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Empathetic response blends the collective spirit of tolerance

But the Christchurch Massacre pierces the Nation’s heart



Friday, March 15, 2019 will

forever be a day etched in

our collective memories.

On this day, a terrorist

stormed two Mosques in

Christchurch, took 50 lives, left

50 others injured and broke our

hearts across Aotearoa.

It was a targeted attack against

our Muslim community and we

cannot let it divide us.

Heartening response

In the face of this horrific attack,

our response as a nation has been


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

has been lauded domestically and

internationally for her empathetic

response to the victims of the

attacks and her swift action on

gun law reform.

The government responded

quickly with direct support to the

victims and families who have lost

loved ones; there are countless

stories of the bravery of those

who were attacked and our first


A majority of New Zealanders

responded with empathy, love and


Since the attack, I have attended

a number of prayer services and


In addition to the vocal support

for the Prime Minister and the

wider Government, there has been

a pervasive undercurrent of relief.

Relief that at a time when other

world leaders have refused to

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern comforting a Muslim woman in Christchurch on March 16, 2019 (Picture Supplied)

denounce white supremacists and

have blamed immigration policies

for the attack, our leader stands

strongly with people of colour and

says, unafraid, that as a nation we

will continue to welcome those

who are of diverse ethnicities and

languages; but that the door will

close on those who espouse hate

and extremist ideologies.

Freedom from racism

She acknowledged that safety

doesn’t just refer to the absence of


It also means being free from

racism and hate.

The Prime Minister’s statement,

‘They are us,’ struck a chord simply

because, for too long, people

from ethnic minority communities

haven’t felt like we truly belong.

Many, especially Muslim women

who wear their faith visibly, have

been told to go back home despite

the fact that Islam has been in

New Zealand since the 1850s and

many are second or third generation

Muslim New Zealanders who

know no other home.

Many of us are asked where

we’re really from – the assumption

being if you have brown skin and

a long name you can’t possibly be

from New Zealand.

Our ethnic communities are

woefully under-represented at

every level of leadership in New


We are a diverse society of over

200 ethnicities. Collectively, we

speak over 160 languages.

Challenge of Change

Change of this magnitude is not

without challenge. How do we ensure

that people from our diverse

communities have a voice as New

Zealand continues to change?

How do we break down the

barriers that continue to ‘Other’

certain communities?

Perhaps we also need to look

inward, within our own communities

and challenge our own biases

and prejudices.

Let us examine at which voices

deem to represent us as a whole

and whose voices are excluded. Do

we value the voices of our women

and our younger generations?

If we truly value different perspectives

and lived experiences,

perhaps it is about time we made

space for them to be heard.

The horrific act of terror that we

Muslims praying at Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch on March 22, 2019, a week after a terrorist killed 50 people

(Photo by AFP and other Licensors)

suffered on March 15 is our call to


In the immediate aftermath, we

have seen an outpouring of love

and solidarity from a majority

of New Zealanders, which has

provided much-needed support

and comfort.

Widespread Xenophobia

Unfortunately, we have also

seen xenophobia, hate and fear

raise its ugly head - and it is not

confined to white supremacists.

It is alive and well across all our


Nobody has a monopoly on

hate. We are all capable of it. We

are also all capable of empathy,

love and compassion.

I am reminded of a Native

American parable: A Cherokee

elder teaching his grandson says,

“There is aterrible fight going

on inside me. It a fight between

two wolves. One is evil – he

is anger, envy, sorrow, regret,

greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt,

resentment, inferiority, lies, false

pride, superiority, and ego.”

He continued, “The other is

good – he is joy, peace, love, hope,

serenity, humility, kindness,

benevolence, empathy, generosity,

truth, compassion, and faith. The

same fight is going on inside you

– and inside every other person,


The grandson thought about it

for a minute and then asked his

grandfather, “Which wolf will


The old Cherokee simply

replied, “The one you feed.”

As we stand united in grief, we

must stand united in strength to

fight the hate that underpinned

the attack.

Let us work together to ensure

that our diversity is truly valued,

that we are supported to maintain

what makes us unique as New

Zealanders – regardless of where

we come from – and that we are

able to participate in society in a

meaningful way.

That would make us a truly

multicultural society that values


Priyanca Radhakrishnan is a

Member of Parliament on Labour

List. Her Electorate Office

is based in Maungakiekie (Level

1, Crighton House, 100 Neilson

Street), Auckland.

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APRIL 1, 2019

Supplied Content


New Zealanders are

incredibly generous

and give billions of

their hard-earned

cash to charity each year. Right

now, there are a wide range of

organisations that are working

to raise funds in the wake of the

Christchurch tragedy and many

people who have, or are considering

donating to these efforts.

The Department of Internal

Affairs has provided the following

advice to make sure money raised

Christchurch Massacre

Royal Commission of Inquiry announced

Sourced Content

Prime Minister Jacinda

Ardern has announced

that there will be a Royal

Commission of Inquiry into

security agencies following the

Christchurch terrorist attacks.

She said that while New Zealanders

and Muslim communities

were still grieving, they were also

rightly asking questions about

how the terror attack was able to

take place.

The inquiry will look at what

could or should have been done to

prevent the attack, she said.

It will probe into the accused individual

and his activities before

the terrorist attack, including into


Agencies to be probed

“It will look at the actions of

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaking to a Muslim in

Christchurch on March 16, 2019 (Picture Supplied)

SIS, the GCSB, police, Customs,

Immigration and any other relevant

government departments or

agencies,” she said.

Ms Ardern said the terms

of reference had not yet been

set, but these would reflect the

seriousness of the attack and the

need to get answers in a timely


Caution against ‘donation scams’

ends up in the right hands and

will help those in need:

For individuals

Know who you are giving to:

A lot of organisations are well

known charities. Registered

charities have to publish their

accounts which means people

“There will be a focus on

whether our intelligence

community was concentrating

its resources appropriately and

whether there were any reports

that could or should have been

alerted then to this attack. It is

important that no stone is left

unturned to get to the bottom

of how this act of terrorism

occurred,” she said.

Ms Ardern said that the

Commission would look at events

leading up to the attacks, rather

than the immediate emergency

response to the attacks, which

was work that would be done


She said the government

needed to balance the timeliness

of the inquiry with the need to be

thorough. Sovereign

can see where the money goes

and how it is spent. You can also

find out about each charity’s

purpose and activities, and who

is involved.

There are also many organisations

that are doing great work

in our communities, but are

not registered charities. Most of

them will have their own website

or social media channel where

people can find out more about


If you are approached at your

home or on the street you are

quite within your rights to ask to

see identification or ask the collector

to explain the work of the

charity and how your donation

Timely, at high level

“We want it to be independent,

we want it to be at the highest

level, but we also want it to be

timely ... I absolutely accept that

people want answers and they

don’t want to be waiting a long

time, but we equally have to allow

the inquiry the time to do the

job properly, so we’re weighing

all that up,” Ms Ardern said.

She said that Royal Commissions

are usually reserved for

the matters of gravest public

important and it was clearly the

appropriate form of inquiry for

this instance.

Trip to China

Ms Ardern also announced

that she would travel to Beijing in

China on Sunday where she will

meet with President Xi Jinping

will be used.

You can also ask how much

of your donation will reach the

cause. For example 100 percent

of every dollar donated to the

Christchurch Shooting Victims’

Fund run by Victim Support will

be used to help victims.

Be careful of scams

Sadly, at times like these

there always seem to be some

dishonest people who use the

opportunity to take advantage of

New Zealanders’ generosity. This

could take the form of false representation

in person or online.

Follow your instinct – if it

doesn’t look or feel right then

hold off giving anything until you

and Premier Li Keqiang. She

will also formally open the New

Zealand embassy.

Ms Ardern said it was an

important visit that was planned

some weeks ago but given the

terrorist attacks in Christchurch it

has been cut back to just one day

of meetings. Ms Ardern said she

would be back in New Zealand by


“I expect discussions will

include a broad range of bilateral,

regional and international issues

of common interest, including on

upgrading our free trade agreement,

protecting and promoting a

rules based international trading

system and combating climate

change,” Ms Arden said.

Under Special Arrangement

with www.rnz.co.nz

can get more information.

If you receive an email

requesting a donation and it

looks suspicious and/or asks for

personal details such as your

date of birth and bank account

number, do not open or reply to

the email – simply delete it as it

may contain links to viruses.

If you want to donate online try

and find awell-known platform,

rather than using links in emails

or on social media.

For more information, please

call (03) 3395538; 0800-824824.

Email: christchurchdiafunding@dia.govt.nz


Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

National List MPbasedd in

Manukau East






1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland

09 278 9302

09 278 2143





Funded by the Parliamentary Service. Authorised by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP, 1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe.

APRIL 1, 2019

Are you looking

to Buy or Sell

a Business?

Christchurch Massacre

It is time to assert zero tolerance on racism

Phil Goff

Afortnight ago on

Friday, March 15,

2019, 50 innocent

men, women and

children were gunned down

while at prayer at their

Mosques in Christchurch by

a hate-filled individual for

no reason other than they

were Muslim.

For the Muslim

community, this attack has

left a heightened sense of

insecurity and vulnerability.

Shock and disbelief

For all of us there is a

sense of shock and disbelief

that we witnessed in our

own country an act of

terrorism which we thought

could never happen here.

The loss of life and the

trauma suffered by families

and the communities of the

victims cannot be reversed.

However, out of this tragedy

we need to find positives

that will help us go forward

to be a better and stronger


Auckland stands with

Christchurch and with the

Muslim community across

New Zealand.

We acknowledge our

City’s strong Muslim

community, the largest in

the country.

Auckland stands united

with the community in grief

and solidarity.

We must not let the

actions of the pathetic and

twisted individual who perpetrated

the killings define

our values as a people and a


Reaffirming support

This is the time to reaffirm

our support for a multi-cultural

and multi-faith nation

and City. Our goal as a City

is to be inclusive, to treat

as equals and to treat with

respect all people regardless

of race, colour and creed.

As a City, we believe that

diversity enriches and

should not divide us. Look

at how we celebrate Matariki,

Polyfest and Pasifika, the

Lantern Festival, Diwali and

Eid Al Fitr.

Equally, it is a time to

assert zero tolerance for

racism. When people

abuse, demean and ridicule

Muslims or any other faith

or ethnicity, we cannot be

passive observers on the

side lines.

Speak out bigotry

We need to speak out

against New Zealanders

who peddle bigotry, prejudice

and racism. They create

the environment in which

the killer in Christchurch

felt vindicated in what he

did. Nor should we welcome

or do anything to facilitate

alt-right or any other

extremist groups, including

the Canadians who came

here last year, to peddle

their propaganda about

race and faith.

It is important to provide

reassurance and support to

Muslim or other groups who

feel they are targeted by

racist individuals or groups.

The outpouring of support

and sympathy by New

Zealanders so far has shown

that overwhelmingly we are

decent people committed to

treating everyone fairly.

Name suppression a must

Other changes will

be needed and I fully

endorse proposals to ban

military style Semi-Automatics

which allowed the

Christchurch killer to take

as many lives as he did.

Social media will have

to take steps to avoid

individuals misusing online

platforms to promote hate

and violence. Wouldn’t it be

good also if people like this

killer could have permanent

name suppression and

anonymity so that when

convicted they would

spend the rest of their

lives in prison unknown

and without the fame and

celebrity status they craved

and which motivated their


1Climate Change Minister James Shaw tweeted saying that

he and other MPs accepted about 70,000 petitions from

New Zealanders today calling changes to gun laws.

In the face of this tragedy,

our nation has pulled

together and shown love

and compassion for the

Muslim community.

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are accepting of all

races and faiths. The

overwhelming outpouring

of sympathy and support

demonstrates hope and

expectation that we can

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Thousands attend vigils (at Tauranga-RNZ Photo by

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build a better and stronger


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APRIL 1, 2019


Christchurch Massacre

Nation mourns victims of Christchurch massacre

respects at Auckland Mosques, people of NewZealand. of people joined thecircleof

Peopleturnedout in big

such as the Masjid EUmarin Wellington


numbersaround NewZealand

for the official Islamic

Kathryn, apreschoolteaching

emergency service staff, asked to remain anonymous,

Mount Roskill.

Thousands of peopleinclud-

AMuslim woman, who

Call to Prayer at 130 pm on

er,brought acard filled with Police Commissioner Mike said she was touchedbythe

March15, 2019, oneweek after 50

people were killed in attacks on

two mosques in Christchurch.

Subsequently, vigils were held



art made by the pupils.

She said that the school was

diverse and theywantedto

show they caredabout the


In Avondale,membersofthe

Bush, Mayor Justin Lestor,

MPs Grant Robertson and

James Shaw and leaders from

other religiouscommunities

arrivedatKilbirnie Mosque.

Ahuman chain has been


“Itisoverwhelming and

unexpected, but verytouching

and it’sreally nice to see

so much support. It’snot

something I’veever imagined

The main event was in North

community created ahuman formed outside the mosque beforeinmylife,” shesaid.

Flowers placed outside Al Noor Mosque. Photo: AFP

Hagley Parkopposite the Al Noor

chain outside the Islamic who have at times broken into Hands Around Nelson’s

Mosque on DeansAvenue, with

Prime MinisterJacinda Ardern

attendingthe ceremony.

Prayer mats were laid out in the

park facingthe Mosque, which is

about 100m away.

Alargescreen was erected so

that members of the public could

follow what was going on. The

call to prayer startedat1.30pm.

Later, Al Noor Mosque Imam

Gamal Fouda, whosurvived the


Outside the Islamic Centre

in Avondale.(RNZPhoto by

Liu Chen)

Auckland’sMayor Phil Goff

attended the Jamia Masjid Al

Mustafa in Ōtāhuhu.

He said that the reaction to

the shootingswas the biggest

show of communitysolidarity

hehad seen in hislifetime.

“Throughthe gruelling



by local school children.


About 1500peoplevisited

Tauranga Mosque, many

forming ahuman chain.

