paper Sale.<br />

This is a portion of a message from Phyllis Berry, wife of this<br />

Kroger Store Manager, Michael Berry.<br />

Let me tell you, our son was a Shrine Hospital patient<br />

and we are forever grateful The experience was an<br />

awakening in humanity. The care was phenomenal. The<br />

friendship my family made. The support from the men in<br />

your fraternity was phenomenal. We thank you for all you<br />

and your members do for children across the country.<br />

Sincerely<br />

Phyllis Berry<br />

Fraternally,<br />

Butch Mayes, WCSC<br />



Nashville<br />

11/02/32 – 02/23/19<br />

Nobles Nobles Visited By Visited By<br />

The Black The Camel Black Nobles Camel Visited By<br />

The Black Camel<br />


Nashville<br />

03/23/19 – 02/27/19<br />



A.A.O.N.M.S. A.A.O.N<br />

1354 BRICK CH<br />

P. O. Box A.A.O.N.M.S.<br />

78545<br />

P. O. Box 7<br />




PIKE T<br />

P. O. Box 78545<br />

www.almenahs<br />

www.almenahshriners.org<br />

NASHVILLE, TN 37207<br />

www.almenahshriners.org<br />


Mt. Juliet<br />

11/30/30 – 03/14/19<br />


Mt. Juliet<br />

11/20/46 – 03/05/19<br />


Dickson<br />

07/13/32 – 02/19/19<br />


Roan Mountain<br />

07/08/35 – 02/26/19<br />

DEADLINE FOR MAY <strong>2019</strong> <strong>SHRINER</strong> IS <strong>APRIL</strong> 19 TH<br />


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