They wereinvitedinto

the Mosque but there were

so manypeopletheyspilled

out onto the street. National

Party leader Simon Bridges

Mosque memorial service

(RNZ Photo by Tracy Neal)

In Nelson, crowds gathered

around Nelson’s Mosque

memorial prayer service in

Hardy Street.Whangarei

Anglicans faced Mecca, wore

scarves, and left their shoes

at the church doortoshow

support forMuslims.

Avigilwas held at the

Bowl of Brooklands in New

March 15 attacks, spoke, telling Thousands gathered in Auckland on March 22, 2019 week that we havehad,the attendedand school students Plymouth at 7pm.

(RNZ Picture by Jogai Bhatt

the crowd NewZealand was

incredibly positive outcome performed ahaka.

Acandle-lit hikoi of unity


“Weare broken-hearted, but we

are not broken. We are alive, we

are together,weare determined

to not let anyone divide us,” he


After aspeechfrom the Mayor,

aMuslim prayer andperformances,

the march would wind its way

along Rolleston Avenue to the

wall of flowersand thenback to

the park.

Three 16-year-olds had organised

the event including Manaia

Butler.Alotofhate had been brought to

Christchurch, she said.

“The most powerful solution to that is

awhole lot of love being shown and we

have shownthat through the earthquakes

and we mayhaveforgottenthat over the

few years thathave been between these

two events but it’sagreat timetobring the

Christchurch community back together

again andheal and acknowledge those

who have been lostand thosewho have

helped out in this time of need.”


Members of the public paid their

has been justtosee people

come together in away that

overmywhole lifetime I’ve

never seen happen in New

Zealand. People determined

to stand together to saywhat

happeneddoes not reflectus

as apeople, it doesn’t reflect

usasanation,these are not

our values,”hesaid.

Mr Goff said that all the


has meet saythat they feel

wonderfully supported by the

The haka performedin

Tauranga (RNZ Photo)

Two gangs -Mongrel Mob

and Greazy Dogs -turnedout,

saying that they were there to

offer protection.


Al Huda MosqueinDunedin

(RNZ PhotobyTess Brunton)

Down in Dunedin,anemotional

hakawas performed

outside theAlHuda Mosque

as ashow of solidarity.The

streetwas packed as hundreds

was held in Hastings, starting

at Albert Square at 630 pm

and finishing at the Baitul

Mokarram Masjid in Heretaunga


Avigilwas held at Imam

Reza Mosque in New Lynn

from 630 pm to 730pm.

TheKāpiti Vigil for

Christchurch was held at 7pm

at the ZealYouth Centreat132

Rimu Road.


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Christchurch Massacre

Auckland Muslims hail Jacinda Arden as humane, genuine Leader

Venkat Raman

Auckland’s Muslim community, the largest in

the country, gathered at Masjid-E-Umar (the

biggest Mosque in New Zealand) at a special

meeting on Saturday, March 23, 2019 at its

precincts to pay its tribute to Prime Minister Jacinda

Ardern for her compassion and leadership in handling

the tragedy in Christchurch.

More than 1000 men and women attended the

meeting, among who were Ms Ardern, Auckland

Mayor Phil Goff, Mt Roskill elected MP (Labour)

Michael Wood, National List MPs Dr Parmjeet

Parmar and Melissa Lee, Masjid-E-Umar Trust

Chairman Ahemad Bhamji and Imam Mohamed

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern with (from left) Ahemad Bhamji, Phil Goff and

Michael Wood (INL Photo)


A terrorist attack on

March 15, 2019 at two

Mosques in the Garden City

killed 50 men, women and

children and injured another

50 people, many of who

are still under treatment.

Some of them continue to

be in a critical condition.

‘They are Us’

Ms Ardern is being acclaimed

all over the world

for reaching out to the

Muslim community and

mourning with them in

Christchurch, Wellington

and Auckland. Her speeches

were noted for their

love and care, offering solace

and comfort to the victims

of the families affected

by the massacre and by

the Muslim community in


Soon after the shootings

occurred, she said that

there was no place in New

Zealand for such acts of extreme


“This is one of New

Zealand’s darkest days.

Clearly, what has happened

is an extraordinary

and unprecedented acts

of violence. Many of those

who will have been directly

affected by this shooting

will be migrants, they

will be refugees here. They

have chosen to make New

Zealand their home and it

is their home. They are us.

The person who perpetuated

this violence against us

is not; they have no place in

New Zealand,” she said.

Ahemad Bhamji

Mr Bhamji paid rich tributes

to Ms Arden on behalf

of his community at the

special meeting today.

In a voice choked with

emotion, he said that what

happened in Christchurch

on March 15, 2019 was horrendous,

despicable and

soul-destroying, not only for

the Muslim community but

also for all New Zealanders.

“Yet, immediately after,

and to-date, the wide range

of caring, uplifting, embracing

and inclusive responses

from our people, from

all sections of people in

New Zealand, including the

youth in particular, have

been truly remarkable and

extraordinary,” he said.

Mr Bhamji said that the

community acknowledges

the immediate actions

of the Prime Minister with

great appreciation and


Three Priceless Words

“Her statement, ‘They are

us,’ represent three priceless

words of great substance

that all of us will

cherish. The people of New

Zealand, regardless of their

religious faiths and beliefs,

have demonstrated that we

share collective mutual interests

and a common identity.

I say this because I am

a Muslim and I am an immigrant,

originating from

Fiji. But in the wake of all

the developments that have

unfolded since last Friday

Nanubhai Ranchhod entering Parliament with Interfaith Leaders on Tuesday,

March 19, 2019 (Photo Supplied)

(March 15), I have come to

really and truly appreciate

the meaning of being a New

Zealander; and I celebrate

that, at a time like this,” he


Continued on page 7

Career prospects have their beginnings at MIT

Venkat Raman

Sadia Afrin is one of a kind.

While studying for the

Bachelor of Information

and Communication

Technology at MIT, she was

known by the staff as the student

who would arrive before the

Academic Centre opened and also

the one who would be still studying

after everyone else had gone


“I went there at 6.45 in the

morning and I wouldn’t be able

to get through the doors because I

wouldn’t have access till 7.30.

So one of the teachers who

came early would let me in.

“They would smile at me or say

something nice and so my day

would start with something nice.

Things like that made a huge difference

for me and made the

journey at MIT awesome,” said

the 23-year-old who was born

and educated to high school level

in Bangladesh before moving

to this country after getting


Punctual and efficient

Afrin’s lecturer, Dr Reza

Shahamiri of MIT’s School of

Digital Technologies calls her,

‘one of the best students I have

trained in my career.’

“Every time I gave her an exercise,

she managed to complete it

in such a professional way that

you only expect from good, experienced

software engineers. She

was completely dedicated and focused

on the tasks in front of her.

She inspired me in many ways

Sadia Afrin, the Student

too. I even learned from her and

used one of her designs in one

of my own projects. Sadia is a

perfect example how amazing

women are as IT professionals.”

But it didn’t start out that way.

When Afrin signed on for the

degree programme the only goal

was to pass.

Her study options were limited

by the fact other providers

didn’t recognise the education

she had received in Bangladesh

and the bridging courses that

would have got her into university

were either too expensive or

quite basic.

“I did my research. My mother-in

law said wonderful things

about MIT and so I applied. I

had no aim. I didn’t know what

I was doing. When I was young,

I was good with computers.

Although my true passion was

psychology, I had to get practical,

I needed a job. So I thought

why not IT?” Sadia said.

Sadia Afrin, the Software Developer at Vista Entertainment Solutions

Supporting learners

Manukau Institute of

Technology’s School of Business

and IT prides itself on supporting

all its learners to achieve

their ambitions.

It works closely with industry

to design qualifications that

teach the practical skills looked

for in potential employees.

While on work placements,

students complete projects that

allow them to find real world

applications for what they have

learned in class.

Sadia began working as a developer

for Forsite, a company

that provides information security

and network solutions to the

construction industry.

“I created something called

the Attendance Page which is

pretty much like a time sheet

for the employees so you can

see how many hours they have

spent on what site and go into

the details.”

It led on to her current position

with Vista Entertainment

Solutions, an international company

that designs software

products in half of the world’s

cinemas offering services including

seat management, food,

beverage and kiosk support.

Impressive credentials

“She had a very impressive CV.

It stood out in a crowd. We get

a lot of CVs, most are three or

four pages. But Sadia had made

a brochure that looked like a

sales ad, but it did the job,” says

her team leader at Vista, Donnel


“You can leave her with a task

to do on her own and check in

from time to time. I really enjoy

that. She communicates her

ideas clearly with the team,” he


Graduation will see hundreds

cross the stage to receive

qualifications for everything

from nursing, social work, early

childhood education, creative

arts, business and information


It’s something the top student

has been getting excited about

for months.

“It was a lot of work. MIT

pushed me to do it. Truly I

wouldn’t have done the amount

of work I did without the teachers

being the way they are. They

truly pushed me to give my best.

I did my first assignment. The

teachers picked up on the potential

I had, and their support,

encouragement and appreciation

made me go the extra mile.

I looked forward to going to MIT

not because I had to study all day

long but because of the love I


Prosperous Career

“I really wish her a prosperous

career. I’m very confident with

her professionalism, dedication,

and her amazing attitude she is

a great asset for our Information

Technology industry and will

make significant contributions

to New Zealand,” Dr Shahamiri


So what’s next? Well, Sadia

Afrin would like to go on to do

an MBA and found her own real

estate start up with even talk of

starting at scholarship for international

students to help them

juggle the demands of work and


For more information visit


APRIL 1, 2019

Semi-automatics and assault rifles banned

The New Zealand

government has

announced that it is

banning forthwith

Military style Semi-automatics

and assault rifles

and action to prevent


Prime Minister issued

the following Statement on

stronger gun laws.

On March 15, 2019, our

history changed forever.

Now, our laws will too.

We are announcing

action today on behalf

of all New Zealanders to

strengthen our gun laws

and make our country a

safer place.

Cabinet agreed to

overhaul the law when it

met on Monday (March 18,

2019), 72 hours after the

horrific terrorism act in


Now, six days after this

attack, we are announcing

a ban on all military style

Semi-automatics (MSSA)

and assault rifles in New


Related parts used to

convert these guns into MS-

SAs are also being banned,

along with all high-capacity


Amnesty and Buyback

An amnesty will be put

in place for weapons to be

handed in, and Cabinet has

directed officials to develop

a buyback scheme. Further

details will be announced

on the buyback in due



JUNE 2019*

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern comforts

a Muslim woman in Christchurch

(Photo Supplied)

All Semi-automatic weapons

used during the terrorist

attack on Friday 15 March

will be banned. I strongly

believe that the vast majority

of legitimate gun owners in

New Zealand will understand

that these moves are in the

national interest, and will

take these changes in their


Some exceptions

When Australia undertook

similar reforms, their

approach was to allow for

exemptions for farmers upon

application, including for pest

control and animal welfare.

We have taken similar action

to identify the weapons

legitimately required in those

areas, and preclude them.

Legislation to give effect to

the ban will be introduced

when Parliament sits in

the first week of April. We

will provide a short, sharp

Select Committee process for

feedback on the technical

aspects of the changes. We

are looking to progress

the amendments to this

legislation under urgency and

expect these amendments

to the Arms Act to be passed

within the next session of

Christchurch Massacre


About the Legislation

Police Minister Stuart Nash

said, “he Bill will include

narrow exemptions for legitimate

business use, which

would include professional

pest control. Police and

the Defence Force will also

have exemptions. Issues

like access for mainstream

international sporting

competitions are also being

worked through.

“We have also acknowledged

that some guns serve

legitimate purposes in our

farming communities,

and have therefore set out

exemptions for 0.22 calibre

rifles and shotguns commonly

used for duck hunting.

These will have limitations

around their capacity.

“While the legislation is

being drafted, I am announcing

that the government

will take immediate action

today to restrict the potential

stock-piling of these guns and

encourage people to continue

to surrender their firearms.

Order in Council issued

Earlier this afternoon,

an Order in Council under

section 74A (c) of the Arms

Act was signed by the Governor-General

to reclassify

a wider range of Semi-automatic

weapons under the

Act. It came into effect at 3

pm on March 21, 2019.

For full text of the above

article, please visit



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APRIL 1, 2019




50m 2



JUNE 2019*



82m 2


(Resource Consented)



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77m 2


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Continued from page 6

Mr Bhamji urged leaders

of the New Zealand

Muslim community and

other organisations to

“categorically reject any

calls for revenge and


“We must take a robust,

unwavering and

collective stance against

the calls such as those

made by ISIS and others.

This, to compellingly

demonstrate that we New

Zealanders, including

Muslims in this country,

hold dearly to the values

of goodwill, tolerance

and peace amongst our

diverse communities in

New Zealand,” he said.

Auckland Mayor Phil

Goff and Mt Roskill MP

Michael Wood spoke of

the oneness and solidarity

of New Zealanders and

assured the Muslim community

of their support

and services at all times.

They also praised the

humane and determined

approach of Ms Ardern

in handling the difficult

situation arising out of


165m 2

Christchurch Massacre

Young boys get autograph from the Police in front of Masjid-E-Umar in

Mt Roskill, Auckland today (RNZ Picture by Katie Doyle)

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Julie Warbrick

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114m 2 106m 2



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the massacre in Christchurch.

Imam Mohamed Patel also

praised Ms Ardern in his

Prayer and speech.

Jacinda Ardern

Prime Minister Ardern said

that by the Muslim community

has shown its hospitality

towards all New Zealanders

by opening the Mosques

throughout the country ‘and

allowing us to be with them,’

at a time when it would be

completely justified to close

the doors and lock the gates.

“You did the exact opposite

and on behalf of New

Zealand, we thank you for

that. When I looked out and

saw the gathering of New

Zealanders today, I remember

that we are a Nation of

220 ethnicities speaking 160

languages, from all walks of

life, from different religions,

different ages; you are a reflection

of who we are as a

Nation. And so, I am incredibly

humbled to stand before

you and see the act of solidarity

from so many New

Zealanders here,” she said.

Ms Arden said that what

she had done was not about

leadership but echoed the humanity

of New Zealanders.

Tribute to Police

Paying a special tribute to

the New Zealand Police, Ms

Ardern said that every time

she visited Christchurch during

the past week to meet the

members of the Muslim community,

“they have asked






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their thanks to be passed on

to the Police officers who

were on duty on that horrific


She said that during the

past week, many world leaders

had conveyed their condolences

predominantly to

the Muslim community and

to all people of New Zealand.

“They have seen your outpouring.

They have seen

the flowers lined up on the

streets; they have seen the

haka performed,” she said.

Ms Ardern then read out

parts the speech delivered by

Deputy Prime Minister and

Foreign Minister Winston

Peters at the Emergency

Meeting of the Organisation

of Islamic Cooperation on the

Christchurch terror attack in

Istanbul, Turkey, yesterday,

March 22, 2019.

Earlier, students of Mount

Roskill Grammar School and

staff of Air New Zealand performed

the haka.

On Tuesday (March 19,

2019), the New Zealand

Parliament honoured the

victims of the Christchurch

terror attacks, opening the

session with a Muslim prayer,

while Churches have opened

their doors to give Muslims a

safe place to pray.

Wellington Indian

Association President

Nanubhai Ranchhod represented

the New Zealand

Indian Central Association at

the Opening Session.


APRIL 1, 2019


Fijian Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama (Photo by FBC News

Atrocity beyond comprehension:


Fijian Prime Minister

Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama

has described

the shooting incident in

Christchurch as heart-breaking

for his country.

Forty-nine men, women and

children died and 39 persons

(including 11 in ICU) were

injured as a man went on

a shooting spree inside two

Mosques in Christchurch on

Friday, March 16, 2019 as the

victims were offering their

Friday Prayers.

Speaking to FBC Radio, Mr

Bainimarama sent his condolences

to former Fijians and

New Zealanders living in the

New Zealand South Island City.

Darkest of Evils

He said that as the news of

a mass shooting at the two

Mosques in Christchurch unfolds,

Fijian hears are breaking

for our brothers and sisters,

“a place where an atrocity of

this nature is shocking almost

beyond comprehension.”

Mr Bainimarama said that

across all religions, houses of

worship are a source of refuge,

of prayer, and of love.

He said that to see such a

heinous and hate-filled act

occur in what should be places

of peace is the darkest of evils.

“Fijian people stand with our

Pacific family in this time of

suffering and sadness, and we

condemn all forms of hatred

and terror. Fiji will be working

closely with authorities in New

Zealand to monitor the welfare

of Fijians in Christchurch

and will provide updates as

they are made available,” Mr

Bainimarama said.

Fiji’s Leader of Opposition

Sitiveni Rabuka also conveyed

his personal condolences to the

families of the victims of the

cowardly terrorist attacks.

Under a Special Arrangement

with the Fiji Broadcasting


Christchurch Massacre

Pakistanis want consolidation of communities

Venkat Raman

Acontinuous dialogue on

Interfaith articulated by

the government, concerted

efforts of City Councils to

further the cause of communities,

and increased visibility of the Police

in places of worship and other areas

of public congregation are among

the measures that would instil a

feeing of security among people.

These were the views of Pakistan

Association of New Zealand (PANZ)

President Naveed Hameed, echoing

the feelings of his community in


The terrorist attack that left

50 persons dead and another 50

persons seriously injured while

they were praying in two Mosques

in Christchurch on Friday, March

15, 2019 took away the lives of nine

people of Pakistani origin. While

the benevolent response of Prime

Minister Jacinda Ardern has been

appeasing, the community needs


Pronounced solidarity

Mr Hameed said that the

solidarity of New Zealanders has

been pronounced with widespread

condemnation of the terrorist

attack and Kiwi women covering

their head with scarf have been


“However, Muslims are scared

that they will be attacked in

Mosques and this fear complex may

spread to people praying in Temples,

Churches, Gurdwaras and other

PANZ President Naveed Hameed

Farah Rais Alvi, Adnan Mirza, Mohammad Imtiaz Mirza and Shahida Yesmeen Butt

places of worship. We would like the

increased visibility of armed Police for

some more time,” he said.

“The Pakistani community is keen

to promote New Zealand as a safe and

secure country and will work with

everyone to achieve this objective. We

respect all cultures and traditions that

make us a unique nation of diverse

but united people,” Mr Hameed said.

Fears allayed

Former PANZ President Adnan

Mirza allayed the fears, saying that

there is no need for any alarm or

additional security.

“I mourn the death of my Muslim

brothers and sisters. Pakistan as a

country has stood by New Zealand

and our Prime Minister Imran Khan

has conveyed the condolences of all

Pakistanis to Ms Ardern,” he said.

His father, Mohammed Imtiaz

Mirza, said, “The whole world has

appreciated the spirit of togetherness

and empathy shown by all New

Zealanders following the massacre

in Christchurch. I believe that the

actions of the Prime Minister and

the New Zealand Police have had

positive impact and New Zealanders

are today more confident,” he said.

His mother Shahida Yesmeen Butt

said that she joined millions of people

in praying for the departed souls.

“I was moved to tears. Someone

lost a wife, husband and children;

all of us have lost our brothers and

sisters,” she said.

Mr Adnan’s wife Farah Rais Alvi

said that the issue at hand is how to

reconcile and move forward. “What

happened in Christchurch was

not ordinary and what happened

afterwards was extraordinary. Our

Prime Minister has rewritten history

by doing what no one has ever done

before,” she said.

Maungakiekie Office

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APRIL 1, 2019

Christchurch Massacre

Visiting Minister seeks more investors, tourists

Venkat Raman




workforce, youthful

population, opportunities

and incentives

for investment and friendly

government policies are the

advantages available to New

Zealand investors and businesses

in Fiji, a visiting Minister has said.

Trade, Tourism, Industry, Local

Government, Housing and Community

Development Minister

Premila Kumar was in Auckland

this week to meet with government

officials, private sector

companies, members of the New

Zealand-Fiji Business Council and

others to promote her country as

an attractive destination for New


Hub of the Pacific

Speaking at a Reception

organised in her honour by the

Sydney based Consul General and

Trade Commissioner (Australia

and New Zealand) Zarak Khan,

at the Office of the New Zealand

Trade & Enterprise on Tuesday,

March 19, 2019, she outlined the

potential available for investors

and commercial enterprises.

“Fiji is the hub of the Pacific,

the hub of communications,

trade, investment, tourism and

innovation. We established our

Trade Commission in Auckland

about a year ago in Auckland’s

Central Business District, alongside

major financial institutions,

corporations and equally important,

many Small and Medium

Enterprises (SMEs),” she said.

Describing SMEs as the

backbone of the New Zealand

economy, Ms Kumar said that

they are a driving force behind

the strong New Zealand-Fiji

trade, investment and economic


“We are neighbours with businesses

and investment partners

who are strategically positioned

to engage with each other for the

benefit of both economies,” she


Earlier, Fiji Trade Commission

Fiji’s Trade, Tourism, Industry, Local Government,

Housing and Community Development

Minister Premila Kumar

New Zealand Manager Peter

James Rudd introduced the Minister

and spoke about the objectives

of his Office in Auckland.

Increasing bilateral trade

Stating that New Zealand is

among the top ten export destinations

for Fiji over the past five

years, Ms Kumar said that the

two-way trade stood at F$ 992.2

million as at the end of 2017, with

annual average exports at F$110


“New Zealand has also been

one of Fiji’s top five import

markets. In 2017, the highest

number of imports were from

New Zealand, valued at F$858.1

million,” she said.

Ms Kumar said that her

government has in place several

‘pro-growth policies’ and that

the country has ‘very ambitious

Fijians in all sectors launching

new businesses.’

“Our Trade Commission in

New Zealand is geared to provide

entrepreneurs the confidence

and opportunity to market their

products across New Zealand

and also launch their services

in the New Zealand market. Our

Office will continue to be an

invaluable source of information

and guidance to New Zealander

investors as well as New Zealand

visitors who visit Fiji every year,”

she said.

Focus on Tourism

According to government

statistics, about 200,000 New

Fijian Minister Premila Kumar with National MP KS Bakshi (left)

and Consul General & Trade Commissioner Zarak Khan (right)

Zarak Khan speaking at the Reception

Zealanders visited Fiji in 2018,

an increase of 7.7% over the

previous year.

About 90% of these are repeat

visitors and the government

has plans to promote Fiji as a

viable, alternate and good tourist

destination in the coming years.

About the Trade Commission

Ms Kumar said that the

Trade Commission will build

on the enduring relationship

between the two countries and

create more exposure for ‘Fijian

Made’ products and services,

investments and Fiji as a business


“The Trade Commission is making

a significant impact for Fiji by

showcasing and strengthening

trade and investment relations

with New Zealand. The Office

has been working closely with

stakeholders including our High

Commission in Wellington, Industry,

Trade and Tourism Ministry,

Investment Fiji, New Zealand-Fiji

Business Council, New Zealand

Trade & Enterprise, New Zealand

Fiji’s Minister Premila Kumar with (from left) Kiran Arul, Rrahul Dosshi, Bhavini

Doshii, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, Zarak Khan, Indra Sirigiri, Harish Lodhia and

Yogesh Chand

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and

Trade, businesses and others,”

she said.

Promotional Programmes

Mr Khan said that while his

Office is actively promoting

trade and investment from New

Zealand into Fiji, a major event in

May will have a special focus on

the objective.

“We have scheduled a ‘Fiji

Trade and Investment Roadshow’

in Auckland, Wellington and

Christchurch in May 2019.

Organised jointly by the Fiji Trade

Commission and the New Zealand-Fiji

Business Council, as well

as the individual City Councils

and Chambers of Commerce, the

Minister will lead a mission of

Fijian businesses and investment

approval agencies at this event,”

he said.

Ms Kumar said, “We have

a story in Fiji that the world

wants to hear: a modern,

dynamic economy in the throes

of rapid economic growth and

infrastructure development. We

Peter James Rudd speaking at the Reception

(Pictures for Fiji Trade Commission by Narendra Bedekar)

are a nation investing heavily in

the education of its citizens and

fielding a highly competitive,

English-speaking workforce We

are also a nation that enjoys stability,

security and unity among

its people and a nation eager for

new investment, new industry

and new opportunity.”

Christchurch massacre victims

Earlier, Ms Kumar extended

her condolences to the families

of the victims of the Christchurch

massacre on Friday, March 15,


“The Fijian Government strongly

condemns this abhorrent

act of terror against a peaceful

community and reaffirms our

shared beliefs in multiculturalism,

tolerance, love and respect

for one another irrespective of

race, religion, gender and creed.

It is a profoundly sad tragedy and

as a nation, Fiji offers its prayers

and support to all Kiwis and the

Government of New Zealand at

this difficult time,” she said.

A grieving nation should contend with flow-on effects

Gurbrinder Aulakh

The world is in shock and

disbelief following the

barbaric and dastardly

terror attack in a country which

has always been considered a

Paradise of peace and serenity.

Messages of support for the

victims and condemnation of the

cowardly act are being received

from around the globe.

The Nation is in grief, and we

all stand in solidarity with the

Muslim community, as we convey

our messages of condolences

with bleeding hearts.

Unknown masterminds

The way the wider community,

and all the leaders have rallied

around for support is the real

New Zealand for which we all


Newspaper reports tell us that

help and donations have been

pouring in from all quarters, but

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaking to a

Muslim in Christchurch on March 16, 2019

(Picture Supplied

it will take a long time, specially

for the families directly affected,

to come to terms with their loss

and grief.

Although it may be too early

to guess, as the investigation is

underway, the initial reports of

three arrests having been made,

suggest that it may not be the

work of a lone wolf, but may

have been a planned organised


It may be too early and naïve

to consider this lunatic to be the

only real culprit, as this deluded

extremist could have played

into the hidden hands of some

unknown evil masterminds.

Sinister Motive

I say so because the community,

the time, and the place of

worship, chosen to carry out a

live-streaming, cold-blooded heinous

crime, suggests that it has

been done with a sinister motive.

The motive to incite racial tension

and retaliation, not only from

within the country but, from

the fanatic ideologists across the

world. It is corroborated with

the fact that this person is not

ordinarily domiciled in New


Usually, a person having grudge

and hatred against a particular

race or religion vents such hatred

within his own country and vicinity;

whereas, this person took

pains to choose New Zealand, is

mind boggling and hard to digest.

Although it may be irresponsible

to point a finger at any one

else in particular, as yet, but

history tells us that many States

in the past have in line with their

policies and hidden agendas,

gone in and created disturbances

in various parts of the world, and

then funded, and nurtured the

splinter groups.

Who stands to gain?

The deep question to be

pondered here is that who stands

to gain by this act of terror?

While we grapple to find

the answers and the truth, the

immediate repercussion will be

millions, if not billions of dollars,

that will now be spent on the

unproductive task of acquiring

latest surveillance and security

intelligence, propping up the

number of security staff, obtaining

specialised training and technology,

tightening our borders,

being vigilant from infiltrations,

stepping up and expanding the

internal watch on radicalisation;

and the list goes on.

This will weaken and cripple

our country for years to come,

as these vital funds, and vast

amount of money, would

otherwise have been spent to

address the more pressing social

nemesis of our housing, health

and education sectors.

Long-term impact

The collateral effect of this incident

will be the encroachment of

freedom and a lethal blow to the

privacy rights.

At this crucial juncture, it is

very important that we stay calm

and united as a nation.

There may be further attempts

to incite racial disharmony,

through hate speeches and flared

up emotions, but we must continue

to stand for our core human

values of peace and brotherhood.

Giving into these venomous

attempts, or reacting in any

untoward manner, would be the

victory of the sinister designs

of the evil enemy, that wants to

divide and destroy our paradise.

Gurbrinder Aulakh is a

practicing lawyer at Auckland

and former Chair, Deputy Chair

and Advisor to organisations

working with refugees and


APRIL 1, 2019

10 Christchurch Massacre


Christchurch massacre presents case for regulating Social Media

Paul Brislen

Calls for social media to be

regulated have escalated

following their failure to

act decisively in the public

interest during the terror attacks

in Christchurch.

The cry has been growing ever

louder over the past few years.

We have seen Facebook refuse

to attend UK parliamentary

sessions to discuss its role in

the Cambridge Analytica affair,

watched its CEO testify but not

exactly add any clarity to inquiries

into Russian interference in

the US election, and seen the

company accused of failing to

combat the spread of hate speech

amid violence in Myanmar.

US representatives are now

openly talking about how to

break up the company and our

own prime minister has suggested

that if Facebook can’t find a

way to manage itself, she will.

The offshore issue

But how do we regulate

companies that don’t have offices

in New Zealand (aside from the

odd sales department) and that

base their rights and responsibilities

on another country’s legal


And if we are going to regulate

them, how do we do it in such

a way as to avoid trampling on

users’ civil rights but makes sure

we never see a repeat of the

events of March 15?

Politicians have traditionally

been rubbish at regulating the

internet, and not just local ones.

While the EU got its laws regarding

privacy absolutely right it is

also currently grappling with two

new regulations that will destroy

the ability to share content

online because it doesn’t seem to

fully appreciate how the internet

actually works. And then there’s

Australia, which has introduced

controversial new laws about


Inherent risks

There is every danger that

we will overstep the mark and

regulate the social media and

tech giants in such a way as to

make our own lives worse than

they were before, and that’s

something that needs to be taken

into account before we start.

Let us start by making it clear

that if these companies want to

operate in New Zealand, they

must abide by New Zealand law.

Shouldn’t be too hard since they

all say “oh yes, we always operate

under local legal constraints”

wherever they are in the world.

In Germany, for instance,

with its harsh penalties around

Holocaust deniers and Nazi

symbols, Twitter and Facebook

and Instagram and all the rest

manage to avoid upsetting people

on a regular basis by filtering out

such content on a regular basis.

If they can do it in Germany, they

can do it here.

So what laws do we currently

have in place that might provide

a platform to work from?

Current Legislation

In New Zealand we have the

Films, Videos and Publications

Act to protect us from the type

of content nobody really wants

to see. If the content meets the

criteria, it’s deemed objectionable

and anyone caught with it, or

caught sharing it, can expect a

hefty fine and jail time.

But prosecuting individuals

caught actively sharing the

video of the Christchurch mosque

shootings under the Act isn’t likely

to prompt changes in the social

media platforms themselves.

We could start by making

this Act more applicable to the

content hosts as well as to the

uploaders. Currently, under the

Harmful Digital Communications

Act there is a safe harbour

arrangement. If you do the right

thing by the law and act quickly

to remove the content, we’ll let

you go about your business. I

would like to see that beefed up.

Let us see how quickly they can

respond, make it mandatory to

report on a quarterly basis how

many complaints they receive

about content and how they acted

on each complaint.

Fixing time frames

Let us put a time frame in - say

24 hours to assess and remove

content. Let us put in some real

incentives as well - rather than a

$10,000 fine let’s move to a model

that will really get their attention.

How about $50 million or 4% of

global revenue per offence?

Let us not leave the decision-making

on what is and is not

objectionable up to of minimum

wage monitors based in the US

who do not know New Zealand


Let us require that the community

standards applied to New

Zealand content for New Zealand

users are based on New Zealand


And if we are going to have live

streaming video footage uploaded

by anonymous individuals, let’s

have a look at how best we can

monitor and manage that. All

video to be tagged with a hash, for

starters. This is a couple of lines

of code that identify the video

so if it needs to be pulled from

public view it can be found and

removed quickly.

Moderators required

And let us have actual moderators

looking at actual live feeds

with the power to hit the “dump”

button and remove content if

it’s offensive. Social media is

fantastically quick to remove

copyright material (and indeed

material that it thinks is covered

by copyright law) but incredibly

slow to act on everything else so

let’s change that dynamic.

Let us hold senior leaders to

account for any breaches of the

law - just as we have introduced

personal liability for company


Our Privacy Act

Privacy is an area that needs

strengthening as well.

Our Privacy Act is currently

being reviewed but in light

of the events of last week it

probably needs to be looked at

Logistics is the line between Order and Disorder

through a new lens. The Privacy

Commissioner needs to be able to

act decisively and act with some


While we are at it, let us

introduce a tougher financial

reporting regime. Facebook made

around $800 million from New

Zealand users last year so let us

see it pay tax locally.

There is work underway on this

– I would like to see it accelerated

and scaled up significantly.

Ideally we would work with our

counterparts around the globe.

We need to work together with

other jurisdictions to make sure

these companies are compliant

and don’t simply move virtually

to another location.

Social Licence

All companies operate under a

social licence. We give Facebook

and Twitter, Instagram and

WhatsApp a huge amount of data

about us and they make a huge

amount of money from us, and

most of that is because we allow

them to.

If they are not going to play

fairly then the ultimate penalty

is to take our ball and go home

- uninstalling the app, refusing

to pay for advertising, removing

ourselves from the equation may

be the only option that actually

makes a difference.

But let us try the regulatory

approach first.

Paul Brislen is a Technology

Commentator. The above

article, which appeared on

Radio New Zealand website, has

been reproduced here under a

Special Agreement with www.


Link2 Group is an Auckland-based Logistics Contract ServiceProvider,comprising

Link2 Services (established in 2000) and Link2 Solutions (formerly knownas

Apparel Solutions).

We arethe only Logistics Contract ServiceProvider offering clients the flexibility

to choose aUnit PriceoranHourly Rate forservices; and the location –either at

their premises or at our Wearhouse in East Tamaki.

OurServices include all Warehousing needs,including Pick-Packing,Labelling,

Container Devanning,Creating Promotion Packages,Rework, Stocktaking and


Awards over the Years

Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards

1. Supreme Business of the Year 2016 (Winner)

2. Best EmployerofChoice2016 (Winner)

3. Business ExcellenceinCustomer Service2015 and 2016 (Winner)

4. Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Rahul Sirigiri, CEO)2013 and 2016 (Winner)

Westpac Auckland Business Awards (South)

1. ExcellenceinStrategy &Planning 2017 (Winner)

2. Employerofthe Year 2016 and 2017 (Finalist)

3. ExcellenceinCustomer ServiceDelivery(Finalist)

The Link2 Group was the Winner of the ‘Supreme Business of the Year’Award at the Ninth Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards

2016. Chairman Indra Sirigiri (third from right) with Mansa Sirigiri, the then Prime Minister Sir John Key, BNZ Chairman Dough McKay, the

then Managing Director &Chief Executive Anthony Healy and Rahul and Jaya Sirigiri.

Job opportunities!!

TheLink2 Group has multiple Casual,Full Time and Part-Time jobs

available for:

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PostalAddress: POBox217206, Botany Junction, Auckland

Phone: (09) 2724700; Fax: (09)2724699;Mobile: 027-5460480


APRIL 1, 2019


Good management brings ‘Best of the Best Employer Award’ to Link2 Group

Recognition and applause at Westpac Awards on March 14, 2019

Venkat Raman

When the East-Auckland

based Link2 Group

Limited was declared

Winner of the ‘Best of

the Best Employer of the Year 2018’

at the Westpac Awards Ceremony

held on Thursday, March 14, 2019, it

was an endorsement of the Company’s

exemplary role as a responsible


It was also an acknowledgement

of the fortitude and vision of its

Founder-Directors Indra and

Manasa Sirigiri, who established the

Company 19 years ago to engage in

a market with exacting standards of

ethics and customer service.

The Awards Ceremony was

attended, among other VIPs, by

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, who said

that the City of Auckland depends

of the success of companies to

maintain economic growth, provide

employment and promote overall


“We appreciate the contributions

of companies that have participated

in the Westpac Awards. The success

is crucial to the future of Auckland,”

he said.

‘Best of the Best Awards,’ is a

two-step process, with the Link2

Group winning the ‘Westpac Best

Employer Southeast Auckland 2018’

Award. Winners of this Category

from Northwest and Auckland Central

were automatically entered into

the ‘Best of the Best Award,’ which

was presented to Link2 Group.

The Group had won the ‘Westpac

Excellence in Strategy and Planning

Award’ in in 2017 and the ‘Supreme

Business Award’ (Southeast Auckland)

in 2018.

Other Awards & Citations

Link2 Services Limited, the

flagship of the Group received

the ‘Supreme Business of the Year

Award’ from the then Prime Minister

John Key at the Ninth Annual

Indian Newslink Indian Business

Jaya, Rahul and Indra Sirigiri with Vodafone Head of Corporate Sector Kate Tulp after winning the ‘Westpac Best

of the Best Employer Award’ on March 14, 2019 (Picture Supplied)

The Link2 Group team with the ‘Westpac Best of the Best Employer Award’ on March 14, 2019 (Picture Supplied)

Awards held at SkyCity Convention

Centre on November 28, 2016.

The Company also won the ‘Best

Employer of Choice’ and ‘Business

Excellence in Customer Service

Award’ that year and in 2015.

In selecting the Company for

the ‘Best Employer of Choice,’ the

Independent Panel of Judges said,

“Link 2 Group has more than 200

staff with 60% Indian ethnicity

working with 35-40 different

customers across Auckland and

operating from their East Tamaki

Office. New employees undergo an

induction programme with a significant

focus on health and safety

systems as well as the required

skills for customer deployment.

Staff with leadership abilities are

identified by Site Supervisors and

Customer Service Managers from

performance reviews and client


Modest Beginnings

Like many migrants, life was

not easy for Mr and Mrs Sirigiri

as they arrived in New Zealand

from their native Hyderabad

with two children (son Rahul and

daughter Sowmya) in the Autumn

of 1997. He, a Civil Engineer by

qualification and profession was

‘over-qualified’ and she, with no

work experience. But they had

hope, confidence and ability to do

hard work, along with a saving of


“Manasa was the first to get a job

in a production house, and I also

managed to secure employment

in the printing industry. Pleased

with her efficiency and sincerity,

Manasa’s employers encouraged

her to start her own business in

May 1998. I started helping her in

the evenings and on weekends.

Those were the beginnings of our

own enterprise and Link2 Services

Limited was officially launched in

December 2000,” Mr Sirigiri said.

He said that Mrs Sirigiri was

Jeff Briscoll, Westpac Regional Commercial Manager, Manasa, Indra, Michael Barnett (Auckland Business

Chamber), Rahul and Jaya Sirigiri after winning the Westpac Supreme Business Award (Southeast Auckland)

on October 17, 2018

Jaya, Rahul, Indra and Manasa with Kevin Obern, Managing Director, Office Max after winning the Westpac

South East Region Employer of Year Award on October 17, 2018. (Picture Supplied)

known for her team work, understanding

and compassion.

“These qualities made her a

good employer and Link2 Services

began to grow. The family business

expanded with the acquisition

of ‘Apparel Solutions,’ in 2013

(rebranded as ‘Link2 Solutions in

2017) and ‘Stirling Recruitment’

last year,” he said.

Mr Sirigiri used his experience in

business both as an employer and

employee to determine the sort of

company he wanted Link2 Services

to be – one that worked hard for

the customers and that treated the

employees with respect. Indra is

involved in a governance role at

Link2 Group, focusing on growth

while sustaining current client


Today, he is the Chairman and

Managing Director of multi-million

dollar Link 2 Services, Link2

Solutions and Stirling Recruitment

Limited with a staff of over 400.

Trans-Tasman Research busts Whistleblowing myths


He directs the Mission of the

companies to be the link between

customer demand and personnel,

providing manpower when and

where needed.

Shared responsibilities

Link2 Services has a flat

management structure intended

to maintain flexibility in meeting

client’s requests and allowing

swift communication within the


The Company has set performance

standards at corporate,

team and personal levels; and

monitors progress of each of these

on a monthly basis. All personnel

work to achieve higher levels of

productivity and profitability and

then set higher targets. These

factors promote high levels of

financial performance of the companies

in the Link2 Group, which

in turn reflect staff placement,

customer satisfaction and other

measurable factors.

Michael Macaulay

Whistling While They

Work’ is the largest

research project on

whistleblowing ever

undertaken. Public, private and

not for profit sectors in New Zealand

and Australia participated.

It has helped conversations in

New Zealand, around updating the

Protected Disclosures Act.

Furthermore, a number of Australian

jurisdictions have directly

cited the project in legislative


Late last year, the Business

School published a wide series of

reports and working papers under

the title Whistleblowing: New

rules, new policies, new vision,

which are all freely available at



The papers are based on survey

responses from nearly 18,000


These ‘reporters’ included senior

leaders, investigators, those in

governance roles, and thousands

of people who have reported

workplace misconduct.

Busting popular myths

Our findings confirm some

long-suspected concerns, but also

bust a number of whistleblowing

myths. Here are just a few:

Whistle-blowers are frequently

perceived in a positive light.

Our work suggests that while

whistle-blowers may have been

poorly perceived in the past,

there is a significant shift in the

way reporters are seen.

Previous studies found that

managers tended to view their

own data as most important.

We found now that internal

reporting is considered the single

most important source for bringing

wrongdoing to light within

any organisation.

We need to explore further

how strong this shift in thinking


In a majority of cases, the

concerns of reporters are taken


We found that more than

three-quarters of all reported

cases were dealt with in some


Repercussion not reprisal

Repercussion does not equal

reprisal. Sadly but perhaps not

unexpectedly, our work finds that

the vast majority of reporters suffer

adverse effects of reporting.

Most common of these were the

impacts of stress and emotional

strain, which are present even

when the reporting experience

was positive.

The percentage of cases that led

to harassment of reporters were

substantially lower.

These findings suggest that

organisations need to give

broader consideration to all

reporting – not simply to try and

mitigate direct reprisals.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment works. Our

findings confirm that ethical

culture, and the ethical leadership

of an organisation, have far

more impact on the treatment of

reporters than does the existence

of rules and regulations. That is

not at all surprising.

Yet we also found that the

single most effective institutional

element that an organisation can

use is risk assessment – for both

reporters and agencies.

With the focus on consequences

of poor protective disclosure,

risk assessments are more likely

to lead to better outcomes for

individuals and for organisations.

They lead to better treatment of

reporters and are more likely to

bring about positive change.

Less positive aspects

As previously mentioned, our

research also identified some less

positive aspects. Bullying and

harassment remain the single

most observed type of wrongdoing,

more so in New Zealand than

in any Australian jurisdiction.

It also shows that in New

Zealand there can be a reliance

on informal channels rather than

change requiring formal training

and development, to counter

workplace misconduct.

Opportunity to comment

Our research is now moving

into the final phase of key

respondent interviews.

We would love to talk to

anyone, both people who have

expertise in the area and others

with experience, for comments

on our findings.

Please contact me directly at

michael.macaulay@vuw.ac.nz if

you would like to comment. Our

final reports will be published

this Winter.

Dr Michael Macaulay is a

member of Transparency

International New Zealand

with Delegated Authority on

Open Government Partnership

and Whistleblowing. The above

article appeared in Transparency

Times, March 2019 issue.


APRIL 1, 2019


Christchurch Massacre

Jordanian Prince praises New Zealand leadership

The English Fortnightly (Since November 1999)

ISSUE 412 | APRIL1, 2019

We should continue

as One Community,

One People

The death of fifty innocent

men, women

and children

in Christchurch

Mosques on Friday, March

15, 2019 and the fifty other

people injured have touched

the heart of New Zealanders.

We are a caring nation,

and there is no evidence

of any root of terrorism

amongst us.

We are a tolerant society,

home to more than 200 ethnicities

speaking 160 languages

and there has never

been any sign of intended

harm; we may have occasionally

felt a tinge of racism

here and there, but never

to a scale that would lead to


We live in a corner of

the world, untouched by


Until March 15, 2019.

And until that day, we

thought that much of terrorism

in the world is inflicted

only by a group of people.

Innocence gone

But hatred, terrorism and

a penchant for mass murder

apparently exists elsewhere.

The mindless shooting of

Muslims in Christchurch has

taken away the innocence

to which New Zealand was

once famous.

It has also brought us all

closer together. We have begun

to speak, in one tone,

that there should be no

room for such terrorists on

our soil.

As Prime Minister Jacinda

Ardern told Parliament on

Tuesday, March 19, 2019,

“That quiet Friday afternoon

has become our darkest of

days. But for the families, it

was more than that. It was

the day that the simple act of

prayer – of practising their

Muslim faith and religion –

led to the loss of their loved

ones lives. Those loved ones,

were brothers, daughters,

fathers and children. They

were New Zealanders. They

are us. And because they are

us, we, as a nation, mourn


As New Zealand was coping

with the unprecedented

tragedy, The British Royal

Family and world leaders

have expressed their sympathy

and solidarity to the

Governor General and Prime

Minister of this country.

The plight of Islamic


The Islamic Women’s

Council of New Zealand

(IWCNZ), which is marking

its 30th anniversary this

year, said that it has been

concerned, in recent times,

the increasing pressure on

our communities from rising

levels of discrimination in

this country, and the social

issues that came with that.

“The issues we were seeing

were too much for our community

to resolve on a volunteer

basis. More than this,

the solutions were systemic

and required investment by

government in programmes

and human resources.”

About five years ago, the

Council wrote a comprehensive

report of the problems

that Islamic women

were facing and sent it

to the Ministry of Social

Development. Its officials

pushed, but as far as they

are concerned, nothing concrete

was done with that


Reaffirming support

As Auckland Mayor Phil

Goff said, this is the time to

reaffirm our support for a

multicultural and multifaith

nation and City. Our goal as

a City is to be inclusive, to

treat as equals and to treat

with respect all people regardless

of race, colour and


Security agencies have

come under pressure to explain

why they appear to

treat Muslims as more of a

threat than the alt-right and

white supremacists.

IWCNZ has said it told the

Department of the Prime

Minister and Cabinet at a

January 2017 meeting of the

‘extreme urgency’ of its concerns

about rising racism

and the alt-right, and also

told this to the SIS.

We believe that diversity

enriches and should not

divide us. Equally, it is a

time to assert zero tolerance

for racism. When people

abuse, demean and ridicule

Muslims or any other

faith or ethnicity, we cannot

be passive observers on the

side lines.

Indian Newslink is published by Indian Newslink Limited from its offices located at Level

1, Number 166, Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 and printed at Horton Media

Limited, Auckland. All material appearing here and on our web editions are the copyright

of Indian Newslink and reproduction in full or part in any medium is prohibited. Indian

Newslink and its management and staff do not accept any responsibility for the claims

made in advertisements.

Managing Director & Publisher: Jacob Mannothra

Editor & General Manager: Venkat Raman; Production Manager: Mahes Perera;

Financial Controller: Uma Venkatram CA;

Phone: (09) 5336377 Email: info@indiannewslink.co.nz

Websites: www.indiannewslink.co.nz; www.inliba.com; www.inlisa.com

There has been a markedly

different response to the

events of last fortnight by

the Jordanian Prince, than

a nearby leader.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip

Erdogan has not only used footage

taken by Friday’s lone gunman

as part of his campaign, but also

criticised the Anzacs for their role

in Gallipoli and threatened to send

New Zealanders and Australians

who came to his country with

anti-Islam sentiment, back in a


Mr Erdogan later wrote an open

letter to Prime Minister Jacinda

Ardern, praising her leadership.

No Extremism in New Zealand

Prince El Hassan Bin Talal of the

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,

who is in New Zealand and plans

to visit Christchurch tomorrow,

has made it clear that populism

and extremism are not characteristic

of this country.

“I think that that should shine

through,” he told RNZ. “I hope

you will not be caught in a trap of

the war of words, that is a war of

polarity and of hatred. I hope you

will live up always to conviviality,

‘Beware the Ides of March,’ a

harbinger of impending doom

Peter Dunne

In school, we all learnt the

phrase, “Beware the Ides

of March” courtesy of

Shakespeare’s Play, ‘Julius


The soothsayer’s warning to

Caesar was brushed aside and

Caesar was assassinated a little

later in the day. For the last nearly

420 years since Shakespeare

wrote the phrase, it has become

a harbinger of impending doom.

Friday, March 15, 2019, the

day of the Mosque shootings in

Christchurch, marked the ‘Ides of

March’ for 2019. In many ways,

it was our equivalent of the 9/11

attacks in New York, so dramatic

was its impact.

The attacks in the US

As events around 9/11

were unfolding, (the then US)

President George W Bush was

visiting a school in Florida.

Photographers have recorded

his being advised by aides whispering

in his ear of what was

happening, and all the while

he had to sit quietly and stonefaced

through a students’ performance,

gathering his thoughts,

before his hurried departure.

His subsequent public addresses

helped - indeed had to - quell

the shock, grief, anger and horror

of the American people,

while at the same time having

to come to grips with what had

happened, or might be about to

yet happen, and working out the

National response. The photograph

showing him addressing

the people, megaphone in hand,

from the rubble of the World

Trade Centre, quickly became a

metaphoric and iconic symbol of

defiance and determination.

Jacinda Ardern’s sincerity

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan

(AFP Photo)

of compassion and of respect to

the other.”

Prince Hassan said in Jordan

they commemorated Anzac Day

victims and also commemorated

the Turkish soldiers fallen.

“And, so in the spirit of Gallipoli,

we shall continue to do that.

And I don’t want to say anything

more about current politics.”

Country sets an example

The Prince praised New Zealand

for its response to the terror

that struck it last Friday.

“It is simply impossible not to

take heed of the goodness, of the

kotahitanga, of New Zealanders,”

he said.

“And I think that a world at

war with itself can only find

serenity in the example of the

compassion and the love that

New Zealanders have shown.”

He said that in Jordan there

was a feeling of “dullness and anguish”

that even in a country so

far away, in a beautiful paradise

that many escaping wars and

strife in their home countries are

now blessed to call home, that

evil should be purveyed.

“It was a feeling again of anger,

that once again core believers

should be targeted. It was a very

mature reaction, but a very sad

one, particularly for the families

of the bereaved who’ve flown

out,” he said.

Solidarity and Opportunity

On the changes to gun laws

announced by the Prime Minister

yesterday, Prince Hassan said

that New Zealand has a voice,

which he predicts could find solidarity

with many other countries

and peoples.

He hopes an opportunity like

this one will not be wasted.

“Bigger, stronger, weaker,

poorer - it doesn’t matter. The

main thing is to work on the right

to respect, as we once worked on

the right to protect.”

would have faced similar circumstances

and emotions as last

Friday afternoon’s tragedies began

to unfold.

Like President Bush, she would

have had limited time to process

the information being received,

and deal with her own inevitable

emotions and reactions, before

being expected to address

the Nation, both to offer information

about what had happened;

comfort to the distraught

and bereaved, and reassurance

to the country about the national


Her subsequent now iconic

photograph at the Canterbury

Refugee Resettlement and

Resource Centre with the

Christchurch Muslim community

was, like President Bush’s all

those years ago, a classic example

of a picture being worth a

thousand words.

The image of a pained Prime

Minister wearing a hijab, like

that of a President in windbreaker

and speaking into a

megaphone, conveyed all the

appropriate emotions - empathy,

determination, resolution,

and even the fear that both leaders

must have felt about the path

their countries may now had begun

to travel down.

Above all, they were images

of their humanity, something

we often forget about our political

leaders. They too have feelings

like the rest of us about the

evil, injustice or whatever of the

events, but they also have the responsibility

of laying those to

one side, and representing the

Nation as a whole, as they deal

with what has happened.

Warm glow of support

Both President Bush and Prime

Minister (Ardern) gained the

warm glow of popular support

for their measured responses to

the appalling tragedies which,

undoubtedly, coupled no doubt

with massive bursts of adrenalin,

helped sustain them during

the dark days.

Sadly, as we know from the

case of President Bush, mistakes

and errors of judgement are likely

to occur as time passes, and

the immediate wave of public

sympathy wanes.

That is not a politically loaded

observation, nor a judgement

call. It is simply a statement of

fact. They are both human beings,

after all, and no human being

is ever perfect.

Above Partisan fray

The essential point is that

Prime Minister (Ardern), like

President Bush before her, is

genuinely trying to her best, as

she sees it, by the country in

these unprecedented circumstances.

Her efforts deserve the

tolerance of our support, whatever

our political allegiances.

Normal political hostilities will

resume over time, but, for now,

the situation is one that should

be above the partisan fray.

Many words have been spoken

and written about the victims

and their families since

last Friday. No matter how eloquent,

how undoubtedly wellmeant

and sincere, or how

compassionate, they are inadequate

compensation for the lives

so needlessly lost, but they are

the best human beings can do in

such circumstances.

May all of us in our daily lives

stand resolutely with those

who have suffered and been so

pained, and may we determine

to never let hatred and intolerance

take firm hold in our land.

Kia Kaha.

Tusahibuk Alsalama

Peter Dunne was a Minister

of the Crown in the Labour

and National-led governments

from 1999 to 2017. He established

the UnitedFuture Party

and wound it up on retirement

from Parliament. He lives in


APRIL 1, 2019




APRIL 1, 2019


Bilateraltrade with India doubles with no FTAinsight

Study links smoking to short

and obese daughters

Supplied Content

Sunil Kaushal

Use of tobaccoduring

pregnancy heightens the

chances of daughters

growing up short,as

well as their chances of developing

obesity in adulthood,aStudy

has said.

The Study,conducted by

Liggins Institute of the University

of Auckland, foundthatwomen

whose mothers smoked during

early pregnancy were 47% more

likely to be affected by obesityas

adults, and 51%more likely to be

short comparedtowomen whose

mothers were non-smokers.

Heightened risks

Previous research that linked

Swedish birth registerdata on

mothers witharmy conscript

register data on their young

adult sons found similarly

heightened risksfor obesity and

short stature in the sons.

Lead investigatorDrJosé Derraik,

aSeniorResearch Fellow

at the Universityand ‘A Better

StartNational Science Challenge,’

said that harmful chemicals in

Treasury Secretary and Chief Executive Gabriel Makhlouf speaking atthe NZITAmeeting

Strong institutions underscore

the growing of the

global economy andare of

special relevance to small

countries like New Zealand, a

top bureaucrat has said.

TreasurySecretary andChief

Executive Gabriel Makhlouf

said thatstability, certainty,rule

of law,well-functioning markets

andpeaceful political processes

helptocreate supportive

conditions for investment and

employment and ultimately an

improvement inwellbeing.

“It is in everyone’s interest

fornations to pursue strategies

and policies that uphold

stability, notundermine it,” he

said, addressing ameeting of

the NewZealand India Trade

Alliance held at the office of

PricewaterhouseCoopers on

Tuesday,March 26,2019.

An expert on national and

international finance, Mr

Makhlouf sketched theinternational

trade sector, stating

that the InternationalMonetary

Fund (IMF)and the Organisation

for Economic Cooperation and

Development(OECD) have lowered

their growth forecast for

the global economy, following

adeceaseofhighvolatility and


“Recent events have served to

focus that trend -the tradedisputebetween

the world’s two

largesteconomies, the US and

China, potential tariff hikes in

theUS, China experiencing its

lowestgrowth in nearly three

decades in 2018 and Brexit uncertainty,”hesaid.

Mr Makhloufsaid that New

Zealand is taking amore productive

andeffective path, recognising

the importance of building a

resilient workforce with flexible

skills, and that we should expect

and enable the economytoadapt

to changeasithappens.

Trade with India surges

According to him, oneareaof

the most positive changesfor

New Zealandhas been digitalisation,

with opportunities tosell

servicesand deliver themtoothercountries

in afraction of asecond,

in addition to selling goods

deliveredindays orweeks.

He saidthis shift intrade from

physical goods to services is very

evident in the trade between

New Zealandand India.

“Two-waytrade was close to

$3 billion in 2018, almost double

whatitwas 5yearsearlier.

The value of goodsand services

we importfrom India are both

Dr José Derraik (Photo Supplied)

cigarettes change the waybabies’

genes are expressed.

“In simple terms,they may

turn on or off genes involved

in controlling growth.In2015,

one in seven(14%) New Zealand

mothers across all age groups

and one in threeteenage

mothers said that they smoked in

early pregnancy.Itislikely that

the true number was higher,” he



The new study,publishedthis

week in ScientificReports, is

the latest in aseriesbyresearchersfromthe

Institute and from

around three-quarters higher

than they were in 2013, now sitting

at$709 million and $248

millionrespectively,” he said.

He said thatduring the same

five-year period, the combined

value ofNew Zealand’s goods

and services exports to India

doubled from $1 billion to $2


“Back in 2013, the majority of

those exports were goods worth

$669million compared with

$408million worth of services,”

he said.

Services Sector improves

But as of 2018services have

bolted well ahead, he said.

The value of goodsrose slightly

to $712 million,while the value

of services more than tripled

to $1.3 billion.

“Servicesaccount foralmost

Uppsala University in Sweden.

The team has been analysing

arich body of data on Swedish

women andtheir children from

national registerstobetter

understand the long-term effects

of early lifeevents and conditions

that occur before, during, and

after pregnancy.

The researchers analysed


Swedish women born in 1973-

1988takenatanaverage age of 26

years.About 42% of the women’s

mothershad reported at their

firstantenatal visit (around10-12

weeks intotheir pregnancy) that

they smoked.

The risk of obesity was higher

in daughtersofmothers who

wereheavier smokers, compared

to those who smoked fewer than

10 cigarettes aday.

Dr Derraik said that when a

woman smokes duringpregnancy,chemicals

fromthe cigarettes

travel through her bloodstream

across the placenta and then to

the baby, permanently changing

the waythe baby’sbodyuses and

stores energy.

the entire growth in the valueof

our exports to India inthe last 5

years. Thelion’s share of this has

come from education and tourism.

Formanyother areas such

as ICT, logistics and financial services,

there remainshuge scope

to raise the valueofour services

exports,” he said.

Huge Opportunities

Mr Makhlouf said the potential

opportunities in India are huge.

“New Zealand and India are

both ambitious togrow their

economies and enjoythe accruingbenefits.


growthhas been booming. It is

currently the world’ssixth largest

economy and Prime Minister

Narendra Modihas expressed

ahopethat it will be within the

top three in thenext 15 years,”

he said.

“Itisagrowingmarket of 1.3

billion people, andhas an expandingmiddle

class with arisingdemandfor

quality goods

and services that New Zealand

can offer. Trade liberalisation

between Indiaand New Zealand

would be in the interests of both


Progress of talks on aFree

Trade Agreement isslow, he

said, but was optimistic about

the chances for progress in the


the Regional Comprehensive

EconomicPartnership (RCEP).

The 16-nationagreement will

establish consistent rules and

boost market access in southern

and eastern Asia, aregion containing

45% of the world’s population

andcovering 40% of world

trade. Earlier this monthall 16

countries, including India and

New Zealand, agreed to intensify

negotiations, resolve remaining

issues and conclude talks bythe

end ofthis year.

Potential for growth

Mr Makhlouf identified

Agriculture, Tourism, Education,

High-quality Foods, Software,

Engineering and Consultancy

and Professional Services as areas

with high growth potential

for New Zealand in India

and Aviation, Information

Technology, Property,

Biotechnology, Infrastructure,

and Health and Eellness productsasareas

of involvement for


PwC hosted the event, with

thesupport of the New Zealand

Treasury, NewZealand Trade

&Enterprise, New Zealand-

Sri Lanka BusinessCouncil,

Africa New Zealand-Business

Council and British NewZealand

Business Association.

Sunil Kaushal is Secretary

General ofNew ZealandIndia

Trade Alliance.

APRIL 1, 2019

New Zealand will continue to be safe

and secure- Winston Peters



Supplied Content

Foreign Minister Winton

Peters has told the world

Islamic community that

New Zealand will continue

to be a caring and comforting

nation and look after its Muslim

population and that the country’s

strength and solidarity are derived

from New Zealanders and

their unity.

Greeting to the delegates in

the Islamic tradition, Mr Peters

said that the teachings of Prophet

Mohammed (Peace Be Upon

Him) about feeding the hungry

and greeting with peace those

you know and those you do not

know, are so seriously true.

Stating that the meeting was

being held under the ‘most appalling

of circumstances,’ he said

that it was important t discuss

how to respond to the sickening

terrorist attack that took place in

Christchurch, New Zealand one

on March 15, 2019.

The following is the edited

version of his Speech at

the Organisation of Islamic

Cooperation Emergency

Meeting on the Christchurch

terror attack held in Turkey

yesterday (March 22, 2019).

That was a day that changed

our country – a day when a coward,

not from New Zealand, attempted

to terrorise us and tear

us apart. During their worship on

their holy day within the sanctuary

of the Mosque, our Muslims

were attacked in an utterly callous

and cowardly act of terrorism,”

he said.

Fifty people were murdered.

Fifty more were wounded. Many

are still hospitalised.

Instantaneous Police response

The Police response was instantaneous.

The first police officers

arrived at the scene of the

attack within just five minutes,

Foreign Minister Winston Peters speaking at the Emergency Meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation on the Christchurch terror attack

in Istanbul, Turkey, yesterday, March 22, 2019. (Screen Shot from TVNZ News)

and within 21 minutes, the terrorist

was arrested. From here,

this person will face the full

force of New Zealand law.

He will spend the rest of his

life in isolation in a New Zealand


To ensure no stone is left unturned

in his prosecution, our

Police have started mounting the

largest investigation in our history

in New Zealand. No punishment

could match the depravity

of his crime, but the families of

the fallen will have justice.

Attack on New Zealand

This was an attack that affected

Muslims most directly.

Innocent people who were killed

as they practised their religion.

In a country that practices religious

tolerance, an attack on one

of us, observing their beliefs, is

an attack on all of us.

New Zealanders across the

length and breadth of our nation

feel a profound sense of

grief and loss. Millions have

embraced their Muslim neighbours.

They have laid flowers

at mosques up and down the

country. They have stood watch

in all of our main cities. And

they have given money in aid of

the victims – well over ten million

dollars in a few short days

have been donated by New

Zealanders to their families.

Mourning with families

As a nation, we have and

will pay respect to the dead,

the maimed and the bereaved.

Together with our Prime

Minister and leaders of our other

political parties, we have

been in Christchurch mourning

with the families.

It was there that we were

grateful to receive the visit of

the Turkish Vice-President Fuat

Oktay and our Chairman today

(Turkey’s Foreign Minister

Mevlüt) Çavuşoğlu to pay their

respects to the victims’ families.

We also acknowledge the

many planned visits from others

represented here.

Islamic Prayer in Parliament

Our Parliament convened earlier

this week to mourn. This

is the most ethnically diverse

Parliament in New Zealand’s

A little homework will help you into a good home

Supplied Content

If you have been to an Open

Home recently, or been

browsing the ‘For Sale’

advertisements, you might

have noticed that some sellers put

together information packs for

potential buyers.

These sellers will know that

researching a property takes time

and money, and they don’t want

this to be a barrier to a successful


They believe that providing

information like a LIM (a Land

Information Memorandum from

the Local Council) and a Building

Inspection Report can help busy

people get an offer on the table.

This is great in theory, but you

need to tread carefully all the


About LIM Reports

If, for example, a Real Estate

Agent or seller gives you a LIM for

the property, check carefully when

it was prepared.

A LIM is a summary of all the

current property information held

by the different departments at a

Council at the time.

It contains details of Council

consents for any work done, how

much the rates are and information

on any geographic hazards

that might have an impact on the

property, such as subsidence.

Bear in mind that this

information can be reasonably

general – the LIM for most houses

in Wellington will say, for example,

that they are located in a high

wind area, for example.

If the LIM is dated a couple of

weeks ago, it is safe to assume that

it is reasonably up to date. If it is

dated a year ago, it is a good idea

to make further enquiries.

history and it opened for the

first time with an Islamic prayer

in the presence of several Imams

and representatives of many

other faiths.

Today in New Zealand our

country stopped for a call to

prayer followed by two minutes

silence. This time next week,

we will have a national memorial

service. We hope many at

this forum will be represented.

None of this, of course, could

ever be an adequate expression

of our national grief.

Our Government is providing

every support to the living victims

of this despicable attack.

We will look after them.

Ensuring Muslim communities

in New Zealand feel safe and secure

is a particular focus. Police

stand guard outside all mosques

to ensure people can pray in

peace. And there is an elevated

police presence throughout the


Strict Gun Control

New strict gun control

measures have already been


Getting a LIM costs money in

most areas (prices vary from

Council to Council).

You can also ask to see the

property file held by the Council,

which holds other information

about a property, like a site map

and original house plans.

About Building Reports

Building Reports are a bit


Using a Building Report

provided by the seller (or the Real

Estate Agent working for them)

may seem like an easy option in

the short term.

However, if you buy the property

and then find problems with it

that cost a significant amount to fix,

you are not protected by the building

report because the inspector’s

contract is with the seller, not you.

The Real Estate Authority (REA)

recommends using an Accredited

Property Inspector who complies

with the New Zealand Building

Inspection Standard 4306:2005.

Their written report will identify

any current defects as well as

highlight any urgent and long-term

maintenance required. Look for

someone who has a good level of

indemnity insurance, as this will

protect you if you buy the property

and then find you need to fix something

that wasn’t in the report.

Worthwhile Cost

Building inspections come at a

cost, but we think it is worth it to

be sure that you are fully aware of

what you are signing up for.

Depending on the age of the

house you are looking at, do not

necessarily expect a thin report

saying there are no issues.

Many wooden houses in New

Zealand are over 50 years old and

there will be things that the Inspector

needs to point out. Make sure

you that understand what normal

age-related matters are (that may

We will confront the way social

media is used to spread vile

hatred. For extremism has no

race, religion or colour. It must

be condemned, whatever form it


A full inquiry will be conducted

to help to do everything we can

to stop such a senseless attack in

the future.

Whenever and wherever a terrorist

strikes, the aim is to provoke

fear and panic. In New

Zealand, it has failed. It failed because

our thoughts are not the

terrorist’s thoughts, and his extremist

ways are not our ways.

And to be clear, in New Zealand

hate speech is not tolerated.

While everything else may

have changed in our country on

March 15, New Zealand’s essential

character has not and will


New Zealand is and will remain

a safe and open society. A

place where our international

visitors feel comfortable and secure.

We are a compassionate,

tolerant people.

Strong social values

This horrific attack cannot

shake those core values, because

this is who New Zealanders are.

We have been overwhelmed

by messages of sympathy, of support

and of solidarity that have

come from our friends all across

the world.

We have been humbled to

have the global Muslim community

stand with us in our bleakest


Today, tomorrow and into the

future, let us continue to stand

together in stamping out the

hate-filled ideologies that led

to last Friday’s terrible tragedy.

Out of despair, let us work

with a renewed vigour to spread

tolerance, compassion and


Shukran - Al Salaam Alaikum

not be major issues), compared to

significant repairs needed in the

short term to fix a problem.

The Report you receive should

separate these things out - if it

doesn’t, then ask the inspector

about the difference.

Opportunity to know

If you end up with a Report

with a lot of information about the

property, it does not mean that you

should walk away. Instead, see it as

giving you the opportunity to know

what you are buying.

Doing this before you make an

offer means that you are fully

aware of what the property may

need to have done to it and your

offer figure can reflect that.

However, if you do not feel

comfortable paying for a Building

Report before you make an offer,

you can make a property inspection

a condition of your offer.

Like most things in life, buying a

property will go more smoothly if

you put in the work. If a short cut

seems too good to be true, it usually


For independent guidance and

information on buying or selling,

check out www.settled.govt.nz

Source: The Real Estate

Authority, Wellington.


APRIL 1, 2019


Slavery is thin divide between Superstition and Science

Sadhguru, Isha Foundation

Are Superstitions real?

A lot of people always

look for lucky stars,

lucky planets, lucky

numbers – all kinds of stuff.

In this process of looking and

waiting for things to happen,

things they could have easily

created for themselves are completely


With every aspect of life, it is

you who has to make it happen.

Your peace and your turmoil

is your business. Your joy and

misery is your business.

The devil and the God within

you is your business.

When you live by chance, you

also live in fear and anxiety.

When you live by intent and

capability, it does not matter what

is happening or not happening, at

least you are in control of what is

happening to you.

It is a more stable life.

Long and wrong drive

A few years ago, a lady I knew

was preparing for an important

business meeting.

Many people believe that

when you start your car in the

morning, you should not start

in reverse gear. Otherwise your

whole life will go into reverse

gear. So, in the morning, they

always move it a little forward.

So, she wanted to move the car

forward before reversing out of

the house. In all her anxiety and

fear, while trying to move it a

few inches forward, she jerked

the clutch and drove the car

straight through the wall into the


Instead of creating the necessary

inner and external atmosphere

around us where the right

kind of situation can happen, we

always look for something else

which could make that happen.

How you experienced today

within yourself is definitely in

your hands.

It is not decided by what superstitions

in which you believe. It

simply depends on how sensibly,

intelligently, and with how much

awareness you walk and look at

life around you.

Scientific explanation

So, is there no truth in any

of this? Not necessarily. Most

of them have some scientific

basis but they have been badly

distorted over time.

From generation to generation

the science has lost its shape and

become something else.

Moreover, today, because of political and

other kinds of dominance, we have come to the

conclusion that if something comes from the

West it is science, if it comes from the East it is


For example, in the last few years, a phenomenal

amount of research has gone into water.

Scientists are saying that water has memory.

It remembers whatever it comes in touch with.

If I take a glass of water in my hand, look at it in

a certain way and give it to you, wellbeing will

come to you.

If I look at it another way and give it to you,

you will fall sick. Our grandmothers always told

us we must receive food and water only from

people who love and care for us. When your

grandmother told you this, it was superstition. If

you hear about it from scientists in the US, you

take it seriously. This is a kind of slavery.

Reinvented Wheel

Many of the things we have always said in

this culture are being discovered today after

billion-dollar research studies, as “great” discoveries

about human nature. We have always

known these things because this is not a culture

which evolved out of compulsions of living. This

is a culture which was evolved consciously by

sages and saints. There is immense scientific

value in it.

Everything – from how you should sit, stand

and eat – was designed according to what is best

for human wellbeing.

Unfortunately, the spiritual culture we

see today has in many ways been broken by

invasions and distorted by long spells of poverty.

Still, the basic ethos of the spiritual process is

not destroyed, nor can it be destroyed. It is time

we reap the benefits of this profound tradition

in its full glory.

It also offers free Isha Kriya and Isha Upa yoga

practices for the General public regularly. For more

information, please call 022-4637811. Website: www.


Ranked amongst the fifty most influential people in

India, Sadhguru is a Yogi, Mystic, Visionary and Bestselling

Author. The Indian Government conferred on

him, ‘Padma Vibhushan’ the second highest Civilian

Award for exceptional and distinguished service.

‘Meera’ pledges some proceeds to Christchurch massacre victims

Joanne Rahn

Aperforming artiste has

rejected the words ‘White’

and ‘Brown’ on the set of

her major stage production,

believing the terms to inhibit

inclusiveness and diversity.

Aarti Bajaj, Creative Director of

Wild Dreamer Productions and its

debut stage spectacular ‘Meera,’ The

Production, said that her aim is to

offer actors, dancers, singers and

composers a platform to showcase

their talent, without being hindered

by their ethnicity.

“This is more to bring inclusion

and diversity together on stage,

and ensure the story itself is more

powerful than the colour skin or

ethnic background of the actor or

character,” she said.

Multiethnic artistes

“It simply means when someone’s

selecting an artist for a role, their

colour shouldn’t matter, their

ethnicity or where they come from

shouldn’t matter, it should be more

what their talent is, and what they

can offer.”

“The best example is Oscar

winner. Rami Malek, who is of

Egyptian descent, and depicted

Freddie Mercury (in the movie

Bohemian Rhapsody), who is British

of Zanzibar descent.”

A brainchild of Ms Bajaj, ‘Meera’

is an ambitious, first offering of

Wild Dreamer Productions, a

ground-breaking Australian-based

production house committed to

pushing boundaries beyond the

social norm.

The stage spectacular will play

six shows at the ASB Waterfront

Theatre in Auckland on May 31,

June 1 and June 2, 2019, after

playing to a sell-out crowd of 1100

at the Home of the Arts on the Gold

Meera looks beyond opulence and ornaments

Coast in November last year.

“Meera is a bold love story from

the 16th Century Northern India

about a royal Princess who believes

in her love for Lord Krishna to such

a degree that she is willing to go

against the norms of society for her

love,” Ms Bajaj said.

Exploring and exposing talent

“When we took the cast of ‘Meera’

on board on the Gold Coast, little

Meera was an Indian; little Krishna

was not Indian; teenage Meera was

not Indian, teenage Krishna was Indian;

and adult Meera and Krishna

were both Indian,” she added.

Another major motivation for Ms

Bajaj is to create a platform where

she can give different artistes the

opportunity where they don’t need

a profile to share their talent - if they

have talent, she intends to bring the

platform to them.

“The primary vision and ethos

of Wild Dreamer Productions is to

bring local talent together wherever

the production goes,” Ms Bajaj said.

During the writing process, Ms

Bajaj altered the interpretation of

‘Meera’ to fit a wider audience.

Love goes deeper than the deepest ocean (Pictures Supplied)

“It is about the true story of

‘Meera,’ written by me and professional

scriptwriters around the world

to give a globally palatable feel to the

production. I wanted to take all of the

religious aspects out, and only focus

on the pureness of love in the story.

Love is universal

“Love is common for every living

being, we all can have different

religions and beliefs, but we all have

one common expression, and that is

love, “ she said.

Ms Bajaj said that everyone can

recognise this theme when they

walk into the auditorium, no matter

where they come from, or what they


“My ultimate goal is for ‘Meera’ to

see all the beautiful stages and audiences

across the globe, to sing out

beautifully and loudly so everyone

can get involved.”

And it is in these times of despair

and disbelief, that Ms Bajaj believes

we must respond with all the love

we’re capable of giving.

“Love of each other, our neighbours,

and love for those who agree

with us, and those who don’t. Hate

cannot drive out hate, only love can

do that.

“In the spirit of Wild Dreamer’s

ethos of love and inclusiveness,

we wish to pledge a percentage of

profits from Meera’s Auckland run

to the victims of the Christchurch


“I believe that by joining hands

and tackling the darkness in the

world with love and togetherness,

we can prevail over even the

darkest of days. Let us celebrate

humanity, love, peace and togetherness

by coming together and

remembering those who have lost

their lives, and all those affected

by this most reprehensible act,” Ms

Bajaj said.

Joanne Rahn is Director, Zanthii

Communications based in Gold

Coast, Australia.

Meera: Preview 2018 Gold Coast


Meera: Interview with Aarti

Bajaj (Creative Director)

Wild Dreamer Productions


Meera: Facebook

APRIL 1, 2019

New team takes charge of Pakistan Association

Venkat Raman

Punctuality, transparency,

accountability and quality

events are among the

promises of the new team

at the Pakistan Association of

New Zealand (PANZ).

Naveed Hameed, an avid

Indian Newslink reader and

President of PANZ, pledged allegiance

to the Constitution of the

Association “and undertake programmes

and activities that will

promote the literary, cultural

and social interests of the members

of the Pakistani community

in New Zealand.”

The Officials

Along with Mr Hameed,

General Secretary Asim

Mukhtar, Joint Secretary Ajaz

Nusrat also took oath of office,

promising to work as a team and

strengthen the Association.

Mr Hameed said that Vice-

President Dr Asif Saeed Khan

and Treasurer Atif Aslam will

take oath of their respective offices

on return from overseas.

Among those who witnessed

the swearing-in ceremony

held at Mt Eden War Memorial

Hall in Mt Eden were outgoing

Members of the Executive

Committee, the Election

Commission of PANZ and community


As reported on February 21,

2019, there were two main

groups that contested in the

Naveed Hameed (Centre) with Asim Mukhtar (left)

and Ajaz Nusrat (right) (Picture Supplied)

PANZ elections this year. They

were the ‘Pasban Panel’ (meaning

‘Guardian’ or ‘Gatekeeper’) led

by Mr Hameed and the ‘Dosti Panel’

(‘Friendship’ led by Khalid Baloch).

Solidarity pledge

It was a good augury that the Dosti

Panel members were present at the

swearing-in ceremony to express

their solidarity and cooperation.

“This is a tremendous moment in

the history of PANZ. With the assurance

of cooperation and the combined

strength of the Dosti Panel with

its President Mr Baloch, we are confident

of working together to serve our

community,” Mr Hameed said.

He applauded and appreciated the

support and cooperation of Dosti

Panel President Khalid Baloch and assured

that they will work together for

the betterment of the community.

“We will soon announce details of

our first programme,” he said

Barfoot and Thompson

Pledge to match funds

Mercy Hospice has long

recognised and celebrated

the changing make-up of its

patients, reflecting New Zealand’s

multi-cultural society.

Their latest fundraising event,

‘Unite,’ has been two years in the

planning but CEO Paul Couper

said that with the recent attacks

on two Mosques in Christchurch,

‘Unite’ couldn’t be more relevant,

with funds raised benefiting the

families affected, as well as Mercy


Big-hearted gesture

“Hospice sponsor Barfoot &

Thompson have generously

agreed to match funds raised

from any event ticket purchased

plus donations given to

Mercy Hospice on the day. This

big-hearted gesture means so

much and speaks volumes of

how we continue to respond to

this terrorist attack with love not

hate,” he said.

Mr Couper said that the concept

behind ‘Unite’ is to get Kiwis


“It is about recognising and

celebrating the different cultures

that make up our beautiful

country. While it has been on our

event calendar for many months,

the timing will enable New

Zealanders another opportunity

to come together, following the

tragedy in Christchurch on March

15, 2019. ‘Unite’ is a celebration


Mercy Hospice ‘Unite’ for Christchurch

of ‘You are us,’ which we have

seen so strongly on social

media and on posters and

cards at various memorials in

New Zealand.”

Instant decision

Barfoot & Thompson Managing

Director Peter Thompson

said that the decision to match

funds for Christchurch was

made instantaneously.

“When Mercy Hospice approached

us, we didn’t need a

meeting to decide, we just said

‘Yes!’ because it was absolutely

the right thing to do. We have

been supporters of Mercy

Hospice for a number of years;

the service they provide is so

important for our community.

In fact, Barfoot and Thompson

feel very humbled to be able to

help both Hospice and the families

in Christchurch affected by

this horrific tragedy,” he said.

Family Event

‘Unite’ is a family event that

involves a 3.5 kilometre walk


around the Auckland Domain.

Following the walk there will

be music, entertainment and food

stalls representative of different

nationalities. Currently, Mercy

Hospice has a special ticket price of

$20 that includes entry to the event

(one adult and one child), a T-shirt,

training plans and a goodie bag,

Mr Couper said that Mercy Hospice

cares for anyone with a life-limiting

illness within the Auckland

District Health Board area. Annually

they raise $4 million, which makes

up 40% of the funding required to

provide the services, at no cost to

patients and their families.

Expert palliative care

“We are experts in palliative care,

and we are here to help. Thanks to

the generosity of our community,

year after year, we provide this

service at no cost. Hospice supports

anyone, in our area, with a life-limiting

illness regardless of age, ethnicity,

means or religion. We truly

hope the Auckland Domain will be

overflowing for our ‘Unite’ event on

April 7, 2019, helping to raise much

needed funds for Mercy Hospice, to

celebrate our diversity by coming

together while also raising money

for Christchurch,” he said.

For tickets, please visit



What: ‘Unite’ by Mercy Hospice

Where: Auckland Domain

When: Sunday, April 7 at 1 pm





Calling Sportspersons, Community Workers and

Organisations, Volunteers, Architects, Artists, Designers,

Photographers, Choreographers, Dancers, Singers,

Musicians, Teachers, Organisers and others connected

to enter the Awards or be nominated.

Last Date: Saturday, June 1, 2019 (6 pm)

Forms can be downloaded from www.inlisa.com or

www.inlscaca.com. Please completed forms

by email only to inlscaca@peaceconsulting.co.nz

Entries and Nominations now open

105 Awards to be won in 50 Categories

Awards Night on

Monday, June 24, 2019

at Newmarket Room, Ellerslie Events Centre

80 Ascot Avenue, Remuera, Auckland

Sports Categories:

1. Best Senior Division Cricket Player

2. Best Under 19 Cricket Player

3. Best Over 19 Soccer Player

4. Best Under 19 Soccer Player

5. Best Rugby Union Player

6. Best Rugby League Player

7. Best Netball Player

8. Best Hockey Player

9. Best Over 19 Player Other Sports

10. Best Under 19 Player Other Sports

11. Best Sportsman and Best Sportswoman of the Year

(Winners of individual categories will be automatically entered)

Elite Awards: For men and women of the community

who have excelled in sports during their life and career.

Community Awards Categories:

1. Individual

2. Registered Association

3. Registered Charitable Organisation

4. Registered Places of Worship

5. Registered Society

6. Religious Services Individuals

7. Religious Services Organisations

8. Social Worker

9. Volunteer

10. Any others acceptable to the Judges

Supported by:

New Zealand Telugu Association;

Telangana Association of New Zealand

Art Awards Categories:

1. Advertising Agency

2. Architect

3. Architectural Designer

4. Cartoonist

5. Copywriter

6. Graphic Artist/Designer

7. Painter

8. Photographer

9. Writer

11. Chef and other Creative People

(Acceptable to the Judges)

Supported by:

Muthamil Sangam New Zealand

Culture Awards Categories

1 Choreographer

2 Conductor of Musical Orchestra & Dances

3 Dancer (Indian Classical and Modern)

4 Director of Cultural Programmes

5 Musician (Vocalist & Instrumentalist)

6 Organiser of Cultural Programme

7 Producers of Cultural Programmes

8 Singer (Classical, Film, Folk and others)

9. Teacher (Classical, Film, Folk and


10. Others Not listed

(Acceptable to the Judges)

Supported by:

Kannada Koota, Auckland; Auckland Malayali Samajam

Supported by:

New Zealand Indian Central Association (NZICA)

For Conditions of Entry, Rules and Regulations and other information, please visit our website: www.inlisa.com

or contact Editor, Indian Newslink: Phones: (09) 5336377; 021-836528; Email: venkat@indiannewslink.co.nz

Conditions of Entry: Entries must be in prescribed form sent only by email. Those sent by post, fax, courier and other means will not be accepted. The decision of the judges will be final and no correspondence will be entertained in this connection.


Supported by

APRIL 1, 2019

18 Entertainmentlink

Saravanaa Bhavan Opening Feature

Unique Formula makes Saravanaa Bhavan a global phenomenon

First Branch opens in Auckland CBD on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Venkat Raman

New Zealanders and

visitors to the country

will have the exclusive

dining experience of

a world-renowned brand as

Saravanaa Bhavan opens its

doors to cater to multinational

and multiethnic customers from

next week.

Distinctive taste and experience

The precincts of 51E Hobson

Street and its neighbourhood will

experience the aroma of an extensive

range of South Indian dishes

as specially trained chefs prepare

items that acquire inimitable

taste that can be experienced only

at Saravanaa Bhavan.

The Restaurant, 76th in the

international chain, will be open

to public from Tuesday, April

2, 2019 from 11 am to 10 pm

all days of the week. Its unique

formula of preparations with

a unique blend of spices and

other ingredients have won the

admiration of millions of diners

across the Continents, earning

for itself a place of eminence

and importance among the best

purveyors culinary delights.

The presence of the brand in 21

countries (including India, Asia,

the Middle East, Europe, USA and

Canada) has created a galaxy of

customers who have proved their

loyalty time and again, relishing

a range of cuisine that have

stood the test of time, in quality,

taste, presentation and equally

House for Rent

For a small family, 3 Bed 1 Bath Toilet,

1 Separate Toilet; Close to Fruitvale Railway

and School Buses, New Lynn.

Please contact Harcourt

Alisha 0272451375







APPLY IN PERSON 9am to 2pm



Perrys Berrys Ltd

5 Campana Road, Papatoetoe

PH: 09 6222 350,


A new landmark in Auckland CBD

A different ambiance for a different dining experience- the

interior of the Restaurant

important, standard of service.

The Restaurant on Hobson

Street will also feature serving

dishes and vessels that are exclusive

to South India and Tamil

Nadu in particular.

Trans-Tasman Partners

Having made a significant

impact in Australia, Saravanaa

Bhavan is crossing the Tasman to

establish and expand its presence

to serve New Zealanders and

to its Partners P R Shivakumar

Shekar Mani (Former Director

An exclusive formula for exclusive aroma and taste- some of the dishes at Saravanaa Bhavan

(Pictures Supplied)

of Coca Cola and the Taj Group

of Hotels), P R Shivakumaar ( a

Hotel Management professional

who expanded the vision of his

father P Rajagopal, Founder

of the enterprise) and Sudhir

Shete (an industrialist based in

Chennai), the challenge is to main

consistency, understand market

preferences and enhance the

choice of dishes.

Mr Shivakumaar said that

every major region in India

brings its own unique dishes

and subtle variations to popular


Strong Legacy

“Aromatic spices are the essence

of Indian cuisine. This is a

unique formula that we, at Hotel

Saravana Bhavan chain of Indian

Vegetarian Restaurants follow, to

build our businesses across the

globe. Each new restaurant added

to our network carries the legacy

of good taste and quality,” he said.

Mr Mani said that he is keen

that different genres of Indian

Vegetarian Cuisine are made

available to the wider market.

Enterprise and enthusiasm serves the recipe for success

Venkat Raman

While fortitude and

vision are essential

ingredients for

individual and institutional

progress, enterprise and

enthusiasm are equally important

for the success of a commercial


Those have been among the finest

attributes of Saravanaa Bhavan,

the most successful Indian chain of

Vegetarian Restaurants that have

been satiating the palate of an

ever-increasing number of diners

throughout the world.

Known as HSB (Hotel Saravanaa

Bhavan), this brand inspires

confidence among prospective

businesses and startups and its progress

and expansion have become a

global phenomenon, providing the

fillip to try and succeed.

Important Landmark

The opening of the first Sarava-

naa Bhavan branch in Auckland (at

51E Hobson Street in the Central

Business District) on April 2, 2019

will be an important landmark

for the company and quench the

thirst of our largest City to offer

an exquisite range of high quality

Indian Vegetarian cuisine.

Among the Partners of Saravanaa

Bhavan Australia & New Zealand

are Sydney-based Shekar Mani and

P R Shivakumaar and Sudhir Shete

(from Chennai).

P R Shivakumaar

The brand prides itself of highly

trained, professional chefs who

share the owners’ commitment to

quality and pursuit of excellence.

“Saravanaa Bhavan is about the

synergy between the spices, aromas

and variety of South Indian Cuisine.

Every employee has the benefit

of training and mentoring by our

Chefs in Chennai and therefore the

taste remains the same at all our

restaurants across the Continents.

We are excited about establishing

our presence in New Zealand,” Mr

Mani said.

The Beginnings

The origins of Saravanaa Bhavan

go back to 1968 when P Rajagopal,

Shekar Mani

Sudhir Shete

a man with vision and mission

opened a small grocery shop in

Chennai. His son P R Shivakumaar

shared that entrepreneurial

ambition and his graduation with

a diploma in Hotel Management

from Switzerland provided the

qualification and competence.

Described as a ‘Man with a simple

idea driven by a lot of passion,’

‘Annachi’ (revered brother) as he is

affectionally addressed by friends

and employees, Mr Rajagopal believed

that ‘only a few things bring

about a smile of satisfaction upon

people, like a good hearty meal.’

He is credited with having

spearheaded the introduction of the

authentic South Indian Vegetarian

Restaurant from his native land to

the global audience.

He opened the first Saravanaa

“This can be done beautifully

with a marriage of food with

wine. My vision is to position

the Saravanaa Bhavan brand

to the local clientele as I would

like to see a multicultural dining

fraternity in my restaurants,” he


The Restaurant

The inaugural of Saravanaa

Bhavan in Auckland will open

a new chapter in culinary art

and mark a distinction in the

restaurants sector of the country

just as the brand has done 75

other locations in more than 20


Located at the heart of the Central

Business District, Saravanaa

Bhavan will be open on all days

of the week from 11 am to 10

pm, with a dine-in facility for 120


Sreehari Shete, who is a

Director of the Restaurant

(Vaidyanathan Shanker is the

other Director), said that the

choice of venue, completion of

compliance formalities, choice of

chefs and their extensive training

South Indian delicacies are unparalled at HSB

Bhavan restaurant in partnership

with his brother Saravanan in 1981

in Chennai. In many ways, it was a

pioneering entity.

The Millennium Baby

The destinies of Mr Shivakumaar

and HSB are interlinked and for

almost forty years, each has complimented

the other in providing

unmatched high quality of tasty

South Indian Vegetarian food to

customers on the Planet.

Nineteen years after its impressive

performance, the first overseas

branch opened its doors in Dubai

in 1981. This ‘Millennium Baby’

became the symbol of the HSB

portfolio, to be spread across the

Continents with quickening pace.

As people became repeat customers,

new clients joined, triggering

the wheels of progress, taking Saravanaa

Bhavan to new locations in

Asia, Middle East, Europe, Canada

and America.

Mr Shivakumaar said that

Quality and Service are the magical

mantras of Saravanaa Bhavan.

“The secret of success of this

globe-trotting restaurateur is ‘Work

is Worship.’ It was the patronage

of our customers, combined with

innovative spirit and the urge to

reach across to discerning diners

everywhere that have instrumental

in our growth,” he said.

Setting a pleasant working

in India, interior decoration and

other preparations have taken

considerable time but promises

that the wait will be rewarding.

“Saravanaa Bhavan follows

strict codes of practice, presence

and presentation, with a no-compromise

approach to quality

of products and standards of

service. Every Restaurant of the

chain conforms strict regulations

of hygiene, health and safety

and other matters; which is why

substantial time, money and

efforts are invested in the initial

preparations. We are now ready

to serve New Zealanders and

visitors to this country,” he said.

The Restaurant will cater to

parties and shortly offer takeaway

service as well.

The Menu

The Saravanaa Bhavan chain

of restaurants pride itself of

delicacies that cater to the varied

tastes and preferences of the

global community with brand


The Auckland Branch is no


Among the items in the Restaurants

Menu would be Rice Idly,

Vada, Mini (14 Pcs) Ghee Sambar

Idly, Rava Kichadi, Medhu Vada,

Sambar Vada, Rasa Vada, Curd

Vada, Masala Vada, Banana Bajji,

Onion Bajji, Chilli Bajji, Chilli Bajji,

Mysore Bonda, Poori, Uthappam,

Dosa, Parotta, Rasam, Soup of

the Day, Basmati Ka Bandhar,

Beverages: Fresh Juices (Freshly

Made In Our Bar

environment, he has motivated

employees to be dedicated to keep

up the standards of the business in

the most amicable manner.

Self-confidence, strong interpersonal

skills, responsibility and

responsiveness to partners, staff

and customers and clarity and compliance

to rules and regulations in

every country of presence have the

hallmarks of success of the enterprise

and that of Mr Shivakumaar.

About Indian food

Indian food is different to that

of the rest of the world not only in

taste but also in cooking methods.

It reflects a perfect blend of various

cultures and ages.

Just like Indian culture, food in

India has also been influenced by

various civilisations, which have

contributed their share in its overall

development and the present form.

Indian food is known for its spiciness.

While spices are used widely,

each of them carries medicinal

and nutritional value. For instance,

inclusion of cardamom, cayenne,

tamarind and other pungent ingredients

resulting in combination of

taste that have no parallel.

Awards and Citations

Mr Shivakumaar is a recipient of

many awards and citations. Among

them are the ‘Best Restauranteur of

the Year’ (South India Edition), ‘Individual

Certificates of Appreciation’

from many provinces in Canada

for contributing to the progress of

the Canadian economy and many


New Branches

As well as Auckland, new

branches of Saravanaa Bhavan

are being opened in Rome (Italy),

Blanchardstown (Ireland), Riyadh

(Saudi Arabia), North Sydney and

Werribee in Victoria (Australia).

APRIL 1, 2019

Model of the Fortnight



From 02 April 2019: 11 am to 10 pm


APRIL 1, 2019


Eden Park to get $63 million loan

Auckland Council has voted

to bail out the Eden Park

Trust with a loan amounting

to $63 million.

That includes taking over a $40

million loan from the ASB Bank, a

$9.8 million grant, an existing $6.5

million loan and an additional $7

million loan for a working capital

facility and a $500,000 overdraft


But it was not easy getting to the

vote, with hot debate over whether

the $9.8 million should take the

form of a grant or a loan.

Campaign for grant

The Eden Park Trust campaigned

for a financial grant from

Auckland Council, which it said

was the only way to keep it from

sinking further into debt.

“We do not find ourselves in

a position as to being able to

increase our indebtedness at the

park,” Trust Chairperson Doug

McKay said.

He said that a grant was essential

to ensure Eden Park did not

descend into insolvency.

Councillor Desley Simpson

supported the Trust, and said that

Eden Park should not be burdened

with further debt.

Fiscal responsibility

But Mayor Phil Goff said a grant

was not fiscally responsible.

He said that almost all of the

feedback he had received about

Eden Park included questions

about “why the hell” the Council

was funding it.

Mr Goff said that while he was

Eden Park Photo: Photosport

committed to helping Eden Park,

the Council had an obligation to the

ratepayers of Auckland.

A grant would not provide the

council or ratepayers with any kind

of protection if Eden Park went

under, whereas the proposed loan

would, he said.

Councillor Josephine Bartley

said that she was astounded by the

overwhelming sense of entitlement

shown by the Eden Park Trust.

Ms Bartley said she was still

trying to work out how to tell her

community that the council was

going to take on a loan and grant

for an organisation that continually

turned adeficit.

The above under a Special

Arrangement with www.rnz.co.nz

Hand-Up not Hand-Out

Mayor Phil Goff issued the

following Statement:

This is a hand-up to Eden Park,

not a hand-out. The money is


What it does allow is Eden Park

to continue as Auckland’s venue

for international sporting events in

rugby, cricket and other sports for

the medium term.

Eden Park faces significant

financial pressure.

Auckland Council taking the

loan over from ASB eases some

demands on repayments and the

new loan of $9.8 million, in the

form of a repayable credit facility,

will enable Eden Park to fund much

needed maintenance and renewals

including turf replacement and

stand upgrades.

Council’s responsibility

Ratepayers will welcome Council’s

proposal to issue its support as

a loan rather than a grant. We have

a responsibility to protect any financial

investment by Aucklanders

in Eden Park given that we do not

own or control the Park.

It is only fair that investment

made by Aucklanders through

Council in the Park comes back to

them when Eden Park Trust is in a

better financial position or sells the


The proposal will also be conditional

on a much closer working

relationship between Council, Eden

Park Trust and Regional Facilities


All organisations need to work

together to ensure that we have

in place a joint strategy that can

achieve less duplication, lower

costs and better utilisation of Auckland’s


The Council’s proposal will allow

Eden Park to continue to play its

role as an important sporting and

event venue for Auckland for the

next 10 to 15 years.

Special Olympics prayer

in Abu Dhabi

In the wake of the deadly

shootings in two Mosques

in Christchurch, athletes

from Special Olympics

New Zealand and Special

Olympics UAE, along with

leaders of Special Olympics,

gathered on March 16, 2019 at

the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

in a show of compassion

and unity.

More than 100 mourners

processed quietly into the

Mosque, then formed a circle

and held hands in its vast

courtyard before sunset.

Special Olympics Chairman

Timothy Shriver made remarks

before a long moment

of silence.

“As we try to overcome our

own brokenness from the

chaos in the world we must

remember that hate cannot

defeat hate, only love can

do that. I am so comforted

being here among the forces

of healing, the forces of

understanding, the forces of

compassion and the forces of

tolerance. The world needs to

know these forces are more

powerful than anything,” Mr

Shriver said.

New Zealand Delegation

Special Olympics New

Zealand has a delegation of

64 athletes and coaches in the

UAE for the Special Olympics

World Games. After they

learned of the deadly attacks,

the grieving New Zealand

New Zealand delegation mourning at the

Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

delegation sought to comfort one

another and to show solidarity

with Muslims worldwide.

Special Olympics New Zealand

basketball athlete Carlton Vivian,

who is from Christchurch, said,

“These people didn’t deserve

this, no body deserves this.”

Symbol of Islam

The Sheikh Zayed Grand

Mosque is a symbol of Islam and

embodies the Islamic message of

peace, tolerance and diversity.

Among those to take a tour of

the Mosque already this year are

Pope Francis, the Head of the

Catholic Church, and the Grand

Imam of Al-Azhar, Dr Ahmed

el-Tayeb. During their visit to the

UAE, Pope Francis and the Grand

Imam signed the historic Human

Fraternity document that calls

for peace between nations,

religions and races.

This year is the Year of Tolerance

throughout the UAE and is

the 50th anniversary of Special

Olympics, a movement that

prides itself on erasing the lines

of division and fear of difference

through the power of sport.

-Supplied Content

Supported by


aiming excellence

Calling for Entries and Nominations

To the Twelfth Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2019


1. Business Excellence in Retail Trade

2. Business Excellence in Innovation

3. Business Excellence in Marketing

4. Business Excellence in Customer Service

5. Best Employer of Choice

6. Business Excellence in Health & Safety

7. Business Excellence in Ethics (New)

8. Business Excellence with Social Responsibility (New)

9. Best Small Business

10. Best Medium Sized Business

11. Best Large Business

12. Business Excellence in International Trade with India

(this category is open to all businesses registered in

New Zealand doing business with India)

13. Best Accountant of the Year

14. Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year

15. Best Businesswoman of the Year

16. Best Financial Advisor (Mortgage) of the Year

17. Best Financial Advisor (Insurance) of the Year

Supreme Business of the Year Award

(All entries will be entered for this category)

For more information on Awards, Terms and Conditions & Free Workshops, please visit www.inliba.com

Nomination Process: Direct by Entrants; Nominations for Individual Categories (13 to 17) by companies and individuals; Nominations by

commercial banks and chartered accountants for companies and individuals with information prescribed in the entry forms available on the

Awards website (www.inliba.com).

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